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3:00 PM. 00:00:01
Stephen Lilly and I will call to order this October 5th, 2023 Special Meeting. 00:00:03
Of the particular role Planning Commission. 00:00:09
Mr. Sidor? Is it Mr. McGowan who will call the roll, Mr. Sedor? 00:00:11
Will you please call the roll? Yes, Chair Lily. 00:00:16
Sure, Lily. 00:00:19
Prison. 00:00:21
Vice Chair Murphy. 00:00:22
Yeah, Commissioner Kubica. 00:00:23
Wasn't Commissioner Frederickson? 00:00:25
Commissioner Sawyer. 00:00:28
Here, Commissioner Davison. 00:00:30
Here. 00:00:32
And Commissioner Nuzenski here. 00:00:32
Chair, we have a quorum for this evening's meeting. All 7 Commissioners are present. 00:00:35
Thank you. So that would be 7 commissioners and AS. 00:00:41
Mr. C Door said A quorum we have. 00:00:44
Before we continue, let me announce this meeting is being conducted under revised rules mandated in Assembly Bill 2449. 00:00:47
This is a hybrid format. 00:00:55
Both meeting and chambers and virtually or with zoom participation. 00:00:58
The webinar ID and toll free telephone numbers are on the agenda phase sheet. 00:01:02
When the host opens the agenda for public comment. 00:01:07
Those wishing to speak via Zoom should press Star 9 to raise your hand. 00:01:09
And then star 6 to a mute when recognized. 00:01:14
We now come to the second item on the agenda, the approval of that agenda. 00:01:18
Does anybody have any changes to the agenda? 00:01:23
If not, then may I have? 00:01:31
A motion to approve the agenda. 00:01:33
So moved. 00:01:37
Commissioner Frederickson moved to approve the agenda. Is there second, second seconded by Vice Chair Murphy. 00:01:39
Is there any? 00:01:45
Discussion about this. 00:01:47
If not, then Mr. Sidor, would you please call the roll? 00:01:50
Commissioner Frederickson. 00:01:56
Aye. 00:01:58
Vice Chair Murphy, Aye. 00:02:00
Commissioner Kubica aye. 00:02:03
Commissioner Sawyer. 00:02:05
Commissioner Davison. 00:02:07
Aye, Commissioner Nuzenski. Aye and Chair Lily. 00:02:09
Chair, the motion is adopted by a vote of seven to zero. 00:02:13
Thank you. So as Mr. 00:02:18
Sidor said. We approved the agenda this evening by a vote of seven Ayes and known ACE. 00:02:20
We now come to Item 3, Commission and staff announcements. 00:02:26
Umm. 00:02:30
Does any Member of the Commission have an announcement? 00:02:31
I have. 00:02:37
Several. 00:02:38
That I need to make. 00:02:39
1st. 00:02:40
Anastasia Wyatt tendered her resignation as director of the Community Development Department to take a position in another 00:02:41
community. 00:02:45
Also, Annie Allenbaugh, an administrative technician in our Community Development Department, resigned as she moved to another 00:02:49
community. 00:02:52
Or the Oregon border. 00:02:57
We wish them both well. 00:02:58
Yesterday I received notice that Dan Go, Public Works Director, will be assisting in managing the day-to-day operation of the 00:03:00
Community Development Department. 00:03:04
Recruitment is also underway for a director of the Community Development Department. 00:03:09
And finally today I received an announcement that Erica Vega. 00:03:14
A partner at Burke, Williams and Sorensen has been appointed assistant city attorney. 00:03:18
She will be present at our October 12th, 2023 meeting via Zoom. 00:03:23
Miss Vega will be assisted by Ephraim Margolin. 00:03:27
That are there any staff announcements? 00:03:32
Surely staff has no announcements at this time? 00:03:37
OK, tonight we have. 00:03:40
For Legal Counsel Brian Pierick, our city attorney, who is on Zoom. 00:03:43
We also have in chambers Mary Wagner. 00:03:48
From Burke Williams. 00:03:52
And Sorensen. 00:03:53
And she will be. 00:03:55
Assisting she has assisted, I should say the city staff on the housing element, so welcome to you both. 00:03:56
Do you have any announcements? 00:04:03
Mr. Pieringer, Miss Wagner. 00:04:05
I do not other than to say hello to the Commission and I'm happy to be here. Thank you. 00:04:08
I'm also happy to be here. 00:04:14
Glad. 00:04:17
We now come to council liaison announcements. Council member Coletti, do you have any announcements? 00:04:20
Yeah, I do Chair and and members of the Commission, just briefly. 00:04:26
At last night's. 00:04:32
Council meeting. 00:04:34
The City Council reviewed the Planning Commission's recommendation for the cannabis regulatory draft ordinance. 00:04:35
Ordinances actually both in Title 23 and 11. 00:04:42
And we will be. 00:04:47
We gave direction. We had a good discussion. We gave direction to. 00:04:49
Create a list for possible inclusion of to amend. 00:04:54
The proposed ordinances and those will be coming to Council for first read. 00:04:58
I believe in November. 00:05:04
Have a good meeting. Thank you. 00:05:05
Thank you. 00:05:08
We now come to item five, general public comment. 00:05:10
General public comment must deal with matters subject to the jurisdiction of the City. 00:05:14
And the Planning Commission, but are not on the agenda this evening. 00:05:19
This is also an appropriate time to comment on items in the consent agenda, but only if the speaker does not wish to have the item 00:05:22
pulled for consideration by this Commission. 00:05:26
Comments from the public will be limited to two minutes per speaker and will not receive Commission action. 00:05:31
Comments regarding an item on the agenda will be heard at the time of the Commission's consideration of that item. 00:05:37
Before we continue, I need to mention that we have received numerous letters and emails. 00:05:43
Some are included or agenda packet. 00:05:47
This evening, but others are not. 00:05:50
There are a total of 40 names. 00:05:53
And. 00:05:55
For the record, I'll read them because their letters are important and we do read their emails. 00:05:57
And that would be Charles Green. Donna Gates. 00:06:02
I hope I pronounce these properly. Paulman Getty. 00:06:06
Anthony. 00:06:09
Amarante. 00:06:10
Paulie Osborne, Lisa Chulani. 00:06:12
Nancy Burnett, Doctor Susan Schilling Law. ***** Shelburne. 00:06:14
Stephanie, Turcott and Greg. 00:06:19
Eden Home. 00:06:22
Christy Thomas. 00:06:23
Robert Fisher, Laura Lee Martin Marianne. 00:06:25
Carbone, Inga, Lorenzen, Dahmer. 00:06:28
Jeannie. 00:06:31
Beastie. 00:06:33
Be stay. 00:06:34
Or even lock. 00:06:35
Lockins. 00:06:37
Diana Howell. Louisa Jay. Miranda Ramirez. 00:06:39
Mimi Sheridan, Tony Chiani. 00:06:43
Scott Van Tyle. Steve Hawke. 00:06:46
Vicky Pierce. 00:06:48
Jiva or cannon? 00:06:50
Dorothy Owen. 00:06:52
Sharon Nelson, Darcia. 00:06:53
Foreman. 00:06:56
Mary Adams, Sanford. 00:06:58
Michelle Rain. 00:07:00
Janet Cohen. 00:07:02
Jane Haynes, Nancy Parsons. 00:07:04
Jeannie Kerr. 00:07:06
White, Barbara Palmer. 00:07:09
Quite. And Barbara Palmer. I should say Pam. 00:07:11
Tenos. 00:07:15
I believe that's. 00:07:16
How it's pronounced? 00:07:17
Apologize if it's not Susie Joyce, Andrew Brisson and Anthony Turso. 00:07:19
And if I miss anybody, I apologize, but that that is the list we have. 00:07:24
Umm. 00:07:29
Let me just also state that. 00:07:30
Our administrative technician, Debbie Gonzalez, keeps a copy of all communications. 00:07:32
In our Commission binder. 00:07:38
So at this point, would anyone like to address the? 00:07:40
Commission on matters that are not on this evening's agenda. 00:07:43
Planning Commission. 00:08:02
Planning commissioners, Hello, My name is Vincent Tuminello. I'm a longtime Pacific Grove resident. 00:08:03
And I'm here. 00:08:09
To speak to the injustice that's been foisted on the city of Pacific Grove. 00:08:11
Its residents and you, the Planning Commission. 00:08:17
Having to assume responsibility to what I call real range, the deck. 00:08:20
On the Titanic, all the chairs after the ship has hit the iceberg. 00:08:26
And the iceberg is the state mandate. What's been pushed on you and us as residents? I don't think there's anybody in Pacific role 00:08:31
who expected this type of a situation to emerge out of the murky. 00:08:38
Political system and Sacramento similar to the dark night of April 14th when the Titanic struck the iceberg. We're all stunned. We 00:08:46
thought we were all on unsinkable happy ship in a lovely community, and we find this pushed on us. 00:08:54
And where did this come from? 00:09:01
It's from the state. We call it a state mandate. 00:09:03
But it's not generally the state. 00:09:06
It's the Democrat majority in the state. 00:09:09
Capital of Sacramento and our Democrat Governor, Gavin Newsom. 00:09:12
Who are pushing this on us? 00:09:16
Shocking as it is to most people, people are stunned. They can't even believe 1100 new units. 00:09:18
The Noah building, the tennis courts, we're not even sure if they're going to consider the mission linen property. 00:09:25
But it's. 00:09:31
It's just absurd and and deep down in your hearts you must know it is. But being the good people that you are, you've accepted the 00:09:32
task bestowed on you unjustly. 00:09:37
To rectify the element. 00:09:42
To work to present to the City Council something of worth that meets the state's Titanic. 00:09:45
They were concerned in what type of fabric and color you were gonna paint the chairs. They're they're asking you to rearrange on 00:09:51
the deck as the ship is going down in disgust the most of the community. 00:09:56
So I'm just here to say if you voted for any of the current. 00:10:01
People in Sacramento, you share in the responsibility of this injustice being done to Pacific Grove. 00:10:05
If we did not have such a strong one biased majority in Sacramento. 00:10:12
This would have never happened. There would have been debate, negotiation. 00:10:17
And you know what? If they're all of that, this would have been watered down and said no, we can't do this to the people. We have 00:10:21
to protect our democracy, like we're always saying. 00:10:25
And to do that, we need to put it to them for a vote. 00:10:29
To the people of California want this mandate pushed down on them from the Democrat controlled legislature, Senate and 00:10:33
governorship. 00:10:38
In the state capitol. 00:10:43
And that's what I want to share with you today. So if you voted Democrat, consider voting for some other party. 00:10:45
Just so that we can have a legitimate democratic negotiation, not a sole Democrat party running the state, thank you very much. 00:10:51
Thank you. Let me interject, If people want to talk about the housing element and the housing issue, let's reserve that for later 00:11:00
when we have public comment. 00:11:05
On the housing element, we are in general comment. 00:11:10
From the audience about. 00:11:15
Other matters that are not on the agenda. So with that, is there anyone else, Mr. Sedor, that would like to speak? 00:11:17
We have one hand raised. I will allow Tony Chiani to speak. 00:11:24
Welcome. 00:11:29
Good evening, Commissioners. 00:11:31
I am very, very concerned. 00:11:34
With the announcement this evening. 00:11:37
That the public works director will be serving as an interim. 00:11:39
Acting. 00:11:43
Community Planning Director. 00:11:44
In charge of zoning. 00:11:46
And land use planning. 00:11:48
And regulatory activities. 00:11:50
The public works director. 00:11:54
Is often. 00:11:55
An applicant. 00:11:57
And supervisor of projects. 00:11:58
That require. 00:12:01
Planning approvals. 00:12:06
Planning. Review. 00:12:07
And permits. 00:12:09
There is a real and apparent. 00:12:12
And an apparent. 00:12:14
Conflict of interest? 00:12:16
When the public works director. 00:12:18
Is the applicant for a project? 00:12:20
And it's going to be the person. 00:12:23
Approving the project. 00:12:24
Or governing. 00:12:26
How the project will be reviewed and approved? 00:12:28
Now imagine that. 00:12:31
As it is. 00:12:33
The public works director. 00:12:34
Fills out. 00:12:36
The environmental initials. 00:12:37
Umm. 00:12:41
Initial study. 00:12:43
Forums. 00:12:45
And then grades them. 00:12:47
In this case. 00:12:49
For the projects he's doing. 00:12:51
Or the public Works department will be doing. 00:12:54
You will be the applicant doing that work. 00:12:57
And then he'll be the person reviewing and grading the test. 00:12:59
That is just not OK. 00:13:04
I strongly urge you. 00:13:07
To consider. 00:13:09
Implementing. 00:13:11
A temporary moratorium? 00:13:13
On all development projects. 00:13:16
Because I don't believe the public works director. 00:13:18
Has the education? 00:13:21
Has the knowledge and has the experience. 00:13:22
To be. 00:13:25
Planning and regulating zoning and land use. 00:13:27
Matters. 00:13:30
And development projects. 00:13:31
I urge you to. 00:13:33
A appeal to the City Council. 00:13:35
To change. 00:13:38
Whoever, It's going to be higher an interim consultant to do this work. 00:13:40
It's just not OK. 00:13:45
Thank you. 00:13:47
Thank you. 00:13:49
Are there any other speakers, Mr. Sedor? 00:13:52
I see no other hands raised. 00:13:56
All right, then we'll move on to the consent agenda, which deals with routine and non controversial matters. 00:13:58
And may include actions on resolutions, ordinances, or other public hearings for which testimony is not anticipated. 00:14:03
We have two items this evening on the. 00:14:11
Consent Agenda The Planning Commission meetings for June 8th, 2023 and July 13th, 2023. 00:14:13
They're listed on agenda items 7A and 7B. 00:14:21
Or reports requiring action. 00:14:24
Would any commissioner like to remove either item from the consent agenda? 00:14:28
I would like to remove both from the consent agenda so that we can discuss them in a little bit more detail. Alright, well then 00:14:32
we'll do that and I will list those as item. 00:14:37
8A and 8B I want them done before we get into the. 00:14:42
Housing element issue, I don't think they'll take long. I think there's just a few minor errors that need to be corrected and I 00:14:48
think we need to get these things done. 00:14:51
So since we have nothing on the consent agenda, I don't believe a motion is in order to approve a consent agenda because there is 00:14:56
none. Am I correct, councillor? 00:15:01
Yes. If the Commission wants to take separate action on the items on the consent calendar, then there's nothing left for you to 00:15:06
vote upon. OK, Thank you. 00:15:09
Then we'll move on. 00:15:14
Tonight we have a single that we're at the regular agenda now. 00:15:15
And before we get into the regular agenda, I want to. 00:15:19
I want to review the minutes for June. 00:15:24
8th. 00:15:27
And so do you have any? 00:15:29
Corrections you'd like to propose? 00:15:31
Commissioner Sawyer, because you're the one that pulled the item. 00:15:33
Yeah, items I I do on page 7 of. 00:15:37
I don't know if it's 54 or 84 but anyway 4 of 84 at the. 00:15:44
Last sentence of the top paragraph. It should be. 00:15:50
Private citizen. 00:15:56
Chair Lily attended as a private citizen, not as a public citizen. 00:15:58
And then on page 9 of 84. 00:16:06
It would be under C in the last sentence. 00:16:11
Should be an oral report by associate planner Campbell and testimony from. 00:16:15
Applicants architect Bill Medford. 00:16:22
Applicant Doug White and Dana Supernova X was received. Otherwise, it's an incomplete sentence. 00:16:25
And then on page 11 of 84 at the very top. 00:16:36
It should state the following individuals. 00:16:41
Not individual because there were a number of people. 00:16:45
And those conclude my remarks. 00:16:49
For changes. 00:16:52
On this particular. 00:16:53
Set of minutes. Commissioner Sawyer had three corrections. I have some and and I I will go through those and then if anybody else 00:16:55
has any, we'll entertain those and then call for a motion. 00:16:59
On. 00:17:05
Page. 00:17:08
6 of 84 at the very top it should say Council, Council, chambers, Plural. 00:17:13
Council chambers. 00:17:18
Says Council Chamber. It's usually referred to as council chambers. 00:17:20
The. 00:17:26
See if I can. 00:17:33
Turn the pages here. 00:17:35
At the top of page 10 and the third line, the words to the Commission should be omitted. 00:17:44
And then on page 11 of 84. 00:17:53
Under F. 00:17:58
The. 00:17:59
It says Chair Lady Lily introduced the item and so forth. 00:18:00
And then it has several names that provided public comment England, Lawrence and Dahmer. 00:18:04
Tony and Lisa Chiani's names are misspelled. It has one in in each of them. 00:18:09
So it's CIANI. 00:18:13
Tony Chiani, Elisa Chiani. Both spelled the same way. 00:18:16
And then? 00:18:26
I believe that would be. 00:18:29
It. 00:18:32
Or. 00:18:33
The June 8th. 00:18:34
Minutes. 00:18:36
Sure, Lily. 00:18:41
Yes. 00:18:42
Staff has a question regarding your second to the last correction on page 10. Could you please repeat that? 00:18:44
Sure. 00:18:52
It says Cheer Lily closed the public comment portion and returned the item for discussion and and. 00:18:59
I would want to the Commission for discussion taken out to the Commission those 3 words taken out. 00:19:05
The last correction were the spellings of the Chinese names. 00:19:16
Thank you. 00:19:22
Are there any other changes to the Minutes? 00:19:25
If not, then me. I have a motion to approve these Minutes as corrected or amended. 00:19:30
Vice Chair Murphy. 00:19:36
I I apologize for doing it, but since we. 00:19:38
Treated as a regular item, I wonder if we have to go to the public. 00:19:40
Commissioner Armine is Wagner. 00:19:48
And you are required to take public comment on every item on your agenda then I think we we need to it's because we we noted it as 00:19:50
item 8A, so. 00:19:54
Thank you. So with that then, before we have a vote, before we have any further discussion, will we need to get public input? Is 00:19:59
there any public input? Anyone who has raised their hand or is in? 00:20:04
In in chambers this evening, Mr. Sidor, who would like to speak on this matter. 00:20:10
We have two hands raised. 00:20:21
I'll allow Lisa Chiani to speak. 00:20:23
Welcome. 00:20:26
Thank you. 00:20:28
I appreciate Commissioner Sawyer and and Chair. 00:20:29
Lily's attention to the minutes, reading them carefully. 00:20:33
Because they are very important since. 00:20:38
Video. 00:20:42
Of the meetings is only. Apparently the policy is only to keep that for. 00:20:43
Three months and that's, that's. 00:20:50
Then we we lose our record. 00:20:54
But I also wanted to point out that on the Planning Commission agenda, the heading. 00:20:57
Planning Commission. This is today's. 00:21:03
Special meeting agenda. The date. 00:21:06
Council chamber, City Hall, and I've never seen that before, so that's I I appreciate. 00:21:09
Chair Lily bringing attention to that in the Minutes because. 00:21:18
I don't know how often that's showing up on the on the. 00:21:22
Agendas now, but I I think that should be corrected also. 00:21:26
Thank you. 00:21:30
Thank you. Well, we'll note that for the next meeting or the next meeting when we approve. 00:21:32
Minutes for this meeting. 00:21:37
That makes any sense? 00:21:39
We have one more. 00:21:42
I will allow anger, Lorenzen Dahmer to speak. Welcome. 00:21:44
Unfortunately. 00:21:50
I've been noticing at many other boards, commissions and committees that once the minutes are corrected, supposedly in the meeting 00:21:52
and adopted, they are coming back to City Council without the corrections. 00:21:58
And so when you just leave it to staff to supposedly correct these and not I let it go last night at City Council meeting of two 00:22:05
boards and Commission meetings because I realize they are short, so short staffed as far as the clerk's office and. 00:22:14
Anything else? But I'm noticing that the corrections aren't made when it comes back to council, so you've got to do it twice. 00:22:23
And I would really appreciate it if these corrections were actually. 00:22:31
Registered and put through. 00:22:37
Thank you very much. 00:22:39
Thank you. 00:22:41
Just one more I will allow local. 00:22:48
Just. 00:22:51
Speak. 00:22:52
Levels. 00:23:04
Available. Or do you do you know? 00:23:24
I asked them to unmute. 00:23:29
So, Sir, hello. 00:23:32
Hello. 00:23:34
Hello. 00:23:35
I'd like to suggest that it be noted in the Minutes that the initial electioneering and demagoguery by the person that doesn't 00:23:36
know the name of the two major political parties in the United States be noted as out of order. 00:23:43
Is there any other comment about the minutes that you'd like to make? 00:23:54
Apparently not. Then we'll move on. Thank you for your comments and we'll move on. 00:24:04
I move that we accept the Minutes as as amended. 00:24:15
Is there a second to that motion? I'll second. 00:24:19
So. 00:24:21
Like chair, Murphy moved the amendment. 00:24:22
Minutes be approved. Seconded by Commissioner Nuzenski. 00:24:24
Mr. If there's no further discussion, then Mr. 00:24:28
Sudor, would you please call the roll? 00:24:31
Yes, Vice Chair Murphy. 00:24:33
Aye. 00:24:35
Commissioner Nuzenski. 00:24:36
Aye. 00:24:38
Commissioner Frederickson aye, Commissioner Kubica, aye. 00:24:39
Commissioner Sawyer. 00:24:44
Aye, Commissioner Davison. 00:24:45
Aye and sure, Lily. 00:24:47
Chair, the motion to approve the minutes as amended, is adopted by a vote of seven to zero. 00:24:50
Thank you. So the the vote was 7. 00:24:57
Eyes no nays, so the motion passes. 00:24:59
For the approval of the minutes of. 00:25:03
On June 8th, 2023, now we come to Item 8B, which would be approval of the. 00:25:06
You know, meeting amendment, meeting minutes for. 00:25:11
Thursday, July 13th, 2023. 00:25:15
Those were pulled from the consent agenda. 00:25:18
And so are there any? 00:25:20
Corrections that. 00:25:23
You have seen that you would like to make? 00:25:25
Commissioner Sawyer, I recognize you. 00:25:27
Thank you. I have a number of Corrections on page 14 of 84 at the very bottom. 00:25:29
Under its states Commissioner Sawyer. 00:25:35
And delete that she it should just say attended. 00:25:38
Umm. 00:25:44
And then? 00:25:45
On page 16 out of 84. 00:25:47
For 8A. 00:25:51
Under reference, we should state in their staff report received. 00:25:54
From Mr. Sidor, Senior contract planner. 00:25:59
Applicant Mark Porter commented on project. 00:26:03
On page 17. 00:26:13
Of 84. 00:26:16
Looking at. 00:26:17
8B 00:26:20
Under it would be right under reference. 00:26:22
Staff report received from Mr. Sidor. 00:26:26
Senior contract planner. 00:26:29
Applicant Steve Olson. 00:26:32
Provided project comments. 00:26:35
Very. 00:26:44
Page 18. 00:26:46
At the very top, after Inga Lorenz and Dahmer, Lisa Chianni needs to be added. 00:26:48
As public comment. 00:26:54
And then under 8D. 00:26:57
I think it's 80. 00:27:00
Umm. 00:27:04
Under reference it would be Mr. Sidor provided report and Mr. Go. 00:27:06
Director of Public Works provided project comments. 00:27:12
And then under E. 00:27:21
Name page. 00:27:24
Under under reference, the next line should state staff report. 00:27:25
Presented by Mr. Campbell and applicant testimony. 00:27:30
Provided by Mr. Go, Director of Public Works and Veronica Camp. 00:27:34
Seltzer Company. 00:27:40
Owner. 00:27:42
And those conclude my. 00:27:45
Corrections. 00:27:50
Thank you. 00:27:51
Does anybody else have any corrections? 00:27:51
So with that, then we will go to public comment. Is there any public comment about these corrections on the minutes for July 13th, 00:27:56
2023 of the Planning Commission? 00:28:01
We have one hand raised that will allow Lisa Chaney to speak. Thank you. 00:28:08
Welcome. 00:28:12
Thank you and thank you again, Commissioner Sawyer, I forgot to look back at my notes about that. 00:28:14
So I appreciate it. 00:28:20
So I believe she's concluded her remarks and so. 00:28:27
Commissioner Sawyer, would you like to make a motion? 00:28:32
I'd like to make a motion to approve these minutes with the corrections as noted. 00:28:35
I would also like to add to the motion. 00:28:41
That these minutes. 00:28:46
Once they have been. 00:28:49
Approved that they be posted on our. 00:28:51
Website. We have not had minutes posted on our website since April. 00:28:56
Sort of second to that motion. 00:29:03
2nd. 00:29:05
Second, by Commissioner Kubica, so. 00:29:06
Commissioner Sawyer moved approval of the amended minutes and then to. 00:29:08
Place the post the minutes. 00:29:13
In the city website because they haven't been posted since, correct. 00:29:17
April. 00:29:21
And and seconded by Commissioner Kabakov. So if there's no further discussion, Mr. Sidor, would you please call the roll? 00:29:24
Yes, Commissioner Sawyer. 00:29:32
Aye. 00:29:33
Commissioner Kubica. 00:29:34
Aye. 00:29:36
Shouldn't Zanski? 00:29:37
Aye. 00:29:38
Commissioner Davison. 00:29:39
Aye. 00:29:40
Commissioner Frederickson. 00:29:41
Aye. 00:29:43
Vice Chair Murphy. 00:29:43
Aye and Chair Lily. 00:29:44
Share the motion. 00:29:47
To approve the minutes as amended and post them on the website is approved 7 to 0. 00:29:49
OK, so as Mr. Sidor said, the motion to approve the amended minutes is approved and so we are ready now to move on to the regular 00:29:54
agenda what? Which is why probably most people came here this evening. 00:30:00
We have a single item. 00:30:06
The public hearing on the draft housing element. 00:30:07
Let me begin by reviewing our rules so that we can have an orderly, productive hearing. 00:30:10
1st we will have an agenda report provided by our staff, Mr. Sedor. 00:30:16
And the Rincon consultants? 00:30:21
Those presentations will include a PowerPoint on key parts of the draft of the housing element. 00:30:24
Which is 374 pages long. I counted them not one by one, but the sections. I will then open the hearing for public comments. Those 00:30:30
wishing to speak will have 3 minutes each. 00:30:35
I will then close the hearing to further public comment. 00:30:40
Or comment from the general public so the Commission can go through. 00:30:43
The draft housing element. 00:30:47
Discuss and make a recommendation to the City Council. 00:30:50
Please note that we have also scheduled time for continued review. 00:30:53
Of this item at a regularly scheduled meeting on October 12th, 2023 in these chambers. 00:30:57
We have scheduled a second special meeting on October 19, 2023 to conduct other Planning Commission business. 00:31:03
Before we begin, let me review why we are here. 00:31:11
What? 00:31:15
We might. 00:31:15
Consider doing. 00:31:16
First, I want to thank staff and Rincon consultants for their efforts in putting together this draft housing element. 00:31:18
The 374 pages is divided into 3 chapters and several appendices. 00:31:24
The role of the Planning Commission on this matter can be found in Article 26 of the Pacific Grove Charter. It states there should 00:31:30
be a Planning Commission. 00:31:34
Consisting of seven members. 00:31:38
And shall recommend to the Council the adoption amendment or repeal. 00:31:40
Of a General Master plan or any part thereof. 00:31:44
For the physical development of the city. 00:31:47
The housing element is one of those elements in a general plan. 00:31:49
Our efforts then will focus on reviewing this draft document, making additions, deletions or changes. 00:31:55
And ultimately recommending a draft housing element with. 00:32:00
To the City Council. 00:32:04
Currently we have a general plan that was adopted in 1994. 00:32:07
That plan includes a housing element. 00:32:11
Regional Housing needs assessments or otherwise known as RHNA or ARENA. 00:32:14
Sets goals for new housing. 00:32:20
For cities across California. 00:32:22
We are now in the sixth cycle of that RENA. 00:32:24
Housing. 00:32:28
Number mandates. However, this Site Six cycle is different because state legislation has mandated increased numbers of housing 00:32:30
units. 00:32:34
And the loss of local zoning control for cities that do not comply. 00:32:38
Pacific Grove. 00:32:42
Or Pacific Grove. I should say the arena number for the period of 2023 through 2031, Eight years. 00:32:44
Is all 1125 additional housing units? 00:32:50
The draft housing element is a plan to foster the development of housing to meet that goal. 00:32:55
We know the city cannot build that housing, However, we can adopt policies. 00:33:00
That promote the development of that House. 00:33:05
A review of the this draft housing element, then, is the beginning of a process to determine what is best for Pacific Grove. 00:33:08
And promoting new new housing in our community. 00:33:14
Numerous issues may well come up, including historicity. 00:33:17
Height, density, parking and traffic, coroners, corridors, just to name a few. 00:33:21
Now, several members of the community have made comments about rezoning. 00:33:27
Please note that this is not a hearing about rezoning any property in Pacific Grove. Rather, it is a review of a plan for housing. 00:33:32
That will ultimately involve the possible rezoning of some locations and areas. 00:33:40
This public hearing is an opportunity for our residents and interested parties to make their voices heard. 00:33:46
By reading, writing letters and emails, which you have done, and speaking out this evening. 00:33:51
Finally, as Mr. Sidor and our Rincon consultants will explain, this is the first part of a public review of the draft housing 00:33:57
element. 00:34:00
After we make our recommendations to the City Council, the Council will hear this matter and adopt A draft housing element for 00:34:04
submittal to the California Department of Housing and Community Development. 00:34:09
Or otherwise known as HCD. 00:34:15
HCD will have 90 days to review our document for compliance with state regulations. 00:34:17
The draft plan will then come back to the city for final review. 00:34:23
The Planning Commission will again hear the matter and make a final recommendation to the City Council. 00:34:26
The Council again will consider and adopt the housing element for final submittal to the state. 00:34:31
Upon approval by the state, the city will then have a specified time period. 00:34:37
To an ex. Zoning changes to implement the housing element, and that can be either one or three years depending upon when it is 00:34:41
submitted. 00:34:45
So with that. 00:34:49
After this kind of long winded presentation, Mr. Sidor, Are you ready to make some comments? 00:34:50
Thank you, Chair Lily, and good evening, Chair and Planning Commissioners. 00:34:57
Staff would first like to thank the many community members who submitted informative and helpful comments. 00:35:02
On the draft housing element. 00:35:08
This evening, Veronica Tam of the consultant team. 00:35:10
Will provide a presentation regarding the draft housing element and the process. 00:35:13
And the Planning Commission will then receive public comment. 00:35:18
And provide comments. 00:35:22
To staff and to the City Council and possibly this evening, a recommendation. 00:35:25
And staff plans to. 00:35:31
Take the draft housing element to the City Council on October 18th. 00:35:34
Also the Planning Commission. 00:35:39
We'll review the draft housing element one more time. 00:35:42
Again after HCD's initial review. 00:35:45
So this is not your. 00:35:49
Your last opportunity or even next week. 00:35:51
To take a look at this. 00:35:55
Thank you and now I'll. 00:35:58
And. 00:36:00
Presentation over to Veronica Tam. 00:36:01
Welcome. 00:36:07
Thank you again. My name is Veronica Tam. As part of the Rincon Consulting team, thank you for the opportunity to review the draft 00:36:12
housing element with you and the public. So what I would like to just generally go over our agenda tonight in terms of the 00:36:20
presentation, a little bit of the information may be repetitive, but we will go over why we're doing what we're doing and then the 00:36:27
most critical component of the housing element, we're going to review this and. 00:36:35
Right. Inventory process of meeting the regional housing needs allocation RHNA arena. We also would want to focus a little bit 00:36:42
more on a brand new housing housing element law Affirmatively furthering Fair housing. This particular piece of legislation really 00:36:50
drives a lot of the policies and and programs and also how local jurisdictions look at housing during the six cycle housing 00:36:57
element. And finally just review the policy document the plan of. 00:37:05
Actions for the next 8 years and the next steps for updating the housing element. 00:37:12
So just generally an overview of the housing element, I think you've been, you know it's been explained that the housing element 00:37:20
is part of the general plan, is one of the many mandatory chapters of the General plan. But the housing element is very different 00:37:27
from the rest of the general plan in that it has a a an 8 year cycles. We have to update the housing element on a statutory 00:37:33
deadline that's prescribed by state law and currently we are dealing with the six cycle housing element that is to form December 00:37:39
15, 2020. 00:37:45
Three, all the way to December 15, 2031. And as we mentioned before, this is a prescribed cycle. It is looking at housing in a 00:37:51
shorter time frame or horizon compared to your other elements of the general plan. 00:37:59
And. 00:38:09
So what does the Housing Armand do in the housing almond? We have to look at the needs in your community, not only the current 00:38:10
residents needs but also projected needs in the community. We need to look at the opportunities, resources and constraints that 00:38:17
you may have in providing for the the and addressing the needs in your community. And finally we need to establish goals, policies 00:38:24
and programs to meeting those needs as part of the Housing Almond. We also have to. 00:38:31
Outline this type the kind of zoning code updates in order to be consistent with state law. And as you probably are aware, in the 00:38:39
last few years there's been a lot of changes to state law. So density, bonus, AD use, all of these have changed substantially and 00:38:46
so the housing element would outline a plan of action, how, how, and when the city will be updating those ordinances in order to 00:38:52
be consistent with state law. 00:38:59
So the the housing element is required by state law and still on December 15, but without a housing element that's compliant with 00:39:07
state law, that's a little bit more risk than maybe some other general plan elements when you have a housing. 00:39:15
But the housing element is an integral component of the general plan. When you have an integral component of the general plan to 00:39:24
be deemed out of compliance with state law, then it has the potential to render the entire general plan invalid. So when you have 00:39:31
an invalid general plan, then you have the potential for risk or more based on when you're making land use decisions, the housing 00:39:38
element is more related than with the land use element. So when the housing elements out of compliance with. 00:39:46
State law you do have that you do open up the land use element at risk. 00:39:53
The other consequence of not having a compliant housing element is ineligibility for state funds. Primarily state funds, but some 00:39:59
federal funds too. The the LEAP grants, the SB-2 grants, a lot of the affordable housing grants are contingent upon having a 00:40:06
certified housing element. 00:40:13
During the last three to four years or even a little longer, the state has really passed a lot of new housing laws. And 00:40:25
recognizing housing is a crisis in the state, there's been a lot of changes to the state law. Here are just a few there. They're 00:40:32
not even close to all the laws that are regulating housing in California, but here there's some new state laws, for example SB35, 00:40:40
that is the streamlining of of affordable housing. 00:40:48
We also have in 2017 the state passed 801397. This particular regulation is really dictating how local jurisdictions need to look 00:40:56
at sites available for meeting the regional housing allocation and that's being the AB 1397 has additional kind of restrictions 00:41:06
which we will be talking about later on as to how we can select sites and and what would be qualified. 00:41:16
Associates. 00:41:26
For meeting the arena. 00:41:27
And I mentioned before the new state law Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, That's AB 686. 00:41:28
That is a very very significant state laws change in the housing element law requiring. 00:41:35
Local jurisdiction in planning housing from the perspective of equity and and again we will go into much more detailed into this 00:41:43
particular requirement later on. 00:41:48
The SB166 is also related to the adequate sites. Analysis in the housing element is no net loss zoning anytime that your your site 00:41:55
inventory diminishes if housing is being developed on those sites and not necessarily consistent with the housing element you need 00:42:02
to replenish your sites inventory. 00:42:08
And for that matter, the state recommends that your sites inventory for your renos includes a buffer and we will also go into that 00:42:16
a little further later on. There are additional regulations that talked about affordable housing for persons with disabilities 00:42:26
such as a B2162 for supportive housing, a B1 O1 for low barrier navigation centers. We also have to look at housing for persons. 00:42:36
Who are homeless? And maybe 139. And there's actually a recent 1AB2339 in passing 2022. Those are all housing laws regulating the 00:42:46
provision of emergency shelters for the homeless. 00:42:54
And as we mentioned before, there's been a lot of changes to the accessory dwelling units and density, density bonus provisions. 00:43:03
So these are just a handful of the many, many new pieces of legislation passed in the last few years. 00:43:10
So the housing element responding to the very strange and requirement and very extensive requirements within state law is 00:43:21
organized into three main chapters. The first chapter is the needs assessment and constraints analysis. Needs assessment, we look 00:43:29
at the current needs and of your residents but also projected needs in the future. Constraints analysis, we look at governmental 00:43:36
constraints, market constraints, environmental constraints, we also need to in chapter two we look at. 00:43:44
Resources available The resources available primarily focuses on your ability to accommodate the regional housing needs 00:43:51
allocation, but we do also talk about administrative capacity. 00:43:58
Partnership with nonprofits and also funding availability within your local jurisdiction. 00:44:05
And the last chapter is the the Housing Action plan over the next eight years. What what are the goals up policies and programs 00:44:11
whether the objectives in order to address the mean the needs in your community given the constraints of your given your local 00:44:19
constraints and the resources available, what are the what what is your plan of action? 00:44:27
To further kind of substantiate the analysis, we have the appendices to deal with the site inventory that gives you parcel by 00:44:37
parcel. These sites identify in the housing element as potential sites for the regional housing needs allocation. We also have to 00:44:44
do a very, very extensive affirmatively furthering fair housing FHA analysis. We need to look at the what the city was able to 00:44:52
accomplish in the last housing element. 00:44:59
And how we tooling some of the programs may be necessary. And finally there is a summary of the public engagement that had already 00:45:07
taken place as part of the development of the housing element. 00:45:13
So let me just summarize some of the engagement efforts that had taken place in 2022 and 2023. The city staff has taken a lot of 00:45:23
efforts to do community outreach. There's been a lot of pop-ups doing farmers markets, good old days, those being days that where 00:45:32
the city staff has gone out to the community and solicit comments on the housing element. 00:45:40
There's also been stakeholder interviews conducted as part of our our solicitation of input from developers, nonprofits, and also 00:45:49
community groups. 00:45:55
There's been a community survey. 00:46:02
And actually also more importantly, there is an exercise called Balance and ACT that's a tool to allow residents to look at where 00:46:04
potential new growth in housing should be located in order to accommodate the regional housing needs allocation. 00:46:13
And finally, there's being community workshops. 00:46:23
And tonight we are definitely, we are of course are conducting a public hearing. There will be additional public meetings in order 00:46:26
to receive comments on the draft housing element. 00:46:32
And the draft housing element has been on public review. 00:46:38
So at this point, I just want to like pause a little bit. If there are any specific questions that the planning commissioners 00:46:43
would like me to address them. If not, I'll move on to the next segment. 00:46:49
Any questions? Or should we move on, move on, move on? Let's move on please. 00:46:56
OK, great. 00:47:01
So when the the housing element is a little bit different from the rest of the, the general plan in that is the is probably the 00:47:03
only element that has to go through a very rigorous state UH review by the agency called HCD Housing and Community Development. 00:47:10
And one critical review of compliance with state law is the city's ability to meet the regional housing needs allocation. 00:47:18
So. 00:47:26
The the regional housing needs allocation is really to some extent a top down process that the state of California. 00:47:27
Projects how much growth is needed in the entire state of California over the next 8-10 years and it allocates it to all the 00:47:36
regions within the state and within our region and back. 00:47:42
Is responsible for taking that allocation and distribute it to each local jurisdictions within the. 00:47:49
And the the Monterey and also San Benito. 00:47:58
Counties. So within that, the one thing that I do want to kind of point out though the housing element planning period is December 00:48:03
15, 2023 through December 3rd, 152031. But the regional housing needs allocation, the renal planning period has a little bit 00:48:12
longer time frame. You have an extra six months to complete the arena, it started June 30th, 2023. 00:48:21
So your regional housing needs allocation for this cycle is 11125 units. It is a large number compared to what you had before and 00:48:32
that that's because statewide the number is substantially higher. This round. As we mentioned before, there's a new state law 00:48:40
SB166, no net loss, which requires the city to continue to maintain an adequate site inventory throughout the eight-year planning 00:48:47
period in order to accommodate. 00:48:55
Arena and if sites become no longer become like no longer it's no longer available. You need to make sure that you continue to 00:49:02
have capacity to meet your remaining arena and for that reason the state recommends A buffer for the housing element generally can 00:49:12
be between 15 and 2030% Right now. If we look at a 20% buffer then the number would be increased to 20/12/73. 00:49:22
By different income categories. 00:49:33
When we're looking at the site's inventory, like how do we meet the arena? 00:49:38
As I mentioned before your your renal planning period actually starts six months before your housing element planning periods, so 00:49:42
anything that you have. 00:49:47
UM approved currently under reviewed that are. 00:49:52
In your pipeline, you can actually as of June 30 of 2020, third 23, you can credit it to what's your regional housing needs 00:49:59
allocation And also if you have assessment accessory dwelling units AD US, we are allowed to project the number of AU's that you 00:50:09
may get over the next eight years based on your recent trends and the city does have a fairly robust. 00:50:19
From Edu development activities and therefore we are able to take. 00:50:29
To include those units as part of your credits. We can also look at city owned properties if they are if the city has the 00:50:35
intention to make them available for housing. But balance of that we need to identify sites that are either residentially zoned or 00:50:42
zoned to allow residential development. They may be commercials such as mixed-use zones that allow residential development. Either 00:50:50
they can be vacant or non vacant. 00:50:57
Right. If they have potential for redevelopment over the next eight years, all these together. 00:51:05
Needs to to come up to the the the total Rena with a little bit of a buffer. Some of the sites have been identified for potential 00:51:13
rezoning to higher density. 00:51:17
So when looking at the sites, we have to consider constraints, environmental constraints such as flooding issues, maybe steep 00:51:28
slope hazards and erosion. Some of these sites may not be appropriate for high density or even housing development, so we need to 00:51:35
take a look at that. We also really need to look at the state needs us to demonstrate that there are the sites that we identified 00:51:42
are consistent with the trends of redevelopment in in your city or in the region. 00:51:49
We should also we can also use tools such as incentives, density bonus and otherwise other types of tools to facilitate in a 00:51:57
redevelopment of sites. 00:52:03
So the sites also should be aligned with the goals of Furthering Fair Housing, promoting equity, equal access to housing in your 00:52:09
community. That with AB1397 which I mentioned before it which is a piece of legislation that the state adopted back in 2017, how 00:52:19
really set in set a lot of standards as to what constitutes site for accommodating the arena particularly for. 00:52:29
Lower income winner. The site cannot be too small and they also cannot be too large. Now those numbers like the site size is a bit 00:52:39
arbitrary, but but that's based on what the state has seen statewide in terms of what's feasible sites for for affordable housing, 00:52:47
it's between .5 of an acre or 10 and and 10 acres. There is also something called a default density. Default density is. The zone 00:52:54
must allow it to. 00:53:02
Now at least 20 units to the acre to be considered feasible for facilitating lower income Reina, so those are some of the key. 00:53:09
Requirements for selecting sites. 00:53:18
SMS mentioned before anything that you have as of June 30th this year, you can credit it towards the the arena. You do have 10 00:53:23
units that's been approved with one low income units based on a DU trends that the past three years of a DU activities we're 00:53:31
projecting about 272 units over the next eight years. The income distribution is primarily the same income distribution that the 00:53:38
Bay Area. 00:53:46
Uses because that's a income distribution the state has approved for the Bay Area. 00:53:55
So overall that we have a. 00:54:01
Phone call credit for about 282 units that we can take off from the arena. 00:54:04
Now then, when you need to identify sites, these are the credits that we can take. Then where are we going to get the sites for 00:54:12
the balance of your retina? And one area is certainly in your downtown area. Through the balancing act, residents have identified 00:54:20
a preference that's indicated a preference to have housing in the downtown area, particularly on the parking lots and some of the 00:54:28
underutilized lots. So the proposed inventory recommends increasing the density to 4:45. 00:54:35
Minutes to the acre and we can probably get about 193 units in in the downtown area based on properties that may qualify as 00:54:43
feasible sites and so that's within the downtown area. 00:54:50
And then in your central earthly. 00:55:02
Commercial district, apologize if I don't pronounce that properly. That area is particularly considered a gateway to the city and 00:55:06
really currently has a lot of retail, commercial and office uses and but they also contain sites that are considered under 00:55:14
utilized. Based on the current zoning and the potential to turn it into mixed-use or housing development in this particular 00:55:21
district maybe about 49 units can be accommodated primarily in the. 00:55:29
Above moderate income area I think Geo part partly to the size of the the size of the the parcels not particularly high and also 00:55:36
that maybe the density allowed. 00:55:42
The Forest Hills area is another area where staff has identified some sites. This is also an area where there is a proposed 00:55:49
there's we're proposing to increase the density to 45 units to the acre and within this area we may be able to get about 192 units 00:55:57
in various income distribution. Again as as long as the sites meets the default density, we should be able to qualify them as 00:56:04
potentially lower. 00:56:12
Income. But it's unrealistic to think everything would be lower income. So there's like a more even distribution of different 00:56:19
incomes into in different districts. 00:56:24
You have also other sites that kind of scattered throughout the community. There are about 5 sites that are proposing to be 00:56:30
rezoned and and and through the balancing acts and out of that until five sites we would be able to get about 735 units in various 00:56:37
income categories. 00:56:45
And lastly, we are introducing a potential for office conversion. We have noticed that there are some second story office offices 00:56:55
seems to be underutilized and vacant. And this is a strategy that a lot of smaller communities are utilizing because they've 00:57:05
noticed the same kind of trend. And so out of the space that we have identified, there could be a possible 41. 00:57:15
When it's out of conversion, we use a typical standard about 1000 square feet per unit in order to convert into housing. 00:57:25
So in summary, the draft sites inventory would actually give us a little bit of a buffer based on the the AD U trend that we were 00:57:38
projecting based on the. 00:57:46
Also the approved projects and the total number of sites that we can get, we have a little bit of a buffer. We understand that 00:57:55
after the throughout the release of the draft, we we understand there's been a lot of public comments and concerns on a particular 00:58:04
site and that's the lighthouse site and I want to mention to the Planning Commission that. 00:58:14
You there if you choose to include the sites, we have enough sites in the housing element. 00:58:24
Still. 00:58:33
To accommodate the arena and still be able to afford a comfortable buffer, but we can also include the sites if you feel that it's 00:58:35
a good sites to include in the housing element. So either way that is an option that you can think about but we should be able to 00:58:40
accommodate the. 00:58:46
Marina. 00:58:52
Are there any questions at this point or should I go further? 00:58:57
Keep going. 00:59:02
OK. 00:59:03
Great. 00:59:04
Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing and that is a very significant piece of legislation passed in 2017. It really means like 00:59:05
that local jurisdictions, when developing the housing element, must take meaningful actions in order to combat discrimination, 00:59:13
overcome the patterns of segregation and foster inclusive community and to to really make sure that you have equal access to 00:59:21
housing, particularly for the protected. 00:59:28
Classes under fair housing laws. 00:59:36
Now the. 00:59:39
Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing has different themes to combat discrimination, inclusive communities overcome patterns of 00:59:40
segregation, lift barriers that restrict access to housing, and really achieve fair and equal housing. So these, you know, just to 00:59:48
summarize this is really it really changes how the state evaluates the housing elements, and it changes the way you plan for your 00:59:55
future actions. 01:00:02
When we do the, you would notice in the housing element there is a very extensive appendix called Affirmatively Furthering Fair 01:00:10
Housing Assessment of Fair Housing. We have to look at Fair housing in five. 01:00:17
Categories of analysis of themes. Outreach and and enforcement. Fair housing outreach and enforcement integration and segregation 01:00:24
Of patterns and trends in your community. Racially and ethnically concentrated areas of poverty and the flip side of it, they want 01:00:32
you to look at the racially concentrated areas of affluence. 01:00:40
We also need to look at disparities in access to opportunities like amenities, resources, services, disproportionate needs, 01:00:49
whether certain locations or certain groups have disproportionate housing needs, and all of these factors are important. 01:00:58
In in looking at how you plan your future housing, there are other things that we need to look at such as infrastructure 01:01:09
improvements, whether there is historical disinvestment and also maybe like redlining of lending patterns and some of those issues 01:01:15
in the past. 01:01:22
Just going a little bit further, fair housing outreach and enforcement, we need to look at like what is the city's ability to 01:01:30
disseminate, disseminate information relating to fair housing, what are you doing to address fair housing laws and and whether the 01:01:38
city is under any file complaints, Has anybody filed complaints about fair housing in this community and right now? 01:01:47
There are. According to your fair housing service providers, there are 5 fair housing cases. 01:01:56
Between 2013 and 2022. Now, those are not against the city. Those are residents or people filing fair housing complaints against 01:02:02
other entities. 01:02:07
Segregation and integration, we really look at Neo geographically like whether certain neighborhoods have more issues in terms of. 01:02:15
Access to housing or whether there is a concentration or particular group in your community, whether it's race or ethnicity or 01:02:28
familial status, whether family with children's income and whether persons with disabilities with anything that would cause that 01:02:35
kind of concentration patterns. We need to take a look at it, for example. 01:02:43
About 22% of this city's residents is. 01:02:52
Considered to be non whites that's a lot that's a bit lower than most of Monterey County. So in your community it would 01:02:59
potentially be considered as a little bit different from the rest of the region and therefore what do you that state would look at 01:03:06
how are you going to diversify higher income levels and generally certain parts of the city are consider higher incomes or whether 01:03:13
there are. 01:03:20
Not whether there are ways to. 01:03:28
Provide housing in a way that lower income groups have more access to other parts of the city. 01:03:31
Racial and ethnically concentrated areas of poverty recaps that is defined as a census tract or an area that has 50% of the non 01:03:38
white population and 40% of those living below poverty line. And in the city of Pacific Grove you don't have recaps and but you 01:03:48
do. What you do is actually a higher percent of non white population in the South. 01:03:58
Portion of the city. 01:04:08
And this area also. 01:04:11
Actually I'm I'm not quite sure this particular notes, but then this generally this area is has a higher percentage of non white 01:04:14
population in the community. 01:04:19
Disparities in access to opportunities, access to opportunities means like access to education, good schools, access to 01:04:28
employment, access to transportation, access to area that are healthy, environment that has like not as much a quality air quality 01:04:38
issues or contamination issues. While the entire Pacific growth is considered high resource area but based on the index provided. 01:04:48
In the. 01:04:58
National Walkability Index. One neighborhood does is is considered a little bit less walkable. 01:05:00
Within the community. 01:05:07
Disproportionate needs, UH refers to a significant disparities in terms of the proportion of a protected class and whether they're 01:05:09
experiencing housing needs compared to other parts of the other members of the community. We talk, we look at it. If you look at 01:05:17
the needs, assess the appendix, we look at cost burden. People will spend more than 30% of the housing of the income on housing or 01:05:24
severe cost burden. 01:05:32
These people spend more than 50% of their income on housing. We also look at overcrowding, substandard housing conditions, 01:05:39
homelessness and risk of displacement due to economic factors. So here are like the there's some of the key analysis that we need 01:05:47
to do in the housing element. The one key issues I think in Pacific Grove is that 90% of your housing stock was built to prior to 01:05:55
1990, but the probably the majority of them. 01:06:02
In good conditions, you do have a lot of residents, particularly ranchers, who are paying more than 30% of their income on housing 01:06:10
and to to this debt to to the state law and and both state and federal law that's considered cost burdened. 01:06:18
So and finally once we've done all these analysis together, when we have to look at meaningful action to address these fair 01:06:28
housing issues, meaningful actions can be how do we diversify the cities housing stock, expand the housing stock, how do we 01:06:34
prioritize for. 01:06:40
Capital improvement projects in the Del Monte Park area. Some of these would be. 01:06:48
All of these are looking into how do you create. 01:06:55
Is suitable living environment for residents in the community and so if you look at the housing element of particularly Program 01:06:59
20, that's where the the meaningful actions are summarized. 01:07:06
Now going to the final chapter of the housing element, the housing action plan, which we didn't actually start from like you know, 01:07:16
brand new. We really built upon the current housing element goals, policies and programs and we also incorporated programs that 01:07:24
the city needs to focus on when regarding the zoning code to comply with state law. We have also when we look at the programs and 01:07:31
policies we really consider the. 01:07:39
The impacts, the beneficial impacts that we would be able to get for affirmatively furthering fair housing. 01:07:46
In the housing action plan and programs to the extent that we can we try to quantify the number of households, we try to have 01:07:54
specific timeline and for achieving your objectives. So these are all kind of required in the housing element and the city is 01:08:01
required on an annual basis to report back to the state what have you been able to achieve over the past year and and that is the 01:08:09
cities, the states way of continuing. 01:08:16
Monitoring your progress and your commitment in implementing the housing programs. Yeah, in your housing element. 01:08:24
Within the housing action plans, we have several main goals to support the preservation and improvement of the city's existing 01:08:34
housing and stock and residential neighbourhoods. That's given the fact that you are pretty established community. We think that's 01:08:40
a very important goal. We want to also and one of the goals is to diverse and provide diverse high quality housing that is 01:08:47
appropriate for all residents at different income levels. 01:08:54
The other goal is to mitigate governmental constraints and infrastructure constraints to the improvement and also development of 01:09:01
housing for all income groups. That's a a basic requirement of the housing element is that housing should be built for all that 01:09:09
should be available for all income groups in your community. We need to expand opportunities for all, including the low and 01:09:16
moderate income households. Now this particular focus on lower moderate income households, particularly those with special needs. 01:09:23
And people's housing for the workforce because generally the market takes care of people who are at above moderate income and but 01:09:31
whereas the market comes short is is in the low and moderate income categories. 01:09:39
Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing for all. And then lastly and we look at resource efficiency in new and existing housing 01:09:47
units. So these are the goals. 01:09:52
That are in your current housing element, in your in your new housing element, but they are just slightly modified from from your 01:09:57
current housing now. 01:10:01
Your housing action plans like I mentioned before include goals, policies and programs to address the needs in the community and 01:10:09
some some new programs that we have included in the housing element are adequate sites for your arena for and monitoring of the no 01:10:16
net loss, the SB166 and the reason why you need to have a buffer. We have also outlined a number of zoning code amendments that 01:10:23
you would need to make. 01:10:31
In order to be consistent with the the new state law and offering density bonus to facilitate the development of affordable 01:10:39
housing, but also updating it to make sure that it's consistent with state law. And lastly, the Affirmatively Furthering Fair 01:10:46
Housing, which is a very key program in the house, the new housing element. 01:10:53
So with the next steps, we released the draft housing element for public review back in September. The housing element will be up 01:11:02
for public review for 30 days and then we are going through a Planning Commission City Council study sessions Right now after the 01:11:10
close of the 30 days, we're all required to take at least 10 business days to respond to public comments. Then we can send it off 01:11:17
to HCD for the 90 day review. So that is intended to start in November. 01:11:25
And will conclude in February. We will revise the draft housing almond based on the state's comments and and then they will have 01:11:33
comments on the top housing element and we will respond to their comments and then prepare the housing almond for adoption in 01:11:40
April next year. And then after the housing element is adopted, it needs to be sent back to the state for their review and that 01:11:48
second, that second. 01:11:55
Under review association basic should be a second round, but this is like the adoption round of the review. 01:12:03
Is is another 60 days, so we we will we plan on sending it to the state by about May 2024. 01:12:10
So that's the the timeline that we have outlined with that I think we that's the end of the presentation. 01:12:19
Thank you. 01:12:28
All right. 01:12:32
So at this point, I think it's time that we would move on to public comment. 01:12:34
Of the draft. 01:12:41
Housing element and the comments that were made by Veronica Tam, Thank you Miss Tam, is very. 01:12:43
Hopeful. 01:12:49
So Mr. Sedor is. 01:12:52
Anybody. 01:12:56
Indicated. 01:12:59
The audience? Well, I suppose we'll take people who have. 01:13:00
Or here 1st and then we'll go to zoom. 01:13:04
So. 01:13:08
That. 01:13:11
I will open the public hearing for comments. 01:13:13
And each. 01:13:16
Person will have 3 minutes. OK. Thank you. Excuse me, my name is Steve Hawk. I'm with Coast on the steering committee and. 01:13:17
We certainly believe in low cost housing. We just don't think. 01:13:27
It's a good idea for 1352. 01:13:31
Lighthouse Ave. The Noah property. 01:13:34
And. 01:13:37
We have a petition that's out and it's it was launched September 22nd. 01:13:38
And it has over more than 700 names, probably be 800 by tomorrow. 01:13:45
Uh. 01:13:50
Pacific Grove residents and visitors. 01:13:51
Who feel that land should not be developed. It should not. 01:13:53
Be rezoned. 01:13:58
There are many reasons for that. 01:14:00
The one I wanted to talk about tonight. 01:14:02
For just a minute. 01:14:05
Is the Indigenous people archaeological site that's there? It's. 01:14:06
It's been damaged, but it's still 50% there. 01:14:11
Louise Ramirez of Ocean. 01:14:15
I think sent you a very powerful letter. 01:14:17
And. 01:14:20
I just want to read one more. 01:14:21
Mary Ann. 01:14:25
Carbone, mayor of Sand City. 01:14:27
And chairwoman of Honoring Indigenous groups supporting Indigenous groups. 01:14:30
She had to leave town for a funeral today, so she said I could read this for her. 01:14:36
She said to the members of the Planning Commission. 01:14:41
I ask that you remove remove Madden 264 at 1352 Lighthouse Ave. 01:14:44
From the proposed housing site. 01:14:51
Inventory to protect. 01:14:53
And preserve this known archaeological site. 01:14:55
Many people are aware of the governor's order for an increased housing stock throughout the state. 01:14:58
And they increased numbers assigned to each city in the six housing cycle. 01:15:03
I personally do not feel that this historical area. 01:15:09
Should be considered for any housing. 01:15:12
I believe this property has environmental. 01:15:15
Historical. 01:15:17
And cultural constraints and should be preserved. 01:15:19
With that being said, at the end of the day. 01:15:22
Each city official has been entrusted to carry out. 01:15:25
The business of the city, their city, by their constituents. 01:15:28
I respectfully request you to ponder. 01:15:33
Each decision with an open heart. 01:15:35
And asked ourselves at the end of the day. 01:15:37
What is the legacy that you want to leave in Pacific Row? 01:15:40
I will end this letter by once again. 01:15:44
Request and protection and preservation. 01:15:47
Of this site. 01:15:49
Thank you, Mary Anne Carbone. 01:15:51
Thank you. 01:15:53
Thank you. 01:15:54
Welcome. 01:15:58
All right. My name's Ken Hinshaw, and I'm in charge of coordinating preservation out at the lighthouse. 01:16:01
I'm concerned with the way that the Noah property will be treated. Our goal out there obviously is to. 01:16:10
Are kind of. 01:16:21
Create a. 01:16:22
An exercise in stepping back in time. 01:16:26
And. 01:16:29
The no ability and the property if it was developed into apartments and dense housing. 01:16:31
Would definitely damage that, so thank you for just keeping that in mind. 01:16:38
Thank you. 01:16:43
Thank you. Good evening, Commissioners. 01:16:49
My name's Adam Petritz. I'm the public affairs person for the Realtors Association. 01:16:52
I've been talking to residents and I've heard many concerns and these concerns are understandable and even commendable. 01:16:57
Because they demonstrate how much people care about their community. 01:17:02
But there are a few concerns that I've heard that give me concern of my own. 01:17:06
1st it's important to remember that our own history to remember our own history. 01:17:10
This is, after all, the 6th cycle housing element. 01:17:14
The composition of both the legislature and the governor's office have changed over the decades several times, so this has not 01:17:18
been foisted upon us in some partisan manner. 01:17:21
So much as it is a matter of of routine planning and governance for the city. 01:17:26
Second, folks are understandably concerned about how their neighborhood and city, and the city they love, might change over time. 01:17:31
The operative words here are mite and overtime. 01:17:38
Nothing that happens in this housing element planning, exercise process. 01:17:42
Means that anything will be built be built tomorrow. 01:17:46
Or ever for that matter. 01:17:49
If we don't have the water or if it isn't profitable enough. 01:17:51
Builders won't build. 01:17:54
And completing this exercise does not change the fact that any new construction still goes through the regular permitting, 01:17:56
environmental review and public hearing process. 01:18:01
What could change that permitting and hearing process? 01:18:05
Is if the city doesn't complete this exercise. 01:18:09
If not compliance on time, not only does the city lose grant eligibility. 01:18:12
But the city could be sued. 01:18:17
And builders could seek ministerial approval. 01:18:19
Without input from the city or its residents. 01:18:21
In short, completing the housing elements on time. 01:18:24
Is the best way to defend local control. 01:18:27
It bears repeating that staff and consultants deserve our thanks and appreciation for all of their work in this process, 01:18:31
especially in light of being short staffed. 01:18:35
And thank you also to the Commissioners for your diligence and consideration. 01:18:39
I hope you move this process forward so it can be completed on time. 01:18:43
Thank you. 01:18:46
You know. 01:18:47
That our cannon. 01:18:53
A resident. 01:18:55
Excuse me? 01:18:56
The draft housing element is an issue brought to the people by the city. 01:19:00
The city has had months to develop and bring this to the people for comment. 01:19:05
And I have to say after seeing this slides, I don't think there's been any engagement in 2023. 01:19:10
We received this just two weeks ago to review a 400 page document with important. 01:19:18
That blurry and difficult to read maps. 01:19:24
Our job is to comment to you in a meaningful way. 01:19:26
This has been done in a way to prevent that. 01:19:30
The DH will change the character and historic nature of the city. 01:19:36
The last hometown, The city of Holmes. 01:19:40
If you look at the maps, Pacific Grove is surrounded on two sides by the Bay and ocean. 01:19:43
This is an important constraint in how buildings should occur. 01:19:49
While preserving this beauty for everyone. 01:19:53
Not just the highest buildings. 01:19:56
#1 Where are the height constraints? How will existing marine views? 01:20:00
Be affected for everyone. 01:20:05
To site 52 on map page 225. 01:20:07
Includes the tennis courts and a park in addition to the community centre. 01:20:12
A city of home needs recreation. 01:20:17
For several years now, the city has made the park unusable by not watering and turning it into gestured. 01:20:20
Not required of public recreation lawns. 01:20:28
Families and children used to play on the lawn. 01:20:31
Site 49. The Navy Noah Building. 01:20:35
It's on the original 1851 Lighthouse Reservation land. 01:20:38
It is within the coastal zone as defined in the map on page 139. 01:20:43
The open space zoning within this coastal zone cannot be changed without a vote of the people as I understand it. 01:20:48
City employees and consultants do not stand alone. 01:20:57
I believe they do not know Pacific Grove. 01:21:02
They are hired by the city and they need your direction. 01:21:05
Thank you. I think you have a hard job with this and I I I feel for you. Thank you. 01:21:09
Hi, good evening. Thank you. 01:21:22
My name is Barbara Palmer and. 01:21:25
My husband and I moved from Colorado. 01:21:27
And bought a house here in Pacific Grove three months ago. 01:21:30
We love it here. 01:21:34
And one of the things that we love about this town is how much of it has been preserved. 01:21:36
So it was very disappointing to learn that the new owners of 1532 Lighthouse are requesting to rezone the property in order to 01:21:44
build low cost housing. 01:21:49
This is an archaeological parcel of land. 01:21:55
It is believed to not only hold ancient artifacts. 01:21:58
But it is sacred burial site of the Native American people of the Northern California coast. 01:22:02
How is it OK to rip up and plow through their sacred land? 01:22:10
Haven't we the white people? 01:22:15
Desecrated enough of what was once theirs in the name of progress. 01:22:18
I don't know about you all, but I would not take kindly to the idea of my ancestors. 01:22:24
My dead relatives graves being torn up and paved over with houses. 01:22:29
Isn't it important that our town, which we take so much pride in? 01:22:36
Show respect and honor the sacred ground. 01:22:40
I propose that the Noah Building at 1352 be created into a museum and Learning Center of dual purpose. 01:22:44
For marine science and for the history of the tribes, the indigenous people. 01:22:51
Who inhabited this area? 01:22:56
The ones that were here first. 01:22:59
A museum and Learning Center involving marine science and the history of the Native American tribes. 01:23:02
Would both be fitting and also serve the greater good. 01:23:09
Creating such space for public learning. 01:23:13
May very well qualify this property. 01:23:16
For eminent domain. 01:23:19
Thank you for listening. 01:23:22
Thank you. 01:23:23
Good evening. 01:23:29
Dewey Palmer. 01:23:30
Barbara Palmer's husband. 01:23:32
We did just move from Colorado. 01:23:34
And bought a home on Wood St. 01:23:37
And it will be our permanent home. It's not our second home or our third home. It's our first and only home. 01:23:39
Umm. 01:23:47
We in. 01:23:48
Colorado we're. 01:23:50
How would you say very reverent of open space? 01:23:52
It's a It's a big and vital. 01:23:55
Part of a community. 01:23:58
We were shocked to read in the pine cone last week for the first time for our first reading. 01:24:01
That this report or housing element proposes to rezone that. 01:24:07
Noah Property. 01:24:14
And take it back for affordable housing. 01:24:15
We went out and saw the site and were so impressed by it. I mean, it's just beautiful views and you've got the artwork and. 01:24:20
That looks like old growth forest in the backyard, and it's just a. 01:24:27
Gorgeous piece of property. 01:24:32
That to say that that will be gone for affordable housing is just shocking to us. 01:24:35
Now I think if I heard correctly, Miss Tam in her presentation said that she doesn't need. 01:24:41
That property would be included in the inventory that we can make up our quota. 01:24:47
Without that property in there, that 4.19 acres. 01:24:53
At 4.19 acres is 84 units now 1125 -, 84 is 1000 some. 01:24:57
And we've got plenty of acreage to work with. 01:25:05
After that the the report showed the inventory showed 69 acres. 01:25:09
You take out the 4.19 acres and you still have 65 acres to work with. 01:25:16
To put in that 1125 density plus a buffer zone. 01:25:21
And you've got your Edu. 01:25:26
Nearly 300 projected over the next eight years. Those Edu's are going to generate affordable. 01:25:28
Housing that you can count. 01:25:34
And I know I've wrote it down, she said. We don't need to have that lighthouse property on this and the inventory list, so I 01:25:36
propose that it be stricken. 01:25:41
Off of the inventory list and also you can't leave it in here because while we're not talking about rezoning today. 01:25:46
The report plainly says. 01:25:53
It's going to be rezoned. The report is also the the housing element is also incorrect that. 01:25:55
2-26 where it says. 01:26:03
The two-story No Building was constructed in 1985 and is not a historic resource. 01:26:05
This is wrong. It was built in 1952. 01:26:13
And in fact, it is historic and, as I understand it, the City Council. 01:26:17
Authorized a historical. 01:26:23
Resources consultant to analyze the property and determine whether it qualifies as historic. 01:26:26
And so should not be. 01:26:33
Tampered with in any event. 01:26:36
To close, I guess I'm out of time. Yeah, just close please. 01:26:38
Mark Twain said. 01:26:43
By land, they stopped making it. 01:26:45
To paraphrase that, I would say. 01:26:48
Hold on and cherish your open space. 01:26:50
They stopped making it. 01:26:53
Thank you. 01:26:56
Welcome. 01:27:00
Good evening. My name is Andre Brisson. I serve on the BRC, but I am here tonight as a resident. 01:27:02
I did send a letter. I think I was second from the last. 01:27:07
I do echo what I'm hearing in the room here in these chambers. 01:27:11
I also did hear a Veronica Tams presentation indicating. 01:27:16
That we could. 01:27:20
Effectively strike the lighthouse property from the Noah building from. 01:27:23
The housing projections and we would be safe, So I was delighted to hear that, as maybe some of you are. 01:27:29
So I'm going to just read you my letter. 01:27:35
Because I don't have a lot of time. 01:27:38
Again tonight I speak to you as a resident. I'm strongly opposed of the plan to rezone the Noah property at 1352 Lighthouse. 01:27:41
From open space to residential. In fact, I strongly advocate. 01:27:49
That the Noah building and property be listed on the city's Historic Resources Inventory. 01:27:53
We have enjoyed a long legacy of preservation and conservation and Pacific Grove. 01:27:58
Due to Julia Platt and others who have gone before us. 01:28:03
We have a historic home district. We are surrounded by marine protected areas. 01:28:07
And we have a native Monterey pine forest. We have a monarch butterfly sanctuary. 01:28:12
And five miles of scenic coastline. 01:28:17
We've benefited from those who have had a long term aesthetic vision. 01:28:20
As residents, it is our responsibility and it is incumbent upon us. 01:28:25
To continue to preserve these valuable spaces. 01:28:29
We have a Heritage Society and Historic Resources Commission to protect our historic homes. 01:28:34
BNR C to support beautification in our natural resources. 01:28:39
A local coastal program and coastal Commission. 01:28:44
To preserve our coasts. 01:28:47
And a Planning Commission with a very difficult task. 01:28:48
Of considering land subdivisions, planning and zoning within this unique coastal system. 01:28:51
I ask you to respond creatively to this challenge. 01:28:57
I see many homes that remain unoccupied for much of the year. 01:29:01
We are building hotels, We have buildings that are empty. 01:29:05
Let's move forward and address these empty homes, commercial buildings. 01:29:09
And proposed hotel spaces that may be used or utilized as housing. Let us carry on together with a long term vision for the 01:29:13
benefit of future generations. 01:29:18
I appreciate your consideration. Thank you so much. Thank you. 01:29:23
Engineer and modern architect. 01:29:36
Any of that? 01:29:38
But I am concerned about the property. 01:29:39
I am. 01:29:42
Esalen, can you pull down your microphone so that? 01:29:42
I am Esselin, Native American. What is your name again, please? Pam. Tannis and I grew up in this town. 01:29:45
So and I have a sister who was born in this town. 01:29:52
So Pacific Grove is just a very important place to me. 01:29:55
And preserving it. 01:29:59
Is very important to me. There was a house across the street from this property. 01:30:01
And that someone bought and they couldn't build because it was Native American property. 01:30:07
And they didn't know that there were so many Indigenous. 01:30:13
Artifacts on the property. 01:30:17
So they literally had to move where they were gonna build the house. 01:30:18
Further over on the property so that they wouldn't hurt the indigenous. 01:30:22
And to the property. 01:30:26
So. 01:30:28
I drive by that property and I stop and I talk to the spirits. And I know you probably think I'm crazy, but I do it anyway. 01:30:29
And. 01:30:36
It's. 01:30:37
A beautiful coastal piece of property. 01:30:38
And I second what Steve had to say about this property. 01:30:41
And I second exactly what Barbara had to say. 01:30:45
About this property with the Native Americans, we don't want to disturb anything else that's gone on with this property. And I 01:30:48
thank you very much and I know this is a difficult job, I understand that. 01:30:53
But thank you for listening. 01:31:00
And thank you. 01:31:02
Thank you. 01:31:03
Good evening, Commissioners. My name is Peggy Gibbs, local resident. 01:31:08
I just want to second the fact that the normal property really is special. 01:31:13
And it's a shame that it was sold as it was, but it has been done. So now we have that to be dealt with. 01:31:19
But if you think what it could be. 01:31:26
And if we all envisioned a special? 01:31:29
Place to really appreciate marine life and the study of it and the Native Americans that lived here. It could be a crown jewel for 01:31:33
the city. 01:31:38
And it isn't really too late. It all depends upon zoning. 01:31:44
And what you allow. 01:31:49
For the future, perhaps. 01:31:50
Citizens need to buy it back. 01:31:53
And that's something that could happen in the future. 01:31:56
So I ask you to remain very open to that. I heard as well the consultants say. 01:31:59
That particular property is not essential to your numbers. 01:32:04
And you could choose to remove it. 01:32:08
And I urge you to do so. 01:32:10
I also urge you to look at the empty buildings that could. 01:32:12
Have apartments. 01:32:18
Upstairs. 01:32:19
Could have living space and revitalized it and still have wonderful retail below. 01:32:21
That is very common in many cities across. 01:32:26
California and doing extremely well to bring in. 01:32:29
Young professionals that could be vital to the city. 01:32:32
And the growth in the future, So I think if we look creatively. 01:32:37
It can be a wonderful thing what is accomplished without taking historic significance, so thank you. 01:32:41
Thank you. 01:32:49
Welcome. 01:32:53
Thank you. Thank you for the nice welcome. Thank you for letting everyone speak. I know you're required to do that. It was nice to 01:32:54
hear a wonderful presentations. 01:32:58
And one thing stuck in my mind. I think it's very arrogant of Sacramento to propose a project in all these phases that's supposed 01:33:02
to last eight years, at least some long figure like that. Who knows if we can vote them all out of Sacramento? 01:33:10
We could cancel this whole thing. 01:33:19
Just like Joe Biden did when he became president. 01:33:21
You just cancel it all out. 01:33:24
We need a new non Democrat governor, a new non Democrat legislation. 01:33:26
You know, for many people I talked to, they vote Democrat. This is all to do with this project because of women's rights. You 01:33:31
know, the Supreme Court turned it over to the states. 01:33:36
We live in a state that's very pro women's rights, so you could take that off the table. 01:33:42
I don't see any reason after this. The Sacramento is pushing dance down our throats. 01:33:46
Why would you vote? 01:33:52
For a Democrat. 01:33:53
To continue this process. 01:33:55
It's absolutely absurd to me and it would be a lot bigger a relief for you guys. You can start working on this, she said in the in 01:33:57
the presentation. You know you have to move forward. The realtor said you have to have this done by a certain time. Well, let's 01:34:03
hope that in 2024 we changed the whole status of Sacramento and they cancelled this whole ridiculous and absurd and unnecessary 01:34:10
project. All the state had to say was. 01:34:16
Why don't you guys come up with some? 01:34:23
Extra housing. 01:34:26
According to your old zoning. 01:34:27
To to your old criteria. 01:34:29
Did they have to step in and yank at all as if we were in a socialist country? 01:34:31
I mean, is Stalin running Sacramento? 01:34:36
Fortunately, we can vote them all out. 01:34:39
And I suggest instead of voting Democrat. 01:34:42
You vote Republican or Green or independent. 01:34:44
Anything else but Democrat because they're responsible for this. And if you're a Democrat, really look into your soul. Is this the 01:34:48
way you want the cut the the state-run? 01:34:52
By an authoritative group like this. 01:34:57
I mean, I I don't envy the job that you guys have and women have. 01:35:00
I really don't envy it. I hope you you're looking forward. Did you know you were going to be involved in this much work? 01:35:03
As planning Commissioners, I hope you have a lot of energy. 01:35:09
Because I'm 76 years old, I wouldn't wanna be doing this. 01:35:12
So I wish you guys a lot of luck. 01:35:16
And I want everybody to vote. I would say first, our best shot is vote Republican. 01:35:18
If you don't like that, vote Libertarian. If you don't like that, vote Green, but do not vote. 01:35:22
For these people in Sacramento, Because if we get them out of there, if we get a new governor who's not a Democrat. 01:35:27
We can change this whole process. 01:35:33
And you have eight years to do it. 2024 is coming up. Thank you very much. 01:35:36
Thank you. 01:35:40
Welcome. 01:35:46
Hi, my name is Laurie Rombi. 01:35:49
I have been a resident of Pacific Grove since 1979. 01:35:52
And I have been a business owner since 1995 I. 01:35:56
Live down by the Noah building. I had no plans to come here and speak tonight. I'm not a public speaker. 01:36:02
But living down there, I walk by that building every single day. I have friends whose fathers came in the 60s from the Midwest to 01:36:10
work there and to be a part of it. And I don't know if any of you have ever had the opportunity to go down there and see the 01:36:18
magnificent Cypress trees, to look at the murals there and to. 01:36:26
Like most people reiterated here, the history that is really, really, truly involved in there. 01:36:34
I like I said, I've been a business owner for 28 years in this city. 01:36:40
I worked my **** off so I can stay here and live here because this. 01:36:46
Place. 01:36:51
Is a gem and to see it. 01:36:52
Reorganized in such a way, and I understand that you have a job to do. 01:36:55
But I just ask you to really, really consider the Noah building. 01:37:01
Like the woman said on the tape, I was happier to to hear her say that it wasn't a requirement to have that. 01:37:07
Thank you very much. 01:37:14
Thank you. 01:37:16
Is there anyone else in the audience who would like to speak? 01:37:19
If not Mr. Sidor, then we can go to Zoom. 01:37:24
And is there anyone who has raised their hands? 01:37:28
Allow local wolf to speak. 01:37:33
I would like to. 01:37:43
Acknowledge. 01:37:45
Consultant Tam for. 01:37:46
Responding to public. 01:37:48
Outcry to point out that we don't need to have. 01:37:51
Point Pinos is part of this and also. 01:37:56
To all the native speakers and people have talked about the. 01:38:00
Sacred nature of this. 01:38:05
Particular property appoint panels and. 01:38:08
To. 01:38:12
Mayor. 01:38:13
Carbone of. 01:38:14
Sand City who is a federally recognized. 01:38:16
Tribal person that is one of the few tribal made mayors and. 01:38:20
And many many miles from from our area and who meets with? 01:38:27
Native governors from across the country. 01:38:33
In regular meetings and conferences. Pam. Tennis from the Esselen tribe, Louise Ramirez. 01:38:36
Miranda from from the island nation and. 01:38:44
Uh. 01:38:51
It's ridiculous that this sacred ground that the owners who? 01:38:52
Bought this place in federal auction from North Carolina. Newell that it that they bought it with the proviso that it would be. 01:38:58
A native or a? 01:39:08
Oceanographic. 01:39:11
Sciences and Arts. 01:39:13
Facility in perpetuity and. 01:39:17
I would like to add to that. 01:39:23
Indigenous oceanography and. 01:39:25
None. 01:39:30
Linear. 01:39:32
Reductive sciences in in a post modern era are that indigenous. 01:39:36
Oceanography includes. 01:39:43
Everything that we can quantify, but also that it also includes. 01:39:46
I'm not quantifiable. 01:39:52
Stuff. So thank you. 01:39:55
Thank you. 01:39:59
Or allow Lisa Chiana to speak. Welcome. 01:40:04
Thank you. 01:40:08
We know PG needs affordable housing. 01:40:09
The City's years long failure to prioritize planning and ordinances to add to our affordable housing stock incrementally. 01:40:12
Have made a difficult situation far worse. 01:40:21
The shocking events this year with a highly questionable firing of the original housing consultant at the 11th hour. 01:40:24
The lack of transparency throughout the process. 01:40:31
And the unnecessarily rushed, deficient and careless draft housing element which city staff is complicit in, with no apparent 01:40:34
edits. 01:40:39
Have exponentially increased our problems. I participated in the online workshops. I'm still working through the site inventory. 01:40:44
As much as I would like to see the housing element submitted before the so-called deadline, for which we may already be too late 01:40:53
to avoid some grave consequences, I'm not sure what we gain by submitting the housing element with as many errors and omissions. 01:41:01
And inconsistencies as there must be if site 49 is any indication. 01:41:10
Inexcusably, the property at 1352 Lighthouse with the Navy Noah building is listed on the housing site Inventory Site 49. There 01:41:17
are myriad reasons why the property must be removed from the inventory. 01:41:24
The one the property is zoned O open space. 01:41:32
To the DHEA would explicitly rezone it from O to R4, high density residential. 01:41:35
3A vote of the people is required in order to rezone O properties according to Municipal Code 234203 O. 01:41:42
For this site, the site 49 is proposed to have 84 housing units from very low to moderate income without nearby transit, schools 01:41:52
or shopping. 01:41:57
Five, the property is in the process of being added to the city's Historic Resources Resources Inventory. 01:42:03
Excuse me 6. The DHEA does not mention that Site 49 is in the coastal zone. 01:42:11
7A Local Coastal Program amendment approved by the Coastal Commission would be required to rezone the property. 8 RLCP designates 01:42:17
the Noah Property OSI for Open Space Institutional with very restricted uses due to its Sand Dune ESCHA designation. 01:42:26
As well as archaeological sensitivity and seeing it quality nine, it is a sacred site for the alone Costanoan Esselen Nation, 01:42:35
designated by the state's Native American Heritage Commission. 10 the DHEA reports quote. 01:42:43
A clear majority of community members do not want to see any open space and Parkland redeveloped or even considered. End Quote. 01:42:50
Site 49 must be removed from the DH site inventory, and the 84 housing units proposed for Site 49 must be located elsewhere. 01:43:00
Please make those recommendations to City Council. Thank you. 01:43:10
Thank you. 01:43:17
England Santander to speak. 01:43:23
Welcome. 01:43:25
Thank you. 01:43:29
I'm going to reiterate. 01:43:33
That there is strong opposition. 01:43:35
For developing open space or Parkland a clear majority of community members do not want. 01:43:38
To city any open space and Parkland redeveloped or even considered. 01:43:47
This is in Appendix D from. 01:43:56
When Reardon Driscoll. 01:43:59
Was running the show. 01:44:01
I still have not received. 01:44:03
Any. 01:44:05
Information on my public records request to find out. 01:44:07
How this really happened between the transition of? 01:44:12
Our previous city manager. 01:44:16
And the interactions with our. 01:44:19
Soon to be previous. 01:44:21
Community Development Director. 01:44:24
I do not know how the Noah site even got listed. 01:44:28
I'm trying to find out. 01:44:33
Site 491352 Lighthouse is open space in the coastal zone. 01:44:37
Is addressed in our very restrictively. 01:44:44
Process certified. 01:44:50
LCP. 01:44:52
As to be permitted uses and they are not housing. 01:44:54
It is in the Pacific Groves Esha. 01:44:59
Environmentally sensitive habitat. 01:45:01
It is a sacred tribal site. 01:45:04
And it would take a hefty vote of the people, people, the voters of PG, to change that zoning. 01:45:07
And the public sentiment is highly against this. 01:45:16
I would like to explain to our. 01:45:21
New consultant. 01:45:24
The Pacific Grove is not the generic. 01:45:25
A lot of small communities. 01:45:28
That we seem to be lumped in with. 01:45:31
We have more natural assets. 01:45:34
And coastline than anywhere else. 01:45:37
And we must be. 01:45:41
Considered as such, we are. 01:45:43
Lumped in with other places. 01:45:46
And I would also like to welcome the Hokulea. 01:45:49
The Pacific. 01:45:53
Polynesian voyagers who arrived at our shores today. 01:45:56
And we'll be doing a presentation at the Pacific Grove. 01:46:02
Museum on Saturday. 01:46:06
They have voyaged. They're on a voyage of friendship of 4000. 01:46:08
Nautical Miles, and they first came with a Vacas. 01:46:13
In night 2011 and again. 01:46:18
The Hiki Analia. 01:46:22
The sister ship to Hokulea. 01:46:24
Arrived in 2018. 01:46:27
Please welcome them and. 01:46:29
Hear their message of friendship. 01:46:32
And unity with Turtle Island. 01:46:35
Which we are. 01:46:38
Thank you. 01:46:44
I'll allow Daniel Miller to talk. 01:46:48
Welcome. 01:46:51
Hello, Planning Commission. I'm a former planning commissioner for three years, former City Councilman for seven years and a 01:46:53
resident of Pacific Grove for 68 years. This study is absolutely absurd. I don't know who on staff they were talking to or what 01:47:01
was going on, but that the mission and I really want you guys to ask this question and lady that you asked this question. 01:47:08
Why did he not even write a word about the mission linen site? 01:47:17
The one that's talked about the absolute most of anywhere in this town doing the least amount of harm in putting in a bunch of low 01:47:22
income housing. 01:47:26
Not even mentioned in there. 01:47:31
They also say Lighthouse School, also known as the Adult School on Lighthouse Ave. at the corner of 17 Mile Drive. Basically, they 01:47:33
also say that that's owned by the city. 01:47:39
Not owned by the city. It's owned by the school district with a lot of deed restrictions as the David Ave. school has deed 01:47:45
restrictions because they were given to the city and as the Community Center, tennis court area where they wanna build, take away 01:47:51
my neighborhood, park, the tennis courts, my family used, the Community Center that a lot of people in the community used. They 01:47:58
don't even mention deed restrictions in those three places, just like there is on the Lighthouse Noah building site. 01:48:05
In the city in the state of California right now, there's a million empty homes. That shows you how absurd this all is. 01:48:12
As a charter city, we should get with the other charter cities that are saying we're a charter city. You can't tell us what to do 01:48:21
with our land. 01:48:24
As many other cities are doing right now in a lawsuit. 01:48:27
So a million empty homes, which would basically extrapolate it out, listen to the studies and stuff. In Pacific Grove alone there 01:48:30
is 600. 01:48:35
To 1000. 01:48:39
Empty homes in the city of Pacific Grove. 01:48:41
But now we're gonna build another thousand. 01:48:45
And where those are going, I've got no idea whatsoever. 01:48:48
So. 01:48:52
The LaPorte mansion site which has been in previous. 01:48:54
Studies I don't even believe, as mentioned in this one. 01:48:58
And how when there was a house there that it was mentioned as an underutilized parcel? 01:49:02
But now we're not talking and we've had a couple months since the prior that. 01:49:10
That this should have been in there. 01:49:14
At some point in time, by the way, Del Monte Park is is all of a sudden, I've been here 68 years, never heard it once said. That's 01:49:17
where people, more affluent people, live in Del Monte Park than the rest of the city. Never heard that before. Never. Not to 01:49:23
offend, no money park. Never heard it. 01:49:28
So at some point in time we need to get people that actually know something about Pacific Grove rather than people from outside 01:49:35
the area. And I really wanted an answer those two questions. 01:49:40
Who told them Lighthouse School was owned by the city? 01:49:45
And why did they not deal with Mission Mission Linen as a site for affordable housing, thank you very much. 01:49:48
Thank you. 01:49:55
I'll allow. 01:50:03
Paul walking stick. 01:50:05
To talk welcome. 01:50:07
Alright. Thank you for having me. Can you hear me? 01:50:14
Hello, can you hear me? 01:50:19
You can. 01:50:21
OK, excellent. 01:50:22
I wanted to add my voice to those who want the the Noah building taken off of the. 01:50:23
The potential site inventory. 01:50:30
I think sufficient reason has been provided to to the Commission to remove it. 01:50:33
It would be very easy for the Planning Commission to remove this recommend removal before being provided to City Council. 01:50:40
It is a sensitive site culturally. It is a sensitive site environmentally and is surrounded. 01:50:48
By property that is both environmentally and culturally sensitive. 01:50:55
The idea of trying to rezone this is anything other than open space is challenging to ridiculous. 01:50:59
It would be. 01:51:07
I It would not be in the city's best interest. It would not be in our community's best interest to. 01:51:09
To alter the site as as is proposed so. 01:51:16
Thank you for your time. 01:51:20
And I hope you removed this site from consideration. Thank you very much. 01:51:21
Thank you. 01:51:25
Allow Windows 11 to speak. 01:51:31
Welcome. 01:51:33
Hi, I guess I'm Windows 11. Sounds so funny what I wanted to ask and I would echo everyone else's comments here. It just seems 01:51:38
ridiculous that the Noah site was added to this. 01:51:44
Other than disturb. 01:51:50
Public controversy and perhaps interest in this plan. 01:51:51
Be. 01:51:55
Elements in the plan themselves. As you read through it, I would echo the one of the previous speakers. There are a number of 01:51:56
errors in the plan, just. 01:52:00
Charts that are in the wrong place, things like that. It looks like the plan really wasn't scrubbed before it was given out. 01:52:05
The second piece is back to sites that were not included. The mission linen one is certainly one. And I guess my question would 01:52:12
also be why would the American tin cannery if you're looking to rezone something? 01:52:18
Why would that not be applicable? 01:52:24
Both for the existing site, the buildings on as well as the parking lot. 01:52:26
Certainly you could do some mixed-use there. You could have a hotel plus apartments. 01:52:31
There's a number of things, but it's a large enough piece of property. 01:52:36
That you could certainly use that to provide considerable units. 01:52:40
So that would be the question I would have. 01:52:44
That's and I yield my time. Thank you. 01:52:47
Thank you. 01:52:50
Allow Marcia to speak. 01:52:58
Welcome. 01:53:00
Good evening, Chair Lily and planning Commissioners. I didn't. 01:53:03
I didn't read. 01:53:09
All 374 pages but. 01:53:11
I have a short list of items that did catch my eye. 01:53:15
First of all, with regards to recommended action, I would choose #3. 01:53:21
I would. 01:53:27
Recommend that you send back the draft AG document to staff and Rincon to make substantial changes, incorporating concerns and 01:53:29
suggestions from public comment. 01:53:35
And from planning commissioners, I think they there is no, they should balance the aspirational housing element possibilities. 01:53:41
With realistic constraints which I don't see. 01:53:54
Much attention given to other people have mentioned concerns about building remedies, those sorts of things. 01:53:59
But there hasn't been any reference to the fact that. 01:54:09
There are exemptions. 01:54:16
That we would qualify for. 01:54:18
To fulfilling the RHRHNA. 01:54:22
Numbers allocations based on public health and safety and two items are. 01:54:26
Water the moratorium. 01:54:34
Against Calam. 01:54:37
And also sewer and drainage. That's a big problem. 01:54:39
In the fairway section of beach tract, I mean we there's water that stands there for months on end in the spring until it finally 01:54:44
evaporates. There are no drains. We can't support any extra housing or not much. 01:54:52
I think it would be valuable to quote the text of the moratorium that no new. 01:55:00
For cuts and no intensification of water usage at existing hookups as a result of zoning changes, which would definitely. 01:55:06
Impact a number of properties on the list. 01:55:15
So yes, I think that that. 01:55:19
We want to be positive to the state, but we also want to be honest, aspirational versus. 01:55:22
Realism. 01:55:29
We want to get sympathy from the state. 01:55:30
OK, I'm speaking to the clustering of very. 01:55:33
A low income and low income at 2 sites. 01:55:37
130 Lighthouse and at 1262526 Lighthouse. 01:55:41
The EA CD specifically says to. 01:55:52
Avoid clustering of poverty. 01:55:56
Because these properties are within a block of one another that has to definitely be reviewed 1030, the LaPorte building is 01:55:59
sloping. 01:56:05
OK, there are other things. I'll write them to you. Thank you if you can. 01:56:11
OHH allowed Jane Haynes to speak welcome. 01:56:21
Good evening. Can you hear me? 01:56:34
This week. 01:56:40
Good evening. Can you hear me? 01:56:41
Can. 01:56:43
You can. 01:56:44
OK. 01:56:45
Tonight you will decide what your recommendation to the City Council will be, or if we'll make one. 01:56:47
Regarding the the draft housing element. 01:56:53
And I'm sure you will consider the comments that you've listened to very carefully. 01:56:57
And respectfully. 01:57:03
Umm. 01:57:04
I My concern is they. 01:57:06
What I consider blatant violation of state law. 01:57:10
With regard to realistic capacity. 01:57:13
It's the statutory requirement that they look at applicable land use controls and site improvement and obviously that was not done 01:57:17
with with 549. 01:57:22
So. 01:57:28
I I I expect you're going to recommend that that site be eliminated, however. 01:57:30
I'm I'm concerned too about leaving us without a buffer. 01:57:37
Because if we don't have a buffer and the state removes some more properties. 01:57:41
That could delay. 01:57:48
They final certification of the final. 01:57:50
Of the final. 01:57:54
Housing development, housing element. 01:57:56
So I hope. 01:57:58
That you will recommend. 01:57:59
That the consultant find. 01:58:02
Other properties that might. 01:58:05
Provide those 84 units that cite 49 would have. 01:58:08
And I also am concerned about the city's history on page 4. 01:58:13
It it was the Methodist Retreat Association that founded. 01:58:19
Pacific Grove, they did it with land that was devoted, that was donated by David Jacks. But David Jacks was very much Muslim 01:58:25
disliked and he was not the founder of Pacific Crow. 01:58:31
Contrary to the history. 01:58:38
Umm. 01:58:40
And also. 01:58:41
Let's recognize the contributions of the. 01:58:44
Pacific Pro residents of Chinese descent. 01:58:49
They established A prosperous fishing industry, which was a major industry back in the late 19th and early early 20th century, so 01:58:52
I hope that's added to the to their history. 01:58:58
Also I request that that cover. 01:59:05
The place, the cover that's unique because our 1994 General Plan covers shows monarch butterflies. 01:59:08
I personally, since we have a historic. 01:59:16
Society that has plaques on many, many. 01:59:20
Of the houses, I would love to see a collage of of those. There's something else that's unique to the city rather than just a 01:59:24
generic cover. So thank you for your attention to these requests and. 01:59:30
On. 01:59:36
I I wish you luck. I appreciate the care that you're demonstrating in connection with that. 01:59:37
Thank you. 01:59:45
Ohh wow. Dixie Lane to speak. Welcome. 01:59:50
Good evening. 02:00:02
I I just wanted to say something a little bit about the presentation we heard tonight from Miss Tam. 02:00:04
A couple of things I won't get into, the airs I gave up on. 02:00:12
Redlining them in my copy. 02:00:16
Because they're significant in many and I think that that's the first thing that needs to be corrected. But I also I understand 02:00:19
putting when you put something like this together, you have to do a lot of background work. That's just part of the process and 02:00:26
that's what we heard tonight was about their process and all the things they had to look at and all the things that they. 02:00:33
Had to be changed and I as that may be important. 02:00:41
And is in the detail, could have been in an attendance, I just think it should be. 02:00:44
It could have been 1/3 of the. 02:00:49
Presentation tonight. I think more importantly and I've heard this in bits and pieces throughout the commentary tonight, is that 02:00:51
this in fact is about. 02:00:56
Rezoning much of Pacific Grove or big chunks of it I guess. And and what does that mean? I would have liked to hear have heard 02:01:01
more about. 02:01:06
The different areas and and when they talked about things being underutilized like parking lots, how did they come to that? 02:01:11
Conclusion. 02:01:18
And also just. 02:01:20
Looking at those maps, I just think they should say how they are zoned, what, how that would have to be changed. And to get that 02:01:24
number of abodes in each of those areas they've pointed out what are they going to have to do? How tall, how many stories is 02:01:31
something going to have to be? You know how much of it is, if it's downtown, can be retail and. 02:01:37
And what will be above it. But I'd like to know more about the heights and the. 02:01:44
Variances, because I think that would make a big difference to. 02:01:48
What goes in there? Anyway? I just would like to have more detailed information about. 02:01:53
How they came that? 02:02:00
To the conclusion that they could put X number. 02:02:01
Of. 02:02:04
Umm. 02:02:05
Units in a specific space, what was their formula? How did they come up with that? So thank you. 02:02:06
Thank you. 02:02:14
Well, Nancy Parsons to speak. Welcome. 02:02:20
Nancy Persons. 02:02:34
You're now able to speak. 02:02:36
Nancy Parsons, you're now able to speak. 02:02:49
Why don't you skip down to Tony Chiani? 02:02:55
I'll allowed Justin L to speak. 02:03:03
Good evening, Planning Commissioners. Thank you for your service to the community and. 02:03:08
Your esteemed hard work. 02:03:14
My background. 02:03:17
Involves. 02:03:19
A boss that was in. 02:03:21
The core logic. 02:03:25
Database for real estate and. 02:03:26
Property Resources. 02:03:29
I don't know what database the consultants used. 02:03:31
For their process for the city. 02:03:35
But I would advise the Planning Commission to go back and check. 02:03:38
What resource that was poor logic is the standard. 02:03:43
For the country. 02:03:48
And it was bought out. And even that is somewhat out of date, so I've heard many, many. 02:03:50
Folks on this. 02:03:57
Meeting, you know say that Pacific Grove. 02:03:59
Probably needs a lot more attention than it has received in any sort of electronic format, which is probably what the consultants 02:04:02
were using in order to make the bid that they did. 02:04:09
So I I will. 02:04:17
Pass on to that and go to another matter of public policy and say. 02:04:19
That many have mentioned vacant units. 02:04:24
And hotel possibilities. 02:04:27
And I do encourage you to consider. 02:04:31
Things such as a vacancy tax. 02:04:34