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It looks like it is 6:00 PM, so we'd like to call the rec board meeting to order. 00:00:00
And we will start with A roll call. So Katie, if you could please. 00:00:06
Do roll call for us. 00:00:13
Chair Goldsmith. 00:00:18
You're. 00:00:19
Member Smith. 00:00:20
Not present. 00:00:23
Member Tolly. 00:00:24
Here. 00:00:25
Remember Gamble here? 00:00:29
Remember why is both? 00:00:31
OK. My understanding is waste. Booth and Smith will be just a little bit delayed. OK. 00:00:33
Thank you. 00:00:39
OK. Item 2 is approval of the agenda. Do we have any changes or corrections to the agenda for this evening? 00:00:42
See. None. Do we have a motion to approve the agenda. 00:00:55
I'll move to approve the agenda. 00:01:01
Would you like to 2nd? 00:01:05
All in favor. 00:01:08
Aye. 00:01:09
OK. Item 3 is Board and Staff announcements. 00:01:12
And. 00:01:16
I don't really have. 00:01:18
Much in the way of announcements other than. 00:01:21
See like find this. 00:01:25
At the last City Council meeting. 00:01:29
They talked about the dudeck plan for George Washington Park. 00:01:31
And. 00:01:35
At that meeting. Then in the managers report, I'm going to get these items directly from the managers report. 00:01:37
That went out. 00:01:44
The City Council authorized. 00:01:46
Upkeep efforts. 00:01:48
In alignment with the 1999 George Washington Park Master Plan. 00:01:50
There was a weed eating on the main pedestrian trail. 00:01:56
And reestablishment of the main trails. 00:02:02
Umm. 00:02:07
Using. 00:02:09
Let's see if I can using downed logs and wood chips. 00:02:10
There was also trimming of low limbs to provide an 8 foot clearance over pedestrian walkways, removal of fallen snags. 00:02:14
And 15/5 gallon Monterey Pines and 50 pine seedlings on the short St. side are to be planted along with installing orange snow 00:02:23
fencing and signs to. 00:02:30
Protect the restoration areas. 00:02:36
Umm. 00:02:40
There was also removal of dead tree material within the 10 foot main trails and the thing that really kind of affects the rec 00:02:41
board is the City Council said to go ahead and remove the BBQ pits. 00:02:48
And I believe that has now been done. 00:02:55
So and then the only other thing that I noticed along in the managers report was. 00:02:58
There were some really great park and rec announcements they had to do with the PG Middle School Wellness Fair. 00:03:05
The hours were publicized for the youth center. 00:03:12
Fall break camp. 00:03:16
Kids night out on October 14th and preschool registration I guess There were still a few openings so I just want to thank. 00:03:17
You guys for great photos and the graphics for that. 00:03:25
And that's all of my announcements. 00:03:29
Just to clarify, the BBQ pits were the braziers that are are the gorillas that are in the front along cynics and not the large. 00:03:33
Grill over by the ball field. Right, Right. There was some discussion of that of the City Council. No decision was made. I don't 00:03:42
know if that's gone back to public works to take a look at, but when I was there maybe a week ago, somebody was actually using it 00:03:50
and I think that that is not really the fire hazard that those other little. 00:03:57
Portable smaller pits were. 00:04:05
Yeah, that's my understanding as well is that the large one in the picnic area next to the baseball field that we permit for would 00:04:09
remain in place. But we could clarify with public works if you would like. 00:04:14
OK. 00:04:20
Do we have any announcements from? 00:04:22
Thank you, Katie. 00:04:25
OK, we actually have quite a few announcements today. The first one is that our special event application is available. It's on 00:04:28
our City web page. The quickest way to find it is to just type in 00:04:35
Over on the left side, below where all the contacts are, there's a section called Related Pages. Scroll down that and there's a. 00:04:43
Special event link that'll take you to our special events page which has our current calendar. 00:04:50
The application for this cycle if you were turning in a late application or it also has now the 20 or 25 special event 00:04:55
application. 00:04:59
That is for events that would occur between July 1st 2024 to June 30th 2025. 00:05:05
The deadline for that is November 30th, 2023, so it needs to be submitted to me either online or in person by November 30th, 2023. 00:05:13
And we just wanted to let. 00:05:23
People know if it's their first time applying for one or if they're reapplying and they've been doing it for many years. We have 00:05:24
updated. 00:05:27
The application we've heard the request from both rec board and City Council to have some more information when we're bringing 00:05:31
these to you guys for approval. 00:05:35
So we've requested that information up front from those that are applying to us. So if you are in new or if you're doing it. 00:05:39
For the 100th time, please double check. 00:05:47
That application and make sure you check all the pieces. 00:05:50
So that we can have a complete application and move yours forward in the process. 00:05:53
We have a couple of special events that are coming up. 00:05:57
We have the Butterfly Parade which is Saturday October 7th at 10:30. The main portion of that takes place on Lighthouse. 00:06:00
The PG Heritage Society also on the same weekend, Saturday and Sunday, October 7th and 8th. They have several events. The best way 00:06:07
to find out their information is through their website. 00:06:12
Theirs is Pacific Grove 00:06:17
Forward slash events that'll take you directly to their event page. 00:06:21
And then we also have the chambers putting on music in the parks. 00:06:25
I'm sorry, the music in the parks. 00:06:28
Event for October 27th has been cancelled. 00:06:31
So they are still having the one that's planned for tomorrow. 00:06:35
But the one for October 27th is cancelled. 00:06:38
There's a George Washington cleanup on September. 00:06:42
30th. 00:06:45
If you have any questions, Amy over here. 00:06:47
Can give you an update on that. 00:06:51
And then? 00:06:58
The Chamber. 00:07:01
And the downtown district will be putting on the Trick or Treat PG event that they do each year. This year it will be on October 00:07:02
28th from 2:50. PG Rec and PGPD will both have tables down in front of Mechanics Bank and we're going to come all dressed up in 00:07:08
costumes and themed and have lots of activities and candy to hand out. 00:07:14
And we're really excited. It's been a fun event. A lot of the businesses go all out and really welcome the kids as they're walking 00:07:21
through. So that information is on the Chamber of Commerce website and you can look it up under their events and it's a really fun 00:07:26
event. So we encourage everyone to come out and come by and stop at our table and say hi to us. 00:07:31
And then the last one was that we did have our ice cream social today for the youth center. We had some kids stop by. We saw some 00:07:40
new faces. 00:07:44
It was really fun. It was exciting to see some people in there and we will keep doing events like that. We're gonna start getting 00:07:48
that information out on our Facebook page, on our website, going directly to the school. So just stay tuned. We're going to do 00:07:53
more events like that to kind of special events once a month to welcome. 00:07:58
Those youths. 00:08:04
Middle school youth students to us and also just keep it kind of live and exciting. 00:08:05
Thank you. 00:08:14
Much. 00:08:15
Umm. 00:08:17
We're now going to go to general liaison announcements. 00:08:18
So Nick, if you have some announcements. Thank you. 00:08:22
Ah, are you hearing me OK in there? 00:08:26
We are. 00:08:30
OK, it looks like you're OK. 00:08:31
Well, I have a long. I have a very long speech set for tonight. 00:08:33
It's only going to go 20 to 30 minutes. Don't worry, I won't take too much of your time. 00:08:37
No. 00:08:41
I'm just joking around. So, OK, here we go. 00:08:42
So today I was actually I was able to. 00:08:45
Give the groundbreaking speech on the PG Hotel by Kimpton down at 157 Grand Ave. 00:08:49
And it was a great event. I was able to be there with all the Kempton representatives and. 00:08:56
All the folks from the various partnerships that are we put shovels in the ground today and they are going to move forward with 00:09:02
the project. 00:09:06
So that's a very big deal for the City of Pacific Grove. 00:09:10
I believe it's the first new hotel downtown and. 00:09:15
Century. But I'm not 100% of all that. I'm just throwing it out there. 00:09:18
And I think it's going to add a lot of jobs. 00:09:23
Visitors vitality to the downtown area. 00:09:27
There. So very excited about that. 00:09:30
I'm gonna just walk back through. 00:09:33
The last few Council meetings. 00:09:36
Because there's been a lot going on. 00:09:39
One of the important things we're doing right now is. 00:09:41
The interim city manager. 00:09:46
Recruitment. 00:09:49
So we're in the process of recruiting an interim city manager this. 00:09:51
This interim city manager will not. 00:09:55
Be a full the full time city manager. 00:09:57
But we'll serve in an interim capacity so that. 00:09:59
We can recruit for our permanent city manager. 00:10:03
We're hoping to make a long term. 00:10:07
Higher there. 00:10:11
And uh. 00:10:12
So that's very important. 00:10:14
We. 00:10:16
At the last meeting. 00:10:17
With respect to the George Washington Park and I think Katie touched on this and. 00:10:21
Briefly. 00:10:26
We received. 00:10:27
The 2022 George Washington Park Forest Management Plan. 00:10:29
But we did not accept said plan we. 00:10:33
Ordered a biological assessment. 00:10:37
And directed staff to perform some temporary cleanup. 00:10:39
Inconsistent with the 1999 plan. 00:10:45
So that's what we did and I. 00:10:49
The activities that were done were actually described by the chair. 00:10:51
Previously during this meeting. 00:10:56
We also at the last meeting approved the Memorandum of Understanding and agreement with. 00:11:00
The General Employees Association from the term. 00:11:06
July 1st. 00:11:09
Of this year through June 30th of 2026. 00:11:10
Reaching a three-year agreement. 00:11:14
With our general employees association. 00:11:15
As we all know now. 00:11:19
It's very it's a high cost of living in this area. We want to keep our employees. They were provided some pay increases. 00:11:23
And we, you know, our goal is to keep everyone working for the city of Pacific Grove and keep all people in place. So you know, 00:11:30
we. 00:11:34
We're trying to keep up with all the trends and and do the best we can in that area. So that was a a big. 00:11:38
An important event at the last meeting. 00:11:46
And I'm just going to take a look at my notes here. 00:11:51
That was the last meeting there were, so I'm going to go back. 00:11:54
Going back to August. 00:11:58
Let's see, just take a look here because I was not at the August. 00:12:02
Redford meaning. 00:12:06
So in August, we did appoint Tory Hannah, our administrative services director, as city Manager Pro Tem. 00:12:08
And she's been doing a great job. She's been filling in. 00:12:16
Trying to do her job and also be the interim city manager, which is a difficult. 00:12:20
Situation to be in but. 00:12:25
It was needed and she's doing a great job, so. 00:12:28
She's standing in doing all the jobs that she has to do in that particular role. 00:12:32
And so we're working very quickly to try to find an interim so that we can alleviate some of that pressure. 00:12:38
Umm. 00:12:45
We also passed our. 00:12:46
Ordinance on the accessory dwelling units, a zoning amendment. 00:12:49
To be consistent with state law. 00:12:54
We authorized this was in August. I'm talking about August right now. We authorized an agreement with Rincon. 00:12:56
Consultants Inc. 00:13:02
For housing element and. 00:13:03
We received. I'm just hitting the high points here, but we received a really good presentation. 00:13:07
If you're interested in pine trees. 00:13:12
From Nicole Nedeff, consulting ecologist. 00:13:15
And gave a very honestly, I was awesome. Talk about pine trees that. 00:13:19
I wish it would have been at 7:00 and not at 10:30 PM, but you know, like. 00:13:23
I actually still remember. 00:13:28
Portions of it, so that was great. 00:13:29
And. 00:13:31
So I appreciate everything you guys are doing on the rec board. 00:13:34
And that is all I have for now. 00:13:38
Thank you very much. 00:13:42
Thank you, Nick. That's really helpful. 00:13:45
Appreciate it. 00:13:47
We're gonna go to general public comment. 00:13:50
So let me read this little. 00:13:54
Paragraph here. 00:13:56
General public comment must deal with matters subject to the jurisdiction of the City and the Rec Board that are not on the 00:13:57
regular agenda. Comments from the public will be limited to 3 minutes. 00:14:02
And will not receive Recreation Board action. Comments regarding items on the regular agenda shall be heard prior to Rec. Board 00:14:08
consideration of such items at the time such items are called. 00:14:14
Whenever possible, written correspondence should be submitted to the Rec Board in advance of the meeting to provide adequate time 00:14:21
for its consideration. 00:14:25
Is it on now? Yes. OK. 00:14:40
Well, thank you all for being here. My name is. 00:14:43
Vincent Tuminello on a 17th St. Pacific Grove resident for 40 years. 00:14:46
And I've been to many city meetings where the protocol. So I want to thank you for the good service that you've provided us. 00:14:51
On the red board. 00:14:58
I'm here to bring you a warning. 00:14:59
Of. 00:15:03
Some foul situation that's developing in the city and in the state of California. 00:15:04
You know Pacific Grove is a charter city. 00:15:10
We're not a city at large. We're not like 90% of the other cities being a charter city. That's when the city was founded. We have 00:15:14
special privileges, special rights and special responsibilities. 00:15:20
Precluding most of the states interference. 00:15:27
In our local administration. 00:15:32
Of such things as Parks and Recreation. 00:15:34
Zoning and so forth. I'm not going to give you the whole list. 00:15:38
Now the state. 00:15:41
Has stepped on our toes. 00:15:43
And many other cities and municipalities in the state with their SB. 00:15:46
Dash 9. 00:15:51
Mandate. 00:15:52
Which the city was mentioned earlier, we have a housing element. 00:15:54
Well, I want to tell you you as as Rick people, commissioners, board members. 00:15:58
Your positions, your power, your authority is going to be threatened. 00:16:03
Because parks are considered in Pacific Grove open space. 00:16:08
You may already know that. 00:16:12
And there was a there was a city manager once who said, you know, George Washington Park is zoned open space and if I want to OK a 00:16:14
bowling alley in there. 00:16:18
Down some trees and build a bowling alley with the parking lot. 00:16:23
I can do that because that's for recreational purposes. 00:16:26
So that's your purview as open space and parks? 00:16:30
So all of your authority, and much of it is going to be threatened by this mandate when it goes into effect, even if the city 00:16:34
complies. God forbid the city doesn't comply 100%. 00:16:39
You're going to really be shocked. I want to address this that everyone considers reading the details. 00:16:45
That the four. 00:16:51
Other charter cities. 00:16:53
Or pursuing A lawsuit to stop the state. 00:16:55
From Shelby W Mandate down, our throats Civic group isn't participating for some reason. I don't know why. 00:16:58
Maybe they maybe they prefer having 11120 housing units jammed into Pacific Grove, they had a traffic school, kids, so on and so 00:17:05
forth and change the character that down. 00:17:10
Please look at sensible zoning. 00:17:16
Here's the website. 00:17:19
Sensible zoning. 00:17:20
Dot org. 00:17:22
Write it down if you have a pen. Sensible zoning. The whole thing is explained why these four municipalities are 00:17:23
suing the state for their rights to maintain their integrity. Their boards, commissions, all the power and authority that you 00:17:29
have. 00:17:34
The other website is called. 00:17:40
Our neighborhood voices. 00:17:43
Are OU are 00:17:45
And that's will give you more information about what's going on. So thank you so much and please defend Pacific roles right to 00:17:49
Autonomy. Thank you. 00:17:53
Thank you. 00:17:59
Hello everyone. My name is Mike Gibbs, I'm a member of the Economic Development Commission here in Pacific Grove and. 00:18:10
A resident of Pacific Grove, I live over on Alder St. by George Washington Park, literally right across the street, and I echo Mr. 00:18:15
Tuminello's comments about SP9. 00:18:21
There are 4 charter cities. I'm not sure either why Pacific Grove is not. 00:18:26
On that list that are taking legal action against the state charter city has the rights or most legislative action taken 00:18:30
Sacramento since we're short city. 00:18:35
And forcing the certain mandates on us is an undemocratic. 00:18:40
And basically with the way the law not allowed. 00:18:43
But there'll be a big fight, so 4 Charter cities. Hopefully more will join. 00:18:47
And then Vince also mentioned our neighborhood voices. 00:18:51
They are going to try to place a referendum on the ballot constitutional amendment. 00:18:56
In the next election, 2024. 00:19:00
That will overturn the same thing, so coming from two different directions, so. 00:19:03
Rob Mount Month of the Attorney General of the State, issued today. 00:19:08
The The Voters Guide Statement on this referendum. 00:19:12
And he inserted a comment in there that basically says that the. 00:19:17
This referendum will overturn the ability to build any affordable housing, which is not true at all. It's not even close to being 00:19:21
true. 00:19:24
But so they're gonna sue Rob Banda just to get the accurate language. 00:19:29
On the referendum, so it's our neighborhood voices. 00:19:32
They're in fundraising right now. They're gonna go live on the referendum here in the next month or so. 00:19:35
So kind of be watching for that. It's very important to Pacific grow. We have a housing element. 00:19:40
A number which is somewhere around 11:25. 00:19:45
You know, we have limited space and we have worse, even limited water. So where's the water? There are some water, but it's 00:19:49
limited. 00:19:52
And Councilman Nick Smith knows this virtually better than anybody else. 00:19:55
And I would like everybody since there's people online listening. 00:20:01
There will be at the Planning Commission is hosting a open public forum next Thursday in this chambers right here 6:00. 00:20:05
On the housing element, which has been submitted so you can read it online at the city. 00:20:13
And there are well over 50 sites that have been identified for housing. 00:20:17
Including some that might surprise or shock you. For example, the Noah building. 00:20:22
Which is at Daniel Lighthouse there. It's a building with a green ray troll mural on the side. Goes all the way around. 00:20:28
That's been identified. 00:20:33
As to destroy the building and build public housing on that site, it's about four acres. The owner paid 4, four and a half million 00:20:35
for that a couple of years ago. 00:20:39
And so they'll be looking to sell that. If the city comes up with the money, they'll look to sell it, and you'll end up with 00:20:43
public housing right there. 00:20:47
And that building will be destroyed. So I encourage you to come out. 00:20:50
And and make your voices heard on Thursday. That's think it's October the 5th. 00:20:54
At 6:00 right here. And somebody mentioned the cleanup at George Washington Park. 00:20:59
That's the Saturday, I believe it's at 8:30. 00:21:05
And it's at the corner of Pine and Melrose. 00:21:08
Free Donuts. 00:21:11
And coffee. 00:21:12
That's what I'm going for, but I'm also bringing my gloves. 00:21:13
Maybe Colleen will be there too. 00:21:16
Chairman Will Smith. 00:21:18
So that's really all I have to say. It's good to see you here. You're doing good work. 00:21:20
We like seeing everybody up here making comments and getting involved. So thank you very much and I appreciate what you do. Thank 00:21:25
you. 00:21:28
Thank you. 00:21:32
Umm. 00:21:34
I see that somebody is calling in. 00:21:35
Rebecca Lee. 00:21:39
Hi, Rebecca. 00:21:48
There is the unmute button. Thank you. Good evening, Chair Goldsmith and commissioners, thank you for your service. 00:22:00
I wanted to revisit the youth center. I'm wondering if at your meetings you could maybe give us some statistics about the numbers 00:22:08
of kids and the ages of kids using it. 00:22:14
When I talked to middle schoolers, I'm not getting a lot of kids saying, yeah, we go and we love it. I'm getting more of Ohh Yeah, 00:22:19
I think I know about that. There's just not a lot of enthusiasm and not a lot of. 00:22:27
Knowledge of what goes on there and it made me want to also revisit I. 00:22:34
I remember asking. 00:22:40
That a youth center Instagram page be created. 00:22:43
I'm not one linked through not having to go to, but one actually that was for the youth center. And then I 00:22:47
thought, wait, that's like pushing the river because they might not have anything actually. 00:22:54
And then announce on it. 00:23:02
That would. 00:23:04
Interest middle schoolers. And so that made me think back to our conversation about. 00:23:05
Getting adult volunteers. 00:23:10
And. 00:23:13
I I think that would be so helpful to get unique and. 00:23:14
Maybe challenging and exciting and different activities to kind of spark some. 00:23:19
Usage of. 00:23:25
The youth center, I spoke with Miss Colony and she said, well, as soon as the youth center is staffed, then we can go through the 00:23:27
staff because the staff would then be able to supervise and regulate those adult citizen volunteers. 00:23:35
Anyway. 00:23:44
I really would look forward to that. I'd love to take some kids down to Lovers Point and play volleyball. 00:23:46
And I'm sure there's a lot of super talented people to tap from in this city. So anyway, I if you could just give us updates when 00:23:51
you meet about the youth center, I would so appreciate it. 00:23:57
Thank you. 00:24:03
Have a good evening. 00:24:05
Thank you. 00:24:07
I think that's everyone there. 00:24:11
No other hands raised. 00:24:13
Umm. 00:24:15
As far as written public comments. 00:24:16
Umm. 00:24:20
I have four. I don't know. 00:24:21
You saw four as well, OK. 00:24:24
So and they. 00:24:26
Umm. 00:24:28
So we've got those and we'll we'll put those also into our minutes. 00:24:30
So moving on, we've got. 00:24:35
Approval of the Minutes. 00:24:37
Would anybody like to make a motion or some corrections to minutes? 00:24:40
I move that we approve the Minutes. 00:24:47
Do you have a second? 00:24:52
2nd. 00:24:59
All in favor. 00:25:00
Say aye. 00:25:02
Aye. 00:25:03
Because I was absent. 00:25:04
OK. 00:25:05
Thank you. 00:25:06
OK, we're going to go into our regular agenda. 00:25:11
And I see sitting in front of us are some representatives from Summer Lights presentation. 00:25:14
So look forward to hearing what you have to say. 00:25:20
Thank you. 00:25:23
And give us just a second to pull up your presentation. 00:25:29
First button, Great. OK. 00:25:39
Hello, I'm Olivia Englehorn. I am the secretary of the Youth Ambassadors, and I'm here to talk to you about Summer Lights. 00:25:42
It was a celebration this summer. 00:25:48
And. 00:25:50
Some things we think that. 00:25:52
Went well our. 00:25:54
We had. 00:25:57
The kids games went very, went very well. 00:25:59
And the setup and cleanup was easy, according to Rocky. 00:26:02
And umm. 00:26:07
We had a lot of cultural. 00:26:08
Umm. 00:26:10
Groups that danced and sang their cultural. 00:26:11
Traditional things and. 00:26:14
But we also had a lot of cultural groups that came up to us after the summer lights who want to participate next year. 00:26:18
Some goals we have for next year are we want to repair the lower peer. 00:26:25
To allow more entertainment. 00:26:31
And a better stage. 00:26:34
We also want to invite some of our champions to have booths at the park we did have a lot of. 00:26:35
Nonprofit groups who had their boost at the park, which was very good. 00:26:42
We also want to include a better sound system for next year. 00:26:46
We want. 00:26:51
We want to have more entertainment between acts for the crowd. 00:26:52
We also want to improve our projection light show, which we had this year. That was very cool. 00:26:56
And we're also going to have more volunteers, hopefully. 00:27:02
Thank you. 00:27:07
I have a question. 00:27:13
When you say invite our champions, who are the Champions? Can you define that? 00:27:18
All of our. 00:27:25
Participants we have, I think we have currently 1413 youth ambassadors and all of us have a champion that we we have. 00:27:27
Like my champion is the Observe Groove library, So what that means is that. 00:27:37
All of the. 00:27:41
With ambassadors, we have a little speech that we can give about our organization. We participate. 00:27:43
In some of their events, we. 00:27:50
And we also talked to the community about their cause. 00:27:52
It's usually another nonprofit, OK? 00:27:57
And you have some. 00:28:00
Some really good goals here. And I have to say I love the entertainment. I didn't. I wasn't there at night, so I didn't get to see 00:28:02
the projection light show. Maybe somebody else can comment on that, but. 00:28:07
I did stay during the day, thought the acts were fabulous. 00:28:13
And I thought people were really interested in the acts too. 00:28:17
But when you talk about the sound system and repairing of the lower pier. 00:28:22
Is that something that you as an organization are going to be asking the city and public works to do, or are you fundraising and? 00:28:27
Going to bring in a sound system. 00:28:36
And if I can jump in just real quick, we're going to need you to repeat that into a microphone otherwise our online viewers can't 00:29:07
hold. But before you get, before you get up though, we need to double check and see if there is any public comment real quick and 00:29:12
then we can continue if that's if you're, if you've concluded you're part of the presentation. 00:29:17
OK, wonderful presentation. Thank you. 00:29:24
I'm sorry, is there any public comment? 00:29:26
We have none online. 00:29:38
OK. 00:29:39
All right. 00:29:40
Yes, please. 00:29:41
OK. 00:29:51
The. 00:29:53
The pier being repaired, that is something that. 00:29:54
The city would have to do. We wouldn't be able to do that, but the sound system is something that we would bring in and at our own 00:29:57
cost. 00:30:00
And what happened last time it was a friend recommended and and it's wonderful but it just it's it's a hard situation there at the 00:30:05
pier with the water makes a difference. 00:30:09
The fog coming in makes a difference the Cove. 00:30:15
So we need someone with the experience to handle. 00:30:17
Or knows that situation of what to expect throughout the day. I think there just wasn't enough system there so we next year's 00:30:21
goals would be better so. 00:30:26
Excuse me, what were the restrictions on the use of the pier? 00:30:33
Ohh, the lower pier had damage. 00:30:37
And so therefore, we didn't feel comfortable having people dance there. 00:30:40
And began just We didn't want anybody to trip. 00:30:45
And. 00:30:48
Worse, fall into the water. 00:30:49
Because it just it's been broken down I guessing from waves and time, but it it needs to be repaired. 00:30:52
So we didn't allow any dancing down there. We did have just. 00:30:59
A band or whatever that was going to stand still, be able to perform down there. 00:31:02
So. 00:31:06
Any. 00:31:09
Other questions? 00:31:09
Thank you so much for coming tonight. I really appreciate it. Wish you well for next year and as soon as you have information on 00:31:11
that, I would just say start. 00:31:16
Planning earlier so. 00:31:22
So things go really smoothly. 00:31:25
OK. 00:31:27
Thank you. 00:31:28
Our next item is the Chinese Pavilion project. 00:31:36
So. 00:31:41
Patient. 00:31:58
The three people who were involved in this project leading the project. 00:31:59
Are. 00:32:04
Out of town, so they. 00:32:06
Send their apologies, they're not able to be here. I've been working as a liaison with the group and so they asked me to step in 00:32:07
and. 00:32:10
Speak tonight. 00:32:14
And. 00:32:19
We can go on to the next slide. 00:32:21
There are 4 components of the proposed structure of the project. 00:32:27
The Monterey Bay Chinese Association will raise the majority of the estimated cost of 190 to $200,000. 00:32:31
The city would provide land use rights and provide oversight of the actual construction project. 00:32:40
The Monterey Bay Chinese Association undertakes an ongoing commitment to maintaining the pavilion. 00:32:47
In good condition with annual or more frequent work days. 00:32:53
And the project will be in some a cooperative effort of the city, the Monterey Bay Chinese Association. 00:32:58
Another. 00:33:06
Cultural and historical associations. 00:33:07
Such. 00:33:10
That are interested in creating a beautiful edifice and in cultural appreciation. 00:33:11
The project has multiple, multifold objectives. One is to recognize the Chinese families who settled at Point alone, Enes, now the 00:33:20
site of the Hopkins Marine Station. 00:33:26
And their place in local and U.S. history. 00:33:32
Also to serve as a teaching platform. 00:33:36
Promoting cross cultural understanding and appreciation. 00:33:39
To provide a place to bring together all people in the community. 00:33:44
And a place for contemplation and celebrations. 00:33:48
To attract new tourists and become another landmark on the Monterey Peninsula. 00:33:52
And to increase awareness of Pacific Grove's unique history. 00:33:58
The benefits arising from the project will include preserving an important part of Pacific Grove culture. 00:34:06
It will be a educational resource for schools and a lively introduction to history and culture. 00:34:13
It will create a platform for social gatherings. 00:34:20
It will introduce a unique and stimulating architectural style to Pacific Grove. 00:34:24
And it will create friendly ties to other parts of the world. 00:34:30
The village has significance both to Pacific Grove and to the United States as a whole. 00:34:41
When it was established in the period 1851 to 1852. 00:34:48
Pacific Grove. 00:34:53
Pacific Grove had not yet been transformed from a grazing land for cattle and sheep. 00:34:54
And this was one of the very first places in the entire United States where Chinese families settled. 00:35:01
And it was the most significant such site. 00:35:07
There was one ship that landed in Mendocino County and then the other ship landed at Point Lobos and then subsequent to that. 00:35:11
Groups move to point alones. 00:35:21
The first Chinese born in the United States were at Point Lobos and in the village. 00:35:24
And while the indigenous people of the Oolong, Costanoan and Esselen Nation fish for food. 00:35:30
They did not market their catch. 00:35:36
To others. 00:35:40
So the the Chinese were catching fish. 00:35:42
And they were shipping it to San Francisco. 00:35:45
And in some cases all the way to China, particularly the abalone, which is a very. 00:35:48
Valuable dish in China. 00:35:55
Later, when the Chinese were muscled out of daytime fishing. 00:35:58
By other groups. 00:36:02
They developed night time squid fishing. 00:36:04
Which now is of course a very important part of our economy here. 00:36:08
And the very first voters in Monterey County resided in the Chinese voters. 00:36:12
Resided in that village. 00:36:17
And they also provided rare marine specimens, such as hagfish embryos, to marine biologists working at the marine lab there. 00:36:20
The Monterey Bay Chinese Association has evaluated 3 sites. 00:36:33
Mayor Pete recommended the Elmarie **** open space to Charles Shaw, who was leading the project. 00:36:38
And then at the recommendation of Chairwoman Goldsmith. 00:36:45
Two other sites were visited. 00:36:49
This is a current view of the site adjacent to Chautauqua Hall. 00:36:55
And you can see that the gazebo has aged and needs to be replaced. 00:37:00
The Esplanade Park. 00:37:07
Has a beautiful view of the Bay, linking it to the fishing activities of the the village, which is really appropriate. 00:37:10
The eastern portion of the park running on Shell St. has adequate space to accommodate. 00:37:18
This pavilion. 00:37:24
And it wouldn't require doing anything to the trees that are on the site. 00:37:25
And then the third. 00:37:32
Option is Caledonia Park. As you know, the eastern portion of the park is a children's playground. 00:37:34
But it's a rather narrow plot with numerous trees, and it's a bit more challenging to try and place a pavilion into that setting. 00:37:41
The Monterey Bay Chinese Association engaged a Chinese architect with extensive experience in gardens and pavilions to develop a 00:37:57
concept. 00:38:01
Drawings. 00:38:06
And construction estimates for the site next to Chautauqua Hall. 00:38:08
Including. 00:38:11
Things such as in the demolition of the existing gazebo. 00:38:13
Construction cost, repair of lighting and gardens and new entrance. 00:38:17
Contractor bond and mobilization. 00:38:22
And contingency funds. 00:38:25
So it's a really serious examination of the project. 00:38:27
And those amounts came to about $170,000. 00:38:31
This shows an aerial view. 00:38:35
And in the next few slides, we'll get a better view of things. 00:38:38
So this is a outline view of a traditional Chinese pavilion design. 00:38:45
You notice the peak roof. 00:38:51
And then the curving ribs of the roof. 00:38:53
There are pillars on each of the four corner corners. 00:38:57
And there's nothing between those pillars. It's open so that people sitting in the pavilion. 00:39:00
Can look out. 00:39:06
And view the gardens. 00:39:08
It gives a very airy feeling. 00:39:10
And there will be benches along the the three. 00:39:12
Sides. 00:39:19
Except for the entrance, which allows seating. 00:39:20
In the next slide. 00:39:25
You can see. 00:39:27
This pavilion where it would sit. 00:39:28
In that site. 00:39:31
Basically it covers the the same area. 00:39:33
As the existing gazebo. 00:39:37
And and the next slide you'll see. 00:39:40
A photograph of what? 00:39:43
A real pavilion would look like. 00:39:45
Umm. 00:39:50
And then in the next slide. 00:39:51
This is a concept drawing of a new entrance to replace the existing. 00:39:54
Aging. 00:39:59
Entrance. 00:40:00
This is a what they call a moon gate. As you can see a circular like a a moon. 00:40:01
And it can be constructed of different materials. 00:40:07
It's a unique and enjoyable way to enter the garden. 00:40:10
So in some this will be. 00:40:16
An addition to. 00:40:20
Pacific Grove Community Space. 00:40:21
Yeah, you could go on. 00:40:24
Wherever it is cited of of the three locations. 00:40:27
It would be a place to relax as individuals or to celebrate as groups. 00:40:30
It will link with an important part of Pacific Grove history. 00:40:35
And Charles Chaw is the lead person on this project. 00:40:39
And that's the conclusion. Thank you very much for the opportunity to talk about the project. 00:40:44
Thank you very much. 00:40:51
Do we have any public comment? 00:40:53
I think we have one. We have. 00:41:01
Hi, Anna. 00:41:08
Hello, thank you. 00:41:11
Actually, I think that Elmarie **** Park is a rather fitting place to put something like this. 00:41:14
Considering the connection with the rather controversial Feast of Lanterns etc. And. 00:41:21
I think it probably needs some more architectural tweaking, but as far as any place that it would be put. 00:41:27
I agree that our coastline and those other parks that were suggested are not a good idea. 00:41:34
But by Cheektowaga Hall, well. 00:41:40
I think that's more fitting. 00:41:43
All the way around. Thank you very much. 00:41:46
Thank you. 00:41:50
I guess that that is it for public comment. 00:42:01
Let's have our. 00:42:05
REC board members weigh in on this presentation. Anybody have any comments? Go first. 00:42:07
I'll be happy to go first. Thanks very much. It's really a a cool idea. 00:42:13
I think it's great to have. 00:42:17
The ability to honor the cultural tradition and I think that that current gazebo absolutely needs. 00:42:20
To be completely rebuilt. 00:42:27
I really like the idea of a group having. 00:42:29
Investment in the. 00:42:34
In the park. 00:42:35
As you can see, you know. 00:42:36
Just weeding and taking care of Paris is our volunteer coordinator knows it's really a challenge and so getting more people that 00:42:38
emotional investment I think is great. 00:42:42
Umm. 00:42:47
The only question I would have I guess is. 00:42:48
And again from our. 00:42:51
Committee. Our board. 00:42:52
I think we can speak to the. 00:42:55
The recreational aspect of it, I think it's great, but I I certainly think that the. 00:42:56
I guess the planning or the architectural review board? 00:43:01
Would definitely need to weigh in from an architectural point of view, of course. I think the gazebo is great. The wall gives me a 00:43:04
little pause just because it's a. 00:43:08
It's pretty big. 00:43:13
And might might stand out, but I'm not on that that board so I'm not. I really appreciate this is really cool idea. 00:43:14
Can I give a quick response to that or? 00:43:21
I think the the Moongate can be done in many different ways and that this one version is sort of heavy. 00:43:25
But it can be done with lattice work and other things so that. 00:43:31
It's. It is an imposing, yes. Yeah. But it it, it has to go through a. 00:43:34
A good consultation? 00:43:40
Darrell. 00:43:45
I would just say what a great presentation it was, really well thought out, explained a lot of things and was beautiful. So. 00:43:46
Good luck. We'll do our best. 00:43:53
Very good. Thank you. 00:43:55
I agree. I think that the replacement, the replacement of the gazebo is a great idea. I really like what has been proposed. I I 00:43:59
second what what Jay has said about the the moon gate. I I love the concept of it. It looks a little maybe a little high or 00:44:05
something, but I think. 00:44:10
As you said, I don't think that's a really in our domain anyway so but really beautiful. I love that idea. 00:44:17
I'm. 00:44:26
I'm a third on those comments. I think that the. 00:44:28
The Moon Gate looked. 00:44:31
Imposing and I don't think that's something that we want there and and especially previously you'd said it was airy and open and I 00:44:33
think that's a the nice feel. 00:44:37
That we like to see, but again, not our, not our purview, but thank you. 00:44:42
It was it's. 00:44:47
Inspiring and exciting to see. 00:44:49
I had a comment I wanted to ask about the cultural significance of a moon door, because I don't know. 00:44:54
So I I'd like to understand that. 00:45:01
And then I. 00:45:04
Last week I happened to be in San Luis Obispo and came across the little park where they had. 00:45:05
A Chinese pavilion. 00:45:11
And they it was just a little corner and kind of downtown San Luis Obispo. 00:45:14
And. 00:45:20
It did have a stone, a very imposing kind of stone entrance with the Chinese. 00:45:21
I don't know what they are. Lions. Ohh yeah I would die yeah. And it it had water. It was it was quite extensive and and and quite 00:45:29
a project but it was really beautiful. 00:45:34
And it was a very reflective. 00:45:40
Location where they had also planted. 00:45:42
You know, the plantings also were kind of very peaceful and and very meditative. 00:45:45
So if you could just comment on the significance of a moon door. 00:45:50
Because as I mentioned. 00:45:55
That is right now. 00:45:57
While it's not in good good state of repair, that is. 00:45:59
Where we have our sign saying El Marie **** open space. 00:46:03
So. 00:46:08
Being sensitive to that. 00:46:10
Could you comment on? 00:46:12
Yeah, there there is also on the opposite side of the of the block there is also an Elmarie ****. 00:46:14
Entrance there too, so yes. 00:46:21
I'm not an expert on on the moon gates, but if you travel in China you'll see that in many of their gardens you will have a a moon 00:46:24
entrance. The moon is a a big celebration in. 00:46:30
In China. 00:46:36
They have the Moon Festival each year. 00:46:37
So it's. 00:46:40
It's just a sense of. 00:46:42
Comfort with the the culture. 00:46:45
But I'll get you a better. 00:46:48
Better explanation of that. 00:46:50
And as I say, there were different ways of constructing a moon gate that would. 00:46:52
Not be so imposing, but achieve this the same cultural. 00:46:57
Effect. 00:47:01
OK. 00:47:02
Well, I don't know if. 00:47:06
I'm not quite sure I'm going to ask everybody here whether we go forward with just our approval and emotion, whether we want this 00:47:08
to be something that we bring back in a month so that we can get maybe more public comment. 00:47:16
On this. 00:47:24
And and get sort of buy in by the community and you know their ideas as well. 00:47:25
So. 00:47:31
Anybody have any? 00:47:33
Suggestions about that? 00:47:35
Well, I have a I have a funding comment because I think it was last time we talked about do we? 00:47:39
Put some of the money. 00:47:45
Towards this or not, So we do have sort of a vested interest in in figuring out how involved. 00:47:47
We do and and that goes back to something that Dan God told us where we have $20,000. It was not enough to replace. 00:47:54
The existing gazebo, he said. We might want to take some of that money or all that money and put it toward this project, on the 00:48:04
other hand. 00:48:09
We can also just. 00:48:15
Give our blessing to this and. 00:48:17
Forwarded to City Council and let them also. 00:48:19
Get involved in some of the funding and you know and preparation that would be needed in order to. 00:48:23
To do this project. 00:48:29
Because at this time you're saying. 00:48:32
The bids came in 175, but you're thinking more 190. 00:48:35
Just like contingency with inflation, the figures that made sense perhaps three or four months ago may not be. 00:48:41
Sufficient so. 00:48:47
That's that's a ballpark figure. 00:48:49
But as we said, as I indicated this lady has done a good job of breaking down the the different costs. It's it's not just a. 00:48:51
Put the finger up in the air and gas. 00:49:01
OK. 00:49:03
Just a. 00:49:05
Clarification, I think it was 12,500. 00:49:06
That we had in the budget for the repair of the gazebo, right? 00:49:09
But there was a total of 20,000 was available, right? 00:49:13
Right. 00:49:17
I mean, I think we could make a recommendation as to that we. 00:49:21
You know, generally like the idea, obviously it's not in our approval. 00:49:25
Right. That we would see this from the recreation board. 00:49:28
That it fits with the recreation. 00:49:32
You know, improvement of parks. 00:49:34
Improving access, improving condition. 00:49:36
I think that's well within our. 00:49:40
James, that is that. 00:49:42
Twelve 5 + 20 or 12/5. 00:49:44
To make it 20. 00:49:47
My understanding was that is that of the money that we had budgeted for, 2023125 was 4. 00:49:49
Elle Marie. 00:49:55
And I actually don't know additional 20 or yeah, I think it was a total. Thanks Colleen. 00:49:57
OK, Katie. It was a total of 20,000 is my understanding and. 00:50:03
12,500. 00:50:09
Dan initially designated as repairs replacement for the gazebo that's woefully inadequate. 00:50:11
And at that point, he said, now you have this money, you could decide what to do and later on in our agenda. 00:50:20
We're going to talk about that, so I don't think we need to. 00:50:27
Decide that at this moment, but if we're all in agreement. 00:50:30
I'm happy to hear a motion. 00:50:34
To move forward on this, because it sounds like there's consensus here that people like this idea. 00:50:36
It would beautify the area. It's also it's a gift to us. 00:50:42
By the Chinese sociation. 00:50:47
I would definitely move that we move forward. 00:50:50
I'll make that motion right now. 00:50:53
OK. 00:50:55
I guess I would just tweet the motion or or recommend that we. 00:51:00
I don't think we can move forward, but just that we have that we endorse this idea. Umm, perhaps. 00:51:04
Well put. 00:51:10
Good. 00:51:10
Would anybody like to 2nd that? 00:51:12
I'll second. 00:51:15
All in favor. 00:51:17
Aye. 00:51:19
OK, motion carries. 00:51:21
Thank you very much. Thank you. 00:51:23
That was easy. 00:51:29
Moving on to volunteer program presentation. 00:51:33
I believe that's gonna be Amy. 00:51:38
Thank you. 00:51:40
For being here. 00:51:42
Good evening. Thank you for having me. 00:51:45
My name is Amy Colony and I am a management analyst for the Public Works Department and I am also the city's program. 00:51:47
A program coordinator. 00:51:54
So tonight I'm going to give a brief. 00:51:56
Presentation on the. 00:51:59
Current programs that we have in the volunteer program. 00:52:02
OK. 00:52:08
Yeah. 00:52:10
OK. 00:52:12
So the volunteer program objectives are primarily to provide opportunities for community involvement in local government. 00:52:13
To enhance and augment the efforts of city staff and city programs. 00:52:20
And to build partnerships for the greater good of the city. 00:52:25
So I I have a list here of the current volunteer programs. I'm not going to read them because I'm going to go through them slide 00:52:31
by slide. 00:52:34
So we'll start with. 00:52:38
The Point Pinos Lighthouse Docent Program. 00:52:40
We currently have 28 docents active docents and last year for fiscal year 2223. 00:52:43
They volunteered. 00:52:50
1200 hours. Probably more than that. 00:52:52
But that's what I have documented. 00:52:55
And they lead tours at the Point Pinos Lighthouse and interact with the public, teaching them about the history of the lighthouse. 00:52:57
Amazing group of people and they are overseen by. 00:53:05
The. 00:53:09
Program. 00:53:10
Doesn't supervisor? 00:53:11
Nancy. 00:53:14
Nancy McDowell. 00:53:16
Next we have the library program. 00:53:17
We currently have 44 volunteers that work there, reshelving books primarily. 00:53:19
And last fiscal year, they volunteered 14 of 1450 hours. 00:53:24
A lot of those are actually high school students getting community service hours. 00:53:31
It's a very popular program for them. 00:53:35
Uh, the next one. We have the Perkins Park Volunteer Program and this includes our. 00:53:40
Wednesday group. 00:53:46
That meets pretty much every Wednesday to we throughout the park. 00:53:47
And under the supervision of Kent Speed, who is the like landscape supervisor for Perkins Park. 00:53:52
And we also have the annual cleanup in April. 00:53:59
And where we have a large clean up, usually on a Saturday for four to five hours. 00:54:03
So this last year we had approximately 50 volunteers. 00:54:08
And 352 hours volunteered. 00:54:12
We have the Monarchs Inc sanctuary landscaping group. 00:54:18
And that is a group of 6 volunteers. 00:54:21
And they take care of the nectar beds at the sanctuary they help. 00:54:24
With minor maintenance of the sanctuary clearing the paths. 00:54:30
And they are a great group to work with and that is George First, who is the supervisor and the manager of the. 00:54:35
Monarch Sanctuary and him and I often, sometimes go down there and work with the group. 00:54:42
And we have the George Washington Park restoration which was actually alluded to earlier. We do have a clean up this Saturday, 00:54:49
September 30th from 8:30 to 11:00. 00:54:54
Umm. 00:54:59
So this is a group of about 26 volunteers, give or take. 00:55:00
And they meet. 00:55:04
Umm. 00:55:07
Through seasonally, so they'll meet sometimes in the winter to do planting and water planting, and then in the summer now they're 00:55:09
meeting to do weeding of the dry grasses to prepare for. 00:55:15
Future plantings of. 00:55:22
Pine trees and native habitat. 00:55:24
We have the keep PG clean program. 00:55:28
And this includes individual volunteers that pick up trash along the Rec Trail, as well as monthly trash pickups in coordination 00:55:31
with Sustainable PG. 00:55:35
And right now it's Coleen Ingram who overseas those. 00:55:40
They're often held on Saturdays. 00:55:44
For group. 00:55:46
To come and help pick up trash together, and last year we had about 40 volunteers. 00:55:48
And 450 hours were committed to cleaning up trash. 00:55:52
And I would estimate that that's probably a really low number because we have. 00:55:57
Individual volunteers out there. 00:56:01
All the time, every day picking up trash and. 00:56:03
They don't always report all their hours so. 00:56:06
We thank them greatly for all their work. 00:56:08
We also have the Garden Club and this is a group that meets on an as needed basis. 00:56:11
And they work to focus on areas where. 00:56:17
You know the weeds need to be. 00:56:21
Removed I guess and. 00:56:23
So it's assorted parks throughout the city. Right now. We're focusing, for example, on Chautauqua Hall to prepare it for the 00:56:25
upcoming Butterfly Days. 00:56:29
And we have about 25 volunteers. Last year about 65 hours volunteered. 00:56:34
We have the hyperbaric chamber housed at the fire department. 00:56:40
And there's 21 volunteers there and they have over the last year. 00:56:44
Voluntary about 650 hours, and that's maintaining the hyperbaric chamber. 00:56:49
And keeping up with. 00:56:54
The training that they have to do. 00:56:56
To be certified. 00:56:58
And then I mentioned before, we have community service. We have a lot of high schoolers. 00:57:01
In middle school, students who volunteer to to work alongside a lot of the other volunteers already go. It's mainly gardening 00:57:05
landscaping. 00:57:10
Sometimes they'll help plant trees. 00:57:14
So last year we had about 60 volunteers and they volunteered 160 hours. 00:57:17
And then we also have um. 00:57:23
International intern program and so every year we have interns. 00:57:26
Primarily from Germany. 00:57:31
Last year we had three interns. We had Antonia, who interned with the HR director. 00:57:33
And then we had Noah and Julian, who interned with Anastasia over at Housing in the Planning Department. 00:57:40
And they usually are here for three months at a time, and they work 32 hours a week. 00:57:48
So combined, that was about a hundred 1000 hours last year that they volunteered. 00:57:53
Uh, this fiscal year. 00:57:57
This fiscal year we have. 00:57:58
To this fall coming and another four in the spring. 00:58:02
OK. So those, those are our current volunteer programs that are the most active. 00:58:07
And the process by which a department would request. 00:58:12
Volunteers to assist them or to set up a new volunteer program. 00:58:17
They would just contact me and complete the job description recruitment form. 00:58:21
And that would be. 00:58:26
They would need to provide detailed duties and responsibilities for the volunteer position or positions. 00:58:27
Provide a general idea of the schedule that they're looking for that helps me with recruitment, whether it's a short term, long 00:58:33
term, how many hours. 00:58:36
Morning, day, night time. 00:58:41
Umm. 00:58:43
They need to ensure that there will be on site staff supervision for the volunteer. 00:58:44
And they need to ensure that there are that they well, they need to identify if background background checks are needed and 00:58:49
mandated reporting training is needed if they are going to be working with children. 00:58:54
And then they need to discuss with me how we plan on tracking and reporting hours to myself. 00:59:01
And then once all that is. 00:59:07
Settled then I start the recruitment for that volunteer position and assist with onboarding any new volunteers. 00:59:10
And that concludes the presentation. Thank you for having me. Let me know if you have any questions. 00:59:18
I'm interested in how you recruit volunteers. 00:59:24
Sure. Yeah. So primarily I use our social media outlets. So it'll be Facebook and Instagram primarily. 00:59:27
There's the city managers. Now it's by monthly report. 00:59:36
Umm, I have a e-mail list of about 250 plus volunteers that I e-mail. 00:59:41
Word of mouth, Those are the primary. 00:59:49
Ways that I recruit. 00:59:52
Thanks, Amy. 00:59:54
Thank you. Do we have any public comment? 00:59:55
Not online. 01:00:05
Going coming back to the rec board, any comments? 01:00:07
I just love to say this is so great, Amy. I mean amazing work and I would love. I'd be curious into the total number of hours from 01:00:12
that presentation. 01:00:16
If you added it up, I mean, that's an incredible. 01:00:20
Value to the city just monetarily, but more, even more, I think just emotionally and just like the connection. So applaud your, 01:00:23
your, your work. 01:00:28
I'd love to get a copy of this presentation. 01:00:33
Is it on? Is it online? 01:00:35
I can definitely figure out a way to get it online and or provide it to you for sure. And I was going I I should have included the 01:00:38
total hours and total volunteers and I didn't for some reason. So I can also provide that to you very easily. Thank you. 01:00:45
Couple other detailed questions at the Lighthouse. 01:00:52
So you you mentioned there's on-site supervision for all of these. Do you ever have the volunteers open up or lock up? 01:00:55
The facility. 01:01:03
Yeah, so actually for the lighthouse, that one with. 01:01:05
I would have to talk to Nancy, but I think they she does have volunteers lock up and close the lighthouse and that's city 01:01:10
property, right? It is. 01:01:14
OK, so there are some precedent for what we've asked before. 01:01:18
And this idea I Katie, I would really love. 01:01:21
I mean, I think this is the motion I'm brewing in my mind is that. 01:01:25
We get the rec department to request. 01:01:29
Volunteers because it would be so great to get more people at the youth center and. 01:01:31
The swimming pool and obviously with the youth, there's that added. 01:01:38
That added. 01:01:41
Level of scrutiny and Background checks, but it sounds like you have a process in place, so. 01:01:43
The wheels are turning and this is really cool to hear. Amy. Thanks. 01:01:48
Yeah, I have a question. 01:01:58
Umm. 01:02:00
So. 01:02:01
Do you ever feel that there's a lack of? 01:02:02
Well, here's are are are there any gaps? 01:02:06
Or areas in which you would like to get more people involved and and it's not happening. 01:02:09
I would say that right now we. 01:02:15
Definitely are in need of more docents at the lighthouse to help extend the hours. 01:02:18
We did just hire a new I think 30 hour employee to assist with. 01:02:24
Being able to maintain, have the lighthouse open for more hours. We don't have to rely on volunteers. 01:02:30
So that can sometimes be a problem when you have a precedent of relying on volunteers for a program to exist. 01:02:34
And then something happens. Like COVID, we lost a lot of long term. 01:02:40
Volunteers that we're trying to build back up. 01:02:45
So you know you just want to. 01:02:48
Balance the volunteers with a really strong backbone to the program to begin with, so that of the volunteers. 01:02:50
Fall, You know, fade away or something happens and the program can still continue. 01:02:58
Umm. 01:03:03
Yeah. And also I'm always looking for more volunteers for the cleanups at, you know, Perkins Park and the George Washington 01:03:04
Restoration, so. 01:03:08
But I would say overall, we have a really amazing group of volunteers in this community. A lot of them are, you know, recurring 01:03:13
volunteers. So they are really involved and they come to a lot of the. 01:03:19
Clean ups and the trash pickups, so. 01:03:25
I'm really proud of this community for what they've contributed so far. 01:03:28
Nice. Thank you. 01:03:31
It is a difficult. 01:03:34
Not only to find volunteers, but to find good volunteers. 01:03:36
A lot of people would like to volunteer for about a week and then they like can I get paid or you know, I mean it's really 01:03:40
difficult task if there's any way we can help. 01:03:44
I have a lot of volunteers that I work with that are. 01:03:48
Need community service hours that are young people, and I have access to those people too. If there's any way we can help, we'd 01:03:52
love to be able to help it. That's a tough it's. 01:03:56
Tough business volunteers. 01:04:00
I think. 01:04:02
Just the word volunteers Scary to me. 01:04:03
That would be great. Thank you. I would love to speak to you at a later date about those volunteers where I'm at. Yeah, they're 01:04:07
all give out his e-mail address, his cell phone number, Facebook e-mail or yeah, should never have gave me a phone either. But you 01:04:13
know, I just, I would love to tell you what we do or we get approached a lot. So we have access to a lot of youth. 01:04:20
Which is really important to get involved. I know that around here I would say probably most of your volunteers are. 01:04:27
Older people, not older people, older than. 01:04:33
Teenagers. 01:04:36
And college kids. 01:04:37
That is correct, yes. 01:04:39
I just want to say thank you because. 01:04:43
You know, I'm aware of the clean ups and some of the the gardening and weed pulling, but. 01:04:45
This is a very extensive volunteer program, so thank you and. 01:04:50
Again, I sort of, I think, second what everybody else is saying. 01:04:56
You need to use the commissions to get the word out too, because like you said, we you always need a new supply of volunteers 01:04:59
because people just. 01:05:03
You know, other other activities come up, people aren't available and this is a way to reach out and get more volunteers in the 01:05:08
city. 01:05:11
So thank you so much. 01:05:15
Thank you. 01:05:17
OK, Katie, I would actually like to make a motion on this if we could. Sure. 01:05:22
Based on what I heard that that a potential step that the rec board and the rec department could do is to formally request. 01:05:28
A. A set of or Request the volunteer support if I'm correct. 01:05:37
We would need to. 01:05:43
Put down position descriptions. 01:05:44
And clarify the scope of work and where, where, where we would need background checks. 01:05:46
I just thought of four. 01:05:54
That would be. 01:05:56
I think 4 areas where. 01:05:57
Potentially multiple positions would be beneficial. One would be the youth center. 01:06:00
Second would be the pool during the hours that it's open. 01:06:04
3rd would be the Community Center. A few meetings ago we had discussed the idea of just. 01:06:08
Having more. 01:06:13
Events. More community nights. Game nights, Puzzle nights. 01:06:14
Whatever stamp, collector, whatever people like actually have. 01:06:19
Members from the community. 01:06:23
Propose I'd like to do a a meet up here, but the challenge has always been. 01:06:25
Personnel. 01:06:31
And so. 01:06:32
This is where. 01:06:33
That one question of. 01:06:34
Supervision from staff comes into play. 01:06:37
And then the 4th one would be sports programs. 01:06:42
So I guess my. 01:06:45
I think what I would. 01:06:46
Put as a motion would be that we formally request as a as a rec department. 01:06:47
In a minimum of those four areas. 01:06:53
And that we bring to that staff bring to the. 01:06:57
The board. 01:07:02
Umm. 01:07:04
Proposals for these position descriptions. 01:07:05
So that we can, you know, add comment and see whether it fits with our. 01:07:08
Overall goals which are to increase recreation opportunities and access to the community. 01:07:14
You don't need that motion. 01:07:29
You think I do? 01:07:32
Request volunteer support. 01:07:39
Clarify scope of work. 01:07:42
And have staff bring to. 01:07:44
Are the board proposals for these position descriptions? 01:07:47
Being youth center, pool, Community Center and sports programs. 01:07:51
To fit with the overall goal to increase recreation. 01:07:56
We have a second for that. 01:08:03
I'll second that. 01:08:04
OK. 01:08:06
Let's have a vote on that. 01:08:07
All in favour. 01:08:09
Aye, aye. 01:08:10
And no extensions. 01:08:12
Motion passes. 01:08:16
You know, I think we're ready for Katie for item fiscal year expenditure and revenue report. 01:08:21
The next item is this summer report. 01:08:46
I'm sorry. 01:08:48
D Summer Program Report. 01:08:49
OK. 01:09:33
The item before you tonight is a review of the recreation departments 2023 summer programs. 01:09:34
For those who are not familiar with our department who may be watching us online. 01:09:42
This is just a quick snapshot of who we are and what we do, So Pacific Grove Recreation is committed to providing safe, inclusive, 01:09:46
and affordable recreational opportunities to our community. We offer a variety of recreation programs and classes through 01:09:51
dedicated staff and contractors. 01:09:56
The department has 28 park spaces, manages city special events, issue park permits, contracts for field and facility rentals. 01:10:01
And worked with our partners in the community such as PGSD or PG Pony. 01:10:08
To provide and so. 01:10:13
Provide space and support their programming. 01:10:14
In the summer, we add on to that that we run camp swim lessons and recreation swim. So that's what our summer focus is, but we 01:10:17
still do all of the items in addition to that. 01:10:22
That were listed in the previous one. 01:10:27
I'd like to start with just a few highlights from our summer 22, sorry 23 program. 01:10:40
First was that we had increased number of summer staff and lifeguards and as you know right now recruiting for staffing is hard. 01:10:47
But we had a lot of help. We had help from our HR department. We had help from all of our internal staff. Stephanie over here went 01:10:53
to multiple job fairs. We had some help from public works. We had a lot of help from PD USD as well. So we had a lot of help 01:11:00
getting the word out and it really helped because we had significantly higher numbers. 01:11:07
We also updated our staff training sessions and modules, so staff training is always a work in progress. Every time you think you 01:11:14
have everything on the list, something new comes up that we want to. 01:11:18
Make sure we're keeping in mind just to make sure our staff are as well trained as possible and well prepared for the programming. 01:11:23
We had increased program registration number, so that's always exciting when we read those at the end of the slide, but we had 01:11:30
significantly improved increased registration numbers, which means we were able to provide more programming to more. 01:11:35
Participants in our community. 01:11:42
We had a chance for the City of Pacific Grove MPG USD to work together to offer an additional camp to our community, and I'll 01:11:44
cover that as well in our presentation. This was an exciting opportunity and we were really glad we were able to make it work. 01:11:50
And then recreation swim. Despite a National Lifeguard shortage and that we had packed swim lessons this year in addition to our 01:11:56
other programming, we were still able to offer Recreation swim in July and it was well attended and we had some wonderful weather. 01:12:04
Sometimes July can be a little foggy for us here, but we had some really nice sunny days, so those that came out for it. 01:12:11
Had a really good time and really enjoyed the pool. 01:12:20
OK, I'd like to start by just checking. 01:12:29
OK. 01:12:32
So all of our recreation programming obviously starts with our recreation staff. 01:12:35
So I want to just give you a snapshot of our staff and just a little peek into what some of our staff branding was. 01:12:40
So this year we had a team of 28. 01:12:45
Summer staff. 01:12:47
And for reference, this is an increase of 12 summer staff that we had from the previous year. So the previous year we had 16 and 01:12:49
this year we had 28. So those recruiting efforts really paid off. 01:12:54
I mean a lot of people in our community also recommending people, recommending youth to come down to us to be on that team and we 01:12:59
just want to say a big thank you to everyone who helped us with that. 01:13:03
Supervising those staff. We have four year round staff members, so we had two of our recreation coordinators. 01:13:09
And then we also had two program supervisors and they play a huge role in not only running the program, supervising the programs, 01:13:15
but there are mentors to our summer staff. 01:13:19
The majority of our summer staff are high school or college students. 01:13:24
We had a few adults that joined us this year as well, but those coordinators and program supervisors. 01:13:27
Play huge role in being mentors and it's no small task and so we're always very thankful for everything that they do. 01:13:33
Looking at staff training. 01:13:41
We do 4 full days. 01:13:42
The week prior to camp opening and we pack those days full. That's where they're 8 to 5 the whole day. 01:13:44
They really work hard during that training. They take in a lot of information, they learn a lot of items. 01:13:51
We have them practicing and getting up and getting to know each other. We have them practicing their a lot of the skills that 01:13:57
we're trying to. 01:14:01
Teach them. We have them discussing them. They work really hard during that training and it really shows when they are ready for 01:14:05
to meet the kids on the first day. Just a few pieces of it. And this is by no means the full list. This is just a very small part 01:14:10
of the list, but we discussed the mission statement and the program goals. 01:14:15
They cover CPR, first aid and AED and that's the full training, like a full 8 hour day right there. We do several safety 01:14:21
certifications. We review HR department policies and procedures. 01:14:26
We have several workshops. Some of them include games, crafts, sports and other activities. So providing them examples of how to 01:14:33
lead these activities, letting them practice it, letting them practice, teach each other how to lead a game before they have to 01:14:38
lead a game in front of a group of 30 kids. 01:14:43
We do some other workshops that help them understand. 01:14:49
How do, how to work with kids, how to understand them. So a couple of examples are we do a developmental needs. 01:14:52
Workshops. We really talk about each age group and what their developmental needs are. What are some of the things that that age 01:14:58
group sometimes struggles with? So what are those things that they really thrive with? What are they looking for when they're 01:15:02
seeing their mentors and peers? 01:15:06
We also work on example large or small group management. Leading a game for 10 kids is very different than learning a game for 50 01:15:11
kids. 01:15:15
And the the tricks and tools that you use for each of those are very different. So we like to really empower our staff and make 01:15:19
sure that we're providing some of the information for them. 01:15:23
They also look at the Field Trip site. So one of the big parts of our program is that we take our campers on field trips. That 01:15:28
means they're travelling to and from sites and that they're out sites off. 01:15:32
Safely and then returning them safely to our building for checkout. 01:16:08
And then again, we do many many other topics it's too long to list on here, but just wanted to give you an example if we really 01:16:11
try to. 01:16:15
Provide them with all the tools, provide them with the encouragement, let them know that we are there to support them 100% and we 01:16:19
really hope that they. 01:16:23
When they finished out the summer, they feel like they have learned a lot and that they've grown as an individual as well and that 01:16:27
they are carrying something with them from the end of the summer. 01:16:31
And this is a picture on the left. That's our summer staff being sworn in by our city clerk. 01:16:52
And then on the right of this, our lifeguards were doing rescue days, so they were practicing their pool rescues. 01:16:56
And we came down and got a picture of them. 01:17:04
Now I'll introduce some of our programs and camps I'd like to start with introducing. These are our recreation department lead 01:17:13
camps. So these are the camps that are led by our year round staff and our summer staff and lifeguard teams. 01:17:19
The first one is our summer adventure camp for Tots. So this one is designed for children three to five years of age. It provides 01:17:29
a general introduction to the camp experience. 01:17:33
Some of the activities they enjoy are songs, games, stories, crafts, science activities and of course lots of outdoor play. 01:17:38
Each week has a different theme. The theme this year we had were fun at the beach under the sea, camping adventures, Space 01:17:45
Explorers. 01:17:49
Red, white and blue cooking and ice cream blast. 01:17:52
So for each of those weeks, we really make sure like the crafts are tailored to that particular theme. 01:17:56
Some of the activities are tailored to that particular theme. 01:18:02
We really try and play up those themes so that if the kids with us were just one week, they really get super excited about ice 01:18:05
cream, we're super excited about camping, or if they're with us all six to eight weeks of the summer that it's new and fresh and 01:18:09
exciting each week that they come. 01:18:13
And then this is just a picture of some of their activities. 01:18:23
The. 01:18:26
On the left, they're painting. 01:18:27
Spaceships. 01:18:30
In the middle they were doing a bug hunts. We had lots of outdoor pieces that they went and collected and they made a big like 01:18:31
kind of collage on the table and then they hid bugs under them and then they had to find and sort the bugs. 01:18:36
This was a really creative activity because that particular, those couple particular days for camping would really kind of wet and 01:18:43
rainy outside. We had a couple of really, really great days and so the staff really stepped it up and figured out a way to do some 01:18:49
camping stuff that normally we would have taken him outside and brought him inside so they could still enjoy the theme. 01:18:54
And then on the right is the they were making smores, so they're making these like smore cups that they could take home and eat at 01:19:00
home. 01:19:04
And then our next program we'd like to look at is our summer adventure camp. So this is where the slightly older kids. 01:19:12
This is designed for our youth, 5 to 12 years of age, and it's an exciting combination of camp activities and daily field trips. 01:19:19
The daily schedule includes games, sports, crafts, science activities and more. 01:19:26
Some of the daily one of the big. 01:19:32
Pieces of this program is that we do daily field trips, so we we the program is out of the youth center. 01:19:34
But there's not a park attached to it. So one of the big things we try and make sure we do is get them on a daily field trip, 01:19:40
sometimes multiple, to feel trips, get them out seeing our parks and areas of our city, let them move and walk around, get their 01:19:44
bodies moving, get them up and running around. 01:19:49
We usually visit a lot of our local parks. We also in addition to that. 01:19:56
Have special weekly activities we put into the schedule so they do a trip to the library each week and. 01:20:00
Pacific Grove Library. Always. 01:20:05
Sets aside a special time for us. They do a special story time, they help the kids with the books. They really make it special for 01:20:07
those kids and it's a huge commitment each week. So a big thank you to PG Library for always doing that for us. 01:20:13
They also do that during our school break programs. 01:20:19
And we're always very thankful for the warm welcome and the kids are always super excited to bring back a book. 01:20:21
And then they can read that book when we have some down time or quiet time. 01:20:26
In between transitioning between activities, they still have that book all week long. 01:20:30
We also do an end of the week mini parties. So we we had a theme and then we do a little mini party. They have stations that they 01:20:35
move around, we find some themed music, sometimes there's a theme snack and they kind of move around between these stations and 01:20:39
that's just a fun way to end the week for them. 01:20:43
And again, play up that really fun theme to keep it new and exciting. 01:20:48
And then we also the final activity of the week is a pool party at Lovers Point. So we take them down to Lovers Point. We have a 01:20:51
time blocked off for them and they get to do their. 01:20:55
Their swim there and then, depending on the age group, we either have them picked up there at the end of the day or they come back 01:21:00
to the Center for a little longer. 01:21:03
The themes this summer we had were welcome. Summer under the sea, Crazy for colors. 01:21:07
Sports adventure red, white and blue. 01:21:12
Rainforest adventures, carnival fun and end of summer spectacular. 01:21:15
And these are just a few pictures. The top two pictures are some crafts that they were doing. We had some wonderful crafts this 01:21:23
year. We really try and make it. 01:21:27
Crafts that the kids can have a lot of their own stay in, that they spend a lot of time in, but also are fun if. 01:21:31
Gets put up on their fridge at home, where you bring in and bring it to grandma or whatever. That something fun that they can take 01:21:37
home and be excited about and proud about, but you can really kind of see their own unique take on how they created it. So for 01:21:41
example. 01:21:46
We've got two brothers right there. They both had very different like, visions of how they wanted those snails. One specifically 01:21:50
said I want mine really colorful. The other one was super excited to use like two colors and a lot of black glitter, so. 01:21:56
Down below you can see we're playing some running games. 01:22:03
Down at Caledonia Park. So getting those kids up and moving and just getting some energy out, letting them play, run, have fun. 01:22:06
And then on the lower right is the library. So they were doing a story time before they checked out their books. 01:22:13
And then that brings us to the next. 01:22:23
Version of this camp, so this year? 01:22:25
PG recreation and PG USD. 01:22:27
Had a chance to partner together. 01:22:30
And so. 01:22:33
They were able to partner together to offer a free recreation camp. 01:22:34
This is made possible by the Extended Learning Opportunities program. 01:22:38
Which is funded by a grant that's awarded to PG USD by the state to fund programs outside of the instructional school day. 01:22:43
So under this, PG USD provided the facilities and the funding to support an expansion of Pacific Grove Recreation Department 01:22:51
Summer program. So the one I just explained they basically were able to fund. 01:22:57
A second. 01:23:04
Option a second site for that this year. 01:23:06
PG Recreation provided all of the programming, all of the staff and staff training, the staff oversight. 01:23:09
Handled all of the registration. 01:23:16
Buying supplies, prepping crafts, prepping activities and ran the camp. 01:23:18
They'll be the camp location was at Robert Down this year. Robert Down very graciously. Let us use their cafeteria for eight weeks 01:23:22
and kind of take over and make that our camp home. And then obviously we use the playgrounds and the field. It's quite a large 01:23:27
site. It's really nice because it's safe and fenced in. So we just have a lot of area for the kids to do a lot of really fun 01:23:32
activities. 01:23:36
The camp was from Monday, from Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and it was a total of eight weeks. And Stephanie over here 01:23:42
took on the task of running this camp and also first time we ran this program and she did a fabulous job. 01:23:49
She was a great mentor. We had a lot of first time staff members up there as well and they just they really embraced it. We went 01:23:56
into it saying this is a little bit different location for us. It's a little bit different setup, but we want to keep the spirit 01:24:01
that we have down at the youth center up there and Stephanie and the staff just went all out for these kids and they had a 01:24:06
wonderful summer. 01:24:11
These campers. 01:24:17
Enjoyed all the same weekly themes, so the same themes and activities, field trips, mini party pool party as a summer adventure 01:24:18
camp. Obviously we can't have both groups at the pool or at the library at the same time, so it took some staggering between the 01:24:22
two. 01:24:27
Activities so often, like at the library, one group would, one camp. 01:24:32
Would go in the morning and the one camp would go in the afternoon. So we did some staggering activities and a lot of coordination 01:24:35
to get those two camps running at the same time. 01:24:39
And here are some pictures. These are all specific to the LP camp. 01:24:48
In the upper right, they had gone to the library that day. 01:24:53
In the lower, sorry, upper left. In the lower left they are playing. 01:24:56
Some type of warm up game from the morning. 01:25:01
Stephanie says they were playing, Simon Says. 01:25:05
So that was, I think I was there that day. They were. We had a few stragglers coming in for registration and the kids were getting 01:25:08
a little squirmy. So they were out playing some games, keeping them moving, lots of smiling faces. And then shortly after that 01:25:12
they took them to the first activity. 01:25:16
In the upper right they are working on a craft. 01:25:21
Was a line craft for Rainforest Week. 01:25:28
And then in the lower right, um, they're playing some games outside, So they really had a full day of activities, a lot of fun. 01:25:32
And then I'm going to shift into another set of programming that we do. 01:25:44
These are our contractor LED programs. So the next two camps are contractor led. What that means is that a contractor can be an 01:25:49
individual contractor. It can also be a company contractor. 01:25:54
The contractors contract with the city, they provide the staffing, the supplies and the program and this is really great because 01:26:00
often it can be a specialty like that, for example. 01:26:07
I know how to play with Legos. I know how to teach Legos. But I don't have hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of all of these 01:26:14
very specific fancy Legos that have motors on them or other things. But this company does. 01:26:18
So they provide all of the expertise in this. 01:26:25
And then the recreation provides all of the registration. 01:26:28
We have a staff member who checks in on them. We always have a staff member on site while they're leading it. 01:26:32
We handle the check-in, checkout, registration, We handle any refunds or anything like that, handle all of the advertising for 01:26:36
them as well. So it ends up being a really, really good way to bring in additional programming and especially some of these really 01:26:40
fun specialty. 01:26:45
Items. 01:26:49
So this is the first one we had this summer at Claywell Technologies. 01:26:50
They specialize. Their thing is Lego camps. 01:26:54
And they have all sorts of different Lego camps. They're all over the state. They're really wonderful. 01:26:56
Again, Play Well provides the instructure instructors and the Lego supplies. They provide the daily program, which includes 01:27:02
projects and challenges. So each day they have a different project. Often they build upon each other, so they do something small. 01:27:08
And they'll build something on that, and then the next day they add something and add something. So it's really fun for the kids. 01:27:15
While they do this when they're big things is they introduce principles of engineering and physics and it's one of those great 01:27:21
things. They're explaining how to make a catapult. And the kid is just, this is so cool, it's a catapult and it. 01:27:26
Shoots things and it's so fun. 01:27:31
And then they didn't realize. They just learned physics right there. So it's really fun for them to see that. 01:27:33
Then work with the kids and they figure out how to slightly adjust the piece so that the arm on the robot actually connects with 01:28:08
where it's supposed to. And it's really it's nice to see them have that learning moment. 01:28:12
And they have really fun themes, so there is all of them. They're just lots of themes to pick. We kind of try and pick different 01:28:18
ones each summer because we have returning campers who want to see something different. 01:28:23
The ones we ran this year were Adventure and STEM. 01:28:29
Mickey's Fairy Tale Adventures and Jedi Engineering. 01:28:32
And here's a couple of pictures of. 01:28:40
The projects that a couple of the kids were working on is you can tell. 01:28:42
On the left, these two are working on this one together and they were super excited to show me though child on the right was had 01:28:46
been sitting very quietly kind of in the corner, very, very focused and super excited to share with me all about it. 01:28:52
As soon as I walk in and check on them, this is upstairs at the youth center. Soon as I walk in, they're like, look, look, look 01:28:59
what I build, look what it does. So they're very excited to share at the end of the day too. 01:29:03
I do have to ask, is that a skate park on the right in the picture? 01:29:09
You know. 01:29:15
Might be. 01:29:16
And then the second one we offered was the Pacific Chess Academy camp. So Pacific Pacific Chess Academy is another contractor. We 01:29:23
work with them throughout the year. They provide a class in the spring, in the winter. Sorry. 01:29:28
We try it again. They provide a class in the fall and then they usually provide one in the winter and one in the spring, and this 01:29:34
is their summer camp version. 01:29:38
So in this one they provide all the instructors and the supplies. 01:29:41
They provide a program that's open to players of all levels of Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. He tries to make it welcoming to 01:29:45
everyone. 01:29:48
They'll introduce the campers to the basic and intermediate chess play, so if your camper is a beginner, they're still going to 01:29:52
learn the basics of it. If your camper is in your own immediate, they're going to build upon what they already know. 01:29:57
The program includes daily instruction and lots of game play, and there's include a variety of like fun and engaging tournaments, 01:30:03
so I don't know it a lot about. 01:30:08
Chess. But there's apparently like many different ways you could do tournaments, and then they build in some fun. 01:30:13
Games as well into those tournaments, so it becomes really exciting for the kids. 01:30:18
And then these are some pictures. Obviously they're there for three to four hours each day, so he wants to get them up and moving 01:30:23
around. But he also really utilizes a lot of different teaching techniques, so he has on the left. 01:30:28
He uses this like digital. 01:30:35
Program and the kids actually can come up and press the button on the computer. It'll move the piece. They can. He uses it to kind 01:30:37
of describe strategy and other. 01:30:41
Items like that. 01:30:45
The one in the middle, he likes to get the kids up and moving so they're not just sitting there the whole time. This one they were 01:30:47
kids were lined up and each kid would do a. 01:30:51
A move. 01:30:56
And then go to the back of the line and the next kid would have to come up and do the move. So my understanding was. 01:30:57
That not only got them kind of moving and working as teamwork, but also kind of got them thinking on their feet of. 01:31:02
Let me see what this next move is or what my partner my friend's going to do. 01:31:07
And then on the right, he's doing some instruction. That day he was trying to explain. 01:31:11
A couple of particular moves and how you use them strategy wise. It was kind of doing like a strategy session with them. We've had 01:31:15
him. 01:31:19
For a couple of years now and I worked with him in the previous department as well and phenomenal program. 01:31:22
And we're going to move into our swim lessons and our recreation swim. 01:31:31
So this one, we have four different levels of lessons. 01:31:39
They are available to kids six months to nine years old. 01:31:43
This year, we expanded the number of registration spaces. 01:31:47
In our swim lessons, it took some finagling with schedules and pool use and how to line up the classes, but we were able to get 01:31:50
some more spaces in there. We did hear that. 01:31:54
You know, there's always a wait list for the swim lessons and so we try to open up every possible space we can. 01:32:00
We do save 2 hours for our summer adventure programs as a special little treat that our summer adventure programs get. We do that 01:32:05
towards the end of the week on Fridays, so. 01:32:10
And then? 01:32:16
Again, we had our recreation swim open in July. 01:32:17
And then this is just a brief. 01:32:22
Description of kind of what the lesson levels are seen and what type of classes we're offering. So the first one is our starfish, 01:32:24
it's for six months to three years and this is 1 where the child will be in the pool with the parent or guardian. 01:32:30
It's designed to provide them just a positive introduction into the water. We have an instructor who will lead the demonstrations, 01:32:36
games, songs and playful interactions with the idea that the parent who is holding the child, a parent or guardian who's holding 01:32:42
the child in the water, is the one actually doing it with them. So this allows us to have. 01:32:48
12 to 14. 01:32:55
Kids in the water with their parent or guardian. They get to see the kid next to them doing it, so then they're more excited to 01:32:56
like ohh that kids splashing or blowing bubbles. I can do that too. So helps take away some of the fear element, helps bring in an 01:33:02
excitement. It also helps provide a positive model for the parents and guardians who might feel a little bit nervous about how to 01:33:07
play with their kid in the water, how to play with them in the pool. 01:33:12
And with the idea that hopefully they find water in the pool, not something scary, something exciting and fun, so that when 01:33:18
they're ready to go into the lessons, they're kind of ready to take that next step. 01:33:23
The next level after that is our swim. 01:33:30
And next level is the swim Lessons Level 1 jellyfish. That's our three to five year olds. It's designed for the children who 01:33:48
previously been introduced to water and are ready for their first formal swim lessons. 01:33:53
The introduction focuses on just the swimming basics, blowing bubbles, rising fobbing, supported front and back, floating and 01:33:58
beginning our movements. So just those very beginning skills. 01:34:02
As you break it down just to the very first part that you do. 01:34:07
The next level is our Level 2. It's designed for four to seven-year olds. It's designed to build on the skills that were required 01:34:13
in the previous class and then add on to them. So adding on unsupported floating, rolling over from front to back and back to 01:34:17
front gliding. 01:34:22
Front and back arm crawls, flutter kicks, retrieving waters. 01:34:26
Water retrieving objects underwater and jumping safely into the pool. 01:34:30
And then our third level for our 5 to 9 year olds. 01:34:34
Is this class is designed to build? 01:34:36
On the skills acquired in the previous class and focuses on gliding, free stroke, backstroke, introduction to brush stroke and 01:34:38
breathing techniques. 01:34:42
When we look at all these ages, obviously the most important thing is that the kid is. 01:34:47
At the right skill level. We know sometimes the skill level and the age level don't exactly match up, so we do do age waivers. 01:34:51
And we do do a assessment. 01:34:58
Test at the beginning of each two week session to make sure the kid has been signed up for the right class. 01:35:00
And if we need to, we make. 01:35:05
Changes at that time so that they're in the right class that the right skill level. 01:35:07
That's the most important piece is that they're not at a skill level, it's too high to them and proposing a safety problem. So we 01:35:11
make sure that they run the right one. And same if they're in a class and we really feel like they've maybe already mastered that 01:35:15
skill, then we'll move them up as well. 01:35:19
And these are just a couple of pictures. On the left, we have some of our swimmers. They were practicing some of their floating 01:35:27
and kicking that day. And so you can see those are our lifeguard swim instructors there and they're just doing a really fabulous 01:35:31
job with them. 01:35:35
And then on the left, that was one of our recreation swim. So a nice sunny day, lots of kids in the water. 01:35:39
Having a really good time. 01:35:46
And then these are our registration numbers. So wrapping in this up, this is our campaign swim program registration, so. 01:35:51
Summer Adventure for Camp for Tots had 104. Our Summer Adventure camp had 269. 01:35:57
Our summer Adventure camp with PG USD had 263. 01:36:04
They can't. The chest camp had 25, the Lego camp had 35. 01:36:07
Our swim lessons had 357, so a total of 1000. 01:36:12
53 for the summer, so that's total individual registrations. 01:36:16
For reference, last year we had 666, so we increased it by 800. 01:36:20
800 three 187 registrations. 01:36:26
So we worked really hard to bring on more staff to open up more programming to be creative with. 01:36:29
Our timing and our locations, obviously a huge part of that was the PGSD program. So we just want to say again thank you to PGS D 01:36:34
for approaching us with this opportunity. We're really glad we're able to make it work and. 01:36:41
They were able to open up a lot more camp. 01:36:48
And then some of our goals for next year. 01:36:54
Are the addition of sports programs. Again we have a new sports coordinator. 01:36:56
As we speak, we are mapping out what the rest of the year looks like, which will include summer camp sports camps. 01:37:01
Um, were? 01:37:07
Actively working on that. We will have more information soon so that you'll find out more information very soon from us. 01:37:09
We'd like to highlight our dance programs to improve registration numbers. 01:37:15
We have a lot of really good dance programs that run during the year, but sometimes those are harder to translate into summer. A 01:37:19
lot of families will take breaks and travel. 01:37:23
Sometimes those weekly dance lessons don't translate as well in the summer. We do do some camps. 01:37:28
But we haven't quite found. 01:37:33
The right fit to get some of those registration numbers. So I'll be working with some of our dance instructors and just trying to 01:37:34
figure out what works best for their class and really try and highlight those in our advertising to get them some more numbers. 01:37:40
Obviously we want to increase the recreation, so more opportunities. So we have a really good. 01:37:46
Core group of lifeguards that we had this year. We're really hoping quite a few of them returned to us. 01:37:51
And that they share the word with their friends. 01:37:56
So we're hoping we can just keep that momentum forward. The more lifeguards we get, then obviously the more swim times we can open 01:37:58
up. 01:38:02
And then we'd like to find some more fun and creative ways to expand our current programming while still maintaining high. 01:38:06
Program high quality programming so. 01:38:12
Anytime we expand numbers, we want to make sure that we're not just expanding numbers packing more. 01:38:15
Participants into a building, we wanna make sure what made it special with 20 campers is still special with 30 campers, 40 01:38:20
campers, 50 campers. What made it special? 01:38:24
At one location is still duplicated if we do it at a second location. 01:38:29
Doing the Summer Adventure Camp and then the PUSDELEOP Summer Camp was a really good trial where we can we duplicate the same 01:38:33
program in multiple places and still keep kind of the magic. 01:38:39
Of that, and I think we did a wonderful job again. 01:38:46
Thanks to Stephanie and her leadership when she was leading that camp. 01:38:49
That would give us a lot of confidence that. 01:38:52
Ohh, we're not necessarily totally restricted by how many kids we can have in one building because we can expand to multiple 01:38:55
sites. So that's another goal that we have for next year. 01:38:59
And then we just have a few thank yous. 01:39:08
The Recreation Department would like to thank City Council, city staff, and local community for their support and encouragement. 01:39:11
That always just means a lot to us. Even just say hey, I saw the kids and they were having fun. Or thank you for putting on these 01:39:15
swim lessons means a lot to our staff. 01:39:19
I would like to thank City, City Council, city staff, PG, USD and anyone who will play a role in our recruitment process. Again we 01:39:25
can. 01:39:29
Sit and plan all the programs and activities and dream of all the best camps and swim lessons we can think of. 01:39:32
But without having that summer staff crew on the ground running them, they just sit there. Those programs just sit there as ideas. 01:39:39
So everyone who helped us recruit, we just want to say a big thank you. 01:39:45
The recreation department, Staffs or coordinators and program supervisors, our summer staff, lifeguard teams, contract 01:39:53
instructors, they're all the ones on the ground with the participants all summer long. 01:39:58
Running those long hours, doing a lot of planning, doing a lot of cleaning and prep before and after and so that they could lead 01:40:05
these. 01:40:08
Camps. We just want to say a big thank you for providing these enriching camps. 01:40:12
And then, of course, the parents and guardians. 01:40:17
Takes a lot of trust to drop your kids off with us for either swim lessons or short camp or a full day camp or all summer. 01:40:19
We don't take that duty lightly. We are always honored every time a kid walks through our door for any of our programs and we just 01:40:25
want to say thank you. 01:40:28
And then finally, we just are saying thank you for the chance to serve our community. We look forward to providing new and 01:40:32
exciting programs in the upcoming season and we had a wonderful summer. All of our staff really enjoyed ourselves and we were 01:40:37
looking. We're already planning for the next year. 01:40:41
And that concludes your report. 01:40:48
Thank you, Katie. 01:40:51
Do we have any public comments? 01:40:52
Anybody online? 01:40:56
You see, we do. 01:40:59
Hello, Daniel. 01:41:07
Hello, First of all a quick thank you to Miss Goldsmith for. 01:41:09
Seeing to it that the Community Center got spruced up a little bit, I don't know how we have four people working over there in an 01:41:15
office and the. 01:41:18
Rec department and it got in such a disrepair. 01:41:22
That until I complained about him, Miss Goldsmith took action. 01:41:25
The place just continue to fall apart. 01:41:29
A few things first of all. 01:41:32
Open. Swim. 01:41:35
On recreation, swim on weekends. 01:41:37
In July. 01:41:40
So last time I checked, there's usually about three months in Pacific Grove, four months that are considered summer, like right 01:41:42
now. It was a great time to have open swimming down there. 01:41:46
And I'm confused why there was only one month. 01:41:53
Everything that was showing. 01:41:57
Tonight. 01:42:00
We're we're for kids up to the age of 12. I have two teenagers. 01:42:01
They haven't been able to be in the youth center yet. 01:42:06
They're 14 years old, fourteen, almost 15, and the youth center hasn't been opened for him yet. 01:42:09
All summer wasn't open for them because Adventure camp was there. There wasn't a camp at the Community Center. 01:42:15
But there was at the youth center blocking it off for the whole high school and middle school. And then the middle school, I guess 01:42:21
just had a couple months where they've had access to it, but the high school still doesn't. 01:42:26
So you're gonna go, you know, my kids that for three or four years theoretically could have gone in the youth center have been 01:42:32
unable to, either because of staffing or restrictions. 01:42:36
And I'm a taxpayer. 01:42:42
Everybody else with the kid my kids age is a taxpayer. 01:42:45
And obviously we're getting nothing, something that needs to be done over the youth center or at the Community Center. Just as an 01:42:49
aside, there's no longer a flag raised over there. 01:42:53
The flagpole still in disrepair and it would be real nice if we got a flag flying over there again. 01:42:58
Like we do other over the corporation yard and other city buildings. 01:43:04
So when I was a kid. 01:43:09
Every park in town had a program. They had a leader and a program. Right now we have 4 people across the street city from me where 01:43:10
I live. 01:43:15
Sitting in an office, three or four of them are out moving. That's for pickleball on one day, depending on if they're taken and or 01:43:19
taken out and I'm not sure what they do. 01:43:24
It's been two months since the end of summer programs. 01:43:28
And I'd like to hear a. 01:43:32
How much revenue those programs get brought in be what they cost us. 01:43:34
And she. 01:43:39
What's been going on in the past couple months because again, I'm not seeing it. We got four people in the office over there that 01:43:40
seemingly are in there from 8:00 to 5:00. I was going to say work over there, but I'm not sure that happens. So there's a lot of 01:43:45
work to still be done. 01:43:50
And it was a nice rosy picture tonight. I'm glad there's the programs we have, but it's falling away short of how much staffing we 01:43:56
have and to have somebody across the street. 01:44:01
On the weekends or till until the courts close would be really, really nice. Thank you. 01:44:07
Thank you. 01:44:15
And. 01:44:29
I had a couple of questions. 01:44:29
I wanted to ask on the Elop program. Is PG Unified School District going to do that next summer and apply for grants to also have 01:44:32
that program go? 01:44:38
I wouldn't be able to comment on that. They haven't shared that information with me. My understanding is that the grant is a two 01:44:46
year grant and that you would have to reapply for it, but I don't know. I don't know what their plans are. 01:44:52
OK. 01:44:58
And the other thing I wanted to ask is. 01:44:59
We got the numbers there's, you know. 01:45:03
A huge increase from last year, which is great, but what? 01:45:05
With the pre COVID numbers. 01:45:09
For kids, was the registration numbers higher? 01:45:11
Before COVID, I mean did you exceed 1053 in the past or has that been a pretty? 01:45:15
Consistent number over the years. 01:45:23
The answer to that question would take some time to find out, so pre COVID. 01:45:27
There was all paper registration, so everything was done by paper and tracking was done differently. So we would need to track 01:45:34
down some of those files and those paperwork on. One of the big things that happened with the previous manager was that he brought 01:45:42
in the Civic Rec system, which allows us to track those numbers. So we have a good idea, I mean we have down to the exact number 01:45:49
of registrations with that system. It is significantly harder to do that with the paper registrations. 01:45:57
And they also had a completely different staffing setup then. So we could try and track down some of those numbers if you guys 01:46:05
would like to see, but it definitely would. 01:46:09
Take some work on our end, but we would be happy to do that for you. 01:46:14
Now. 01:46:17
I thought might be an easily answered question. I don't. I'm not asking you to research it. And I have one other question. Is 01:46:18
there any kind of follow up with parents? 01:46:23
At the end of the session, do they get an opportunity to to, you know, say that they've their kids, enjoyed it, They have some 01:46:28
concerns, they have some suggestions. 01:46:33
Anything done that way? 01:46:39
To reach out to parents. So our civic growth program lets us do like automatically sends out a survey that function is not 01:46:41
currently working. We're trying to figure out how to make that work correctly. It's something that's on. Again, we gave you kind 01:46:47
of the big highlights for our goals, but it's something on our list that we will have some type of. 01:46:53
And some type of process where we're providing parents either written or computer where we can get the information of things that, 01:47:02
you know, did they like the program, did it meet the hours, didn't meet their needs, didn't meet their kids needs. 01:47:08
What did they like about the program and what would they maybe like to see in the future for this program? And is there something 01:47:14
else that we could help them with? So those are just kind of some examples, but something similar along there where we could get 01:47:19
those informations and also make it. 01:47:23
Have some type of number of value assigned to that as well. So over the year we can see, you know generally we're seeing. 01:47:28
This number, this Minion, this category, this Minion, that category and try and track them over the year. So it is on our list of 01:47:34
things to get running for the department for not just summer but for all programs. 01:47:39
OK. 01:47:44
Thank you. 01:47:44
Had a few few thoughts. It's great to see the programs building back up. 01:47:47
You know, COVID obviously was hard. 01:47:52
And the point about? 01:47:54
The inability to track before with the the database is gonna help. 01:47:56
Couple of questions. So the the 666 in 2022, was that just summer? 01:48:02
Or was that the whole year? 01:48:07
Ohh, good question. Yes, sorry tonight those numbers were just solely swim. Sorry solely. 01:48:09
Camps and swim programs. 01:48:15
2022 versus 2023, yes. Those did not include anything that was done during the school year, right? 01:48:17
Do you think that we could get? 01:48:23
A. A. Ongoing. 01:48:25
Tracking of all the programs that include the summer numbers and the school year numbers. 01:48:29
Just so that we can come back a year from now and really look at where are the numbers, where is the interest. 01:48:35
I think that would be fantastic. 01:48:42
Yes. And that's something with summer we started. So I was able to get the numbers from last summer and they were on currently as 01:48:45
like just a very simple spreadsheet right now we put the numbers on this summer. 01:48:50
For those same programs. So we can quickly see how many programs went up or down and the idea would be to use that to see if we're 01:48:56
consistently seeing a program decrease every year in numbers. 01:49:02
Either the programs no longer interest, ring no longer relevant, maybe there's something we're not doing correctly with their 01:49:08
program, or maybe it's time to cycle that idea out. It's lived its usefulness, and the participants are really looking for 01:49:13
something else, and it's our cue to pick up a different program or try something new. 01:49:19
Yeah, because our, you know, some of our goals are to increase access and so for us to know if that's working. 01:49:25
Over all the programs, everything from, you know, dance. 01:49:31
And. 01:49:36
Youth. 01:49:38
Youth center registrations, all of those I'm hoping we we would be able to track. 01:49:39
You know, into the future. 01:49:43
The other question I would have is the. 01:49:45
I'd be also interested just in the ratio of campers to counselors. 01:49:50
Just you brought up, A good point is that you don't want to just pack. 01:49:53
Of campers in to increase your numbers, but if you're decreasing the quality of the the the program, it'd be great to see that. 01:49:56
And I can comment on that now. We currently follow American Camping Association, which is usually considered kind of the gold 01:50:03
standard as far as best practices for camping. So we already follow those guidelines. For example, the youth center programming 01:50:09
for kids of that age, they like 5 and six year olds is usually one to six. The middle group in there is 1 to 8 and some of our 01:50:15
like 11 and 12 year olds. 01:50:21
Can you go up to 12? So we always do a minimum of 1 to 8. 01:50:28
Campers and. 01:50:32
Sorry, one staff for every 8 campers and we are very strict about keeping those ratios. I myself have been on the floor many times 01:50:34
if someone was out sick. 01:50:38
To make sure that we stay within those ratios because they're really important for the quality of the programming. They're also 01:50:43
important for the safety of the programming and just really making sure we have enough bodies out there with the kids. 01:50:48
I also like to 2nd what what Colleen said about the follow up. I think maybe even a broader point about marketing. 01:50:56
That. 01:51:02
This was great to see the photos and great to see the numbers. 01:51:02
I'm hoping that you have. 01:51:06
You know, maybe not as detailed a presentation, but something on the Facebook page or the OR the city website. 01:51:08
It really lets people know what is on offer in the summer and throughout the year. 01:51:14
And then the follow up I think is really important part and I mean. 01:51:19
My understanding is the city can use Microsoft forms. 01:51:23
Easy to put together a a form you send out the link. 01:51:26
To anybody who was in the program and you can get those. 01:51:29
Those data points. 01:51:32
I'll ask a couple more questions I would also. 01:51:35
Ask what what Mr. Miller said is, I'd be curious to see what the revenue and the cost. 01:51:39
Of of how the numbers worked out. 01:51:44
It's obviously not one that. 01:51:47
You know, it's not gonna depend on making a profit the city charter or the city has. 01:51:50
My understanding is that that recreation is. 01:51:56
Is not a program that has to make money. Is a service we provide, but it's still good to see what those numbers look like. And. 01:51:58
You know where we? 01:52:05
Umm. 01:52:07
Where the biggest bang for the buck is. 01:52:09
Couple more questions. 01:52:13
The youth center position I saw in the meeting minutes that it said. 01:52:15
Youth center position being filled. 01:52:20
Has that been filled? 01:52:22
The youth center coordinator, is that what you're referring to? On the meeting minutes, it just said. 01:52:26
Said youth center. 01:52:32
I'm sorry, rec coordinator. 01:52:35
The center position being filled. 01:52:39
It's. 01:52:42
Yes, it's in the process of it. 01:52:43
So is the Youth center open now for middle schoolers? 01:52:44
Yes, the Use Center is open every single day from 3:00 to 6:00, and it's open from 2:00 to 6:00 on Thursdays. 01:52:48
Every single day, fully staffed. Fantastic. 01:52:54
Just so then just the rec. 01:52:57
The right coordinator is not. 01:52:59
Filed yet, Is that correct? 01:53:01
Right. That's the 30, that's a new 30 hour position and it's in the. 01:53:03
We're in the final stages of hiring. I'm not able to comment until I have more solid information on that, but as soon as we have 01:53:08
the full update, we'll bring that to you. 01:53:11
OK. 01:53:16
Last. 01:53:18
Question on this was. 01:53:20
We talked. I think this was brought up. 01:53:22
Two meetings ago and then it was brought up again by Mr. Miller there about extended swim dates. 01:53:26
Obviously without I remember the response was that it's hard to get lifeguards. 01:53:30
This obviously goes to that last issue of volunteers. 01:53:35
Is that would be something I would love to see. You know our summer is September, October even. It'd be great to see the pool open 01:53:38
longer. 01:53:42
I don't think any of those are really motion. 01:53:48
But it would be nice, I guess if we have in the meeting minutes we can or I can follow up on those some of those questions later. 01:53:51
Thanks Katie. It's a very, it's good to see the program growing again so. 01:53:57
Thanks. 01:54:01
I have many questions. 01:54:04
I'm going to address it in in the order that I think they should be addressed and and there it could get a little difficult I 01:54:06
think. But I do want to say Dan or Mr. Miller for. 01:54:10
In the time that I've lived in this town to see the lack of opportunity for students or. 01:54:16
High school age or from five years old all the way through. So I think he's definitely right, the opportunity. 01:54:20
For activities for kids at 1415, is there none? 01:54:26
And I think that's something that does need to be addressed with all the things that go on and I I think it's a serious task. 01:54:30
That we. 01:54:35
We look at that and try to figure out what we can do now also. 01:54:36
Would say that the PGSD has a serious role in that. 01:54:40
Providing extracurricular activities for especially for kids that age. So that's. 01:54:45
One thing that I did want to say but I'm I'm really interested in, especially with. 01:54:49
The problems that we have in this town. 01:54:53
Or this community with? 01:54:55
The rec department and PGSD. 01:54:57
And facilities has been an issue since I've been around. 01:54:59
And I know there's always, everybody talks about them, there's what we have, the record and the school district work together and 01:55:03
they provide facilities. I've never seen that. 01:55:07
Until this program that happened this summer. 01:55:11
I know a lot about that program because I also work for the school district, so I have some specific questions. 01:55:14
About that program. 01:55:19
So I see the numbers 263. 01:55:21
What was the average attendance daily for those that eight week program? What does that #263 come from? Is that how many kids 01:55:24
registered? 01:55:27
For that program. 01:55:31
So for that program, PGSD determined who was eligible. 01:55:33
And some of that determined that PGSD determined who is eligible for that camp. How did they do that? 01:55:37
I don't know the specifics of who was eligible, that that was part of some of their information. So they made specific students 01:55:43
based on some criteria, that information available for anybody. 01:55:49
I. 01:55:57
I don't. I don't know if they have it somewhere or if it's part it's part of the grant program, so. 01:55:58
The we had a total of 84 or 85 students.