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Yeah, we're all here. 00:01:46
So it is 6:00 PM. 00:01:49
I am Stephen Lilly and I will call to order this August 10th. 00:01:51
2023 Regular meeting of the Pacific Rd. Planning Commission. 00:01:56
Mr. Campbell, would you please call the roll? 00:02:00
Generally. 00:02:04
Here. 00:02:05
Vice Chair Murphy. 00:02:07
Commissioner Frederickson. 00:02:11
He has an excused absence. 00:02:14
Sure Sawyer. Ohh. Sorry, Commissioner Sawyer. 00:02:17
President, Commissioner Davison. 00:02:19
President, Commissioner Kubica. 00:02:21
Here. 00:02:23
Commissioner, Commissioner Dzinski. 00:02:24
Present we have 6 present one absent we have a quorum. 00:02:27
Good. So as I said, Commissioner Frederickson has an excuse absence and as Mr. Campbell said, we have a quorum. 00:02:31
Let me just begin briefly by stating this meeting is conducted under revised rules mandated and Assembly Bill 2449. 00:02:40
Besides our median and chambers here this evening, we have a virtual or zoom participation and therefore a hybrid format. 00:02:48
The webinar ID and toll free numbers for those not in attendance on Zoom are on the agenda phase sheet. 00:02:55
When the host opens the agenda for public comment, those wishing to speak via Zoom should press Star 9 to raise your hand. 00:03:03
And star 6 to mute when recognized. 00:03:09
Before we continue further, let me remind you, including myself. 00:03:14
That we need to speak directly into the microphone so there are equipment can properly record us. 00:03:18
So and that also means we need to make sure the. 00:03:26
Each other's microphone is on. 00:03:29
So, so now we come to our agenda. Does anybody have any changes to the agenda? 00:03:31
Ohh hearing none. May I have a motion then to approve the agenda? 00:03:41
I move to approve the agenda. 00:03:48
I'll second. All right. Commissioner Nuzenski moved to approve the agenda and seconded by. 00:03:50
Vice Chair Murphy. 00:03:56
So is there any discussion about the agenda? 00:03:59
Hearing none, then Mr. Campbell, would you please call the roll and? 00:04:05
All those in favor should say aye, and those opposed should say nay. 00:04:09
Commissioner Nijinsky. 00:04:16
Aye. 00:04:18
Commissioner, Vice Chair Murphy. 00:04:19
Commissioner Kubica. 00:04:22
Aye. 00:04:23
Commissioner Davison. 00:04:25
Aye. 00:04:26
Commissioner Sawyer. 00:04:28
Aye. 00:04:29
Chair Lily Aye. 00:04:30
Agenda is approved. 00:04:33
Alright, so the agenda is approved by the motion to approve. The agenda is approved by Six Eyes No Nos. And so we move now to item 00:04:36
number 3. 00:04:39
Commission and staff announcements. 00:04:44
Does any member of the Commission have any announcements? 00:04:46
Commissioner Sawyer. 00:04:51
Are you ready with my letter? 00:05:00
Mr. Campbell. 00:05:03
You want me to? I have other things to talk about while you're doing that. You want me to do that? 00:05:19
OK. I also wanted to give an oral report on the. 00:05:23
Story Poll subcommittee because there is no place on it on our agenda. The last report was on July 13th. 00:05:29
We have met twice since then, on July 20th and August 3rd. 00:05:38
Our next meeting is August 16th. 00:05:43
We're making progress. That's all I got to say. Lots of it. 00:05:46
We finished with all the comparisons with other municipalities. 00:05:50
We are now working to complete our story pull content outline. We're close to starting to write. 00:05:54
We have completed work on a certification letter we're working to complete. 00:06:02
Waivers, exceptions, and alternative policies. 00:06:07
Signage and other specifics regarding policy. 00:06:11
And that's the end of the report on the. 00:06:15
Story poll committee, unless my compatriots wish to add anything. 00:06:18
No. OK. Thank you. 00:06:24
Umm. 00:06:27
And then I. 00:06:28
Have written a. 00:06:31
3rd letter in regards to the Great Divide, tide, pool, safety and environmental concerns. 00:06:33
My first letter was in June on the 6th. My second letter was July 12th. 00:06:40
And my third letter was today. 00:06:46
Which demonstrates continuing safety and environmental issues which include the following. 00:06:50
There's rebar protruding out of the wood edging beside the path, the drop off area near the coastal path above the great tide 00:06:56
pool. 00:07:00
And that's evident in photograph one, which we'll see in just a minute. 00:07:05
Mayors photograph one, so there's a rebar. 00:07:10
And what's worrisome to me is I was there yesterday when I took this picture. 00:07:13
And there were two ladies going down this path, and one lady did it without any issue. The third, the second lady actually 00:07:20
basically had to sit down so she could go over this. 00:07:26
And when I approached them, the second lady explained that she had a number of orthopedic. 00:07:32
Concerns and injuries. And she had to be extraordinarily careful when she was going down a path like this, so. 00:07:41
It just worries me that we have this. This is part of our coastal path. I just think it needs to be repaired. 00:07:48
This was sort of repaired in July with a DG and you can see that the DG did not stay in place and we have further erosion. 00:07:56
Thirdly, there's no signage or warning of the drop off on the coastal path and then there are. 00:08:06
No protections. 00:08:13
Yeah, number #2. 00:08:17
For the fragile dunes or the tide strums Lupin habitat on the Oceanside of the coastal. 00:08:20
Path and what you see here is. 00:08:27
The. 00:08:31
Wire actually down on the ground. 00:08:33
It doesn't do any good to keep people out of there, so if I could see the next. 00:08:36
Slide. Yeah. And that is a sign that says no entry. And you can see there's evidence of a lot of footprints right behind that no 00:08:41
entry. 00:08:46
And that area is? 00:08:51
Of. 00:08:54
Significance to. 00:08:56
The. 00:08:58
Are. 00:08:59
You know, great tide pool because it contains a lot of the tide streams. Lupin. 00:09:00
Tide streams. Lupin grow in very few areas. 00:09:05
In the world. 00:09:09
We happen to have in our great tide pool area the largest colony of them. 00:09:11
So they're considered rare and endangered and it just. 00:09:17
I mean, it breaks my heart every time I go by and I see all these footsteps. 00:09:21
And then the last. 00:09:25
Concern that I have is there's a considerable foot traffic as you can see through these fragile dune areas. 00:09:28
This area was. 00:09:37
Developed as part of a coastal development permit that allowed a lot of work to happen in the Asilomar Dunes and Sylmar State 00:09:40
Beach Conference Center grounds. And this. 00:09:44
Umm. 00:09:49
Area in the great tide pools was part of the mitigation that was granted during that CDP. 00:09:50
And there there was a plan that was submitted to the city in May of 2013 and. 00:09:58
At a minimum, the plan was to demonstrate that they would protect the restoration area and avoid volunteer trails across the site. 00:10:05
And quite frankly, that's not happening and this is part of our coastal development permit. 00:10:14
And then the other issue that I have. 00:10:19
Strong feelings about his restoration shall be premised on enhancing dune habitat so that self functioning. 00:10:22
High quality dune habitat in perpetuity. 00:10:29
I don't see that happening if we don't protect this. 00:10:32
Umm. 00:10:35
It. 00:10:36
Appears that the CDP requirements are not outlined above. 00:10:37
Aren't followed by the city, as evidenced by the lack of continuous protection for fragile dunes and biologic areas. 00:10:41
And there also appears to be a rather blatant disregard for pedestrian safety on the Great Tide Pool coastal path. 00:10:48
Simple mitigations such as post and cable fencing, signage and a potential breakaway stair structure could be utilized. 00:10:57
And long term mitigation should include consideration of rerouting these coastal paths. 00:11:05
And viewing platforms due to coastal storm hazards. Thank you. 00:11:11
Mr. Chair, this is City Attorney Brian Perry. My recommendation would be that if the Commission wants to address any of the 00:11:16
concerns that were just expressed, is that you put this on a future council agenda. 00:11:23
So they can't really be any discussion about it tonight. 00:11:32
But if you wanted to put it on a future agenda, you could do that. 00:11:35
We plan to do that for this agenda, however we. 00:11:39
Couldn't do that because of the lack of proper noticing, but thank you. We do plan to do that. I appreciate that. 00:11:44
And then the one. 00:11:51
Last question that I had is in regards to the board standing committees, joint working group. I have no idea what that is and I'm. 00:11:54
Hoping Miss Wyatt will be able to elucidate what that is. Thank you. Those are the end of my comments. 00:12:04
Thank you. 00:12:11
Are there any other comments? 00:12:13
From Commissioners. 00:12:15
If not, I just have a couple. 00:12:17
First, on July 13th or last meeting, we approved coastal development permit. 00:12:20
22-0318 multiple locations in the coastal zone and you should know that that matter has been appealed to the. 00:12:26
City Council. 00:12:33
Other actions we took on July 13th stand. 00:12:35
At least at the local level of stand, they stand. 00:12:41
Including architectural and coastal development permit. 00:12:44
CDP for 100 Asilomar. 00:12:48
And architectural and use permit for 1060 Jewel Ave. 00:12:50
And denial of coastal development permit for pints on the peninsula. 00:12:54
And so I I would just repeat that a comment made by Commissioner Sawyer that next month's agenda could possibly have. 00:13:01
A recommendation of the City Council on the disposition of the matter she discussed about the Great Tide Pool. 00:13:12
Are there any staff announcements Director Wyatt or Mr. Campbell? 00:13:18
I'd be happy to address Commissioner Sawyers question about the the Joint Commission's working group. 00:13:24
It's. Please, please, please. 00:13:32
That is, Chief Madalone has put together had the idea to have one volunteer for each board and Commission. 00:13:36
To get together at their time. 00:13:44
And. 00:13:48
We have. 00:13:49
We we have given it or presented it to a number of boards so far. One of the reasons we didn't this time around is there are a lot 00:13:51
of questions that have been coming up from boards. 00:13:56
And commissions as we go through it. 00:14:02
And So what we're going to do is we're going to try to have the chief come and and. 00:14:04
Let you know what. 00:14:09
Her plan was for this Joint Commission's working group. It's meant to be. 00:14:10
Staff free. It will be only one volunteer per per group. It's not a decision making board, but it's meant for communication 00:14:17
purposes only. 00:14:21
OK. That's good. Thank you. Thank you. 00:14:28
Tonight. 00:14:32
And I think I heard his voice previously. We have Brian Perik, our legal counsel. 00:14:33
I think he's here. Do you have any announcements? 00:14:38
I'm just getting my mute button off there now. I have no announcements on this evening. Thank you, Mr. Chair. 00:14:45
All right, we come now to. 00:14:53
Council liaison announcements. Council member Coletti, do you have any announcements? Thank you, Chair, and greetings to all on 00:14:56
the Planning Commission. 00:15:00
I do have a couple of items I'd like to report regarding our August 2nd Council meeting. 00:15:05
We did a first read of our Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance which came before Planning Commission previously. 00:15:11
And we also another item we also selected Rincon. 00:15:19
As the contractor for our focus general plan update. 00:15:25
They will be the consultant, the lead consultant, I should say. 00:15:30
And we chose to kind of do it Ala carte, so. 00:15:34
We there were two phases that were presented. 00:15:38
As options to counsel, we chose to pursue phase one initially. 00:15:42
And there are four principal components of phase one. 00:15:46
Zoning, Ordinance and Map amendments. 00:15:51
Is 1 objective design and development standards. Site development is a second. 00:15:54
And general plan land use element consistency updates. 00:16:01
And then finally a program EIR which would be amended later. 00:16:06
Based on some of the work that would happen in phase two. 00:16:10
The contract will run through the end of fiscal year 2425. 00:16:14
As you know, we are expecting soon. It was also reported at the same Council meeting by Rincon that they had submitted their 00:16:19
administrative draft. 00:16:23
Of the housing element to staff. 00:16:28
So we're expecting to see that soon. 00:16:30
And hopefully we can. 00:16:32
We can get started on on getting that adopted and certified and then getting going with our general plan updates. 00:16:35
That will be necessary to get. 00:16:43
The housing element implemented. 00:16:45
And finally, last point, we appointed City Council, appointed Tory Hanna as our city manager pro temporary. 00:16:48
With hiring authority, effective immediately. 00:16:57
And so we have a new city manager acting as a manager pro temporary. 00:17:00
And other than that? 00:17:06
That's about it. 00:17:08
Have a good meeting. 00:17:09
Alright, well, thank you. 00:17:10
We now come to item 5 on the agenda, general public comment. 00:17:13
General public comment must deal with matters subject to the jurisdiction of the City. 00:17:18
And the Planning Commission, but are not on the agenda this evening. 00:17:22
This is also an appropriate time to comment on items in the consent agenda. 00:17:26
But only if the speaker does not wish to have the item pulled for consideration by this Commission. 00:17:30
Comments from the public will be limited to 3 minutes per speaker and will not receive Commission action. 00:17:37
Comments regarding an item on the agenda will be heard later, at the time of the Commission's consideration of that item. 00:17:43
Before we continue, I believe there are several letters and emails in our agenda packet. 00:17:50
They are mainly included in the. 00:17:55
A relative subject. 00:17:59
In the packet. 00:18:01
Our administrative technician, Debbie Gonzales, also keeps a copy of all communications. 00:18:03
Of our Commission in a binder in our office, So that's always available. 00:18:09
So would anyone like to address the Commission on matters not on the agenda? 00:18:14
Welcome. 00:18:24
My name is Vince Tuminello. 00:18:31
And I'm here tonight to make a general. 00:18:34
Oral communication. 00:18:37
About some activity that's taking place in a non official capacity. 00:18:39
By a group of resident neighbors. 00:18:44
Not only here in Pacific Grove, but around the state. 00:18:48
And we've had some meetings casually in a non official capacity with residents of Carmel who are much more organized. 00:18:52
Then the residents of Pacific Grove and many times remain quiet and and don't choose to participate in Planning Commission, City 00:19:02
Council or other meetings and my topic tonight is to alert you. 00:19:09
That there is an organization which is doing wonderful work. 00:19:16
Called Our Neighborhood Voices and they have a website Our Neighborhood Voices. 00:19:20
Dot com spelled just like it is one word our And what's the issue I wish to talk about? 00:19:26
This group among local residents and residents from other communities. 00:19:34
Has the objective to do our best to have a completed initiative. 00:19:39
Which will block. 00:19:46
The mandate by the state which is imposing on Pacific Grove to override many of our local ordinances, zoning, water, sewage and 00:19:48
other. 00:19:53
Operations that take place in the city. 00:19:59
And to force us as a city. 00:20:02
And to you, we'll be participating in the procedures of developing this policy. 00:20:04
If you're allowed by the state and to the extent that you're allowed by the state, and we find this to be abhorrent. 00:20:10
Many of our local residents are not fully informed as to what it's all about. 00:20:16
So I want to refer you as individuals, you as commissioners and everyone in the city. 00:20:20
That they need to take a look on the Internet at our who's putting together an initiative? 00:20:27
To block and void the state mandate. 00:20:35
Which? 00:20:40
Is taking control of the development of the city away from city. 00:20:41
And putting it in the hands of the state. 00:20:46
Overriding many of the things we've become accustomed to, like planning that would involve consideration of our character, our 00:20:49
resources, and our ability to provide for any further development. Now you may have heard that as a casual way. 00:20:58
That the state is mandating that the city Pacific Growth provide 1200. 00:21:07
New units and this is under the illusion that these are going to be low and affordable income units. 00:21:13
And that's really not the import that's taking place here, the numbers that came up with this 1100. 00:21:20
A new unit concept was originally developed by a subcommittee of Ambac. 00:21:28
The Association of Monterey Bay. 00:21:34
A MB A/C Association of Monterey Bay Governments and in at that time. This is several decades ago. They're subcommittee. 00:21:37
Worked to develop what they thought was going to be necessary in the future and they came up with this number of 1100. It was not 00:21:46
a unanimous vote. Many of the. 00:21:51
Participants in that committee found a lot of disdain for that recommendation. So if you, as a local member of the community or as 00:21:56
a body as a commissioner, find that it's very unreasonable for the state to come down and force us to build 1100 new units without 00:22:05
any consideration for the quality of life, the parking, the sewage, the water. 00:22:13
The architectural design and so forth. I encourage all of you to visit the website Our Neighbourhood Voices. 00:22:22
And when that. 00:22:29
Referendum is presented to you that you would support it as a body, as an individual resident. 00:22:31
And that we could gather signatures to put this on the ballot. 00:22:37
So that the residents can stop this ridiculous mandate to overbuild. 00:22:40
Without local control in the city of Pacific Grove. Thank you so much. Thank you. 00:22:46
Is there anyone else? 00:22:52
Welcome. 00:22:56
Good evening, planning commissioners. My name is Adam Pinterest. I'm the government and community affairs director for the 00:23:03
Monterey County Association of Realtors, and I'm addressing item agenda, item 6A on the consent agenda. I do not want it pulled. 00:23:09
I just want to appreciate staff for putting together a very thorough report and gathering information on this subject. I look 00:23:16
forward to learning more. In other jurisdictions, community land trusts have proven an effective and creative way. 00:23:22
For creating more affordable housing, which has been identified as a clear need and challenge for this community. 00:23:28
And so I look forward to learning more and I hope the Commission proceeds with this in a thoughtful manner with an emphasis on 00:23:33
housing. Thank you. 00:23:36
Thank you. 00:23:41
Is there anybody virtually Mr. Campbell, who would like to speak? 00:23:43
Ohh. I'm sorry. Please come ahead. 00:23:48
Didn't see you. 00:23:51
Welcome. 00:23:56
My name is Judy Cole, I'm a resident of Pacific Grove and I want to personally thank Commissioner Sawyer and I believe it's 00:24:00
Navinsky and. 00:24:06
Ohh, I'm sorry. Thank you. 00:24:12
Magic button some here I don't know. 00:24:14
It's on. You just talk into it. Have to talk me into it. We can hear you, but you need this. If I do this right, so the the long 00:24:17
time. OK, backing up just a little bit. First of all, my name is Judy Cole. I am a resident of Pacific Girl and I'd like to 00:24:23
personally thank. 00:24:28
The Story poll committee for moving forward in such an expedient manner, I didn't realize you would be on the agenda because it 00:24:35
was an agenda. 00:24:40
But I appreciate the update and one of the reasons I appreciate the update is that the story polls can have a significant effect. 00:24:46
On properties here in PG. 00:24:55
And currently there's a property that has. 00:24:57
A lot of story pulls up that then they blow down in the wind. 00:25:01
So I've been looking at it closely and realize that so many people in the community may not have seen the story polls that were 00:25:07
placed. 00:25:12
And what criteria was being used to place the story polls? 00:25:18
But to me, from what Commissioner Sawyer said, today they're doing an extensive researching of this project and looking into 00:25:23
certification, for example, using someone. 00:25:28
I would assume would be a civil engineer type company to establish that the height of the poles etcetera. So I think you're on the 00:25:34
right track. 00:25:39
And I want to thank you very much. 00:25:44
And I think there's it's, is it Mr. Commissioner Cooper? Mm-hmm. Yes, Thank you. 00:25:47
That's it. 00:25:53
Thank you. Thank you. 00:25:54
Thanks. 00:25:56
Is there anyone else in the audience who would like to speak? 00:26:00
If not, is there anybody on the Zoom or whatever we call it, Mr. 00:26:04
Campbell, We have Mike Gibbs. 00:26:10
I believe he did raise his hand. 00:26:13
Welcome. 00:26:15
Good evening, Planning Commission Chairman Lily and everybody else else. Appreciate your service. 00:26:19
This is Mike Gibbs. I'm a member of the Pacific Grove Economic Development. 00:26:26
Commission. I'm here talking on my own behalf. 00:26:30
And I would like to 2nd Mr. Tuminello's remarks about Neighborhood Voices. If you haven't seen it, go to it. 00:26:33
And they're they're building a referendum to put on the state ballot in the next election. It's critical that you vote to overturn 00:26:40
the state mandate. 00:26:44
However, I'm here to talk about something else. The Economic Development Commission for Pacific Grove is beginning a. 00:26:49
Long and probably arduous journey to help think about what the strategic, economic, strategic goals are for the city. 00:26:55
And I would encourage everybody to attend Economic Development Commission meetings. The next one is September the 7th. 00:27:04
That's a Thursday 1st Thursday at 4:00 PM and basically the, you know, the broadview is to make Pacific Grove one of the most 00:27:11
wonderful and unique cities in the world. Even better. 00:27:17
A place to live, workshop and visit. 00:27:23
And part of the research for this and this, I think the Planning Commission will be interested in this. 00:27:26
There have been a number of studies about cities in the category of Pacific Grove. 00:27:31
You know great little places to live and work and visit. 00:27:36
And it turns out there's a list of seven things that make it a really. 00:27:39
A a great thing and I think we're going to try to. 00:27:43
Focus on these as the in in our planning process. 00:27:46
The first is a greater awareness of local entrepreneurship. 00:27:50
And how do we support it as a city? 00:27:54
#2 Working with local community colleges like Hartnell, MPC and. 00:27:56
And others to encourage entrepreneurship. 00:28:02
As a career path. 00:28:05
#3 Success Item number 3 for these great vibrant cities train young people and skills that major employers. 00:28:07
And use and demand. 00:28:14
Unique item number four is focus on unique innovative industries and we have a couple here in a mini here in Pacific Grove that we 00:28:17
need to continue and grow. 00:28:22
Success factor #5 is really pay attention to refine the central value proposition. There'll be a lot of discussion. 00:28:27
About what that value proposition is, specifically what makes it such a great place, there's a variety of issues. 00:28:35
But I think among the things that the features that we have is the 4 miles of shoreline between us, a celimar and the aquarium. 00:28:41
We have the lighthouse, which is one of the oldest functioning in in the United States. We have a wonderful museum. 00:28:48
We have the only Carnegie library left in Monterey County. Don't know if you knew that. 00:28:55
And who doesn't play golf, or at least like to go out and walk on the golf course? What a great place. 00:29:00
Item number six is just recognizing importance of arts and museums. 00:29:05
In Pacific Grove and item number seven for success. 00:29:09
Is to constantly evaluate this portfolio of assets. 00:29:12
These features that people love about Pacific Grove and keep them up on the front and advertise and market the heck out of those 00:29:16
things when we get a chance. So Planning Commission, you have a lot of work ahead of you. I appreciate your time and thank you for 00:29:21
all being here. 00:29:26
Thank you. 00:29:32
Indian Lawrence and Dahmer welcome. 00:29:37
Thank you. 00:29:42
I would have expected a planner, Campbell. 00:29:44
To have corrected his minutes and issued an errata sheet. 00:29:49
Which they were very much an omission, and I wrote a letter to the Planning Commission and to him. 00:29:54
And that didn't happen. 00:30:01
And. 00:30:03
We have. 00:30:05
Small enough action minutes. 00:30:06
That it, they need to be accurate. 00:30:11
Transparent. 00:30:14
And in as much detail as action minutes. 00:30:16
Can give. 00:30:20
Which includes public comment. 00:30:21
Unfortunately, I'm kind of noticing that. 00:30:25
That his omissions on the minutes have happened on. 00:30:27
Items that the Planning Commission did not agree with the staff recommendation. 00:30:32
And on items that unfortunately I'm going to take this personally that I have commented. 00:30:38
Adversely on. 00:30:44
And I will want to pull. 00:30:46
The July 13th. 00:30:50
Minutes. 00:30:52
As they have not been corrected on the consent agenda. 00:30:53
And I just want to. 00:30:57
Reiterate. 00:31:00
That we need. 00:31:01
Detailed transparency and accuracy. 00:31:03
And. 00:31:08
That has to happen and we don't know what's going to turn up of Ohh. Well, we corrected them. Well, what does? We corrected them. 00:31:09
Mean. 00:31:17
So I would like to know and I'd like to encourage you. 00:31:18
To follow up on this. 00:31:23
And thank you. 00:31:25
Commissioner Sawyer for the lovely. 00:31:27
Story Polls Subcommittee. 00:31:30
Update which was impromptu and and much appreciated because this is something that. 00:31:35
Is just it's it's a wonderful way to move forward. 00:31:41
In all those ways, thank you very much. 00:31:46
Thank you. 00:31:50
We have Tony Chiani. 00:31:53
Welcome. 00:31:55
Good evening, Commissioners staff. 00:31:59
Agenda item 5A. 00:32:02
About public comment as beg. 00:32:05
Despite what was said earlier. 00:32:08
The recommended action. 00:32:10
Is to receive correspondence. 00:32:12
But it is unclear what correspondence, if any. 00:32:15
The commissioners. 00:32:18
It's not published. 00:32:21
Not only should the Commissioners know. 00:32:22
For sure. 00:32:25
What public comments were sent? 00:32:26
So should the general public. 00:32:29
On a separate item. 00:32:32
The Environmental Enhancement Fund has been part of the city's annual budget. 00:32:34
For many years. 00:32:39
The funding sources appear to. 00:32:40
Reflect grants. 00:32:42
Or private contributions. 00:32:44
Or environmental mitigation funds. 00:32:46
I believe there should be a clear. 00:32:50
And simple accounting. 00:32:52
Of the funds income. 00:32:54
And expenses? 00:32:56
As money in, money out. 00:32:58
Where it comes from? 00:33:01
And where it's spent. 00:33:04
I also believe the Planning Commission. 00:33:06
Should be responsible for that fund. 00:33:09
Including a Citizens Advisory committee. 00:33:12
And I recommend. 00:33:15
That it should be codified. 00:33:17
With a mission based. 00:33:19
On the General plan. 00:33:21
And local coastal programs, conservation policies and goals. 00:33:23
Not as a public. 00:33:29
Public works Capital funding source. 00:33:33
#3 00:33:37
I'm concerned about. 00:33:39
The Environmental Quality of Crespi Pond. 00:33:41
And the surrounding wetlands. 00:33:44
I believe the Planning Commission. 00:33:46
Should take the leadership. 00:33:48
For the protection and restoration. 00:33:49
Of the Crispy Pond wetland. 00:33:52
Frankly. 00:33:55
I believe the Public Works Department. 00:33:56
Has a difficult role when it comes to managing. 00:33:58
The city's natural resources. 00:34:01
Or belt resources. 00:34:03
Like the state of California. 00:34:05
Parks and Recreation Department. 00:34:08
PG. 00:34:10
Should consider. 00:34:11
Some a similar mission. 00:34:13
The California mission is. 00:34:15
To provide. 00:34:18
For. 00:34:19
This is a quote to provide for the help. 00:34:20
Inspiration. 00:34:22
Education. 00:34:24
Of the people of California. 00:34:25
By helping preserve the states. 00:34:27
Extraordinary biological diversity. 00:34:30
Protecting its most valued natural and cultural resources and creating opportunities. 00:34:33
For high quality outdoor recommendation. 00:34:39
A Solamar State Park is a good example for that. 00:34:42
Nevertheless. 00:34:46
Crispy pond requires A conservation plan. 00:34:48
To improve its ecology. 00:34:51
And overall health? 00:34:53
Please do that. Thank you. 00:34:55
Thank you. 00:34:58
David O'Neill, welcome. 00:35:03
I'm speaking to you tonight is a local full-time Peninsula resident. I also serve on the board of the. 00:35:09
Carmel Residents Association and volunteer for Meals on Wheels and with the Criminal Police Department. 00:35:15
I'd like to affirm the previous comment regarding our neighbourhood voices. 00:35:21
I belong to a strong group in Carmel by the Sea who support our neighbourhood voices as well. 00:35:25
Today I noticed that the World Atlas named Pacific Grove and Carmela's two of the seven most beautiful towns in California. 00:35:31
Unfortunately, some developers have been working hard to disguise their greens. 00:35:40
Behind the roof of affordable housing. 00:35:44
And taking away local rights in the process. 00:35:47
The state constitution gives municipalities the right to govern their own development. 00:35:50
But now we can't stop developers from building whatever they want. 00:35:55
Wherever they want. 00:35:59
Without even contributing to new transit. 00:36:00
Parkings Boulder Rd. 00:36:03
What will our communities look like if developers are allowed to do as they please? 00:36:06
If the state is allowed to control this. 00:36:11
What else will they try to control? 00:36:13
All of this is justified because our population is supposedly going to explode. 00:36:16
But the California State auditor? 00:36:22
Found that the outrageous population projections were based on false data. 00:36:24
Now, affordable housing is important. 00:36:30
But we can't turn our local planning over to private profiteers. 00:36:32
We are required to fulfill our plan for the housing element to avoid state penalties without developers from enacting the builders 00:36:37
remedy to build without any restrictions. 00:36:42
But I ask you to alter protect your community by joining our Neighborhood Voices. 00:36:47
It's a coalition of thousands of California neighborhood leaders. 00:36:52
Creating an initiative to be put on the 24 ballot. 00:36:55
The purported by activists. 00:36:59
Person. 00:37:01
Content politicians and nonprofits. 00:37:01
All trying to put local power back in your hands. 00:37:04
In the hand of local citizens. 00:37:09
Who love their communities and want the best for them. 00:37:11
Thank you all for your service. 00:37:14
Thank you. 00:37:17
We have Marsha. OK, welcome Marsha. 00:37:21
Thank you, Mr. Chair. 00:37:26
Apologize. 00:37:30
Just lost that Marsha. 00:37:32
Jumping around, there we go. 00:37:36
Are you there? Yes. 00:37:39
Thank you, Mr. Chair and Commissioners. 00:37:41
I want to echo the comments, the eloquent comments made by Mr. Tim Anello. 00:37:46
Mr. O'Neill. 00:37:54
And Mr. Gibbs, regarding our neighbourhood. 00:37:55
Voices, I think it's it's very important, particularly in PG, a charter city. 00:38:00
To. 00:38:07
To fight for. 00:38:10
Local land use. 00:38:12
Central planning never works. 00:38:16
The Soviet Union is a perfect example of the failures of. 00:38:19
Of central planning. 00:38:25
I hope. 00:38:28
People who are zooming this meeting and yourselves. 00:38:30
Will look into. 00:38:34
The website. 00:38:36
And. 00:38:38
And in terms of. 00:38:39
Affordable housing. 00:38:42
As others have noted, it seems like it's motherhood and apple pie. 00:38:45
Kind of front. 00:38:52
For. 00:38:55
You know developers. 00:38:57
And trade unions and their Initially it was to be. 00:38:59
Implemented because of. 00:39:07
Growing populations and massive new jobs? Well, that's turned out to be false. 00:39:10
And and though. 00:39:16
Affordable housing may be needed. 00:39:18
On a on a More. 00:39:21
Reduced level. 00:39:23
We have to keep in mind that any time we take grants from the state. 00:39:26
It means we have to play by the states rules. 00:39:31
And so local. 00:39:34
People may not be eligible. May not act, They'll be eligible. 00:39:36
But. 00:39:41
Typically what will happen is that. 00:39:42
Anyone can apply for affordable housing who resides in California, and then there'll be a lottery. 00:39:45
And. 00:39:53
So I think people are misled. 00:39:55
By, you know, the possibility of actually being able to get into the affordable housing and PG just because you're a longtime 00:39:58
resident. 00:40:04
So I think it's really important to return. 00:40:10
Local. 00:40:13
Uh, power to our local representatives and boards. 00:40:14
And commissions like yourselves. 00:40:19
Thank you very much. 00:40:22
Thank you. 00:40:24
We have Lisa Chiani. 00:40:28
Welcome. 00:40:30
Thank you. 00:40:33
I just want to add to the expressions of appreciation for UH Commissioner Sawyers update on the story poll. 00:40:35
Ordinance because. 00:40:46
And that's it's been a long time coming and and it's so very needed. 00:40:48
So it's it's good to hear about the progress with that. 00:40:53
And umm. 00:40:57
And I also want to express appreciation for her. 00:40:59
Continued. 00:41:04
Attention to this situation at the Great Tide Pool restoration, trail, restoration area and trail. 00:41:09
It it's really shameful that the city has let this go on for seven months. 00:41:17
The. The. 00:41:24
Public public safety issue there. 00:41:26
Commissioner Sawyer pointed out not only. 00:41:29
Now now we're back to rebar sticking out but. 00:41:33
No warning that that. 00:41:38
That nice DG trail that starts out from the South side or yeah, South side of the great tide pool. 00:41:41
And goes goes along. 00:41:49
There's no warning that it abruptly is going to drop off. 00:41:51
Umm. 00:41:54
So. 00:41:55
It it's just hard to understand. 00:41:56
How this could go on for seven months. 00:41:59
And then furthermore the the failure to just put back up. 00:42:02
The rod and cable fencing to protect the dune restoration and the endangered species. 00:42:08
In our local coastal program. 00:42:18
Staff when that was being developed. 00:42:21
Really didn't want to protect anything more than endangered species and here we're not even protecting those. There will be 00:42:25
something done about this in the. 00:42:30
In the wildlife protection. 00:42:36
Umm. 00:42:38
Amendments that are being proposed. 00:42:40
For our LCP, but in any case. 00:42:42
I know it's you. You've said now it's going to be on your next agenda, but it shouldn't even be waiting for that. 00:42:48
Public works should be on that right now. 00:42:56
And I, if we don't have a provision for that in our LCP, we really need to do something about that fast. 00:42:59
Alright, thank you. 00:43:07
Thank you. 00:43:09
Even no further questions online. 00:43:12
OK. Thank you. And then I will. 00:43:14
Close that item or we'll move on to the consent agenda. 00:43:17
The consent agenda deals with routine and non controversial matters. 00:43:21
May include actions on resolutions, ordinances, and other public hearings for which testimony is not anticipated. 00:43:25
We have 4 items on the consent agenda this evening. 00:43:34
The first two items are for information only under item 6A. 00:43:37
Is web links about community land trusts that I? 00:43:43
Came across and. 00:43:47
Requested and. 00:43:49
Director Wyatt was gracious enough to put this. 00:43:51
Information on the agenda for information. 00:43:54
Perhaps we will consider that when we get into the housing development element. 00:43:58
Discussion in October. 00:44:04
Under Item 6B is an updated Planning Commission 2023 Work Plan, which. 00:44:06
We update every month. 00:44:11
The third item 7A is minutes from our June 8th, 2023 meeting. 00:44:13
And the 4th is minutes as well. Item 7B minutes from our July 13th, 2023 meeting. 00:44:18
Both the minutes require some action or something along those lines I suppose. 00:44:25
So would any. 00:44:32
Commissioner would like to remove any of these items from the consent agenda. Commissioner Sawyer. 00:44:33
I would like to pull and continue. 00:44:40
7A and 7B until. 00:44:45
September or October until they are corrected. 00:44:49
OK. Those two items are pulled. 00:44:54
Does it? 00:44:57
Is there any other polling from the Consent agenda? Vice Chair Murphy? 00:44:58
If I could ask Commissioner Sawyer. 00:45:03
I I think under our rules. 00:45:06
You know, minor, straightforward connections, corrections to the minutes. 00:45:10
And could. 00:45:15
Could be done now. 00:45:16
And I wonder if uh. 00:45:19
It makes sense to try to do that. 00:45:22
These are not minor corrections. 00:45:24
Right. 00:45:29
Any other? 00:45:31
Commissioner, wish to pull it. 00:45:33
One of the two remaining items. 00:45:35
Alright, would any staff member like to remove either of the remaining two items? 00:45:38
OK. 00:45:44
Would any member of the audience? 00:45:45
Either in person or remotely. 00:45:47
Like to remove either other. 00:45:50
Either of the two items remaining meaning on the consent agenda. 00:45:52
Hearing none, it looks like we have. 00:45:57
Lisa Chan, Sorry, hand up. 00:46:01
I didn't see the hand. Ohh, there's three hands. Ohh my. 00:46:03
Uh. 00:46:07
Lisa Chiani. 00:46:10
Yeah. 00:46:13
I'm muted. 00:46:13
Can you hear me? 00:46:15
Yes. 00:46:17
Ohh OK I wanted to pull 6A. 00:46:18
Six day, alright? 00:46:22
We have intolerance and Dumber. 00:46:26
I just wanted to make very certain that 7B is pulled. 00:46:31
Thank you very much. 00:46:36
Thank you. 00:46:38
That looks to be it. 00:46:43
All right. So the only item remaining on the consent agenda is the Planning Commission 2023 Work plan. 00:46:45
So may I have a motion to approve the one item on the consent agenda? 00:46:53
I move that we. 00:46:59
Approve item. 00:47:01
6B The only item remaining on the consent agenda so that the motion by Vice Chair Murphy is to approve the consent agenda with. 00:47:02
Item 6B through second To that motion I will second. 00:47:10
And Commissioner Zinski seconded that motion. 00:47:14
Is there any further discussion? 00:47:17
OK. 00:47:21
If not, Mr. Campbell, would you please call the roll? 00:47:22
Vice Chair Murphy. 00:47:26
Aye. 00:47:28
Chairman Izinski. 00:47:30
Aye, chair Lily. 00:47:31
Aye. 00:47:33
Commissioner Sawyer. 00:47:35
Aye. 00:47:36
Commissioner Davison. 00:47:37
Aye. 00:47:38
Commissioner Kubica. 00:47:39
We have six eyes, 0 nays and one absent. The motion passes. 00:47:41
All right. Let me raise a point of order. Well, first of all, let me reiterate. 00:47:48
Mr. Campbell's comment that the motion passed. 00:47:54
6. 00:47:58
To zero with one absence. That means there are were three items pulled from the consent agenda. 00:48:00
I believe that was. 00:48:07
6A7A and 7B. 00:48:09
Do we need this may be a question for legal counsel. Do we need to? 00:48:13
Pass a motion on 7A and B because. 00:48:18
Commissioners Sawyer. 00:48:23
In her comments said that they should be removed and continued. 00:48:25
Until a later meeting. So do we need to pass a motion to that effect or is that just? 00:48:29
What do we do? 00:48:36
Well, it depends on what the Commission wants to do. 00:48:37
Would be a motion, I suppose, that could be made. 00:48:42
To continue those items. 00:48:46
To a future meeting, either a date certain or to be determined. 00:48:48
And then you could vote on that motion and if that motion fails, then you would consider them tonight. 00:48:52
All right. 00:48:59
So they have been removed. As far as as Item 6A, I I would just talk at that. 00:49:00
Further down in the agenda, I think that's just a a matter of discussion and doesn't need any action on it. 00:49:06
But 7A and B appear that they may, and that's why I asked the question. 00:49:12
So I would last like to ask what the pleasure of the Commission is regarding that Commissioner Sawyer. 00:49:17
You pulled them. Do you have a a motion or a comment or something? 00:49:23
I would like to make a motion to pull and continue. 00:49:27
The minutes for June 8th and the minutes for July 13th until. 00:49:32
They are corrected and I'm hoping that we can get that done by September. 00:49:38
And that would be September 14th. 00:49:46
Correct. So would you like to make that part of your motion that they be? 00:49:48
Corrected and presented for approval by September 14th, the 7th or on the September 14th meeting. I'll amend that. It's a friendly 00:49:53
amendment and I accept it. Thank you. So the motion then is to continue item 7A and 7B to September 14th. 00:50:02
That the those are minutes that would be corrected. Is there a second to that motion? 00:50:11
Seconded by Mr. or Commissioner Kubica. 00:50:16
So is there discussion on this matter? 00:50:20
Vice Chair Murphy. 00:50:24
8. 00:50:26
I guess I wonder how this correction will miraculously happen. 00:50:27
And I would ask again. 00:50:31
Umm. 00:50:33
Whether this is something we could just hand off tonight rather than putting it off. 00:50:35
Do you want me to get started on all the corrections that need to be done on each of them? They're pretty major. 00:50:40
They're not insignificant if we if we don't and and I would be more than happy to work with the staff to help correct these 00:50:47
because I have written an e-mail. 00:50:53
Last month correcting the one and it did not happen. 00:50:59
Because we have some major omissions. 00:51:05
And corrections. 00:51:07
OK. Thank you. 00:51:10
OK, is there any other discussion? I I I suppose this becomes a question again as I say my favorite words have become what is the 00:51:11
pleasure of the Commission regarding this? 00:51:15
It sounds like. 00:51:20
Commissioner Sawyer. 00:51:23
Is ready, willing and able to work with staff to. 00:51:24
I'll insert my impression quickly. 00:51:28
Make these changes so that they can be docketed and brought forward to us and so that there's no further delay. 00:51:30
Because I don't. 00:51:36
Like that there's. 00:51:37
Delay. 00:51:38
And these minutes. But they have to be accurate too. 00:51:39
So. 00:51:42
If if there's no further discussion, then I I think we have a motion on the floor. It was and it was seconded by. 00:51:44
Mr. 00:51:52
By Commissioner Kubica, So we have a motion on the floor. 00:51:53
Do you have further comment? 00:51:57
And at the risk of putting. 00:52:00
Staff on the spot. 00:52:02
Umm. 00:52:04
Is what, Commissioner? 00:52:06
Sorry is proposing. 00:52:07
Does that make sense to you guys? 00:52:11
As long as I I think one of the. 00:52:15
Responses that I've given both to. 00:52:20
Chair Lily and Commissioner. 00:52:23
Sawyer. Is that as long as? 00:52:26
Are corrections. 00:52:28
Are in line with action minutes. 00:52:30
I think one of the things that's very important to recognize. 00:52:33
Is that we are now mirroring what the City Council does with their minutes. 00:52:36
And. 00:52:42
Giving and a little bit more so the only things that really could be. 00:52:43
And a little bit more. 00:52:48
The boats. 00:52:50
No, it in June the order of the minutes is incorrect. 00:52:51
There's multiple multiple issues. 00:52:58
And I would be more than happy to sit down and talk with you and we can correct it. It won't take very long. If you sending me the 00:53:00
corrections, I'll sit down with the clerk, the city clerk and we'll we'll go over them with her, OK. Cause I I have sent them to 00:53:05
you previously and they were not corrected. 00:53:10
And that's a concern. 00:53:16
I just want our minutes to be correct and again, I I just want to make sure that what? 00:53:17
Is being asked is appropriate for these resident about action minutes. It was about the order in which things were heard. 00:53:22
Yeah. 00:53:33
Send that to you. 00:53:34
Sure. Thank you. Thank you at this point. 00:53:35
People in. 00:53:39
Involved with this and made their point. So if there's no further discussion then Mr. Campbell, can you please call the roll? 00:53:40
Yes, we have, Commissioner Sawyer. 00:53:52
Aye. 00:53:55
Sure, Kubica. 00:53:57
Sorry, chair, chair, Commissioner Sawyer, Commissioner Cooper, sorry about that. 00:53:58
Commissioner Nuzenski. 00:54:07
Aye. 00:54:09
Point of order. How did Commissioner Kubica voted? He voted. Aye. Ohh. He did. I'm sorry. Yeah. 00:54:09
Commissioner Davison. 00:54:16
Aye. 00:54:18
Chair Murphy. 00:54:20
Sure Sawyer, Lily. Sorry. 00:54:23
All over the place. 00:54:27
With Six Eyes 0 nays 1. Absent the motion to continue the minutes from July or June 8th and July 13th. 00:54:30
To September 14th passes. 00:54:40
OK. 00:54:42
Then the motion, as Mr. Campbell said, passes and I look forward to that being on our agenda. 00:54:43
Properly corrected on September 14th. 00:54:51
That means then that Item 6A I will put down under item. 00:54:56
Let me see if I can get this straight. 00:55:02
I believe that would be 7B. 00:55:04
Hmm. 00:55:07
Order that would still be on consent. 00:55:08
He. 00:55:11
8B8B, I'm sorry. OK. So that will be 8B. 00:55:12
All right. 00:55:19
So 6A becomes 8B. 00:55:20
We are now to the regular agenda. This evening we have. 00:55:27
The draft Cannabis Ordinance review. 00:55:31
And. 00:55:36
This is an item that. 00:55:37
Goes back to May 17th. 00:55:40
2023, when the City Council reviewed these ordinances. 00:55:43
Answered a number of questions posed by the staff. 00:55:48
But then referred both ordinances to the Planning Commission for review and comment. 00:55:52
And so we have this before us this evening. I also believe that staff has prepared. 00:55:58
An agenda? 00:56:05
Item for this I think it's. They have a. 00:56:06
PowerPoint. 00:56:12
They. 00:56:14
Staff without. 00:56:15
Stealing Mr. Campbell's Thunder, are you? Suppose he wants to present it? 00:56:17
Proposes that we look at. 00:56:21
Chiefly 3 issues and and certainly they are important issues. 00:56:23
I also myself went through both ordinances because of the mandate from the. 00:56:28
City Council and looked at both ordinances and came up with 10 pages of questions. 00:56:34
And I. 00:56:39
Structured them. 00:56:41
Along the lines of what? 00:56:42
Do you want to do not really take into position, but obviously saw? 00:56:44
Discrepancies or issues that needed to be addressed. 00:56:49
And that included the three items that are. 00:56:51
In the. 00:56:54
Staffs. 00:56:56
Report this evening as well. So with that, Mister Campbell, would you like to proceed with your presentation? And then we'll go 00:56:57
from there. 00:57:01
Well, thank you. 00:57:05
Chair Lily and Commissioners. 00:57:06
Uh. 00:57:08
Back again before this is a Draft Cannabis Zoning Ordinance review. 00:57:10
Umm. 00:57:14
And as Chair Lily mentioned tonight, the review is to review the proposed draft Cannabis Zoning Ordinance and provide the 00:57:16
following recommendations focusing mainly on these three. 00:57:21
Uh. 00:57:27
With regards to zoning. 00:57:28
One which specific zones? 00:57:30
Good. 00:57:32
Should cannabis retailers be allowed? 00:57:33
To Should any additional separation requirements beyond the 1000 foot from schools, daycares and youth centers be recommended for 00:57:35
cannabis business? 00:57:39
And should additional parameters be considered on delivery only medicinal canvas retailers beyond proposed limitations? 00:57:43
And the industrial commercial zones? 00:57:51
On December 7th, 2022, City Council directed the City Manager and City Attorney to create a Cannabis Licensing Program consistent 00:57:55
with voter approved Measure M. 00:58:00
On May 17th, 2023, the Draft Cannabis Ordinance was presented to City Council for concept review. 00:58:06
At that time, City Council directed the Planning Commission to review the proposed zoning ordinance to address cannibal cannabis 00:58:12
retail locations, potential separation requirements beyond the 1000 feet from schools, daycares and youth centres. 00:58:18
And additional limitations and requirements for delivery only medicinal cannabis retailers. 00:58:24
On June 8th, the Planning Commission of 2023, the Planning Commission began the discussion to address the City Council's request. 00:58:32
The Planning Commission requested additional maps to clarify zoning districts and a better map of the cannabis retail business 00:58:41
buffer zones, and it was continued to a later date. 00:58:46
On November 8th of 2022 is a little bit of background. Pacific Grove Voters approved Measure M&N at the general election. Measure 00:58:54
M was an advisory measure that posed the question should the Pacific Grove City Council be authorized to amend the Municipal Code 00:59:01
to allow retail sales of medical or recreational recreational cannabis limited to one single location within the city? 00:59:08
At a location no closer than 1000 feet from any existing licensed daycare preschools youth center. 00:59:16
And schools to engage in commercial cannabis activities. 00:59:23
Measure N established the tax on cannabis businesses at the rate of 6% of gross receipts from the retail sale of cannabis. 00:59:26
Another important part to remember is that coming up in January 1st 2024 we have SB1186 which is medicinal medicinal cannabis 00:59:34
patients rights. 00:59:41
To Access Act. 00:59:48
It. 00:59:50
Requires after January 1st, 2024, the California cities and counties be required to allow retail sale by delivery. 00:59:50
Of cannabis, of medicinal cannabis. And so that's. 00:59:58
Strictly medicinal and and delivery. 01:00:02
And this ordinance and ordinances that exist that prohibit or have the effect of prohibiting the establishment of of physical 01:00:06
premises. 01:00:09
From which retail sale by delivery of medicinal cannabis is conducted, will be in violation of SB1186. 01:00:13
And so, in addition to the one storefront retail location contained by Measure M, the proposed ordinance will allow for cannabis 01:00:20
retailers that. 01:00:24
Operate his delivery only and only engage in the sale of medicinal. 01:00:29
Cannabis. 01:00:33
Umm. 01:00:37
And. 01:00:40
This. 01:00:40
The the again, the Planning Commission's consideration will be with. 01:00:42
With specific zones, there's PC recommended retailers. 01:00:47
Should any additional separation requirements be recommended for cannabis business? 01:00:51
And should additional parameters be considered for delivery only retailers with no walk in businesses beyond limitations and 01:00:55
industrial commercial zones? 01:00:59
I'd like to. 01:01:04
At this point. 01:01:05
Invite. 01:01:07
The city attorney. 01:01:09
Brian Pierick and Erica Vega if they would like to comment on this at all. 01:01:11
Yes, thank you. Aaron, can you go back to the slides at the end where the the questions are presented and and and the 01:01:18
recommendations. So you did mention what the questions were. So perhaps you can collaborate a little bit on the slide that you've 01:01:24
got up now. 01:01:30
Sure. The which specific zones does the PC recommend retailers be allowed? 01:01:39
Umm. 01:01:45
The staff recommended cannabis be allowed in the following zones that the. 01:01:46
Downtown. 01:01:50
Commercial. 01:01:51
Light commercial, Heavy commercial and Forest Hill commercial. 01:01:52
Does not recommend the C1T or the commercial hotel condominium district. It would be pretty much restricted anyway by that 1000 01:01:57
foot buffer zone. 01:02:02
And the visitor commercial and it's. 01:02:09
Basically, the Monterey Aquarium offices are already there, so it's not likely that we would. 01:02:12
Change that, use. 01:02:19
Do you want me to continue with those, Brian? 01:02:24
You know, we can do this one at a time. So it's just that when you went through the slides earlier, I don't know that you. 01:02:27
Elaborated on what the staff recommendation was. So then. 01:02:33
The second question is your next slide. 01:02:36
Should any additional separation requirements be recommended for a cannabis business? 01:02:39
We were looking at. 01:02:44
Other. 01:02:47
Potential institutions that that may benefit from that zone drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities. The staff felt that that 01:02:48
it was important to separate. 01:02:53
Those facilities from Retail Cannabis. 01:03:00
High density residential. Both this actually. The next three have a lot more with public safety. 01:03:03
The safe parking program locations and beach locations that but all of these would basically increase they could increase Police 01:03:12
Department in enforcement. 01:03:18
The latter being the closer to the the beach would be encouraging or? 01:03:24
When we. 01:03:31
Had a discussion with with members of the Police Department. They they felt that. 01:03:33
It would increase cannabis use on beaches and trails. So these four additional areas that we think would we would recommend some 01:03:39
degree of separation doesn't necessarily have to be that 1000 feet, but it could be to the pleasure of the of the Commission to 01:03:46
discuss that. 01:03:52
What may be appropriate for those those different? 01:04:00
Those different institutions. 01:04:04
The Should additional parameters be considered for delivery only retailers with no walk in business beyond limitations to 01:04:08
industrial commercial zones, we we recommended that. 01:04:13
Not. 01:04:19
To have the. 01:04:20
Delivery only in our commercial districts and to some degree I mean that we do have. 01:04:22
We do have things like storage facilities. 01:04:28
But these they? 01:04:31
They have preserved their storefronts and we would recommend not. 01:04:32
Directing them to our storefronts since they if they were delivery only and no foot traffic, we would want to for. 01:04:39
The preservation of our storefronts promoting foot traffic. 01:04:47
And promoting economic development, keep keep the delivery only of the medical medicinal cannabis. 01:04:50
Out of the commercial district. 01:04:59
So those are the three questions that that the staff is asking from the Commission, the other thing I wanted to mention. 01:05:02
Is that the scope of the review by the Planning Commission as requested by the City Council, as I understand it is for the zoning? 01:05:11
Ordinance, since that is within the scope of the Planning Commissions charge. 01:05:21
Whereas the other ordinance is the licensing ordinance, which is not a land use issue, it's a licensing issue. So. 01:05:27
That would not be one within the scope of the Planning Commission's charge. 01:05:35
So perhaps we should stop there for a moment, and. 01:05:41
Because I I know there may be some questions about the the scope of your review and we might want to. 01:05:45
Get that? 01:05:51
Out front before. 01:05:52
We'll go on to the rest of the discussion. 01:05:54
Are you? Is your? 01:06:00
Presentation completed, Mr. Campbell. Thank you. Yes, Sir. Thank you. Before we proceed, let me briefly. 01:06:02
Review our rules this evening and then we can. 01:06:09
Get to. 01:06:12
Mr. Pierrie's comments. 01:06:13
After we. 01:06:16
Review the agenda reports and apparently review our charge. 01:06:18
I will then open the hearing for public comments. 01:06:24
Those wishing to speak speak will have 3 minutes each. 01:06:26
I will then close the hearing to further comment from the general public so that we can go through the draft ordinances. 01:06:30
Discuss and make recommendations to the City Council. 01:06:37
I'll begin. 01:06:42
In response to Mr. Perich's comment, I listened to the tapes of the Planning Commission on May 17th. 01:06:43
And. 01:06:50
I was also there. I think, in all due respect to Mr. Purick, I have a different opinion about what? 01:06:51
City Council asked. They asked us to review both ordinances. 01:06:57
So to me that's a pretty open-ended thing and as I went through these both ordinances line by line. 01:07:01
I found a number of deficiencies that. 01:07:07
Whether we correct them? 01:07:10
Somebody's got to correct them because they they have to be. 01:07:12
And this goes far beyond. 01:07:15
I think just. 01:07:18
Selecting what zones these things ought to be and for example, who should select? 01:07:19
The. 01:07:26
The the cannabis dealer, how should they be be selected? 01:07:27
And some of the language in the ordinances. 01:07:31
Appear to appears to infringe upon the use. 01:07:34
Permit authority of the City of this Planning Commission later when we reviewed all of the. 01:07:40
The so-called local licensee so. 01:07:45
I I think we need to at least. 01:07:48
Look at the broader picture. Instead of looking at one or two things and then saying we we ought to go home, that that's my view. 01:07:50
Perhaps you disagreed. 01:07:54
I'm certainly willing to listen to. 01:07:59
Or certainly wasn't. Consider each other's opinions about this so we can come to a conclusion. 01:08:03
So who is who would like to speak? 01:08:09
Vice Chair Murphy. 01:08:11
Well, again, again, very respectfully, Mr. Mr. Burke, I I listened to the tape. 01:08:14
And and the Council was clear, that was asking us. 01:08:20
To review both ordinances. 01:08:24
I understand that title 11 is not usually. 01:08:26
Under our charge. 01:08:30
And some of those items. 01:08:32
And frankly, I don't care about one way or the other. But they did. They did ask us. 01:08:34
As as. 01:08:39
And I I. 01:08:41
Don't I recall that both you and then city manager? 01:08:42
I've been Harvey were asked clarifying questions and you both said. 01:08:46
That what the Council asked was for the Planning Commission to review both both ordinances. 01:08:51
And and if if my memory is faulty I I apologize but I don't. 01:08:56
I don't think it is. 01:09:04
And as the chair. 01:09:06
Pointed out there are some areas of overlap. 01:09:07
In the ordinances that I think are not are not clear and would benefit by some. 01:09:12
Some clarification. 01:09:18
My hope would be that we spend. 01:09:21
Umm. 01:09:23
You know, not much time on Title 11. 01:09:25
But when you do do address. 01:09:27
Those. 01:09:29
Those pieces that. 01:09:30
The. 01:09:32
Seem to relate to and perhaps conflict with the title three that is our. 01:09:33
Our usual. 01:09:39
Territory. 01:09:41
Thank you. 01:09:42
Thank you. 01:09:43
Any other comments, Commissioner Sawyer? 01:09:45
I looked through the general plan in the chapter that has to do with land use because I was concerned about what we were being 01:09:49
charged with. I was at the meeting as well. 01:09:54
When the City Council did give us a charge, they asked us to look at. 01:10:00
Both of these ordinances and when I looked at the general plan, when I looked at page 18, it talked about alcohol sales downtown. 01:10:04
And one of the things that it did state was. 01:10:11
Needed to make sure that the quality of life and general public safety in Pacific Grove was maintained. 01:10:19
Then it also talked about on page 24 non conforming uses. 01:10:26
In order to grant any use permit, the Planning Commission must make the finding. 01:10:32
That the use or building applied for will not be detrimental to persons or property in the neighbourhood or to the general welfare 01:10:38
of the city. 01:10:42
I think that gives us a little bit. 01:10:48
More perspective and allows us to look a little bit broader because. 01:10:51
As I went through both of these ordinances, I also had. 01:10:57
A number of questions as there were some deficiencies and some overlap. So it would be helpful I think to have our eyes on it just 01:11:00
to ask questions and to quickly go through. 01:11:06
Areas that. 01:11:12
Aren't. 01:11:13
Important. 01:11:14
Thank you. 01:11:15
Thank you. 01:11:16
If it. 01:11:17
Commissioner, I mean Mr. Campbell, you, you. 01:11:18
Seemed to have something you wanted to say, so I'll recognize you. I appreciate that. 01:11:22
In preparing for this staff report, one thing that I did, I did go back and and watch on it. 01:11:27
Over and over and you you are correct where at the end of the meeting when they were. 01:11:34
Giving direction, they said. Let's give both to both of these ordinances to the Planning Commission. 01:11:40
The one thing that I didn't see during the meat of it that when. 01:11:46
Zoning was was brought up. 01:11:51
Both. 01:11:54
Luke Colletti and and the mayor and and everyone said send it to if I felt. 01:11:58
And especially when drafting this, I felt there was they were giving a direction. 01:12:04
I would. 01:12:09
If we. 01:12:10
If you do not feel or if the Commission doesn't feel that. 01:12:11
Enough direction was given specifically for. 01:12:14
The Chapter 11. 01:12:19
Because I feel like they were very clear. 01:12:21
On Chapter 23, what was being asked, they went through very specific questions and those are the questions that that we had, that 01:12:23
I drew from those, from that meeting. 01:12:28
It's fair if you. 01:12:33
Didn't feel that you had enough direction concerning Chapter 11 just to ask and and see if they have any specific. 01:12:35
Things that they'd like for you to look at. 01:12:43
That would be my my suggestion. Thank you. Appreciate that. 01:12:46
If there's consensus on the Commission, I would prefer to proceed looking at both ordinances, certainly beginning with the ones 01:12:50
the issues that staff has pointed out, because they are embedded in the 10 pages of questions I have. 01:12:57
As we come to things in #11. 01:13:03
That we think we we need to gloss over or quickly dispose of we can. 01:13:06
But as I said before, we we don't need to ask the City Council any further what they. 01:13:12
What they intended, they said, what they intended and and at this point we're parsing words and wasting time. 01:13:18
So I would prefer we move along. 01:13:23
And if there's without objection, then I would like to move along. 01:13:25
Vice chair or I mean Commissioner Dzinski. 01:13:30
Please turn on your microphone. Thank you. My question is should we go to public comments at this time or I I think we. Well, yes 01:13:34
I will. Well, but I'm OK. Yeah I'll I'll do that under these circumstances. I I we we were gonna do that anyway. So if we're if 01:13:40
we're done with this portion of the discussion then I will go to public comment and I appreciate. 01:13:47
The comments by everybody and and staff. So with that, is there anybody who's raised and Mr. Period, do you have any further 01:13:54
comments? Yeah, yeah, I did. It's certainly your prerogative if you want to look at the both ordinances. I just made my comments 01:14:00
because I I had understood that it was at least primarily the zoning ordinance since that's kind of the bailiwick for the Planning 01:14:06
Commission, I should also. So if you want to consider both ordinances, you certainly don't have the legal right to do that. And 01:14:12
the other thing is that my partner. 01:14:18
Erica Vega is also on the line, and she's the one that wrote the ordinance, so in case you had any questions either now or later, 01:14:24
she's available to respond. 01:14:28
Ohh, I'm sure we will have questions of Miss Vega and I'm glad she is in attendance this evening so well and I didn't get a chance 01:14:33
to welcome her. I don't see her picture up on the screen, but welcome. 01:14:38
So with that, do we have any, if if that's it, Mr. Purrington will proceed on and I think the first person on the docket is Mike 01:14:45
Gibbs, is that correct or is there anybody in the audience first who would like to? 01:14:51
To address. 01:14:57
Mr. Tuminello, I think does, and then we'll go to Mr. Gibbs. 01:14:59
So welcome. 01:15:03
No. 01:15:10
It's. It's red. So now well. 01:15:11
Wait, is it on now? Oh, OK, good. OK. Vince Tuminello, Pacific Grove resident. 01:15:16
And I'm a little stunned that this is even still an issue. You know, when when they had Measure M on the ballot? 01:15:22
Personally, I think it was misrepresentative making illusions that we were gonna raise $300,000 a year. 01:15:27
And tax revenue from this one single storefront store, maybe including the delivery, I didn't even realize. 01:15:35
But that was gonna be part of the program. 01:15:43
But that that was my era. But anyway, if you take a look at other cities, the industry of growing marijuana. 01:15:45
The industry of selling marijuana licensed by different municipalities. 01:15:53
Has very much underperformed. 01:15:58
The presented expectations to the public. 01:16:01
And this measure M. 01:16:04
Alluded to the to the idea we were going to raise $300,000 which in the overall city budget is a drop in the bucket. So I don't 01:16:05
know how many people were swayed by that, but they were miss swayed if they were. The other thing is I know a lot of people who 01:16:11
was auditions would be great. I don't have to drive out the seaside. 01:16:16
Well, a lot of people go out to Costco. I don't see anybody complaining about going to Costco. Why do we need a marijuana shop in 01:16:22
Pacific Grove, our quaint, beautiful little town? And I certainly wouldn't put it. 01:16:28
In public's knows like on Central Ave. Lighthouse Ave. down by the aquarium, these places would be totally out of. 01:16:34
My concept of a good location for a pot shop. I'll tell you what I think if you're going to insist on doing this. 01:16:41
The only place that I think would be affordable to it. 01:16:47
Would be up across the street from Safeway parking lot, across the street from the Goodyear store behind the French Bakery. Up 01:16:50
there, there's a little shopping center that's kind of out of the way and not too obvious. 01:16:56
And if you want to put a pot shop someplace in the city, put it up there. Nobody leave it, notice it except those people who find 01:17:02
it to be a necessity either for medical or recreational needs to go there. But also, let me mention, you know, this is not legal 01:17:07
on the federal level. 01:17:13
You're putting yourself in liability by going along with this because at some point. 01:17:18
Sometime in the future. 01:17:23
There may be a, you know, ramifications. Some lawyers will get together. Someone was injured, overdosed too much THC, wound up in 01:17:25
the emergency room. 01:17:29
Which happens quite often if you talk to anybody from Chomp. 01:17:33
They have a lot of OD THC people up there who are completely out of their minds, passed out and debilitated in other ways. God 01:17:37
forbid one of these people gets in a car accident and injured in some other way, says Hey, you know that I I bought a license shop 01:17:43
by the city of Pacific Grove. 01:17:48
Gee, you know, they're violating federal law. Well, is that going to really fly? 01:17:54
I mean, I I. 01:17:58
And it just amazes me, you know, that we have a federal law. 01:18:00
Does not allow. 01:18:04
Promotion sale of marijuana yet? We're all going well going ahead with this. 01:18:06
So I want to wish everybody luck who participates in this, but I know you'll feel obligated by the City Council will do so. I know 01:18:11
the mayor is here. 01:18:15
I know the expectations for $300,000 a year are way over the top. 01:18:19
And is it all going to be worth it in the end? Thank you so much. Thank you. 01:18:24
Is there anybody else in the audience? If not, then I think we can go to. 01:18:34
Zoom. 01:18:40
With Mike Gibbs. 01:18:41
Planning Commission, thank you very much. This is Mike Gibbs again with the EDC. I'm speaking on my own behalf about the cannabis. 01:18:46
Issue. I completely agree with Mr. Tuminello on this issue and I. 01:18:53
I kind of feel bad that you all have to do this, but as long as you do, please. 01:18:57
Take on both of the ordinances, not just the one that seemed like that. The city staff member was trying to force you in One 01:19:02
Direction. Thank you for pushing back. 01:19:06
My comments are going to be a little bit more at a higher level of this. You know, Big Tobacco right now is the big investor 01:19:10
behind Big Cannabis. 01:19:15
And they pushed the lie or the myth, let's just put it that way, that cannabis was safe and that there's medicinal marijuana we 01:19:19
need to have it in. 01:19:23
All of our cities not true. 01:19:27
Last year I attended a a meeting at the Pacific of High school. 01:19:29
About fentanyl, I don't know if any of you were there, but two ER doctors, doctor Rib Closen. 01:19:33
Casey Grover were there from montage. 01:19:39
And they delivered a a very compelling look at. 01:19:42
Drugs inside Pacific Grove? 01:19:45
And three people got up. Three parents got up and talked about their children who had died from fentanyl. Guess what they all 01:19:48
started with? Cannabis. 01:19:51
So the doctors handed out. 01:19:56
A paper. 01:19:59
They talked about the three myths that have been perpetrated that caused cities like Pacific Grove to pass this abomination. 01:20:00
Really. 01:20:04
And one is that marijuana is a medicine. Now these are directly from Montage, ER doctors. 01:20:08
And most studies show that there is. And we already know there's no FDA approved medical marijuana. There is 0. There's none. It 01:20:13
is often used for anxiety and depression. 01:20:19
The yard docks at Montage would point out that, in fact, marijuana makes anxiety and depression even worse. 01:20:24
Not better. 01:20:31
2nd Myth there was perpetuated by Big Cannabis that marijuana is safe. It is not. 01:20:33
It is the leasing leading cause of suicides among teens in the United States. It increases depression, anxiety and psychosis. 01:20:38
Psychologists and I saw this first hand myself, and it is something to see if you've never seen it. 01:20:45
Myth #3. It has no effect on driving. Not true. 01:20:53
There's a direct relationship between high levels of marijuana and the ability to drive safely. 01:20:57
Myth #4. It has no effect on school work. 01:21:03
That is been proven to be not true, that we know that marijuana reduces brain growth. 01:21:08
Brain growth. 01:21:15
Among kids and youth under the age of 25, and it affects their ability to perform on tests. 01:21:17
You know, graduate on time. It contributes to absenteeism and dropouts. 01:21:24
And I don't think that's something that we want to. 01:21:29
Even think about it because it's too horrible to really cogitate on it. 01:21:32
That's number five. Marijuana is not addictive, and this is a big one. 01:21:36
I don't know how anybody can possibly think whether it's medical marijuana or not. 01:21:41
They all have high levels of THC that somebody may tell you different. It's not true and one of the things that some point if 01:21:46
you're going to look at one of the measures. 01:21:50
I would look at THC dosing. The dosing is 20 times higher than it was 50 years ago when I was treating people and it is way too 01:21:55
high and overdoses. 01:22:00
Occur all of the time and there is no Narcan. There is no nothing that you can take if you have a THC overdose. 01:22:05
And one of the things is that many of you are parents. You may have experienced cannabis or marijuana back in the 60s or 70s. 01:22:14
And parents think that's not a big deal because when I was doing it. 01:22:21
When I was token, you know, when I was smoking, it wasn't a problem unfortunately. 01:22:25
Their experience doesn't apply to teenagers today, and parents don't understand the current risk. So I honor your, you know, 01:22:29
having to take this from the City Council. It was an advisory measure. We should have never approved it as a City Council. City 01:22:35
Council already knows that. So good luck with this. 01:22:40
And I and I admire the fact that you're approaching this in the correct way. So thank you very much, Chairman Lilly and the rest 01:22:46
of the Planning Commission. 01:22:49
Thank you. 01:22:54
We have influence and Dahmer welcome. 01:22:57
Response. 01:23:00
Goodness gracious, what a bunch of. 01:23:02
Propaganda. 01:23:06
Excuse me, there is a medical use for marijuana. 01:23:08
Tell that to the cancer patients you just absolutely dismissed. 01:23:14
Umm, as far as your? 01:23:20
As far as your. 01:23:24
Following what the council recommended. 01:23:25
Yes, I will agree. 01:23:28
That they asked you to look at all of it. 01:23:31
And I realized that this city is a little bit disarrayed right now. 01:23:34
Because the head propagandist is no longer. 01:23:40
Uh. 01:23:44
Manager. 01:23:46
City manager and guess what the organizational chart still says? The City Council. 01:23:48
Is right up there underneath. 01:23:54
The citizens of Pacific Grove. 01:23:57
Who voted for this? Whatever reason, it's fine. 01:24:00
I myself has views. 01:24:05
Cannabidiol products. 01:24:07
And been to many different dispensaries. 01:24:10
Throughout many years. 01:24:13
I had a medical license from the state. 01:24:15
Not for high THC content whatsoever. 01:24:19
Because I need it to manage pain and it is mostly CBD products. I don't want to get high, believe me. I want to speak my mind 01:24:23
perfectly sober, thank you very much. 01:24:30
So here we go. You are charged with this. 01:24:37
I am. I am asking you. I I figure this is going to end up kind of being like a skate park. The only thing I agreed with the last 01:24:42
two speakers on is probably up there in the Forest Hill behind. 01:24:48
Whatever and across from Safeway, you know, that's about the only thing I can agree upon. Because. 01:24:54
I didn't hear anywhere with I I heard the CV, you know, and and transient, but I didn't hear the CVAT C1, which of course is my 01:25:01
area of the woods. 01:25:07
And the fact that Monterrey has approved apparently 21 on Lighthouse Ave. in New Monterey there and one near Cannery Row will 01:25:14
Yeah, this isn't a real good thought. 01:25:22
Saturation and whatever. 01:25:29
Yes, I approve of delivery only in some industrial little place. They don't need a large warehouse for this. 01:25:32
There isn't going to be. I don't even know if you're going to find. 01:25:40
Someone who wants to do it to tell you the truth. 01:25:44
Because this high dosage, really high THC which are from medical ones which are. 01:25:48
For cancer patients, et cetera. 01:25:56
They already have their connections, so to speak, their dispensary. I don't think Pacific Grove is ever going to realize the money 01:26:00
they think they are from this. 01:26:04
And. 01:26:10
Anyway, I don't think another one down here. And yes, I'd like to see some zoning between. 01:26:12
Residential areas. 01:26:18
I don't think the CV ATC is a good idea at all. 01:26:20
And umm. 01:26:25
And as far as the ordinances go, since we really don't have a permanent city manager right now, I think it'd be a good idea to 01:26:28
take any of that out of the ordinances because it needs more oversight. 01:26:34
Than anything else. I am very hopeful of what we'll get in next but. 01:26:41
I'm not relying on staff, so to speak. 01:26:49
Thank you very much. 01:26:52
Thank you. 01:26:57
If Tony Chiani welcome. 01:26:58
Good evening, Commissioners and staff. 01:27:05
And other members of the public. 01:27:09
I'm probably not a good candidate for talking about this, because. 01:27:12
I don't use marijuana or. 01:27:16
And other stuff. 01:27:19
But one of my cats does. 01:27:21
Umm. 01:27:24
And I had to go to Seaside. 01:27:25
To fulfill the vets. 01:27:27
Prescription for it? 01:27:29
Umm. 01:27:31
But as a planner. 01:27:32
And looking at the parameters. 01:27:35
Sort of the design parameters that you need to consider. 01:27:38
If it's 1000 feet. 01:27:42
From. 01:27:45
Residential areas. 01:27:47
Or schools or churches and things like that. 01:27:49
Then I suggest you get out your. 01:27:52
Your. 01:27:55
Protractors. 01:27:58
And draw the circles. 01:27:59
And figure out where from the edges of any. 01:28:02
Commercial areas. 01:28:06
Or industrial areas. 01:28:09
That there are not residences or schools. 01:28:11
And. 01:28:16
As I. 01:28:17
Understand. 01:28:19
The zoning maps. 01:28:20
There's not a lot of places like that in Pacific Grove. 01:28:22
I don't think Pacific Grove is really a great place. 01:28:25
For selling and distributing. 01:28:29
Cannabis products. 01:28:31
Except. 01:28:33
Possibly. 01:28:34
To have some sort of a. 01:28:36
Not even a storefront? Some sort of a? 01:28:39
Delivery service. 01:28:42
So enterprise? 01:28:44
That could deliver those. 01:28:47
Products primarily probably for. 01:28:49
Health purposes. 01:28:52
To people who need it. 01:28:54
And that way it'll be more accessible. 01:28:56
That way I wouldn't have to drive to Pacific to Seaside. 01:28:59
To get this little bottle of stuff. 01:29:03
That I drip on my cat's food. 01:29:06
So my cats. 01:29:10
Doing a little bit better. 01:29:12
Take a scientific. 01:29:16
Approach to this. 01:29:19
Look and see. 01:29:21
If there's any areas. 01:29:23
That are not in the coastal zone. 01:29:24
Not visitor serving. 01:29:27
Uh. 01:29:29
That. 01:29:30
Or visitor commercial areas. 01:29:31
That. 01:29:33
Can accommodate this kind of use. 01:29:35
That's a difficult choice. Thank you very much for your work. 01:29:37
Thank you. 01:29:42
We have Marsha. 01:29:46
Marsha. 01:29:47
Welcome. 01:29:48
Good evening, Mr. Chair and Commissioners. 01:29:50
Umm. 01:29:55
I'm glad that you opened up the discussion and that you're going to be opening up your review. 01:29:56
Umm. 01:30:04
I'm. 01:30:07
I'm primarily going to address. 01:30:08
Your. 01:30:11
Land use responsibilities as they relate to health, safety, welfare, quality of life. 01:30:14
And. 01:30:22
And something that was not put on the. 01:30:24
On the referendum that went to to the vote. 01:30:28
Was the fact that there are a lot of health issues. 01:30:32
Mental health issues. 01:30:36
Related to cannabis, for example. 01:30:38
In May of 2023. 01:30:42
A new study was done. 01:30:45
In Denmark that. 01:30:48
Considered. 01:30:51
6.9 million people who ranged in age from 16 to 49 between 1972 and. 01:30:54
2021. 01:31:02
This was also done in conjunction with the US. 01:31:03
Researchers and they found. 01:31:09
That marijuana use increases schizophrenia risk in young men. 01:31:11
As many as 30% of schizophrenia cases among young men could have been prevented if they had avoided marijuana. 01:31:17
There was a lesser percentage. For young females it was 4%. 01:31:28
This coincided with previous research that showed that. 01:31:35
The psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, called THC, may trigger or worsen schizophrenia. Long term and heavy cannabis use can 01:31:40
alter the way. 01:31:45
That brain works, and it especially impacts developing brains of teenagers. That's something to consider about our youth. 01:31:51
Also, weed related ER visits are up 44% in New York City. 01:32:01
And. 01:32:10
There's also an article about. 01:32:12
Candy weed. 01:32:15
No protection from marijuana child poisoning. 01:32:17
Over 7000 children under the age of six were exposed to cannabis in the US. 01:32:22
Do between 2017, 2021. 01:32:29
And they found. 01:32:34
15%. 01:32:36
Marijuana related hospital encountered. 01:32:38
Encounters required hospitalization, 4% required mechanical ventilation. 01:32:41
Root candy was responsible for 43% of pediatric poisoning. 01:32:49
So. 01:32:55
Ah, consider that when you're considering zoning. Thank you. 01:32:56
Thank you. 01:33:01
No one else online, No one else online, alright, we just one person just popped up. 01:33:08
Person popped up, Melinda. 01:33:15
Miller. Miller. 01:33:18
Mueller, Mueller. 01:33:20
Welcome. 01:33:22
Hello. 01:33:24
My name is Melinda Derwin Mueller and I am a resident of Pacific Grove. 01:33:26
I am also a mother. 01:33:33
I have two children in local schools who are young. 01:33:36
And I am a cannabis user. 01:33:40
And. 01:33:44
I'm not a schizophrenic. 01:33:45
I'm a. 01:33:47
Totally normal human being. 01:33:48
And me, along with all other Pacific Grove residents. 01:33:52
Who are adults and choose to use cannabis to drive out of town? 01:33:56
To spend our money. 01:34:01
In Carmel. 01:34:03
In Seaside. 01:34:06
And in. 01:34:08
Salinas. 01:34:10
To buy our cannabis. 01:34:12
If you put a. 01:34:15
Cannabis Dispensary in Pacific Grove. I can guarantee you nobody's going to drive to the edge of the peninsula. 01:34:17
From Salinas or Seaside to buy cannabis. 01:34:23
But all your Pacific Grove residents will be spending our money locally. 01:34:27
You will be getting the tax money. 01:34:32
It won't be going to Carmel or Seaside. 01:34:33
If. 01:34:36
You'll get all the tax money. 01:34:37
And you'll be serving us. 01:34:39
You're not going to attract people from Seaside who want to drive all the way out here for something like that. 01:34:41
And this is coming from a totally normal human being who is has two children locally. I am an upstanding community member. 01:34:48
And I'm a totally normal person and I'm just sick of driving to Seaside. 01:34:57
To spend my money it should. It should be local. 01:35:02
Ensure visitors will. 01:35:06
Possibly also. 01:35:08
Partake. But you know, we also sell alcohol locally, so it's the same thing. 01:35:11
There is already. 01:35:16
Umm. 01:35:17
Deliveries that we can get out here. 01:35:19
But you know, just. 01:35:21
As far as driving and going elsewhere. 01:35:23
You would you would save a lot of Pacific Grove residents. 01:35:27
Driving, driving time and you would get yourself a lot of tax money. 01:35:32
And. 01:35:37
I'm not a schizophrenic. We're just, you know, we choose not to drink alcohol. 01:35:38
That's a totally normal thing and people just need to start getting used to it. 01:35:43
And Pacific Grove is just super behind on this. 01:35:47
Other towns are already. 01:35:51
Way ahead of us. 01:35:53
Just like with cutting down trees like let's, let's get to the present day here in town. 01:35:55
So. 01:36:01
I hope that you listen to somebody who is a cannabis user. 01:36:01
And an upstanding Pacific Grove resident. 01:36:05
I appreciate you your time. Thank you very much. 01:36:08
Thank you. 01:36:12
I see no other hands, all right. 01:36:16
So then. 01:36:19
At this point I will close. 01:36:21
This matter to further public comment so we can proceed to. 01:36:25
Consider all these issues and so. 01:36:31
Umm. 01:36:34
Without objection, then let me. 01:36:36
Use the format that. 01:36:39
Initially suggested by the staff and that's the first item actually on the list I provided, and that would be. 01:36:43
And what zones should? 01:36:50
Storefront cannabis retailer be allowed. 01:36:52
I let me propose this, though, that we go through. 01:36:55
The ordinances. 01:37:00
And look at the questions that we've. 01:37:01
Identified You may have other questions you wish to identify. 01:37:03
We'll talk them through. 01:37:06
We we had a discussion a couple of months ago. 01:37:09
Where we? 01:37:12
Almost like a kitchen table discussion about our thoughts about this thing, but now we I think we need to focus on the specific 01:37:13
issues before us. 01:37:17
That have been outlined by the staff and in the. 01:37:21
Presentation that I provided so. 01:37:25
Without objection then we'll proceed. And so the first question that staff raised was which specific zone should. 01:37:28
Planning Commission. 01:37:35
Recommend retailers be allowed. 01:37:37
And that's in the. 01:37:39
Ordinance, 2392. 01:37:41
And that would be in. 01:37:44
Ohh 6 OB 2. 01:37:46
And staff recommends cannabis be allowed in the following districts. 01:37:48
Downtown commercial like commercial. 01:37:52
Heavy commercial which is C2 and Forest Hill commercial. 01:37:55
The original ordinance also had. 01:37:59
Visitor. Commercial. 01:38:03
And CIT, which would be, I think, just the Holman block, if I'm not mistaken. So there there's. 01:38:05
Some change there in the. 01:38:14
The the initial state, the initial ordinance and and then what staff recommends so. 01:38:18
Best way I know it is just to go go through one by one and and hear everybody's thoughts. So who would like to begin? 01:38:25
I I'm in accord with the staff recommendation it makes it makes sense to me. 01:38:35
OK. 01:38:40
So that would be then the ones that are listed here on their first recommendation. OK, all right. 01:38:41
Who else would like to comment about? 01:38:47
That issue, Commissioner Sawyer. 01:38:49
I just was wondering about the downtown commercial area that. 01:38:51
Does that preclude are basically historic? 01:38:56
Blocks. 01:39:00
You know it's true. How do you mean if we all get it doesn't preclude any if downtown commercial would be all CD. 01:39:04
If you let it in retail. 01:39:12
It it would include the whole lighthouse area. 01:39:15
It. 01:39:18
Go ahead. 01:39:20
I'm, I'm sorry. 01:39:20
It would not because of the buffer zones. 01:39:22
So if you look at the bus buffer zone maps. 01:39:24
There's very, very little of the downtown commercials. There's maybe 3 parcels in the whole of downtown where? 01:39:27
Ohh allowed. 01:39:34
All right. 01:39:36
I don't have a problem with it then. 01:39:38
Thank you, Commissioner Nuzenski, Thank you. 01:39:44
Seemed to have your hand raised for a bit, yeah, I I support the staff recommendation for item number one. 01:39:47
OK. 01:39:54
So. 01:39:55
I have a question so CV which is this does not include visitor commercial correct? 01:39:57
OK. And that is where that is. 01:40:04
I don't have my zoning map, but. 01:40:08
We have these maps at the end of. 01:40:11
Again, there are a few of them. There's. 01:40:14
Ohh, if you look on the screen there there. 01:40:17
It's the blow up from map 2. 01:40:20
So can you see where this is? This map too is. 01:40:24
I'll take it back to this area. 01:40:27
The first CV area. 01:40:30
Is. 01:40:34
Right around that. 01:40:36
Central and that is a recommendation. It's a very small block. 01:40:37
Ohh. 01:40:42
We're. 01:40:44
This is. 01:40:46
The mayor saying it's a Meals on Wheels. 01:40:48
So it's a very small. That CB area is very small, and then there's another area over. 01:40:54
Which, which is that that area over by the. 01:41:00
The aquarium offices. 01:41:04
Warner there were the. 01:41:11
OK. 01:41:13
Order there were the aquarium offices are that's a happy girl kitchen. 01:41:14
As I understand it, OK, the thing, they're up in the corner. 01:41:19
By Hopkins, that is. 01:41:24
The old Monterey boat works, is that correct? 01:41:26
Well, that was years ago. I don't know what they call it now, but that's what it was years ago. Ohh, you mean on this? Well, we 01:41:31
have it on this. Is it the same spot on this map here that. 01:41:35
You can see that. 01:41:39
Campbell. 01:41:47
I know there are a lot of different maps. 01:41:48
It might make sense to be using our zoning map and and just if you want to use the whole yeah screen, let me pull the whole. 01:41:50
There we go. OK, that. That's. That's clear to me. Maybe not to others, but it's clear to me. So CVS then means. 01:42:02
The boat works location in the northeast northeast corner. 01:42:11
Of the city. 01:42:15
Next to the budding the aquarium property. 01:42:16
The heavy Girl kitchen. And then there was there a third one. 01:42:19
Ohh, down by the. 01:42:23
They're in the the upper left corner of map 2. 01:42:25
Yes. And that would be the. 01:42:29
Ohh, is that where? 01:42:32
Is that the the, the, the Community Center? 01:42:35
It's a senior housing. The senior housing in that area, Yeah, that area in there. 01:42:40
Umm. 01:42:45
And then the the one down and then they're down here on the bottom on map one and that would be those are actually that's C2 01:42:47
that's heavy commercial that that's why I tried to get these a little bit blown up because they the way that they hash these they 01:42:53
don't a lot of sense that's C2 down in the on map 1. 01:42:59
So the happy girl one is really see, two not. 01:43:06
CVS. 01:43:10
Miss. 01:43:11
Mr. Chair, that's not happy. Go kitchen. That's down down on by slow, I think. There. 01:43:12
You're right. That's where the and that's not, but that's that's C2 and that's the Quonset Hut, right? Yeah, that's the Quonset 01:43:19
Hut. 01:43:23
And so the visitor commercial really is just that one. 01:43:29
Corner there. 01:43:33
So what is the consensus then of of the Commission that we we use the staff's? 01:43:40
Recommendation. Do we need to take a vote on some of these things or? 01:43:46
It's it appears that you have any comment, Commissioner Davidson about that or no, I'm missing with everybody else? 01:43:50
So perhaps, Mr. Campbell, you can take copious notes of this, yeah? 01:44:01
And. 01:44:07
Record that we're in agreement with it, I think. 01:44:08
The staff recommendation on this, unless there's a desire to take a vote on some of these things, if if there appears to be 01:44:12
controversy, we can. 01:44:15
OK, Mr. Chair, this is Brian Perry. My recommendation would be you do a motion on it so you formalize your direction to the 01:44:19
council. 01:44:23
Alright, so may I have a motion then to approve the staff recommendation number? 01:44:30
But Commissioner Sawyer, when you say staff recommends cannabis be allowed in the following zoning districts, are we? 01:44:37
Delineating which cannabis? Or is it cannabis in its entirety? Because we seem to. 01:44:45
Want to have delivery and storefront so when you say cannabis, you're just lumping it all together. 01:44:53
Right, No. 01:44:59
This is the retailers. The why doesn't it say cannabis retail, that is. 01:45:02
Ohh. 01:45:09
Up above the. 01:45:10
Thank you. OK. Let let let me ask a question though but. 01:45:11
This. 01:45:15
This still is subject to the 1000 foot rule. 01:45:16
Yes. 01:45:20
So. 01:45:20
Even many of these are are potentially knocked out exactly, yes. 01:45:22
I would if we could ask Erica Vega just to, since she did. 01:45:28
Prepare the ordinance, I want to make sure, because what we have. 01:45:34
In the. 01:45:39
The ordinance itself and that 60. 01:45:42
Be two. 01:45:44
It says it does say use for permit for a cannabis business. 01:45:49
Shall be granted subject the following. 01:45:52
So if, if Eric could, Erica could chime in on on if we are. 01:45:56
If these delivery only if we can. 01:46:01
If that is being eliminated from this and we're just talking about retail because the retail it's still the delivery only is 01:46:04
retail, it's just medicinal retail. So this is. 01:46:09
So maybe you could help us make this motion correct. So the purpose of of this question and for the purposes of this motion, it 01:46:15
would pertain to your storefront retailer, not your delivery or any delivery only retailers that's addressed in this second 01:46:20
question. 01:46:25
Umm. 01:46:30
And. 01:46:31
And to get to the comment, I think or heard from Chair Lily, it's sort of a a double layer. So first she would kind of. 01:46:33
Identify the zone where the storefront. 01:46:40
Or or zones where the storefront business could locate and then you would take the map that has the radius to figure out which 01:46:43
which sites within each of those zones are even available. 01:46:48
OK. 01:46:56
We haven't gotten to the question yet on the. 01:46:58
On the. 01:47:00
Additional the separation so. 01:47:02
But once you once you finalize that and once council finalizes that, that's how it would work. 01:47:04
I know I have a number of questions about the medicinal SO. 01:47:09
Defer that. 01:47:13
But. 01:47:14
So the CIT or C1T district excludes the home and block. 01:47:16
Although the home and block. 01:47:23
Is. 01:47:25
Really within 1000 feet of a lot of things. 01:47:25
So it's almost. 01:47:29
It's like. 01:47:30
This leaves out of your vest, I suppose. 01:47:31
It was an analogy. 01:47:34
All right, so is there a motion to this? 01:47:36
I know that. 01:47:39
We recommend we I move that we approve the recommended. 01:47:41
Staff recommendation. 01:47:46
For them. 01:47:48
Retail store. 01:47:49
Zoning, registrations, storefront retail. 01:47:51
Storefront Retail. Thank you. 01:47:54
OK. Is there a second to that motion? 01:47:56
OK. 01:47:59
So. 01:48:00
Commissioner Nijinsky moved that we accept the staff recommendation. 01:48:00
On. 01:48:05
Storefront. 01:48:06
Cannabis. 01:48:08
Retailers be allowed in. 01:48:09
So zoning districts of CD C1C2. 01:48:10
And CFH. 01:48:14
And I believe also that that would include the 1000 foot buffer. 01:48:18
Am I correct with? 01:48:22
The friendly amendment for that or. 01:48:23
No. 01:48:25
OK. 01:48:27
And there's a seconded by Commissioner Sawyer. So is there further discussion? 01:48:28
If not, then Mr. Campbell, can you call the roll please? 01:48:33
Or I'm sorry, commissioner, Kobe, cut. Make sure that we're. 01:48:37
I want to make sure we're very specific. 01:48:41
OK. That it is not the UH delivery service? 01:48:43
The. 01:48:47
There would be no confusion in the future and if retailer. 01:48:48
Using the term retailer is the correct legal term. 01:48:53
To do that. 01:48:56
Then I have no problem. 01:48:57
But I want to make sure that it is not. 01:48:59
Storefront retailer. It's the motion guy. And that that is the one. 01:49:02
Retailer that the city will then. 01:49:07
Require a. 01:49:09
License for. 01:49:11
OK. 01:49:12
Is that is that specific enough, Miss Vega? 01:49:13
I would just like to clarify. 01:49:16
That a storefront retailer, the 1 storefront retailer. 01:49:18
Could offer delivery service as a part of their business. 01:49:23
And that would be allowed. So it would be a combination of storefront walk in. 01:49:27
Sales and Delivery sales. 01:49:33
That is, that is an option. 01:49:35