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Yeah. 00:00:06
Yeah. 00:00:10
All right. Thank you very much. It is 4:00. So I will call this meeting of the Pacific Grove Economic Development Commission to 00:00:13
order. 00:00:17
And let's begin with roll call Oral. Could you walk us through a roll call, please? 00:00:23
Yes, thank you. 00:00:31
Chair upman. 00:00:32
Present. 00:00:34
Vice Chair Jacobs presents. 00:00:35
Member of Vannucci, the Commissioner Venuti. 00:00:37
Present. 00:00:40
Commissioner Gibbs. 00:00:42
Here. 00:00:44
Miss. 00:00:44
Chair. 00:00:46
Commissioner Marquis. 00:00:47
Here. 00:00:49
Yeah. 00:00:51
Present. 00:00:53
Commissioner Richardson. 00:00:54
Here Richmond. Sorry, that's OK. Everyone's name and. 00:00:56
That. 00:01:02
Chamber. 00:01:03
Here, thank you. 00:01:05
OK. So everyone's present. Thank you very much. 00:01:08
Alright, so moving on to approval of the agenda. The agenda and documents were circulated advance Day's meeting. They're available 00:01:11
for download on the for anyone who's following online. 00:01:17
Among the members of the Commission, are there any questions on the agenda items? 00:01:25
From the Commissioners present. 00:01:30
Seeing none. 00:01:32
All right. Is there a motion to approve the agenda as presented? 00:01:34
I'm Commissioner Markowitz. Second, second. Thank you, Commissioner Hoops. 00:01:37
All right, that takes us on to Commission and staff announcements. Now, I was told in advance that Councilman Badouri would be 00:01:44
joining us, but that he would be. 00:01:49
Remote and likely as a participant, there he is. So if we could give him. 00:01:54
Permission. He'll be Next up, but I just want to make sure that we're able to add him in advance. 00:02:01
I think, yeah. 00:02:11
Ohh sorry. 00:02:18
Welcome to the inner circle, Councilman Coletti. 00:02:21
Glad to be here. 00:02:26
All right. So First off, any Commission or staff in that announcements that we'd like to cover off on before we proceed with 00:02:31
council liaison? 00:02:35
I just want to comment that I was rather shocked to read Saturday Morning in the Pine cone about. 00:02:41
Ben Harvey being having been resigned or whatever the. 00:02:47
Whatever the arrangement was. 00:02:51
I think the communication of that action was done poorly. 00:02:53
That umm. 00:02:57
As a Commissioner, you're asking us to be invested in your city. 00:02:58
And yet I'm reading about a very important issue in. 00:03:02
Pine cone. 00:03:06
Any other announcements, Commissioner Gibbs? 00:03:11
Yeah, so. 00:03:14
Good to be here another week and see everybody's full a full panel. 00:03:16
And I'm not sure anybody here's a a car person. 00:03:19
I'm not sure I was a car person. My first car was in 1963. 00:03:23
Chevy Nova with a V8 short block engine. 00:03:27
And I think that we're coming up on Car Week, so I can't wait to get out there and. 00:03:30
Talk to people and walk up and down Lighthouse and I think Jane, there's a couple, 100 people who have. 00:03:35
Registered for the for the very first one out there, and most of them are individual car owners. 00:03:39
And they need this. Thing is just go ask them what their story is. You know, where did you get your car? How long have you had it? 00:03:44
You know, where, where did you find it? And then just stand back and let and be amazed by their stories that they'll tell. 00:03:49
And sometimes they enhance the stories a little bit so. 00:03:55
And there are three or four other events I think Jenny you handed out. 00:03:58
Hand out they have all the events on there, so I didn't want to take your Thunder away. 00:04:01
But just thinking about. 00:04:05
Yeah, just thinking about this, what are their small town? 00:04:06
In America has four car events. I mean obviously we've got Carmel and all the high. 00:04:09
Flute and events over there and I still remember Mr. Mark was mentioning the PGA event. 00:04:14
Which I had to watch on TV because I was out of town, but we have so many wonderful events. 00:04:19
Here in Pacific Grove and just to to be able to be part of of that. 00:04:25
And how it relates to business, you know obviously bring the business in and. 00:04:29
People bring their, their bucks in, they bring their, you know, the high end cars in and. 00:04:33
And they eat in the restaurants and they shop in the shops and I'd just like to recommend one shop that's that's pretty 00:04:37
interesting. 00:04:40
I think everybody knows, begins on Forest. 00:04:43
It's just down. It must be oral pickings is at 2:17 somewhere in there. 200 block of. 00:04:47
A forest across just across from Grove Market. 00:04:54
And Sherry's the owner, and she's shown up before and made comments at the EDC. But every year she does a a window. 00:04:57
For various events, call for the car show or something like that. 00:05:05
And if you want to be amazed at how and how you can turn your shop. 00:05:08
Into an advertisement for Car Week. It's it's pretty neat. So she'll have that done this next day or so. 00:05:12
And go by and and look, and she probably does. 00:05:20
You know 30% of her, 25% of her business during car week and people come in and they same people come back every year. So it's a. 00:05:24
It's a wonderful thing. So for this week, we're kind of car town. 00:05:31
USA. 00:05:35
The second question I would, I just want to ask and maybe it's not an announcement, I would like to. 00:05:37
To know if and and maybe Mr. Chairman, you have information on this. 00:05:42
Were we able to find the business needs survey? 00:05:46
Because it seems like that's going to be. 00:05:49
Extremely pertinent to any kind of discussion we have about the strategic. 00:05:51
Plan process was that did that show up or Councilman Paderi will address it but ohh, he's got some information on that, yes. 00:05:55
OK, sounds good and. 00:06:01
Beautiful day. I think that's all I had. 00:06:06
Thank you. 00:06:08
Any other? 00:06:09
Staff announcements. 00:06:11
Options. Yes, Chair. I was going to make an announcement. I just wanted to introduce Tori Hanna. 00:06:12
The Pro Tem city manager. 00:06:17
And our CDC Director, Anastasia Wyatt, welcome and thank you for joining today. 00:06:19
Thanks. 00:06:25
OK. 00:06:27
You know I'm gonna take. 00:06:28
3 minutes and. 00:06:30
Make one announcement and just a bit of thanks to. 00:06:32
The community of Pacific Grove in support of a recent event that I was. 00:06:36
Very proud and and happy to be a part of. 00:06:41
My my wife decided to hold an event at the Lighthouse Cinema. What is now. 00:06:46
Two weeks ago as a. 00:06:53
Celebration of the Barbie movie. And she came to me one day and said, you know. 00:06:56
There is. 00:07:04
A new movie coming out is the Barbie movie and she was very excited by this. She wanted to. 00:07:06
Get a few people together, a few friends and throw a bit of a party and. 00:07:11
Lighthouse Cinema was interested in interested in supporting her. We were able to. 00:07:16
Rent out to theaters within Lighthouse Cinema. 00:07:22
There were over. 00:07:27
I. 00:07:30
280 members of the community that came out the line wrapped around the entire block. People were dressed in costumes. 00:07:31
And from what I saw, everyone had a fantastic time. I just want to thank everyone for participating, supporting the theater. 00:07:38
And being a part of that and. 00:07:45
You know this is something that. 00:07:48
We were able to collectively, with the support of our small town and our community members, we're able to pull together in 00:07:49
virtually no time at all. And it was a lot of fun and it seemed like a real positive. 00:07:56
The community event, so thank you for that. 00:08:02
Mr. Chairman, I have a question certainly Did you wear pink? I did. 00:08:04
Good for you. I have one pink shirt and I wore it. Good for you, you know? 00:08:08
And I just have to make a comment. I think it was in the weekly, I'm not sure. 00:08:12
There was a picture of the crowd. I believe you. You took the picture that was. 00:08:16
That was, yeah. That was pretty neat. Yeah. Thank you. So you know it. 00:08:21
You don't have to be necessarily an expert at, you know, planning or other things to to do this, these types of things. 00:08:25
You know the community will get behind it and it's just great to see in a small town. 00:08:32
Sure, please. 00:08:38
So the Business Improvement District was approached by the Alzheimer's Association and decided to support. 00:08:43
Their big fundraiser event in October, which is a walk. 00:08:52
In Monterey actually and and the the event is going to be September. 00:08:56
18th through 24th. 00:09:04
And. 00:09:06
It's just to raise awareness of their walk and to recruit. 00:09:07
People to. 00:09:11
Do the walk and be sponsored or make donations. 00:09:13
And their color is purple. So I'm kind of really impressed that we have pink and purple here. And so they're going to ask 00:09:17
shopfronts to put purple balloons out and people can wear purple clothes or to sell purple. 00:09:23
Things put purple clothes in their window or something. 00:09:30
And it doesn't cost us anything, it's, it's just. 00:09:33
The shop. 00:09:38
Owners and businesses are just going to remind people that there is a walk to raise money for the Alzheimer's Association. 00:09:40
And we do get national press coverage for this and it's just a another event to. 00:09:47
Promote worthwhile causes. 00:09:57
And thank and thank you for. 00:09:59
Being so receptive. So yeah, program I would just. 00:10:01
Build on that in that, you know, I encourage all of our local businesses in the district to participate. 00:10:04
The foundation is fantastic to work with. They're a great group of people. 00:10:11
And there is a huge opportunity if we hit this out of the ballpark, there is absolutely an opportunity for national press to come 00:10:15
from something like this. And I think we're a town that could really do. 00:10:21
A great job with it. 00:10:27
Umm. 00:10:29
I think it'll be walking through PG. So this is not the walk. There are two separate events. And pardon me for speaking in your 00:10:30
turn. That's OK. No, that's what I was gonna say. And the walk is actually October the 7th. 00:10:35
So please sign up for it. It's. 00:10:41
Beautiful, actually. They give these really pretty flowers and you get a different color flower. 00:10:45
Which indicates why you are. 00:10:50
Walking and it is their biggest event. They they it's their biggest fundraiser for the year and everything they offer is free if 00:10:53
you do have to use their services and that is how it's paid for. So walking through downtown. 00:11:00
It's, it's from. 00:11:07
Portola Plaza Portola Plaza Plaza goes down along the bike path. 00:11:10
Towards Cannery Row turns around. That's right. Yeah, I believe it dated and then back. 00:11:15
So anyway, yeah, thank you. 00:11:21
Great. 00:11:23
Any. 00:11:24
Further comments, staff announcements. 00:11:25
OK. Seeing none, we'll move along. 00:11:28
Councilman Badri. 00:11:30
You have the floor. 00:11:32
Thank you for joining us from. 00:11:33
Remote location. 00:11:35
Yes, thank you and hope hopefully you guys are able to hear me. 00:11:38
Yeah. 00:11:42
Radio seems to reflect gay but. 00:11:44
I I wanted to just reiterate that. 00:11:47
Most of you are aware, or all of you are aware, that Mister Ben Harvey is no longer with the city. 00:11:53
And last last evening, the city. 00:11:58
Appointed Mr. Rihanna as the mayor as the city manager Pro Tem. 00:12:01
So as a result of all of this, there are there are quite a few I would say. 00:12:07
Moving parts. 00:12:11
Within within the staff. 00:12:13
And I appreciate all of your patience as a staff puts all of the pieces together. 00:12:15
I know a couple of items that were bubbled up to me were related to. 00:12:19
Isn't the survey results and also the the grants and? 00:12:24
How the dollar amounts were allocated to EDC? 00:12:29
And other staff is looking into those items. One of those items were actually. 00:12:33
Awaiting information from the city attorney. 00:12:38
So appreciate all of your patience as we. 00:12:40
Take all of these things through. 00:12:44
So thank you. 00:12:45
Thank you. 00:12:48
OK. 00:12:51
Moving on to general public comments. 00:12:52
This is reserved for members of the public. I'd like to make a comment. Are there any comments from? 00:12:55
Members of the public currently present. 00:13:00
Welcome. 00:13:02
You don't need to pardon me, sorry. You'll need to turn your microphone on. 00:13:10
There's a. There's a button at the bottom of the. 00:13:14
There you go. You're good. 00:13:16
Ohh, you just turned it back off. 00:13:17
Hello. 00:13:19
OK. Thank you. 00:13:20
Thanks for telling me that. My name is Vince Tuminello. I live up the street here and I've been coming to. 00:13:21
City meetings of a variety of issues over the last 40 years. 00:13:27
Seeing a lot of different mayors and a lot of different. 00:13:33
Members of the, ETC. 00:13:36
Particularly when Moammar was around town, he played a big role. 00:13:38
In this UH committee group. 00:13:43
And I just want to thank you for coming and serving because you know, as you look around the room, you don't see too much. 00:13:47
Support or interest from the community. I don't know how many people are online, but I appreciate what appreciate what you're 00:13:54
doing, and over the years many other people have. 00:13:58
Because you're the foundation in economic development, you're here to help the. 00:14:03
Local economy, The businesses. 00:14:08
And also the resident taxpayers. 00:14:11
Because it's the revenue. 00:14:14
That are generated through your efforts of improving the local economy, especially the businesses, the restaurants, the hotels. 00:14:16
The mom and pop operations of small shops and so forth. 00:14:24
It's the tax revenue that's raised. 00:14:27
By your help. 00:14:30
And enhancement that will enable the City of Pacific Grove and its residents and taxpayers to sustain themselves. 00:14:33
Because over the years, I remember when Pacific Grove prior to 2002. I don't know if you were living here then. 00:14:41
Didn't have. 00:14:48
Any unfunded pension. 00:14:50
Or other? 00:14:52
Liabilities or Debts? 00:14:53
That were of any significance. 00:14:55
And now if you follow what's going on? 00:14:58
Within the cities budgetary process and and. 00:15:02
Debt obligations, oftentimes called unfunded liabilities being the same thing as debt to the average person. 00:15:06
We're pretty much in the hole and it's growing every year. 00:15:15
And we're depending on. 00:15:18
Groups like yours, and particularly this one, Economic Development EDC. 00:15:21
To enhance. 00:15:25
The tax revenue. 00:15:27
And success of the businesses which go hand in hand. 00:15:30
And thus reduce. 00:15:33
The liability of the taxpayers. 00:15:35
To make up any shortfalls that are incurred. 00:15:38
Because a lot of people aren't aware that underneath all of the unfunded liabilities. 00:15:41
The ball falls in the hands of the taxpayer. 00:15:47
Individually. 00:15:50
Independently to make up the difference. It's not just going to go away or be forgotten about. 00:15:51
And so far we have quite a hefty sum. 00:15:57
And I hope you're all aware of that, and I want to thank you. 00:16:00
Because it's your efforts, either known or unknown to the actual numbers. 00:16:03
That will enhance. 00:16:08
The profitability, you might call it, of the city. 00:16:10
To pay off its debts and its obligations to the employees, we're depending upon you just as well. So thank you so much for serving 00:16:13
and thank you for all your efforts. 00:16:19
That's it, I'm done. 00:16:25
Miss Dahmer, you have your hand raised and we can allow her to have the floor. 00:16:30
Thank you. 00:16:36
Well, everybody knows I've been here a really, really long time. And it seems to me that in some year previous we actually had 00:16:38
purple banners that were put on the light poles downtown that were either funded by the EDC or the BID. I can't remember which or 00:16:45
what would, but I should have called them or something. But it seems to me that the city already had banners that then public 00:16:52
works put up on the light poles and it was a support. 00:17:00
Same as we do for the month of whatever this or that. I don't know, maybe my memory is failing, but I. 00:17:08
Think that maybe that's something to check into. 00:17:17
Thank you very much. 00:17:21
But we appreciate your, your memory of the resources that may very well be available still. So thank you for that. That is a huge 00:17:23
opportunity and we'll look into that. 00:17:28
OK. Any further public comments? 00:17:35
I see. One hand. Miss Giles. Miss Giles, you have the floor. 00:17:37
Good afternoon. I just wanted to. 00:17:45
Publicly thank the youth ambassadors of Pacific Grove. 00:17:49
For doing a great job putting on summer lights and. 00:17:54
I really appreciate. 00:17:59
Appreciate all of the community that came out to all the different events and. 00:18:00
Supported these dynamic. 00:18:05
Teenagers that are in our community, that are working really hard to connect in. 00:18:08
And, you know, develop themselves as a. 00:18:13
Helpful adults in the community, so. 00:18:18
That's my comment for now. Thank you very much. 00:18:21
Thank you. 00:18:24
Spur the comments. 00:18:29
I see no other hands raised. 00:18:35
OK, great. That moves us along to approval of the minutes. 00:18:37
The minutes were included in the packet. 00:18:40
For today. 00:18:43
And distributed again, available on 00:18:44
Any questions on the minutes from the Members of the Commission? 00:18:48
Seeing none, Ohh Commissioner Gibbs. 00:18:52
Sorry, maybe I didn't on the minutes from last. 00:18:55
Time where the business needs survey and. 00:18:58
You mentioned Mr. Pittori would address that and I couldn't hear what he was saying. So what did he say about speak to that? He 00:19:01
did, he did touch base with me as well. So my understanding is that. 00:19:07
The business needs survey fell. 00:19:13
Onto the responsibilities of. 00:19:16
Mr. Harvey. 00:19:22
And so the. 00:19:23
City staff is working to try to determine where to access the survey. 00:19:26
Um. 00:19:31
Don't know if there's any further update from city staff, but. 00:19:32
If if I may, we've received an update and we will have a meeting next week to review the initial results of the survey and so it's 00:19:36
likely that we will have that for your next meeting. 00:19:42
Excellent. Thank you, miss. 00:19:49
And if. 00:19:50
There is an opportunity as we go through today's agenda to potentially see that in advance of next meeting. 00:19:52
Ideally, we'd like to see if we can. 00:19:59
Pharma subcommittee to talk about strategy, so that would help to inform that conversation as well. 00:20:01
Thank you. 00:20:07
Further. 00:20:10
Question, OK. 00:20:11
Good, I'm. 00:20:12
Glad I was able to help with that. OK. So that that takes us to the Minutes. Any further questions, comments on the Minutes? 00:20:14
Seeing none, can we have a roll call vote please on approval of the Minutes? 00:20:22
Yeah. Don't you need a motion? I'm so sorry. Thank you for checking. 00:20:26
We approve the Minutes. Thank you very much. We have a second second. Thank you. 00:20:31
Commissioner Verner Benucci. 00:20:37
Aye. 00:20:40
Commissioner Gibbs. 00:20:41
Yes. 00:20:43
Vice Chair Jacobs. 00:20:43
Aye, Commissioner Markowitz. 00:20:45
Commissioner Richmond. 00:20:47
Aye, Commissioner Hoops Chair Upman. 00:20:49
Motion passes. 00:20:53
720 thanks. 00:20:56
Right. That moves us on to the regular agenda. First item on the agenda number six, is the Grant subcommittee report. 00:20:58
For business, serving women and minority. 00:21:06
Recommended action is to receive the subcommittee report and recommendation to award 2 grant applicants. 00:21:10
For businesses serving women and minorities within the grant program. 00:21:16
And since this is my agenda item, I will. 00:21:22
Present the discussion as well, so the the DC subcommittee. 00:21:26
Reconvened. 00:21:31
To review the Women Owned Business Grants program Women and Minority Owned. 00:21:33
Business Grants Program. 00:21:37
And reviewed all applications including. 00:21:39
The additional. 00:21:42
Applications that were provided after. 00:21:45
The grant was reintroduced for. 00:21:47
Additional applications. 00:21:51
A bit of background on that before proceeding. 00:21:53
We. 00:21:57
Made the recommendation after. 00:21:59
Presenting this grant program for the community and for applications. It was recommended by label council and city staff. 00:22:03
That we. 00:22:13
Update the requirements for. 00:22:15
The qualifications for the grant program and the 13th of. 00:22:19
April, we made that update. 00:22:26
Based off of. 00:22:29
Additional. 00:22:31
Qualifications which included business license holders operating a business that serve or benefit women and minorities within the 00:22:34
community. So previously the qualification was. 00:22:40
Women or minority owned businesses, The wording was re. 00:22:47
Or was it was changed to include business license holders that were operating a business are operating a business that serve or 00:22:53
benefit women and minorities? 00:22:57
So at that time, additional applications were collected. We went from 15 applications to 19 applications. 00:23:01
And our staff committee reconvened and reviewed the applications. 00:23:09
Will be carefully reviewed and ranked. 00:23:15
Each application using the evaluation form that was provided by the city staff. 00:23:18
For responses and we used five questions as qualifications. The first was what was the intended use of the grant funds and how 00:23:23
will it serve or benefit the community? 00:23:28
The second was. 00:23:33
What is the business and operating budget and profit of each individual business? 00:23:35
The third How do you how will you sustain your business after the grant funds are used? 00:23:40
At the 4th how will these funds enhance your business and or what improvements will these funds bring to your business? 00:23:45
And the 5th. 00:23:53
Would you be willing to update the EDC and the City Council with how this grant improved your business and profit? 00:23:55
And we had a thoughtful discussion amongst the subcommittee. 00:24:03
And we selected two businesses that would we. 00:24:08
Believe would most benefit. 00:24:12
From this grant program. 00:24:14
To grow and support a vibrant business visited growth business community. 00:24:17
Our subcommittee members. 00:24:22
Review the highest ranking applications and we continue to maintain. 00:24:24
Our two recommendations that we previously had presented, those being Luby's on Lighthouse. 00:24:29
Which was application #5 and MA Wellness application #1. 00:24:34
For any. 00:24:41
Public comment. 00:24:45
On. 00:24:46
The first agenda item. 00:24:48
Hi again, Vince Tuminello. I'm here representing all the people in the peanut gallery. 00:24:56
So so. 00:25:02
I want to thank you for having this program that you just described. I'm a little. 00:25:05
I'm. I guess I'm too close. I'm a is this can you hear me OK? I guess I'm a little. I'm still a little dismayed. 00:25:10
As you know, based upon the legal counsel that you received from the city attorney. 00:25:17
When you first did this, you had selected two winners. 00:25:23
Based on a criteria that you had come up with in the sub subcommittee and then approved by the larger. 00:25:26
Body here. 00:25:33
And then you opened it up and you added on these five questions to be answered, which I think was great. I wish that. 00:25:34
The. 00:25:43
Complete list of. 00:25:43
Participants, Applicants. 00:25:46
Have responded to the same. 00:25:48
Five questions that the new people. 00:25:51
Were required. 00:25:53
To do. OK, great, That's good. But it's interesting that you wound up still selecting. 00:25:55
The same 2 applicants who had the first time around. 00:26:02
That doesn't look good. 00:26:06
OK, Out of that, all additional people. 00:26:08
There wasn't anyone who had a more substantial substantive. 00:26:10
Application. 00:26:15
To. 00:26:16
Be considered as maybe just one of the two? 00:26:17
So, you know, it looks a little hokey that it's the same two people not saying anything dishonest happened, and that the first two 00:26:20
people weren't the best choices anyway. 00:26:24
But I just want to be sure. 00:26:29
That. 00:26:31
The all the criteria. 00:26:31
For the same. 00:26:34
Group of applicants, including the original two, were all followed. Because you're kind of skating on thin ice here if that wasn't 00:26:35
the case, and this is all based upon what I've heard from the city attorney. 00:26:41
OK, this is not my. 00:26:47
Idea. 00:26:49
I think it's a great program and I'm glad you're doing it. 00:26:50
I just want to make sure that everybody was treated fairly. 00:26:53
And and considered with equal opportunity to win the award. So that's all I want to say. Thank you so much. 00:26:57
Thank you. 00:27:04
Let's wait for public comment to complete and then we can individually address Miss Dalmer. 00:27:08
You have the floor. 00:27:12
Thank you. I have to have an unmute button to do that. 00:27:18
It's interesting what he said because I am not surprised that you came up with the same 2 because. 00:27:24
Frankly. 00:27:30
One of those in particular has always had favoritism. 00:27:31
Shown to it by our previous city manager and so I do not consider this surprising at all. 00:27:35
Because I rather consider that that was the way he operated so. 00:27:43
Take it for what it is but. 00:27:47
And make your decisions, but that is what has happened and that is why even Mr. Tuminello said a little something. 00:27:50
So thank you so much. 00:27:58
Thank you. 00:28:02
I apologize, I don't see a last name. So Marsha, you have the floor. 00:28:08
Thank you, Mr. Chair. I assume that. 00:28:12
These. 00:28:17
This decision, these changes have questions. Whatever. 00:28:19
Were and the selections were made before. 00:28:24
The SCOTUS decision. 00:28:28
That upheld. 00:28:31
The. 00:28:34
The equal. 00:28:35
Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment. 00:28:37
And and we have our own. 00:28:41
Umm. 00:28:45
Our own state. 00:28:47
Constitution. 00:28:49
That has been reaffirmed by voters and number of times. 00:28:50
That there should be no favoritism shown. 00:28:55
Uh. 00:29:00
Or bias against prejudice against anyone based on. 00:29:02
Correct characteristics like. 00:29:10
Gender, race, ethnicity, or national origin. 00:29:13
So I am troubled that you are going forward with this. 00:29:18
Using. 00:29:23
Taxpayers money, this is not you could do this on your own as individuals. 00:29:24
And give away $20,000. 00:29:30
But. 00:29:34
When it comes to using. 00:29:35
Tax dollars. 00:29:37
It's a different ball of wax. 00:29:39
So I. 00:29:42
I will. 00:29:44
US a Speak up at City Council when this comes up. 00:29:46
And. 00:29:50
And deliver my concerns. 00:29:52
About violation of the 14th Amendment and our own state constitution laws. 00:29:54
Thank you very much. 00:30:02
You. 00:30:04
Any further public comment? 00:30:09
She was like. 00:30:14
Seeing none. 00:30:16
OK. Let's go ahead and open the floor for discussion. Just in terms of process here, what I'll do is just allow each of the 00:30:19
commissioners to. 00:30:24
State any feedback, questions, comments for the subcommittee, Subcommittee members, of course, are all here. 00:30:30
And before I open. 00:30:38
The Floor 4 individual comments through a couple of clarifications that I think would be warranted at this time. 00:30:40
The first being that. 00:30:46
When the subcommittee convened, we had previously and independently reviewed all the applications we we brought forward our. 00:30:49
Recommendations. 00:30:57
For our meeting. 00:30:59
Having pre read, because the applications were many of which were quite long in fact. 00:31:01
This is the stack of every. OK, but you beat me but. 00:31:07
I might have double sided. 00:31:12
So there was quite a bit of reading and research required on the part of the subcommittee to go through each of these applications 00:31:14
we individually. 00:31:18
Scored our recommendations and what was. 00:31:24
I think most interesting is that. 00:31:27
When we sat down, we discovered that we had all come to the same conclusion. 00:31:29
When we reconvened again after, the additional applications were considered. 00:31:34
We also came to the came to the same conclusion independently. There was frankly not even a debate or a discussion which. 00:31:38
Gives me confidence that, you know, we all felt that the applications that were selected were the most qualified. 00:31:46
In addition to that, just in terms of of preference, I should also. 00:31:54
Note that this was an independent subcommittee meeting. There was no other involvement from city staff in this discussion or 00:31:59
selection of the. 00:32:02
Recommendations that we're bringing forward today. 00:32:07
So with that, I will. 00:32:10
Go around the horn here. Should we start in the right or the left? Who would like to address first? 00:32:13
All right. 00:32:19
Commissioner Benetti. 00:32:20
I realize I've been a panelist for this kind of GRANT thing before, and so I know how time consuming it is. And with that in mind, 00:32:23
I totally respect the work that you've done. 00:32:28
But it's hard for me to vote on something I know nothing about. I haven't seen the winning applications. I saw three or four that 00:32:33
were attachments, I think, on Tuesday. 00:32:37
That didn't really tell me anything. 00:32:42
Honestly. 00:32:44
I didn't see how these questions were answered. I don't have anything on Macy's in my pocket. I don't know about anybody else. 00:32:46
Not in the packet. 00:32:53
No, not in my pocket. 00:32:55
They were, they were in the, they were in the original at that time. So that's probably what happened. 00:32:58
Yeah. So anyway, I'm going to abstain from voting on this because I don't have enough information. 00:33:05
Understood. OK. 00:33:09
OK. 00:33:12
Further questions, comments from the Commission. 00:33:13
Commissioner Richmond. 00:33:16
Umm. 00:33:18
I I think we all are. 00:33:19
Having feelings about it, but I just wanna say I'm a little sad to hear. 00:33:21
From the public comments that no ones happy for these people that did win because. 00:33:26
That we should be. We're supporting our community. We're supporting. 00:33:32
People that maybe aren't always getting these kind of things, so I just want to say congratulations to them and I hope it does go 00:33:35
through because. 00:33:39
It means a lot. Not only to us and the subcommittee who did do a lot of work, I mean, we really did read every single page there 00:33:43
and decide individually and then collectively. 00:33:48
So and. 00:33:54
It's going to help the public as well, I mean when a business. 00:33:55
Succeeds. 00:33:59
That's your community succeeding as well, especially when it's serving. 00:34:00
You know people that need it. So I just want to say congratulations because I think some positivity. 00:34:04
Should be here in this room when we're giving away grants to people, so. 00:34:09
That's all. Thank you. And I do think that there's also another point of clarification that I should add. 00:34:15
In terms of process for this, and I'll also defer to city staff if you have any updates, but. 00:34:22
Based off of my conversation with council. 00:34:29
And. 00:34:32
Mayor Peak, we are working to determine. 00:34:34
The process in which the next step of this recommendation will move forward should. 00:34:37
The Commission approve our recommendation of the subcommittee. 00:34:43
The allocation for these funds has come out of the Economic Development Commission. 00:34:47
Budget. 00:34:52
That budget has been pre approved by council. 00:34:53
So the city attorney is currently reviewing whether or not additional. 00:34:56
Oversight and review is necessary, so we are. 00:35:02
Awaiting feedback on how to approach next steps. 00:35:05
I just want to make sure that it's very clear to the recommendations that we're making tonight. 00:35:08
That there is a final approval and and next steps required before. 00:35:14
These funds are awarded. 00:35:19
Yes, Commissioner. 00:35:23
Mark with. 00:35:24
Yeah, I just, I'm gonna echo what Kelsey said. You know, I congratulate the people that that we decided deserve these fundings. 00:35:25
And yeah, we sat down and we looked through these applications. There's a lot of stuff in here. 00:35:33
And. 00:35:40
I would just like to to let people know the makeup of our subcommittee. 00:35:41
Was our Chairman, Eric Apples, on the committee. 00:35:45
Works for one of the most respected companies in the. 00:35:48
Area Canary Rd. Company. 00:35:52
Kelsey is a true entrepreneur. She has started her own businesses. 00:35:53
So she understands that. 00:35:57
Sorry about that. Yeah, sorry. Kelsey understands business, which was really good. 00:35:59
And me, I worked for 17 years as the assignment manager at KSBW TV. 00:36:05
And I've talked with governments all over the county. I've talked with businesses and. 00:36:10
Police and everybody all over the country and I'm a resident and I've been retired. 00:36:15
And I think I have a pretty good grip. I've lived here for 31 years about the residential community and I took a look at these in 00:36:19
a slightly different aspect than Eric and Kelsey did because of their backgrounds. 00:36:25
And I was. 00:36:31
Very, very pleased that the three of us in going through all these applications. 00:36:32
Came up with two. 00:36:37
And the other thing that I'd like to let you people know these applications. 00:36:39
These weren't easy to go through. We had a set of parameters that we'd set up. 00:36:43
When this was originally decided. 00:36:47
And out of the original 15 applications we had. 00:36:49
There were five of them. We tossed right out because they violated. It's like, well, we've been in business since 1998. 00:36:53
Obviously you didn't read the requirements of getting the grant. 00:37:00
Or. 00:37:03
And then the reasons we want the grant, well, why would you, when we want to give everybody raises, we want to fix our bathrooms. 00:37:04
And I'm sitting there thinking, you know, we want to bring business to Pacific Grove. And if a business is telling us the way 00:37:10
they're going to bring business to Pacific Grove is by fixing their bathrooms, there's something wrong. 00:37:15
We took a look at businesses about what they have plans for the future, how they want to affect Pacific Grove and that was the 00:37:21
most important to us. 00:37:26
And again, as Kelsey, we sat down and we came up with these after our first meeting we went to and when we came back and we took a 00:37:30
look at the new applications, we realized nothing had changed. 00:37:36
And we took a look at those and we viewed every application here and I'm going to tell people at home and with the same 00:37:42
importance. 00:37:45
As any other application, we took a look at it, which was there we read the remarks. 00:37:50
And the thing that was, I thought, most astounding was the number of people who. 00:37:55
Fill out an application like this. It was totally illegible. 00:37:59
I mean, these people are requesting money from the city of Pacific Grove to help their business, and they can't even figure out 00:38:03
how to write information down on their own applications. 00:38:07
That's what the three of us had to go through to do this and I am, and I'm going to pat ourselves on the back because I think we 00:38:12
did a good job and we made good recommendations. 00:38:16
And I'm very hopeful that this Commission. 00:38:20
Will. 00:38:22
Pass these recommendations and send them on to City Council. 00:38:23
Thank you. 00:38:25
Thank you. 00:38:26
Any further comments from commissioners? 00:38:27
Mr. Gibbs. 00:38:32
Just a process comment, so. 00:38:35
Commissioner Venuti, you. 00:38:39
That's the chairman. When did you join the EDC was March? 00:38:41
Parts of me. 00:38:46
You know. 00:38:47
And that should the knowing that this was an ongoing process and we would be sitting on this. 00:38:49
Should the Commissioner have received? 00:38:55
The applications or notice that they were available at least. 00:38:58
I I would say so, yes. So I would also say that. 00:39:01
I know that. 00:39:06
Miss O'halloran had gone through the process of distributing the applications. There are some. 00:39:08
Considerations to be taken with the applications and the. 00:39:13
The content they're in, they contained business records and other information, and so I asked the city staff to review and make a 00:39:18
recommendation on how to distribute those to commissioners. 00:39:25
With concerns over privacy. 00:39:33
So Commissioner, Miss Allen, maybe you could speak to that if there was any further discussion around that or? 00:39:35
Yeah, we just Ben and I followed the same. 00:39:44
Process there when we first brought this to you where we gave each of you all the applications. 00:39:48
And umm. 00:39:56
Sorry, Commissioner, vanity that that. 00:39:57
Umm. 00:40:00
That was missed on your part. 00:40:02
Yeah, so. 00:40:06
Everyone received all the applications when we originally brought this in April to be voted on and discussed, and then we 00:40:08
relaunched the program. 00:40:14
So. 00:40:23
Again, maybe a process question. 00:40:25
Chairman, Mr. Chairman, you mentioned the scoring system. 00:40:27
So I'm guessing it was based on the five elements here. Did you actually have a numerical scoring system or? 00:40:31
How did you arrive at the decision? 00:40:37
I I believe we all used a numerical scoring system. Yes, we we rated each on a I believe it was one through 10. 00:40:42
Based off of the applications that were provided. 00:40:50
And there was actually a a scoring sheet that we had used. 00:40:52
I believe so. 00:40:59
Now. 00:40:59
Yes, I think so. Thank you. 00:41:00
And thank you to Lori. I did immediately upon joining the the center if I asked for but I didn't end up with. 00:41:02
All of the applications including some IRS statements and you know business licenses and. 00:41:08
It did have some personal information like Social Security numbers and that kind of stuff on it, so. 00:41:13
But you know. 00:41:18
You know, I think we're all here and we we hold that information sacred and we don't share it with anybody, so. 00:41:19
And I did read all the applications, every single one of them. 00:41:25
I actually made my own. 00:41:28
Matrix here of the 15. 00:41:30
And interesting results. I had a 10 point scale and and I rated them on. 00:41:33
Some of the questions you had here. 00:41:38
But I added a couple of items. 00:41:40
In my columns and one was. 00:41:43
Did they talk about jobs or were they going to think about using the money to create some jobs? So I. 00:41:47
I rated that one also. 00:41:52
As a as a separate item in addition to the five here. 00:41:54
And then I also put a rating on if they had indicated that this money would help them grow, expand their business. 00:41:58
You know, do outreach. And so I added that and so I actually had seven items. 00:42:05
On my list and then I ranked each one of them and interestingly enough. 00:42:10
Inmate, inmate, yoga was #1. 00:42:14
On my list. 00:42:17
And what I really liked about this particular organization was. 00:42:19
The owner had, she had mentioned expanding this to teens and adding new classes and I don't know if you. 00:42:23
Caught that, but I thought that was a pretty. 00:42:29
Important element because I like, you know, working with kids and she was going to do some of that on a pro bono basis, I think. 00:42:32
And she was profitable, at least from the rewards I could see. Because, you know, if. 00:42:38
If you're, you know, if you're going down a hole and you haven't been profitable for the last three years, why would we spend? 00:42:43
You know, $10,000. 00:42:48
To boost their bank account so I had the same rating. 00:42:51
And I really liked, I really liked how they came across on their. 00:42:54
Application. So there are 15 on the list and I actually I'm I'm just curious. 00:42:58
Did the subcommittee go out and talk to any of the owners or visit their some businesses? You can't. 00:43:02
I mean ones a plumbing business and I didn't have any plumbing needs, so I didn't necessarily talk to them, but did you talk to 00:43:07
any owners or visit any of the businesses? 00:43:11
No the the. 00:43:17
The. 00:43:18
Final determination was based off of the applications themselves, so that there was a. 00:43:20
A constant across and. 00:43:24
Yeah. 00:43:27
OK, good. 00:43:27
And a couple of the businesses on here. 00:43:28
Have multiple the the owners of the business. 00:43:32
Maybe they have an LLC but but they are members of of several different operations in town. 00:43:36
And Luby's on Lighthouse is an example of this. This may have been. 00:43:42
Of what some of the people were referring to a previous contracts. 00:43:46
That some of the owners had been associated with. There were some questions I I didn't pay too much attention to it, but I did 00:43:50
hear that. 00:43:54
You know the the smoke and and stuff coming out about. 00:43:58
One of the owners of Luby's also being associated with Crimin and and the Grill. 00:44:02
I'm just saying what I heard and that's what my question is. 00:44:07
Good. 00:44:14
Commissioner gives the floor, so please let him make his comments. 00:44:14
I'm just asking a question right? Because the the. 00:44:17
The question to me is, is if having run businesses in the past? 00:44:20
When, when we receive grant money or if we received any kind of. 00:44:24
You know revenue the IRS was particularly and and this I don't know how this is count counted in your in your in your. 00:44:29
IRS statement, but we were always very careful to make sure that we embarked with the money, right. So if we had business A and 00:44:36
business A got the grant money, business fee didn't get use of. 00:44:41
Of the money. So if business fee was failing, you didn't take. 00:44:47
The money out of business and put it in business B. 00:44:50
That's that's that's really my only point Robin is is. 00:44:52
Is we don't know if you know how the money we they say they're. 00:44:55
They're gonna tell us how to use the money, and I look forward to their. 00:44:58
To their descriptions, I don't have any problem with Lucy. She. 00:45:02
They came out number four on my list. 00:45:05
My lawyer. The question about Luby's is I go by there all the time and. 00:45:08
Their hours are limited, right? And so I think one of the things they said they were going to do was put some lights up and and do 00:45:12
some better marketing, which is good, but it's a good use of the money, but. 00:45:17
You know, I would expect then to see. 00:45:24
The hours expand and they got great meal. They come out with music and people go down and they rock out and that's that's great. 00:45:26
So hopefully they'll be open more often. With the use of of some of this money, we'll be able to expand their business. 00:45:32
Along the way, one, just one other kind of make one other comment. Yeah, thank you. 00:45:37
Umm. 00:45:42
So one of the new applicants is a business down on Central. 00:45:43
And it's a. 00:45:47
The woman that owns it, I think she's parishes South American. I think she's Paraguayan name, she's Paraguay. 00:45:48
And she's got empanadas if you haven't been there. It's a it's a really cool business and some of the city. 00:45:54
I've seen some city staff staff hang out there. 00:46:00
So, so she has had a particularly difficult time. 00:46:02
Because she didn't have a I necessarily have a a parklet or a the ability to. 00:46:06
To serve food outside. 00:46:10
And was that I I talked to seven of these businesses by the way and when I talked to the owners, I went into their business and 00:46:12
talked to them not necessarily about the application, but just how their business is doing and. 00:46:17
You know, where might they need money? 00:46:22
And she told me something interesting that she had applied to. 00:46:25
Come down to the Pacific Grove. 00:46:29
Farmers market. 00:46:31
And and maybe, maybe the president of the Chamber knows the answer to this. 00:46:33
But she was told in the farmers market is privately run, and I understand that. But she was told that if she's a business in 00:46:38
Pacific Grove. 00:46:42
She she could not. She wanted to come down and offer him. 00:46:46
You know, bring a food truck down and and offer that so she could expand her business because she was really struggling. 00:46:49
And I'm not sure it's here or there, but she could have really used the money. I don't know how she came out on the ratings, but I 00:46:54
was just curious since we're here. 00:46:58
Is there a rule that says she can't? 00:47:02
Offer services or her food at the farmers market. 00:47:05
Maybe that's something we can check into later? 00:47:07
I could definitely check into it. Easy to check, yeah, because it's run by everyone's harvest, not this. 00:47:10
Yeah. It's an outside organization, so. 00:47:15
So, you know, I mean, here we are with the the grants, the recommendations have been made. I'm guessing this is going to go to 00:47:18
City Council. 00:47:21
You know, for their purview. 00:47:24
At this point, you know it is what it is. I think what Mr. Tuminello was talking about earlier was that the. 00:47:27
That the wording for the second round of applications, in terms of who is eligible and who he had to serve was different. 00:47:34
Then the first round of the applications and some of the people. 00:47:40
I talked to a good old days who might have applied for this, were confused. 00:47:44
By the wording about who they had to serve, they weren't quite sure. So it it puts some people off and we may have had more 00:47:48
robust. 00:47:52
Group of of applications if we had. 00:47:56
Made the wording a little bit clearer, but that was from the attorney they made the ruling and so. 00:47:59
Uh. 00:48:04
So be it. 00:48:05
OK. 00:48:07
Thank you. 00:48:08
Thank you. 00:48:08
I'm I'm assuming that the recipients will file a final report with financial. 00:48:09
Financial stating how they spent the money. 00:48:15
That we have requested that they and one of the qualifications was that they report out on how they've been using the funds. 00:48:18
Miss Holleran, you had a. 00:48:27
Comment I believe yes Chair did wanna make it clear. Jolene Green is the sole owner of Luby's on Lighthouse. 00:48:29
Thank you. 00:48:36
She's on the application. She's the one on the application. She's the one on the application. She's the sole owner. Thank you. 00:48:40
Excellent, Commissioner Marquez. Yeah. And I just wanted to bring this up because as I mentioned, the makeup of our subcommittee, 00:48:46
the one thing that impressed us and for me as a resident here, in taking a look at this city, we've talked about, you know, tax 00:48:52
revenues up on the Hill. It's great downtown tax. 00:48:57
Luby's on Lighthouse. Where are they located? 00:49:03
They're located in one special part of this city. 00:49:06
Nobody seems to have addressed. 00:49:11
Lower Lighthouse. It's the only well if you unless you count the Golf Club. 00:49:13
Which is an open it's the only place that people on that side of Lighthouse. 00:49:17
Walkers along the trail. 00:49:21
People at the hotel, it's the only place they have to go, and I took a look at her stuff here. I think that's great of people. And 00:49:23
it's an existing restaurant in Pacific Grove. They would like a grant to expand things to serve the community. 00:49:30
Economic Development Commission. That's what they are. And this is what she wanted. So I. 00:49:37
That was my top choice when I went through this because of that and as a resident here looking at residential things because of 00:49:43
that location where it is. 00:49:47
Gave them an extra percentage star in my rating. 00:49:52
So that's. 00:49:56
Here we go. 00:49:57
Any further comments from commissioners? 00:49:58
Or moving forward. 00:50:00
Commissioner Hoops. 00:50:02
Yeah, I would just like to add, I was not a member of the subcommittee, but I did of course read all the applications and and. 00:50:04
You know the biggest thing in my mind for this? 00:50:12
Is that? 00:50:15
This is I mean. 00:50:15
Obviously this Commission and this city is not here to just pass out money to people. This is an investment we're making into 00:50:17
these businesses because of what they serve to our community. So like something like Luby's, that's drawing, you know, with music 00:50:22
and drawing people in and like a place for people to gather and like engage with each other and all these things and have, you 00:50:26
know, a bite and some ice cream and whatever is great. 00:50:31
So I think that's like. 00:50:36
A perfect example of what we want to invest in and foster with this kind of program. And and yeah, to Kelsey's point, I mean, 00:50:38
congratulations to to the people that won and and of course Wellness is another huge aspect of community development. 00:50:44
So I think that that's like 2 great choices by the subcommittee. I mean, those were two that raised Rose to the top for me as 00:50:51
well. 00:50:54
You know and and. 00:50:58
Really, I think can offer a lot to the community and will be. 00:50:59
Something that we, the community gets return on this investment from from public money, which is I think an important thing like. 00:51:04
We heard from public comment, I mean, you know, this is taxpayer money, right? So it's like we have to be good stewards of that. 00:51:11
So I think that this is. 00:51:14
Through investment and and and great job by the subcommittee and and you know. 00:51:18
Let's do it. 00:51:23
I'm going to make one just final comment before we we move on, which is to vote. 00:51:24
But I I want to thank all the applicants for taking the time to fill out this grant program. I want to thank them. 00:51:30
And members of the public, for your patience as we've gone through this process. 00:51:36
You know it was a. 00:51:41
It was a two round process. 00:51:42
We. 00:51:45
Received some feedback from city staff and the City attorney, but we. 00:51:46
Attempted to make sure as best as possible that we were going through. 00:51:51
And being as. 00:51:56
Adhering to the letter of the law and making sure that we are following the necessary steps that would be required to make a 00:52:00
recommendation that we can stand behind and in looking through these applications, I again we will need to. 00:52:07
Review with city staff and the City Council on final approval of the the grants themselves. 00:52:15
In terms of process, but you know, I was very impressed with, you know all the applications, but in particular our two 00:52:23
recommendations and mate Wellness and Luby's. Thank you. 00:52:28
All for participating and we look forward to completing this step and hearing. 00:52:33
Back from from the recipients. 00:52:38
Just I just have a question. Again, it's a process question, so. 00:52:42
The So if there's another round of. 00:52:45
Of grants, for example. 00:52:48
Maybe there's more or less, but with the with the people who did not rise to the first two positions. 00:52:51
Did they start over again or would they be considered? 00:52:57
For the next round or what what happens there? Fantastic question and and perhaps we'll have a subcommittee that you can. 00:53:00
Can provide your feedback on how to approach that. Yeah, you know, it'll be determined whether or not we continue this. 00:53:07
We'll also learn, I think, from. 00:53:13
Reporting out from the. 00:53:16
The the awardees and determine whether or not, you know, we feel so. This is something that we want to continue. 00:53:19
Because you know there are just one last comment if if if you with your. 00:53:25
Permission the I had #3 on my list. Grand Ave. Flooring. 00:53:28
And the the the lady that the woman that runs that, I think she worked in the business. 00:53:33
And she took it over a year or so, maybe a little bit more than a year ago. 00:53:38
And she commutes from outside the area. She has at least one. 00:53:42
Kiddo. And then she drops them off, you know, on her way to work and she shows up. She works all day, goes home, picks up her kid, 00:53:48
you know? 00:53:51
And and she was the only one there. When I stopped in to talk to her, she was the only person. 00:53:55
And I'm just wondering, maybe we have other programs. So Laurel, we have the facade. 00:54:01
And like she did mention that she would like. 00:54:08
Some help on the facade side of things some so maybe that's another way to. 00:54:11
Without a grant is to help her out a little bit. I think there's some facade money left. 00:54:15
And so maybe somebody could do it from the staff that could do an outreach tour. 00:54:20
And just say since you did mention that she was very interested in that, I don't know if she followed up. 00:54:24
But it might be a good way to recognize the fact that she did participate. 00:54:29
You know, in the application process and gave it a lot of thought. So is that. I'm just wondering is that something? 00:54:33
Is possible for the staff to do. 00:54:37
To reach out to Yes, Commissioner Gibbs, I I did reach out to her and she did participate in the Facade Improvement program. 00:54:39
OK, and she's been. 00:54:46
Awarded. 00:54:49
Money through the city program. 00:54:50
OK. 00:54:54
I'm going to call for a motion. Is there a motion to move forward with the recommendation by the 2nd that motion? 00:54:55
Right. Do we have a second? 00:55:02
2nd. 00:55:03
Thank you. 00:55:05
If we can, please do a roll call vote. 00:55:06
Commissioner Hoops. 00:55:09
Aye, Commissioner Richmond. 00:55:11
Aye, Commissioner Markowitz. 00:55:13
Chair upman. 00:55:16
And Vice Chair Jacobs. 00:55:18
Aye, and Commissioner Gibbs. 00:55:20
Yes. 00:55:22
And did you want? I'm abstaining anyway, so motion passes. 00:55:23
6. 00:55:29
Eyes in one abstain. 00:55:30
Thank you. OK, let's move on to the next item on the agenda that is. 00:55:35
Really following our previous workshop. 00:55:41
Commissioner. 00:55:46
Jacob's. 00:55:47
Contacted me with. 00:55:48
To share out a. 00:55:51
A. 00:55:53
Framework for Strategic. 00:55:56
Planning. 00:55:58
And. 00:55:59
I think that this is this is something that would be great to. 00:56:01
Discuss the potential subcommittee. The title here is #7 Grant Subcommittee Report for Business. 00:56:04
Businesses. 00:56:10
Pardon me, I. 00:56:14
I'm out of order. OK. Strategic strategic planning agenda. 00:56:18
So. 00:56:23
The. 00:56:25
EDC, following a workshop session, proposed the following long term strategic goals. We had three one was to improve 00:56:27
communications. 00:56:31
Between the city of Pacific Grove. 00:56:36
The Business and hotel improvement districts. 00:56:39
Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce. 00:56:41
And the MCB, the Monterey Convention and Visitors Bureau, otherwise known as Sea Monterey #2, being to reduce the number of vacant 00:56:43
storefronts around downtown Pacific Grove. 00:56:48
And #3 to support Pacific Growth businesses with a focus on growth local jobs. 00:56:54
And increased revenue to benefit the city. 00:57:00
General fund through TT licenses as well as sales and use tax. 00:57:03
Combined which total 40% of the overall general fund. 00:57:07
Umm. 00:57:12
So. 00:57:13
What I would like to discuss here is a proposal for a subcommittee working with HDL, city staff and really the various districts 00:57:15
as well business districts and hotel Improvement District. 00:57:21
To. 00:57:29
Move forward with a. 00:57:31
Street Street, the larger strategic plan for economic development. 00:57:33
That we can bring to. 00:57:38
The Council for review and consideration. 00:57:40
As we determined during the workshop. 00:57:45
The the Council did not put forth an economic goal for their term. 00:57:47
So perhaps there's an opportunity for us to. 00:57:53
Build a using a framework. Build out a recommendation that we can share out for consideration. 00:57:56
One example might be. 00:58:02
The toolkit that was shared by Jerry Jacobs. 00:58:04
Chair Jacobs was was able to find a. 00:58:09
Very comprehensive planning toolkit for local economic development for British Columbia. 00:58:12
My suggestion is not that this is the. 00:58:18
Framework that we want to proceed with, but with that we discuss a formation of a subcommittee. 00:58:22
To bring back a recommendation to the Commission. 00:58:28
For how we would like to approach this, this may very well, because it is so comprehensive, be the solution. 00:58:32
But that is for conversation here. This is just simply an example of. 00:58:38
What it would be the the steps that will be required to do this are many. This is not going to happen overnight this. 00:58:42
May not happen during everyone's term, so I think we need to realize that. 00:58:51
The completion of. 00:58:57
Umm. 00:59:00
A strategic plan like this should be taken seriously. It should be done right and given the time necessary. 00:59:01
To be completed. 00:59:09
In a comprehensive way. 00:59:11
So. 00:59:12
I believe that the first step would be to formation of the subcommittee. The second step would be then to. 00:59:15
Bring back a recommendation best based off of best practices on how. 00:59:22
We take this approach and move forward. 00:59:27
Are there any comments or questions from the public? 00:59:30
Again, I came with a full deck of comments I like. I like this item the best as the chairman here. 00:59:43
Works for one of the most successful corporations in the area. So did I. 00:59:51
I worked for a subdivision of the Canary company, Canary Rd. Company for 27 years. 00:59:56
So I'm well familiar with tourism business. 01:00:02
Of the demographics of the area, so on and so forth. 01:00:05
And I think, and I want to thank all of you, especially the gentleman who. 01:00:08
Spoke about the awards, that that was a think. You really impressed me with how much effort you put into this along with your 01:00:12
subcommittee. A little side note, OK. 01:00:16
So getting back to I think we're sitting on a gold mine here. 01:00:20
And I think the goal mine is our location. 01:00:26
Or at the end of the peninsula, we're surrounded by the ocean. 01:00:29
Who gets to live by the ocean and what are the most expensive houses? 01:00:34
And the most high-priced hotels? 01:00:37
Restaurants generally. 01:00:40
People wanna look at the ocean, they wanna come to the ocean. 01:00:41
We have the aquarium at one end and nothing against Cannery Row. 01:00:45
But I used to speak with Mr. Packard. 01:00:49
When he was alive and he used to come and have lunch. 01:00:51
Down on Cannery Row and got to be a friend of mine. Tall guy with his. 01:00:54
Sports coat is little. What's that little thing you wear around your neck? 01:00:58
Ohh yeah, the BOLO. Really great guy. 01:01:02
And he was telling me, Vince. 01:01:05
I'm gonna build an aquarium here and my daughter's gonna run it and it's gonna really be an asset. And I know that a lot of the 01:01:08
local businessmen, Mayor Albert. 01:01:11
And so forth from Monterey. They spent a lot of time. 01:01:15
Really ingratiating this man. Not that he needed it him because of billionaire. 01:01:18
So. 01:01:22
The asset here is our location. 01:01:24
And I mean, I look at look at that thing on the wall there, is that really representative of Pacific Grove, a tree and a 01:01:27
butterfly? 01:01:31
That entice me to really feel nothing against butterflies and trees. 01:01:36
I mean, I know that that's, you know, the butterflies and all that, but is that what's going to draw people? 01:01:40
To Pacific Grove butterflies and trees. 01:01:47
I mean, come on. They come here for the ocean, the cool weather from the Central Valley, they all wanna cool off. 01:01:50
Who doesn't wanna drive around the beach? Who doesn't want to park their car on one of our new expanded? 01:01:55
And very nicely done parking facilities along the ocean. 01:02:00
You know people want to come here for the ocean and the weather, the coolness. 01:02:05
And that's what our biggest asset is in my mind. 01:02:09
And I know people came here from all over the country for decades. 01:02:13
And spoke to me personally and told me had a beautiful area. It was and how lucky we are to live here and how great it was to 01:02:17
visit here and that's what we should be selling. 01:02:20
You know and and if they could be more people come to the area. I mean look at Carmel, everybody knows Carmel. 01:02:25
Cute little shops, The beach mainly. What is it? Carmel? The the shops and the little quaintness? 01:02:30
Pacific Grove, We don't have that kind of downtown. 01:02:35
But what we do have is more ocean footage than anybody else, more beautiful than anybody else. 01:02:39
With the location of our businesses and restaurants, you know what the restaurants bring in and sales tax, you know what the 01:02:45
hotels. 01:02:48
Bring in a TOT tax. 01:02:51
You know, this is what's gonna make this town workable financially, and I want to encourage you to consider. 01:02:54
What I'm sharing with you my idea and and I don't know about the other people who are here but my idea is that. 01:03:00
We we promote. 01:03:06
The shoreline. The ocean. The welcoming character of the town. 01:03:08
You know, there's very little crime here. 01:03:13
We're a very welcoming community. 01:03:15
We don't have a lot of the problems that you sometimes see on TV from other parts of the country. We have a nice police force, a 01:03:18
great police chief. 01:03:22
You know, we share the fire department with Monterey. We got everything covered pretty much. 01:03:26
There's nobody here has been involved in any overt violent acts. 01:03:30
And that's what we should be doing. Thank you so much. Bye. 01:03:35
Thank you very much. 01:03:38
Any further comments from the public? 01:03:41
OK. 01:03:45
Seeing none, I'll go ahead and open the floor for conversation. Commissioner Richmond had her hand up first, and then Commissioner 01:03:46
Marquez. 01:03:50
I see Ohh Miss Lorenz. 01:03:54
No one final comment from the public. 01:03:58
Miss Donna? 01:04:02
Sorry, Chair Upman. 01:04:03
Vince Tuminello did say it is that our natural assets are our absolutely best. 01:04:05
And that is why protecting them. 01:04:14
Translates into economy also. 01:04:17
Thank you very much. 01:04:21
Thank you. 01:04:23
OK. One last check. Any comments? Ohh, yes, I see. OK. 01:04:27
OK. 01:04:39
Mr. Wu, you have the floor. 01:04:40
Good afternoon. Yeah, my name is Stephen Hawks. 01:04:43
And I just had a couple of questions and comments regarding the. 01:04:46
EC subcommittee are proposing. 01:04:50
And I may be a little premature, but I'm just wondering. 01:04:52
Does this mean we will be looking to pay another consulting agency to tell us what we need to do? 01:04:56
Going forward? 01:05:02
And if so, why is this always the case when it comes to our government? 01:05:03
Why do we never seek out local talent to define and problem solve when it comes to our local developments? 01:05:08
And after hearing Mr. Tuminelli speak. 01:05:14
You know, there's one example. 01:05:17
It it seems to be getting to where we need to create a separate city department with the sole purpose of finding consultants. 01:05:19
To solve our never ending local problems and skip committees altogether. 01:05:25
And finally, do local residents have any say in what qualifications this EDC committee will be looking for if they are indeed 01:05:30
going to hire consultants? 01:05:35
To resolve our problems. 01:05:40
That's all I have to say. Thank you. 01:05:41
Thank you. 01:05:44
Absolutely. 01:05:47
We'll go around any further public comment before we move on. 01:05:48
Seeing none, I see no other hands. Thank you. 01:05:52
OK, Commissioner Richman. 01:05:55
Yes, I would be honored to be on the subcommittee, so I would love to raise my hand for that. 01:05:56
And I think I kind of. 01:06:03
In my opinion, I kind of need to be on this subcommittee because I really, really care about making this place. 01:06:04
What whatever it like? 01:06:11
It's something, it's almost something so magical and I just we're so close to it and all of the public comments are so true. 01:06:14
Like, I don't think we need to, we don't need to hire anybody else to figure this out. Like, everyone's here, everyone knows how 01:06:21
magical it is and. 01:06:24
I don't think we need to go out and spend money on something when we can just ask the people in our community. 01:06:28
Talk to them. 01:06:33
And for me to be on the subcommittee, I think I do bring a different perspective because I am. 01:06:35
Hate to say this guys, but I am a younger generation and everybody here, so I think I bring a little something different, you 01:06:41
know, And that's fine because it's good. We should have multiple generations having this conversation because. 01:06:47
There are multiple generations visiting Pacific growth, so. 01:06:54
I think that would just be great to see what. 01:06:57
So many different types of people can come up with, and I also want to mention that I first came here as a tourist. 01:07:01
And then second, I was a resident and now I'm a business owner. So I also have the perspective of all three of those. 01:07:07
Types of people being in Pacific Grove and. 01:07:14
I haven't forgotten any of those versions of myself and what I thought when I was here, so. 01:07:17
Yeah, I I think I just, I would really love to be on the subcommittee. So I just want to let everybody know that. Thank you. Thank 01:07:22
you, Commissioner Markwitz. 01:07:25
Yeah, I just just talking about this subcommittee, one of the things that for the subcommittee I think it would be very important. 01:07:29
And we kind of touched about it in our meeting the last time. 01:07:36
What I think is Subcommittee really needs is to get information from the city. 01:07:39
Concerning. 01:07:44
Finances. 01:07:45
Actually. 01:07:46
How much does this city bring in on an annual basis in TOTW? How much does the city? 01:07:47
Bring in. 01:07:52
In TOT in sales tax. 01:07:54
All these. 01:07:56
Incremental things. 01:07:57
That the city knows. 01:07:59
And for us to make determinations about. 01:08:01
What's going on? That would be a nice thing to know. We'd be a nice thing to put that together. 01:08:03
Umm. 01:08:09
And. 01:08:10
It's a challenge, but then again, as a retired resident I wouldn't mind delving into that as well. 01:08:12
Thank you. 01:08:17
Commissioner Vice Chair Jacobs. 01:08:18
Yeah, thank you. I just wanted to say I'm going to. 01:08:21
Channel Inga. Now it is all available and you can do homework and find out There's a lot of records on the financial report and so 01:08:25
on. But depending on how much detail you want to go into, I mean we might need more, I don't know. But I I also wanted to say 01:08:31
that. 01:08:37
When I. 01:08:45
We raised a lot of questions last time and it was a very thought provoking for me. 01:08:47
I liked this approach. 01:08:52
Particularly because it doesn't presuppose that you know anything or too much anyway. It's for lay people. 01:08:55
And it's written by. 01:09:02
The authors for anyone to use. So it's written specifically for cities and it even has wonderful notes like you're going to want 01:09:05
to spend about 45 minutes discussing this and maybe 90 minutes on that. You know, it's it's actually very structured and and 01:09:13
supportive for, you know, for people what it does say, I 100% agree with Mr. Hawks, we don't need to get any. 01:09:21
Advice necessarily from outside what we do need is data, however, and HDL is a wonderful partner for that This year completely. 01:09:30
You've got your hands tied if you can't get access to data. 01:09:36
Umm. 01:09:42
So I really feel that that's important. 01:09:43
I also I don't know if this is possible. 01:09:48
Because I haven't checked my Roberts rules, but I think it would be a really great idea if everyone could be on the subcommittee. 01:09:52
And there is a constraint of having only three people at a time, so I think it would be great to have one person who is. 01:09:59
A constant, for example the chair and and rotating members, because there are a lot of different phases to this. 01:10:07
And I think that just to get the best from everybody that you know, all of you have so much passion for this particular. 01:10:14
Remit that we have. 01:10:23
And such great experience in all different ways. So I would really hope that we could work together in a. 01:10:25
Kind of. 01:10:34
You know, collaborative way. 01:10:36
Because it's a really important thing, it will take a long time. 01:10:38
And that might benefit the city the most. 01:10:41
I do. 01:10:45
I'm kind of interested in this topic because everything now according to. 01:10:47
Estimates from bankers and. 01:10:52
You know, think tanks and there's sort of a consensus, although it's controversial, but anyway, there's a there's a basic 01:10:54
consensus. 01:10:58
That whatever costs $1,000,000 this year in 10 years time is going to cost $1.4 million. So we know that there's a lot of. 01:11:02
Planning that needs to happen and currently we don't have a plan and even a bad plan is better than no plan at all. So I really 01:11:13
feel that just dealing with some of these issues and. 01:11:18
You know, it's it's meant in in the most helpful way possible to the to the City Council. 01:11:25
Umm. 01:11:30
I I feel like. 01:11:32
You know, people would probably sleep better at night to know that there is a game plan, that there, you know, there has been 01:11:33
consideration given to different streams of revenue, different. 01:11:39
Aspects of economic growth what can be supportive that we look at our strengths and our weaknesses that we really. 01:11:45
Have have a handle. 01:11:53
On on where we want to go and so we can navigate it better and and and be more in charge of our destiny. 01:11:55
Thank you. 01:12:03
You. 01:12:04
Other questions? Comments. 01:12:07
All right. I'll go. Hi. 01:12:12
When I when I read through this this tone, which I love, what I liked about it was that it was easy to understand and and it does 01:12:14
seem like it would be simple to follow. I love the idea of rotating if we can make that work. 01:12:21
So I'm all in favor, even though I can't vote. 01:13:01
And so. 01:13:04
Umm. 01:13:06
Consider manager Hannah. 01:13:08
Perhaps you can address this question Do you have any insight into? 01:13:10
The limitations of Roberts rules and how we might be able to rotate if that is an opportunity that we would have. 01:13:15
We would need to to review that with the with the city attorney. I I have not. 01:13:25
Personally heard of it, but we can check on that. Thank you. 01:13:30
That'd be great. Another thought just to throw this out would be that. 01:13:33
Well, I. 01:13:38
Would. 01:13:39
Be. 01:13:40
Honored to. 01:13:41
Participate as well and would love to be a part of this to have a Commissioner McMurdo who is a non voting member. 01:13:42
Perhaps be a constant? 01:13:50
Could also potentially make sense. I don't know if that's a loophole that we might be able to work through. 01:13:52
Not to not to put you in that position without asking first, but. 01:13:56
That may be another way into. 01:14:03
Having a constant. 01:14:05
I don't vote. Then I wouldn't be considered one of the seven, correct? 01:14:07
So I could. 01:14:13
Yeah. 01:14:15
So to be determined. 01:14:18
A couple of things just for for housekeeping here. 01:14:21
Upon formation of the subcommittee, we would come back with a recommendation on how to move forward. It may be using the framework 01:14:26
that we have in front of us today. It may be something else. 01:14:30
There's some homework to be done here. 01:14:36
I think that. 01:14:38
Having a strategic plan like this has a tremendous benefit to the city it allows us to. 01:14:39
Rely on. 01:14:45
Facts and data rather than anecdotal opinion, and provides us a framework that we can continue to adapt over time. Ideally, we can 01:14:48
use this over the course of. 01:14:54
Time beyond which we serve on this Commission, so it has the potential to live on. 01:15:01
So I I feel as though it's it's a great opportunity. 01:15:08
Commissioner Bernardi and then Commissioner Marquez. 01:15:11
I've gone through several strategies. 01:15:15
Strategic planning processes with various organizations. 01:15:17
This is a huge project. It is. 01:15:20
So my suggestion is that you have a constant of three. 01:15:23
But that you assign different parts of this to to each of us to gather information and bring it to your subcommittee. 01:15:27
So that we are involved in some way. 01:15:35
Because for you, for three of you to do all of this, you're going to be burned down. Yeah. Yeah, no, I I agree. I think that the 01:15:37
the approach here and the limitations that we. 01:15:42
And. 01:15:47
We have. 01:15:48
Based off of Roberts rules, we were gonna need to figure out a work around. I also would like to and have spoken with. 01:15:49
Commissioner McMurdo. 01:15:55
About having being sure that we're including the various business districts to make sure that we're including the CDB. 01:15:56
And the Chamber and others, there was a question around, you know, public feedback as well. Perhaps we have a representative from 01:16:04
the public. 01:16:08
Involved So. 01:16:12
We we need to discuss this in a more open and free environment where we can ask these questions and then come back and make a 01:16:15
recommendation. 01:16:19
One idea is to put each task on an agenda so that. 01:16:23
The information shared can be shared with everyone since it's an open meeting. 01:16:28
And then yeah. 01:16:33
In her UH Markowitz Yeah, I. 01:16:35
I was just going. 01:16:38
My thought went away. The first thing that somebody had said about planning for the future. I I I really agree because things 01:16:39
change so abruptly and so quickly. I used to be a sound engineer. I worked in a recording studio for a long time, and we'd. 01:16:45
Find the best piece of equipment that we wanted to order and we get it with brand new state-of-the-art. 01:16:52
By the time we put it in the equipment rack. 01:16:58
It was obsolete. 01:17:00
That was point #1. The other point I have is I think it would be advisable. 01:17:02
For this board right now, obviously the big question is Roberts rules and how we do that and I would think the wisest thing rather 01:17:07
than we all seem to be aligned by what we want to do. 01:17:13
I would think maybe I'll make a motion that we table this item. 01:17:20
The next meeting and between now and then, those questions we have about Roberts Rules of order can be determined by city staff 01:17:24
and then it comes to us and then we can assign the Commission and then we can figure out how it can all work. 01:17:30
Rather than trying to put things together and then maybe have it. 01:17:36
Hit a wall. 01:17:40
So I would recommend that we do that. Maybe table this. 01:17:41
Our next meeting? 01:17:45
We can get the question answered with the cooperation from the city staff. 01:17:46
Thank you. 01:17:49
Any further comments Commission? 01:17:51
I'm. 01:17:53
Sorry. Yeah, I think she was. 01:17:53
Space. 01:17:55
Yeah, just a quick comment. 01:17:59
It would be a lovely opportunity to invite members of the public to be on the various subcommittees or in the serial phases of the 01:18:01
one committee. However it ends up working out because there are lots of different perspectives and there are retired CEO's and 01:18:08
CFO's locally and, you know, kind of a richness actually in our. 01:18:16
The citizens of Pacific Grove that it would be wonderful to tap into. 01:18:24
And work together with. 01:18:28
Idea of. 01:18:31
Of harnessing the. 01:18:32
Community. 01:18:33
To be a part of this, Commissioner. 01:18:34
Yeah, I mean, I think everybody's. 01:18:36
Thoughts are. 01:18:38
You know, building on one, on another is that that's what we're here for. 01:18:39
And I agree also that the. 01:18:44
You know, we have a lot of talent here. I don't see hiring consultants to do the work. But we don't need another bare hands. We 01:18:46
are the bare hands. 01:18:50
There's a plenty of data to HDFS access to because they were contractor to the city. 01:18:55
And other areas around business licenses and things like that. So they they have access to that data already. We should mind the 01:18:59
data that we already have. 01:19:02
So I'm in favor of that also. 01:19:06
I would too also like if there. 01:19:09
Depending on how you go with the subcommittees. 01:19:11
It's one of the reasons I joined. I don't join a lot of boards and commissions. I haven't done this. 01:19:13
In a while because some areas were run nonprofit boards and other and other things, but I took this on. 01:19:18
Knowing that this would probably come up and wanted to be part of the process, so I'd be very. 01:19:24
Eager to be part of this? I'm willing and available. I'll show up if you need somebody to spend some shoe leather walking up down 01:19:29
the street or organizing a town hall meeting, which is another way to go and we can invite people here, but I think at some point. 01:19:35
It would really be cool. Maybe we'd do it at the movie theater. We wear pink shirts and. 01:19:42
You know, invite people to to tell us you know how they're doing it. As a business, we have a theme for the day. 01:19:46
And couple hours. Maybe provide some drinks to loosen things up and. 01:19:52
And but but get some real input from people who are experiencing. 01:19:56
You know, real stuff. Every day 2 Two other comments I I think there's a difference between Roberts Rules of Order and the Brown 01:19:59
Act and I think the city. 01:20:04
Kind of pays attention to Roberts Rules of Order, but the Brown Act is really what defines. 01:20:08
How many people can be on a committee or a subcommittee and or we have to be 1 member under the quorum, so that means the 01:20:13
subcommittee can be 3-2 or even one if I understand it right. 01:20:18
So we need to do pay attention to the Brown Act. We're not in violation of the of the public trust. 01:20:23
And, and and the last thing is that, you know, I've heard different methodologies and I think they're all good. 01:20:29
This is a big project and I'm a big fan of doing things. 01:20:35
In parallel, not necessarily doing things in sequence, right? So maybe there's a number of subcommittees, subcommittees and we 01:20:39
report to the chairman. 01:20:43
Who organizes the data? But there are a number. I think somebody said there were four or five topic areas. So you have finance, 01:20:47
you have marketing, you have asset you can go through. They're all right here at the beginning of Liz's document. 01:20:54
And maybe we break it up into four or five different groups and they don't have to be phased in at the same time. But I wouldn't 01:21:00
expect 2 subcommittees going at the same time or perhaps on different topics. 01:21:05
And so I think we'll have a different expertise in a different area of mine. 01:21:10
Is, you know, I spent 40 years doing consulting. 01:21:15
In big businesses, small businesses, family business, retail, doing almost exactly this this sort of thing. That doesn't make me 01:21:18
an expert, that doesn't make me qualified for this particular thing, but. 01:21:23
Yeah, there's there's a Commission of annuity. We've been through the mill a few times and. 01:21:29
And we know sometimes what you know what with experience where you can get into trouble and where you can make efficiencies. So 01:21:33
that's where I think I can add to the. 01:21:37
To the process, so. 01:21:41
I don't know where we go next, but this has got to you know what I would like to see. 01:21:43
Is some sort of an outline what we maybe what we would do next to plan? 01:21:49
Phased out in, in, in, in, and and then we get to work, you know, because as you said, no, Mr. Chairman, this is gonna take a 01:21:53
while. 01:21:57
You know, I don't want to hang around doing this for too long. I want to go with the thing. So let's let's get to work. 01:22:01
And I'm. I'm. I'm in. Let's do it, Can I? 01:22:07
Question mark, please. 01:22:11
I would like to make a motion. 01:22:12
Let me. 01:22:14
Table this discussion. 01:22:15
Of this committee information of it until city staff. 01:22:17
And take a look at the legalities of it and how we can plan it the best that serves the city. 01:22:20
That's what we do and we don't run into anything. So I that's my motion that we table this to our next meeting. 01:22:25
OK. 01:22:32
We have a motion on the floor. I second it. 01:22:33
OK. 01:22:36
Let's go ahead and take a roll call vote on that motion. 01:22:40
Chair Markowitz. 01:22:43
Yes. 01:22:47
Chair. 01:22:48
Commissioner Venuti, yes. 01:22:49
Bye. 01:22:52
Commissioner Gibbs. 01:22:53
Can I just make sure I understand what the what we're voting on, what's the, what is actually the motion so we won't take any 01:22:55
action on anything until. 01:22:59
All we want to do is. 01:23:06
Questions were raised about the makeup of the subcommittee. How many people are we violating? Roberts, Rules of Order or the 01:23:08
Brown? None of us know that. 01:23:12
City staff does. So before we make any decisions about what direction we go and who's gonna do it. 01:23:16
Let's get everything in a line. Let them come back at the next meeting and say this is what we can do. Great. Then we plug it in 01:23:23
and then people can, yeah, we can do two people here. We can do three people here. That way we can determine exactly what we can 01:23:29
do to move forward. But we can't do it before we get this information. 01:23:35
So I would just ask is, is Mr. Purick around right now? 01:23:41
What? 01:23:45
Around like. 01:23:46
No, he's not attending the meeting. Yeah, but yeah, can we get him on the phone and ask him this question and we can resolve this 01:23:48
right now so we can move on. 01:23:52
I'm just curious. I don't know. 01:23:56
Sure. I mean, I would just. 01:23:58
Recommend if I may. 01:24:01
That. 01:24:03
I I do think you could just rather than table like continue this to a date certain which would be the next meeting. We can 01:24:05
definitely contact contact our. 01:24:09
City attorney and have that information for you. It is past five and they are, they do stop working. We did have a City Council 01:24:14
last night as well with our city attorneys, so that's what I would recommend. I would also say that it sounds like you had several 01:24:21
ideas here going on that you weren't really quite certain on those recommendations from what I've heard. One is that you either 01:24:27
have continuous. 01:24:34
Uh. 01:24:42
Participation on that board or on that subcommittee? Another idea I heard was that you had multiple you you traded off in the 01:24:43
subcommittee. 01:24:48
You can have an ad hoc subcommittees. 01:24:53
Technically are sort of ad hoc, so you could have a subcommittee for three months and then switch up the membership. That's I 01:24:56
think what we're talking about here. We really don't need to go back to the city attorney because you could. 01:25:02
Define the terms of that subcommittee without. 01:25:09
Violating the Brown Act. 01:25:13
So. 01:25:16
I I do think you are able to. 01:25:17
Say decide. Is it I heard? 01:25:20
Continuous participation, I heard. What I did here is that maybe including the public or members of the public in the 01:25:24
subcommittee, that was another idea, something I heard as an idea. 01:25:29
So I think you have a little more to. 01:25:35
Determine on forming what it is you exactly. 01:25:38
Weren't. And then I do think if we would, if you do want to include members of the public, we could. 01:25:42
Ask about that on the subcommittee. 01:25:48
And to ensure that we. 01:25:52
You know who are the members of the public and. 01:25:54
And what? 01:25:56
You know, how would they provide input? 01:25:58
When are the meetings going to be? What is that versus a public meeting? So I think all of those would be questions. Maybe you 01:26:00
still wanna work out. I do think you could say no, we do wanna go on a continuous. 01:26:06
Or we want to have a a. 01:26:11
Change the membership of the subcommittee every three months. 01:26:13
But you could say that probably right now and it would be, we'll make sure that's OK and and move on that way. 01:26:17
Yeah. And and I apologize, I I. 01:26:23
Went ahead and. 01:26:26
Move forward with a vote before opening up the. 01:26:27
Before we continue, I. I. 01:26:35
Do have one question which is that? 01:26:37
Umm. 01:26:40
The IT seems to me that there there's still an opportunity, rather than holding and waiting for answers. 01:26:41
To create a subcommittee that can review a recommendation on the. 01:26:48
Format of this strategic document. 01:26:53
And perhaps work with city staff to get the answers that we're looking for. 01:26:57
Versus. 01:27:02
Just simply tabling this conversation until our next meeting. 01:27:03
That's right. 01:27:10
Would that? 01:27:12
So I mean, if I'm understanding you right, I think that. 01:27:13
I don't know what kind of time frame that would take. Like is that a subcommittee we could form right now to then get? 01:27:16
Get those answers that would then be presented at the next meeting, like I'm thinking let's get to work, right. OK, So that would 01:27:22
be like a one month subcommittee just to. 01:27:26
Discuss further subcommittees. 01:27:30
Yes, perfect. This is getting very hairy. But yeah, I mean, I think that makes sense and doesn't seem to be. 01:27:34
Too complicated. Legally so. 01:27:43
I mean and it's. 01:27:47
It's something rather than just kicking the can down the road, I guess. 01:27:48
Commissioner Vice Chair Jacobs. 01:27:53
Yeah. Thank you, so. 01:27:55
What I'm getting is that we would like to, if possible, have two subcommittees running in parallel. 01:27:59
So that's. 01:28:04
I think the. 01:28:05
The top sorry, just one. One subcommittee to review a recommendation on. 01:28:07
The formation of a strategic plan, which is what format to use. Super metaphysical? Yes, totally so. And then also identifying the 01:28:13
best process at which to have participants for. 01:28:19
The subsequent right but I but what I'm hearing is there's some. 01:28:25
Traction for the idea that eventually this we we would probably have two groups working in parallel rather than that's. 01:28:31
Well, that would be determined by the 1st TBD. I get it. OK, I know, Yeah, a little confusing. But again, just looking at how we 01:28:39
can actually move forward. 01:28:43
As quickly as possible towards this goal. 01:28:50
Commissioner Richmond. 01:28:52
I'm just curious if there's already something in place like within. 01:28:54
Our boards and commissions, when you have to choose someone from the public or when you want to to be part of the subcommittee, 01:28:59
I'm not sure if there's already something in place or we just kind of figure it out in this first subcommittee. So I guess I'm 01:29:03
just curious. 01:29:07
If there's already. 01:29:12
Away we go about that because I do think having someone from the public would be a really big asset, so I just want to make sure. 01:29:13
If that's something that this subcommittee has to figure out, or if there's already something, I don't know. 01:29:19
I think it would be. 01:29:24
Yeah. 01:29:25
OK, so. 01:29:27
Process question we have, we have a motion on the floor. 01:29:30
OK. Thank you, Commissioner Marquez. OK. 01:29:37
If I may, then I I will make a motion I would like to. 01:29:40
Propose A subcommittee to. 01:29:45
Review the best practices for forming A strategic plan to bring forward to the Council over an. 01:29:48
And determined period of time. 01:29:57
And also the. 01:29:59
Process in which we can have multiple participants. 01:30:03
Within that subcommittee to to. 01:30:07
Put forth the best recommendation possible. 01:30:11
And. 01:30:17
I believe. 01:30:22
The participants in that subcommittee, we can. 01:30:25
Vote on after the motion or do I need to name? 01:30:28
Subcommittee participants in my motion. 01:30:32
Chair Atman I would. 01:30:36
Name your ears, participants in the subcommittee now and make the most of his choice. OK Well, we're still talking about your 01:30:39
motion or or. Yeah, we can have a discussion over the motion. Sure. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I'm just. I I guess I'm a little. 01:30:46
Confused here about what the process is the. 01:30:54
City Council met last night. This is an example. And they had a subcommittee. 01:30:57
Right. And the subcommittee was predefined. There were three people on the subcommittee. They were defined at the previous 01:31:02
meeting. 01:31:05
So that there was public comment and people could digest. 01:31:08
Who was going to be on the subcommittee? And then they voted. 01:31:11
On the final members of that subcommittee subcommittee last night. So I'm a little confused. Are we? 01:31:14
Are you nominating the subcommittee yourself and then that's that's going to be that's my question to staff so, so, so yes, I I am 01:31:20
OK And then that would be open for public comment and considered that the next EDC meeting. 01:31:27
No, that's not how it typically goes. We like other committees and boards form subcommittees. 01:31:35
During the meeting without public comment. 01:31:43
You're. 01:31:48
Sorry Chair, and you have this item right now for decision and discussion and part of your decision. 01:31:48
On this item is to form a subcommittee and appoint members, correct? 01:31:56
And so for the subcommittee to determine. 01:32:02
The next steps for this recommendation I will nominate. 01:32:06
Vice Chair Jacobs, if you were interested because you brought forward this recommendation. 01:32:11
Yeah. Thank you. I'm honored. 01:32:16
And I will nominate Commissioner Gibbs. 01:32:17
To participate. 01:32:21
Thank you. 01:32:23
OK, so the motion is now on the floor for vote. 01:32:24
Seconded. 01:32:29
Mr. Bennett. 01:32:32
Your microphones on. 01:32:33
I think Kelsey would be a fabulous addition. For the reasons that she stayed in, I'm surprised she's not considered. 01:32:35
We can only have three. 01:32:41
Who's the third you? 01:32:44
I see consistency. 01:32:47
I could recuse myself and have Kelsey. That's actually fine I. 01:32:49
But again, I wonder if you and Liz can, I wonder if you and Liz can alternate on terms of attendance and then that would just be 01:32:54
for one month. This is to bring back, I see the recommendation for the strategic plan, OK. 01:33:01
OK. Yeah. And then the larger? 01:33:08
Conversation would be hopefully including all of us, so we don't have to limit that. 01:33:11
OK, that's my, but my point is. 01:33:17
One all one solution is to have you and Liz Co chairing. 01:33:19
One of you attend. 01:33:25
Commissioner Gibbs and then Kelsey as well. 01:33:28
So that you're not both not there at the same time. 01:33:31
I think this is probably. 01:33:35
Probably one meeting. 01:33:37
Oh I see. Ohh OK friend. Yeah, I mean for for question, but I think it's probably one I mean hopefully we were able to move 01:33:38
forward with this quickly because it's it's. 01:33:43
There's a small logical number of. 01:33:49
Ideas. And we'll bring them to you guys. 01:33:52
Sorry, there's a there's only a few logical alternatives that I think would be possible, so we'll bring them to you guys and. 01:33:55
Have it out and you better be at the next meeting so we can get your input so. 01:34:04
If that's. 01:34:11
Like that's how I see it working. 01:34:12
You know that we value everyone's opinion very much, so we will. 01:34:15
Try to get everyone's opinion eventually. 01:34:19
OK, so we have a motion on the floor. 01:34:22
We have the 2nd. 01:34:25
OK. 01:34:29
Chair upman. 01:34:29
Aye. 01:34:31
Commissioner Hoops. 01:34:32
Aye. 01:34:33
Commissioner Richmond. 01:34:34
Aye. 01:34:36
Commissioner Markowitz. 01:34:37
Vice Chair Jacobs. 01:34:39
Aye. 01:34:41
Commissioner Venuti I. 01:34:42
And Commissioner Gibbs. 01:34:43
Yes. 01:34:45
Passes 70 to form a subcommittee consisting of Chair Upman, Vice Chair, Jacobs, and Commissioner. 01:34:46
Hoops to report back to the September EDC? Sorry to report back to the September EDC meeting and with. 01:34:53
And. 01:35:02
Staffs assistance, we will get the answers to the questions. 01:35:03
Thank you for working through this with us. Sorry Chair, and if I may. 01:35:08
Laurel could work with the subcommittee as a staff liaison to assist. 01:35:14
With answering any questions during SO, I would recommend that you have a staff liaison there. Absolutely, yes. Yeah, at all 01:35:20
times. Thank you. 01:35:25
OK. That brings us to good of the order unfinished ongoing business. 01:35:30
We've reserved this portion for commissioners to make recommendations for future agenda items. I see no reason why we can't have 01:35:35
new agenda items while this. 01:35:39
Strategic plan is being. 01:35:43
Developed because, frankly, we are. 01:35:45
Going to take some time as we go through this process. There are three that I have on my list that I just want to make sure that 01:35:48
we have on the record. The 1st is the business needs survey results. 01:35:53
Ideally we'd like to see that prior to the next meeting if possible. 01:35:58
The second is a review of the fiscal year 2324 budget. I would like to make sure that we have an opportunity to review that for 01:36:03
discussion as well. 01:36:08
And then lastly I have this on my records. However I think that perhaps it is. 01:36:13
Umm. 01:36:20
Something that could line up with the strategic plan we had previously asked HDL for. Avoid analysis. 01:36:21
Of the properties that we have so that we can address some of the vacancies. 01:36:27
Avoid analysis of the vacant properties that we currently have. 01:36:31
But that may later up into this region plan. 01:36:34
Are there any other? 01:36:37
Umm. 01:36:39
Agenda items that would like to be considered. 01:36:40
Please. 01:36:46
Uh. 01:36:47
Yeah. 01:36:48
I have one I'd like to bring and I can. I can send it out, but it's. 01:36:49
Have an idea for? 01:36:53
Basically a larger digital based marketing. 01:36:58
Plan or project for for the city. 01:37:04
Essentially using. 01:37:09
A media company that we would hire to to produce. 01:37:12
Content, whether that's, you know, short videos, sort of sort of a commercial biography type. 01:37:16
Uh. 01:37:26
Video about a business or point of interest or anything in town. 01:37:28
That we could then use on the Pick PG website. 01:37:33
It'd be public private partnership in the sense that we would ask, you know businesses to. 01:37:37
Pay some amount of money in the city would subsidize that for the production of said content, and then it would be free use of the 01:37:43
content to the business, of course. So they could use it on their social media if they want to run a TV spot or what have you. 01:37:48
And the real idea being that this. 01:37:55
Then. 01:37:57
Could be hosted on the Pick PG website, so it beefs up our Pick PG website to to enhance business and and traffic there. 01:37:58
And then also you could have fix. 01:38:06
Um, some sort of like QR code or scannable thing either in. 01:38:09
You know, paper literature that's passed out or even actually to the facades of buildings to so as people are walking through 01:38:14
town. 01:38:17
They could walk by a business and go, ohh, what's this art gallery all about? Or what's this jeweler story? Or what's up with 01:38:21
Captain Stoker? And it would immediately take them to a video of. 01:38:25
Kelsey talking about where she gets her beans from and things like this. So you know this is like. 01:38:29
Kind of a thing, but it it it's not just about. 01:38:35
Restaurant which I think this. 01:38:39
Commission is kind of accused of a little bit is it's like very restaurant focused. This could apply to even. 01:38:41
You know, if the city wanted to kick in funds to do one for the Natural History Museum or for City Hall or for what have you. But 01:38:46
I mean, this applies just as equally to art galleries and Jewelers and whatever as it does to yoga studios and restaurants. So the 01:38:52
idea being if someone comes into town, I mean the idea that sparked it for me is, is someone comes into town Friday night late, 01:38:58
everything's closed. You know, they're they get in at 9:00 PM. 01:39:04
They wake up in the morning, They grab some Captain and Stoker coffee. They're walking through town. Everything is still closed. 01:39:11
And they walked by restaurant go, what's this about? Well, they we have basically built in. You know they could scan a thing right 01:39:16
on the facade of the restaurant and be taken to a story about that restaurant. And hey, we make all our own pasta or this or that. 01:39:22
And it's, you know we basically build our own internal version of. 01:39:27
Yelp, you know or or Google or OpenTable or whatever it is. And and and removing the thing of like someone walking by. 01:39:33
Wild fish. 01:39:41
And saying ohh seafood sounds good tonight and going to Yelp and typing in seafood restaurant and finding not only wild fish and 01:39:42
passion fish but. 01:39:46
Starting factory or fish hopper or anything else that's you know out of Pacific Grove, so. 01:39:51
It's not in essence to compete with the obviously digital giants, but it's it's a way to create content that is free use of the 01:39:56
business. 01:40:01
Great for the town that is kind of low impact on on. 01:40:06
The actual facade of the town, but then can be used for literature in the chamber. Pick PG Social media. 01:40:09
Any like any form so. 01:40:16
That was the idea. I don't know if I'm clarifying it well, but I have it a little more fleshed out kind of on paper, so. 01:40:19
We'll probably see that pop up. Maybe. 01:40:25
Next meeting or something, We can talk about it more. 01:40:28
Yeah. 01:40:30
Any further agenda items that anyone would like to question Richmond? 01:40:32
I feel like we've talked about this a few times and I keep thinking it's going to come up and then it doesn't. The summer music 01:40:36
series thing and there was something that you guys figured out, but then it never came up again. 01:40:42
Yeah, the Shataka Hall. So I really, I don't want that conversation to end. So I would really like to talk about that because at 01:40:50
this point we're probably planning for next year already. So I would love to talk more about that. 01:40:56
And. 01:41:03
Is it just agenda items or can I make comments? OK, so I'll hold off on my other. 01:41:04
Little. 01:41:08
Inquiries, I guess I'd call them. 01:41:10
For next meeting at this time, Yes. OK, no worries. That's all then. Thank you. 01:41:12
OK, anyone further? 01:41:18
Yeah, yes. 01:41:21
Mr. Vice Chair Jacobs, I'm sorry. Yeah. I answer to anything. So I'm. 01:41:22
Uh. 01:41:28
Really curious to know about. 01:41:29
The general concept of. 01:41:33
Grants for Pacific Grove because there's so many grand opportunities on the federal, the state and the county level, and I don't. 01:41:36
Understand if there is. 01:41:47
Already in place a channel for communicating these things and. 01:41:49
I I think if there's not, it would be a great idea that we do have some kind of systematic way to. 01:41:55
Sort of funnel in information to whoever might need to know about it. 01:42:02
So just just as another infrastructure for the city to help it be more, you know, make it be easier to access funds that that's 01:42:07
available and there's you know so many amazing opportunities and so many different sectors like could there be a place where it's. 01:42:16
Disseminated so that you know, we can all be mavens and try to hook up the right people with the right funding opportunities and. 01:42:24
Yeah, that's just, yeah. Thank you. Yeah, I think that plays off of our communications goal certainly. OK, if we can add that for 01:42:33
conversation as well, any further agenda items that we'd like to discuss at this time? 01:42:38
Mr. Gibbs. 01:42:45
I mean, I like all the ideas, just just to comment on these generally. 01:42:48
So the grants? Digital marketing. You know, music series. 01:42:51
And you know these would be great items as part of the somewhere in the strategic plan, particularly when we're when we're talking 01:42:55
to people in the city, right. 01:42:59
So these things pop up here, and then they're they're popping up for a reason. 01:43:03
And so these would be, to me, rise to the top of the list of things that we'd want to know. 01:43:07
When we're, you know, coming in with the public and saying, hey, you know what? What makes a difference to you when you visit as a 01:43:12
tourist, as a business person, as a resident? 01:43:15
And I think Mr. Clitty, Councilman Coletti reminded us last time that we are. 01:43:19
Basically a city of residences. We're we're a city of families. We're a city of homes. 01:43:23
And I was over in Carmel a week or so ago and talking to a couple of Realtors and they reminded me that the. 01:43:27
Number of vacation homes that sit empty and Carmel are significantly higher than. I'm not saying we don't have them here, we do. 01:43:33
It's an issue, but significantly higher here. So when people come here I think we've all felt this and Mr. Commissioner Hoops. 01:43:39
Other people have said we come here, as you know. 01:43:46
Commissioner Richmond, this word, they wanted to be there because they liked the feel. 01:43:49
And like what's going on? And so for me any item that we had to this would be. 01:43:53
And I think Commissioner Booty missions last time what is specific girl really what what is our. 01:43:58
You know, what is our picture? What should that be? And I think the digital marketing is part of that and I would like to see that 01:44:03
also on. 01:44:06
On the agenda because Mr. Tuminello is now gone. Brought this up. You know, our biggest asset is sitting right out here. You can 01:44:09
walk 4 miles from the aquarium all the way to Solamar pretty much unobstructed. I I have been up and down the West Coast. I've 01:44:16
never found another place from British you know from the Vancouver down to Baha where you can do anything like that. 01:44:22
And it is, it is an out and I think sometimes we take it for credit. I mean we take it for. 01:44:29
You know, we just it's already there. I can see that my window from my front yard. 01:44:34
But other people come in. They're awed by this. 01:44:38
And they go, you live in a great place. So let's find out what those great place things are and and raise them up in a digital 01:44:40
marketing program and interview people who, including tourists, who really love coming here and why they love coming here. That's 01:44:44
a very powerful message. Thank you. 01:44:49
Commissioner Jacobs. 01:44:53
Yeah, I would I I take on board that you would like an agenda item about you know identity of Pacific Grove. I would rather pose 01:44:55
it as a question rather than a statement because. 01:45:01
On the other hand, I I know people that have. 01:45:07
Rejected living other places they want to live in Pacific Grove because of the character looks like a village that there is 01:45:09
actually a center a commercial center and. 01:45:13
It's a. 01:45:19
It it can't be full of empty shop fronts. In order to be a lovely place to be, it needs to be vibrant and there needs to be, you 01:45:21
know, in any village you have your village cinema, you have your village local neighbourhood restaurants, you have your coffee 01:45:26
shops, you have whatever, so I think. 01:45:31
That you know you may find someone who feels that the Needle lands on homes and residences. You may find other people where the 01:45:37
Needle lands on village like atmosphere. You might you know it's let's let's leave it open as a question chair if I may. I feel 01:45:44
like this should be something that should be agendized for discussion. I agree. And you're not giving the public a chance to speak 01:45:50
on all these discussion items that you're. 01:45:56
All going into right now, so I would recommend that in the next agenda. 01:46:03
You agendize further. 01:46:09
Agenda items for discussion. 01:46:11
Because you're kind of opening it up for a lot of discussion and and it should have some public comment. 01:46:14
So I would just recommend that. 01:46:20
I think also just made me thinking about a strategic plan and you know what you. 01:46:23
Would like to accomplish over the year because everybody's bringing up quite a bit of items that. 01:46:28
Sounds like everybody wants to go through and again I think. 01:46:32
Edge you, Commissioner Venuti, you kind of said that like all these items are big and things you want to accomplish. And anyway, 01:46:36
that's the that's I just wanted to. 01:46:40
Say that I think, I think a lot of it also is based in that plan as well. So yes. 01:46:46
OK. So in terms of agenda items, we just have to be very specific. So if there's a recommended agenda item? 01:46:51
This is about something you mentioned you talked about. 01:46:59
The survey results, budget review and avoidance stores what I also would and this is something. 01:47:02
I'm sorry to keep harping on this, I keep asking the same question. 01:47:08
And the city cannot give an answer. I wanna find out why I have to pay a $3.50 service charge to get my own money out of my own 01:47:12
bank because the bank left. 01:47:16
And I have to go someplace else. I harp on this every time. And I ask the chamber. I asked. I asked City Maple what the Hell's 01:47:21