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Yes. 00:00:06
Wait till 6:00. 00:00:20
OK. 00:00:30
Alrighty, the 6:00 PM I am Steven Lilly and I will call to order this. 00:00:34
July 13th, 2023 Regular meeting of the Pacific Grove Planning Commissioner. 00:00:39
Commission Mr. Campbell, would you please call the roll? 00:00:44
Yes, Sir, Chair Lily. 00:00:48
A present chair, Murphy. 00:00:51
Commissioner Frederickson. 00:00:54
Here, Commissioner Sawyer. 00:00:55
Commissioner Davison. 00:00:58
Here, Commissioner Kuka. 00:00:59
Commissioner Nizki. 00:01:02
All present. 00:01:05
We have a quorum. 00:01:06
Thank you. 00:01:07
Mr. Campbell, So we have a quorum this evening. It's good to see everybody. 00:01:09
As we usually say, this meeting is being conducted under the revised rules of. 00:01:14
Mandates of AB2449. Besides our meeting in chambers, we have a virtual or zoom participation and therefore a hybrid format. 00:01:20
The webinar ID and toll free numbers are on the agenda phase sheet, as always when the host opens the proceedings for public 00:01:30
comment. 00:01:33
Those wishing to speak via Zoom should press Star 9 to raise your hand. 00:01:37
And then store 6 to a mute when recognized. 00:01:42
Before we continue further, let me remind you, including myself, that we must all speak directly into our microphones so that our 00:01:46
equipment can properly or is. 00:01:51
That also means we need to make sure they're on. 00:01:56
Also, when we raise our hands to speak as I, as chair, will continue to recognize you as I have in the past. 00:02:00
And state your name and I do that. 00:02:06
The reason for doing that is architectural drawings and PowerPoint presentations often block out visibility of our Commission. 00:02:08
On the web and for video recording and so for those who are unfamiliar with the sound of our respective voices. 00:02:16
It isn't impossible to know who is speaking and so saying the names. 00:02:23
I think gets us around that that issue and it's clear who was speaking about a specific issue. 00:02:27
Now we come to our agenda #3. 00:02:34
Does anyone have any changes to the agenda? 00:02:37
Commissioner Sawyer. 00:02:40
I would like to pull 9A and move it to seven A please. 00:02:41
Nine, eight to seven a that would be the. 00:02:48
Presentation on the Not a presentation, but the report of the housing and. 00:02:51
General plan. Is that correct? 00:02:57
Are there any other? 00:03:00
Or not motions? Are there any other changes that might be proposed? 00:03:05
If not, then can I have a motion to approve the agenda if? 00:03:11
Believe that might be an amended motion. It depends who makes the motion. 00:03:17
Commissioner Frederickson, I move to accept the amended agenda agenda. All right, so. 00:03:29
Commission is there second to that motion. 00:03:34
All right, So Commissioner, Frederickson moved that we accept the amended agenda seconded by. 00:03:37
Commissioner Kubica. 00:03:43
So is there any discussion about this? 00:03:45
Vice Chair Murphy. I'm sorry to report I I don't understand what. 00:03:50
The Commissioner, sorry, meant by pulling the items. 00:03:54
I just meant to move it to 7A from 9-8 to 7A. 00:03:58
Say thank you. 00:04:03
For understanding Commissioner Frederick, what I understood what you mean. Thank you. 00:04:05
OK. 00:04:09
So if everyone understands the motion, if there's no further discussion? 00:04:10
Then. 00:04:15
Mr. Campbell, would you please call the roll? 00:04:17
Commissioner Fredrickson. 00:04:20
Aye. 00:04:23
Commissioner Kubica. 00:04:24
I. 00:04:26
I'm going to chair Lilly. 00:04:27
Vice Chair Murphy. 00:04:30
Aye. 00:04:32
Commissioner Sawyer. 00:04:33
Commissioner Davison. 00:04:36
Aye. 00:04:37
Commissioner Muszynski. 00:04:39
Unanimous vote all. 00:04:42
So the motion to approve the agenda is amended moving. 00:04:45
Item seven or nine, eight to the beginning of seven is passed with seven eyes and no nose. 00:04:48
So we now come to Commission and staff announcements. 00:04:55
And. 00:04:59
I wanna skip ahead the discretion of the chair. 00:05:01
To staff announcements and specifically to legal counsel. 00:05:05
And that would be. 00:05:09
Gregory Rubens. 00:05:11
Mr. Rubens, thank you, Mr. Chair and members of the. 00:05:13
Commission. 00:05:17
I think the reason for moving my announcement to the head of the agenda is because it's. 00:05:18
Fairly significant I am. 00:05:25
Gonna be leaving Pacific Grove and the Berkeley Lamson. 00:05:28
Law firm to take. 00:05:33
A position with the City of San Carlos as their first in-house city attorney. 00:05:35
And so. 00:05:40
The we're the I understand that there's some. 00:05:42
Some discussion with the council about an appropriate replacement assistant attorney. So you'll you'll have another Assistant City 00:05:47
attorney at your next meeting. 00:05:50
But it's been my pleasure working in Pacific Grove and meeting all of you. I I always, I always say I appreciate all the contacts 00:05:55
and and people that I've met over the years including the staff and. 00:06:00
Commissioners and the Council here. 00:06:06
Um, so it's since this will be my last meeting representing you, but I'm here for a couple more weeks until I leave for my full 00:06:08
time position, so you can still reach out to me for the next few weeks until the 30th of. 00:06:15
July. 00:06:23
And again been great working here. 00:06:24
But I think I you might not know that I've been the city attorney as a part time contract, city attorney in Saint Carlos for 15 00:06:28
years. So, so they've decided to get more of my time. 00:06:33
Well, thank you. We'll miss you and and congratulations on your your job. I know there's a lot of things going on in San Carlos 00:06:41
based on some of the conversations we've had. So that sounds like a good move for you. 00:06:46
So with that, then I'll get back to the regular portion of our meeting as it relates to announcements. 00:06:53
By the Commission. Are there any announcements from Commission members? 00:07:02
Commissioner Sawyer. 00:07:06
I always have announcements. 00:07:08
So my first announcement and I'm hoping that. OK. Thank you. 00:07:10
And I appreciate that I did write another letter to the Council in regards to the. 00:07:16
Sand dunes. 00:07:22
In the great tide pool. 00:07:25
They have made some progress fixing things there, but there are. 00:07:28
Issues that still remain outstanding and there are some significant hazards that continue. 00:07:32
And if we could have the photos, I would appreciate that and I'll just talk about them. 00:07:38
This is one of the areas of the sand dunes that, as you can see, has been very trampled. 00:07:43
And there are tide streams, lupins in there which are very very rare. 00:07:49
Next slide please. 00:07:54
Another example of how people, I mean they there's nothing preventing them from going on to the sand dunes and they're very, very 00:07:56
fragile. 00:08:00
Next slide. 00:08:04
And this is a picture of a sign that was. 00:08:06
On the other side of the sand dunes which we could readily put on the. 00:08:12
Oceanside of the sand dunes and also place some. 00:08:17
All ballards with wires to prevent people from walking on Sanders And then the last slide please. 00:08:22
This is where the trail drops off. 00:08:29
Right above, right near the Great Tide Pool. 00:08:34
Umm. 00:08:38
It was supposedly fixed, but as you can see there remains a significant drop off. 00:08:41
I have watched people struggle to get down this. It's very slippery and it is steep and for me. 00:08:46
I don't think it's adequate and so that too needs to be fixed. 00:08:53
Thank you. 00:08:58
Then my next announcement. 00:09:00
I had some questions because it seemed like we had some outstanding projects and I was just wondering if I could. 00:09:03
Pose the questions out there to see where are they. 00:09:11
The Title 23 amendments that were made by the Pacific. 00:09:15
By the Planning Commission subcommittee and submitted to CDC in November of 22. 00:09:19
Also, what's happening with the Planning Commission draft policies and procedures? Is it a dead project? Is it? 00:09:26
Viable. 00:09:34
Where are we with the hotel parking ordinance? My understanding is we only need to change a few words in that so. 00:09:35
I'm just hoping we can get to that fairly soon. 00:09:42
Another question is what's happening with the Noah Historic Assessment and the RFP or the RFQ? 00:09:45
To identify and hire a a proper architectural historian. 00:09:53
It feels like it's been just kind of hanging out there. 00:09:58
And lastly, but not least is what is the status of the Coastal Commission grant funding to update our Coastal hazard section of 00:10:02
the LCP? 00:10:07
Did we do that? I thought we did, but I wasn't 100% sure so I thought I would ask. 00:10:12
On that is that part and then. 00:10:18
I'll bore you with just a little bit more. 00:10:21
I attended 4 webinars that the Coastal Commission put on. 00:10:24
They were an hour and a half each. They were fabulous. 00:10:29
June 9th was about Umm. 00:10:34
The Public Trust Lands and the States Land Commission and the Coastal Commission were together presenting that information. It was 00:10:36
very, very. 00:10:41
Interesting. 00:10:45
Then the next on June 20th, was Smart Growth and Environmental Justice. 00:10:47
And that was interesting to see with the coastal commissions take on what smart growth was and I think would fit in very nicely 00:10:52
with what we believe. 00:10:56
June 26 with the Coastal Commission and LCP's and what I found out is there are LCP grant funds to update LCP's. We do need to 00:11:01
update our LCP. 00:11:06
And then the last one was on July 10th. 00:11:12
And that was the Coastal Act in SB-9 and for me that was probably the most interesting of all. 00:11:16
The Coastal Commission presented, as did the HCD. 00:11:22
And what I learned is that SB-9 does not supersede the Coastal Act or the local LCP. I was amazed. 00:11:27
All right, so we do need to update our LCP. 00:11:35
Thank you. That's the end of my announcements. 00:11:38
All right. Thank you. 00:11:41
Vice Chair Murphy, did you start to raise your hand or I did, I was just, I was going to share to announcements on the on the 00:11:43
housing front a couple of weeks ago, the Monterey Bay Economic Partnership. 00:11:49
Released a white paper. 00:11:55
On housing. 00:11:56
I believe the City of Pacific Grove is a is a member of of membership. 00:11:58
It's easy, but easily available on the Monterey Bay Economic Partnership. 00:12:02
A website. 00:12:07
I think it's appropriate for members, for our residents and certainly for commissioners to. 00:12:09
To take a look at it, it's pretty good. It's pretty thoughtful. 00:12:14
And also over the past several weeks, land watch Monterey County. 00:12:17
Has published their formal responses to draft housing elements by the other local cities. 00:12:22
Carmel Seaside. Marina, Salinas. 00:12:30
Sand City. 00:12:33
Among them, they've all released their draft. 00:12:35
The housing element and Land Watch has has as a group that's very interested in housing, has responded. 00:12:37
I think again for members of the public. 00:12:43
And for Commissioners, that would be useful reading. 00:12:46
And again, it's easily available on land. Watch Monterey County website. 00:12:50
Thank you. 00:12:54
Thank you. 00:12:55
Are there any other announcements? 00:12:58
Sure. No Zinski. 00:13:01
Thank you, Chair Lilly. 00:13:03
I attended the June 23rd Planning Commission training. 00:13:05
And that was recommended by the. 00:13:09
Umm. 00:13:13
By the city staff. 00:13:13
And. 00:13:15
I know Andy also was there. I don't know if anybody else but. 00:13:16
It was very helpful. 00:13:21
And. 00:13:22
One of the things I took away from it is they told us to treat the city staff nice. 00:13:24
Also, some time ago I completed a. 00:13:36
Of course. Strong Towns 101. 00:13:39
I don't know if you're familiar with the organization Strong Towns, but it's looking at the finance. It's more of a financial. 00:13:42
Look at towns and how they got where they are and how they decide to do certain projects and so on and so forth. 00:13:49
So it's a nice recommendation that anybody to go take a look at and there's they have a course called Strong Towns 00:13:56
101. I guess you get credit. 00:14:01
You know, the first I got a certificate, you know, sort of stuff, so. 00:14:06
Umm. 00:14:10
That's all my announcements at this time. Thank you. Thank you. 00:14:11
There's no other announcements. I just have a couple of commissioners. Sawyer mentioned 1352 Lighthouse Ave. the hotel parking, 00:14:17
Chapter 23, Code Revisions. 00:14:22
And Planning Commission policies and procedures. I haven't forgotten about any of those things. Given the size of our agenda this 00:14:29
evening, we decided to defer some of that. 00:14:33
I can tell you for example. 00:14:38
The hotel parking matter has an agenda report ready to go. 00:14:41
Because there's only two words that have to be changed in the in the thing, so that's probably. 00:14:47
Simple on his face. Of course, there may not be agreement about what we do with that, but nevertheless, that's why we meet. 00:14:52
So we will be. 00:14:59
Agenda using some of these things in the in the near term. 00:15:02
And our last meeting, the other thing is that our last meeting we had a discussion about. 00:15:05
The cannabis proposed ordinances. 00:15:11
And at the conclusion of our discussion, we decided to hold a special meeting to further review this. 00:15:14
And I asked staff to pull our membership. This still has to be done and that's where that is. So that's not been forgotten either, 00:15:21
so. 00:15:25
With that. 00:15:30
That would conclude. 00:15:33
Commission announcements. Does the staff have any announcements? 00:15:35
As if it's the pleasure of the Chair, I could respond to Commissioner Sawyers. 00:15:43
A comment or question about the LCP grant. 00:15:48
As a staff announcement. 00:15:54
Good. Go ahead. OK. So the LCP grant? 00:15:57
For updating the coastal hazards. 00:16:02
Section of the LCP. 00:16:05
Is in progress. 00:16:07
And the Contra out of the consultant Integral Consulting is under. 00:16:09
Contract and they have been since January. 00:16:15
Of this year. 00:16:18
And they are gathering data. 00:16:20
For that update. 00:16:22
And doing some modeling. 00:16:24
Before they begin drafting. 00:16:29
A new or an updated vulnerability assessment. 00:16:31
And so. 00:16:35
Again, that they're still in data gathering mode. 00:16:38
However, by the end of the summer or early fall, we should have. 00:16:42
Some draft documentation from them. 00:16:46
That would then be brought before. 00:16:49
The City Council and staff and stakeholders who are interested. 00:16:53
To discuss and review. 00:16:57
Thank you. 00:17:00
Any other staff analysis, Mr. Sidor, Mr. Campbell or Miss Kroger? 00:17:05
OK, good. 00:17:10
We already heard our legal announcement. Do you have anymore legal announcements or OK? 00:17:13
We now come to Council liaison announcements. Council Member Colletti, are you with us this evening? 00:17:20
This is name on the list here. 00:17:30
Maybe he's late. 00:17:32
I do not see him. OK, well, maybe. 00:17:36
We'll come back to him later if he comes. All right. We now come to item 5 on our agenda, which would be general public comment. 00:17:40
General public comment Must deal with items. 00:17:48
Subject to the jurisdiction of the city and the Planning Commission, but they're not on the agenda this evening. 00:17:51
This is the time to comment on items in the consent agenda, but only if the speaker does not wish to pull that item. 00:17:57
Comments from the public will be limited to 3 minutes per speaker. 00:18:04
And will not receive Commission consideration or action. 00:18:08
Comments regarding the items on the agenda will be heard at the time of the Commission's consideration of that specific item. 00:18:11
Before we continue, I believe we have several letters and emails in our agenda packet. 00:18:19
They are included in the agenda packet from from pages 7 through 104, so there's quite a bit of correspondence there. 00:18:25
And I'm not going to describe each one like I did last night, however in summary. 00:18:33
There was 27 separate community communications from 8 different people on 15 subjects. 00:18:37
There were also several emails later submitted after the distribution of the agenda package. 00:18:43
And Mr. Campbell. 00:18:49
His. 00:18:52
Probably. I I believe those have been noted in in Debbie Gonzalez's binder. 00:18:54
In the CDD department. 00:18:59
But given the volume of this correspondence, I I will need to ask the Commission what to do about this, and I say that because 00:19:01
people who take the time to write us. 00:19:06
Need to have their. 00:19:11
Concerns addressed with appropriate action. 00:19:13
However, however, we also need to get through a busy agenda such as what we we have this evening. 00:19:15
Therefore. 00:19:21
This is the model over between now, maybe in the next meeting and perhaps we should put this item on the agenda, but. 00:19:23
I I'm interested in your views on this matter. For example, should I continue to name the author, the date and the subject for 00:19:30
each communication as I did at our last meeting? That's very time consuming, though, I have to say. 00:19:36
Should we have a brief report about? 00:19:42
How each letter is referred to the appropriate city committee or department. 00:19:45
And that would be distributed in some kind of report. 00:19:50
At a subsequent meeting. 00:19:53
Knowing that all communications, as I said, are kept in a binder in the Community Development Department by Miss Gonzales. 00:19:56
We want to incorporate. 00:20:02
Copies of all of that in in our. 00:20:04
Accepted minutes. I don't know the answer to these questions. That's the pleasure of this Commission, but I think the system we've 00:20:06
had. 00:20:10
Hasn't always worked and broken down. It seems like the letters just get written and lost and not responded to. 00:20:14
And. 00:20:20
Sometimes subjects are brought up that. 00:20:21
Cannot immediately be responded to. I I understand that, but there's others that are and I'm just concerned that they fall by the 00:20:24
wayside and so that's why I bring this up so. 00:20:28
I suppose if anything, this is was my announcement this evening. 00:20:34
So in any case, would anyone from the audience like to address the Commission? 00:20:38
On matters not on the agenda this evening, Miss Haynes. 00:20:44
Thanks. 00:21:00
I'm hard of hearing, so I didn't understand what happened to item 9A. Could you explain it to me again please? Item 9A was moved 00:21:03
to the beginning of the agenda before item 7A. 00:21:09
Am I correct with that? That's that's what we did. But that puts it on the consent agenda, doesn't it? 00:21:17
Think so. I don't believe that was the intent, if that wasn't the intent, but that's what we do see 70 or 80 it should be. 00:21:23
I should correct it to 8 A Well, how do A? Isn't a consent agenda? 00:21:30
It certainly, it certainly is, Yeah. It's to be a. 00:21:34
So do we need to read? What do we do about the make another motion? 00:21:38
I would just pull it from the consent agenda and then just. 00:21:45
At that time. So you're going to consider it before we'll do that one, OK. 00:21:49
This. 00:21:53
I still don't understand. So. So we we we. 00:21:54
We adopted an agenda that moved item 9A, which was the. 00:21:58
The matter of housing and and general plan update. 00:22:04
To 7A. But we mistakenly did that. 00:22:08
It should have been under 8A, not 7A, because 7A is a consent agenda. 00:22:11
Mr. Rubenstein said we should just pull it from the consent agenda. 00:22:17
And and and then it becomes part of the. 00:22:22
So does this mean that 9:00 AM will still be heard, but it'll be heard after 8:00 AM? Is that what this means? 00:22:26
Before before before. 00:22:35
Ohh, it'll be heard before AA, but it's still on the agenda. 00:22:37
Yes, thank you very much. 00:22:41
And that's. 00:22:43
My mistake for not realizing that. 00:22:44
This is why we have legal counsel here. 00:22:50
Umm. 00:22:53
All right. Well, we are now. I'm thank you, Vice Chair Murphy, for pointing that out. That was. 00:22:55
That's definitely a full part. 00:23:01
On our part, my part, the consent agenda. We're now to the consent agenda on the agenda. 00:23:03
Vice Chair Murphy. Perhaps there was a little comment on online. 00:23:10
Public comment online Yes we do. We have a few I'm I'm. 00:23:18
I'm arranging now. 00:23:23
All right. 00:23:25
All right. Well, OK, we have Mike Gibbs. 00:23:27
And and. 00:23:31
This would be for public comment, Yes. OK. That's. I'm sorry. Yeah. So let's go ahead with this Mike Gibbs to speak. 00:23:32
3 minutes, yeah. 00:23:40
Hi, everybody. This is Mike Gibbs. I'm President of Pacific Grove and a member of the of the Economic Development Commission. 00:23:43
I appreciate that Chairman Lillian's attention to the letters, which, as he pointed out, always get lost. Perhaps somebody from 00:23:50
the staff or? 00:23:54
A volunteer could maybe. 00:23:59
Create a pendum of some sort with a. 00:24:01
With a table of contents because they are extremely important. There are a lot of people in Pacific Grove who. 00:24:05
Who pay attention to the Planning Commission, who is doing an excellent job. 00:24:11
But it's hard to keep up with everything, so the the comments by litter are extremely important. 00:24:15
The reason for my comments tonight are knowing that I think you have scheduled the cannabis. 00:24:21
Issue if it's not a special meeting at a regular meeting. 00:24:27
And you've heard me speak on this before. My comment is, as I think Chairman Lilly pointed out last time. 00:24:30
Cannabis is a Schedule 1DA Federal Schedule One drug, which means it has no known medical use and it is highly addictive. 00:24:37
Nothing has changed since that was declared and it puts the Planning Commission in an unfortunate or difficult position, let's put 00:24:45
it that way. 00:24:50
Of making a ruling and making suggestions about code and location about a a drug that is still illegal at the federal level. 00:24:55
So. 00:25:03
You have your work cut out for you. 00:25:05
And I think that creates some liability. My my only comments about a cannabis are and I made this comment before there's 1000 foot 00:25:07
perimeter around the. 00:25:12
An education facility or licensed daycare center. I looked at the maps again, which were issued earlier. I would encourage the 00:25:18
Planning Commission, if they have not already to. 00:25:22
The maps are hard to read. It's really hard to tell what the perimeter is. 00:25:28
If we had some clearer maps, I think that would be very useful. 00:25:31
My second comment is that when you're looking for a location, everybody knows that the cannabis is a cash business. 00:25:35
And businesses in Oakland, San Francisco, other places. 00:25:41
So far this year have been knocked off that is robbed. 00:25:45
Probably an average of 1 1/2 to two times. Many times these robberies are armed robberies, right? So security is a huge issue and 00:25:49
the state of California mandates cameras. 00:25:55
Inside the facilities and for the exterior 24 and seven at a certain resolution. So I think that's something you may want to 00:26:01
consider. 00:26:05
The other is the the cash that's that's collected. There are POS systems. I haven't found point of sale systems one that. 00:26:09
Allows the the city to count the cash that's coming in. There should be some sort of scanner, a point of transaction. 00:26:17
Where the cash is actually scanned in and and controlled at that point so the city is knows what the sales are all about and that 00:26:25
may or may not be in your venue. 00:26:29
Again, I appreciate all of your attention to this and I think the Planning Commission is doing an outstanding job and look forward 00:26:34
to the housing element discussion later on. Thank you very much. 00:26:39
Thank you. 00:26:46
Would have Inga Lorenzen Dahmer welcome. 00:26:51
Allow you to speak English. 00:26:54
Thank you. 00:26:58
I wanted to say how nice it was to hear Joe Sidora's voice again. 00:27:00
It was very pleasant. 00:27:06
I was too. Now has someone officially pulled the new 7A to make it 8A to from the consent that it was moved to as this other thing 00:27:09
because? 00:27:15
That was what was concerning me all along. I was sitting here screaming at the computer, you know, But of course nobody heard me. 00:27:21
Umm. 00:27:29
So it's going to be heard as 8A. So it is officially been pulled from the 7A change consent agenda, right? 00:27:31
Thank you. 00:27:39
Not yet. We will do it when we the consent agenda. I will pull it from the consent agenda then please pull the new 7A to make it. 00:27:41
8A. 00:27:51
Remember that when we get to it. Thank you. 00:27:52
Thank you members of the public. This is our time. 00:27:55
OK, I didn't even know if I'd make this meeting. I've been traveling all day, so. 00:28:00
But it's good to hear Joe Sidora's voice. I'm sorry to hear that Greg Rubin is going. 00:28:06
But good luck with your new job. 00:28:12
Or continuation and. 00:28:14
Expansion. 00:28:17
Thank you very much. 00:28:18
Welcome. 00:28:26
Good evening, Commissioners. 00:28:34
It would be nice to address the Planning Commission about proactive community projects. 00:28:37
4 Pacific Grove that staff has followed through with. 00:28:42
But I can't. 00:28:46
I can only list. 00:28:48
Important stuff staff has failed to do. 00:28:50
As. 00:28:53
Or follow through with. 00:28:53
Also. 00:28:56
I can only submit comments and letters. 00:28:57
Detailing flawed reports and other failures. 00:28:59
Please consider or ponder. 00:29:07
Where are the updated planning maps? 00:29:09
For the LCP. 00:29:12
Land use plan. 00:29:14
Where are the historic districts and neighborhoods? 00:29:16
Recommended by Page and turnbill. 00:29:19
In 2011. 00:29:22
And again. 00:29:25
In 2019. 00:29:26
Where is the Hopkins Marine Station Historical Assessment? 00:29:28
Promised. 00:29:32
In 2009. 00:29:34
In the 2019 HR. 00:29:35
I update. There are so many more things. 00:29:38
You're touching on a few of them. 00:29:41
But instead of this I'm sort of stuck. 00:29:45
Working on on flawed reports. 00:29:49
To the HRC. 00:29:52
To the ARB and to you, the Planning Commission and to the City Council. 00:29:54
It would be nice. 00:30:00
To look at things. 00:30:02
Proactively. 00:30:04
And participate in that. 00:30:06
Instead of. 00:30:08
Be a complainer. 00:30:09
So please. 00:30:11
Change the agenda or? 00:30:13
Or. 00:30:16
Something. 00:30:17
To. 00:30:19
Turn this process into something positive. 00:30:22
Thank you. 00:30:25
Thank you. 00:30:27
We have Lisa Chiani. 00:30:33
Welcome. 00:30:36
At least it's Gianni will like to speak. 00:30:37
Thank you. 00:30:41
Umm. 00:30:42
I I. 00:30:43
Appreciate Commissioner Sawyers comments. 00:30:46
About the Great Tide Pool Trail, the demolished Great Tide Pool Trail largely demolished and and the. 00:30:50
Sand dune restoration out there the. 00:30:58
Laurie McDonnell Council member Laurie McDonnell had asked at a. 00:31:03
Council meeting. 00:31:08
With that to be. 00:31:11
Addressed because because of the dangerous situation out there, the. 00:31:13
The exposed nails The broken rails. 00:31:17
And and what have you. 00:31:20
And I don't think that Public Works understands. 00:31:23
The. 00:31:27
Significance. 00:31:29
Of the trail and the restoration. 00:31:31
Area The sand dune restoration area. 00:31:33
I'm talking to you about it because. 00:31:36
You are the review authority for the LCP and I think. 00:31:38
That this amounts. 00:31:43
To a violation of the LCP as I'm realizing it, because. 00:31:45
OK. 00:31:49
Public works went out there. 00:31:51
But they didn't put. 00:31:53
The Post and rail. 00:31:56
Excuse me, Post in cable, that's what it's called. 00:31:58
The rod and cable fencing back up to protect the, the native plants out there, especially and the and the. 00:32:01
What they call the. 00:32:13
OK, I I've gone blank, but you know the endangered species. Thank you. That's the the we have 3 endangered species plant species 00:32:19
listed in our LCP. 00:32:24
So. 00:32:30
That and there's all this concrete rubble out there. A big. 00:32:32
Chunks of concrete that are leftover from public works, allowing the trail to be built with concrete. 00:32:38
Under it when that was not in the approved plans. 00:32:47
The approved plans for the coastal permit. 00:32:50
So. 00:32:53
I'm thinking. 00:32:54
That. 00:32:56
I didn't know if you guys. 00:32:57
It don't have a way of addressing this, then I think the public has to file a a. 00:32:59
A violation. And I I know how to do that with the Coastal Commission. I don't know how to do it with the city's new LCP yet. 00:33:06
Also the Coastal Commission webinar about. 00:33:14
SB-9 was of particular interest to me. 00:33:19
Because. 00:33:22
Of. 00:33:24
Because I was thrilled to hear that the. 00:33:26
SB-9 does not overrule. 00:33:31
Coastal resource protections. But they emphasized we need to update our LCP to make sure we recognize those protections because 00:33:34
there are no public hearings for for at the SB-9 projects. Thank you. 00:33:42
Thank you. 00:33:51
Are there no other hands up online? 00:33:56
All right. 00:33:58
So that then would conclude. 00:33:59
Public. 00:34:04
Matters before the Commission that are not on the agenda. 00:34:05
So now we come to the consent agenda. 00:34:08
And as we. 00:34:11
All know it deals with routine and non controversial matters and may include actions and resolutions and ordinances or public 00:34:13
hearings for which testimony is not anticipated. 00:34:18
We have now four items on the consent agenda this evening. Or is it? 00:34:24
For the first under 6A for information only is the. 00:34:30
Planning Commission 2023 Work plan which is on every time. 00:34:34
The second item is minutes from our May 11, 2023 meeting and requires action. 00:34:39
Item 7B is minutes from our June 8th, 2023 meeting. 00:34:46
And then we have another item which would be the. 00:34:50
Housing and. 00:34:55
General plan update that got. 00:34:59
Inadvertently placed on the consent agenda instead of. 00:35:02
An item 8. 00:35:06
So that is on there. So would any member of the Commission like to remove any of these items from the consent agenda? 00:35:07
Commissioner Sawyer. 00:35:17
I would like to move. 00:35:19
What was 9A that I accidentally put into 7A? 00:35:23
Move it off the consent agenda In place it. 00:35:27
1st. 00:35:32
On the regular. 00:35:33
Meeting agenda so it would become 8A. 00:35:35
Right. 00:35:38
And I would like to continue. 00:35:39
7B The minutes for 6/8. 00:35:42
Until. 00:35:45
Next month. 00:35:47
So you want to withdraw that from the consent agenda and then continue that? Yes. OK. 00:35:48
All right. 00:35:54
Ohh, so that leaves two items on the consent agenda, Item 6A and item 7A. 00:35:55
Would any staff member like to remove the any of the either of the remaining two items from the consent agenda? 00:36:02
Hearing no response. 00:36:10
Would any member of the audience like to remove? 00:36:12
Either remaining item from the agenda or from the consent agenda. 00:36:15
And hearing none. 00:36:20
Then I will entertain a motion to adopt. 00:36:21
The consent agenda as amended, which would be items 6A. 00:36:27
Planning Commission 2023 Work Plan and Item 7A minutes from our May 11, 2023 meeting. 00:36:32
Do I have a motion? 00:36:41
Commissioner Sawyer. 00:36:44
I make a motion that to. 00:36:45
What am I saying? I want to. 00:36:51
I want us to vote on it. 00:36:54
The amended. 00:36:56
Minutes and the amended motion which would be 6A and 7A6A and 7A. Thank you, thank you. Is there a second to that motion? 00:36:58
Seconded by Commissioner Kubica. 00:37:08
Vice Chair Murphy, you raised your hand. I know this is very procedural, but is there room for discussion? 00:37:11
Yes. 00:37:17
I would hesitate to put the general plan update. 00:37:19
And before the public hearings for the projects. 00:37:22
8A and 8B. 00:37:27
And I'm guessing some of the residents are here for those for those items. 00:37:29
And if. 00:37:34
I guess I'm that's just a guess, but if. 00:37:36
At the pleasure of the chair, if you could ask if the people who were here for those items are here. 00:37:39
I I would rather put the general plan. 00:37:44
After those items rather than before. 00:37:47
Alright, I can, I can do that. I can ask who is here through the staff, if, if any of the proponents for any of the. 00:37:50
Items. 00:37:59
8A through 8. 00:38:00
E. 00:38:04
Are here. 00:38:04
Uh, yes, chair and really Joe Cedor CD staff. The applicants are here for item 8A-100, Asilomar Ave. and also for item 8 B, 1060 00:38:06
Jewel Ave. 00:38:13
Item 8C is a city item. 00:38:20
And so is. 00:38:24
Item 8D. 00:38:28
And so the. 00:38:30
And then item 8 E is also a. 00:38:33
A city item. 00:38:35
And so. 00:38:37
Excuse me? 00:38:39
Well, I'm sorry. 00:38:42
Through the chair. 00:38:44
Yes. 00:38:46
There is. 00:38:48
The. 00:38:48
OK. 00:38:53
OK, it's it's also my understanding that the event. 00:38:54
An event own it for item 8D. 00:38:58
The temporary special event known as points on the peninsula is also present. 00:39:01
Or or available for comment. 00:39:06
In that case, though, I'd make a substitute motion that we move the general plan update. 00:39:11
After 8B. 00:39:16
After 8:00 PM, all right. 00:39:19
So is there. 00:39:21
I believe that requires a second, doesn't it? If it's a substitute motion, is there a second to that motion? 00:39:22
We have to discuss it before we no you there, you. There needs to be a second and then we will take that motion first because it 00:39:27
goes in reverse order, if I'm not mistaken. 00:39:31
So that was seconded. I think I heard the second first from. 00:39:37
Commissioner Kubica, so. 00:39:41
Vice Chair Murphy, move that we. 00:39:45
Place item. 00:39:48
We replace we place the. 00:39:50
Item of. 00:39:53
The Housing and General Plan update before Item 8. 00:39:55
See. 00:39:58
Yes, Sir, HC. 00:39:59
And that as a substitute motion, and that was seconded by Commissioner Kubica. 00:40:01
So with that then I think we need to. 00:40:07
Go and ask for public comment. 00:40:13
Is there any public comment on that motion? 00:40:16
Regarding that. 00:40:20
Set of substitutions is what it amounts to. 00:40:23
Hearing none, then is there any discussion on the substitute motion? 00:40:29
And I guess the entire motion would be have we already passed pulling items. 00:40:35
Has that been passed already? 00:40:40
Yeah, I was just going to mention that that I, I think the intention of the. 00:40:41
Mover of the substitute motion was to have everything else be the same except for the vacation of correct that item. 00:40:46
That's my understanding. 00:40:54
Does everybody understand the the motion? 00:40:56
The the substitute motion, I should say. Alright then, if there's no further discussion. 00:40:59
Then I will ask, Mr. Campbell, are you calling the roll these days or I am? 00:41:05
Please. 00:41:11
Vice Chair Murphy. 00:41:13
Aye. 00:41:14
Commissioner Kubica. 00:41:16
Aye. 00:41:18
Cheer Lily. 00:41:19
Commissioner Frederickson. 00:41:22
Aye. 00:41:23
Commissioner Sawyer. 00:41:24
Aye. 00:41:26
Commissioner Davison. 00:41:27
Aye. 00:41:28
Commissioner Nijinsky. 00:41:29
We have seven eyes, 0 nays, motion passes. OK, so the motion is, Mr. Campbell said. Passes seven eyes, no nays. 00:41:32
The substitute motion, I should say. So we will move then. 00:41:39
The. 00:41:44
Housing and General Plan update to. 00:41:45
That will now be item 8. 00:41:47
C. 00:41:50
And item 8A and 8B will be as they are in the agenda. 00:41:52
And then everything goes down one. I I hope that's clear. 00:41:57
All right, so we finally gotten that little. 00:42:01
Things straightened out. 00:42:05
After a while, so. 00:42:07
Tonight that then takes us to. 00:42:11
I believe with the consent agenda being completed, that takes us to the regular agenda. 00:42:14
Tonight we have. 00:42:21
Items. 00:42:24
8A through 8. 00:42:25
B. And then HC is the housing update and then eight. 00:42:29
Now a D&E. 00:42:34
And F. 00:42:37
Are on the agenda under public hearings and so the first. 00:42:38
Two first four of the first five are quasi judicial reviews. 00:42:44
Before we proceed, let me briefly state our rules. 00:42:50
1st we will hear the staff report. 00:42:53
In the applicant or proponent will be given 10 minutes to speak. 00:42:55
A designated spokesperson in opposition may be given 10 minutes to speak as well. 00:42:59
And I say this because in controversial matters, we encourage those known to represent the same position. 00:43:05
To designate a spokesperson to speak for the entire group. 00:43:10
Brief rebuttal and surrebuttal will be allowed under those circumstances at our discretion. 00:43:15
I will brief clarifying questions from the Commission to the staff, the applicant or the designated. 00:43:23
Opponent. 00:43:30
There is one. 00:43:31
And then when I say brief clarifying questions, I mean that any. 00:43:33
Discussion will have to wait until we close the public comment portion of the hearing. 00:43:37
I will then open the hearing for public comments and those wishing to speak will have 3 minutes per people per person. 00:43:43
I will then close the public hearing to further comment from the applicant, opponents and the general public. 00:43:49
So the Commission can then ask further questions, deliberate and make a decision. 00:43:54
We should also be aware that findings and conditions are a necessary part of the decision making process. 00:43:59
Therefore the Commission at its pleasure mate. 00:44:04
Either make a single motion that includes both findings and a decision, or make separate findings or motions for findings in the 00:44:07
decision. 00:44:11
So with that and I think we've we've stated this time and time again, but it's always good to go over that I suppose Item 8A is an 00:44:16
architectural permit. 00:44:21
And coastal development permit. 00:44:26
23-0023 for 100 Asilomar. 00:44:29
Ave. 00:44:33
And so I will now. 00:44:34
Open the public hearing. 00:44:36
This agenda item was previously reviewed and recommended for approval on the June 13th, 2023. 00:44:38
Meeting by the Architectural Review Board. 00:44:44
But before we proceed, does anybody on the Commission need to recuse? 00:44:48
Or report a next party communication. 00:44:52
On 100. 00:44:57
Asilomar, OK. 00:44:58
Then who is the staff for this review? Is that you, Mr. Campbell or Mr. Sidor? 00:45:00
Chair Lily. 00:45:05
Just Fedor and I'll be the planner presenting this item tonight. 00:45:07
Welcome. 00:45:12
So can we then have you before we continue further? One more question. 00:45:14
You receive notification from any group wishing to designate a spokesperson in opposition to this project? No. No. OK. 00:45:19
All right. So now may we have your staff report? 00:45:26
Would be make sure Lillian Commissioners project site is located at 100 Asilomar Ave. 00:45:30
In the Asilomar Dunes residential neighborhood and R1B4 zoning district. 00:45:36
Project site is a 23,127 square foot corner lot. 00:45:41
Located at the southwest corner of the intersection of the Solamar and Lighthouse avenues. 00:45:45
And it's currently developed with a 2126 square foot. 00:45:51
One story residence with an attached garage. 00:45:55
The proposed project includes the construction of a 188 square foot one story addition. 00:46:00
To the existing residents. 00:46:06
The project requires a coastal development permit. 00:46:07
Because the site is located within the coastal zone. 00:46:10
And does not qualify for the standard residential exemption. 00:46:13
As proposed, the addition would conform to applicable development standards for the zoning district. 00:46:17
And as mentioned by the chair. 00:46:23
The ARB did recommend that the Planning Commission approve this permit, AP CDP 2300 Twenty 3. 00:46:25
As submitted at their. 00:46:35
Meeting regular meeting on June 13th, 2023. 00:46:37
So the project is categorically exempt for SEQUEL guidelines section 15301 Existing facilities. 00:46:41
And this concludes staff presentation and I'm available for questions. 00:46:48
As well as the applicant. 00:46:52
Does anybody have any clarifying questions of the the staff or the staff report on on this matter? 00:46:56
Commissioner Nazki, thank you Chair Lily real quick. I just noticed in some places it's just it's it's still in our Blvd. and a 00:47:04
silver Ave. Now I just want to just, you know, make sure it's. 00:47:09
Solamar. 00:47:15
Ave. 00:47:17
Because even the drawings that we just received it says Blvd. and then on page. 00:47:18
In our packet on page 130 of 341. 00:47:27
The project location and identifies it as Blvd. so I mean. So I'm I'm fine with either one but. 00:47:32
Yes, I believe it was a Solamar Ave. however. 00:47:40
Sometimes when you look on Google Earth it says Blvd. sometimes it says Ave. and also. 00:47:44
I believe in our city records, there seems to be some. 00:47:51
Difference at times so. 00:47:56
But yes, I I believe the correct. 00:47:59
Designation is a Silmar Ave. 00:48:02
Thank you. 00:48:04
OK. Any other? 00:48:07
Questions. 00:48:08
Commissioner Sawyer. 00:48:11
I just had a quick question. Were they planning on putting any outside lighting around that sunroom, do you know? 00:48:12
I'm sorry, exterior lighting. 00:48:22
So through the chair, I I don't believe that there is exterior lighting planned for this addition. However, the applicant can 00:48:25
confirm that. OK, thank you said in the staff or in their report. OK, thank you. 00:48:31
Any other clarifying questions? 00:48:38
If not, then I will invite the applicant to come forward and make a presentation if they so desire. 00:48:40
Why don't you come up to the front, please? 00:48:58
In regards to lighting. 00:49:18
Put on. 00:49:24
Yes, speak through the microphone so it can be recorded. Thank you. So the lighting that is proposed for this project. 00:49:25
And all classrooms that we do is all down let. 00:49:33
From a soffit that's put in there. 00:49:37
There's downloading and then there is one light. 00:49:39
For the. 00:49:43
Honor to go out the door and have the patio lit. 00:49:44
Only by the door itself. 00:49:48
For safety. 00:49:50
And that's on a motion sensor. 00:49:51
Other than that, it's. 00:49:56
Classroom with that. 00:49:57
Bronze frame. 00:49:59
And it's. 00:50:01
But we generally use in a woody area. 00:50:04
So that the bars go away. 00:50:07
That's. 00:50:11
OK, does anyone have any further questions of of the applicant about? 00:50:15
The. 00:50:20
The proposal. 00:50:21
Commissioner Sawyer, you turned on your mic, so yes. 00:50:28
Are any of the windows? 00:50:32
South or West facing? 00:50:35
The. 00:50:38
Huh. 00:50:40
I think there's. 00:50:42
They are facing. 00:50:45
Nothing W that there's that's all trees there, OK. 00:50:49
The other thing that happened on this project before we started. 00:50:54
When the owners first did this. 00:50:59
Whole building. 00:51:02
Of the. 00:51:03
House itself. 00:51:04
We were told by. 00:51:06
Planning department to make sure that we stayed on. 00:51:09
The existing deck area. 00:51:12
And planted area. 00:51:14
That's already been disturbed, so we're not getting into. 00:51:16
Start anymore. 00:51:19
Of the town. 00:51:21
Are there any S facing Windows though? That's a question. 00:51:23
No. 00:51:26
No, no South and no West. 00:51:27
OK. Thank you. 00:51:29
I shouldn't say that your S elevation. 00:51:33
Your season for it, your S elevation is is there on the right. 00:51:36
OK. And your W elevation is there facing that? 00:51:41
So those windows. 00:51:46
Are facing South and West, yes. OK. So my question to you then is? 00:51:48
Are they anti reflexive? 00:51:54
Yes, they're low equal outs. 00:51:56
OK. Thank you. OK. 00:51:58
Are there any other questions of the applicant or do you want to make any further comments? Um. 00:52:06
No and and you're also asking the windows and the doors that are over there on the West elevation also. 00:52:11
Those are also low a glass. 00:52:19
And the. 00:52:22
Windows in the north elevation of the existing house are also low E. 00:52:24
And also in South elevation of existing houses lower class. 00:52:29
Same glass. 00:52:34
Commissioner Sawyer. 00:52:37
And do we have to worry about birds running into all this glass? 00:52:38
No. 00:52:44
Why do you say that? Is there anything you're doing to prevent them from flying into it? 00:52:45
Umm. 00:52:49
The. 00:52:51
People that live here. 00:52:53
And anybody that we do a classroom for. 00:52:54
It's the flight pattern. 00:52:58
Of the birds. 00:53:00
If you put a bird. 00:53:01
Uh. 00:53:02
Feeder say over there you're asking for that? 00:53:03
Situation, but it would be no different than. 00:53:06
A regular house window. 00:53:10
So no, it's not on a flight pattern of any birds. 00:53:13
OK. Thank you. 00:53:18
I think you can tell. 00:53:21
They do have the. 00:53:23
Right there, this is all trees here on the floor it says floor plan. On the elevation, there's a huge. 00:53:25
Tree on there. 00:53:31
All the way across, all the way to the front, going down there between the two properties. 00:53:34
Right. 00:53:41
It's all planted. 00:53:43
Anything else? 00:53:48
I think unless you have any further. 00:53:51
Comments then we'll move on. Thank you for your time. 00:53:54
So with that then we will move to public comment. Is there anyone who in the audience who would like to speak or anyone on Zoom 00:53:59
who would like to speak? 00:54:05
We have any Chiani. 00:54:13
OK, online. 00:54:15
Welcome. 00:54:16
Tell me you want to speak. 00:54:19
Yes, good evening. 00:54:21
Number one. 00:54:23
As I'm looking at the plants, it says. 00:54:26
The applicants plans. 00:54:29
Refer to as Olimar Blvd. 00:54:31
So if there's a question about it, maybe. 00:54:35
The applicant should ask his consultant about that. 00:54:38
And then my concern is this area is known for. 00:54:42
The sand dunes and the. 00:54:49
The biology of the sand dunes in. 00:54:53
I understand that. Black lakeless lizards. 00:54:56
Are. 00:55:00
Abundant in this area. 00:55:01
And so I'm not sure. 00:55:03
If there's a condition or not. 00:55:06
And if there is not a condition. 00:55:09
There should be 1. 00:55:11
For a biologist. 00:55:13
And a qualified biologist. 00:55:16
To. 00:55:19
Do a survey. 00:55:20
Say it. 00:55:22
A day or two or three. 00:55:23
Before commencement of the project. 00:55:25
To determine whether or not. 00:55:28
This area. 00:55:31
I know it's small. 00:55:32
But having lived on a sand dune myself. 00:55:34
With lace legless lizards. 00:55:37
They they can be right up against the house. 00:55:39
So if they could be. 00:55:42
I'm not sure what the word is harvested and. 00:55:47
Saved. 00:55:50
I I would think that would be a good thing to do. Thank you. 00:55:51
You. 00:55:54
Thank you. 00:55:58
Are there any other public comments? 00:56:00
We also have leakage Gianni. 00:56:03
Welcome. 00:56:05
At least Johnny, you're allowed to speak. 00:56:07
Thank you. 00:56:09
The first ohh yeah response to to. 00:56:13
Commissioners question about the the glass. 00:56:17
At. 00:56:22
Asilomar State Park. 00:56:23
Where they have glass. 00:56:25
South facing, West facing. 00:56:29
Even N facing. 00:56:31
Where they have, they have a. 00:56:34
Fire pit area in that case. 00:56:37
They had a significant problem with birds flying into them. 00:56:40
Into the glass and. 00:56:44
And they put in the glass test. 00:56:46
And Senate, believe me, I I don't know the material. 00:56:50
There is global. 00:56:54
Prevent that and this is a. 00:56:56
Vibrant natural area. 00:57:01
That. 00:57:04
I don't know. 00:57:07
You can. 00:57:10
Of. 00:57:11
Protect. 00:57:12
Now. 00:57:17
The. 00:57:21
You know the, the, the. 00:57:23
Until. 00:57:26
And. 00:57:28
There on on that that means there's really be and. 00:57:32
Anything at all of, of, of, of. 00:57:39
But if there is. 00:57:43
This is right next door to to an archaeological site that's that's quite an extensive site. 00:57:45
And and the Native Americans thousands of years ago did not. 00:57:52
Really. 00:57:57
The attention. 00:57:59
To to boundaries are artificial boundaries that that are not. 00:58:00
We're not there. Then and and so. 00:58:05
I would think just out of respect to the Native American. 00:58:09
People here who have expressed interest. 00:58:15
In in protecting. 00:58:19
Tribal cultural resources. 00:58:22
That it would be. 00:58:24
Lovely if if a tribal monitor could be. 00:58:26
Present for. 00:58:32
Any. 00:58:33
Could be provided. 00:58:34
For any. 00:58:37
Ground disturbing work, which I would assume would be very limited, but. 00:58:39
Nevertheless, significant. 00:58:44
To the Native American people. 00:58:46
Thank you. 00:58:48
Thank you. 00:58:49
Any further comments? 00:58:53
Anyone else online? 00:58:55
Pardon me? 00:58:58
There's nothing else. Well, there was no one else on the line. I misunderstood. Thank you. 00:58:59
All right. If there is no further public comment, then I will close the this item to further public comment and then we will move 00:59:04
to. 00:59:08
The portion of this agenda where we discuss this matter among the Planning Commission and see what we want to do. 00:59:13
So does anybody want to begin the discussion? 00:59:21
Commissioners Nazki. 00:59:25
OK, I have some easy ones. 00:59:28
If you look on page 124. 00:59:31
Where it says applicable land use plan policies. 00:59:35
I think there's a typo for March 11th 2020 should be 2020 I believe. 00:59:39
There's just it's just 202. 00:59:44
And and then another question that I have is if you look on the same page it talks about. 00:59:47
For applicable zoning code regulations, it says the project is also compliance with the parking standards. I've just just for my 00:59:56
benefit. I was just wondering. 00:59:59
It seems like that's over overkill, kind of. It maybe does that. 01:00:04
And is that like a boilerplate thing? I mean, parking is not being affected at all? 01:00:08
So the state that it's meeting parking requirements is kind of like. 01:00:13
Tomorrow's gonna be tomorrow as the sun's gonna rise. I mean, it's not really. 01:00:18
I don't. I'm just questioning if if that needs to be there or. 01:00:21
Does that make sense? I'm just is this a question? 01:00:25
Mr. Sidor, do you can you respond to that or do you know? 01:00:34
Yes, through the chair on staff just added that to. 01:00:39
Inform the Planning Commission that. 01:00:44
All of the applicable standards. 01:00:47
Would be met. 01:00:50
Where the project would meet or continue to meet. 01:00:51
Applicable development standards. 01:00:53
OK, so. 01:00:58
Any further? 01:01:00
At this time, OK. 01:01:01
Any further questions or Vice Chair Murphy? 01:01:03
Mr. Sedor. 01:01:08
Am I correct? 01:01:10
That because of the patio. 01:01:12
And the large planters? 01:01:14
That there's no change at all in the in the lot coverage. 01:01:17
Well, there's no change in the site coverage, site coverage, I'm sorry. There would be a change in the building coverage, but. 01:01:23
It would still be within the. 01:01:31
Applicable maximum. 01:01:32
For the for the site and the zoning and and because there was an existing. 01:01:35
CDP for this property issued by the Coastal Commission. 01:01:40
Could you just briefly describe what the process is? 01:01:43
And for the city to handle a CDP for this project, Yes, because there was a previously issued coastal development permit. 01:01:47
From the Coastal Commission. 01:01:56
Staff did concede or city staff did contact. 01:01:58
The Coastal Commission. 01:02:02
For to to ask. 01:02:04
Whether or not? 01:02:07
The Coastal Commission would retain. 01:02:08
Jurisdiction over the permitting. 01:02:11
For this site or whether. 01:02:14
They would. 01:02:16
Transfer that to the city, at least for this particular project. 01:02:18
And the Coastal Commission responded. 01:02:22
And said that the city. 01:02:25
Could go ahead and process this coastal development permit. 01:02:27
Thank you. 01:02:30
I have a follow up question. 01:02:38
With Mr. Mr. Sidor, Based on what? 01:02:40
Vice Chair Murphy asked about. So you say. 01:02:43
That you contacted the Coastal Commission to see if the. 01:02:46
Previous permit was still operative or at least to the extent that they would review it and they said no, we should go ahead and 01:02:50
review it. That's my understanding. 01:02:53
What I don't understand is why do we have a finding in there? 01:02:58
That's written the way it is. 01:03:02
In this the the the package written tort on page. 01:03:04
What's further back? 01:03:10
Does that really apply then? 01:03:13
It's really the question. It's number. 01:03:15
I just had it open #15. 01:03:20
Yes, yes, they did all of those things, but. 01:03:24
Is that really relevant to this review? I mean, it seems to me it's not. 01:03:27
Through the chair. 01:03:36
So. 01:03:38
Fact #15 it well it's not a finding it, it's a fact. It's background information for the site. 01:03:39
And. 01:03:46
It is still relevant because it. 01:03:48
Provides information to the Planning Commission about the previous permit that was issued for the initial development of the site. 01:03:51
And then the other facts and information provided. 01:03:59
In the agenda report. 01:04:05
Provides. 01:04:07
Information to the Planning Commission about how the site would remain. 01:04:08
In conformance with. 01:04:13
That original permit and with the development standards for the zoning district? Alright. 01:04:15
Any. 01:04:24
Other comments? Any discussion? Any views about this that? 01:04:25
At this point. 01:04:30
Members would like to share so that we can. 01:04:33
To say what we want to do about this or not. 01:04:35
Do about this. 01:04:38
Commissioner Frederickson. 01:04:44
Just moving ahead. 01:04:48
Improving, yeah. 01:04:50
I'm in favor of moving ahead and approving the application, so I'd like to move that we do so. 01:04:51
Alright, so Mr. OR Commissioner Frederickson has moved approval of the of this item. 01:04:57
And that would be with the the facts, the findings and the sequa. 01:05:04
Determination. 01:05:08
Is it? Am I correct in correct? Presuming that alright, is there a second to the motion to Commissioner Sawyer? 01:05:09
Umm. 01:05:17
I believe. Do we need to get a I think we have to have a second before you can get a set of amendments. Yeah. So I would. I would 01:05:19
second the motion. So Vice Chair Murphy seconded the motion. Now I will recognize Commissioner Sawyer, who has a friendly 01:05:24
amendment or an amendment. Maybe it's friendly, maybe it's not. 01:05:30
I would just like to add to the conditions for approval that they have. 01:05:37
Some type of. 01:05:44
Bird friendly windows to prevent birds from flying in there, as we heard Miss Johnny State. 01:05:48
Umm. 01:05:54
Asilomar was having a large problem with that and. 01:05:55
This is not that far from the Sylmar so. 01:05:58
Well, let me ask you for some clarification. What what do you mean by bird friendly? I I don't understand what that means. I'm the 01:06:01
only one that doesn't. But they could choose to do windows which are expensive. The bird friendly the. 01:06:07
Bird windows are expensive. They could put decals, they could put screens, but something to alert the birds that this is not a 01:06:12
clear space. 01:06:18
I'm. 01:06:24
I'm not in favor of that if I have a vote. 01:06:26
Alright, so he you can you can propose that as an amendment. It would have to be seconded then? 01:06:29
Well, I propose that is an amendment. Is there second to the amendment? 01:06:35
And then we will vote first on the amendment and then. 01:06:39
Yeah. 01:06:42
So is there second to the to to the amendment? 01:06:43
I'm going to let it die if there's if there's not a second to the amendment and so I will declare that the that the amendment dies 01:06:48
for lack of a second to the that motion. 01:06:53
For that amended motion. 01:06:58
So is there any further discussion? 01:07:01
If not. 01:07:05
The applicant raised his hand out in the audience is not usual to make a comment, but if you I'll I'll I'll allow you to speak. 01:07:07
Ohh good. 01:07:18
OK, well. 01:07:19
OK, so the applicant said the windows had screen, so that's perhaps important. Yes. Alright, so with that then we will. Mr. Sidor, 01:07:22
would you please call the roll? I believe we've. 01:07:28
Yep. 01:07:35
Exhausted everything. 01:07:37
Pushing the Frederickson. 01:07:40
Aye. 01:07:41
Vice Chair Murphy. 01:07:42
Aye. 01:07:43
Cheer Lily. 01:07:44
Commissioner Sawyer. 01:07:47
Commissioner Davison. 01:07:49
Aye. 01:07:51
Commissioner Kubica. 01:07:52
Aye. 01:07:53
Commissioner Mitski. 01:07:55
With seven eyes and 0 nays, motion passes, so the motion proposed by Commissioner Frederickson, seconded by Vice Chair Murphy, to 01:07:58
approve the project. 01:08:04
Passes, seven eyes, no nays, and so we will move on to the next item, which would be item 8B in our agenda. 01:08:10
And that would be. 01:08:20
Let me get to it here so I can read the description. 01:08:22
Architectural permit. 01:08:27
And use. 01:08:29
Permit. 01:08:30
22-0033 for 1060 Jewell Ave. 01:08:31
So I will now open this public hearing. 01:08:37
And. 01:08:41
Who is the staff for this? 01:08:46
Item Is that you, Mr. Campbell or Mr. Sidor? Mr. Sidor, Oregon OK. 01:08:48
Then can we have your staff report? 01:08:52
Yes, sure, really. 01:08:55
Good evening again, chair and Commission members. The project site is located at 1060 Jewell Ave. and the R1 Zoning District. 01:08:59
Property is a 700 and. 01:09:07
7889 square foot interior lot located between 17 Mile Drive and Monarch Lane. 01:09:09
The site is developed. 01:09:16
With an 8, eighteen, 110 square foot, two-story single family residence and detached. 01:09:17
Garage. 01:09:23
And the surrounding neighborhood is comprised of a mix of one and two-story. 01:09:24
Single family residences. 01:09:28
The applicant proposes a 224 square foot addition in the rear of the existing residence. 01:09:30
To allow a new bedroom. 01:09:36
The addition would be accessed via a staircase extending to an expanded rooftop deck and would have no interior connection to the 01:09:38
existing residents. 01:09:43
In the R1 zone zone. 01:09:48
A use permit is required for any addition. 01:09:50
Over 100 square feet to an existing structure. 01:09:53
If the addition has no interior access. 01:09:57
To other rooms in the structure or is accessible only by an exterior staircase, while the existing residence does not meet the 01:10:00
required side and side yard setback of square of 6 feet. 01:10:05
The proposed addition would be set back to conform with this requirement. 01:10:12
And would also conform to all other applicable development standards. 01:10:16
On May 9th, 2023, the Architectural Review Board voted unanimously. 01:10:20
To recommend approval of the project as presented. 01:10:25
Now to the Planning Commission. 01:10:29
And the project is categorically exempt for Sequel guidelines section 1/5. 01:10:31
301 for existing facilities. 01:10:35
And this concludes staff staff presentation. 01:10:38
And I'm available for questions as well as the applicant. 01:10:42
Thank you, Mr. Sidor. Uh, before we proceed, I neglected to do it, do the third thing on my list here, which was to ask anyone on 01:10:45
the Commission if they needed to recuse or needed to report a next party communication. 01:10:52
Since no one said anything, I take it that that is not the case, so we'll. 01:10:59
We received the staff report and. 01:11:04
Are there any clarifying questions of of Mr. Sidor about his staff report? 01:11:10
Hearing none, then is the applicant present and if so, would they please like to come forward and speak? 01:11:18
Do I need to turn this on? Oh, it's on already. Is it on right? I think so. Sounds good. I'm good. 01:11:30
Yes, hi. My name is Steve Olson. My wife Carol is back there. We're the owners and Jay Bennett, who was our designer, is here too 01:11:36
to answer any questions. 01:11:40
I'll be brief, I don't need 10 minutes, I hope. We think this is fairly straightforward, but. 01:11:44
You'll be the judge of that, I assume. 01:11:49
Umm. 01:11:51
We love our house, everything about it except for its two bedrooms. And we are a we have two, well, college age, almost adult 01:11:53
children and so it's a little too small. And we would love for our son not to have to sleep on the couch when they're both home. 01:11:58
So what we're doing is we want to add it, basically add a bedroom. 01:12:04
That will actually function mostly as an office unless someones down there. My wife Carol works 100% from home. I work about half 01:12:11
time from home, so we really. 01:12:16
Need another space for for an office? 01:12:21
The reason we're here is because we have This is a semi. 01:12:24
Matched with a separate entrance in the back and I just wanted to mention why we did that and we we thought the alternative would 01:12:30
be to build on this side of the house. I don't know if anyones walked by the house, but we love the very modest profile of our 01:12:34
home. 01:12:38
It would change the look and the architecture and the feel of the home, so we. 01:12:43
We went for what we thought was the least would be the least disturbance to the the, the neighborhood, to the architecture of the 01:12:47
building or the house. So we. 01:12:51
We and the reason why there is no access from the existing home is the lower level is entirely the primary suite, so it would have 01:12:56
to go through our bedroom. 01:13:01
Which doesn't make a lot of sense. We I guess could have a door there and lock it off, but that would be a little weird. So 01:13:08
anyway, that's, we think actually be really lovely. 01:13:11
Garden retreat for either our kids or or friends who are coming and also a nice office so. 01:13:16
Really. You know, we're here. Happy to answer any questions, but. 01:13:24
Hospital. 01:13:29
You know my time. 01:13:30
All right. 01:13:31
Ohh does anyone have any questions of the applicant? 01:13:32
Don't hear any so. 01:13:39
With that then if you want to add anything more or otherwise. 01:13:41
You're here and available. I guess if we do have questions, I should be quiet. I imagine the only thing I'll say, I forgot to 01:13:46
mention, I really appreciate that you allowed us to move. I'm supposed to be last month and we were out of the country and with we 01:13:52
found a very spotty Wi-Fi. So thank you so much for commenting us so we could be here in person today. Thank you. 01:13:58
All right. So then that brings us to the public comment portion of the hearing. Is there anybody in the audience or on Zoom who 01:14:06
would like to speak on this matter, 1060 Joule. 01:14:12
I do not see anyone online. 01:14:20
All right. If there is no one, then we will move on and close the. 01:14:23
Public comment of the portion of the hearing. 01:14:31
And now come to the part where the Planning Commission discusses and and deliberates and action. 01:14:34
So who would like to begin Commissioner Sawyer? 01:14:41
I'd like to say thank you for your thoughtfulness and how you design this and. 01:14:44
I just would like to make a motion that we approve your. 01:14:49
Architectural permit and use permit. 01:14:53
With the findings and Sequoia. 01:14:56
All right. Is there a second to that motion from Commissioner Sawyer to approve the project? 01:15:00
Commissioner Kubica, I second the motion to approve the project. Alright, so Commissioner Sawyer moved to move approve the project 01:15:07
seconded by Commissioner Kubica. 01:15:12
Is there any discussion? 01:15:18
Vice Chair Murphy. 01:15:20
I would just like to congratulate the the owners or applicant for filling out. 01:15:22
The project data sheet. 01:15:27
Thank you. Thank you very much. 01:15:30
And I'd like to ask Mr. Sidor briefly. 01:15:34
You you explained that this project needs a use permit because there's no separate. 01:15:37
Entrance from the addition into the main house. 01:15:44
Why does that require use permit? 01:15:48
Yes, through the chair. 01:15:53
In the R1 Zoning district Chapter 23. 01:15:55
16 in title 23, section 21. 01:16:00
States that use permit would. I'm not going to read this all but no I I'm sorry I know it's in the code but I just don't 01:16:07
understand why it's there. 01:16:11
Oh, OK. So yeah, it does require a use permit for this type of room with no interior access and or circulation and it appears. 01:16:16
I'm going to go back to that code section. 01:16:29
It doesn't state in the code why this requires use permit, however to staff it appears. 01:16:36
That the code section was intended. 01:16:44
To prohibit or at least limit. 01:16:48
Multiple dwellings or second dwellings in the R1 district and SO. 01:16:51
This is something that. 01:16:58
We'll probably need to address at some point in the future. Thank you, because it seems to conflict now with. 01:17:00
Current state law for accessory dwelling units, it's it's not a fire safety issue in any way, is it? 01:17:09
OK. Thank you. 01:17:15
So is there any further discussion? 01:17:20
Hearing none and Mr. Sidor, would you play or Mr. Campbell, would you please call the roll? 01:17:24
Commissioner Sawyer. 01:17:30
Aye. 01:17:32
Commissioner Kubica. 01:17:33
Aye. 01:17:36
Cheer Lily. 01:17:37
Aye. 01:17:38
Vice Chair Murphy. 01:17:40
Aye. 01:17:41
Commissioner Frederickson. 01:17:42
Aye. 01:17:43
Commissioner Davison. 01:17:44
Commissioner Musinski. 01:17:47
Seven eyes, zero names. Motion passes. 01:17:49
OK is. 01:17:52
Mr. Campbell said the motion passed seven votes aye, no nays. 01:17:54
And so we will. 01:17:59
Conclude that and move on to the next item on the agenda, which would be. 01:18:02
HC. 01:18:06
And that would be the. 01:18:08
Housing and General Plan update, Housing Report and General Plan update. 01:18:11
Pulled from the. 01:18:17
Back of the agenda. 01:18:19
Via the consent agenda. 01:18:21
So I. 01:18:25
Is Miss Kroger here or? 01:18:26
Thought I saw her here I I think or director Wyatt. She was West of director Wyatt is on. 01:18:30
Online. 01:18:36
On the screen because I didn't see. 01:18:38
Well, welcome. 01:18:41
Good evening, Chair and Commissioners. 01:18:43
I'm just here to give a. 01:18:47
General plan and housing element update. We continue to move forward with our consultant, Rincon. 01:18:49
On the housing element. 01:18:56
Update We are making progress. We met today. We provided additional information. 01:18:58
That was requested today from our consultants, but everything is. 01:19:05
Moving forward. 01:19:10
Regarding all of the tasks, so we continue to work with the housing needs and constraint analysis, site inventory and FHA 01:19:12
analysis. 01:19:17
We hope also on the general plan update, I know that's another. 01:19:22
A big item out there that we're working on and we hope to bring that back to the City Council. 01:19:26
On August. 01:19:34
2nd. 01:19:35
We did provide a timeline. 01:19:37
And the new update from Rincon. 01:19:39
So hopefully everyone's been able to look at that in the packet. 01:19:44
And if you have any questions, I'm here to respond. Thank you. 01:19:49
All right. 01:19:54
I will. 01:19:58
There any clarifying questions or? 01:20:03
Perhaps. Would probably be. I think it would be best to leave questions until after we have public comment from the. 01:20:05
Questions of the Commissioner until after public comment, so I will open this item to public comment. 01:20:11
And is there anyone Mr. Campbell who has expressed? 01:20:20
Or is Raise your hand or would like to speak, Make public comment. 01:20:25
I believe Miss Haynes. 01:20:29
Wants to speak. 01:20:32
Welcome. 01:20:33
She is in the audience. 01:20:35
11. 01:20:50
By December. 01:20:53
Very. 01:20:59
109. 01:21:00
And 476. 01:21:03
Or above mode. 01:21:06
This is a needed requirement. 01:21:08
20%. 01:21:11
Of Monterey, Nesla. 01:21:13
Public schools. 01:21:16
Are currently home. 01:21:18
Probably some of them. 01:21:21
Have parents who work in Pacific Rim. 01:21:23
The required new homes. 01:21:26
Might give some of those kids. 01:21:28
The same place to sleep every night. 01:21:30
And their parents are short of commute. 01:21:33
To work. 01:21:35
But. 01:21:37
Ever since March. 01:21:38
When Pacific Grove fired the last housing element consultant. 01:21:40
The public has been shut out. 01:21:44
Of the planning. 01:21:46
Process. 01:21:47
City manager and CD staff. 01:21:49
Have been meeting in private. 01:21:52
With a housing developer. 01:21:54
Looking for a housing project? 01:21:56
Planning for housing for parking in the theater plot. 01:21:58
Potentially getting that project. 01:22:03
A public parking lot. 01:22:05
And then capital much in order. 01:22:07
And hopefully. 01:22:09
Building 60. 01:22:11
New affordable housing units. 01:22:12
That may be a great project. 01:22:16
Why isn't the public being told about it? 01:22:19
Pacific Grove is the only major. 01:22:22
Monterey County jurisdiction. 01:22:25
This is the state deadline. 01:22:28
We're getting our house in Element HD certified. 01:22:31
So. 01:22:36
We will be the only. 01:22:37
Major Monterey County jurisdiction. 01:22:39
And that mandates that developers with 20% affordable housing. 01:22:44
In their projects. 01:22:49
Overriding. 01:22:52
Local zoning ordinances. 01:22:53
And internally. 01:22:57
General plan will become impossible. 01:22:59
Because the circumstances will change. 01:23:03
With each new approved housing project. 01:23:06
This too late to prevent that. 01:23:12
But. 01:23:15
If you agree with me. 01:23:15
But the only way to slow the momentum. 01:23:17
What is happening? 01:23:20
Is a new city manager. 01:23:22
And I hope. 01:23:24
That soon? 01:23:25
You will tell that. 01:23:27
To council members. 01:23:28
And requests that the council take prompt action. 01:23:31
To get the city. 01:23:34
New leadership? 01:23:36
Because it is a city manager. 01:23:37
Move by charter. 01:23:39
My supervised staff. 01:23:41
So. 01:23:45
I believe that when you see something like this and you're in a position like planning Commissioner. 01:23:47
Not to speak up is to acquiesce. 01:23:52
And what's happening? 01:23:55
Thank you. 01:23:56
Thank you. 01:23:58
Are there any hands raised or anyone else in the audience who would like to speak Mr. Campbell? We have Lisa Chiani. 01:24:02
Welcome. 01:24:10
Lisa Chiani. 01:24:11
You are. 01:24:13
Allowed to speak. 01:24:14
Thank you and I hope the sound is coming through, my husband said. 01:24:17
It wasn't good the last one. 01:24:22
Uh. 01:24:25
The I just wanted to. 01:24:27
Back up what Jane Haynes said. 01:24:30
I wanted to encourage you. 01:24:33
To. 01:24:36
Ask. 01:24:37
A lot of questions, because this this written report really doesn't. 01:24:38
Doesn't. 01:24:43
Answer much and there's so many concerns. 01:24:45
Related to this silvery project. 01:24:49
It. 01:24:51
Proposed. 01:24:52
Whatever. We don't know. 01:24:54
And. 01:24:56
The the builders remedy. 01:24:58
Issue which seems unavoidable. 01:25:01
So. 01:25:04
Yeah, yeah. 01:25:06
I just agree with Jane Haynes. 01:25:07
And. 01:25:10
Hope you will find out more for us. Thank you. 01:25:11
Thank you. 01:25:14
With Angel Lorenzen Dahmer. 01:25:20
Welcome. 01:25:22
Mrs. Lawrence and Domer, you're allowed to speak. 01:25:24
Thank you. 01:25:26
I would have loved to have heard what Jane Haynes said. 01:25:28
However. 01:25:32
She wasn't speaking into the microphone or it was off and nobody told her. 01:25:33
So that is why there was no sound. 01:25:39
Maybe her voice could carry to you, but I doubt if it's even going to be faintly heard on the recording, and that is too bad. 01:25:42
I wish someone on staff had told her that she needed to. 01:25:52
Turn on or speak into the microphone. 01:25:57
I think I agree. 01:26:00
I I. 01:26:01
Enabled closed captioning. 01:26:03
But close captioning. 01:26:06
Is not a very good substitute for the spoken word. 01:26:08
Thank you very much. 01:26:13
Thank you. 01:26:16
Tony Chiani. 01:26:19
Welcome. 01:26:21
Tony Chiani, you're allowed to speak. 01:26:23
Good evening, Commissioners. 01:26:25
I just want to echo what previous speaker said and that is that. 01:26:27
Jane Haynes comments were inaudible. 01:26:34
At least from our point of view. 01:26:39
On the other hand. 01:26:42
I think what Jane Haynes has written to you. 01:26:44
And written to the City Council. 01:26:48
Must be. 01:26:51
Considered. 01:26:54
As. 01:26:56
The. 01:26:58
Cities. 01:26:59
Approach to this. 01:27:01
To the housing problems and not housing issues. 01:27:03
This. 01:27:06
And the General Plan for Housing? 01:27:07
Has been dismal. 01:27:09
So please. 01:27:11
Step up. 01:27:14
Commissioners. 01:27:15
And address this. 01:27:16
Full front. 01:27:18
Thank you. 01:27:20
Thank you. 01:27:25
We have no more speakers in line. 01:27:29
Let me, if I may, the discretion of the Chair. 01:27:32
Briefly summarize what I think I heard Miss Haynes say. 01:27:36
Not that I agree or disagree with her, it's just statements of what I thought I heard that she discussed. 01:27:41
That this was the one of the few, if only municipalities in the county that. 01:27:47
But will not have a. 01:27:52
Certified housing plan. 01:27:54
Approved by the state. 01:27:57
That we are behind. 01:27:59
And that she. 01:28:01
Also talked about. 01:28:03
Negotiations between city staff and a developer regarding a project behind the theater and expressed some concern that that might 01:28:06
be. 01:28:11
Subject to builders remedy. 01:28:15
And she also described the ability of his remedy law, which requires 20%. 01:28:17
Of the of the housing units be. 01:28:23
Low income. 01:28:26
I think that basically is what she described. And so I. 01:28:27
Just for the the the record, if it was inaudible, I think that that's what she may have said. Again, I don't. 01:28:32
Pretend to say that I agree or disagree with anything she says. That's just what I think I thought I heard so. 01:28:39
With that. 01:28:48
Vice Chair Murphy. 01:28:50
I think, perhaps inadvertently, you admitted one of her key points was. 01:28:52
Expressed unhappiness with the city manager. 01:28:59
Ohh, that too. Yes. Thank you. 01:29:02
So. 01:29:06
Thank you, Vice Chair Murphy, for that. 01:29:07
All right. So we've heard from the audience, we've heard speakers, we've heard the staff report from. Thank you, director Wyatt. 01:29:10
Are there any comments, questions of of the staff who would like to begin or make a comment or ask a question? 01:29:20
Commissioner Sawyer. 01:29:30
On June 8th, at the Planning Commission, Miss Kroger presented to us and I asked, as did. 01:29:35
Other members of the Planning Commission ask questions. 01:29:44
At that time, she promised to respond to our questions. 01:29:47
With answers. 01:29:51
And she let us know that she would be out of the area for a week attending a conference I believe. 01:29:52
And would get back to us with answers within two weeks. 01:29:59
I'm really disappointed as I have not received any response or information from her. 01:30:03
So. 01:30:09
I would appreciate if staff makes promises, if they could follow through, it would be very helpful because we're not asking 01:30:10
questions, just to hear our. 01:30:15
Voices. 01:30:19
I do have questions regarding our progress on our housing needs and constraints assessment. 01:30:22
Is this completed and do we have all the data required? 01:30:28
Break your wire. 01:30:34
Thank you, Commissioner Sawyer through the chair. 01:30:36
Our. 01:30:40
Our prior the housing needs, constraints and analysis, The consultant. We provided them all the information. 01:30:42
They are compiling the data. 01:30:51
Needs for that. 01:30:54
And. 01:30:56
We have discussed a lot of the constraints. One of the largest constraints, of course, is water. 01:30:57
That we need to. 01:31:04
Also work on our rezoning. 01:31:06
And so they're looking at. 01:31:09
All of these items as they move forward and when we have our biweekly meetings and we've definitely. 01:31:13
Continue to have these discussions. 01:31:20
About constraints, so we're hoping to. 01:31:23
Have. 01:31:27
More information as we move forward on this, but. 01:31:28
That is where we are. 01:31:33
So at this point, we don't have any results or data to look at because you're still in the process of. 01:31:35
Formatting and forming those. 01:31:42
I'm compiling data analysis. Yes, the consultants are. 01:31:45
And just but we have had a lot of discussion they've done. 01:31:49
Research with HCD, especially on our largest constraint, which is. 01:31:53
Water and. 01:31:57
How we've addressed, how other communities in the peninsula have addressed this. 01:32:00
And that's been adequate for HCD analysis, so. 01:32:06
That this is one of the the biggest issues that we're. 01:32:11
Working on with our housing element and the constraints. 01:32:14
I I have a few more questions if you don't mind. 01:32:19
Umm. 01:32:22
Umm. 01:32:24
Have the at risk housing and specialized needs housing analysis been completed and are there results for that? 01:32:25
We are looking at that as well. Right now we have a. 01:32:33
Lists to our consultants of at risk. 01:32:39
Units. 01:32:43
And we have provided them preliminary information from our code enforcement and also. 01:32:45
Just from what we have on file that we know about in the city. 01:32:53
OK. 01:32:59
Man continue. 01:33:00
It is it possible that we could see the community survey results and housing needs as other cities have published theirs. 01:33:03
We have published that that is all on our website. 01:33:14
All of our survey information has been completed and is online. 01:33:18
And the housing needs as well. 01:33:23
Uh. 01:33:26
I will look into that. I don't. 01:33:29
Our housing needs will be part of the one of the chapters and we will. 01:33:31
Have that. 01:33:37
With the draft housing element. 01:33:39
And then sites inventory, where are we with this? And I didn't understand what does refined tasks related to the sites inventory 01:33:43
mean? 01:33:48
I just want to say sorry Commissioner Sawyer, the welcome home strategy does discuss a in in some depth that this time if you're 01:33:54
interested in. 01:34:00
Some of the housing needs. 01:34:05
For the community and income. 01:34:08
Levels that where people do have certain housing needs so and. 01:34:11
So that that is something that if somebody's interested immediately they can look at that. 01:34:18
And that is published on our website. 01:34:24
The site's inventory is. 01:34:27
And your question there is regarding. 01:34:29
We have looked at, we've provided the sites, we've worked on the sites inventory which is. 01:34:34
Pretty extensive to look at. 01:34:40
1125 units and the buffer and. 01:34:43
Recently we did go out as staff to several areas in the downtown and in Forest Hill. 01:34:48
And to look at 2nd. 01:34:56
A story. 01:34:59
Commercial development that could possibly be converted into housing, so that is. 01:35:01
How we've been working on the sites inventory and some of the. 01:35:07
And. 01:35:12
Some of the the redrafting and adding to that site's inventory based on additional. 01:35:14
Data collected by staff there. 01:35:19
So my understanding then is we haven't had a lot of deliverables at this time. 01:35:23
Commissioner Sawyer, we. 01:35:30
We haven't. We're continuing to work with the consultant and we're hoping to have. 01:35:32
Deliverables and draft chapters for us to review. 01:35:37
Hopefully by the end of the month. 01:35:41
Great. Thank you. 01:35:44
Thank you. 01:35:45
Right. Any more questions, Commissioner Sawyer? 01:35:48
Later. 01:35:51
Later, OK And you? 01:35:51
Anyone else have questions? 01:35:54
Commissioner Covic, I see you grabbing your mic, so you must. 01:35:57
Thank you, Chair Lilly. 01:36:03
I sent an e-mail to staff on this. 01:36:05
And I I I didn't get a real response. In fact I got no response other than the e-mail was received. 01:36:08
The timeline here appears to be a a presentational timeline, not a schedule. 01:36:14
And I was asking you for a schedule of what is really going on. 01:36:21
And this is a timeline with 123456 dots on it. 01:36:26
And that's something that one throws out in a in a proposal. This is not a schedule to work with. I'd like to see the schedule 01:36:31
that the staff is working to. 01:36:35
And also I'd like to know this. 01:36:40
On the bottom of this, this says this is rincons. 01:36:42
And this is what was actually in the document that I found on them. 01:36:47
So what is the schedule that staff is working to? That's what I'd like to see. 01:36:51
Uh. 01:36:56
Also an Appendix A of the proposal. There was 24 items. 01:36:57
That were needed by Rincon. 01:37:04
I'd like to know what the status of that did. What did staff provide the 24 items to Rincon for the housing element update data 01:37:07
needs? 01:37:10
Commissioner Kubica and through the Chair we have provided everything that was requested in the Appendix A. 01:37:18
The schedule is. 01:37:26
This that we're working on is part of this timeline and. 01:37:28
We are hoping to have a draft. 01:37:35
Document in. 01:37:39
September bringing this forward. 01:37:41
To PC hopefully by October 12th and City Council by November 1st. 01:37:44
We are on an accelerated timeline here. 01:37:51
With this consultant and we have been working in our biweekly meetings to. 01:37:55
Accelerate any portions of the timeline that we can. 01:38:01
And review draft materials and get them out so. 01:38:05
Those are. 01:38:11
Right now we're working really hard to get a draft document ready. We're working towards the schedule that was proposed. This 01:38:12
right now is an updated timeline per that schedule that was. 01:38:18
Proposed by Rincon. 01:38:25
And. 01:38:27
That is. 01:38:28
Where we are at, we're hoping once if we can meet this accelerated schedule and come to PC, have a draft document by September. 01:38:30
Come to the PC by October 12th. 01:38:40
And then to City Council by November 1st. 01:38:43
We are hoping to submit the. 01:38:47
Draft to HCD by November 2nd. 01:38:49
So we are working to meet this schedule and I hope we can continue onward and provide you. 01:38:52
Another update shortly. 01:39:03
Thank you. 01:39:04
Any further questions, Commissioner, So if I can understand this, the what was going to be provided on October 12th? 01:39:08
Uh. 01:39:16
Commissioner Kubica, we are hoping to come to Planning Commission with the draft document by October 12th. 01:39:17
OK. 01:39:27
OK, this other document the two pages that were. 01:39:33
Presented in a package here. 01:39:37
Was this a document generated by Rincon or is this a document generated by staff? 01:39:39
Commissioner Kubica, this is generated by Rincon they agreed to assist us with. 01:39:45
Umm. 01:39:51
With updates there, we asked them to help us with provide a written update and so this is provided by them. They are the 01:39:53
consultant working on the project. 01:39:57
So I'd like to see what staff schedule is. 01:40:03
This is the staff schedule. We meet biweekly with Rincon and we work with them to come up with. 01:40:07
To work towards the draft document. So this is the same. 01:40:15
But is there a schedule that staff is working to as opposed to Rincon schedule? 01:40:21
No, Commissioner Kubica, we are working towards the same schedule. 01:40:27
OK. Who created the SharePoint site? Was that Rincon or was that? 01:40:35
Staff. 01:40:40
Commissioner Kibaki Rincon. 01:40:41
Prepared the SharePoint site and we all have access and. 01:40:44
Upload to that and provide and share materials on that site. 01:40:48
OK, so the data request sheets, those are sheets that Rincon sent to staff to ask for more data. 01:40:53
Yes. 01:41:00
OK. And what data sheets are, what consists of, does that or any of the 24 items on there on the in that data on those data 01:41:01
sheets? 01:41:05
All of the requests for data are on the SharePoint site. 01:41:11
In the proposal it was 24 items. Are those any of those in the request for the SharePoint site? 01:41:18
Where they were requesting additional data. 01:41:24
Commissioner Kubica all. 01:41:28
All information that has been requested. 01:41:31
From Rincon whether it's been in the. 01:41:33
Proposal. 01:41:37
We provided them all of the information on the SharePoint site. 01:41:39
And they're happy with the data. They don't have to do additional data requests. 01:41:43
There will be Commissioner Kubica. There will be additional. 01:41:47
Requests for data as needed. We had one today, so as they're working through the document they may need more information and this 01:41:51
is standard. 01:41:56
And we provide it. We provided it everything they needed today. 01:42:01
For a new data request. 01:42:07
And they received it. 01:42:09
Today. 01:42:11
I don't have any more questions at this time. 01:42:20
Commissioner Frederickson, I think you had your hand raised. 01:42:24
Yes, I was wanting to develop the October 12th, but Commissioner Kubik has done that. But I think what's does call into a panel is 01:42:27
we need two meetings in October. 01:42:33
We've got to get off the 1:00 meeting thing. This is no excuse for a lack of progress because we can only have one Planning 01:42:39
Commission meeting a month. That's ridiculous. 01:42:44
So I think it's high time we get back to the schedule for two meetings a month. 01:42:49
Which is related to this whole. 01:42:55
We don't want to be put in the position of delaying this any for our review. 01:42:57
I think all of us can agree to that. 01:43:02
Well, we can establish. 01:43:05
That. 01:43:07
In our discussion. 01:43:08
And and the potential motion as part of this this discussion. 01:43:10
So. 01:43:16
We can do that. Or do you have any further questions of of Director White? No, I I think my questions pertain to what's what's in 01:43:18
the material we can't see so. 01:43:23
I'm not gonna belabor that we I I want to have the hours available. 01:43:28
When we can see it. 01:43:33
To address things. 01:43:35
OK. 01:43:37
Who's your Sawyer? 01:43:39
What does a FH stand for? 01:43:42
Sorry, I looked at. I went. What's that? 01:43:47
No. 01:43:49
Commissioner Sawyer through the chair that's Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing. This is a new requirement for this housing 01:43:51
element. 01:43:55
OK. Thank you. 01:43:59
You're Murphy? 01:44:04
And. 01:44:06
Do I understand that? 01:44:06
The site inventory is completed. 01:44:09
Commissioner Murphy, through the chair. Yes, the site inventory is mostly completed and less anything. 01:44:13
Changes with any of the analysis, but at this time it should be completed. 01:44:22
And is the, is the. 01:44:27
And city parking lot behind the Lighthouse Theater. 01:44:29
Identified in the site inventory. 01:44:33
Commissioner Murphy, yes it is. 01:44:36
And is it? 01:44:39
Is there anything? 01:44:40
Is there anything you can say about what assumptions we're making about about that property as a as a site? 01:44:42
What? What will the report describe as? 01:44:49
For instance, the number of units on that site, or. 01:44:53