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All right. Good afternoon. I'd like to call the meeting. 00:00:00
Today is Tuesday, June 20th, 2023. 00:00:04
Umm. 00:00:08
So call the meeting to order. 00:00:09
So first up is the approval of the agenda and can we do a roll call please? Ohh, yes, let's do that. 00:00:12
Commission member. 00:00:21
Andrea Bryson. 00:00:22
President. 00:00:24
Marty Dunn. 00:00:26
Percent. 00:00:28
Rebecca Lee. 00:00:29
Yeah. 00:00:32
Chair McKenna. 00:00:33
Here. 00:00:34
Vice Chair Susan Myers is not present. 00:00:36
Commission member Claudia Tibbs. 00:00:41
Not present. 00:00:45
And. 00:00:46
Commission member Christine Walkingstick. 00:00:47
Resent. 00:00:50
Thank you. 00:00:52
OK, so I need a motion to approve the agenda. 00:00:55
I move to approve the agenda. 00:01:01
2nd. 00:01:03
2nd. 00:01:04
All in favour. 00:01:06
Aye, aye. Any opposed? 00:01:07
No. 00:01:14
Hey, Motion. 00:01:16
Agenda approved. 00:01:18
All right. So now we have Commission and staff announcements. 00:01:19
Let's start with the Commission if anyone has announcements. 00:01:24
I do. 00:01:31
That. 00:01:33
I just wanted to give an, I guess, a report a little bit on the PGA Museum of Natural History plant party over Memorial Day 00:01:34
weekend. 00:01:38
Was very successful for it being a Memorial Day weekend. Beautiful day. 00:01:42
Lots of kids and a lot of adults looking to plant their gardens, so there was a lot of education on what is a good pollinator 00:01:49
garden for Pacific Grove. 00:01:53
Umm. 00:01:59
And the. 00:02:01
Pollinators. 00:02:02
We were hosting a table for Friends of George Washington Park, which I've set up a website now called Fog PG. 00:02:06
Friends of George. 00:02:12
Uh, where you can find out about weeding efforts and different things that are going on in the park. This is more of an 00:02:14
informational site. I'm hoping. 00:02:19
That you can find us on Facebook and or on George Washington Park is gaining a lot of momentum for volunteer efforts from 00:02:24
because of the Natural History Museum. 00:02:29
Event My husband and I also debuted a 5 minute multimedia children's story called The Magic Circle of George Washington Park. It 00:02:36
highlights a few plants and flowers as characters. Water sequestration talks about that. 00:02:43
The Westland water butterflies and Monarch Pines, and it's on YouTube. So that's the magic circle of George Washington Park. I 00:02:50
want to thank the city for the capital improvement project approvals by City Council, that is. 00:02:56
Relevant to our Commission, George Washington Park Enhancement Project, the Urban Canopy Improvement Project, and the review, 00:03:03
update and implementation of the George Washington Park Master Plan. 00:03:08
So thank you everybody. 00:03:14
Thanks anyone else. 00:03:18
Yes, I do. I also want. Can you clarify? 00:03:20
Sorry, is that? 00:03:23
Friends of George Washington Park. 00:03:25
Dot com or or what is it? 00:03:27
Sorry, it is 00:03:30
OK. 00:03:36
Thank you. You're welcome. 00:03:36
Awesome. Good job. 00:03:38
My announcements are that I attended a Cal AM Permeable Hardscapes workshop last month and it was incredibly awesome. I had no 00:03:40
expectations going in because after all it was Calam, but they did a completely admirable. 00:03:48
And an amazing job presenting all different kinds of ways that we can keep the water on land. They said that 73 trillion gallons 00:03:57
of rain fell last year and we. 00:04:04
Caught Because of all of our numerous streets, we only caught less than 10% of that. 00:04:11
So they not only gave alternatives, but they also had it like a do-it-yourself portion to show people how to actually. 00:04:17
Install Decompose Granite or actually like the whole compacting process and the materials necessary and everything like that. So 00:04:26
it's an annual event. They did not tape it unfortunately, because it was their first time and they didn't want to. 00:04:32
Tape mistakes and they also had a question and answer section at the end and did a great job answering all those questions and 00:04:38
we'll include that material in next year's show. 00:04:44
The second announcement was I attended the wildfire prevention planning workshop that the city put on at the Community Center on 00:04:51
also last month, I think the 25th. 00:04:56
Of May. 00:05:03
And. 00:05:04
They gave. 00:05:05
Some good hints about how to use a fire retardant roof and things like that, but. 00:05:07
In general, it was really limited to. 00:05:13
Where to evacuate? 00:05:19
Putting concrete around your home perimeter to prevent the fire from burning your home and they there was no discussion. I felt 00:05:22
like there was no answer to real questions like well what's the difference between concrete around your home and ice plant? Is 00:05:29
lush vegetation possibly a way to keep fire from reaching your home? And also the model that was used was a terrifying model like 00:05:37
the Paradise Fire. 00:05:44
Of wildlife fire just raising through your neighborhood and in actuality there is no model for an urban model and they didn't take 00:05:52
that into consideration, so. 00:05:59
I was left feeling like I had some questions that weren't answered. 00:06:07
Announcement #3 Is that on the June 21st City Council? 00:06:11
Agenda. Yeah, I think it's #11 something. They're going to decide whether or not to renew the contract with our Urban. 00:06:16
Forrester and as you know he's only available 20 hours or less a week and that is up the exact same thing up for renewal, so if 00:06:25
anybody is felt. 00:06:31
Afforded by the limited hours and would support getting. 00:06:39
Another part time arborist in that department I certainly hope you will zoom into. 00:06:44
The. 00:06:50
Council meeting and and. 00:06:52
Let them know. 00:06:54
Umm. 00:06:55
And very last thing is that calamas also had a. 00:06:57
Landscaping workshop I wasn't able to attend. These workshops are online and from the slides I was sent after it, they did a 00:07:01
really admirable job covering drought resistant planting and drip systems and do-it-yourself projects and how to do that. And then 00:07:07
I just have to share if. 00:07:13
You really want to look at the future? Check out the Pacific Horticulture Group. They are absolutely dear to my heart. They call 00:07:20
themselves ecologically radical, socially bold, and designed. They've gotten the Design Futurist award for gardens. So in other 00:07:28
words, they are able to open their minds and look at neighborhoods as. 00:07:36
Habitat, Neighborhoods as a community and plan their gardens as pollinator, gardens as food for the wildlife, as habitat for the 00:07:44
birds and. 00:07:49
And and also take into account social justice issues. So I just had to put that out there. Thank you. That's all my announcements. 00:07:55
Thank you. Anyone else go ahead. 00:08:03
Ah yeah. I have two announcements. I'd like to 1st thank fire and police departments for really protecting all of us, including 00:08:05
our wildlife. 00:08:10
With containment of the house fire that we had last month. 00:08:16
I would also like to thank the city and public works. 00:08:21
Great location for the Berwick Point picnic table that was relocated. So thank you so much. 00:08:26
Thank you. 00:08:34
OK. 00:08:36
All right, on to Stanley staff announcements. 00:08:39
No staff announcements tonight. Thank you. OK, thanks. 00:08:44
All right, so unto any Council liaison announcement. 00:08:47
Council member Colletti. 00:08:51
Hi, good afternoon. 00:08:53
A couple things maybe to discuss or to mention primarily and Christine already. 00:08:55
Has mentioned this, we at our last meeting, June 7th meeting. 00:09:03
City Council adopted a first read of our budget where we did bring forward. 00:09:07
Four CIP projects, two of them, were on the unfunded project list. 00:09:12
And two of them were new. 00:09:18
Two of them were brand new projects. 00:09:20
Of the two from the unfunded project list were that was the George Washington Park Enhancement Project. That was a project as you 00:09:22
know. 00:09:25
That was suggested by the NRC that was for $50,000 that was approved. 00:09:29
And then we also. 00:09:34
And this has been on my list for a while. 00:09:36
Is getting this urban canopy improvement project going? 00:09:38
This is essentially just planting trees, but it it it's it's a mitigation measure. 00:09:42
For our 2012 tree ordinance that has been hanging fire since then. 00:09:48
Over a decade. So finally we're going to be addressing that. 00:09:53
Some funds for actual purchasing trees 40. 00:09:58
Initially. 00:10:02
And then also money to pay for. 00:10:03
Uh. 00:10:06
A forestry manager. 00:10:07
A person to help plant and maintain the trees so. 00:10:09
Getting the trees in the ground is one thing, getting them, preserving them and watering them is another. 00:10:13
So we're doing both with that item and then there were the two items that we did bring forward as new projects, new CIP projects. 00:10:18
One is an update to the 1999. 00:10:26
George Washington Park Master Plan This is the plan that treats the whole park in its entirety. 00:10:30
Instead of excluding. 00:10:37
Zones like the master plan does. 00:10:40
And then finally a a proposed or a a CIP project to. 00:10:43
Bring forward the design of sidewalk extensions for outside dining. 00:10:50
So that was kind of the big news from our last meeting and I hope you have a good meeting yourself. Thank you. 00:10:54
Thank you. 00:11:02
OK. We'll open up for any general public comment. I'll start in the room, come on up to the mic. Just make sure you talk close to 00:11:04
it, please. 00:11:07
Thank you for having me. 00:11:16
Umm. 00:11:18
We're a little nervous. 00:11:19
Just remember to talk into the mic for folks online, OK? 00:11:21
I'm here today as a member of the PG Deer Awareness. I'm one of the founding members of PG Deer Awareness, but I'm not really 00:11:25
representing PG deer Awareness with my statements today. 00:11:31
So I just want to put that out there. So what I'm here to talk about is you may have seen on Next Door or Facebook. 00:11:38
This past week that there were some distressed deer that died. One of them at least died in a very distressing way and we were 00:11:45
kind of like following trying to identify others and we there were two others we think. 00:11:51
Maybe to others that total of 3. 00:11:59
And they um. 00:12:01
One of them that the one that that died it it lived for about a week. 00:12:04
It was on beach track. 00:12:09
And I think it looked for about a week before it passed away. 00:12:11
And we have lost track of the other two. We're trying to track them, but we don't know where they are. And we're not sure if 00:12:15
there's really one more or two more. But I did some more research. I started researching this because. 00:12:20
The deer. 00:12:26
Had a locked jaw. The deer that passed away had a locked jaw. 00:12:29
And it had snot running from its nose. 00:12:33
And it was drooling, and it couldn't breathe. 00:12:36
And so I started looking into that. 00:12:40
And I came across this. 00:12:42
This nonprofit called Lindsay. 00:12:45
Wildlife and they partner with the California. 00:12:48
Department of Fish and Wildlife. We work very, very closely with them and they've been around for a long, long time. 00:12:53
They have been tracking. 00:12:58
A virus called ADHD. 00:13:00
Adenovirus hemorrhaging disease. 00:13:04
And it started in in the north. 00:13:07
And it's moved down into the South kind of along the coast. 00:13:11
And so far it has been identified in. 00:13:15
4 counties. 00:13:20
Napa, Nevada. 00:13:24
Kern. 00:13:26
3. 00:13:27
I think and then I'm thinking that that is what we are dealing with here in Pacific Grove. 00:13:28
And it is. First off, let me say right off the bat, that there's no danger to humans. 00:13:36
It hasn't crossed over, It's just to deer. But it is an outbreak. I mean if it is in. 00:13:42
Pacific Grove it It could be an outbreak. 00:13:50
And. 00:13:53
The the things that we have in place right now to. 00:13:54
Protect deer. 00:13:59
Don't work for the deer in this situation. 00:14:01
So normally what we do with deer if they're injured is. 00:14:06
We report it to the PG Police Department and we report it to. 00:14:10
SPCA and they usually come out and they will check it to see if the animal is able to move. 00:14:15
And if the animal is able, if the deer is able to move. 00:14:21
Then they don't do anything. But if the deer can't move, then they'll euthanize it. 00:14:25
In this situation, I don't think that that plan works for us, because if the. 00:14:30
If the deer has ADHD and it's. 00:14:37
It has isolated itself in someone's backyard. 00:14:42
I'm sure they're highly motivated to get the deer out of their backyard. 00:14:45
But if we. 00:14:49
Encourage the deer to move on to another location. 00:14:51
They may just be spreading the virus around. 00:14:55
To other deer. 00:14:58
We had three minutes for your comments, so if you could wrap up that would be OK. Thank you. So I just wanted to put that out 00:14:59
there as a potential that and and I'm hoping that we could partner with Lindsay Wildlife. 00:15:05
Nonprofit and learn from them and see if there's something that we can do to address this so that it doesn't become an outbreak. 00:15:11
I'm sorry, before you leave your name, was it? 00:15:19
Adina virus. How do you spell that? 00:15:22
Ade. 00:15:27
In O in. I'm sorry, NAVIRUS. 00:15:29
Hemorrhagic disease, ADHD. 00:15:34
Yes, and. 00:15:37
Couple of questions please. 00:15:41
You say it's non transmissible to humans. Do you know if it's transmissible to other wildlife and dogs and cats now? I don't 00:15:43
believe it is. I think it's just limited to deer. OK. And the other question is, was a necropsy done on the deer? No, it was not, 00:15:49
unfortunately. Otherwise we would know whether we were dealing with a. 00:15:54
HD, HD or not, and. 00:16:01
It wasn't. And so that's why I wanted to bring this up today, because if we get, if we had seen another deer that had the same 00:16:05
symptoms, the lock jaw and everything. 00:16:09
So if we. 00:16:14
You know, if we see another deer that's sick with this. 00:16:15
I think we should get it tested to see if maybe we're dealing with ADHD. Do you have a protocol in place for getting that tested 00:16:18
through the Humane Society or would museum. No, none of them have anything in place for that. They're what they have in place is 00:16:24
for an injured animal. 00:16:29
And if the injured animal can move, then they let it live. If they don't, they euthanize it. And that's pretty much it our only 00:16:35
options, and it doesn't work for this situation. 00:16:39
If it is ADHD. 00:16:44
You see what I'm saying? I mean, I don't know whether it is or not, but if it is? 00:16:48
This is an outbreak that is spreading all over. 00:16:51
The coastline and. 00:16:55
It may be here now. 00:16:57
Categorize it. 00:17:05
Have you checked with Native Animal Rescue in Santa Cruz if they're having incidents like this? No, I haven't. I'll write that 00:17:07
down. 00:17:11
Native Animal Rescue and AR OK yeah. 00:17:16
Thank you. You're welcome. 00:17:20
Good afternoon. I'm Carmelita Garcia, resident Pacific Row. First, I want to thank you all. I know it's been a while since we. 00:17:27
Provided the wildlife presentations, but thank you very much for allowing us to do that. 00:17:34
And. 00:17:39
I enjoyed it. I learned a lot about the other species that we have. 00:17:39
Just to piggyback on the comments, Renee made total speculation here, but we did look up symptomology of the Bucks that we have 00:17:44
seen compared to the symptomology of ADHD and. 00:17:50
Pretty much matches, I there were photographs. I mean, people on next door PG and Facebook are great. I mean, they sent me 00:17:56
photographs if I asked for them. 00:18:01
I say they're different bucks because I counted the antlers on each. 00:18:06
Backs. I forget what it's called. Rack and they're different. When they had six, one has five. 00:18:11
And I just. 00:18:16
Communicated with another woman on Facebook, I found, and they had a deer come into their yard and just collapse and die. 00:18:17
So I'm waiting for her to respond to my questions to see if maybe we have a 4th deer around. 00:18:24
So I am getting in touch with the Lindsay Wildlife organization. 00:18:30
To talk with them about ADHD because they specialize in that disease. 00:18:37
And to send the photographs to them and see if they can determine by the physical symptoms that the Bucks are experiencing, 00:18:42
whether or not it is ADHD. 00:18:46
But yeah, so locally we have a big problem here and there. There's no advocacy for us as citizens. 00:18:51
To contact support to help us in these kinds of situations. 00:18:58
And of course, it always happens on a Friday night and during the weekend. 00:19:02
So there's nobody on call. 00:19:05
The SPCA will only respond if the animal is not mobile. 00:19:08
The first question they ask when you do call is, is a deer or animal mobile? And of course we always say yes. And they say, well 00:19:14
can't help you. 00:19:17
So it leaves a very distressed animal wandering around and I tell you folks on next door and Facebook who saw this poor creature 00:19:21
walking around, they were all just really upset. 00:19:27
Couldn't understand why nothing was happening to put this creature out of its misery. 00:19:34
Urban Trappings is another organization that I'll be talking to. 00:19:39
And you know. 00:19:45
My, my thing is that if you see a buck such as this one, it was like come on down and. 00:19:47
Shoot it with a palette or something to knock it out and euthanize it, you know, and and not to have it wandering around the 00:19:53
neighborhood like it was. 00:19:57
The other issue I want to talk about is the DI's proposed $350,000 budget for a consultant. 00:20:02
I say no way, Jose, that money could be paid for a staff person for our wildlife expert. I mean, that's someone's salary. Two 00:20:08
people's salary, 3 people's salary maybe. 00:20:13
So I would ask you to look at that agenda report when it comes out. 00:20:19
And to. 00:20:24
You know, really consider what you could do with that money aside from paying for a consultant. So thank you very much. 00:20:26
Yeah. 00:20:34
I mean it's based online. 00:20:36
We have one hand raised. I'll open the floor to miss Lisa Gianni. 00:20:42
Thank you. 00:20:48
I wanted to thank you again for finding a a much preferable location for the picnic bench at Berwick Point. 00:20:50
Picnic table. 00:21:02
Actually. 00:21:05
Saw. 00:21:06
A family having a picnic there, a multi generational family and they were prepared for the wind. They they. 00:21:07
Bungee cords that held their tablecloth on. 00:21:17
And. 00:21:21
From the. 00:21:25
Weekend. 00:21:30
Dealing with and. 00:21:34
So I appreciate your efforts. 00:21:39
Please. 00:21:43
Ignition. 00:21:44
Like. 00:21:46
Very much. 00:21:47
Miss Johnny, I just want to let you know that your connection is coming in garbled and we didn't understand the last couple 00:21:50
sentences. 00:21:53
Fall back in, perhaps, and we can raise our hand again. 00:22:10
Just let us know if she rejoins. 00:22:14
Miss Johnny? I'm going to. 00:22:22
Allow you to talk to see if your connection is working. 00:22:24
Thank you. Yes, it went out completely. I don't know why. 00:22:30
So I didn't get to hear what you were going. 00:22:34
OK. 00:22:37
Ohh, missed your last. 00:22:40
Still not here? 00:22:43
Oops, human. 00:22:46
My last sentence is OK, I'm I'm trying to get somewhere this. 00:22:48
I'm getting your you had to say, George. 00:22:54
Ohh, you're still not hearing me. 00:22:58
Ohh, this is not good. 00:23:00
Umm. 00:23:02
Mr. Johnny, we're going to go on to other public comment and we can pick up with you. 00:23:03
In a few minutes. 00:23:08
Yeah. If you get a better connection, you can hear us. Raise your hand. Thank you. 00:23:10
Oh, OK. 00:23:16
Any other hands raised? 00:23:17
Hmm. 00:23:21
That should be from. 00:23:23
Absent Commission. 00:23:27
Susan Myers. 00:23:29
So I guess we'll take her public comment as a viewer of this meeting, not as a. 00:23:32
Voting member and in attendance. OK. 00:23:37
So. 00:23:40
Commission member Myers. 00:23:42
I'm assuming you had your hand writes to make a public public comment. 00:23:45
But I'm not hearing her, so I think we can move on. 00:23:54
Any other hands raised with voices behind them? 00:23:58
George. 00:24:01
Yes. 00:24:04
Sorry, I'm you guys. I'm so sorry. I've been on this meeting the whole time, but I haven't been able to. 00:24:05
Connect my. 00:24:10
Voice. So anyway, I just wanted to tell you I'm here. 00:24:12
Umm. 00:24:15
And that's my comment. 00:24:16
Unfortunately due to the protocols with. 00:24:18
Meetings. I think your physical presence is required under certain extenuating circumstances and public notice, so for this 00:24:21
meeting we'll have to have you as an attendee. 00:24:26
OK, not that. 00:24:31
That's fine. 00:24:34
Thank you. 00:24:36
Miss Johnny, would you like to try to complete your comment? OK, does this work? 00:24:45
Yes, I can hear you loud and clear. OK, Now, are you saying that you didn't hear my whole comment about the picnic tables? 00:24:50
We heard most of the comment about picnic tables and then you were talking about bungee cords and then it started to get lost. 00:24:57
Ohh dear OK so that just the bungee cords were just one multi generational families. 00:25:05
Adaptation for the wind. 00:25:14
That's even over there sometimes but but just that's a such a better location. 00:25:16
And they held down their their tablecloth. 00:25:23
With the bungee cords at OHH, I know, so I was saying that. 00:25:26
I appreciated. 00:25:30
And are you hearing me now? 00:25:31
Loud and clear. Yes. Ohh great. OK. 00:25:33
Umm. 00:25:36
The peace and quiet out on the point and and the lack of of trash and whatever, because the black oyster catcher pair there had a 00:25:37
really rough weekend. 00:25:43
And dealing with drone disturbance and. 00:25:51
And losing their checks. 00:25:57
So. 00:25:59
They have so many. 00:26:00
Problems to deal with in this world. 00:26:04
But I really, really appreciate that the picnic table was moved away from the point. 00:26:07
So it's as peaceful as it can be. Thank you very much. 00:26:13
Thank you. Any other hands raised. 00:26:19
No further hands raised anyone in the room. 00:26:21
How many? 00:26:24
OK. 00:26:25
Umm. 00:26:26
Yeah. So we need to approve, have approval of the Minutes. 00:26:31
So any recommendations or edits that we need to recommend and then we'll make a motion to approve with those edits. So if you have 00:26:38
any edits. 00:26:42
Please. 00:26:46
Speak up, yeah. 00:26:47
If the mic is illuminated, it is on mute and if it is not illuminated. 00:27:23
So you, so it's on mute and if you want to be off of you, if you want to be, I'm mechanically challenged every time. 00:27:28
Under 7A. 00:27:37
I suggest you cross out wildlife and just put on. 00:27:38
And I'll give you that note and that's all and thank you. 00:27:43
Any other corrections or edits? 00:27:48
OK, I'll make a motion to approve of the minutes with the recommended. 00:27:53
Edits from Marty. 00:27:58
I'll second. 00:28:02
All in favour. 00:28:04
Aye. 00:28:06
Any opposed? 00:28:07
Motion passes. 00:28:09
OK. 00:28:14
Um, onto our regular agenda meeting. The first up is a discussion and review and then approval of our 2023 B NRC goals. All the 00:28:14
subgroups have submitted their updated goals. 00:28:21
And we want to review them and once we approve them as a Commission, they can be put on the website, so we can update the website 00:28:29
with that. So with that, I'll open it up for first for public comment and then we'll have time for the Commission discussion. 00:28:37
Any hands raised or anyone? 00:28:47
Come up to the mic if you have comment. 00:28:49
We have one hand raised. I'll open the floor for Miss Lisa Gianni. 00:28:55
Thank you. I just wanted to say this is such an impressive list of goals. 00:29:01
Because it's so. 00:29:07
Focused on what what we need and now or and and you can't I I don't know that you can. 00:29:09
Begin to well can can get this all done but. 00:29:18
But. 00:29:22
Just. 00:29:22
Getting going on so many of things, these things will just be. 00:29:24
Will be great. 00:29:30
I think we've had some kind of stale goals. 00:29:32
For a while and these. 00:29:35
These are not stale. These are are really wonderful action items. Thank you very much. 00:29:38
Thank you. Any other hands raised. 00:29:46
Not with their hands wrist. 00:29:49
OK. So now we'll open it up to discussion if there's any questions or recommendations for edits from within the Commission. Let's 00:29:51
go ahead and discuss. 00:29:56
Umm, I'll go ahead and start with the George Washington Park Goals Under. 00:30:04
Me see her support and coordinate with the city and I missed the museum in there since that seems to be an active part of my life 00:30:09
these days. And then under George Washington Park also. 00:30:16
Umm. 00:30:25
Because of the Capital Improvement enhancement project, I'd like to see new signs interpretive signage, the wooden sign. 00:30:26
For George Washington Park on cynics and all their trail enhancement which is already started. 00:30:33
And thank you to Public Works for the maintenance that they've been doing on the trail. 00:30:37
And then need to native plant and can you repeat the previous, where do you want to edit to that one? Oh sorry, just that there is 00:30:43
none for the capital improvement enhancement project we want to add. 00:30:49
Or supporting the CIP. Yeah, and it's all written in the CIP. Unless you want me to repeat that. 00:30:56
No, OK. 00:31:03
OK. 00:31:05
Continue. 00:31:06
And that's what I have for George Washington Park and with Rebecca has anything to add. 00:31:08
Assuming that. 00:31:30
I can work. 00:31:32
On other things besides what's on this list or no? 00:31:36
Yeah, this, I mean the goal is to kind of strategize and have the group focus on certain initiatives. But of course things may 00:31:42
come up as the year moves on. I don't think we'll be updating the goals, but. 00:31:47
You can. 00:31:52
Have discussions within and then you know I don't think we want to keep updating, we'll update these annually. But of course if 00:31:53
there's other initiatives that you'd if you know of them now we probably should add them, but if they come up then it doesn't you 00:31:59
know ranging from thank you. I think actually it's more of a strategy how to achieve a couple of these on under the tree and 00:32:05
planning goals. So I don't need to eliminate them anymore. 00:32:11
Sorry, Thank you. 00:32:17
And I'm just wondering if in light of council member Colletti's news about a forestry management officer if. 00:32:21
There might be some dovetailing between that. 00:32:29
When, When that person is hired, hopefully hired. 00:32:32
There will be coordination with you, with your committee. 00:32:36
I certainly hope so. 00:32:40
With the. 00:32:41
Urban forest CIP that went through, and yeah, the coordination would be great. 00:32:44
Let's see. 00:32:53
Yes. 00:32:55
I agree. 00:32:58
And I think maybe as we see how that that. 00:33:01
Well. 00:33:04
How that coordination would work with, I think we keep that in our mind That might be a goal that we really we can make some 00:33:05
movement on now this year and then it becomes a more concrete goal next year. So yeah, we want to keep. 00:33:10
Keep up on those things. Yeah, of course. 00:33:16
Any other? 00:33:20
And. 00:33:21
We can go and order or, you know, just. 00:33:22
Feel free to add. 00:33:25
Umm. 00:33:27
Any other updates to the goals? 00:33:31
I think when clarification based on some of the work the Wildlife Protection Group has been working on under 3.4, we have 00:33:36
educational resources I think. 00:33:41
I guess the website fits under that because we were move which hopefully will have for next meeting will be in and some 00:33:48
recommended updates to the city website. I think it fits under there. I just wanted to make sure the rest of the committee thought 00:33:53
that that captured that work. 00:33:58
The subcommittee. 00:34:03
Because I know there's website updates underneath. 00:34:04
No, there's not. 00:34:09
Underneath the community engagement. 00:34:12
I think it's captured. I don't think I have a specific recommendation. I was just. 00:34:17
Making folks aware that that goal also includes that work. 00:34:21
I think we wanted. 00:34:25
To participate in. 00:34:28
Website update also. So where can we put that on? 00:34:30
Whoops, my yeah. 00:34:34
We were looking specifically for George Washington Park, correct? Or was there ohh there? Was it all about trees and as a link 00:34:37
under residence? 00:34:41
Yes, it was getting the information about tree care in the city. 00:34:44
More visible. 00:34:50
So, so how about I put one under 6.5? Make recommendations for website updates related to the NRC? I agree, work OK, we'll have a 00:34:53
generic one there so. 00:34:59
OK. 00:35:05
That's great, I'll wordsmith that, but general idea that OK. 00:35:06
I have a a public works question. 00:35:10
Yeah, go ahead you. Excuse me, Is the city still using rodenticide? 00:35:14
And if so, do you know what kind? 00:35:19
I'm not aware of any rodent current rodenticide use. 00:35:24
But it's something I can look into and follow up with you. Yes, I think a couple of years ago Sustainable Pacific Grove had an 00:35:29
interest in. 00:35:33
Fine tuning. 00:35:39
What the cities? 00:35:40
Role was in that. 00:35:43
Is your question related to any specific sites or for the city all around? 00:35:46
OK. That's something that I'll follow up with and. 00:35:53
Let you know. 00:35:56
And if you guys don't mind a little, just. 00:35:58
Unsolicited advice about the goals update. 00:35:59
I would just say that you really shouldn't look at these as. 00:36:02
Limits at all on what you can focus on. They're really just priority areas, things that you want to communicate to the public that 00:36:07
you're going to focus on. 00:36:11
But it shouldn't stop you from focusing on anything else as you see fit throughout the year. 00:36:15
And it's already June, so really. 00:36:19
These would be like a, you know, biannual goals at this point and before you know it, it'll be 2024 and we'll be doing this all 00:36:21
over again. 00:36:25
Thanks. 00:36:31
Enter. 00:36:35
And. 00:36:36
All right. 00:36:37
So I'll make a. 00:36:37
Motion to. 00:36:40
Whatever you wanna say this to approve of these with the. 00:36:43
Few additions. We have the museum in 1.1. 00:36:46
The addition of the CIP. 00:36:49
For tree planting under one, so that would be 1.8. 00:36:52
And. 00:36:57
An addition of 6.5 to make. 00:36:59
Recommendations for a website related to the NRC work? 00:37:03
I second that. 00:37:13
All in favour. 00:37:15
Aye. 00:37:16
Aye. 00:37:17
Any opposed? 00:37:18
Motion passes. 00:37:20
Excellent. 00:37:22
OK. 00:37:24
OK. So next agenda, item 7B is we're going to hear from George on wildlife protection efforts in the city. So we'll turn it over 00:37:27
to George. 00:37:31
I believe for a presentation and then we'll open it up for public comment. 00:37:38
One moment while I share my screen. 00:37:45
So I would like to give just a very. 00:37:58
Brief. 00:38:01
Review. 00:38:02
Of the wildlife protection efforts. 00:38:03
Up until this point. 00:38:06
This is a topic that has been brought up at the NRC a number of times. 00:38:08
Council a number of times. 00:38:13
Multiple lists of recommendations have been introduced, approved, kicked around. 00:38:15
And I just want to make sure we're all kind of on the same page on current action items that are being worked on. 00:38:21
Umm. 00:38:26
So very summarized background. 00:38:28
Is that in 2017 a Coastal Wildlife Protection Advisory Committee was formed. 00:38:32
They met regularly and ultimately came up with a. 00:38:40
Very thorough list of recommendations. 00:38:43
That was considered by the NRC at a special meeting July 13th of 21. 00:38:46
And also on August 17th of 21. 00:38:51
And then was. 00:38:54
Presented to Council by. 00:38:57
Coastal Wildlife Protection Advisory Committee member Amanda Priest. 00:38:59
Who you guys are familiar with? Recently presented here representing the Audubon Monterey Audubon. 00:39:04
And that was on November of 21. 00:39:10
And then again in 3/16/22 the. 00:39:13
Coastal Wildlife Protection topic was brought to council by. 00:39:18
Council member Cloudy. 00:39:23
And then again December of 22. 00:39:25
Staff brought. 00:39:29
The Coastal Wildlife Subcommittee concept up again and at each of these points. 00:39:30
Kind of a whole background was given and the kind of history of the recommendations. 00:39:35
And different strategies were discussed. 00:39:39
Most recently at that December of 2022 meeting. 00:39:42
Council settled on and approved three recommendations. 00:39:46
Recommendation number one was to. 00:39:51
Direct staff to return to City Council. 00:39:53
With a request for qualifications for consultant services to assist with the. 00:39:56
Proposed local coastal program amendments. 00:40:01
And corrections by the end of June 2023. 00:40:05
And then also. 00:40:09
Recommendation #2 is to direct staff to return to City Council with a comprehensive report describing the. 00:40:10
Use of. 00:40:15
Community Service Officers are CSO's to provide wildlife protection and code enforcement services throughout the entire city by 00:40:16
the end of June of 2023. 00:40:20
And #3 directed the Beautification and Natural Resources Commission to form a standing. 00:40:25
Wildlife Subcommittee that will provide guidance and oversight regarding wildlife protection issues and code enforcement efforts 00:40:30
throughout the entire city by the end of June 2023. 00:40:35
So those were the recommendations kind of distilled down in December of 2022. 00:40:40
On that first recommendation to direct staff to. 00:40:46
You know, receive, see Consulting Services and Request for qualifications. 00:40:50
I'm currently. 00:40:55
City manager staff. 00:40:58
Are preparing and are expected to bring to council in July. 00:41:00
RFP's requests for proposals. 00:41:04
For expert consultants to. 00:41:07
Do these three things and the first two are in one RFP, the third is in a separate RFP but to prepare our Consolidated Wildlife 00:41:10
and Natural Habitat Protection Ordinance. 00:41:15
To include the cities municipal code and then to to develop a framework for a wildlife protection program to include monitoring. 00:41:22
Enforcement and public education activities. 00:41:30
And then third in a separate RFP. 00:41:33
So potentially a separate consultant. 00:41:35
Prepare an amendment to the Pacific Grove Local Local Coastal Program. 00:41:38
That were in that amendment would. 00:41:44
You know, be focused on. 00:41:46
Wildlife protection. 00:41:47
And. 00:41:51
In regards to the Community service officers. 00:41:52
Currently. 00:41:57
There is, you know, budget and a fully staffed Police Department would have. 00:41:59
For community service officers. 00:42:05
Previously before this current fiscal. 00:42:07
Year change Over this July, there were three CSO's and one parking enforcement officer. 00:42:11
And as part of this current budget request. 00:42:16
They're at The Police Department is asking to convert that parking enforcement officer to a. 00:42:19
Community Service Officer, so there would be. 00:42:25
For full time community service officers. 00:42:27
And in the current framework and my understanding of. 00:42:30
The plan for the upcoming fiscal year is that. 00:42:32
The role of a wildlife officer would largely be taking over, taken over by these community service officers, they are. 00:42:36
Non sworn community service officers. The the they're the officers that you would see wearing a a blue uniform. 00:42:44
Out and about. 00:42:51
And. 00:42:53
What I have here is a just a a snip from there. 00:42:53
The job description, training material. 00:42:58
Kind of outline. 00:43:02
So showing the different. 00:43:03
Training that the community service officers are set to. 00:43:05
Receive as part of their job duties. 00:43:08
And it includes topics such as animal care and control. 00:43:10
Wildlife Protection and Marine Protected areas. 00:43:15
And PG municipal codes which includes the. 00:43:19
Wildlife related codes. 00:43:22
And Humane Officer Academy. 00:43:24
California Marine Protected Area Overview. 00:43:27
And moderate NPA Central Coast regional training. 00:43:30
So. 00:43:35
There's been. 00:43:38
Different. 00:43:39
Questions asked of me of you know what it would look like. 00:43:40
To include a wild. 00:43:44
Life Service officer. 00:43:45
In the police force or in code enforcement? I think the current plan is to not to have that folded into the current. 00:43:47
Community Service Officers. 00:43:54
You know, having one kind of. 00:43:56
There's, you know, ones Wildlife Service officer kind of as a Ranger. 00:43:58
Wouldn't be working full time and would kind of require extensive training. Then there's a question of. 00:44:02
Whether that would be a sworn officer or not. 00:44:07
But I think the way that it's currently set up is that. 00:44:09
All four. 00:44:12
Potential. 00:44:14
Community Service Officers. 00:44:15
Would have that wildlife training and then whenever they're on duty would be able to respond to such incidences. 00:44:16
And. 00:44:28
Before you know. 00:44:29
Well, the one other thing I wanted to comment on is we had a request from BNC members. 00:44:32
To look into the the police records. 00:44:37
And with a number of kind of wildlife related. 00:44:42
Ordinances. 00:44:45
To do a query of. 00:44:46
How many violations there have been? 00:44:48
And it it does get a little limiting just because of the way the records are kept and if someone calls dispatch. 00:44:50
Any animal service. 00:44:59
Question or, you know, call. 00:45:01
Gets listed in one group. 00:45:04
And. 00:45:06
That could include anything from a lost dog or, you know, all sorts of things. There's no code in their system for a call. 00:45:08
To denote it as wildlife. 00:45:15
And I'm I'm not an expert of how they keep those records or? 00:45:18
How that all works but. 00:45:22
They were able to look up any sort of. 00:45:24
Actual written reports resulting from a call. 00:45:27
From January of 2020. 00:45:30
The president. 00:45:33
And there was a total of 2 reports. 00:45:34
Both. 00:45:37
To do with the municipal code on feeding wildlife. 00:45:38
One of them was people hand feeding and petting and deer. 00:45:41
And the other one was people. 00:45:45
Baiting raccoons by leaving, purposely leaving. 00:45:47
You know, food bits out for raccoons. 00:45:51
So in that 3 1/2 year time span, there were two reports that resulted in a police report, just to give you guys a kind of sense. 00:45:53
And to answer that question. 00:46:01
So. 00:46:03
We can expect. 00:46:06
The council to consider those RFP's to kind of. 00:46:07
Further refine the city's ordinance or to to ask for a consultant to come in and further refine the ordinance. 00:46:10
And then also. 00:46:15
To. 00:46:17
Develop a further Prepare an amendment to do with the wildlife for the local coastal program. 00:46:21
And to kind of refine the framework. 00:46:27
For monitoring enforcement and public education activities. So I hope that answers some questions that have. 00:46:29
Been floating around. 00:46:35
And if you guys have any questions for me? 00:46:36
Please. 00:46:38
Thank you, George. I think we'll open it up for public comment and then we'll come back for questions from the Commission. 00:46:41
If there's anyone in the room, they'd like to come on up. 00:46:47
You need to turn the mic on. Sorry. 00:47:00
There's a little ohh. There you go. Thank you. 00:47:04
Can you turn it on? 00:47:07
I just had a a question if I can ask a question, what can the CSO's do when they respond to a? 00:47:10
Word. 00:47:17
Fortunately, this isn't the best form to answer questions. So I think we need to continue with public comment for now. Maybe as 00:47:25
part of the Council or the Commission discussion, we can address certain issues. OK, noted. Thank you. 00:47:31
Hello Carmelita Garcia, resident of Pacific Row, with regards to the concept of the CSO officers managing wildlife and 00:47:41
enforcement. 00:47:45
Umm. 00:47:51
The only way I can really seem see that that concept being successful is if. 00:47:52
They alternate schedules working nights and working weekends as well as day hours during the day. 00:47:59
You know you can't have them off. 00:48:07
On weekends and you can't have them off after 7:00 PM. 00:48:10
Because. 00:48:14
Those are the times that these incidences typically happen, and that's the problem we're currently. 00:48:15
Experiencing right now with our wildlife. 00:48:21
Personally, I think. 00:48:24
Single dedicated wildlife person needs to be. 00:48:27
It period and not. 00:48:31
A responsibility shared amongst 4 people. 00:48:33
Umm. 00:48:36
Because the the individual as I see it. 00:48:38
Has to have a real. 00:48:41
Embedded experience and really understand and know. 00:48:43
How wildlife works and and you know what they do and and what have you and and it's. 00:48:48
It's much more than having a wildlife training combined with other. 00:48:53
Duties that you know CSO's will be handling. 00:48:57
So. 00:49:02
Yeah. Anyway, those are my comments and again, I I think A1 dedicated staff person as a wildlife individual should. 00:49:03
Be the answer. Thank you. 00:49:12
Any hands raised. 00:49:16
We have a hand raised from Council Member Claude. 00:49:19
Ohh, yeah. Thank you George. 00:49:26
Just to clarify a bit on what was presented in the staff report. 00:49:29
Actually what happened the December 21st, 22? 00:49:34
Agenda, report and recommended actions. Those all came from the City Council's Coastal Wildlife Protection Subcommittee. 00:49:38
That was made-up by Joe, Emilio and myself. 00:49:47
They didn't come from staff. 00:49:51
But I just thought I'd. 00:49:53
Clarify that point. 00:49:54
Thank you for that clarification. 00:50:01
And we do have three hand hands raised in the. 00:50:05
Virtual audience. We'll start with Lisa Gianni. 00:50:08
Thank you. 00:50:14
Umm. 00:50:15
I I really appreciate George's report. 00:50:16
Umm. 00:50:20
I. 00:50:21
There is a quandary about. 00:50:23
Having one. 00:50:26
Full-time wildlife officers compared to four CSO's. 00:50:29
Which we don't have that option anyway, I don't think at this point, but. 00:50:36
Because one officer can't work 24/7 and we need that so. 00:50:41
I mean. 00:50:50
Somehow we got to start figuring that out, but I also also hope. 00:50:52
That. 00:50:57
We can address. 00:50:59
The CSO's having a bicycle. 00:51:01
Maybe an electric bike? 00:51:04
But. 00:51:06
To be able to cover the coast and see what's going on. 00:51:07
Umm. 00:51:11
Is really important and they don't. They don't get that in their cars. 00:51:13
I mean, I called and and I don't get this about only two reports in the last 3 1/2 years or something because I asked for a report 00:51:17
to. 00:51:21
To be done every time I call about a drone incident and I had to call. 00:51:26
On Memorial Day, Because there was one. 00:51:31
Crazy Joan. Ohh my poor boys but. 00:51:35
But they didn't have chicks then, thank goodness. 00:51:38
But it was flying from Lovers Point. But I was at Berwick Point. 00:51:41
And I called the police and the Cal tip number. 00:51:45
Fish and Wildlife. 00:51:50
And ask them votes to make reports. I there was no way I could ohh the the police did come that time. 00:51:52
Amazing on Memorial Day. 00:52:00
And and they were able to park and walk around the park, but they they could not find the drone operators. 00:52:02
And then this weekend, 2 on Saturday, one right after another and I called the police and and I. 00:52:10
And I and I called Cal tip, but you know, for them to get there on time. 00:52:20
Especially in cars it just doesn't happen, so we need officers with bikes. 00:52:25
Umm. 00:52:31
And. 00:52:31
Then. 00:52:33
What? 00:52:34
OK, maybe I covered all the things I wanted to, but. 00:52:35
But I do really appreciate. 00:52:39
That report and and and the NRC following through on their on their part of the three actions that the. 00:52:42
Council Subcommittee. 00:52:50
Had had recommended. 00:52:52
Thank you. 00:52:54
Thank you. Any other hands raised. 00:52:58
I think you said two more. 00:53:02
Yes, we have a hand raised from Tom Ackman. 00:53:03
Tom. 00:53:06
Hi, thank you. I just wanted to clarify. 00:53:08
Or expand on They may not code the calls that come to the Police Department. 00:53:12
And I I suspect that's quite true. 00:53:18
But I personally am aware of several dozen calls to the police about illegal drones that are disturbing wildlife. 00:53:21
Trespassers, People behind posted areas. 00:53:30
And disturbing wildlife. 00:53:34
I'm. 00:53:36
Any case where Bent and and the boy docents. 00:53:38
Can't convince people to put away their drawings to do the right thing. 00:53:42
We do routinely call the police and PG. 00:53:45
I'm aware of several cases where they've responded. I know of some citations that have been written. 00:53:48
I know of 1 case where illegal construction was stopped. 00:53:54
Because it was, it was violating the new ordinance. 00:53:59
There have been dozens of cases without going through notes and files and documenting. 00:54:04
How many per year or in exactly what type? I'm not actually offering to do that, but. 00:54:10
Just from memory and just from as I'm sure you're all aware that we put in. 00:54:16
A lot of hours has made adolescence down on the shoreline each year. 00:54:21
There are problems and we do try to deal with them when we can. 00:54:25
And when we can't, we don't. 00:54:30
Hesitate to call either. 00:54:32
The city police or Noah, or hopefully game wardens if they're on the air. 00:54:34
We do and have and there's dozens of violations and. 00:54:39
There are some citations and fines have been collected. 00:54:44
So. 00:54:48
Thank you. 00:54:49
Thank you. 00:54:52
More handmaids. 00:54:55
We have a hand raised from Ingle, Lawrence and Dahmer. 00:55:01
Thank you, George. 00:55:05
I'm going to agree with both those speakers before me. 00:55:07
Umm. 00:55:11
And that. 00:55:12
I'm not down there monitoring them, no. 00:55:14
But just from where my little perch is and I can see and I know that when I call. 00:55:18
The police. 00:55:25
It really depends on whether you get dispatch, whether you get this, whether you get whatever. And it depends on if they're going 00:55:28
to show up too and the CSO's. 00:55:33
Whereas I'm sure they're all well-intentioned and whatever and to get them going. 00:55:39
But I think it's gonna take a whole lot more training than a small little outline there to get them up to really see and know 00:55:45
what's happening. 00:55:49
I realize that one dedicated officer cannot do everything. 00:55:56
But. 00:56:02
It's going to need a lot of training. 00:56:06
And we don't even have them. 00:56:08
In operation yet. 00:56:11
And yes, Lisa is right, they need to be on bikes or electric bikes or be down there because. 00:56:13
Because cars are not the answer on that, unfortunately. 00:56:22
Umm. 00:56:26
It's certainly taking a long time, isn't it? And it's going to take a long time getting things through the rest of council too. 00:56:28
You know, these other protections, but. 00:56:33
Thank you for all the work you do. 00:56:39
Thank you. Any other hands raised. 00:56:44
We have a final hand raised from Kim. 00:56:49
Thank you. 00:56:55
You know, this has been a long time coming and we all know that we need a wildlife officer or the CSO. 00:56:57
Whichever we can get. 00:57:06
Would help out more than what we have right now. 00:57:08
I would like to say that many of the disturbances I have seen. 00:57:11
Are either really early in the morning? 00:57:16
And I'm out there by 6:30 in the morning, so I've seen some drones as early as that. 00:57:20
And or very late at night. 00:57:26
When we've come back to find a party, that has happened on the grounds of Hopkins and garbage thrown over the fence. 00:57:29
So this is happening a lot before and after hours, so just keep that in mind and certainly. 00:57:35
The weekends I think, see the brunt of disturbances, but it does happen throughout the week and and and various times of the day. 00:57:41
I would recommend that for whoever the city hires to do this that. 00:57:51
They maybe get together with the groups that are monitoring out there. I certainly would be very happy to. 00:57:56
Give the new trainees a talk on the harbor seals and the situations that we see down there, the disturbances that we see. 00:58:04
It's great to educate the public. We have been doing that for years and years. 00:58:12
We need some enforcement. 00:58:19
So we seriously need enforcement. 00:58:22
And let me tell you 1 ticket does all goes a long ways when we're seeing problems on the rec trail. 00:58:25
So we do call Fish and Wildlife. We do call Noah. 00:58:33
Regularly. Now to report all of these incidences, I'm sure they have records of how many times we've called. 00:58:38
And we do call the police. 00:58:45
Particularly for the drones, but if they're unable to come, we turn around and call. 00:58:47
One of the other agencies. 00:58:53
But again, I'd be willing to talk. 00:58:56
To and answer any questions of anybody the city hires and and I'm sure that the other. 00:58:58
People involved with. 00:59:04
The birds, Amanda. Priest probably, I'm sure would be very happy to talk to them also and. 00:59:06
Kind of educate them as to what's happening with all. 00:59:12
The wildlife on that side but. 00:59:15
We seriously need somebody out there. We have for a long time. 00:59:18
And so I hope this gets to move forward and definitely we get. 00:59:23
People soon thank you. 00:59:28
Thank you. 00:59:32
No further hands raised. 00:59:34
OK. 00:59:37
Umm. 00:59:38
So I'll just start the the discussion just. 00:59:39
Addressing the question. 00:59:42
What can the CSO do? Are they able to issue the citation just? 00:59:45
Clarity on that. 00:59:50
Or they. 00:59:51
If you know that or we can follow up and find that out. 00:59:53
My understanding is that. 00:59:57
Community CEO's can issue citations, yes. 00:59:59
OK. 01:00:01
Umm. 01:00:03
All right. So I guess. 01:00:05
With the Commission, Any other Commission members have any questions or comments we wanna make? 01:00:08
Regarding these. 01:00:12
George Kennan I I read the. 01:00:13
Job description for the CSO. 01:00:16
On online on the Pacific Grove. 01:00:18
Cities, you know, job listing. Can you read that to us? 01:00:21
Because it involves so much, I'd like to hear it again. 01:00:25
I'll have to look that up to read that, so maybe if someone else wants to make their comment and we can come back to that after I 01:00:33
find it. 01:00:36
I have one quickie. 01:00:41
Who would the? 01:00:44
Our team position. 01:00:46
The man who currently rides around in the Little. 01:00:48
Little cart as our parking person, would he? 01:00:51
Is he the one you're considering to be the 4th? 01:00:54
CSO. 01:00:57
I believe the gentleman that you're inquiring about has retired. 01:00:59
And I think that his position is going to be replaced with a general. 01:01:02
CSL Yes. So would he be? 01:01:06
Would he really count as an FTE? 01:01:09
Wildlife protection person if he's also doing tickets. 01:01:13
I think the idea would be that all of the CSO's would do all of the above. 01:01:19
Ohh. 01:01:26
OK, I didn't. I didn't get that with the other three people. I thought they were exclusively. 01:01:27
Excuse me for wildlife. 01:01:32
Not forget giving out parking tickets. 01:01:34
I'm happy to read the job descriptions here for a. 01:01:43
CS and I think they have broken down by. 01:01:46
The time of day. So there's a CSO on shift from approximately 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 01:01:49
Primarily handles wildlife protection efforts, foot patrols of coastline and parks. 01:01:55
Nuisance animal complaints. 01:02:00
Ensuring care of sick and injured animals. 01:02:03
Property Crimes reports. 01:02:06
Animal kennel maintenance. 01:02:08
Evidence collection. 01:02:10
Municipal code enforcement and maintaining kennels. 01:02:11
Primarily handles parking complaints maintaining parking meters. 01:02:17
Conducting traffic control. Conducting proactive. 01:02:21
Parking enforcement routes and abandoned vehicle abatement. 01:02:24
And then? 01:02:29
For the CO2 that works later in the day. 01:02:30
From approximately 8:30 AM until 6:30 PM. 01:02:33
Primarily handles parking complaints, maintaining parking meters, conducting traffic control, conducting proactive. 01:02:36
Parking enforcement routes and abandoned vehicle abatement. 01:02:42
Secondarily handles wildlife protection efforts, foot patrols of coastline and parks, nuisance animal complaints. 01:02:46
Ensuring care of sick and injured animals, property crimes reports, Animal Kennel kennel Maintenance. 01:02:54
Evidence collection, municipal code enforcement. 01:02:59
Maintaining kennels and public outreach. 01:03:02
What if we had four? 01:03:13
I I believe that is the. 01:03:17
The concept of two of each of those positions that have staggered. 01:03:20
Schedules throughout the week. 01:03:24
We'll be covering the weekends. 01:03:28
Then as well. 01:03:30
Correct. 01:03:31
Thanks. 01:03:32
But stopping at 5:00 o'clock. 01:03:33
6:30. 01:03:35
I think as proposed, the current schedule would have one officer. 01:03:38
Ending their day at 5:00 o'clock one officer ending their day at 6:30. 01:03:42
Oh. 01:03:46
I had another question, Hugh. 01:03:51
Wanted the. 01:03:54
Consultants hired? Was that recommended by the council? 01:03:56
I think that has been recommended. 01:04:07
Multiple times, but most recently the what I referenced in the December 22 meeting. 01:04:09
It was. 01:04:15
Recommended to council by the Council subcommittee and then. 01:04:16
Approved by council to be recommended. 01:04:20
And in the Council's entirety. 01:04:23
OK. 01:04:25
I didn't know if. 01:04:26
Umm. 01:04:28
I don't know. I thought the. 01:04:30
Wildlife. 01:04:33
What was that document called? I'm sorry I'm blinking, but I thought it was good and comprehensive and. 01:04:38
Is this a matter of? 01:04:45
Figuring out how to get it like into muni code. Is that what the consultants being hired for? 01:04:48
That is one of the three items the consultant is being hired to do, yes. 01:04:54
Thank you. 01:04:58
And you'll share it. We have the presentation. So we because it was on that the the three specific things that the consultant 01:05:03
would do. 01:05:06
Umm. 01:05:10
One of it was like consolidating code which we've heard before and and there were a couple other things there that would address 01:05:11
that would be fantastic. 01:05:15
Any other comments or thoughts? 01:05:20
I'm just struggling with what the Aikman shared and other people have shared about. 01:05:24
How we need someone 24/7 after dark and I'm just. 01:05:32
Wondering if there is? 01:05:37
You know, anyway it is somehow accomplished that, I understand that. 01:05:40
Parking is a great source of revenue for the city, so we can't have that neglected, but I'm wondering if there could be 4 CSO's 01:05:44
and. 01:05:50
Like the seven, like maybe the seven to five guy could be 5:00 AM. 01:05:56
To 3:00 PM and then somebody else could be 3:00 PM to whatever 10:00 PM and then. 01:06:05
Umm. 01:06:12
The other two could be strictly for parking, so you'd have two strictly for wildlife and two strictly for other things. 01:06:13
That. 01:06:21
Would get more coverage. 01:06:22
For that specificity. 01:06:25
Because I agree with what Carmelita said, that there is going to be a learning curve not only about the different kinds of 01:06:27
wildlife, but also it's it's something that can't be trained into you, it has to be experientially. 01:06:34
Gotten under the belt, so to speak. 01:06:43
It might be possible to have an on call. 01:06:46
Our rotation, like doctors do. 01:06:49
That if you're part of that group of four that say. 01:06:52
Every fourth night. 01:06:55
You're on call during between the hours of 7:00 PM and 7:00 AM. 01:06:57
Maybe that's a way to spread it a little bit. 01:07:05
I don't know if that's a lot more costly with overtime though. 01:07:10
That's a good idea, but. 01:07:13
Yeah, I mean, I just. 01:07:18
Appreciate this getting someone out there versus and covering more time and I just appreciate the city and council kind of moving 01:07:20
this forward in a direction that I'm sure we're gonna. 01:07:25
Learn a lot from of. 01:07:30
You know, hiring these. 01:07:32
I don't know if that's set in stone now, if we can make any specific recommendations on, you know, their time or their. 01:07:34
Hiring, but I do think. 01:07:40
You know, based on our request to get information about code violations, I think it would be helpful if. 01:07:41
They also had more information, so also working on. 01:07:46
How we can report, get a summary of what priorities they might come in they they would know what are some of the issues here 01:07:50
coming in and could. 01:07:54
Know that we need to focus on those. And so just having 2 written reports about feeding, we know that there's a lot more going on 01:07:58
on the coastline and so I think some documentation of that would. 01:08:04
Or summary of that in the code, whether it's like drone but you know specific municipal code violations. I don't I I don't know 01:08:10
how all the bookkeeping happens, but I think there would be a huge. 01:08:14
Benefit of being able to communicate what the issues are on the coast with some of that information to an officer that comes on 01:08:19
board. 01:08:23
And just to clarify, I forwarded the request from the NRC for that information straight to the Police Department and to the code 01:08:26
enforcement. And really I'm just reporting what I heard back, so I'd be happy to get you in touch. 01:08:32
With those, the representatives from those departments to kind of. 01:08:38
Further refine that that question and see if we can get more information. 01:08:40
Yeah. If you would wouldn't mind sharing that, I think just understanding a little bit more of how it's recorded than that and 01:08:45
then what information we can glean from that I think would be valuable. 01:08:48
Umm. 01:08:53
Umm. 01:09:03
I think it just says received report. Unless we have a specific action we want to make, I don't think there's a. 01:09:04
Motion. 01:09:10
There's no recommended motion, but if you have a motion in mind, you're welcome to. 01:09:12
Well, I I would. I would like to make a motion to support and encourage the. 01:09:17
Hiring of the CSO's. 01:09:22
And. 01:09:27
To recommend to council to very carefully. 01:09:28
Consider their job descriptions and. 01:09:33
Hours of. 01:09:36
Operation. 01:09:38
Anyone second? 01:09:42
I'll second. 01:09:45
All in favour. 01:09:47
Aye, aye. 01:09:48
Any opposed? 01:09:50
Motion passes. 01:09:53
It's not. 01:10:00
Alright, so on to Seven C, which is. 01:10:02
Yeah. 01:10:10
Miss Person, your microphone is muted. 01:10:11
I'd like to make a few additional comments just on kind of what we've been talking about. So this is, sorry, just to clarify, it's 01:10:14
related to 7B, yeah, yeah. 01:10:18
And if you don't mind just speaking a little closer to your microphone for the online audience, thank you. Can you hear me now? 01:10:23
Yes. 01:10:28
OK. 01:10:29
Just for the record, I have actually myself called police for. 01:10:30
Wildlife violations. Probably at least three. 01:10:36
I also agree I think we should have someone on the coastal trail. 01:10:42
Probably on an E bike. 01:10:46
And I agree with. 01:10:49
Obviously the motion that just went forward, it seems to me that the. 01:10:51
Priority should be. 01:10:56
Supporting wildlife rather than parking being a priority if we're going to put this through so. 01:11:00
Thank you. 01:11:08
Can we amend a motion or can we make a new one? 01:11:11
I'm gonna, I'm gonna make an additional motion of the bike. I think that's an important point that as so we make a recommendation 01:11:16
to have. 01:11:20
Umm. 01:11:24
A bike on the on the coastal trail rather than on the road when they're doing their wildlife. 01:11:26
Umm. 01:11:31
When they're on the coast. 01:11:33
And I would second that. 01:11:35
All in favour. 01:11:38
Aye, aye. 01:11:39
Any opposed? 01:11:40
You can specify. 01:11:42
That was just something that. 01:11:49
Yeah, I I. 01:11:51
I could see both working, so I don't think to prescribe that. 01:11:53
Unless you would like to add that. 01:11:56
I just know that. 01:11:58
Suggested that. 01:12:00
Gets you. 01:12:02
It's two. 01:12:04
Yeah. 01:12:06
Umm. 01:12:07
OK. 01:12:12
Go ahead. Additionally, so I can speak about wildlife disturbance. At this point I'm assuming right? 01:12:14
This is the time to speak of that. 01:12:21
OK. 01:12:23
So I think we've discovered that drones are really an issue. 01:12:25
We've received a lot of letters regarding the drones I personally have been out there and have witnessed. 01:12:33
Drones. I have called twice the police for drones. 01:12:41
I think they're an enormous disturbance to wildlife for the black oyster catchers and the harbor seals. 01:12:46
So I actually have a few motions regarding that, but I'd like to. 01:12:53
Present, so I think I'll give a few motions and. 01:12:59
Float them and see where they go. 01:13:02
So, drones I'd like to make a motion recommending an interim and immediate. 01:13:04
Ordinance declaring the City of Pacific Grove This is a recommendation. 01:13:09
As a no drone zone in order to protect the iconic and sensitive wildlife. 01:13:13
Such as black oyster catchers and harbor seals. 01:13:18
Clarify. So how is this different from the ordinance? That is it? 01:13:26
What is the ordinance now? You need to get a permit to fly, so it's just basically no permits issued. 01:13:29
And currently the permits are. 01:13:37
Very. Or it it's not, they're not handing out permits very easily. To get a drone permit, you have to show that you have an FAA 01:13:39
107 license. To operate a drone, you have to show you have a purpose. 01:13:44
For operating your drone. 01:13:50
So yeah, like, I think like Chairman McKenna said. 01:13:52
Such a motion would be to just. 01:13:56
Cease. Recommend cease. 01:13:58
Issuing permits. 01:14:00
And the no drone ordinance already exists. 01:14:01
So currently anyone operating a drone. 01:14:05
Unless they have a permit is in violation of that ordinance. 01:14:07
Does it make any sense, especially for those of us who are new? 01:14:14
To. 01:14:18
Have some of that, at least the. 01:14:20
Meat of that ordinance read aloud. 01:14:22
Or is that? 01:14:25
I'm happy to e-mail that ordinance to. That would be great. Thank you. It's also available online on the city's website. Thank 01:14:27
you. 01:14:30
The problem, I think, is that they can't catch the recreational drone Flyers. 01:14:35
And that's why the action went forward to a wildlife officer who would be down there. 01:14:40
And speaking with the police officers, because this has come up several times and I'm always asking them, you know, what can we 01:14:48
do? What can we do? 01:14:51
They're they're equally frustrated. They get these calls, They see the drone in the air. 01:14:55
And you know these, those you can buy a drone for just a couple 100 bucks that has you know. 01:15:00
Incredible range. 01:15:06
So people can be sitting in their houses in the middle of town flying out over the Bay. 01:15:07
People can be sitting in Monterey flying over Lovers Point. 01:15:11
The drone the The range on these drones is well beyond line of sight. 01:15:15
So. 01:15:19
If you see a drone and you respond to where the drone is. 01:15:20
You could be. 01:15:23
Who knows how far from the operator? 01:15:25
And the police are very frustrated. 01:15:27
That they they go looking for these operators and often yeah, it is someone who is just. 01:15:30
At Lovers Point, taking a selfie 20 feet from the drone. 01:15:34
But also often. 01:15:38
And they're just. And a lot of times people will just in an innocent mistake, they saw the drone of Costco or they saw it on 01:15:39
Amazon. They bought it because they thought it be fun. And they're completely oblivious. 01:15:43
Every turnout on Ocean View has no drone signs. Every park has no drone signs. It's in the ordinance already. 01:15:48
The issue is that people don't read the signs, they don't go online and read the ordinance and when they are flying their drone, 01:15:55
it's really hard for our officers. 01:15:59
Sworn officers and CSO to connect a drone in the air with a pilot. 01:16:04
Still going to like the Wild West scenario. Is there any chance they can just shoot him down? He's going to say can a drum kick 01:16:10
it, take a drone out or well, no, I'm serious. I mean, this is like. 01:16:16
A serious question in a way, I think that brings up a whole slew of issues. Do we want lithium leaking into the protected Bay? You 01:16:21
know, we could go through all the different jurisdictional protections and I don't think dropping. 01:16:27
Acts of lithium into the Bay is the solution. 01:16:35
You know the IT would only take one. 01:16:38
So. 01:16:42
I don't think our Police Department has considered that. Julia Platt of you. 01:16:44
But I'll. 01:16:50
I'll admit that my I've I've gone through that same thought experiment, so. 01:16:52
I think just the blanket motion that was on the table. I think it punishes people that are actually going through and getting the 01:16:57
permits, which there's some. 01:17:01
Events we've been at with schools where they take a picture of the whole group and so would we be not denying that permit which 01:17:05
isn't you know, where the wildlife is. So I just don't know if a blanket. 01:17:10
That motion that's on the table is really getting at the crux of the issue, which we're discussing right now. If they're not 01:17:15
reading signs and they're not, you know, I mean, I just. 01:17:19
It would just be punishing people that are trying to follow the rules and. 01:17:24
I don't handle those permits myself, but my understanding anecdotally is that most of the permits issued are for research 01:17:28
purposes. 01:17:31
Ohh like for example the Natural History Museum recently hosted a scientist from NPS. 01:17:37
Who uses drones to assess? 01:17:43
SanDisk distribution during storm events on our beaches. 01:17:46
And she does that in conjunction with biologists and is very prudent about when and where she flies these drones understands the 01:17:50
negative consequences. 01:17:54
And. 01:17:58
As acquired permits in order to, you know, gather that scientific information. 01:18:00
So, and that's just one case, but there's no multiple other situations where we've had drones in Pacific Grove. 01:18:04
For scientific purposes. 01:18:10
It sounds like education is a big thing, so. 01:18:13
Flyers in hotels. Flyers at the Chamber of Commerce. 01:18:19
Just, not even Flyers, but. 01:18:23
Rack cards. 01:18:27
Umm. 01:18:29
Yes. Adventure sports. Any, any, even even restaurants. You know, pass them out the napkins. No, but. 01:18:32
You know what I mean. Because if people aren't reading the signs. 01:18:41
What else can we do? We have to keep trying to. 01:18:45
Reach them so. 01:18:49
I don't know what you're thinking, Andre, but maybe. 01:18:51
Umm. 01:18:55
Suggesting something like like. 01:18:56
Like that. 01:19:00
Maybe. 01:19:04
Additional signs I can't say I've seen a lot of signs out there, but I have not walked looking for signs. It sounds like we have 01:19:05
here at every turn out on the what's not allowed with the post. You know they're. 01:19:11
So they're on the turnout then. The turnouts. They're along the trail, along the fence. They're certainly won't just be like one 01:19:18
sign that says no drones, it's it's has other things. Yeah. What not to do, OK. 01:19:24
Turnouts. Parks throughout the city. Since people tend to sit, do they tend to sit to fly their drone? We could put the A sign on 01:19:32
each bench. 01:19:36
I don't think people tend to sit to fly drones. 01:19:44
We could add add that to the website as well which I think we it was in some of the recommendations that not that anyone. 01:19:49
To read the website, but I do like the idea of getting the education out and other. 01:19:56
Locations and perhaps that can be something the wildlife. 01:20:01
That's part of our educational material. Perhaps could fit under that as thinking of ways of getting that information out there 01:20:04
and getting. 01:20:07
Rack cards printed, I think also if you. 01:20:11
Next door is a great vehicle for communication. I think that would be a source and maybe. 01:20:15
Getting a feature story. I'm old fashioned. I almost went into journalism, but maybe getting a feature story. 01:20:20
In the Herald and the Pine Cone and if our PG paper. 01:20:26
Yes. 01:20:31
Coming back there too. 01:20:32
I think we need a way to reach tourists though, because from the letters we got. 01:20:38
The the most recent violators. 01:20:44
Were not local. 01:20:48
So it would almost be. 01:20:50
Like the pine cone is pretty popular, but to put like a consistent no drone allowed on. 01:20:53
In the sanctuary. 01:21:00
Like advertisement. 01:21:02
In there. 01:21:04
These are all really good ideas we should follow up on in terms. I mean, it's clear even from our next agenda item that drones 01:21:10
are. 01:21:13
A topic that we need to do a better job on communicating to. 01:21:17
People in the town as well as visitors that are along our coast, so. 01:21:21
I think as a subcommittee or as a whole group, we can come up with some of these solutions and what some of those budgets are to 01:21:27
make that happen. And George, would that be working with you well for any city? 01:21:33
Documents, But then if we were with the Chamber, we'd have to reach out to them separately. 01:21:40
And I think it's something that, yeah, it's a big Venn diagram, you know, be working with the Police Department or enforcement, be 01:21:44
working with public works for signage. 01:21:49
I'll be working with, you know, outreach efforts like you said, with, you know, maybe the museum or the chamber, the lot of 01:21:54
options. 01:21:57
OK. 01:22:01
My understanding is we have a a passed motion on that topic. So. 01:22:04
If you want to do, OK. 01:22:09
They had someone had to 2nd. 01:22:16
Motion. 01:22:22
Doesn't. 01:22:23
Motion fail. 01:22:24
I agree that permits should be allowed for scientific purposes or other. I don't think that that's where the problem lies. I think 01:22:30
it lies with tourists and other. 01:22:36
Locals who don't know. So informing our public more, I guess, is where I'm viewing this as more educational materials. 01:22:43
And just I guess saturating our tiny market, so. 01:22:51
So with no second and then the motion fails. 01:22:58
OK. 01:23:01
And you said you had others that you wanted to raise. 01:23:02
OK. 01:23:08
OK, so well. 01:23:11
Closed 7B and move on to seven C, which is the black oyster catch. 01:23:14
Get your protocol MOU. 01:23:19
That was proposed by the moderate Monterey Audubon Society. 01:23:21
Umm. 01:23:25
So I don't, I mean the report is online and I think. 01:23:27
And we received the presentation from Amanda Priest a couple meetings ago. 01:23:32
So I'm just gonna open it up to public comment and then we can discuss as a group, because there's no presentation on this, 01:23:38
correct? 01:23:41
Correct. 01:23:45
I'm Rick Hanks. Yeah, regional coordinator for the Central Coast Black Oyster. Can you speak into the mic just for folks online? 01:24:01
Thank you. 01:24:05
No. 01:24:10
I'm here I. 01:24:14
Was coming just simply to say that I'm here if you have any questions about it. We deal with the project. We drafted the protocol. 01:24:16
About now, two or three years ago. 01:24:22
We submitted it as a protocol. 01:24:25
Particularly because we're having problems area where we need fencing. 01:24:28
Umm. 01:24:31
We draft the protocol didn't get a lot of attention. 01:24:33
So I redid it as a MO U along with the president of. 01:24:36
Monterey Audubon. 01:24:40
And that's what you have on your agenda. 01:24:42
It is focused on physical protection primarily. It's opportunities when they exist, not a lot of them. 01:24:45
When they exist for putting. 01:24:51
Cable up. 01:24:53
Putting a fence up temporarily, lattice fencing. We've had that one. 01:24:54
Situation, the one that you heard that we lost this weekend. 01:24:59
Was an area that we could have. We're not sure if drones may have called the problem, caused the problem. 01:25:03
But that needed to cable across an area with a few of the signs that have been developed and approved by the Coastal Commission. 01:25:08
The city is has produced them. 01:25:12
Umm. 01:25:17
And we need to have a protocol where we can get those put up in a hurry when we need it. 01:25:18
And that's really what that this is focused on. 01:25:23
It also gives us the opportunity to begin talking about protection in other matters. This is really physical protection. 01:25:26
But it could be dealing with drones. It could be dealing with. 01:25:32
Outreach. That could be a number of coordinated things, but this is a would be simply a partnership between the blockbuster 01:25:35
project which is now under Monterey Audubon, Monterey Audubon and the city. 01:25:41
And I'm here if you have any questions. 01:25:49
Thank you. 01:25:51
Yeah. 01:25:52
I think you've just heard with the most expert. 01:26:02
Person in the city about black oyster catchers, but I've been watching them also for. 01:26:04
Over 10 years as part of the. 01:26:11
Black graced your Catcher monitoring program And they're. 01:26:14
Enormously charismatic and vulnerable birds. I've Rick and I documented a drone. 01:26:18
Causing the loss of a nest one one time, and it was the bird's entire effort for the breeding season. 01:26:28
Just. 01:26:36
Inadvertent moment people are not aware. So we've talked about how to how to work on that problem. The scientists who are running 01:26:38
a research drones are. 01:26:45
Are usually very sensitive to this, but there are also commercial drones and quite a number of them, especially Realtors, and that 01:26:52
could be a. 01:26:56
A place where we could. 01:27:01
Do effective outreach. 01:27:03
Otherwise, you've read my letter and the other letters that all came in recommending approval of the protocols and forwarding to 01:27:06
the council. 01:27:11
I wanted to reinforce that it would be good. 01:27:17
Extremely useful for the BRC to re review the comments after they come back from staff. 01:27:21
In case there are significant. 01:27:28
Legal or other issues that come up that. 01:27:30
Umm. 01:27:34
We can the protocols in any way so I think I then I think be NRC is in the best position to do that if you can re review the 01:27:35
comments after they come back from staff and before they go to the council for. 01:27:42
A consideration that would be very important and I want to thank you for that. 01:27:50
Thank you. 01:27:57
Getting hands raised online. 01:28:02
Yes, we have three hands raised. 01:28:05
We'll start with Miss Lisa Gianni. 01:28:08
Thank you. And really quick, I just wanted to say there is a Council subcommittee. 01:28:11
Working on the. 01:28:16
Prohibition of recreational drones, but there. 01:28:19
Stalled. 01:28:25
Temporarily. 01:28:26
Because of the. 01:28:28
It. 01:28:30
Disability of of one of the members but. 01:28:31
But that will be a tremendous. 01:28:35
Tremendous progress in solving this problem, I think, I I hope you'll approve the Memorandum of Understanding for Black Oyster 01:28:38
Catcher Protection protocols. In its current form, it's been developed by leadership of the. 01:28:45
Central Coast Black Oyster Catcher Project project in collaboration with Monterey Audubon, based on many years of experience in 01:28:52
the field, including on state parks, land and on. 01:28:57
The BLM lands of the California Coastal National Monument. 01:29:02
Where Wildlife protection is part of their mission. It was originally written in 2018 and the protocols were endorsed by the 01:29:06
Mayor's Coastal Wildlife Protection Advisory Committee and included in the Appendix of resources in the Advisory Committees final 01:29:12
Report. Once the protocol is adopted, it will be a great benefit in speeding the essential cooperative effort between Monterey 01:29:18
Audubon the the. 01:29:25
Lackluster catcher Project. 01:29:31
And the city of PG in providing appropriate protections in the event that a Beloit pair should happen to nest in a location on 01:29:33
city property that's vulnerable to inadvertent disturbance or destruction. 01:29:40
The protocol was developed to be consistent with the policies protecting employees in the local Coastal Program land use plan, 01:29:46
including BIO 7, BIO 12 and BIO 13, which I've sent to you. 01:29:52
Once it's approved by City Council, it will need to go to the Planning Commission for approval of a coastal development permit. 01:29:58
CDP. 01:30:06
Since it could involve seasonal and temporary restriction of public access to a limited area of the coast with barriers and signs. 01:30:07
To protect a nest and foraging area for the chicks, it would need a CDP similar to the one for the harbor seals for their seasonal 01:30:15
fencing. 01:30:19
Their CDP is good for five years at a time and renewable. 01:30:25
The difference with the boys is that the birds are not colony nesters. There are approximately 15 nesting territories along PG's 01:30:29
coast, with variation in the nest sites within the territories. 01:30:34
So there are a lot of factors to take into account. 01:30:40
To provide the best protection and that's why the document is long. 01:30:43
If city staff and legal staff make changes, it's important for the document. 01:30:47
To return to be NRC for public review. 01:30:52
To make sure the information is still accurate and realistic. 01:30:55
Before forwarding it to the City Council. Having a carefully developed protection protocol in place will be a wonderful step 01:30:58
forward in protecting these fascinating and charismatic shore birds. Please approve this MO U. Thank you. 01:31:05
Thank you. 01:31:16
We have two further hands. 01:31:22
Raised. 01:31:25
Next we have Miss Ingle Lawrence and Drummer. 01:31:26
Thank you. 01:31:30
I also want to. 01:31:32
Absolutely encourage you. 01:31:34
To adopt this MO U. 01:31:37
Pass it on to staff to do whatever they're going to do with it, but be very careful about that because sometimes substance gets 01:31:40
changed. 01:31:44
And I would worry about that so. 01:31:49
I would also like you to review it again. 01:31:52
To make sure that that hasn't happened in its. 01:31:56
Review. 01:31:59
So that we get it right. 01:32:01
Going to council. 01:32:04
Not having it changed. 01:32:06
And. 01:32:08
I think this is important to move it along in the proper. 01:32:10
Steps because yes, it needs. It will need a CDP just as Lisa said. 01:32:14
So. 01:32:20
Review it again when staff is. 01:32:21
Done. Whatever. 01:32:24
Thank you very much. 01:32:26
Thank you. 01:32:31
We have one last hand raised from Kim. 01:32:36
Thank you. I think this is. 01:32:43
A great idea actually, because these people are out there already. They know where the nest are, they follow the birds throughout 01:32:45
the year. 01:32:49
It makes it easier, especially if we do get the CSO down the line, to have these people there in order to. 01:32:54
Help them. 01:33:02
Do the job even better because they will already know where protections need to take effect. 01:33:03
Because the birds, like they said, are not always going to be in exactly the same location, I am fortunate enough to watch the 01:33:09
harbor seals and a wonderful pair of black oyster catchers that nest there. 01:33:15
Year after year, it seems. 01:33:22
And they are amazing birds and they go through so much and nature is hard enough, but disturbances are something we can help stop. 01:33:24
And help these birds. 01:33:35
In order to flourish. 01:33:37
I would recommend that, as Pebble Beach does, as Point Lobos does. 01:33:39
That we put no drone signs at the entrance to our city. 01:33:44
So that when people are coming in, they see the signs right there. I've seen the sign at Pebble Beach. I've seen the sign at Point 01:33:49
Lobos as I drive in. 01:33:53
And we have asked for signs at Hopkins and we have 0. 01:33:58
Of any of those signs. 01:34:03
At Hopkins, where we see drones a lot. 01:34:06
And have multiple disturbances of all kinds. 01:34:10
So um, there are a few more areas that we could use those and. 01:34:14
Uh, just for information for people down the line. 01:34:18
There supposedly is an app coming that would help you identify the location of the flyer of a drone. 01:34:22
So when that does come out, that should make it easier to track the person actually flying the drone. 01:34:29
So keep your fingers crossed for that one. 01:34:36
But I do think this is a great idea. 01:34:40
These guys are out there already. They know where they need to be protected. 01:34:42
This could only help. 01:34:46
The city do the protections and maybe make it quicker and easier down the line, so whatever we need to do to to help them in that 01:34:48
way. Thank you. 01:34:52
Thank you. 01:35:01
Any other hand space? 01:35:02
No further hints raised. 01:35:06
OK, so we can open up to Commission discussion. 01:35:09
Umm. 01:35:13
And I think the recommendation on the table is to approve and recommend that it goes to. 01:35:14
City staff from here. 01:35:20
And I'd also like to just thank, I think we had five or six emails. 01:35:23
Come in as well in support of this from the public, so I just wanted to acknowledge that as well. 01:35:27
Umm, yeah. Any thoughts or? 01:35:32
Comments from the Commission. 01:35:37
Umm. 01:35:40
A Very. 01:35:42
Disorganized comment. 01:35:45
I read it. 01:35:47
And it seems clear, and it seems like it's really obvious. They're trying to make it clear, like who should ask and who should be 01:35:49
called. But I even like to see it spelled out more clearly. I fully support this, don't get me wrong, but just so there's 01:35:55
absolutely no confusion, because you've got the experts on one hand, but then you've got. 01:36:02
City staff actually doing the action on the other hand and to actually to totally detail like almost like a rundown like. 01:36:08
Disturbance happened, action needed. Who calls? Who like to really like nail it? I I feel like this is an excellent protocol for 01:36:16
explaining it conceptually, but. 01:36:22
But I can see how. 01:36:30
Legal needs to go over it if the recommendations, a couple of the recommendations and the general procedure. 01:36:35
Tends to override mini code or something like that. 01:36:43
That's all I have to say. 01:36:50
There I'll just. 01:36:54
Add to that sentiment as well too is I think the question here is. 01:36:55
Also, who initiates, right? I think if it was clearly like the city like you have, you know before April 1st, 3 representatives 01:37:00
will discuss. But if there was even an addition in there of like city staff will or whoever, I'm just saying. But there are three 01:37:05
parties involved and I think. 01:37:10
There is a question of who can initiate those conversations at those dates. I know it's a subtle thing, but it does. 01:37:15
Put the responsibility on one of those. 01:37:20
Members of this MO U, which I think is important to outline those in MU's of who who's initiating those. 01:37:23
So it's just kind of adding on a little bit of where where we might be able to put that clarification in. 01:37:29
The other two other things one. 01:37:35
Maybe I missed it and it's quite possible we're talking a lot about drones and we have all these other protective measures, these 01:37:40
physical protective measures. I just wonder if there's. 01:37:44
A missed opportunity here not to call out something more specifically about drones of things that we've been talking about. Maybe 01:37:49
we don't have any specifics on that net and it's really about communication right now, but I just am curious. 01:37:54
Um. 01:38:00
If perhaps. 01:38:02
It could be listed under C Well, we have other protective measures, just recommendations as an opportunity we might have here 01:38:03
given the given the discussions. 01:38:08
Umm. 01:38:13
The other comment. 01:38:14
Ohh so under 5C there's a plastic mesh safety fencing. 01:38:18
I don't. 01:38:23
I don't think we. I know it's under certain situations, but I think we really want to minimize plastic. 01:38:24
Along our coastline. Not encouraged putting that out there, so I'm just. 01:38:30
Hesitant on that one of having? I think we're not. Anyway, there's some rules against putting plastic along the coastline. 01:38:35
And I realize it's flexible and you can do it quickly, but there's concerns with that. 01:38:42
Umm. 01:38:48
And. 01:38:50
Stop there because I can't remember last one if anyone else has any. 01:38:52
Comment Ohh I do remember ohh here. So when it goes out for legal and staff review and they're there will likely be changes to 01:38:55
this and there's a request to come back to the NRC. 01:39:00
Is there any way to distinguish between? 01:39:06
What's legal recommendations that were made versus like substantive information because then that would allow us to sort of if 01:39:08
we're like OHH that's not you know, but if it's a there's a legal backing to it. So if there are changes made and we we want to 01:39:14
recommend it to come back to us, I think we need that distinction because we're not legal experts here and so if there are real 01:39:19
legal. 01:39:24
Legal reasons for changes to this, I think clarifying that they're legal will be really important. So I just wanted to add that to 01:39:30
sort of if we get it back I would. 01:39:33
Really want to have that information, Not. 01:39:38
Just here's the changes. And then just assume they were. 01:39:40
No, I don't know. I don't. I don't wanna make any assumptions with why they were. 01:39:43
So those are my comments. 01:39:47
You don't mind Well if I could clarify something? 01:39:52
When I prepared this report agenda item. 01:39:56
I included the language to to recommend approving. 01:39:59
A substantially similar MU and I borrowed that language from the cover letter. 01:40:03
Written by the Monterey Audubon Society. 01:40:08
Mostly with experience in mind thinking that if. 01:40:11
If you guys approved of you know the the you know. 01:40:15
Backbone of this that that would help it. 01:40:19
Progress to council and, you know, become approved and potentially inaction quicker. 01:40:22
But if there is a demand? 01:40:27
To. 01:40:29
For the BNC to explore any such changes that happen, you're more than welcome to, you know. 01:40:30
Recommend that it comes back to the NRC before that. 01:40:36
And. 01:40:39
You know. 01:40:40
The legal review would just be to ask the city attorney and his staff if there's any kind of conflict to the city signing this. 01:40:42
You know, before council looks at it if. 01:40:46
You know, that would be a legally appropriate thing to do and the staff review is kind of looking at operationally. 01:40:50
How feasible this is if Public Works has the capability? 01:40:56
The material, the manpower to implement this as outlined in the protocol. 01:41:00
And then also looking at the Community Community Development department. 01:41:06
And considering what exactly the permit needs would be. 01:41:10
And my understanding is that depending on specific locations. 01:41:14
And also whether it's a permanent? 01:41:17
Physical you know, barricade or signage or different things versus a seasonal thing requires different permits and whether that 01:41:20
permit can be granted by. 01:41:24
The Community Development Department at Pacific Grove or if it needs to go to the Coastal Commission. So that's what that staff 01:41:29
and legal review is exploring and we just haven't had the time to do that and but wanted to bring this forward and get it out in 01:41:33
the public. 01:41:38
Right away. 01:41:43
How can because I wanted to tagline it. 01:41:44
Saying. 01:41:48
That after we approve it and after, I guess Council approves it, then can we apply for a? 01:41:49
Because they're velopment. 01:41:59
Permanent with the Coastal Commission. 01:42:00
In advance, so saying we have this MU we know things are going to come up because of historical. 01:42:04
Experience. And we wanted to. 01:42:10
CDP in place so that we can act. 01:42:13
As best we can. 01:42:17
And would it be appropriate to mention that? 01:42:20
I anticipate the. 01:42:25
Progression will go. 01:42:27
We'll start here. 01:42:29
And then once the BRC recommends that, City Council approves the MOU. 01:42:30
Then it'll go. 01:42:35
Out for the permits. 01:42:37
Potentially with just the Pacific Grove Community Development Department. 01:42:39
And but potentially with the Coastal Commission and then once those. 01:42:43
Permits are sorted, then it'll go to City Council. 01:42:46
For approval. 01:42:50
And it'll be signed by city staff. 01:42:51
So I think it'll go be NRC. 01:42:53
Permitting City Council. 01:42:56
Implementation. 01:42:58
That's kind of what I expected. 01:42:59
OK. 01:43:02
Yeah, I have one other. 01:43:07
In addition to this, just thinking of like. 01:43:10
Other opportunities that that could exist, we're talking about fencing and I know hearing from the experts that. 01:43:13
They can nest where the harbor seal fencing is and we take that down at a certain date. Is there any? 01:43:19
This is maybe not possible, but updating that ordinance as another pathway to say if there are nesting pair I I just don't know if 01:43:25
it's a harder to. 01:43:30
Just seeking other opportunities to put protection into place with stuff we already have approval of or does that require then 01:43:34
another whatever the CP? 01:43:38
Coastal. 01:43:43
Whatever approval. 01:43:44
If we would update the Harbor seal, because of course, I don't want to put that into question, but I was just seeing if there's 01:43:46
other opportunities in existing. 01:43:49
Umm. 01:43:52
Code that we could take advantage. 01:43:54
Leverage. 01:43:56
I believe this is the harbor seal. 01:43:58
Coastal development permit gets renewed every five years. 01:44:00
So it might be prudent that at the next. 01:44:05
Time to include language. 01:44:07
To also have that. 01:44:10
You know, tied into the black oyster catcher observations. 01:44:12
Do you know when that next review? 01:44:17
Not off, Not off hand. 01:44:19
Is that something you submit or is that? 01:44:21
It's not something that I submitted five years ago, but or whatever, so. 01:44:24
I don't have a good answer to that, but I think maybe we'll. 01:44:29
That that could be an opportunity in the next round of review. Thanks. 01:44:33
Umm. 01:44:37
OK. 01:44:41
That was all. 01:44:42
Let's make a motion to approve the MO U. 01:44:52
With. 01:44:55
The. 01:45:00
Recommendation of. 01:45:01
Finding an alternative to plastic fencing. 01:45:05
Yeah. 01:45:09
You want me to make a motion? Yeah. 01:45:11
So yes, let's, I think. 01:45:14
We want to recommend that. 01:45:16
This to go to City Council and. 01:45:17
And with some. 01:45:20
Things for the council to consider when they're reviewing one would be 5C of thinking of alternative. 01:45:24
Material for plastic mess mesh fencing as well as considering. 01:45:31
Including. 01:45:36
Language to address drone usage along the coast in that disturbance. 01:45:40
So whether it's. 01:45:45
Well, I'll sleep there. 01:45:47
And also adding in who initiates some of these. 01:45:48
Conversations around So this would. 01:45:55
Be in B1. 01:45:58
So the pre breeding season and the breeding season when those. 01:46:03
Actions need to occur. Who would so they would clarify who initiates those. 01:46:09
It's a really long motion. 01:46:13
Can I ask a question? Sorry, it's. 01:46:21
I forgot to ask it if we have it back for review. We're in our June meeting now, so. 01:46:23
How do you know how long legal and staff would need to review? So would that go to council in July? 01:46:30
And then come back to us in August. 01:46:36
Or do you have any idea the timeline? 01:46:38
I don't have a clear picture of the timeline, I'm sorry, but can I ask a? 01:46:41
I mean, I mean, I guess I haven't a comment. 01:46:46
To bypass coming back to us, could the document be written? 01:46:51
For these substantially similar agreement where things are highlighted that were changed and or. 01:46:56
Put off, you know, like. 01:47:06
It be written in the document for City Council. 01:47:09
Instead of coming back to us, it's kind of like highlighted what was changed and or added or subtracted. 01:47:12
Question. 01:47:19
Yeah. So as a way for the public be transparent about the changes that were made and then instead of having to come back to the 01:47:21
NRC, yes, to review and have the same public comments, it would stay within City Council and the public could comment in that. 01:47:26
And that could move things forward quickly. 01:47:33
OK, can I cancel my previous motion? 01:47:39
That's. 01:47:43
Yeah. We have no control over what gets on that agenda, but we do want to move it forward. So I don't think waiting would be with 01:47:50
us, but there also is a benefit I want to point out of. 01:47:56
Opening it if there is going to be changes, you know if you know that you guys have recommended changes and. 01:48:02
Umm. 01:48:07
I I think that there are going to be, I know staff had mentioned some of the specifics that you did with. 01:48:07
Plastic fencing and there's a couple other things that I think might be modified slightly so. 01:48:13
Instead of sending a kind of a Frankenstein document with like like a draft document with everyone's markups, maybe it's worth 01:48:18
considering just bringing it back to the NRC if we have all of these changes. You know, this is starting to sound more than. 01:48:25
Substantially similar to me. 01:48:32
And just for and and and. 01:48:34
So yeah, just something to consider. 01:48:37
George, the recommendation was made by one of our commentators earlier. 01:48:39
About. 01:48:45
Be in RC being able to read the staff reviews. 01:48:46
And is there a way we can do that? 01:48:50
I think there's definitely some options if we bring this back with changes. I'm happy to include in those changes in the report. 01:48:57
What? Who recommended the changes and the reasoning for them? Yes. 01:49:05
I I guess I was thinking, could we? 01:49:10
Is there any way to see those ahead of the meeting? 01:49:13
Continuing with this thought of expediting. 01:49:20
I think it will be on the agenda right to. 01:49:25
Yeah, I think to have it had it, we just it would be on the agenda ahead of the meeting. 01:49:28
That would be the normal procedure. 01:49:32
OK. 01:49:34
I understand. 01:49:39
The return for review to really make sure that it really holds to the true meaning of this. 01:49:40
And that's just two more BNC meetings and then two more council members to get it approved, right. And so are we going to meet 01:49:46
that April 1st? 01:49:50
Deadline, I think if we map it out, we're getting pretty close if we do all that so. 01:49:54
I'm a little bit. 01:50:00
I understand that at the importance of it I'm not overlooking that, but I think there is an urgency. But if it's not right, then 01:50:02
it's not worth it, right so. 01:50:05
I'm a little bit torn. What would we have the ability to? 01:50:09
Would we have the ability to? 01:50:14
Expedite and and say. 01:50:17
Go with something Christine might propose now. 01:50:20
And then if we find that we need to make changes to do that post. 01:50:23