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Ohh wait. 00:00:10
Yes. 00:00:12
They were official. 00:00:13
Let's go ahead and start off by marking attendance. Can we take the quick roll call please? 00:00:17
Absolutely, Commissioner Gibbs. 00:00:22
Here. 00:00:26
Mr. Bedi here. 00:00:27
Secretary Jacobs, President Chair Upman. 00:00:28
Present. 00:00:31
Uh, sorry. It was Vice Chair Jacobs, Chair up and Secretary McMurdo. 00:00:33
Here. 00:00:37
Mr. Markowitz. 00:00:38
Commissioner Hoops. 00:00:39
Mr. Richmond all present. 00:00:41
Excellent. 00:00:44
Thank you. 00:00:45
Moving on to the approval of the agenda, our agenda and all the supporting documents in the packet were circulated in advance of 00:00:47
today's meeting. 00:00:52
They are available on the CDC page. It picks up 00:00:57
Before we dive in, is there any public? 00:01:01
Comment on the agenda for today. 00:01:04
And here I just would advise you that you do not need to take public comment until you get down to. 00:01:10
General public comment and then the minutes. You do not need to take it on the. 00:01:15
Staff announcements or the ladies announce or the approval of agenda items. Thank you. Excellent. I skipped on the staff 00:01:19
announcements but I didn't realize on the approval they did not. So is there a motion to approve the agenda report as presented? 00:01:25
I move to approve. 00:01:31
Thank you. Give me a second. Thank you. 00:01:33
Take A roll call, Commissioner Gibbs. 00:01:36
Here. 00:01:40
Yes, Commissioner Venuti. 00:01:41
Last year, Jacobs. 00:01:43
Chair upman. 00:01:46
Secretary Macmurdo. 00:01:48
That's right. Thank you Commissioner Markowitz, Commissioner Hobbs, Commissioner Richmond. 00:01:50
Motion passes unanimously. 00:01:57
Right. 00:01:59
That moves on to commissioner staff announcements. 00:02:00
They're in announcements from the commissioners, president or city staff. 00:02:03
Commissioner from staff. 00:02:08
Commissioner Richmond. 00:02:10
Um, just my last chance to let everybody know that we are holding a. 00:02:12
Celebration on July 22nd. I did mention this in the last meeting but my last chance, so July 22nd. And we have actually 95 00:02:18
Monterey County small businesses who are vending at this event, so just want to encourage everyone to support them. We also have 00:02:26
five local bands as well playing that day. So it's at Jackson Park in Monterey July 22nd from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. 00:02:34
Miss you. 00:02:47
Yeah, just. 00:02:48
I was at the. 00:02:49
Was it chunk the block? 00:02:51
Yeah, they took the chalk away from me because. 00:02:52
But it was a nice event, took some pictures, a lot of excitement and some amazing. 00:02:55
All right. Don't know how they did it. And then. 00:02:59
On the 4th, the celebration here in Pacific Grove is nice at the. 00:03:02
To a park in front of the Natural History Museum there and. 00:03:06
They had Monterey voices and everybody joined in and it was a it was a good time and the weather kind of broke toward the end 00:03:09
there. So everybody had a great time. Thank you. 00:03:14
Thank you. 00:03:19
Any further comments? 00:03:21
Move on. 00:03:23
None. 00:03:24
That's great. 00:03:26
Umm. 00:03:28
Now we move on to general public comment. Are there any members that public ohh. 00:03:31
Councillor Jason, sorry, skipped over your chaps. My apologies. It's probably happening, Yeah. Any announcements? Anything you'd 00:03:36
like to add? I just wanted to provide an update that the Small Business Recovery Action Plan that was on the agenda item for 00:03:42
council yesterday, but we couldn't get to it, so it's going to be in the next agenda. 00:03:47
Slated for July 19th. 00:03:54
Excellent. Thank you. Thank you. 00:03:57
OK, now on to general public comment. 00:04:00
Any comments from the public who would like to? 00:04:03
Speak at this time. 00:04:06
OK, Inga. 00:04:09
You have the floor. 00:04:11
Welcome. 00:04:12
Thank you. 00:04:16
I'm one of those peoples that thinks our contract with HDL has outlived its peacefulness. 00:04:18
Umm. 00:04:26
We've accomplished things that they brought out, but they have dated information. It was a contract started, you know, for the 00:04:28
business community during COVID. 00:04:34
And at this point? 00:04:39
I haven't seen. 00:04:42
You've got pick PG. 00:04:43
You've got the liaison person for business dedicated one day a week. 00:04:45
All these things and. 00:04:53
You know as far as Special Events and Gifty Cards. 00:04:56
That's better handled in house. They have so many cities that they deal with that they offer pretty generic. 00:05:00
Generic solutions that I don't think they still have a clue of what Pacific Grove is. 00:05:09
So. 00:05:15
I really do think it's outlived its usefulness. Thank you very much. 00:05:16
You. 00:05:22
Any further comments from the public? 00:05:26
Seeing none. 00:05:32
That brings us to approval of the Minutes, the minutes from our. 00:05:37
June 1st Economic Development Commission meeting were distributed in advance. 00:05:41
There any questions on the minutes from the committee? 00:05:45
Yes. 00:05:51
Commissioner Jacobs. 00:05:52
Do we worry about spend? 00:05:54
Ohh your microphone. 00:05:57
Sorry, do we worry about spelling? 00:05:59
There's a a name misspelled. 00:06:02
General public comment. It was Adam Deboor. 00:06:05
And I just. 00:06:09
Yeah, that was. 00:06:11
I mean. 00:06:12
Sure well. 00:06:13
That we have the correct. Thank you for pointing that out. OK. 00:06:16
Absolutely. If it were my name, I would want to correct. 00:06:19
I just had a question. We we also met on the 8th of June for our special meeting. Is there a minutes for that? I don't know if. 00:06:23
I did not see them included in this packet. I'm sorry, I missed it. I was looking at the type of what was the question, what slide 00:06:32
please. It was not that, but yeah, just I was wondering if we had minutes from the 8:00. 00:06:37
From our special needs. Not yet. You will. We will. OK. Cool. Thank you. 00:06:43
OK. 00:06:48
Is there a motion to approve the Minutes? 00:06:49
I move to approve. 00:06:55
OK, second second. 00:06:57
2nd Commissioner, Vanity. 00:06:58
All right. 00:07:01
That moves us on then to roll call on that. My apologies, yes, Commissioner Gibbs. 00:07:02
Aye. 00:07:08
Commissioner Venuti. 00:07:09
Mr. Jacobs Chapman. 00:07:11
OK, Mr. Markowitz. 00:07:13
Commissioner Hoops, Commissioner Richmond's motion passes unanimously and we will fix that, fix that typo. Thank you. 00:07:15
Excellent. 00:07:21
OK, moving right along. That takes us to our regular agenda and today's agenda. We have one item on the agenda which is our. 00:07:23
Commission workshop that we've been looking forward to for quite some time now. 00:07:30
And today we'll be going through. 00:07:34
A presentation that was was put together. 00:07:38
As an overview of. 00:07:43
Some policy. 00:07:46
And strategy. 00:07:47
Discussions as well. 00:07:49
And that was included in today's packet. Have you all? 00:07:51
Receive that and do you have a copy? Excellent, No? I believe we'll also display this on screen. Is that? 00:07:55
Possible. 00:08:01
OK. It's OK. I I think it would be wise to do that just that way for the. 00:08:12
For the public, and I can certainly read it, but. 00:08:16
OK. 00:08:20
We can catch up. 00:08:21
Sounds great. 00:08:22
So we'll go ahead and move forward here and the the first portion of this presentation is. 00:08:25
I'm going to be reviewing policy. 00:08:32
Reviewing the City Council values mission and goals. 00:08:34
It's going to be a lot of me reading. 00:08:38
The second portion of this. 00:08:40
Will be open for discussion and that's where we will dive into a bit more of strategy conversation. 00:08:43
And have more of an open form and. 00:08:48
Mr. City Manager, forgive me, I have one question regarding that. I believe because this is a workshop format, it allows us to 00:08:51
have. 00:08:55
A bit less formality and how we approach that approach that discussion. Is that correct? 00:08:59
Yes and no discussion should still run through the chair. Of course, you have no action scheduled today, so that's informal in 00:09:07
that sense. But aside from that. 00:09:11
When you're finished presenting the item, you still would need to go out for public comment and return. 00:09:16
Umm. 00:09:23
And then afterwards during the Commission discussion. 00:09:24
You are the chair if you want to allow for. 00:09:28
A less formal. 00:09:31
Communication style. You're certainly entitled to do that, but you know, it's up to you as the chair. OK, so that's what we'll do. 00:09:34
And. 00:09:40
You know the basis of a lot of this is. 00:09:41
Reviewing the. 00:09:45
The parameters that have put in place for our commissions, I think this is all helpful. 00:09:48
Reference for each of us to review. 00:09:53
But also the process that we use when we're meeting, gathering together. 00:09:56
And the formalities of. 00:10:01
How we approach? 00:10:05
Our conversations or discussions. 00:10:06
And. 00:10:08
Going through the chair for. 00:10:10
A lot of the the process in terms of how? 00:10:12
The conversation flows. So we're going to touch on a a bit of that as we go and if you have questions, I will pause. 00:10:15
Really with each slide just to make sure that we all understand and if there are questions. 00:10:23
Between myself and city management and our representation from the council. 00:10:28
We can work to address those. 00:10:34
I'm sure if I might interrupt, we now do have it up on the screen as you can obviously see and so. 00:10:36
Of the year will advance the slides, as you say, next slide. OK, we'll do. Thank you very much, Commissioner Gibson. 00:10:42
So did I I'm, I'm sorry, I didn't hear everything. You're going to read the slides? 00:10:47
Just in the interest of making sure that we're following along. 00:10:54
OK. So that takes us to the following slide. 00:10:58
We can go to the next slide, please. Thank you. 00:11:03
We'll start with the City of Pacific Grove core values. This was pulled from the City Council's. 00:11:07
Page within the City of Pacific Groves website. 00:11:13
There is a link available in the presentation for those that are following along. 00:11:16
They have outlined some core values. 00:11:23
That. 00:11:26
We all look to. 00:11:28
Adhere to it looks as though the presentation, forgive me, is is. 00:11:30
Just slightly off screen, so is there a possibility of reducing the size of that? 00:11:35
From 2:50 to up above there there's a. 00:11:40
Plus minus. 00:11:43
It's OK. There we go. OK, that way. Just. 00:11:46
We know that it's. 00:11:49
Alright, so. 00:11:50
Umm. 00:11:51
Bear with me as I read through these slides. Leadership. We strive to uphold the highest work ethic, treat everyone fairly, 00:11:53
empower people to do their best. 00:11:57
Promote continuous improvement. 00:12:01
Foster teamwork, communicate openly and respectfully so as to achieve trust and accountability throughout our community. 00:12:03
Inclusiveness. We cultivate an environment of trust and respect for all residents and visitors alike. We strive to ensure that our 00:12:10
actions are inclusive. 00:12:14
And reflective of the diverse community of which we aim to be. 00:12:18
Integrity. 00:12:22
We safeguard public trust through honest business practices and open communication. Our credibility with public the public depends 00:12:23
on our strong ethical stewardship of all resources. 00:12:29
Collaboration. We promote transparent engagement with citizens and stakeholders and expect our managers and consultants to 00:12:34
understand the needs and values of our community. 00:12:39
Stewardship. 00:12:43
We protect our unique natural environment and the habitat it provides. We facilitate a culture of sustainable practices. 00:12:45
We maintain and preserve our municipal assets now. 00:12:52
Again, these are the core values of the City Council, but I I look to all of us to keep these in mind as we're reviewing our. 00:12:55
Recommended actions and bringing these back to council because that is the lens that they are using. 00:13:04
For as their guide and as an Advisory Board, that is. 00:13:09
Ultimately our responsibility to make sure that we're providing them with guidance that aligns with that there. Any questions on 00:13:13
this slide? 00:13:16
Commissioner Jacobs. 00:13:22
Thank you. 00:13:23
Yeah, I just. 00:13:27
Was looking at the at the vision, mission and values of the Council with our optic of economic. 00:13:30
Growth and. 00:13:38
Resilience and. 00:13:40
There's nothing explicitly stated in the values about economic plan for strong economic growth or. 00:13:42
Or any provision. So I just was wondering if. 00:13:51
We might. 00:13:55
Bear that in mind too, where we can fit in with our. 00:13:56
With our special optic. 00:14:01
So as we get into the next two slides, the city City of Pacific Grove goals for 20/23/24 and I'll speak to this in a moment. 00:14:02
But you are correct, the EDC, or at least the economic development of the city, is not specifically mentioned in the goals for 00:14:11
this. 00:14:15
Period of time. 00:14:19
So we can speak to that. 00:14:20
We can go to the next slide please. Looks like we have. Thank you. 00:14:23
The City of Pacific Grove, Vision and Mission. 00:14:26
The vision statement for the City of Pacific Grove through the City Council. 00:14:29
Pacific Grove. 00:14:33
Well. 00:14:34
Thoughtfully grow as an inclusive seaside community that protects residential character historic resources. 00:14:35
Promotes multi beneficial development and ensures respect for the environment. 00:14:41
Mission statement. 00:14:46
Deliver quality, professional public services to all residents in Pacific Grove community. 00:14:48
And the region while ensuring high value and quality results. 00:14:52
Fairly straightforward, but again, the lens that I hope we all use as we. 00:14:56
Walk through our conversations going forward. Any questions on that slide? 00:15:01
Yeah. 00:15:06
So that takes us to the 20/23/24 goals. These have been outlined by the City Council as their primary goals. I have reviewed these 00:15:08
with our liaison council member. 00:15:13
Bedori. 00:15:18
And those include recreation services. They have a policy value statement. Pacific Grove offers robust and accessible recreational 00:15:20
and cultural activities for all ages. 00:15:24
Infrastructure. 00:15:29
Policy Value Statement Pacific Grove prioritizes capital needs and maintains community assets. 00:15:30
Environmental stewardship. 00:15:36
Statement Pacific Grove implements environmentally sustainable practices that protect wildlife and the coastal community. 00:15:38
Affordable housing. 00:15:44
Pacific Grove supports the diversity. 00:15:46
Of affordable housing opportunities. 00:15:49
So these are the four primary goals for the City Council this year, and. 00:15:51
Yeah, and Vice Chair Jacobs. 00:15:56
For your. 00:15:58
Comments. 00:15:59
It is correct. We do not have specific reference to economic development or vitality, however. 00:16:01
The. 00:16:09
Interpretation that I have drawn from these goals is that each of these individual goals does require. 00:16:10
A vibrant business community to help support. 00:16:19
Each of these individual goals for the city. 00:16:23
And so I look to our Commission as being responsible for making sure that we're able to provide that tax base and the funds 00:16:26
necessary to be able to accomplish the goals that they've outlined for the year. 00:16:31
Any questions? 00:16:38
Proceed. 00:16:42
So that takes us to boards, commissions and committee guidelines. And again, these were pulled from. 00:16:45
City of Pacific Grove. 00:16:52
Website. 00:16:55
Links have been provided for those that are following along. 00:16:56
And we can go ahead and proceed to the next slide. 00:17:00
These are also available in the committee's handbook as well. 00:17:03
Which is attached in the appendix. 00:17:06
Start off with the rolls. 00:17:11
Of the role of boards, commissions and committees, This is a Commission. 00:17:12
All committees have an advisory role to the City Council and the City Manager. This advisory role is constrained. 00:17:17
To the committees area of responsibility as set forth in the Pacific Grove Municipal Code. 00:17:23
The primary function of City Commission committees is to advise. 00:17:29
Both informal and formal means of communication may be used as appropriate to fulfill this advisory role. 00:17:33
Committee recommendations related to city actions made represented at City Council meetings as individual agenda items. 00:17:39
Following Council policies have been mentioned or action minutes. 00:17:46
Well, advice. 00:17:50
May not always be taken. Committees have the duty to advise on policies or issues as the law directs, so again establishing the 00:17:51
fact that the Commission that we. 00:17:56
Are all part of here. 00:18:01
We operate as an advisory role to the City Council and the city staff. 00:18:03
Any questions? 00:18:08
On this slide. 00:18:09
Thank you. 00:18:12
Moving on to the next slide please. 00:18:13
Also an outline of parliamentary rules and rules of testimony. So. 00:18:18
Moving forward. 00:18:24
One of my goals coming out of this meeting is to establish just a a bit more adherence to following. 00:18:26
The Rules of Order as outlined by Roberts, Rules of Order. 00:18:35
Making sure that as we address. 00:18:39
Um, we do so through the chair. 00:18:42
And that we. 00:18:45
Communicate. 00:18:48
Not so much to individuals, but to the topic at hand on the agenda item, so getting the floor, every member desiring to speak 00:18:51
shall address the chair and. 00:18:56
Only upon recognition by the Chair, confine their contributions to the matter at hand, avoiding. 00:19:02
Incredulous language and personal attacks. 00:19:08
Pardon me? 00:19:12
In the curious incurious Decatur decorous language. Thank you. 00:19:14
No person or member shall address the committee without permission of the Chair. 00:19:19
All comments shall be addressed to the committee as a whole and not. 00:19:24
Addressed to individual members of the committee, members of the public or the staff. 00:19:27
All questions shall be placed through the Chair. 00:19:33
Next slide. 00:19:36
Pardon me, any questions on that slide? 00:19:38
Seeing none. 00:19:41
Could have conduct. 00:19:42
Pacific Grove City Council adopted a Code of Conduct on November 3rd, 2021. Please consider the guidance outlined in these 00:19:44
following pages as we continue our term together on the VC. 00:19:49
Just read through these quickly. 00:19:55
City of Pacific Grove. 00:20:02
Adopted this code of conduct to assure all elected and appointed officials. That's us. 00:20:05
Were exercising, while exercising their office conduct themselves in a manner that will instill public confidence and trust in the 00:20:09
fair operation and integrity of the city government. 00:20:14
Could have conduct policy number one general norms and expectations city officials will work for the common good of the residents 00:20:19
of Pacific Grove. 00:20:23
Not for personal interest. 00:20:27
Officials will serve as a model of leadership and civility to the community. 00:20:29
Officials will assure fair and equal treatment of all persons, claims and transactions coming in before the City Council and its 00:20:33
various boards and commissions. 00:20:38
General conduct. 00:20:43
Officials shall make the public feel welcome and not be partial prejudice or disrespectful towards the public. 00:20:44
Treat each other, staff and members of the public with dignity, courtesy and respect, valuing all opinions. 00:20:50
And being tolerant of new and different ideas while encouraging creativity and innovation. 00:20:56
Agree that inappropriate behavior is derogatory and damages the perception of the city. 00:21:02
Avoid negative comments that could offend members of the public or other officials during public meetings. 00:21:08
On social media. 00:21:14
Three, electronic communications. 00:21:16
In the median media. 00:21:18
And at all out of the times. 00:21:20
Follow through on commitments and be accountable to each other. 00:21:22
Including the commitment to start and end meetings on time. 00:21:26
Work from an agenda and be present, attentive and prepared. 00:21:30
Keep comments clear, concise, and on topic to maximize opportunities for all to express themselves. 00:21:35
Continuously strive to improve how members work as a team. 00:21:42
Place clear and realistic demands on staff, resources and time when requesting action. 00:21:46
At all times, be in compliance with all state and locally mandated mandated ethics and reporting requirements. 00:21:53
Project a positive image of the city when dealing with other third parties, for instance public agencies, organizations and media. 00:21:59
Show tolerance and respect for other parties, opinions and issues and if necessary, agree to disagree. 00:22:08
Represent official policies or positions of the the Council or boards or commissions when designated as delegates of the 00:22:15
legislative body. 00:22:19
And provide only non confidential, non privileged background information to the media. 00:22:24
She'll some not discuss or go off the record to discuss. 00:22:29
Confidential or privileged information pertaining to closed sessions, attorney-client privilege, turning work. 00:22:32
Product. 00:22:38
Communications, including personal litigation or real property negotiations. 00:22:38
That's one that probably won't occur on our Commission. 00:22:43
Applied to us now. 00:22:46
But it might be fascinating if it did. 00:22:48
Conduct during meetings the officials shall treat each other and. 00:22:50
Everyone with courtesy and refrain from inappropriate behavior and derogatory comments inform the Mayor or chair of their desire 00:22:55
to speak. 00:22:59
And be acknowledged by the mayor chair before speaking. 00:23:03
Work together, preserve the common order and decorum during meetings. 00:23:06
Not delay or interrupt proceedings or the peace of the City Council board or Commission. Not disturb any council member, board 00:23:12
member or commissioner while speaking. 00:23:16
By conversation or otherwise. 00:23:20
Attempt to build consensus on an item. 00:23:23
Through the opportunity for dialogue, but when this is not possible, the majority vote shall prevail. 00:23:25
And the majority shall rest show respect for the opinion of the minority, and vice versa. 00:23:31
And lastly. 00:23:36
Once the vote is taken on an issue, officials will support the direction taken by the City Council board or Commission. 00:23:38
Any questions? 00:23:46
Well, yes, Chair, I have a question. 00:23:50
This is a. 00:23:52
And aspirational. 00:23:54
Code of Conduct and. 00:23:55
In many. 00:23:57
Working environments I've had. 00:23:59
A different kind of code of conduct, one which makes provisions for. 00:24:02
Umm. 00:24:07
I don't know. 00:24:08
Like. 00:24:09
Take item 1C. 00:24:10
Officials will assure fair and equal treatment of all person and so on. 00:24:13
But then the question arises, and what if they don't? And we may have? 00:24:18
Seen situations like this? 00:24:22
And my. 00:24:25
Question is. 00:24:27
Could there be a version of this that actually has some kind of? 00:24:29
Backbone to it. One that's, as they say, has teeth. One that. 00:24:34
Makes provision. 00:24:39
For you know. 00:24:41
Eventualities which do arise in the course of. 00:24:44
Humans interacting. 00:24:48
That actually makes provision for disciplinary action. So that's a fair question and I believe I can address that within the 00:24:51
packet. 00:24:56
Included and we don't have to. 00:25:01
Dive in specifically, but there are. 00:25:03
There is an outline within the Boards, Committees and Commissions handbook that speaks specifically to. 00:25:08
Here we go. 00:25:14
Page 15 of the Handbook for Committees and Commissions Handbook. 00:25:20
Courtesy and decorum. 00:25:24
And discipline. 00:25:27
So. 00:25:29
There are rules in place for 1st and 2nd occurrences. 00:25:30
And warnings and then the process upon their occurrence. 00:25:35
For. 00:25:40
Addressing. 00:25:41
Those types of behaviors. 00:25:42
So without going specifically through it, unless you'd like me to. 00:25:44
Right. OK. Yeah. That is for during a meeting, Yeah. 00:25:49
Which is I think I did read that before. 00:25:56
Umm. 00:25:59
Yeah, it's about dealing. 00:26:02
With things as they arise in a meeting, I just was wondering if there was. 00:26:04
Room for something more? 00:26:09
I don't know. In other contexts I've seen things where people are disqualified or or. 00:26:11
Not allowed to be on committees or something like that, and it just seems like a lot of. 00:26:17
Local government does have that kind of provision and I just. 00:26:22
Thought it might be a a good idea. 00:26:26
To have something like that, but so. 00:26:29
City manager, you have a comment on that? 00:26:32
Yes, Jared, just responding to the question from the vice chair, the code of conduct is is adopted by the City Council and as the 00:26:34
Vice chair. 00:26:37
Points out other city councils and. 00:26:41
Governing bodies have different types of codes of conduct, some have sanction provisions in them and so forth. 00:26:45
And you know, the City Council can choose to adopt whatever type of code of conduct. 00:26:52
Policy they They want to. 00:26:57
And similarly if a city Advisory Board would like to. 00:26:58
Recommend you know provisions added or subtracted from a City Council policy, this one or anyone. 00:27:03
That's within your area of responsibility. It's just, you know. 00:27:09
General administration. 00:27:14
Yeah. Thank you. No, it's just so different. Just. 00:27:16
Other ones I've worked with I was surprised, but OK. Thank you. 00:27:20
And. 00:27:23
Council member Padiri, correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that we serve at the pleasure of both the the mayor and 00:27:27
the Council, and so thereby. 00:27:32
The Council. 00:27:37
Umm. 00:27:39
Would ultimately be the authority on. 00:27:40
This. 00:27:43
This policy as as a whole, we we are not the. 00:27:44
Um. 00:27:48
The police, as it were on the Commission itself, we defer to the Council to give provided guidance on that. 00:27:50
That, that's correct. So at the end of the day, this, this board is an Advisory Board. 00:27:59
So just keep that in mind. So you're making recommendations to the council? 00:28:03
And that may be if you want for the code of conduct or for the committee handbook, but it's still. 00:28:07
And advisory kind of matter. 00:28:13
That you're bringing on to council Council make will make the final decision. 00:28:15
Yeah, thank you. And Sheriff, I may jump in. It is your meeting, you and your. 00:28:19
Commissioner, so it is up to you and your Commissioners to. 00:28:24
For lack of better term, police yourself during the meeting and try to make sure that you're adhering to. 00:28:29
The rules and. 00:28:34
If any Commissioner. 00:28:36
Feels it rule has been violated. I just would suggest it's appropriate to. 00:28:37
Seek recognition by the Chair and present the concern using the. 00:28:42
Prescribed manner. 00:28:47
OK, excellent. And that is outlined in the handbook, so for everyone's reference. 00:28:48
Any further questions on that before we move on to the next? 00:28:53
Next set of slides. 00:28:56
Seeing none. OK, excellent. So let's go ahead and move forward to the next slide then. So we'll take us through. 00:28:58
An outline of the EDC, the charter that's been provided by the city, and then our powers and duty. 00:29:04
And I just, I felt that this was really important to just level set on what our charter truly is coming from the city this was 00:29:10
provided by. 00:29:15
Again, the City of Pacific Grove has an outline of this art. 00:29:21
Commission is charged that you can. Economic Development Commission is charged with improving the city's business and economic 00:29:27
environment. 00:29:30
And providing the framework for developing and maintaining A viable business community within the City of Pacific Grove. 00:29:34
That serves the needs of both residents and visitors alike. 00:29:40
While providing a tax base upon which our city government depends to fund its programs, services, infrastructure and public 00:29:43
facilities. So that really lines up with my previous point with the goals outlined by. 00:29:50
By the council. That's where we come into play to try to help support those. 00:29:57
Those goals with funding. 00:30:02
Next slide please. 00:30:04
Powers and duties outlined the Economic Development Commission shall have. 00:30:06
The following powers and duties. 00:30:10
Again, this is within the city code. 00:30:12
Which is available at the link provided. 00:30:15
Uh. 00:30:17
A Devise and recommended economic development and enhancement strategies and programs to the City Manager and council. 00:30:18
And be assist the city's business and job seekers in their efforts. 00:30:25
And see help meet the shopping and service needs of local residents by promoting retail business interests. 00:30:31
And ensure coordination of efforts by the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce. 00:30:37
The Pacific Grove Business Improvement District. 00:30:41
Really. Districts. 00:30:44
The Hospitality Improvement District. 00:30:46
The Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau and the city. 00:30:48
And perform other duties and functions as set out in this chapter or may be required. 00:30:53
Any questions on that slide? 00:31:00
Before moving on. 00:31:01
So this is really outlining our duties. One thing that's really jumped out to me here that I I feel that we can. 00:31:03
Perhaps do a better job at. 00:31:11
I'm thankful to have. 00:31:13
Commissioner McMurdo with us representing. 00:31:16
The. 00:31:19
Chamber of Commerce. 00:31:21
In addition to that, we have had presentations in the past from the Convention and Visitors Bureau. 00:31:23
There have been questions coming up that have come up in the past as to where does this fit in and what is our role with each of 00:31:28
those and having this outlined within the city code add some clarity at least to me with. 00:31:34
How all of these pieces fit together? 00:31:41
And I think that that's helpful for us because. 00:31:44
We have a tendency to. 00:31:46
At times, you know, perhaps focus on certain. 00:31:49
Areas. 00:31:53
Understandably so, but I think that. 00:31:56
Umm. 00:31:59
Considering the fact that we have these partners. 00:32:00
Available to us to work together and perhaps support us. 00:32:03
As an Advisory Board, we don't necessarily have. 00:32:07
The the staffing power and the ability to take action on a lot of the things that we're discussing and partnering with these these 00:32:10
groups and organizations. 00:32:15
Allow us to. 00:32:20
To implement some of the things that we're discussing. And so having that as a resource is is huge. 00:32:22
OK. Any further questions? 00:32:29
Yes. 00:32:31
I read in the Business Report hospitality is our largest source of sales tax. 00:32:35
That's correct. 00:32:40
So would it be advantageous for us to include a representative from the Visitors and Convention Bureau? 00:32:41
On this committee. 00:32:46
On this Commission. 00:32:48
As we do with the Chamber. 00:32:49
That is an interesting question and I do not know the answer to that. 00:32:52
But what is unique? 00:32:56
I will just say this and then you can correct me, is that, Commissioner. 00:33:00
McMurdo represents the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce. However, the CB is responsible for all of Monterey County. OK, so. 00:33:04
I'm sorry, Mr. City Manager. 00:33:14
Thank you, Chair. And I just would want to respond to that question from Commissioner Vanity. You know that that could be a 00:33:16
recommendation to the City Council, the code. 00:33:20
Stipulates the makeup of the EDC. 00:33:25
And off the top of my head I can't remember exactly but it it. 00:33:28
Calls for representatives from certain business districts. 00:33:31
Calls for. 00:33:35
A resident. 00:33:37
It calls for. 00:33:38
Somebody at large? If I recall, this is one of the only. 00:33:41
Commissions, if not the well, I think we we ARB is the same. 00:33:46
You don't. 00:33:50
Necessarily have to live in Pacific Grove to be on this Commission because you could own a business here in Livermore House. 00:33:51
However, if the EDC thought it'd be advantageous to change the makeup of the board to include. 00:33:57
You know, a representative from the MCV MCHC maybe? 00:34:04
There's a couple ways you can go about it. 00:34:09
You could go about it as an ex officio capacity, just like the Chamber. 00:34:11
Wherein it doesn't really impact. 00:34:16
Who's on here currently? That might be an interesting way to do it. 00:34:19
Or you could just suggest. 00:34:23
You know, substituting one of the other. 00:34:25
Existing required numbers for MCB. It'd be a great future agenda discussion. 00:34:27
And yeah. 00:34:34
Sorry, since I have the floor chair, please. 00:34:36
Umm. 00:34:38
You know, Pacific growth struggles a little bit with identity crisis. I'm sure you're probably aware of this. I mean we are a 00:34:40
visitor based economy. 00:34:44
And. 00:34:47
Is our most important. 00:34:48
Sector, and that's how we pay for service. 00:34:50
You know, there's a lot of folks that, you know, point to the charter that talks about us being a a community of homes, of course, 00:34:53
which we are. 00:34:56
But we don't have industry. 00:34:59
Umm. 00:35:01
And that that that is where the majority of our. 00:35:02
Revenue comes from the largest employer, in case you're curious and specific growth is the school district. 00:35:04
So. 00:35:10
Thank you. 00:35:11
Yeah. It's an interesting conversation. Yeah. Thank you. 00:35:12
Yeah. 00:35:15
The same. 00:35:17
I think it's yeah, I think it's a a conversation to be had certainly and Full disclosure I sit on the board of the ECB and chair 00:35:20
the marketing committee as well. 00:35:24
Then. 00:35:30
You. 00:35:30
It wasn't terrible. 00:35:31
Many hats, many hats. Small town, many hats. 00:35:32
OK. So we'll go on the agenda moving forward next week. Next time, Yes, we can. We can open it up for conversation. Thanks. 00:35:36
OK, so that brings us then to. 00:35:43
The next portion of this meeting, and based on a recommendation from the city manager, it sounds as though this might be 00:35:48
appropriate. Time to open the floor to public comment before getting into discussion with that be correct. 00:35:54
You you could do that share I guess if you if you opened the floor now, I think the best practice would be also to open it again 00:36:01
at the end of the presentation. 00:36:05
So if they're two separate things, so you could, you could do that. It's up to you. 00:36:10
OK, so umm. 00:36:14
In closing of review of the 1st. 00:36:16
Three agenda items, I believe it was. 00:36:20
Are there any comments from the public before moving on? 00:36:25
So give us a moment here. We will see if we have any hands raised. It looks like we do have a hand raised, so give us a moment to 00:36:29
recognize Inga. 00:36:33
Thank you and Chair Upman. I had to enable closed captioning because especially. 00:36:40
One Commissioner, Commissioner Venuti, I can't hear. 00:36:47
She doesn't speak into her mic and when you speak amongst yourselves a bit. 00:36:51
It. 00:36:57
Again, does not come through, so remember you're in chambers and speak into your mics. Thank you very much. 00:36:57
Thank you for the reminder. 00:37:06
Any further comments before moving on? 00:37:09
See also Councillor Colletti, who would like to speak. OK, Council member Colletti, you have the floor. 00:37:12
Hi. Yeah, just regarding. 00:37:20
Pacific Groves revenue sources The top revenue source for the city is actually property tax. 00:37:22
About $9,000,000 then followed by TOT about 6,000,000. 00:37:29
And then followed by sales tax at 4,000,000. So just wanted to point that out. Thank you. 00:37:34
Thank you. Thank you for joining. 00:37:42
Any further comment? 00:37:47
Questions. 00:37:48
All right. That moves us on then to. 00:37:50
What will now be? 00:37:53
Go ahead. 00:37:55
Now is the time. 00:37:56
Just in regards to transient occupancy tax, is that? 00:37:59
All. 00:38:02
Hospitality and short term rental or is there any? 00:38:04
Is there any source of TOT that is not? 00:38:08
Hospitality based, I guess short term rental is probably more individual based than sort of public business, but. 00:38:12
OK, so if I could, the question was regarding. 00:38:19
TOTTOT isn't entirely is a bed tax, so it's it's driven by people who are staying here on a on a temporary basis. 00:38:22
The city has three forms of primary forms of revenue Its property tax. 00:38:30
Sales tax and TOT. 00:38:36
And sales tax is largely visitor driven. It's been been shown to be about 70. 00:38:38
5% visitor driven. So I think you can still stand by the statement that. 00:38:44
You know the two primary. 00:38:48
There are three primary sources of revenue and two of the three. 00:38:50
Are. 00:38:53
Driven by visitors? 00:38:54
Yeah. 00:38:57
OK. 00:38:59
Umm. 00:39:00
Councilmember Colletti, I See Your hand, and then Council Commissioner Richmond. 00:39:01
Well, thank you Chair. Appreciate the indulgence. Just point out during COVID when RT OT basically cratered. 00:39:07
Our sales tax remained fairly flat. 00:39:15
Kind of leading me to believe at least that. 00:39:17
Sales tax is predominantly supported by residents. Thank you. 00:39:20
OK. Thank you, Commissioner Richard. 00:39:30
Yeah, so. 00:39:33
I I want to mention this before my. 00:39:34
Time is too late in this subject up here. I kind of want to comment on what Vice Chair Jacobs mentioned regarding. 00:39:37
You know, if we break policies, then what happens kind of thing. So I guess I just posed 2 questions that don't have to be 00:39:44
answered here and now, but I think it might be good for us to bring up later, maybe as an agenda item. 00:39:50
Because I just want to be clear about. 00:39:57
These policies and right now I don't feel they're clear. So my two questions would be. 00:39:59
Is there someone or who would be keeping track of policies broken by members and then? 00:40:04
Is someone able to stay on a board or Commission no matter how many policies they break, if the City Council doesn't vote to 00:40:11
remove them? 00:40:14
Like can they just keep breaking policies? 00:40:18
As long as they're not getting voted out in the end, like, I'm just curious how that might work. 00:40:20
Based on what I read, that answer wasn't really clear to me, so. 00:40:25
Umm, yeah. I just like some clarification someday. 00:40:29
OK. It sounds as though there may be a few questions that we we need to follow up on answers and we can circle back with. 00:40:32
Umm. 00:40:39
Regarding. 00:40:40
The meeting itself and the format of the meetings that we hold. 00:40:41
As a Commission. 00:40:46
Ultimately, it's my responsibility to be. 00:40:48
Overseeing. 00:40:51
The meeting and and calling attention to anything. 00:40:52
At least during the meeting. 00:40:55
So that that falls on me. 00:40:57
OK. 00:41:01
Any further questions, statements before we move on? 00:41:02
Seeing none. 00:41:06
Mr. Gibbs. 00:41:09
Just when I read the HDL. 00:41:11
A breakdown on the sales tax. 00:41:14
I tend to agree with Council and Colletti that our sales tax driven. 00:41:16
Or by residents. And if you look at the actual number, yes. 00:41:21
Hospitality sales tax is around 34% It is. 00:41:25
Number one. 00:41:28
But closely followed behind by building and construction. 00:41:29
Which is about 24%. 00:41:32
So and sometimes I feel that you know, we we do focus on what brings in the most money. That is correct. 00:41:34
But we shouldn't leave behind or not think about those people who are. 00:41:40
Selling lumber or you know hammering nails or running construction companies, they they do a lot of work in Pacific Grove. Maybe 00:41:44
they're not building, but they're a lot of rehab and and that sort of thing going on and it and it generates a significant amount 00:41:49
of money for the city. 00:41:53
And purchase some materials and and payment of Labor. Thank you. And and that's an excellent segue into the next portion of this. 00:41:59
Vice chair. 00:42:06
Yeah. Thank you for that. No, I was really interested in that topic of sales tax and I think the spike that was seen during COVID 00:42:08
was really due to construction and. 00:42:13
It seems that now that is dipping quite a lot and I was really trying to get the sales tax. 00:42:20
Figures for 2223 since the year has, the fiscal year has just finished and it wasn't. I couldn't find any but we all know it has 00:42:25
been a terrible year and. 00:42:30
I've heard of. 00:42:36
Companies inland going from 60 employees to two in construction. So it's I think it's a one of those things that goes up and down 00:42:37
quite a lot and this is an instance, thank you where? 00:42:43
We really, truly do need a resource to rely on for this information and and HDL has. 00:42:49
Provided some information, I I think that we have the potential to be able to ask more questions. So as we transition to the next 00:42:55
portion of this conversation, we start talking about strategy. 00:43:00
Umm. 00:43:06
You know, it's a question of of we all bring our own individual knowledge of business in the community. We're we're here to 00:43:07
represent the business community. 00:43:11
But the economic experts you know are available to us in. 00:43:16
In the form of of currently HDL that we've been working with and so those questions can be asked and and we can get answers but I 00:43:23
would. 00:43:26
I would hope that we utilize that resource. 00:43:30
Chairman. 00:43:33
But it just turns out about an hour before a meeting HTML at Christmas. Or is it Kirsten? 00:43:34
She sent out an updated. 00:43:40
List exactly what you're asking about. It only covers 3/4 of this year. I have it here if you'd like to. 00:43:42
To see it's a breakdown by industry. 00:43:47
Ohh yeah, I requested it earlier today, but thank you I didn't receive it. Thank you so much. 00:43:50
The meeting. 00:43:57
Oh. 00:43:58
Brilliant. It's like, yeah. 00:43:59
OK. If we can move on then to the next section, forward a few slides. Here we are on. 00:44:02
Slide 26. 00:44:09
I've provided an outline for a strategic road map discussion. That said, it's just an outline 11 slide back. I'm sorry. 00:44:16
The goal, yes, thank you. The the goal here is to to do a bit of a reset and using not only some of the guidance that was provided 00:44:28
in the outline of our. 00:44:33
Responsibilities as a Commission. 00:44:39
Um, but also to take this opportunity and and we have it's 4:45, so we have a bit of time here. 00:44:41
To discuss. 00:44:48
Really how we approach? 00:44:49
Our strategic goals going forward for the ADC to create. 00:44:51
A filter or a lens that we can use to be. 00:44:56
More productive and hopefully make some progress. 00:45:01
Based off of. 00:45:06
You know some some long term goals that we're trying to accomplish here and use that as. 00:45:07
Sort of The lens that we use to identify what? 00:45:11
Discussions we have time for and and what fits so that we can be as productive as possible. So let's begin by revisiting. 00:45:14
The current data that was provided in the Small Business Recovery report. 00:45:21
That was included in the appendix of this presentation. 00:45:25
You can help us identify some of the obstacles that we face and the best opportunities to overcome them so. 00:45:29
I attached the HDL report that was provided. 00:45:35
Previously to us and you know we we kind of skimmed through that but we didn't have. 00:45:41
An opportunity to spend a lot of time with it and the question then came up. 00:45:46
You know, are we going to have a chance to talk about this some more? 00:45:51
So I would love to take some time before we go through this though I I want to. 00:45:55
Touch on the next bullet, which is that? Let's let's use this information to try and identify some long term strategic goals. 00:46:01
Three, maybe 2. 00:46:08
To help us narrow our scope and focus of our efforts and try to keep these as high level as possible without getting into the 00:46:10
weeds of. 00:46:13
Specific tactics right now, what are the things that we see that we can actually affect and impact? 00:46:16
As a Commission, with the time that we have allotted and frankly, the resources that we have. 00:46:22
In fact, I'm going to touch on the next bullet, which is do we have the rest of this? 00:46:26
Pardon me necessary resources and capabilities, which include the city staff, budget, etcetera to accomplish these goals. 00:46:30
And is the EDC the best vehicle? 00:46:37
Or would partnering with the chamber or one of the improvement districts or the Convention and Visitors Bureau be more 00:46:39
appropriate? 00:46:43
And do they align with the the charter? 00:46:46
You know these these questions are important because frankly, we we don't have. 00:46:49
A tremendous amount of city staff time right now. 00:46:55
As I went through these slides and I started piercing things together, one thing that became very evident to me. 00:46:59
Was that you know, we we are fortunate to have some of Laurel's time. 00:47:04
Once a week. 00:47:09
But we have her once a week. 00:47:10
And so. 00:47:13
That that requires then her to focus on not only responding to inquiries from the public. 00:47:15
But also you know some of the requests that we have. 00:47:21
On behalf of the Commission as well. 00:47:24
And what does that mean? Is that enough time? 00:47:26
For her. 00:47:29
Should we discuss that? 00:47:31
So. 00:47:32
Let's start by by going through the Recovery Action Plan. 00:47:34
Talking about anything that stands out, we don't have to go page by page unless everyone wants to, but does anyone have any 00:47:39
feedback or thoughts on the plan that was? 00:47:43
That was. 00:47:47
Previously presented to us. 00:47:49
Thanks. 00:47:51
Two meetings ago. 00:47:51
You wanna go? 00:48:01
Go ahead. 00:48:08
Please, Commissioner Rich. 00:48:09
OK, well. 00:48:11
Guess I guess I'll go first. I was hoping to go last because I have a feeling. 00:48:13
What I'm going to say is just not going to make sense to everybody in the room, but just reading through this and looking at all 00:48:17
of it, it reminded me a lot of when Tyler and I first started our business because. 00:48:23
There were a lot of people offering up. 00:48:29
Advice and help and numbers and this and that and this is how this works and this is like. 00:48:31
And we some of it we tried, some of it we didn't. But in the end especially. 00:48:37
Five years in, at this point, in the end what we realized was like authenticity, authenticity and being genuine and caring about 00:48:43
the people right in front of you and. 00:48:49
I guess also just holding a space for others. 00:48:56
Seemed to just work so much more than focusing on numbers. 00:49:00
And I know that seems like it's not fitting with what we're talking about here, but for me it does fit because. 00:49:04
Like all these numbers, that's what we're looking at, but. 00:49:11
If we actually focused on making sure that Pacific Grove. 00:49:13
Was able to have. 00:49:17
New unique businesses show up. It's like it's more affordable, it's more easily accessible than it would start to turn into. It 00:49:19
would start to get more personality, I believe, because right now. 00:49:25
All I'm seeing is everything is too expensive and that's really the biggest problem for most people, like you can't start a new 00:49:31
business when you don't have money. 00:49:35
You can't get a loan when the interest rates are insane, like there's a lot of things out of. 00:49:39
Here out of our control, but what can we do, as the Economic Development Commission to make? 00:49:44
Some of those steps easier and just like with our business like. 00:49:50
We could have tried to make money off of other small businesses vending in our space. Like we would have pop ups every weekend for 00:49:53
small businesses and we would charge them next to nothing because it wasn't for us to be making money, it was for them to get 00:49:59
exposure. 00:50:04
And the more that we were doing that. 00:50:10
The more things that were coming to coming to us like unintentionally and so I think that could equally happen within the city as 00:50:12
well if if you start to curate. 00:50:17
Something that feels more genuine and more authentic instead of just looking at numbers and caring about numbers, I think. 00:50:23
That shows to even tourists too, like you're going to feel that when you come into Pacific Grove, so. 00:50:29
That was just, I was hoping to say that last after all the discussion on numbers and such. But yeah, I just, I think that that 00:50:35
wouldn't mean a lot to everybody and I think. 00:50:40
Pacific Grove would really shine if if we figured out who we were, I guess. 00:50:45
Thank you. Thank you. 00:50:51
You know in in marketing we call them friction points. 00:50:52
And um. 00:50:55
It you know, I I think another way of looking at this is that. 00:50:57
The. 00:51:05
Opportunity that we have as a Commission is to pull back a bit more and look at what are those friction points that we can help 00:51:07
to. 00:51:11
Address. 00:51:16
Without getting too far into. 00:51:18
Specific tactics or frankly? 00:51:21
You know. 00:51:24
Focusing on one specific area of the city or maybe we do, maybe we end this is the discussion, so I'm open, maybe we look at a 00:51:25
large business in the small business, maybe that's how we can approach this. 00:51:30
But. 00:51:36
Trying to alleviate some of that friction that that you speak to there I think is, is where we can potentially have a a greater 00:51:37
impact. 00:51:41
I think about things like. 00:51:46
Community and the opportunity to unite. 00:51:48
I hope that we can start moving towards that as a Commission, but frankly I think also that having partnerships with the Chamber 00:51:51
will allow us to do that as well. That's a place where businesses can come together and work together and meet each other and. 00:51:57
You know, break bread and actually speak about their experiences and share. 00:52:04
Which is a fantastic form to do so. 00:52:10
So. 00:52:12
And. 00:52:14
You know when I when I look at this, the sort of the the. 00:52:16
Example I I went home and I I had a chat after one of our meetings with my 11 year old and I said you know. 00:52:20
What I would like to do is take a take a look at the bigger picture. 00:52:27
That we can impact within the city and I look at it as a garden. 00:52:32
And if we have. 00:52:36
You know bits and pieces of the garden if we have a certain Bush and one side that's dying. 00:52:37
And we have, you know, we could even just look at the grass. And because my grass is a great example of the patches of brown that 00:52:42
I have. 00:52:45
And. 00:52:49
I could certainly throw fertilizer out on the grass and maybe it'll work. Maybe it won't. You know, maybe that's a. 00:52:50
You know, a tactic that you know. 00:52:58
We we try with the businesses here, we we throw a party, we have a a luncheon, we do these different things. 00:53:01
But if I don't actually do the research and and. 00:53:06
Dig into the data. 00:53:10
Of the. 00:53:12
Umm. 00:53:13
The actual cause of what's going on in the in the bigger scope of things, then I'm just guessing. 00:53:14
And so that's where I would love for us to be able to. 00:53:20
Really establish what are some of the things that we can truly identify and impact and and we may need to lean on HDL to help us 00:53:24
with that. Maybe this report doesn't tell us the answers. I'm not an economist. 00:53:29
You know my focus is is marketing and communications and we all bring our own talents to this and our own knowledge of business. 00:53:36
But you know we all have focus in in various parts of the city. 00:53:42
And um. 00:53:48
And maybe we need to go back and say, hey, you know, can you provide us with some guidance on some of the key things that we can 00:53:49
impact? 00:53:53
Within the city. 00:53:57
And and continue the conversation. 00:53:59
Commissioner. 00:54:04
Jacobs. 00:54:05
Yeah. Thank you, so. 00:54:07
I. 00:54:09
See that We're talking about strategies, and I'd really love to clarify our goals. 00:54:11
Umm. 00:54:17
Still a little bit exercised about the fact that I'm not seeing a clear statement about economic growth from the. 00:54:19
The City Council and I. 00:54:27
I do believe that this City Council is very dedicated to. 00:54:29
Economic growth. Just the fact that. 00:54:33
In the last three years. 00:54:36
I've never. I mean, if I wanted to design my ideal city staff. 00:54:38
It would be exactly what we have here in Pacific Grove. They were so supportive during the pandemic and. 00:54:43
I just don't, you know, I can't say enough about how much the local businesses appreciate them so. So I know that all that 00:54:49
dedication is there. I maybe you know advising in our advisory role that it would be useful to have a statement of. 00:54:57
Umm. 00:55:06
You know, goal, economic goals for the city and. 00:55:07
Also to recognize very much that. 00:55:10
That there's a scale. 00:55:14
Question here, there's small businesses and there's also big business and we need both in town. 00:55:17
I feel and. 00:55:23
Sometimes big business gets a bit of short shrift and I know we're a very tiny family run, small independent business. 00:55:25
But I still. 00:55:33
You know, deeply appreciate big business and what it can do for a community so. 00:55:35
I appreciate that and also I feel that. 00:55:40
I mean, the Biden administration gave a very historic amount of funding to for climate. Well, for Energy I think is specifically. 00:55:43
And you know we have. 00:55:55
Our maven Laurel. 00:55:57
You know who is working one day a week, and you know, maybe it is a good idea to see if we could get funding for her to be two 00:56:00
days a week. But. 00:56:03
Umm. 00:56:06
I think goals. 00:56:07
You know, maybe there's some way to leverage maybe we. 00:56:10
Need someone looking at funding opportunities for our? 00:56:13
For economic growth and. 00:56:17
You know. 00:56:19
Setting goals and maybe even just clarifying a common shared narrative that we all have about. 00:56:20
Pacific Grove and Just. 00:56:27
You know, we often hear anecdotally like it's a sleepy town. It's, you know, it's quiet, we have empty shop fronts and so on. And 00:56:29
there is, you know, there's other things to say about it that it's it's a. 00:56:35
There's a lot of. 00:56:42
Very special independent businesses in town. So maybe I would love to have a, you know, can we can we get a shared narrative 00:56:43
about? 00:56:47
You know what we are, who we are. And then maybe some goals. 00:56:51
That are more than anecdotal, but like an official statement of. 00:56:55
What what we would like to achieve I I think that might be. 00:57:01
Useful and I I would definitely look at energy climates, big business, small business that would be on my. 00:57:04
Wish list. 00:57:11
But. 00:57:16
Yeah, a couple of things here. 00:57:16
Umm. 00:57:18
First of all. 00:57:19
You know, we're talking about all these numbers and everything that are people are looking at and everything. I'm on a couple of 00:57:20
Facebook pages, sports pages, baseball pages. 00:57:24
And what I've noticed is. 00:57:28
On that. 00:57:30
And it's kind of. 00:57:31
So many people are focusing on analytics, metrics and numbers. 00:57:32
Rather than sitting there, OK, we can do these numbers. What do people think? 00:57:37
Like, I'm a baseball fan. I don't care whose war on base percentage. I enjoy the game. 00:57:41
It's like people in Pacific growth. 00:57:47
Enjoy living here and they enjoy having things available. 00:57:49
And. 00:57:52
They might not care about the numbers and we have to kind of look at it, but I would balance those numbers. 00:57:55
Again, with the the feelings of people who aren't into numbers. 00:58:01
Another. I'll say that. 00:58:05
Something else that we've been asked to do, you know, in talking about. 00:58:07
Information that we need to make decisions. 00:58:11
We're here and we're being asked to take a look at what's going on in business in Pacific Grove. There are empty buildings around 00:58:14
here. 00:58:17
I would really like. 00:58:21
This Commission. 00:58:23
To get some background on the zoning regulations in Pacific Grove. 00:58:24
Because if we're going to recommend, hey, why don't we do this, this, this and this and spend all our time talking about it? 00:58:27
When it isn't even possible because of the rules that have already been set up with the city. 00:58:33
We gotta get our background. 00:58:37
Everything ready? 00:58:39
To do that. 00:58:41
That's that's point #2. My Third Point is. 00:58:43
Laurel, I would love to have her more time to support our staff. I think we're all agreed with that. 00:58:46
And the last thing. 00:58:51
I want to like everybody in this Commission. How many people know that one of the largest events in sports, the sports world, is 00:58:54
happening 5 miles from us? 00:58:57
What has this city done to attract anything? 00:59:02
This is something else we're we're missing. Here's the US Women's Open. I'm looking around the city of Pacific Grove, but for all 00:59:05
we care, it could be being held in England. 00:59:09
This is something it's like. 00:59:13
Hey. 00:59:15
Economic development here, we got all these people coming to Pacifica. How can we showcase our city? We are missing the huge 00:59:17
opportunities we have the Conqueror coming up in August and yeah, there's stuff being done. 00:59:23
But what can we do as a city to attract businesses and visitors and support the residents? 00:59:29
Through economic development, because all these events come around. 00:59:35
We're sitting here in July. 00:59:38
And half this year's gone and I'm looking around to see what kind of economic. 00:59:41
Things that we have done supporting this city. 00:59:46
And I can't see any. 00:59:49
And that really bothers me. And I think what we have to do, I really appreciate, Eric, what you're doing here and putting these 00:59:51
things and putting this together. It's a strategic road map discussion. And I'm thinking we need more information, We need more 00:59:57
best basic information for our Commission to know what the rest of the city is doing, what's the council's doing. 01:00:04
And we're not getting that and sorry and the fact that. 01:00:11
US opens over there. 01:00:14
Who cares? 01:00:16
And that bothers me. 01:00:17
Thank you. 01:00:18
Thank you. 01:00:19
OK, sure. 01:00:21
So yeah, just to kind of. 01:00:23
Collect all these. 01:00:25
It's sort of to. 01:00:27
Commissioner Richmond's point is is. 01:00:30
We can't affect what. 01:00:33
Chase is lending their money out for or. We can't affect what a building owner wants to set the rent for, but like, how do we 01:00:34
make? 01:00:37
Civic Grove as a differentiator and for and sort of attracting business in a way that like they would choose us over maybe some of 01:00:41
our neighbors something like this. This is like the question I think that. 01:00:45
This Commission needs Commission consider and to your point. 01:00:50
Are we using our resources effectively like and that's like the biggest thing here. So like to kind of sum up everything is like, 01:00:53
yeah, we need to. 01:00:57
Look at what the problem is. 01:01:01
Figure out if we're using our resources effectively and then devise a plan to kind of create a situation where. 01:01:03
People come to PG&E. 01:01:08
Stay in PG and with with those visitors are here that they're choosing to. 01:01:10
Stay in our hotels, eating our restaurants, Come back next year, things like this like. 01:01:15
That's sort of the questions that we need to be working on. I think that that's exactly what you're touching on here and like what 01:01:19
you know, whether that's outside, you know, this Commission or you know, bid or whatever it is. 01:01:24
Like. 01:01:30
I think you're right on with this. With this. I'm I to Liz's point, like I think maybe a mission statement coming up for us or 01:01:31
whatever might be a decent idea. I I don't know that. 01:01:36
It's going to be more than what's outlined here. 01:01:42
But yeah, I think we're all circling the same thing and I think that that's good that we kind of. 01:01:45
All have the same feeling so. 01:01:50
That's great. I did want to say really quickly in terms of the. 01:01:52
The Visitors Bureau. 01:01:59
Which apparently. 01:02:02
Chairs. 01:02:03
Liaison to speak freely it's no I I think that like maybe. 01:02:04
You know we have a full day is here and and and a lot of people driving the bus and that's and that's great I I think maybe. 01:02:09
To not. 01:02:16
So not muddy. 01:02:17
Business and sort of move things along here at these meetings. I think maybe the the strategy for this Commission is to involve 01:02:20
them, but to have a sort of a liaison just like we have. 01:02:24
Jenny here with us to to kind of. 01:02:28
Maybe not have someone sitting on the meetings, but having a person that's whether it's Commissioner or yourself, because you 01:02:30
already have a hand in it, elected to be. 01:02:34
Sort of liaison to. 01:02:38
That board that handles the county. 01:02:40
And sort of talk between this Commission and that board and and so we have. 01:02:42
People that are regularly in contact and are sharing ideas just the way we do with Chamber. But it's not, you know, someone that's 01:02:46
now coming to our meeting and sitting here and you know, how do we? 01:02:50
Involve that person in a vote or not and such as this. So I think that's like maybe maybe the the strategy there is to set up a. 01:02:55
A liaison, I guess, from from us to them and then just go with and it could be yourself because you're obviously very involved in 01:03:03
both. So, yeah, Thank you. 01:03:07
Sure. Mr. Sumner. Just want to also point out that, you know, perhaps, you know, going along with what Commissioner has just said, 01:03:13
you know, there is a director from Pacific Grove. 01:03:17
Who serves? 01:03:22
It's a new director. I I forget. 01:03:24
His name? 01:03:26
White House Lodge proprietor and Jenny will help me. 01:03:28
The name is Fadi Hana. Thank you. 01:03:31
That's correct. So we we have another member as well. This is within the community. 01:03:35
A few, actually, and and. 01:03:39
Mr. Mark was just to to since we're having a discussion here. 01:03:44
Um, to your point about the women's U.S. Open, certainly something that's been top of mind for. 01:03:47
Many of us in the the, the tourism and. 01:03:53
Community hospitality community here. 01:03:57
Umm. 01:03:59
The Convention and Visitors Bureau has worked very closely with the tournament and been working hand in hand with them to 01:04:00
obviously welcome the visitors that are in town for that event. 01:04:06
That said. 01:04:13
There are certainly opportunities to activate within various cities and that could be a future question for us. 01:04:14
Are there ways as these events are coming online to potentially have activations that we can partner? 01:04:22
And and. 01:04:27
Potentially use the resources, not only from. 01:04:29
From their team but also from potentially the chamber and volunteers with the chamber to be able to to build those things out and 01:04:31
we may be able to help facilitate those conversations that might be one way that we can we can work as sort of a. 01:04:38
A liaison of sorts to to have those conversations. 01:04:45
So that's a great recommendation. 01:04:49
Umm. 01:04:51
You know, I think that you speak to data. We've talked about some of the things that we might be interested in. 01:04:52
And addressing, but again also going back to. 01:04:58
As we're evaluating these proposals that we we will review in our future meetings, you know. 01:05:02
Let's also talk about what success looks like and how we measure that success. We really haven't done that in the past. We we have 01:05:08
agenda items. 01:05:12
But then we don't really have a follow up as to review whether or not those things worked or if. 01:05:16
You know, they really have met the goals that we're trying to address. 01:05:23
So. 01:05:26
Umm. 01:05:27
I I I. 01:05:30
Have heard a few things you know from from each of you regarding you know how we approach these. 01:05:31
My my hope is that we can get to a point where we're able to. 01:05:37
Agree as we have future conversations, as we have future agenda items. 01:05:43
That we are able to look at those agenda items and say are these actually moving us towards progress? 01:05:48
So. 01:05:54
Commissioner Venuti, you mentioned having a representative from CB. 01:05:55
We can continue that conversation, I feel, as maybe we're having it right now. 01:05:59
But I don't think it needs to be an, I didn't know you were on the on the marketing or chair of the marketing, OK. So we have that 01:06:02
and it's an excellent point, right. And so this is a great opportunity for us to be having these types of conversations and I'm 01:06:06
glad we're doing it. 01:06:11
But. 01:06:17
But that said, those are the types of things where we look and we say, OK, well, you know having having these items on the agenda 01:06:18
as they're brought to me as chair, as I identify whether or not, you know these are things that are worthy of our. 01:06:24
You know at best two hours of time once a month. 01:06:31
What is? What is the filter that I'm trying to use to say? Yes, this is something that's worthy of our time because we also have 01:06:36
to. 01:06:39
You know, address other things that will be brought to us from Council and leave time for that we also. 01:06:43
I enjoy welcoming members of the business community to come share some of their experiences and challenges with us that we can 01:06:49
potentially assist with as well, so those take time. 01:06:54
And so, umm. 01:06:59
You know, I I think that. 01:07:02
Again, not being a economist. 01:07:07
Perhaps. 01:07:11
One of the outcomes of this conversation is to. 01:07:12
Hit the ball back towards HTML and say listen, can you help us to identify? 01:07:16
You know two or three goals that we can clearly. 01:07:21
Move forward with for the remainder of the year and I know that. 01:07:25
Mr. City Manager, you have brought forward the small business proposal. 01:07:31
That. 01:07:36
God. 01:07:37
Move back to a future agenda for the Council. 01:07:37
But. 01:07:40
It seems appropriate that we try to align with that, because that is in fact the goal of that proposal. 01:07:41
And. 01:07:50
Sure, like I think. 01:07:52
It also might be helpful just to have a general agenda. 01:07:54
Item 2. Identify. 01:07:57
From the board's perspective, a couple goals and HBO could certainly fine tune it if you wanted to. I mean one thing that stands 01:07:59
out in my mind. 01:08:02
Umm. 01:08:05
We have a lot of vacancies. We've had a lot of vacancies in in my entire tenure here of eight plus years in in the downtown now, 01:08:07
as the chair has pointed out to me. 01:08:11
That doesn't necessarily mean this guy is falling. 01:08:17
Right. I mean, the primary. 01:08:19
Revenue drivers in the town are all, you know, not only in the downtown. They're. 01:08:22
Elsewhere, further up the hill there's a Solamar, it's Hayward, etcetera, etcetera, but. 01:08:25
It'd be nice to focus on some of these. 01:08:31
Conspicuous issues that. 01:08:33
We get a lot of comments about that's just one thought. There could be other things that the board. 01:08:36
Thinks is important, you know, fine tuning. 01:08:42
Pick PG to make it a better tool, focusing on an additional day, a week for the economic development coordinator, whatever it is. 01:08:45
I mean, I I would welcome a discussion. 01:08:50
With the board really helps us figure out a couple and I think it's important just to. 01:08:55
Of one or two. 01:08:59
Goals you focus on. 01:09:01
You, Then your chance of success seems to be higher if you're just. 01:09:03
With the smaller number, it seems to me. Thank you. 01:09:06
Thank you. 01:09:09
I saw a few hands. 01:09:11
Commissioner Gibson, you raise your hand previously. OK, Commissioner, vanity. And then Mr. Richard, I'm curious, what was the 01:09:12
result of the business survey? 01:09:16
Ohh, we need to bring that back, don't we? 01:09:22
Pardon me. We need to bring that back, don't we? Yeah. OK. Thank you. Sorry. 01:09:24
I think that would help guide us at the end of June and it needs to come back. 01:09:28
That would help guide us, I believe. I mean, I'm kind of curious and I don't know if HDL can answer this question. 01:09:32
If tourism is our largest generator of sales tax and revenue for the city outside of property tax. 01:09:37
What kinds of businesses are missing? 01:09:43
For tourists. 01:09:47
What? What prompts them to go into Carmel to a restaurant? 01:09:48
What prompts them? I mean, we have a pharmacy, we have. 01:09:52
You know, I can't think of it. 01:09:55
But obviously there's reasons they're not staying here. 01:09:58
In terms of outside of staying in the hotel. 01:10:01
Whether my Airbnb or whatever, So what are we missing? 01:10:03
And in reverse as well for residents. 01:10:07
What kinds of businesses do they need to see here close by? I'm going to Sand City all the time. 01:10:09
Some sort of avoid analysis basically for DHL to conduct and report back on that could be an interesting ask and I think I I mean 01:10:16
to your point, Kelsey. 01:10:20
I don't feel like we've identified our personality. 01:10:26
Who are we? 01:10:29
You know, and how does that business community fit into who we are? 01:10:30
And I think that's a really important thing to know. 01:10:34
And I don't know how to find it out. 01:10:37
Commissioner Richmond was next, Commissioner Jacobs and then Mr. Marquez. 01:10:42
Umm. 01:10:47
Yeah. 01:10:47
Agree. 01:10:48
And just to like go back to what Ben just mentioned with the vacant lots and the empty businesses and everything, I think that. 01:10:50
Ties along perfectly with. 01:10:59
All economic development How can you? If the streets are sort of empty, there's less walkable businesses like you might just go to 01:11:02
the one shop and leave. Whereas if there's a. 01:11:07
If the whole street is full and everything's open, you're gonna be walking more and spending more. And that's just what. 01:11:12
Tourism is they're walking around and. 01:11:17
We hope they're spending money. So if it's Fuller, we're obviously all going to be doing better. So yeah, I'd be really interested 01:11:19
to find out more about what's going on with those locations because I remember there was a public comment months ago that someone 01:11:27
knows of landlords purposely keeping them empty and what is that like? I remember that very vividly and I was very concerned. And 01:11:34
then just I don't know what kind of authority the city has on that kind of thing, but. 01:11:41
They shouldn't be allowed to just keep them empty. So why are they empty? How often are they denying applications? Why are they 01:11:50
denying them? Or is nobody ever applying because it's too much? Or I'm just I would want to know specifically about those? I think 01:11:55
that'd be a really good goal to set because. 01:12:00
What's the point of any goal if our streets are empty? 01:12:06
It just doesn't seem to make any sense to me, so I think that'd be for me. That's one of my top goals. 01:12:09
And also like when. 01:12:15
Commissioner Markowitz brought brought up the events and how we didn't know about it. 01:12:18
I didn't know about it either and interestingly. 01:12:21
Like. 01:12:24
If. 01:12:25
The Pro Am, for instance, we get a ton of. 01:12:26
And and concourse we get a ton of communication with brands all over the world saying they want coffee service. Not one person 01:12:29
can't like contacted us for the woman's, which doesn't surprise me. It's sad but I think that has a lot to do with it as well so. 01:12:36
There's a lot that. 01:12:44
Pebble Beach, I guess, Or whoever's running the event itself. 01:12:46
They have a lot to do with it, but the city could do more to amplify that so that the businesses actually. 01:12:51
Get something out of it and that ties along with. 01:12:58
I think our city needing a bigger budget and maybe more employees to actually be able to facilitate that stuff. 01:13:02
Which also leads me into the fact that like a lot of this stuff, I'm reading from this, from all the paper, all the documents you 01:13:08
put together. It's actually the first time I'm reading them and I've been on the board for I think a year. 01:13:15
Because I was kind of thrown into it and didn't really get a ton of information. And to me, that's not specifically. 01:13:23
Like, I'm not sure who's in charge, but Laurel Ben, the city manager, you know, to me, it's not their fault because. 01:13:31
Within my own business, if someone on my team doesn't quite have the tools. 01:13:39
I'm not going to be upset with them that they don't have the tools. I'm going to like, look at myself and be like. 01:13:44
What? What went wrong here? So to me, it kind of starts at the top. I'm not sure if the mayor is putting the right. 01:13:49
Parts and money into the right places just to make sure that everyone is actually functioning how they're supposed to. So maybe 01:13:55
our Commission could be functioning better if the right money and the right. 01:14:00
The right amount of people are able to able to actually do these jobs like. 01:14:05
I can't imagine if we told them, hey, can you do better with events and letting the whole city know that's a whole job? Like 01:14:10
there's no way with what they have right now they'd be able to do that. And that's not their fault at all. How much you can only 01:14:14
do so much. 01:14:18
Umm, so I think. 01:14:23
That would be another goal for me is just making sure that enough money and enough. 01:14:25
People are actually able to get jobs done and focus on those jobs so that they can succeed. Which means all of us succeed as well, 01:14:30
and then it means the city succeeds. 01:14:34
All right. Thank you. 01:14:40
Thank you, Commissioner Jacobs. 01:14:41
Yeah. Thank you. 01:14:43
I find that when you get people together in a room in a, I mean. 01:14:46
Maybe over lunch or coffee or a relaxed situation. 01:14:51
That. 01:14:55
Amazing things can happen. And you know, when communities work together, a lot of potential is unleashed. 01:14:57
So the brokers lunch for example, that the EDC had. 01:15:04
Was eye opening and you know. 01:15:08
I think everybody benefited from it and I think more. 01:15:13
Situations like that and I. 01:15:18
I sort of feel like when they are, when they look to official. 01:15:22
They don't attract people when they are things like a lunch. They are. 01:15:26
They do attract people, so you know, maybe providing more forms like that. 01:15:30
Umm. 01:15:35
You know, there are a lot of cities do things like have local enterprise partnerships where they just really try to bring people 01:15:36
together. They try to bring someone who knows about funding, someone who knows about property and what's available. And you know 01:15:44
people who have business interests. And I think just just that alchemy, just bringing people together, you will find out what 01:15:51
problems, what issues are are there for, for our actors in the community. 01:15:59
And also often they themselves can find solutions, or talking with others they can find solutions. So. 01:16:06
I I think you know that might be helpful. 01:16:12
Umm. 01:16:16
Yeah, I mean, I was pleased to hear that the broker said the best thing that PG ever did was to make parklets, you know, and. 01:16:17
I think that. 01:16:27
You know. 01:16:28
Getting feedback like that from from people who care about the economic growth of the town is is really important. 01:16:29
Also, we've talked a lot about business. There's another side to the economy, which. 01:16:36
Mr. Colletti mentioned, and that's taxes. 01:16:43
We are the highest second home owners on the peninsula and if you want to a encourage you know more people to have a single home 01:16:47
and more full-time residents. 01:16:54
There's also advisory to the council and things like, well, why not tax second homes higher or you know, why not provide tax 01:17:01
incentives for your tax breaks for first time buyers And you know, there's that whole area of. 01:17:09
Policy that that concerns taxes as well that could make a a difference to. 01:17:18
The vibrance and and you know the goals. Well, it depends what our goals are. So is that something we want to do? 01:17:25
Yeah. 01:17:33
Thank you. 01:17:34
One of the things I just want to insert now. 01:17:37
Mentioned people just to address. 01:17:39
You know, again going back to the data, I I think that you know just some of those core facts that we can use as our guide, the 01:17:41
fact that we have roughly 15,000 residents in the Pacific Grove and the fact that we lose. 01:17:47
A portion of that population every day during the work day because people go elsewhere to work. 01:17:53
So now suddenly you have less than 15,000 people? 01:17:59
That are residents to. 01:18:03
Dine in the restaurants, shop at the stores, etcetera. 01:18:06
And so those are, I think you know, big picture conversations for us, you know, employment opportunities that could be another 01:18:11
topic trying to find ways that we can encourage. 01:18:16
Job growth and and employment opportunities to keep our residents in the city and potentially even encourage. 01:18:21
New families and and residents to come, rather than being second homes. 01:18:26
That's again, a big picture thing. 01:18:31
So. 01:18:34
Umm. 01:18:34
Forgive me. Thank you, Commissioner Marquis. Yeah, I want to comment. Commissioner Richmond had some very, very good points in 01:18:35
talking about this city here and it caused me to think of a couple of things. 01:18:40
And I'm going to go back. You mentioned how long you've been on the Commission. I've been on. This is my third year on this 01:18:46
Commission. 01:18:49
And. 01:18:52
One thing that we certainly can do. 01:18:53
Is. 01:18:55
Let's be some somewhat aggressive with this and the reason I say this. 01:18:56
2 1/2 years ago. 01:19:01
I came in and said, and this is going to sound really stupid, why don't we have any Chinese delivery restaurants in Pacific Grove? 01:19:02
Oh, we just don't have them. 01:19:06
And it fell apart. Nobody answered. I went to Moe Ohh, it'll happen nothing. 01:19:10
And I said, OK, we've lost Chase Bank and we lost Bank of America. The buildings are still sitting there two years later. They 01:19:15
haven't been filled. 01:19:18
Why not? 01:19:22
As we're the Economic Development Commission, why are we being informed what's going on with this? We're talking about vacancies 01:19:24
in the city that we want to see filled. We got huge vacancies, property of the corner of Forest and Pines been vacant for like 20 01:19:29
years. There's a sign up there for sale, for lease. 01:19:34
What the Hell's going on here, if we're going to be responsible and if we're being asked? 01:19:40
To. 01:19:45
Discuss the economic development of Pacific growth. We need that information. 01:19:46
And we need to push, we need to go to City Council planning for what's going on with that vacant lot. 01:19:51
Why don't we have these? What's replacing down there? We're trying to do this for the business community and for the residents 01:19:56
here. Give us the answers so that we can move forward. 01:20:01
And I think that is totally what we're missing. 01:20:06
And the other thing that you mentioned about the tax, there is nothing. 01:20:08
As far as I can see as an economic development Commission that we can do about tax rates for housing in Pacific Grove, that's 01:20:12
completely outside our venue. I don't even want to start thinking about that. And yes, it's very true. We get money from property 01:20:17
taxes. 01:20:21
But I don't think that is something that this Commission. 01:20:27
Really wants to get into. There are other things that we can do and that we can discuss and take action. And we can ask the 01:20:30
chamber, you know, what's the story with these places. We can ask City Council planning what's going on with these. I think that's 01:20:35
a good place for us to start to figure out what's going around. 01:20:40
On around us so that we can take steps. 01:20:45
Thank you. 01:20:48
Thank you. 01:20:50
For thus. 01:20:52
Yes, Commissioner Beauty. 01:20:53
I will tell you that oftentimes property is bought as a second home with the intent of retiring here eventually. 01:20:57
Backups. 01:21:07
Yeah. Thank you. 01:21:10
Yeah, I was really interested. I've never known before that part of the DC remit is to helping help job seekers. 01:21:12
So. 01:21:21
That the time that was a revelation for me, and I apologize that I should have known that. 01:21:22
It it's a really, as an employer, I think that one thing that could be very helpful for employees in this town is, is IT skills? 01:21:28
You think that every job now is so dependent on high level? Well, if you want to advance in any job or be a manager or you know 01:21:37
your your computer skills need to be good. 01:21:43
And, you know, I think that there are a lot of. 01:21:48
People that would benefit from things like that, so. 01:21:52
Just a. 01:21:55
Another. 01:21:56
You know way to address a a need? 01:21:58
Any further thoughts, Comments? 01:22:03
Are you looking for three goals? 01:22:08
Ideally I'd I'd like to get us to a point where we we were able to identify and I I've heard some that have been repeated and that 01:22:10
was gonna be my next statement. But if you'd like to. 01:22:14
No, go ahead. 01:22:19
So and and chair, just sorry to interrupt you just friendly friendly advice. This is just an informal discussion today there's no 01:22:25
action taken so really I think. 01:22:29
You can suggest things for the future. 01:22:33
Meetings up to the chair if he wants to put them on that or not. So goal setting could be something in a future discussion. Yeah, 01:22:36
yeah, Commissioner Hoops go. 01:22:39
So yeah, I mean just to the. 01:22:44
You know, Mark was playing and Tamara here is like I I think that it is. 01:22:46
Really important that we learn, you know what's going on with these things. But I think it's like easier I think and and a little 01:22:51
bit. 01:22:54
More of a pointed stick for us to say. Maybe we need to recommend to council a vacancy tax for for commercial real estate, and I 01:22:57
mean. 01:23:01
You know, whatever the timeline is and whatever, I mean, that maybe might be something we could. 01:23:05
Kick back the HDL, have you seen other towns do this is something that's good. What's the timeline you know, is it? 01:23:09
Is it 24 months that it's vacant? Is it, is it 36, is it nine months? You know what's what's reasonable here? But I think like. 01:23:15
That's something that I think is within the DC's lane, so to speak, to say, you know, hey, if this is empty, we're all losing. 01:23:21
Rising tide lifts all boats. You know maybe we need to talk to to recommend just council that they put in place a a vacancy tax on 01:23:29
on commercial real estate. I mean that that would solve. 01:23:34
Lot of things that were dancing around here, it's just. 01:23:39
I don't know how aggressive to use your term. We want, we want to get here, so. 01:23:42
It's just an idea. You can call it a vacancy permit. 01:23:47
Well, and and there may be alternative approaches as well, right. And so that's where I would love to to get that guidance from 01:23:51
HDL to provide us with some some thoughts and feedback on. 01:23:56
Ways that we could potentially address. I think we've got one of the one of the common themes that I'm hearing from everyone is 01:24:01
the vacant properties. 01:24:05
So it sounds like this is something that we'd like to continue to look at. 01:24:09
If that's the case, then one of one of the presentations that we can request is how we best address those things, and I know that 01:24:13
there have been some attempts looking at. 01:24:18
Trying to put together a coop, things like that. But bigger picture, what's been successful? What are some? 01:24:24
Some case studies that have been done and see if we can find a way into seeing a fit for positive growth. 01:24:32
Mr. Gibbs. 01:24:39
This hasn't. 01:24:43
Come up before. 01:24:44
Umm. 01:24:46
And we have, Councilman. 01:24:47
Notary here. 01:24:49
Has this come up in the last 10 year term? 01:24:51
Vacancy tax. 01:24:55
As far as I can recollect there, there probably was an agenda item related to vacancy tax. I can't remember if it was directly. 01:24:58
Uh, related to the empty businesses or it was. 01:25:07
Specific to properties that are. 01:25:11
Second homes here. 01:25:14
A. 01:25:15
Vaguely recollect that was on. 01:25:17
And I don't think it passed through so. 01:25:20
Yeah, Mr. Same manager. Yes, if I could jump in, actually came from this body there. There was an EDC recommendation. 01:25:24
Think it was two years ago. 01:25:31
That went to the City Council for a vacant storefront tax, and it was modeled. 01:25:33
Off of the city of San Francisco, somewhat. 01:25:36
Chair, then chair, Moreland. 01:25:39
Presented to the City Council. 01:25:41
So it has come before. It does, but it doesn't mean you can't bring it forward again. 01:25:44
If I could ask through the chairman what happened when it came in front of the City Council? 01:25:48
No, no action was taken by the council. 01:25:53
Planning OK And what happened? 01:25:56
No, no action was taken. There was a recommendation brought forward by the CDC and and the council declined to take any action, 01:25:59
just trying to. 01:26:03
OK. 01:26:07
So there may be alternate approaches as well. They've been successful. Those are the things that that would be helpful to have as 01:26:08
a as a review. 01:26:12
Bye. 01:26:16
Chips, as I was going to say now that. 01:26:19
You mentioned the context. I can remember certainly what is happening then. 01:26:21
But one of the things that we had directed at that time to Mr. Moreland was. 01:26:26
We know the businesses that are awakened. 01:26:32
Instead of imposing the vacancy tax as a measure directly. 01:26:35
To address it. 01:26:40
Why don't we talk to the business owners to find out what their needs or wants are and come back to council with more information 01:26:41
for us to make a decision? 01:26:46
So. 01:26:52
Rather than blindly imposing attacks, so to speak. 01:26:53
Perhaps every business that is empty has some different characteristics. 01:26:57
And so the intent was to get more information. 01:27:02
Get a dialogue going with the Chamber of Commerce, these businesses, for instance. 01:27:05
And then report back to council with more information for us to make an informed decision. 01:27:10
So it sounds like that might be something that we can continue. 01:27:16
Sure. 01:27:19
I think that's a great idea, speaking directly to the owners, but I do think it would be smart for us to decide what specific 01:27:20
questions are asked because. 01:27:23
Anybody could say anything, you know, so it'd be really good to know. 01:27:27
A whole long list of things, but I'm sure we could narrow it down to a few more digestible ones. But like for instance like, are 01:27:32
they even taking applications like? I would like to know like. 01:27:37
How many have they taken? Like why are those people denied? I know I said this earlier, but I would just like to know more in more 01:27:42
detail I guess so not just a simple. 01:27:46
Here's my answer I'm. 01:27:51
Some of the conversation kind of thing like I want to really be able to have a discussion about it and not just guess why these 01:27:53
ones are empty. 01:27:57
Troops. 01:28:02
Yeah, the obvious loophole also would be a building that's for sale. And if someone's actively trying to sell their building, then 01:28:03
you know you wouldn't be able to impose a vacancy tax on them. But. But. 01:28:07
There's nothing stopping someone from saying hey, it's for sale and then refusing every offer that's there too. So it's like. 01:28:12
These are the questions like, if we're gonna do something like this, how do we actually make it have? 01:28:18
Some. 01:28:21
Force behind it too so. 01:28:22
Commissioner. 01:28:25
Yeah. So I I appreciate Councilman Torres. I think that's that's the right step to to start with and be I've talked to a couple of 01:28:27
business owners, people who own buildings. 01:28:31
With the past six months. 01:28:36
And it's, it's a little bit more complicated. Yes, there's tax advantages and and all these things, there's depreciation. 01:28:38
But on a larger picture. 01:28:44
You know, I think I heard a couple people say maybe we should ask City Council for direction, I think. 01:28:47
My perspective of Portland City Council. 01:28:53
I think that's what they're looking to us for. 01:28:56
Right. At least you know some direction or outline. 01:28:58
Some actions. 01:29:02
I was at the City Council meeting. 01:29:04
Mr. Harvey was there. My gosh, what ended at 10:35 or something last night? Just the Dory was there. 01:29:06
And most of the discussion was around items contract, bridges, you know it's a $10 million round, about half $1,000,000 01:29:12
engineering contract. 01:29:17
They had a presentation from the pension consultant and at this point the city of Pacific Grove is underwater. 01:29:23
Pension liability is approaching $58 million, right? And so if you look at the numbers from HDL. 01:29:31
We're relatively flat. If you extrapolate what we're going to do in this budget year, we're going to be down probably fifty 01:29:37
$60,000. Next year is going to be even tougher. 01:29:41
Right. And so the cost for the city are going up faster than the revenue is increasing and and that's the that's the bottom line 01:29:46
if we can. 01:29:50
Come to the city and say, hey, you know, we've got some ideas and they're all, it's all about tax revenue, whether regardless 01:29:54
where it's coming from. 01:29:58
And we say we can think we can boost it 3% or 5% or whatever it is. And we have a plan. Here's three things we can do. 01:30:02
To make this happen. 01:30:09
And one of the one of the, you know, we had a great end this here, but down on Forest we had a second, a Mexican restaurant Landus 01:30:11
was down there. 01:30:14
And they tried to get. They wanted to stay. I think Jenny, they wanted to stay in Pacific Grove. They couldn't find a place with 01:30:18
water. 01:30:21
Is that correct? 01:30:26
Through the chair. 01:30:28
Yes, that's correct. It was mainly either a kitchen that was already established because they couldn't fund a new kitchen in the 01:30:30
new space or it was a water reason. So that was their main issue. 01:30:36
So, so those are some of the issues and and and I would just encourage everybody here. 01:30:43
To go and show up at a couple City Council meetings, I mean, it's an arduous process. 01:30:47
All those folks do their homework. Their packet is five, six, 700 pages long contracts and everything else. 01:30:52
And Mr. Harvey and his staff, you know. 01:30:58
You know, everybody gets criticized, but. 01:31:02
They do a lot of work to put that packet together and it's a lot of work and homework to go through it, go to a Planning 01:31:04
Commission meeting. 01:31:07
And just sit through those those meetings last two or three, four hours. 01:31:11
A Chairman Lily does a masterful job. 01:31:15
And shepherding, you know, the Planning Commission through all of the questions that they have, go to a ABNRC meeting or an HRC 01:31:18
meeting. 01:31:21
And you'll start to get a feel of what's going on and what the challenges and issues are across the rest of this. I'm not saying 01:31:24
you're not. 01:31:27
But you know, take go once or twice a month, it's it's pretty instructive and enlightening, has a lot of heart and work going on 01:31:31
by boards and committees and the city staff. Thank you. 01:31:35
Yes, Mr. Sam Manager. Thank you. Just wanted to point of clarification, so we're we're in the new fiscal year started July 1 and 01:31:43
as part of that process we we begin the budget. 01:31:48
Timeline in in the early part of the year we present A5 year forecast and actually want to clarify the five year forecast we gave 01:31:54
actually does not show our. 01:31:58
Our expenditures exceeding our, our revenues. So I think it's important to know that yes, we do have a pension liability if the 01:32:02
city decided to remove itself from CalPERS, that's true. 01:32:07
But we we do not forecast that we are going to be spending more. 01:32:13
That we bring in and that was part of our presentation. So I think that's important to know that we're not doing that. Thank you. 01:32:17
Thank you for the clarity. 01:32:20
Commissioner Bennett. 01:32:25
Update us and what is happening with the Chase and and Bank of America buildings? 01:32:28
Through the chair, Commissioner Bernie, those are both been purchased. 01:32:34
The Bank of Bank of America property. I've actually met with that property owner a few times. 01:32:39
He's in the process of trying to convert it to a mixed-use. 01:32:45
Uh. 01:32:49
Development. He has submitted his plans. I think he's. 01:32:50
Receive some revisions. 01:32:53
I don't know exactly where he is as far as moving forward with them, but the Chase building, I know that they would like to also 01:32:55
do some type of mixed-use, but I don't believe they've yet submitted plans. They've had preliminary discussions with the city. 01:33:00
But that's that's I think that's about as far as it's gone and I can. 01:33:06
Certainly asked Laurel to update. 01:33:10
The Commission on those two properties because she's familiar with what? 01:33:11
Comes into the community development department as far as the questions and the applications, and then what's happening with the 01:33:14
laundromat, That's a brewery. 01:33:18
Yes, that's the hope. 01:33:22
So it's been a long time coming. 01:33:25
There's an application, I think the term that the identity just was speaking with the owner. 01:33:28
Not long ago, he's he uses the term. 01:33:33
Nano yeah. 01:33:35
Right. So they're not going to be brewing on site? 01:33:37
But they will be serving. 01:33:40
From what I understand, beer and pizza. 01:33:42
So they're trying to move that forward he he indicated to me he's meeting with his investors. So he's trying to I think raise. 01:33:45
The requisite amount of money to do the improvements that he's. 01:33:52
Received approval for. 01:33:56
I don't want to just you know the the single biggest issue and maybe the city manager would agree with me or or not. 01:34:00
And we can debate the five year plan. It's an estimate and a prediction. 01:34:07
But I I think to me this that's probably the number one. 01:34:12
Issue with most heat and fire to it. We're gonna have a lot more about it. 01:34:16
Is the housing element that's coming up. The City of Pacific Grove has a requirement. 01:34:19
To build about. 01:34:24
A little over 1000 units. 01:34:27
In a pretty short period of time, we've missed the deadline. 01:34:29
Along with other cities. 01:34:34
And so my suggestion would be there. There are a number of creative ways to meet the housing element requirements. 01:34:35
And a lot of cities, as you know they're they're building two or three story buildings and the first floor is. 01:34:42
You know, commercial second and third floor are residences and they can be smaller residences. We can meet the I'm way out of my 01:34:47
league and way out of my water and Mr. Harvey probably shoot me down. But it would seem to me that if the EDC picked off two or 01:34:52
three of the biggest challenges. 01:34:57
That the city has one is keeping the businesses that we have. 01:35:02
To attracting new businesses but also looking into and linking into helping with this housing element, it is going to be a monster 01:35:05
issue. 01:35:09
For us to be able to meet that and most cities are ahead of us in terms of the planning for that. 01:35:14
So if we could help the city with that. 01:35:19
They would probably throw. You know, we could probably ask for some budget to help with. 01:35:21
Some planning for that, and it's not. It mostly falls into the Planning Commission, but. 01:35:25
If we could do something to track business for. 01:35:30
Something like that, I think would be a big deal. 01:35:33
Yes, Mr. Zimmer, thank you. Just, yeah, thank you. Commissioner gives the opportunity. Yeah, I would. I would agree with you in 01:35:37
the sense that we should not have that discussion here at this board that is under the purview. 01:35:42
Of the Planning Commission, that's a Title 23 matter. One of the most important things with these advisory boards is to stay 01:35:47
within your swim lane for what you're. 01:35:51
Asked to do if you're interested in the housing element. 01:35:55
Planning Commission is going to receive an update on this. They're meeting next Thursday. The agenda will be actually is probably. 01:35:58
Posted now, if not now, tomorrow. So I am actually more bullish. 01:36:04
On our efforts in that, in that area, I I believe that we're making up ground quickly and that you know. 01:36:09
We we will hopefully. 01:36:15
Umm. 01:36:17
Comply as best we can. Thank you. 01:36:18
Thank you. 01:36:20
OK. In the interest of time, I'm going to throw out three goals that I've heard. 01:36:22
And see if if this sounds like it's an accurate. 01:36:27
Um, summary of of some of the things that we've talked about the 1st. 01:36:31
We've discussed at length MD's and vacant properties within the city. 01:36:36
And in terms of of measurement of success? 01:36:41
As a goal. 01:36:44
It seems to me that we decrease the number of vacant properties. That's not rocket science. 01:36:46
Right. 01:36:51
And and it also seems as though we've discussed an opportunity to you know leverage some feedback from HDL as to you know, 01:36:53
creative ways to approach that problem beyond. 01:36:58
What we've attempted in the past. 01:37:05
So that that sounds like a a goal that that. 01:37:06
Would be worth considering for the. 01:37:10
Commission going forward the 2nd. 01:37:12
We've talked about. 01:37:15
And and in fact, actually I think that this, this frankly falls out of any of the other goals that we'll do but. 01:37:16
You know, looking at how we can, you know? 01:37:21
Increase the overall both sales tax and frankly TOT within the City of Pacific Grove as well and what what the opportunities are 01:37:25
there. 01:37:28
Fill in the empty spaces, certainly. 01:37:33
But in addition to that, if there is. 01:37:36
Other. 01:37:38
Opportunities that we can identify that will help to, you know, provide the existing businesses to expand and grow and potentially 01:37:39
even higher. 01:37:43
I think those are all. 01:37:48
Worthy of our time and efforts as well. 01:37:51
And then lastly, when one common thread that I'm hearing, although I don't know that it was explicitly stated. 01:37:54
Possibly, Commissioner Richmond mentioned. 01:38:02
Is just simply improving. 01:38:04
Pardon me, improving communications between all of the organizations that I've mentioned previously that. 01:38:07
We have been chartered to align with. 01:38:15
You know, making sure that the city. 01:38:18
The business improvement districts, which frankly we have not had presentations from in the past. 01:38:20
The Chamber we have representation term and we have received presentations from the CB. 01:38:27
But how can we be working more closely together? 01:38:31
And. 01:38:34
Perhaps we're we're the vehicle to do that, to help. 01:38:36
Make that easier, and if that means that one way could potentially be. 01:38:40
Looking at. 01:38:45
You know, time allocation of city staff, things like that. That could be one way, but there may be others. 01:38:47
And those can be separated out into agenda items. But. 01:38:52
Any thoughts or feedback on those 3? 01:38:56
Commissioner Mark Witt. 01:38:58
I just have one piece of feedback. You happen to mention sales tax on TNT. 01:38:59
Back when we first moved to Pacific Grove in the early 90s and there was an incredible battle. 01:39:03
That went on. 01:39:08
In this whole city. 01:39:09
Yeah. 01:39:11
To increase TOT to benefit the whole community and the rest and the. 01:39:12
Hospitality industry fought it tooth and nail and it was really ugly and there were elections. 01:39:17
Back I believe in 92 and 94 where that was one of the prime things. 01:39:22
About It's really murky and it's really tough to do because. 01:39:27
You have people who want. 01:39:32
That TOT money to benefit them. 01:39:33
And the hospitality industry says, well, you know, if there's more TOT, it's going to affect the people who come to see our 01:39:36
businesses because they might not want to pay that money. So I I understand what you're saying, but that's another really tricky. 01:39:42
That's a slippery slope to get into when you're talking about TOTW. Sure. So and for point of clarification, I I just want to be 01:39:50
perfectly clear with everybody I'm not suggesting. 01:39:54
Increasing either of those I I'm. 01:39:59
Suggesting that we identify businesses that provide. 01:40:02
Those two, the city of Pacific Grove that that's a very good idea and that that will give us. 01:40:05
A bottom baseline, but as far as trying to change the levels, that's absolutely. 01:40:11
OK. Thank you. That is not at all the point. 01:40:16
Any further thoughts, feedback, comments on the goals that I've reviewed? 01:40:20
Commissioner Gibbs. 01:40:24
This point not going to be a surprise, but I mentioned it earlier. 01:40:26
We need to work hard to keep the businesses we've got. You know, it's it's like being in business. 01:40:31
You are as focused on the. 01:40:35
And mark it to the people that you don't have. 01:40:37
And the customers that you want and you forget about serving the customers that you do have. 01:40:39
And I'm not sure that. 01:40:44
And and Jenny can speak to this, but. 01:40:46
Mentioned before having been around town, there are some people in pretty desperate straits what we don't need. 01:40:48
Is more empty storefronts. 01:40:53
Because they couldn't make it. They couldn't pay their bills. They couldn't finance their inventory. 01:40:55
These are the real time issues that are that are going on. 01:40:59
And I think that if we. 01:41:02
This this HDL thing is called a small business recovery. Small business, right? Well, what are we going to vacancies and all this 01:41:03
thing TOT are great. 01:41:08
But and they might bring in some revenue, but if we lose revenue because we're losing. 01:41:12
Some significant small businesses and becomes a less attractive place. So I would suggest a goal that we do something to. 01:41:16
Find out what are the issues with small businesses and I bet you there's some things we can do without too much. 01:41:23
You know, without too much effort and and raise those issues up to the City Council. Thank you. 01:41:29
OK. Thank you. 01:41:34
I would love to start by reviewing the survey that has been circulated and start with that and I I think that to your point. 01:41:36
That that. 01:41:45
May very well be contained and easily contained within, you know three of these goals. They're obviously want to support the 01:41:47
businesses that we currently have. 01:41:51
Commission Mark was. 01:41:55
I just wanted to add, add that to what MM said, good, good thoughts and and the other thing that I'm really. 01:41:56
Concerned about here. 01:42:02
And. 01:42:03
And this is something that's I think. 01:42:05
Going on across the country. 01:42:07
And we're talking about businesses and everything. 01:42:09
I shop in Pacific Grove. I just love to shop in Pacific Grove. 01:42:13
Unfortunately. 01:42:17
What I've discovered is and maybe this is just my opinion. 01:42:18
The customer service in existing businesses, not only in Pacific Grove but all over the damn place, has gone so far down. 01:42:22
Really. And when I ask owners the same thing, I go up to Lucky. I go shopping at like 8:00 o'clock in the morning to get stuff 01:42:29
done. 01:42:32
When there are 10 people in line, one check, stand open and you and the only other employers are back stocking. 01:42:36
There's something wrong with the business. 01:42:43
That is not supporting the community. 01:42:45
And I have found that in so many businesses here, I make it a point when I go out to businesses and people. 01:42:48
Great. Customer service, I will tip and I will compliment because that's very important, but I find that I don't know if this is 01:42:54
an experience you guys have had. 01:42:58
Customer service has gone way down and maybe, you know, it's not our business, maybe it's something, what's going on here? You 01:43:03
know, you say, well we can't find people to work. 01:43:08
Sure you can. There are a lot of people who look for, you know, what's the story here? There's more behind this. 01:43:15
And. 01:43:21
I don't know. You know, when I go up and I want to buy one pastry at a store and I have to stand in line for 10 minutes because 01:43:22
they can't find somebody to check me out. 01:43:25
That's the problem. That's not with me. It's not with the city. It's with an individual business. 01:43:29
And I know it's really difficult to patrol those sort of things and be critical of everything, but I'm keeping my eye on that 01:43:34
because that is something. 01:43:38