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Good evening. It's 6:00. My name is John Murphy. I called to order the. 00:01:04
March 14th, 2024 Regular meeting of the the Planning Commission. 00:01:11
Let the record reflect that all Commissioners are here, with exception of Commissioner Frederickson. 00:01:18
Who uh. 00:01:23
And let us know he couldn't be here tonight and he will be here next next month. 00:01:26
Our first item tonight is election of officers. 00:01:32
It's a straightforward. 00:01:36
Process. Did staff want to say anything about that? 00:01:39
No, Sir, only that you may nominate yourself or nominate someone else. You start with a chair and then work your way down to vice 00:01:44
chair. And if you would like to appoint a secretary, that can be done as well, yeah. 00:01:50
In the nominations don't don't need a second. 00:01:56
And. 00:02:00
You know, if someone we vote on people in the order that in which they were nominated. 00:02:03
If someone gets the majority of those of the Members present, I. 00:02:09
He or she would be would be elected. 00:02:13
There are six of us, so if it's a tie. 00:02:17
You know, we would hope somebody would bow out gracefully, but we keep keep going until until we elect a a chair. 00:02:19
And are there any nominations? 00:02:28
Commissioner Sawyer, I would like to nominate Vice Chair Murphy for Chair. 00:02:33
Any other? 00:02:40
Nominations. 00:02:42
I've been chair before. 00:02:50
And you know, it's it's sort of hard work. And I look around me and I see. 00:02:52
Four or five other 512345 others who would do a. 00:02:59
A good job. And if someone would be willing to nominate him or for herself, I'd be. 00:03:04
I'd really be happy. 00:03:10
Well. 00:03:16
Seeing no one, I guess we should take a vote. But don't remember, don't forget you could vote no. 00:03:18
I guess you do the role. 00:03:25
Yeah, I think you could. 00:03:28
We. 00:03:30
Don't need role. Yes, if you would like to do role, we could do role. 00:03:34
Let's just do it. All right. Let's do roll. We will. 00:03:37
Let's see, Commissioner. 00:03:41
Commissioner Davidson, Aye. 00:03:45
Commissioner Kubica. 00:03:48
Aye, Commissioner Nisinski. Hi. 00:03:49
Commissioner Swaggart. 00:03:54
Vice Chair Murphy. 00:03:57
Well, it would be silly to vote no at this point. 00:03:58
I It's with six eyes and one vacant. 00:04:02
Vice Commission or vice chair has been moved to chair. 00:04:08
Chair Murphy, thank. 00:04:11
Thank you. Are there nominations for Vice Chair? 00:04:13
Commissioner Kubica, I nominate Commissioner Sawyer as Vice chair. 00:04:18
Any other nominations? 00:04:23
Vice chair. 00:04:25
Could we take A roll again? 00:04:30
Michelin, Cuba. 00:04:33
I Commissioner Nodzinski. 00:04:36
Aye, Commissioner Davidson. 00:04:38
Aye, chair Murphy. 00:04:40
Sincere I. 00:04:44
Commissioner Swaggart. 00:04:47
And Commissioner Sawyer? 00:04:49
I with six eyes and one vacancy. 00:04:51
Commissioner Sawyer has been elected vice chair. 00:04:56
So now the real. 00:05:01
Real business. Our first item is to approve the agenda. 00:05:03
Does the staff have any suggestions for changes? 00:05:06
And the agenda? 00:05:09
Do any Commissioners have any? 00:05:12
Changes in the agenda. 00:05:15
Commissioner Sawyer. 00:05:18
Vice Vice chair swear. 00:05:21
I intend to pull things, a couple of things off the consent agenda. 00:05:22
And I think it's important that we get our housing person done first, so we'll have to. 00:05:28
Put it in order so that the housing person can go before. OK, well, we'll wait till we get to things. OK. Consent agenda. Just 00:05:37
wanted to let you know. 00:05:41
A motion to approve the agenda. 00:05:46
I'll move a second. 00:05:50
Second all in favor, please say aye aye. 00:05:53
Opposed. 00:05:57
60 with Commissioner Frederickson Abs. 00:06:00
It was moved by Commissioner Swaggart. 00:06:04
And seconded by Commissioner Davidson. 00:06:07
Our next item is commissioned and and staff announcements and we'll start with the. 00:06:10
Staff, director, bond or other staff members, Do you have announcements? 00:06:16
Yes, thank you, Chair Murphy. My name is Karen Vaughn. I'm the city's Community Development Director, and I do have several 00:06:21
announcements to make. First of all, I want to congratulate the Chair and Vice Chair. 00:06:27
I will be reaching out to you next week. I would like to schedule a standing monthly meeting with the chair and Vice chair. 00:06:36
For purposes of agenda planning. 00:06:45
For the Planning Commission. So I'll reach out to you next week about that and see if we can get something on the calendar. 00:06:47
Beginning next month in April, I'm going to step into the role of your staff liaison for the Planning Commission, so I'll be your 00:06:54
primary contact. 00:06:58
Senior Planner Campbell is going to be assisting me with the meetings and will be acting as my backup, but I will be taking over 00:07:03
that role as your primary contact for the Planning Commission. 00:07:08
On February 28th, the City Council held a special goal and priority meeting. 00:07:16
As part of their annual budget workshop. 00:07:22
And the interim city manager has graciously offered to provide a brief presentation to each of the BCCS. 00:07:26
On the city's goals and priorities for the upcoming year and so I have asked him if he would be available to come to your April 00:07:34
meeting and and he has agreed so. 00:07:39
We'll be getting a brief presentation from Interim City Manager Bob Peralt. 00:07:45
Next month. 00:07:50
On the City Council's March 20th agenda, which is next week. 00:07:53
They will be considering the updates to the BCC handbook. I think you're all aware that there have been some proposed revisions to 00:08:00
that. 00:08:04
And once those revisions are adopted. 00:08:08
The interim city manager and the city attorney plan on doing some training sessions for all of the BCCS in the city. 00:08:13
So that would include training on on the handbook as well as Brown Act and ethics training. 00:08:21
And we're hoping that that will get underway sometime in April or May. 00:08:27
Depending on on Council's adoption of the BCC handbook. 00:08:32
And then finally, on February 21st, the City Council. 00:08:38
Considered whether or not to introduce ballot measures. 00:08:44
For, if you recall, in the city's. 00:08:49
Housing element update. 00:08:54
Three sites were included as part of the city's housing Opportunity sites. 00:08:56
Those were the the Adult Continuing Education School site on Lighthouse. 00:09:03
The school site on David Ave. and then a Calam water site up on Hillcrest. 00:09:08
And those three sites are zoned as unclassified, meaning that they require voter approval for any rezoning. 00:09:15
And so the City Council. 00:09:25
Came to a consensus that they would prefer to find alternative sites or methods to. 00:09:29
Meeting the city's RENA capacity for the updated housing element that we're currently working on. 00:09:35
So I wanted to let you all know that staff and our consultant, Rincon. 00:09:42
Are beginning to look at alternative sites and ways to avoid those three sites. 00:09:49
And we will be bringing that back to the Planning Commission and to the Council. 00:09:56
For for your approval before we start making further revisions to the draft housing element. 00:10:02
And my goal is that that would come back to the Planning Commission. 00:10:09
Hopefully in the May, June time frame and then immediately to City Council afterwards. So I wanted to let you know as part of the 00:10:14
housing element update you will be seeing a revised Housing Opportunity site. 00:10:21
List and and be provided the opportunity through a public hearing to. 00:10:30
Take consideration of that. 00:10:36
So that's the conclusion of my announcements if if I made director Vaughn. 00:10:39
I think we were hoping to hear. 00:10:45
About the three items where the Planning Commission. 00:10:48
Approved. 00:10:51
A resolution of intent and those items were to go to the council and I I think we're hoping to learn when when that might happen. 00:10:53
Certainly I actually spoke with the interim city manager today about those and I believe we're looking at getting those to the 00:10:58
City Council. 00:11:03
Within the next month or so. 00:11:09
But he does have those on his desk and he knows that we'll be moving those forward to council for their consideration. 00:11:12
Thank you. 00:11:20
Any further? 00:11:22
Announcements from staff. 00:11:24
Announcements from the planning. 00:11:26
Commissioner sorry or Vice Chair Sawyer? 00:11:29
I attended the 2024 State Housing Legislation and Preservation Seminar's. 00:11:33
That was put on by the San Francisco Heritage. 00:11:43
And San Francisco Planning Department. It was amazing basically what to preserve. 00:11:49
An adaptive reuse and looking at expanding tax incentives for housing and historic properties. 00:11:55
The other things that I wanted to just inquire in regards. 00:12:05
And I see Mr. Sidor sitting over there, so don't cringe. Do we have an update yet on the draft document from Integral Consulting 00:12:13
for Coastal Hazards sections of the LCP? 00:12:19
Next month. OK, great. Thank you. 00:12:35
And then I was wondering. 00:12:42
Is there any plan for us to be hearing an update of the Archaeologic Resource Review and Tribal Monitoring Compliance? 00:12:47
Document. 00:13:00
Through the chair this this it's we're still with public works we haven't heard yet. We should in the next. 00:13:05
Yeah. 00:13:13
Joyce Halaby, It will be getting back to me about those I haven't heard yet exactly when they'll be bringing them forward. 00:13:16
It feels like we've been waiting for a very long time for that. 00:13:23
And then I was just wondering in looking at our agenda. 00:13:28
We're not receiving monthly housing element updates, we're just getting the annual and I'm wondering. 00:13:34
Is there a reason that we're not? 00:13:42
Thank you. 00:13:45
Certainly Vice Chair Sawyer. So as part of the Rincon contract, the City Council did ask for a monthly update or a monthly report 00:13:47
to them. 00:13:52
Which staff has been providing at their first agenda of every month? 00:13:57
And we can certainly provide you with a link to that monthly report of what work has been completed on the housing element update. 00:14:02
Thank you. That would be appreciated. 00:14:08
Other announcements from commissioners. 00:14:14
The subcommittee met and. 00:14:21
Traffic or Transportation? Traffic and Transportation subcommittee met and we have nothing to report on that. Just had one 00:14:26
meeting. 00:14:28
Thank you any other. 00:14:32
Just I'd like to congratulate. 00:14:36
Planner Campbell, who had been an associate planner, now as a senior planner. So congratulations. 00:14:41
Yeah. Any other announcements? 00:14:46
Time for Council liaison announcement is. 00:14:50
Councilmember Coletti online. 00:14:53
I do not see him. 00:15:01
K and I I see that Miss Vega is online. Are there any announcements from the City Attorney's office? 00:15:03
I don't have any announcements for you this evening. 00:15:12
Thank you. And they I did notice the mayor's in the audience. I didn't know if he wanted to give a. 00:15:15
Substitute council liaison announcement. 00:15:21
The questions been raised whether we're going to should have us continue to have six council members or 4 so that. 00:16:16
Wrapped up into the question about adhering to the California Voting Rights Act, CBRA, which is driving this process. 00:16:25
Thank, thank you. Thank you. 00:16:36
I think that's that's the end of our announcements. It's on to general public comment. This is time when anybody in the room or 00:16:40
watching on Zoom. 00:16:44
Can offer comment on? 00:16:49
Matters under the jurisdiction of the city and the Planning Commission. 00:16:54
These are items that are not on tonight's agenda and we typically do not take action on anything you. 00:16:57
Tonight on anything you might mention? 00:17:04
Is there anybody in the in the room would like to offer a public comment? 00:17:06
Mr. Gibbs. 00:17:11
Chair Murphy. 00:17:14
Why Sheriff's lawyer in the? 00:17:15
Mission and Mayor Mike Gibbs. I'm a resident of Pacific Grove, member of the Economic Development Commission. I'm speaking on my 00:17:17
own. 00:17:21
Behalf, you may have received a letter. I've been walking around town check and see how business is doing. Excuse me. I'm sorry to 00:17:25
interrupt the the clock doesn't seem to be going. 00:17:29
On that side of the lighthouse or perhaps behind the theater. So I just wanted to bring that. I think that's. 00:18:11
I got this and I believe that you got it also the second thing is. 00:18:17
We did, yeah. Yeah, good. The second thing is that you know a couple of projects coming up kind of neat. One of them is that the 00:18:22
grill is going to be open for leasing. I think those applications going to be released in the. 00:18:28
And or if he will be out there, I see this as a possible signature or catalyst project, something that city could get around. So I 00:18:35
hope we can get some buzz. 00:18:39
Around that if it comes in front of the Planning Commission for anything, give it your attention. And the last thing I'd like to 00:18:43
bring to to note is that everybody here I'm not going to repeat the the bad numbers, but the the pension liability for the City of 00:18:49
Pacific Grove not unlike a lot of cities in California we have about 150 hundred and 60 million total liability of that about 100 00:18:55
and about. 00:19:00
3rd of that is unfunded. 00:19:07
It's about 168% of our total budget. So it's about $60 million is unfunded. 00:19:08
And and I don't think we've got the, at this point the political will to deal with this. It's an enormous problem. I won't go over 00:19:14
all of the. 00:19:17
The information But there's a fellow who's his name is David Quinnert. He's an ex CFO from Silicon Valley. He now lives here and 00:19:22
he's been writing papers for the California Art and Science Institute. It's called Cassie If you're not a member of 00:19:30
it, it's a great source of information and there will be some discussion about on a local forum level about what to do with the 00:19:37
pension It's it's a it's in pretty bad shape the the top highest pension for APG retiree. 00:19:45
Is $196,000 and that's per year, 196 a thousand a year. 00:19:53
The lowest right now is 100, and 296,000 is something like five times what Social Security is. So it's a huge problem. I don't 00:19:58
know what to do about it, but I think there are some options. Councilmember Colletti talked about it last year and most of the 00:20:03
options are extreme buyout, the pensions. 00:20:09
You know, with private money, take out a loan because we're not paying 7% for the unfunded liability to calipers and it's 00:20:16
unsustainable. So I'm just raising that as we go into the election year. Somebody's going to have to have the political will to 00:20:20
talk about it during the campaign. 00:20:25
I hope it comes up. I'm just here to tee up the issue. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. 00:20:30
Anyone else in the room wish to speak to us? 00:20:35
See. None. We'll go to the virtual world this are the hands raised on Zoom. 00:20:39
We have Rebecca Lee. 00:20:45
Good evening, Chair and Commissioners, this is Rebecca Lee. I wanted to double back a couple meetings ago to the. 00:20:48
Addition, you approved for 111 10th St. and I'm concerned about the tree there and. 00:20:59
It was, if you'll recall, a big, giant, huge double trunked Monterey Cypress that was on the side of the backyard. 00:21:06
And the cottage was being expanded into the backyard. 00:21:14
And. 00:21:19
According to Title 12 and the building codes, the tree is supposed to be protected by not having development within the critical 00:21:22
root zone. 00:21:26
And the critical root zone. 00:21:30
If one of those trunks was 36 inches in diameter, the critical root zone would have been 36 feet, and so it would have been well 00:21:33
into the, if not the majority, of the expansion. 00:21:39
And so the development was allowed to be within 4 feet of the trunk and. 00:21:46
When the builder of the architect spoke in front of council. 00:21:53
He hadn't even hired a project architect, I mean a project arborist, and to mitigate the situation he was aware of it. So he was 00:21:58
pulling the foundation in a little bit. 00:22:04
Your recommended action to council that read something like All best practices shall be observed and all rules should be followed. 00:22:12
And that sounds good on paper, but the situation was impossible. You can't observe the critical root zone when the development 00:22:18
goes to within four or six feet of the tree. 00:22:25
So I've noticed as I've driven around town that construction sites often have that orange fencing that's supposed to be protecting 00:22:32
trees mashed against the tree or a couple of feet away from the tree. So this. 00:22:39
This. Umm. 00:22:46
Saying we're going to observe the law, but then we don't. I have a feeling is um. 00:22:48
Frequent. 00:22:53
If you peruse the current tree permit list, even just for last month, we're losing a very large number of the. 00:22:56
Truly large, iconic trees and this is a problem for the canopy for habitat. 00:23:05
And I think it's a complex conundrum and that it needs to be discussed by the Planning Commission, the BNRC, the building 00:23:13
department staff. 00:23:16
And I'm wondering if the BNRC had a subcommittee to do this, would you be willing to create a subcommittee to do this? 00:23:21
So we could discuss kind of do a reality check and discuss what might actually be workable in this current situation. 00:23:28
With climate change, the trees are going to need more of our help, not less. 00:23:37
I'd appreciate that so much. Thank you. 00:23:41
Thank you. 00:23:45
We have Inga Lorenzen, Dahmer. 00:23:51
Welcome. Thank you, Chair, committee member, Commission members. 00:23:54
I fully agree with Rebecca Lee. 00:24:02
And the tree problems here with the. 00:24:05
The fencing around. 00:24:10
They'll put it right up against the tree and next door to me. They put the porta potty right up next to it and of course the tree 00:24:12
died and lovely coastal Redwood. 00:24:17
By the way. 00:24:22
I couldn't hear any of the mayor's comments because the microphone was off until, as I frantically raised and lowered my head to 00:24:24
signal you. I guess it somehow went on for his last sentence. OK. 00:24:31
At Tuesdays ARB meeting, another variance in the coastal zone zone was recommended for approval. 00:24:40
Which results in removal of a rental unit whether or not it was fully permitted Adu in order to build a much larger home. 00:24:48
And do a full demolition and rebuild. 00:24:59
While adding. 00:25:04
More non conforming. 00:25:06
Issues. 00:25:08
Building. 00:25:11
This issue of creating larger single family homes in our coastal zone. 00:25:12
By granting variances. 00:25:18
Yes, I apologize for interrupting, but this is an item that will be coming before the Planning Commission. 00:25:21
And so I think the the commenters comments would be more appropriate during that public hearing rather than may I finish wanted to 00:25:28
provide that information to you. May I finish Karen Vaughn? 00:25:34
Yes, go ahead, Miss Dahmer. 00:25:42
This issue of creating larger single family homes in our coastal zone by granting variances is an issue the Planning Commission 00:25:47
has long needed needed to address. 00:25:53
Granting variances are becoming the norm. 00:25:59
Normal practice and not the exception they were intended to be. 00:26:03
And yes, this pertains to. 00:26:09
Issues that the Planning Commission has discussed before and I did not name. 00:26:12
The project. 00:26:17
Thank you very much for your attention. 00:26:19
Thank you. 00:26:22
I see one more. 00:26:25
We have Lisa Ciani. 00:26:29
Thank you. I just wanted to say I too was raising and lowering my hand over and over hoping that I would get to hear what the 00:26:33
mayor had to say so maybe staff could take note that we have no other way to get anyones attention than to. 00:26:41
Yeah, raise and lower our hand and I. 00:26:50
I hope you'll watch for that in the future. That's the second time this week that the that the microphone at the podium has not 00:26:53
been on for a speaker. 00:26:58
I wanted to thank. 00:27:04
Commissioner, Vice Chair. 00:27:08
Sawyer for bringing up the matter of the. 00:27:12
Archaeological protocol, which I'll call it for short. Um. 00:27:17
Because it has now been 2 1/2 years since. 00:27:23
Since the consultants. 00:27:28
Had had the draft ready. 00:27:30
Floor Planning Commission. 00:27:34
2 1/2 years they were hired in December of 2020 UM. 00:27:37
And then we learned a year ago I. 00:27:42
After many inquiries about it that. 00:27:47
The public works director explained to council that he had. 00:27:53
Well, he'd set it aside. I think that's that's the best way to describe it. So I. 00:28:00
Then it was not till September of last year that. 00:28:08
Public works got. 00:28:15
The draft. 00:28:16
Two Planning Commission's. 00:28:18
After. 00:28:21
Worked on it. I'm not sure what their level of expertise was with that, but anyway, they spent a lot. 00:28:23
Several months working on it. 00:28:30
So the. 00:28:34
You got to hear the presentation those of you who were on the Planning Commission in September and and but that went beyond it 00:28:37
went past 10:00 and and commissioners asked to hear they'd like asked to discuss it further so they can continued it till October 00:28:44
19th. 00:28:51
And October 19th. 00:28:58
It wasn't on the agenda and and I believe it was, later learned that it was. 00:29:00
They were out of money that they contracted run out of money somehow. 00:29:07
Sitting around. So I really appreciate that that's been mentioned and I really, really hope. 00:29:12
That somehow somebody I I don't know if Miss Vaughn has any say in this, but it's really time that should never been handled by. 00:29:19
Public works Anyway, I think that that's really a planning department issue, but. 00:29:31
I I certainly hope somebody can. 00:29:37
Get that moving. 00:29:40
Really soon. 00:29:42
Thank you. 00:29:43
Stay at least for another hand, we have Jane Haynes. 00:29:46
Welcome. 00:29:51
Go ahead, Mrs. Haynes. 00:30:03
Can you hear? 00:30:07
Yes. Oh. 00:30:09
I I had raised my hand too about the quality of the sound. 00:30:12
I didn't hear anything that the mayor said. 00:30:19
I hear an echo to my own voice. 00:30:22
And when Mr. Gibbs was talking, it sounded like he was underwater. 00:30:25
So I'd appreciate it if whoever's in charge of. 00:30:30
Sound quality could improve it because it's difficult to hear what people are saying. Thank you. 00:30:35
Thank you. 00:30:43
And the other hands? 00:30:45
I think no other hands raised. 00:30:47
Being northern, Hold on. 00:30:49
Bobby No, never mind. Sorry. Back up. Seeing no other hands will end general public comment. 00:30:53
For those who couldn't hear the mayor he just mentioned. 00:31:03
That the City Council had set the wheels in motion to hire a demographer. 00:31:06
On a years long path that perhaps will end with the district elections. 00:31:11
Vice chair. 00:31:17
I just would like to mention that we've had a number of written public comments. 00:31:19
And do you want me to read the names or? 00:31:25
Yeah, that that the next item is, it's written public comment and it's the public comment we received between meetings. 00:31:29
That's not not about a specific item on our agenda. 00:31:37
And I have to confess I haven't kept track and. 00:31:41
Often it seems as if some make the way to the packet and but not all do. So I I think moving forward we have to figure out what 00:31:45
our what our process is. 00:31:51
Go ahead vice chair So. 00:31:59
We've received written. 00:32:02
Information from Nancy Runyon from Mr. Tony Ciani. Multiple letters for Mr. Chiani, from Jane Haynes. From Inga Lorenzen Dahmer. 00:32:05
From Lisa Johnny and from Michelle and Frank Knight and Jim and Lucy Campos. 00:32:15
Thank you. Thank you. 00:32:23
Mr. Chairman, I would just add that there was the the letter that Mister Gibbs mentioned about the restrooms and. 00:32:26
Town, yes, that I came today or or yesterday. 00:32:32
So we're on to our consent agenda. These are items that are supposed to be routine and non controversial. 00:32:38
And we usually approve them all in one one vote. 00:32:45
Is does the staff wish to pull any item from the consent agenda? 00:32:49
No, Mr. Chair, do any Commissioners wish to pull any age item items from the consent agenda. 00:32:55
Vice Chair Sawyer. 00:33:03
I would like to pull 6A. 00:33:05
And also um. 00:33:10
7A. 00:33:14
Thank you. 00:33:17
Any other commissioner wish to pull an item? 00:33:19
Does anyone in the public wish to pull an item? 00:33:23
Wait a second or so for. 00:33:28
People online. 00:33:30
OK, seeing none. 00:33:35
Would someone make a motion to approve the consent agenda with the exception of 6A and 7A? 00:33:38
That would leave two items 6B. 00:33:45
And 6C. 00:33:48
Commissioner Kubica. 00:33:54
Recommendation to approve the agenda. 00:33:57
With the exception of 6A and 7A. 00:34:00
And is there a second to that motion? I'll second. 00:34:04
All in favor of the consent agenda as amended being approved. Please say aye. 00:34:08
Aye, all opposed. 00:34:14
Vote is 6 to 0 with Commissioner Frederickson. 00:34:16
Absent. 00:34:19
And I would ask for the help of staff. 00:34:21
As far as where to put 6A and 7A so we can deal with them efficiently and. 00:34:24
Quickly, I hope. 00:34:30
Certainly, Mr. Chair. It's up to your discretion if you want to move into those two items right now. 00:34:32
Or if you want to move those to the end of the agenda. 00:34:39
Uh, they involve both myself and senior planner Campbell and will be here throughout the meeting, so you're both here anyway. So 00:34:44
in that case I would move them to both the 6A and 7A to the end of end of the agenda. 00:34:51
And which may be not soon. 00:34:59
So 6A would move to 8. 00:35:02
And seven A would move to 8 D. 00:35:08
Is that correct 28D? 00:35:12
Yeah, that that's fine. And if someone. 00:35:17
Either on the Commission or staff will remind me when we get there. I'm not sure I'll remember. 00:35:22
So we're on to. 00:35:27
Our first public hearing? 00:35:30
For this evening, it's the Coastal Development Permit. 00:35:32
For a temporary special events in the coastal zone. 00:35:36
And I guess Mr. Sidor is our staffer. 00:35:40
And we'll treat this is. 00:35:44
This is a public hearing, and even though it's an item from the city, we'll treat it like any other. 00:35:47
Permit application. 00:35:52
We'll have a staff report. 00:35:53
If they're in addition to that, if there's an applicant, I'm not sure there is, but if there's someone else will have an ability 00:35:55
to talk about it. 00:36:00
Then we'll go to the public. 00:36:05
And then after that, we'll have questions from the Planning Commission and then discussion from the Planning Commission. 00:36:07
And Mr. Sidor is. 00:36:14
Is this your project? 00:36:18
That's Chairman Murphy. We're ready when you are. 00:36:22
Thank you. Good evening, Chair Murphy and Commissioners. The Parks Division is submitted a coastal Development permit application 00:36:25
for temporary special events. 00:36:29
To be held on city property at multiple locations in the coastal zone. The locations include Jewel Park, Caledonia Park, Lovers 00:36:35
Point Park, Shoreline Park. 00:36:40
Point Pinos Lighthouse, The recreation trail and road rights of way. The associated Rd. Rights of way include Ocean View Blvd. 00:36:46
Sunset Dr. portions of Forest Ave. Grand Ave. Fountain Ave. Central Ave. Pacific Ave. Caledonia St. and 17th St. 00:36:55
The subject temporary special events are listed in both the agenda report and the draft permit. 00:37:06
And additional detail regarding each event may be found in the Parks Division applications. 00:37:11
As proposed, this permit would remain valid for a period of approximately 3 years and would allow the identified events through 00:37:18
June 30th, 2027. 00:37:23
It's a common practice for jurisdictions including the Coastal Commission to issue multi year permits for recurring events or 00:37:30
activities that do not change substantially from year to year precondition of approval numbers two and three. 00:37:37
Newly proposed events or substantive changes to listed events may require subsequent discretionary review, and city staff would 00:37:45
coordinate each January to determine if changes to events have occurred that would require subsequent discretionary review. 00:37:53
This approach allows subsequent discretionary review as needed if new events or substantive changes to an event are proposed, as 00:38:02
well as a periodic comprehensive review to address possible issues or unforeseen impacts. 00:38:10
As proposed and conditioned, the temporary special events would be consistent with applicable policies in the local coastal. 00:38:19
Program. Also, the events would be categorically exempt under SEQUEL guidelines Section 15323. Normal Operations of Facilities for 00:38:26
Public Gatherings And this concludes staff presentation and I'm available for questions as well as the applicant. 00:38:35
Thank you. Is there anyone else from staff who's going to address this? Is that the end of? 00:38:45
Staff's presentation. 00:38:51
Thank you. That's all. Can we go to the public please for public comment? Anybody in the room wish to speak on this topic? 00:38:53
Seeing no one will go to zoom and I see Miss Dahmer has her hand raised. 00:39:02
Mrs. Delmarie may speak. 00:39:10
Thank you. 00:39:11
Chair, Voice, Chair, Commissioners. 00:39:13
We have new late submission applications for CDPS for special events that are not yet approved by City Council, namely the new EDC 00:39:16
concert series, which is a total of 4. 00:39:23
These are not the same as the chamber sponsored. In fact, I think they're going to ask for City Council sponsor city sponsorship 00:39:30
when they go before City Council. 00:39:36
So these are not the same as the music rock on the park at Jewel Park. 00:39:44
As last year, this new EDC series which has not yet had any event is added in for a three-year CDP application approval. 00:39:49
Which, if you remember last year, you only granted one because of. 00:40:01
Different issues, one year approval. 00:40:06
Which is why they're back again, right? This series would require St. closures around Jewel Park, including a July 5th. 00:40:09
Date just one day after the Chamber sponsored 4th of July celebration. 00:40:18
This would result in three. 00:40:26
Central Ave. closures in one week, Monday's Farmers Market, Thursday's 4th of July celebration and Friday's EDC Concert Series. 00:40:28
With parking spaces. 00:40:41
Completely blocked off from the hotel construction. This greatly effects public access to Pacific Rose Public Library and Museum 00:40:43
of Natural History. 00:40:49
Especially for mobility impaired public, which I am, I asked the Commission to carefully evaluate this. 00:40:56
Date. The City Council of course has to approve these additions and I thank you for your consideration. 00:41:07
Thank you. 00:41:18
We have Robin Venuti. 00:41:21
Good evening. I sit on the EDC and I wanted to address Miss Dahmer's concerns. 00:41:27
Can you hear me? 00:41:32
Yes. 00:41:34
The EDC's intent is to create business opportunities for the downtown area and other parts of Pacific Grove. 00:41:37
The Chamber of. 00:41:44
Last year and doesn't have the capacity to pull it off again. 00:41:47
And so we are working in concert with them. Jenny's been working very closely with us to to create this series. The idea is to 00:41:51
bring people. 00:41:55
To the downtown area, we'll make it an earlier and it would be First Friday, which just it happens. It happens to the day after 00:42:00
4th of July. 00:42:04
To bring people and families, so have it be slightly earlier, 4:00-ish. 00:42:08
We would encourage restaurants. 00:42:14
To create a picnic dinner that people could pick up. 00:42:17
There would be no vendors at this event because our intent is to encourage business in the downtown area. 00:42:20
We would likely also create a little. 00:42:26
Flyer or part, whatever. That would describe the different restaurant options and the specials that would be. 00:42:30
Offering and view of the concert. 00:42:36
And the idea, again, is to create a picnic dinner. 00:42:39
At Jewel Park and to encourage those who come and families to go up the street and have some dinner. 00:42:43
And so I'm hoping and our leaders see Commission is hoping that you will consider. 00:42:49
Granting this per night. 00:42:54
And I'm happy to answer any questions. 00:42:56
Thank you. 00:42:59
Anyone else, Miss Campbell? 00:43:02
Let's see if we have Lisa Chiani. 00:43:07
Thank you. I'm sorry, but I just don't remember if. 00:43:13
If this was. 00:43:20
Heard already City Council this year, Or if we. 00:43:22
Change the the order of things but. 00:43:27
In any case, the. 00:43:31
The Summer Lights event, which would seem to be a lovely event last year, its first time. 00:43:35
It. 00:43:42
And and a mistake was corrected. So it does not no longer is applying for a laser light show. 00:43:45
But it refers to 3D mapping as part of the light. Show that they are going to have and. 00:43:55
I I don't recall hearing that being explained what that is, so if anybody's here to explain that, that would be great. 00:44:04
And and then I didn't recall, but. 00:44:12
Whether. 00:44:18
I didn't recall Ocean View Blvd. being closed from Lorelei, which is Borg's, to almost to Jewel last year, but. 00:44:19
Maybe my memory is failing me, but I I think that is new this year also anyway. 00:44:31
Just something that if you're interested I hope you'll look at. Thank you. 00:44:39
Thank you. 00:44:45
Anyone else was to comment? 00:44:47
Let's see, no other hands raised. Public comment is is over. 00:44:50
Commissioners, time for questions and comments. Questions first. 00:44:54
Mr. Swagger. 00:45:02
Yeah, Mr. Sidor, the question that the issue was raised of the difference between the EDC's music event and the and the Chamber of 00:45:03
Commerce. 00:45:08
Music event. Are they substantially similar? 00:45:14
From the Commissioner, Swaggart, from the perspective of staff, in terms of the the timing of the event. 00:45:20
And the duration of the event. 00:45:30
And the overall effort involved with each event, Yes, they are similar. 00:45:33
And were there any problems with the? 00:45:39
Chamber of Commerce event that aren't addressed by the conditions. 00:45:42
Not that staff is aware of, no. 00:45:46
Other commissioners. 00:45:49
Vice Chair Sawyer. 00:45:52
I was. 00:45:54
I was wondering if I? 00:45:57
Anyone from either Public Works or Direct department could tell us what the 3D. 00:46:00
Mapping is. Do you have any idea? 00:46:06
Oh goody. 00:46:10
Welcome. 00:46:21
Hi, good evening. I'm the recreation manager. I'm responsible for reviewing these and then getting them ready for submission. 00:46:24
Onto some type of surface, whether that's a screen or a wall or a hard surface, but some type of 3D projection is what they were 00:47:02
looking at. 00:47:05
Thank you. 00:47:10
I just have one question. When this, when this came to us before last last year in April and May. 00:47:13
And the Commission made three suggestions, and one was that had come to us before the City Council, and that's that's what we're 00:47:20
doing tonight. 00:47:23
And also we ask that there be maps or site plans with with each item. 00:47:27
There were simple maps, but but they were in there and I think you can, if you pay attention, you can tell where the event is and 00:47:33
the way where the streets will be closed. So we appreciate that. 00:47:37
We also asked about the wisdom of combining so many events in different places in in one permit. 00:47:42
And and I did have a an e-mail exchange with Mr. Sedor. 00:47:51
And we're still doing that. We're combining several events in different places with one permit. 00:47:57
My understanding is. 00:48:04
That other jurisdictions do this and the. 00:48:06
The Coastal Commission is, well, I don't want to put words in your mouth, but the Coastal Commission is fine with it. Is that is 00:48:09
that correct? 00:48:12
Yes, Chair Murphy. 00:48:17
So as mentioned in the agenda report. 00:48:20
This approach was coordinated in a telephone conversation between myself and Coastal Commission staff. 00:48:24
And. 00:48:33
They offered general concurrence with this. 00:48:36
And this approach is also a. 00:48:39
Well, when I say this approach, consolidation and multi year permits is an accepted approach in other jurisdictions including the 00:48:43
Coastal Commission. 00:48:48
And it's based on a or it's a decided on a case by case basis in terms of the. 00:48:53
Scope of the events, the locations, and. 00:49:02
Just other other factors. 00:49:06
That staff reviews as they're reviewing the applications and in this case. 00:49:10
It made sense to go ahead and combine all of the temporary special events into or under a single permit, because they are. 00:49:16
All temporary special events. 00:49:29
And they all occur on city parks or city rights of way, essentially city property. 00:49:32
Thank you. 00:49:40
Other questions, comments, and. 00:49:42
Commissioner Zinsky, thank you, Chair. 00:49:45
I guess I would just have a little discussion I I think I'm good with the three-year proposal and my I guess I. 00:49:48
Is there any plan to do some kind of metric or survey of success? In other words, you know that during the next three years, are 00:49:56
you going to measure and come back after the three years and say, well, here's what works, here's what didn't work? 00:50:03
And you know I. 00:50:11
As opposed to anecdotally, you know, like looking to see like a lot of people attended different was a success. I was just 00:50:12
wondering if anybody's thinking about. 00:50:16
It's setting up some kind of metrics in advance. 00:50:20
To determine the success of these events. I'm just curious, it's just a comment, that's all. 00:50:24
Thanks. Thank you. So, Commissioner Zinsky, I'm going to defer that question to the Parks Division regarding the. 00:50:29
The success of the events in terms of planning or CDD, what we're looking at the consistency with the local coastal program. 00:50:37
Thank you. 00:50:48
And sorry to add the impact on the fact that we did close streets, you know, I mean if you know what kind of a negative impact did 00:50:51
that have, if any that you know? 00:50:57
Yeah, get there. 00:51:05
I didn't know if Parks wanted to respond or not. 00:51:12
And I can't tell if that mic is on. Can you tell from? 00:51:17
Where you are. 00:51:21
He needs to talk right into it. 00:51:25
So when we're reviewing the applications, we just follow the City Council policy that's set out in special events policy 900-1, 00:51:29
where the applications are sent in to us. We review them within a certain time frame. We take them to rec board, Planning 00:51:35
Commission, City Council for approval. City Council makes the final approval on whether it's city sponsored or full cost recovery 00:51:42
and whether they'll allow the event to go forward. And then it's up to each of the event. 00:51:49
Coordinators, whether they feel it's successful, obviously if we run into items where we feel there was a safety concern, a 00:51:57
logistics concern, roads or whatever, we would obviously take that into account next year when we were reviewing it. We do work 00:52:03
with these applicants far ahead of time to try and make it the most successful application, but they are permitted to submit an 00:52:09
application each year and then City Council has the final word on whether it's approved or not. 00:52:15
Thank you. 00:52:22
Any other comments or questions? 00:52:24
Vice Chair Sawyer. 00:52:26
I was just wondering if this city had any. 00:52:28
Feelings one way or the other about Central being closed down three times in that one week of July. It was just a question. 00:52:32
We we did get a letter about that, also from from Miss Dahmer. One thing. 00:52:43
I think that might be relevant is. My guess is that both the library, certainly the library. 00:52:49
And perhaps the Natural History Museum would would actually be closed on July 4th. 00:52:55
Anyway, so that that perhaps lessens the the impact. 00:53:00
But. 00:53:04
Our city works department is public Works department is really good at opening and closing the roads. They wait. We put up the 00:53:08
sign 72 hours ahead of time. 00:53:13
And that those who don't want to be near the event or would like to get through town or not be obstructed from doing so. 00:53:52
Thank you. 00:53:57
Other questions or are we ready? Ready for a motion? 00:54:00
I move to approve the. 00:54:10
Yeah, we'd be talking about. 00:54:13
And and I think to make it a perfect motion, you'd have to say. 00:54:15
With the findings and conditions of approval and that we'd also. 00:54:22
Adopt the. 00:54:26
Categorical secret exemption. 00:54:28
Assuming that's OK with you. 00:54:32
Would someone like to 2nd them off? 2nd that motion? 00:54:35
All in favor of the motion. 00:54:39
Aye, all opposed. 00:54:41
The motion passes. 00:54:44
60 With Commissioner Frederickson absent, the motion was by Commissioner Davidson. 00:54:46
And seconded by Commissioner Swaggert. 00:54:51
Now we're on to another. 00:54:58
And public hearing. 00:55:01
It's an architectural use permit. 00:55:03
Architectural permit, use permit variance Coastal Development Permit. 00:55:06
For a project at 420 La Caye Cote. 00:55:12
And we'll handle. 00:55:16
Public hearing the same way we'll have our presentation from staff. 00:55:19
From the applicant team who can have 10 minutes. 00:55:23
We'll go to public comment. 00:55:27
And the applicant team will have 3 minutes if they wish for for rebuttal or comment on what they heard from the public. 00:55:29
And then we'll come to the Commission for questions and then and then discussion. 00:55:36
And before we start all that, I was hoping that Miss Miss Vega, the representative from the city attorneys office. 00:55:42
Could talk briefly about ex parte rules and and disclosure in cases like this. 00:55:50
Miss Vega. 00:55:57
Yes. So if any of you have had any ex parte communications with individuals and have have obtained evidence related to this 00:55:59
project that is not already in the packet and the record for this project and you have an obligation to disclose that. You can 00:56:08
just kind of go down the line and indicate whether whether you've had contact with anybody who who they were and then. 00:56:18
The substance of that contact. 00:56:28
So that it's appropriately incorporated into the record for the decision. 00:56:30
Thank you very much. 00:56:35
And I think we're ready for the staff report and I'm guessing that. 00:56:37
Oh yeah, we should do the export today right away. Sorry. Yes. Did anyone have any export day communication that that should be 00:56:44
disclosed? 00:56:48
Vice Chair Sawyer. 00:56:52
I had ex parte communication with Jennifer Bickett, who's on the HR state HRC. We spoke about historicity. I had two conversations 00:56:57
with Tom Moss, who is a project coastal biologist we just talked a little bit about. 00:57:04
The biosphere there I have talked also with Hunter Eldridge who is the architect. 00:57:13
In regards to citing and historicity. 00:57:21
I have also spoken with Mimi Sheridan, who is the president of A Map in regards to historic city. 00:57:24
We also had a site visit on March 12th which. 00:57:31
I set up because of the difficulty of the site. 00:57:37
And that was attended by Hunter Eldridge and Angus Jeffers. And thank you gentlemen for making that possible for us. Andy Kubica, 00:57:41
Dave Swigert and myself attended. 00:57:47
I'll just give you a brief rundown of what we spoke about and then if I forget something. 00:57:54
You all can chime in. We talked about utilities, photoelectric use, storage, and septic fill plans. 00:58:01
We talked about safe bird glass for the ceiling to floor windows and the glass. 00:58:09
On the hyphen, we talked about exterior lighting and pass sensors. 00:58:14
We also talked about the exterior of the proposed new project. 00:58:20
And how it was picking up elements from the tea house. 00:58:26
And there was also a great conversation in regards to the materials that were planned to be used for the proposed new project. 00:58:31
We had a discussion in regards to construction and that had to do with the path where that would start. 00:58:39
And. 00:58:46
Then we also talked about Carport demo and that the staging would happen there. 00:58:48
We talked about the history of variants, that was. 00:58:54
With that property, we also talked about landscape tree removal. 00:58:57
Sand dune coverage. 00:59:04
And removal of exotics and non natives. And last but not least we talked about planned demolition at the site which would include 00:59:06
the fire pit and what would be removed from the tea house. Thank you. 00:59:12
Thank you, Commissioner Swaggart, and it's a you wish to add. 00:59:18
Yes. At the outset we also discussed the issue of the carport versus garage and apparently conflicting evidence and they are 00:59:23
conflicting information in the staff report regarding whether the. 00:59:28
Carport would be enclosed. I think there's some information in the staff report that it would be would have no exterior walls. 00:59:34
I also asked the owners representatives to point out the trees that were to be removed and they kindly did so. 00:59:42
I also asked a question about what happened to the roof ornamentation and where it was. It's it's missing from the. 00:59:50
From the tea house at the at the present time. 00:59:56
And I was told that they were being. 00:59:59
That some work was being done with them. 01:00:03
I also asked the question about the the new dune coverage and whether there would be a a rehabilitation on the 2 to one or the 01:00:06
contribution to the city's environmental enhancement fund and that. 01:00:12
Question has been answered. I I saw it was in address in the. 01:00:18
In the habitation, habitation. 01:00:23
Habitat restoration plan. 01:00:26
And that I also asked about the portion of the historic residence to be removed. That was pointed out to me and I also expressed 01:00:29
some concern regarding the visual impact from sunset. 01:00:34
Ave. 01:00:40
And there was number response to that and that's fine. 01:00:41
A good time to stop talking. 01:00:45
Thank you, Commissioner Kubica. 01:00:48
There was also a discussion or a few questions about. 01:00:49
Impact of birds on with the glass siding and the glass. I believe it was the glass. 01:00:54
Walkway. 01:01:01
Any any other disclosures? 01:01:05
Thank you, I think and thank, thank you all. I think we're ready for the staff report and I see Miss Sanders on the screen. 01:01:08
Thank you, Chair. 01:01:18
As I share my screen and tee up this presentation. 01:01:20
I will share that it is a. 01:01:26
Lengthy presentation. 01:01:28
But is it's intended to breakdown the staff report. 01:01:31
With visual exhibits. 01:01:37
To help sort of digest. 01:01:39
The various aspects of this very complicated. 01:01:43
Project. 01:01:46
So, good evening, Planning Commission. 01:01:49
We're here to consider a private residence proposed for 420 Lakhite Forte. 01:01:51
The project proposal includes rehabilitation of an existing historic building and relocating it. 01:02:00
On the property. 01:02:07
It also includes construction of a new two-story single family home attached to that historic building. 01:02:09
And converting a non conforming and deteriorating garage into a carport. 01:02:16
Associated with the proposal are two special requests, A use permit and a variance. 01:02:23
The use permit is to allow for pertinences of the historic building to extend above the 25 foot height limit and to modify the non 01:02:28
conforming carport the variances to allow for. 01:02:34
The historic building and new home to encroach into a side set back. 01:02:41
The purpose for this evening is for the Planning Commission to act on 1st. 01:02:51
The initial study and mitigated negative declaration that was prepared for the project. 01:02:57
The architectural permit use permit and variance and to act on the coastal development permit. 01:03:03
I want to give a little bit of property overview and background before diving into the meat of the proposal. The project site is 01:03:10
approximately .6 acre or 27,713 square feet. 01:03:17
Is located at 420 lakh High Court A at the terminus of the Lakaya Corte. 01:03:26
Cul-de-sac. 01:03:34
South of Pico Ave. 01:03:37
The property is zoned R1B4 and has a land use designation of low density residential, which generally supports. 01:03:40
One dwelling unit per acre. 01:03:50
It's located in the Asylum are dunes in the coastal zone. It is also within the environmentally sensitive habitat area. 01:03:53
And an archaeologically sensitive area of the city's coastal zone. 01:04:03
And local coastal program. 01:04:10
The surrounding properties are mostly single family homes with an eclectic mix of design. 01:04:14
And styles one common element that we see. 01:04:20
Among the the two properties adjacent to directly a budding the subject site. 01:04:25
Which are here at the top of the screen. 01:04:32
And properties along. 01:04:37
The street. 01:04:40
Is that the garage or carport placement is close to the street. 01:04:42
The only exception to the surrounding land uses is the retreat to the South of the property, so. 01:04:46
The that that property is developed with surface parking lots, several buildings and other amenities. 01:04:55
Existing development on the site includes the historic building which is seen here in the Red Circle, the non conforming 01:05:06
deteriorating carport which is here situated between the two existing neighboring single family homes. 01:05:14
The historic building is accessed from the street and the carport via a boardwalk that is highlighted in blue. 01:05:23
To the historic building. 01:05:33
The majority of the property is encumbered by a conservation easement. I've generally shown that in yellow, but it does have an 01:05:35
impact on site organizing features and allowable development area. 01:05:43
In 1984, the Planning Commission approved a variance request for the property that was associated with a request to subdivide the 01:05:55
property actually, and I should have mentioned that in my previous slide. 01:06:01
420 and 421 Lakaya Corte were one single property and were they were split in the 1980s. 01:06:10
At that time, in 1984, the Planning Commission approved a variance. 01:06:19
For the property to include the rear set back reduction and a front set back reduction and part of the Planning Commission's 01:06:23
approval for that for that variance and lot split was that covered parking was required to be constructed in the place where the 01:06:31
carport currently exists with the set back that currently exists. 01:06:39
On January 24th, the Historic Resources Committee recommended. 01:06:51
Well approved rather the addition of the historic building to the Historic Resources Inventory and recommended that the Planning 01:06:57
Commission approved the architectural permit, use permit and variance that you'll be considering this evening. 01:07:04
The architectural permit covers the historic rehabilitation, the historic building rehabilitation rather and the on site 01:07:14
relocation proposed. 01:07:18
It includes the new home construction. 01:07:23
And the proposed detached garage. 01:07:27
The historic building was constructed around 1925 as a two-story wood frame structure with wood board and batten cladding and a 01:07:33
saddle roof form with the carved decorative ornamentation. 01:07:40
While the the historic building. 01:07:48
Was designed. 01:07:51
As an historic or as a Chinese tea house For inspiration, it has been used as a residential structure. 01:07:55
Historically, at no point in time does staff or the property owner have evidence that the building has ever been open to the 01:08:03
public, has been operated as a tea house, or any other. 01:08:09
Commercial purpose. 01:08:17
In addition, was constructed to the Tea House around 1950. 01:08:19
But that. 01:08:25
Those are considered non historic additions. 01:08:27
The applicant proposes to rehabilitate the building. 01:08:30
To return the historic building to its original 1925 appearance by removing. 01:08:37
The historic additions or the non historic editions? Excuse me to rotate and relocate the historic building on the site. 01:08:43
And out of the rear set back. 01:08:54
And to add a new concrete foundation that meets current building code. 01:08:57
The applicant also initiated a proposal to replace. 01:09:04
A non historic asphalt shingle roof for the copper roof. That proposal has since been withdrawn. 01:09:09
There is no proposed replacement or change in roof materials associated with this with this project. 01:09:16
Future maintenance of the roof would simply retain the current roofing materials on the property. 01:09:27
The applicants phase two Historic Resource Assessment found that the prop that the proposed work is consistent with the Secretary 01:09:34
of Interior Standards for Rehabilitation. That phase two was peer reviewed on behalf of the city's consultant Rincon. 01:09:42
They're historian and architectural historian reviewed that. They requested additional information from the applicant, but 01:09:52
ultimately concurred with the findings of the assessment and the addendum. 01:09:58
The asylum are Dunes Residential Area and the R1 Zoning district. Both have a height limit of 25 feet and as a result of 01:10:06
constructing that new code compliant foundation for the long term preservation of the building, a portion of the roof projects 01:10:13
above the 25 foot height limit. I'm going to go into that in a little more detail. 01:10:19
Later in my presentation. 01:10:28
The image on the left hand side of the slide shows the current location of that historic building. You can generally see the rear 01:10:31
set back here and all of the encroachments into that set back. 01:10:38
On the right hand side you see the relocated, reoriented historic building circled in red. You can see it's been pulled out of the 01:10:45
rear set back. 01:10:52
And push us into the side set back, which I'll go into in more detail later in my presentation. 01:10:59
The renderings on this slide give us an idea of what the building will look like once the non historic additions are removed. 01:11:07
The applicant proposes to construct a new two-story single family home containing approximately 2100 square feet and attached to 01:11:16
the historic building by a bridge, where you'll refer to it as a hyphen as well. 01:11:23
The single family home is designed in the contemporary style to differentiate the new from the old, which is one of the guidelines 01:11:32
included in the Secretary of Interior standards. 01:11:38
The differentiation includes a large glass curtain wall and West facade vertical screen wall articulation. 01:11:45
For the majority of the wall surfaces and a flat roof. 01:11:57
While the home has been designed with clear differentiation from the historic building, the vertical articulation of the screen 01:12:01
walls. 01:12:06
And the window proportions on the north, east and West walls are similar to those of the Teahouse, providing some continuity and 01:12:12
compatibility and design. 01:12:17
The bridge or hyphen connecting the residents to the T hat or to the the teahouse or historic building is proposed to include 01:12:25
materials similar to that historic building and the single family home. It also proposes a glass safety rail to minimize 01:12:32
appearance. 01:12:38
The image in this slide shows the the east side of the historic building and the proposed residence. 01:12:47
The circled areas indicate the portions of that facade that are proposed to encroach into the side set back. 01:12:59
As I said before that the applicants phase two historic assessment also assess the consistency of the proposed home with the 01:13:09
Secretary of Interior Standards and determine that the proposed work is consistent. 01:13:16
With with those guidelines, Rincon, again working on behalf of the city, peer reviewed those findings and concurred. 01:13:24
As did the Historic Resources Committee in their recommendation for approval. 01:13:32
The proposal finally includes converting and that an existing carport to a garage. 01:13:41
Which also requires Planning Commission approval of A use permit that I'll again discuss later. The garage is proposed to be 01:13:48
constructed in the same location and within the same footprint of the carport, and that's a very important detail for zoning 01:13:54
compliance or procedural compliance with the zoning ordinance and the local coastal program. 01:14:01
Here you can see the existing carport that was required for covered parking that was required to be constructed as part of the 01:14:10
Planning Commission's previous 1984 approval. 01:14:16
The based on city records the carport. 01:14:23
Was constructed in compliance with the side set back regulations at that time. 01:14:28
But now due to. 01:14:34
Changing regulations, the carport encroaches into the side set back. So that's that's really the reason for its nonconformity. The 01:14:37
project is compliant with the front set back or the the carport is compliant with the front set back. 01:14:45
Because the Planning Commission varied that front set back which runs with the land. 01:14:53
The Street View of this carport shows that it has no no historic significance or design connection to the historic building and it 01:15:01
also indicates it's deteriorating condition. 01:15:08
The garage is designed with the same screen wall material proposed for this the single family home and a flat roof for 01:15:16
consistency. 01:15:20
So as I mentioned earlier in my presentation, the historic building requires approval of A use permit to allow for the roof 01:15:27
ornamentation, portions of the roof ornamentation of that historic property to extend above the 25 foot high limit. So what you're 01:15:35
seeing here is a blue plane that represents the 25 foot height limit. 01:15:44
So the approval however would not consider this portion of the peak of the roof that that is showing above that 25 foot height 01:15:54
limit because it's not eligible for a use permit to extend beyond above that 25 foot height limit. So the project will be required 01:16:01
to be revised prior to the issuance of the building permit to comply and bring that peak of the roof below the 25 foot height 01:16:08
limit. 01:16:15
The carport to garage conversion also requires the use permit because as I mentioned the carport is considered non conforming 01:16:24
because of this little piece that extends into the the side set back. 01:16:33
The zoning ordinance permits non conforming structures to be modified or altered if it use permits first obtained. 01:16:44
The significance of keeping the garage in the same footprint as the carport is related to the local coastal program requirements. 01:16:52
If non conforming buildings cannot be brought into conformance, the new work has to be located within the same footprint or 01:16:59
coverage. 01:17:07
The applicant also proposes to expand. 01:17:16
The rear set back to be more compliant with today's. 01:17:21
Depth require. 01:17:26
Umm, so the new condition would result instead of a 5 foot rear set back, an 18 foot rear set back? 01:17:29
They also propose to reduce the side set back for a portion of that east side. 01:17:37
Limited to two areas, so the new home. The corner of the new home would be set back from the east property line by about four feet 01:17:45
and the historic building would be set back from the side property line. 01:17:51
By about 3 1/2. 01:17:58
As shown in this slide, only a portion of the side set back would be reduced, so the entire length of the side set back would not 01:18:04
be reduced to 3 1/2 or 4 feet. The encroachment would be, if permitted, would be limited to these small areas. 01:18:13
Unusual circumstances do exist on on the property that warrant the approval of this variance. The property contains rare and 01:18:24
sensitive plants and those plants are protected by the conservation easement and generally see some of the limits of that 01:18:32
conservation easement here and that conservation easement substantially limits the developable area of the property. 01:18:40
The configuration of that easement plus the odd configuration. 01:18:50
Of the property. 01:18:55
Combined with the required site set back substantially reduces the buildable area on the lot below the 15% that would be permitted 01:18:58
and enjoyed by other properties in the same district in the Asylum or Dunes Residential area. 01:19:06
The proposal would reduce the overall area of building encroachment into the basic set back requirements, minimizes new 01:19:16
encroachments, and allows the property owner to enjoy those same rights. No existing or future structures on neighboring 01:19:23
properties would be negatively impacted by the site set back encroachment as a result of the location of existing development on 01:19:29
neighboring properties. 01:19:36
And development limitations of the LCP. 01:19:44
Or local coastal program. 01:19:48
Due to the sensitive nature of the property construction, access is proposed. 01:19:52
From the end of the cul-de-sac the existing driveway via the existing. 01:19:59
Boardwalk that. 01:20:06
Is permitted to provide access. 01:20:08
By that that conservation easement. 01:20:13
The. The. 01:20:16
State the California Coastal Conservancy is the current easement holder. The applicant has coordinated with the Conservancy to 01:20:20
obtain approval for temporarily expanding construction access to 10 feet as shown here around that boardwalk area. The Conservancy 01:20:26
has granted their approval and and documentation of that approval is included in the staff report or as an attachment to the staff 01:20:33
report. 01:20:39
Getting close to the end here, the coastal development permit requires a review for consistency with the local coastal program 01:20:49
implementing plan, including the asylum are residential. 01:20:55
The Sylmar Dunes Residential Area rather Design Standards and the preparation of several reports that are listed here on the 01:21:02
slide. 01:21:06
Staff has reviewed the project for consistency and compliance with these requirements and staff's detailed assessment included in 01:21:11
the staff report and permit. We find that the project is is consistent with the requirements that apply to the property and I'll 01:21:18
touch on these points in my next slides. 01:21:24
So lot coverage is limited to 15%. That includes buildings, outdoor use area, the Boardwalk. 01:21:32
Driveway and the covered parking. 01:21:42
The project proposes the 15 foot primary coverage which includes the outdoor use area and the applicant is proposing to expand the 01:21:48
conservation easement that exists on the property to encompass the remaining 85% of the lot area not permitted to be developed. 01:21:57
The outdoor area The outdoor use area is permitted to include outdoor residential activities such as BBQ areas and lounge chairs 01:22:07
and all of the things that we love to use to enjoy the outdoors. 01:22:14
The outdoor area is generally limited to 750 square feet, but the LCP allows that area to be. 01:22:23
Increased if the primary coverage of all other improvements pavement buildings on the site allows for additional sort of area or 01:22:36
square footage to meet that 15%, so this proposal does. 01:22:43
That proposed to it include. 01:22:51
A larger outdoor use area totaling 997 square feet, but it is in compliance with the LCP requirements for outdoor use areas. 01:22:56
Buildings or other structure structure heights are regulated to maintain public views of the dunes and ocean and to maintain a 01:23:09
pedestrian scale and maintain the syllabar dunes. Character development, as I've mentioned, cannot cannot exceed 25 feet about the 01:23:16
the legally established grade, but. 01:23:24
The Asylum Are Dunes Residential Area does allow for the roof ornamentation as proposed to extend above that 25 foot height limit, 01:23:33
so staff finds that the project is compliant. 01:23:39
With height for the this area. 01:23:45
With regard to off street parking, the design standards really you know they they require off street parking to be enclosed and 01:23:52
attached to the primary dwelling. In most and in most circumstances, and particularly for new structures, parking cannot conflict 01:23:59
with public parking needs, including public coastal. 01:24:07
Access this proposal to convert the garage, isn't it to convert the cardboard as an enclosed garage brings the project. 01:24:16
Into closer conformance with the. 01:24:26
Parking standards by enclosing the parking. 01:24:30
For the property. 01:24:35
But again because of the limitations of the. 01:24:38
Conservation easement and because of the 1984 Planning Commission, condition of approval. 01:24:42
Covered parking cannot be attached to the primary dwelling. 01:24:52
The proposed project parking would not conflict with public parking or or create. 01:24:57
Obstructions to public coastal access. 01:25:04
I've touched on setbacks previously in my presentation, so I won't belabor the point and I've also touched on the non conforming 01:25:09
development expectations and requirements of the LCP. 01:25:17
Prepared on behalf of the applicant, these reports and plans were submitted for city staff review. They were peer reviewed by 01:25:27
Rincon on behalf of the city. Rincon concurred with the findings and recommendations of these reports. 01:25:35
And a summary of those reports and plans has been included in the staff report and the project has been. 01:25:44
Conditioned accordingly. 01:25:52
The LCP also requires an analysis of the project's ability to preserve and enhance public views to and along the ocean. 01:25:55
As well as views to scenic coastal coastal resources, the Sylmar Dunes residential area is considered and identified as a Scenic 01:26:06
Coastal area. 01:26:12
The project has demonstrated that by locating the new development and the historic building at the lowest point of the site that 01:26:19
neighboring views of the ocean. 01:26:25
Will be preserved and the project has also demonstrated that it would have minimal impacts. 01:26:32
On the dunes from public vantage points, and that minimal visual impact is equal to or less than the visual impacts of existing 01:26:40
surrounding development. 01:26:46
The applicant proposes to remove 3 trees from the site. Those trees are indicated. The general areas are indicated with the X. The 01:26:55
access on your screen 1 Monterey Pine here is in very poor condition. It has a ruptured trunk and and significant decay. The trunk 01:27:02
is laying on the ground. 01:27:09
And is not expected to to survive the two coast live oaks, live oaks which are located here. 01:27:18
At the South are in port and very poor condition. There's documented stem decay and fungus. 01:27:27
There's documented Bark Beetle damage and Dying Crown. 01:27:34
The. 01:27:39
So requiring the applicant to, you know, redesign the site or retain these trees. 01:27:42
Because of their health would not result in the long term preservation of these trees, they are going to continue to decline, they 01:27:51
will die and they will ultimately have to be removed from the property. 01:27:56
The applicant proposes to replace the trees with seven native trees in accordance with the city's municipal code. This will result 01:28:02
in new healthy native tree canopy that matures over a longer period of time and enhances the asylum margins Residential area tree 01:28:09
canopy. 01:28:16
This new maturing tree canopy will also present. 01:28:24
More opportunities for wildlife habitats and nesting beyond the three declining trees. 01:28:29
Over time in accordance with standard. 01:28:37
Tree removal and pruning practices. 01:28:40
As required by the city's municipal code. 01:28:45
If, if any, habitats or nests are of sensitive, endangered or protected wildlife. 01:28:48
The the applicant would be or the the the the arborist or or tree professional would be required to stop work immediately upon 01:29:02
finding. 01:29:06
Those those habitats or nests notify the the authorities which includes the city. 01:29:13
And a plan would would have to be developed to protect or protect those habitats or nests and ensure their safe relocation. 01:29:19
These are images that have been provided of the the trees. This is the Monterey Pine and these are the two live oaks. 01:29:30
And just to wrap up here, I'm going to go over Sequa, the environmental review a little bit. So the California Environmental 01:29:42
Quality Act or Sequa requires the city to make a determination on environmental review. 01:29:49
On planning Zoning I. 01:29:57
Infrastructure improvements and other development projects. The purpose of Sequoia is to prevent or minimize damage to the 01:30:00
environment through development activities. 01:30:05
There are several. 01:30:12
Sequel paths available to the city when evaluating the appropriate environmental review path for various types of activities. 01:30:14
Sequa includes 33 categorical or class exemptions. 01:30:25
These exemptions describe certain activities that do not require environmental review. 01:30:31
There's also a logical exemption path. We typically use that for policy documents or zoning text amendments. 01:30:38
Of a certain threshold. 01:30:47
There are three types of environmental review that that would apply to a project that doesn't meet one of the exemptions that that 01:30:49
are adopted in Sequa. 01:30:54
1st is an initial study to determine if a project can use a previous environmental review document or a further environmental 01:31:00
review is necessary. 01:31:05
If further environmental review is necessary, we typically. 01:31:11
Look to see if a negative declaration are mitigated. Negative declaration is the appropriate path. 01:31:16
An environmental impact report really is the most extensive level of environmental review and it's required when a negative 01:31:23
declaration MND. 01:31:28
Is insufficient. 01:31:34
While the project meets 2 categorical or class exemptions to Sequa, staff did elect to do additional environmental review in 01:31:38
conjunction with the studies prepared for the Coastal Development Permit. So staff consulted with Rincon and determined that. 01:31:48
An initial study and mitigated negative declaration would be sufficient. 01:32:00
It was determined that the environmental impact report was not warranted given the scope. 01:32:05
Of this project. 01:32:11
So and an ISM ND which is the initial study mitigated negative declaration for short. 01:32:12
Generally, just Scott describes the scope of the project. It analyzes possibilities and types of environmental impacts that the 01:32:20
project might might have given its location and surroundings. 01:32:26
This document identifies mitigation measures to reduce or avoid any. 01:32:34
Potential impacts. It requires a public review period and formal responses to comments received. 01:32:41
During that environment, during that public comment period is is not required. 01:32:49
Rincon peer reviewed the reports as I said, and asked for additional information. Where where needed, they identified these areas 01:32:55
of study for potential impacts based on the project location. 01:33:02
Through their review, Rincon found that overall, the project would have less than significant. 01:33:11
Umm, less than significant impact or no impact? 01:33:19
On the majority of consideration in the ISM ND. 01:33:24
They did find 2 areas. 01:33:29
Of study that would have less than significant impacts if mitigation measures were put in place. 01:33:33
Those areas were to biological resources and geology. 01:33:39
Because those two areas were were found to be less than significant with. 01:33:45
Medication it automatically triggered. 01:33:53
Less than significant with mitigation incorporated findings for the mandatory findings of significance. 01:33:58
The project has been conditioned to incorporate these mitigation these two mitigation measures that were identified by the 01:34:07
environmental review consultant. 01:34:12
Staff did receive public comment during the public comment period and during the extended public comment period, while the city is 01:34:18
not required to. 01:34:23
Prepare formal responses to those public comments. We felt that the Planning Commission would benefit from responses, so we we did 01:34:28
include those in the staff report. 01:34:33
Based on the comments that that we received, though, we found that substantial changes to the ISM ND were not warranted or 01:34:38
required. 01:34:42
Based on the city's review of the project, including the environmental review consultant. 01:34:48
And their historic preservation professionals staff finds that the project. 01:34:56
Meets the majority of the city's residential design guidelines for the new home. 01:35:04
And garage that it meets the city's objectives for. 01:35:10
Working on historic buildings and meets the Secretary of Interior Standards for rehabilitation of that historic building. 01:35:15
The proposal works toward the long term preservation of that building, and the new home is well designed to respond to existing 01:35:21
conditions on the site, as well as the historic buildings, materials and design. 01:35:29
Staff supports the use permit requested for the roof ornamentation and the garage permitting the the. 01:35:36
Roof ornamentation to. 01:35:45
Extend beyond 25 feet does not create a visual obstruction for the surrounding properties or a danger to the public or wildlife. 01:35:48
Permitting the carport to be converted to a garage is consistent with the surrounding character and brings the property into 01:35:57
closer to. 01:36:02
Closer conformance with the enclosed parking requirement at the LCP. 01:36:08
It would not create a sight distance issue or threaten the health, safety and welfare of the general public, or create a dangerous 01:36:13
traffic condition. 01:36:17
It would allow the property to maintain compliance with the Planning Commission's 1984. 01:36:22
Decision and conditions Staff also finds that the proposed set back variance. 01:36:29
Is warranted based on the findings required to be made for that which I previously discussed. 01:36:36
Staff is asking the Planning Commission to accept the ISM and D approve the architectural permit, use permit and variance, and to 01:36:43
approve the coastal development permit. 01:36:49
One clarification staff is or correction in the permit that staff is requesting. Should the Planning Commission approve the 01:36:56
permit? 01:37:01
Is to strike the condition of approval related to zoning administrator approval of relocating. 01:37:07
The the historic building on site. 01:37:16
Generally, that action would require zoning administrator approval. However, the the Community Development Director acting in her 01:37:19
capacity as the zoning administrator. 01:37:24
Is permitted by the zoning ordinance to refer this action to a higher hearing body. 01:37:31
And she's determined that this procedural requirement is redundant. 01:37:37
That the Planning Commission has the ability and should include that relocation approval. 01:37:42
In their approval of the architectural use and variance permit. 01:37:50
Requiring further action on the zoning administrator. 01:37:57
Is redundant in that the zoning administrator would not. 01:38:02
Contradict the Planning Commissions decision so that that I. 01:38:06
Concludes my very lengthy. 01:38:13
Staff report presentation. I appreciate your time and I can answer any questions that you might have. 01:38:17
That's it. Thank you very much for that report, which was both both thorough and and clear. 01:38:25
And if you wouldn't mind waiting for questions, we'll do that in the book after we hear from the applicant and the public. But but 01:38:32
thank you. 01:38:36
Thank you. And I I think we're ready to hear from the applicant team, which will have 10 minutes. 01:38:40
And we'll start the clock when everything is ready. Chair Murphy, before my presentation starts, can I ask you a procedural 01:38:51
question? Would it be possible to reserve the remainder of my initial 10 minutes to be added to my 3 minute rebuttal period? 01:38:59
That would be fine. Thank you very much. 01:39:07
And because this is a complicated project with a variety of moving parts and difficult issues. 01:39:18
If if the applicant team. 01:39:27
Needs, you know 12 or 15 minutes that. 01:39:31
That would be OK. 01:39:34
Thank you very much. Actually, due to the comprehensiveness of Miss Sanders presentations, she's. 01:39:36
Negated half of my presentation, so I think that's was like, I don't need the full 10 minutes anymore. So, and I'm sorry, please 01:39:43
if you would identify yourself. Good evening, Chair Murphy, members of the Planning Commission. My name is Angus Jeffers. I'm here 01:39:49
on behalf of the applicants, John Hodge and Stacy Care. 01:39:55
This evening I'm joined by our project historian Kent Seavy and our project architect Hunter Eldridge. 01:40:01
I will start this presentation with some of the critical but boring aspects of this project and then hand the presentation over to 01:40:09
Mr. Eldridge to focus on the evolution of this project. 01:40:14
The here we have. 01:40:21
Two-story pagoda nestled there in the Asilamar dunes. 01:40:24
And here we go. 01:40:28
I want to start that specific to the tea houses rehabilitation. First and foremost, we want to give the tea house a vital purpose 01:40:32
such that it is maintained as a warm residence for the next 100 years. Non use is the most greatest risk I see to our local 01:40:39
historic structures. Local examples include the Neutral house on Signal Hill which is subject to active, quote UN quote neglect 01:40:47
and the ever deteriorating original Community Hospital building along Hwy. 1. It's a beautiful 1920s. 01:40:54
Gardner Daily Mediterranean. 01:41:02
Unfortunately, in this week's Coast Weekly, it sounds like someone's taking a shot at giving it life again. 01:41:04
Anyways, beyond warming up the tea house as an active residence, we're looking to peel back. 01:41:10
The let's see the non historic additions deck and chimney, but we also want to give the tea house a real foundation engineered for 01:41:16
a house on a sand dune which will also pick it up. It's now actually below the grade of the sand dune and we want to raise it up 01:41:24
out of the greater the sand dune to prevent further pest and moisture intrusion. 01:41:31
Aspects of the project that we're very proud of are that we're expanding the original conservation easement by about 64% from 01:41:40
13,650 square feet to 22,489 square feet. 01:41:47
The project also includes implementation of Tom Moss's dune restoration plan, which goes beyond the existing plan requirements to 01:41:55
include removal of ice plant beyond the existing easement area as well as. 01:42:01
Tom's gotten concerned about non-native lupins which are breeding with our native tide streams Lupin and he's looking forward to 01:42:07
eradicating the that from happening and then consistent with the most restrictive habitat regulations I've ever worked with, this 01:42:15
project is limited to just 15% of the property with the 750 square foot outdoor allowance and we're also limited to the least 01:42:23
lowest value habitat on the property which happens to be a artificial depression. 01:42:31
Which was? 01:42:39
Created the site The Tea House in this location. 01:42:40
One aspect of that though is that the two-story residence, 3476 square feet distributed across two floors will be located in that 01:42:44
depression and from scenic it'll only appear as a low level, single story house. 01:42:51
And another aspect of moving the Tea House somewhat out of the Depression and and slightly reorienting it is that we've vastly 01:43:00
improved its full top to bottom perspective from the adjacent State Park behind us. And there was a nice recommendation from Chair 01:43:08
Anton over at the HRC asking if we'd be willing to work with state parks to. 01:43:15
Promote the existence of the Tea House and its visibility from a Sylmar and we would welcome that, whether it be physical signage, 01:43:24
website text or pamphlet text. And we'd be open to the installation either either a physical interpretive sign there or working to 01:43:31
develop an electronic digital interpretive exhibit which could be downloaded through a QR code on the site. 01:43:38
The project also seeks to reduce the existing 300 and square feet of variance set back variances, as Dara mentioned. 01:43:47
This was a haphazardly last minute design parcel. Back in the 80s, the original subdivision proposal sought to put both the Tea 01:43:58
House and the neighboring residents on the same parcel to create a vacant parcel. This was approved by the city Subsequently, 01:44:04
Coastal staff said no, we don't like the creation of the vacant parcel. We want you to put each structure on a separate parcel and 01:44:11
at the last minute this parcel configuration was put together. It's why we end up with a carport by itself and we end up with 01:44:18
pedestrian access via the VIA. 01:44:24
The boardwalk and the 350 square feet of encroachment air of set back encroachments. 01:44:32
Anyways, this project reduces the set back encroachments by 283 square feet or over 80% and I want to point out that where we are 01:44:38
still encroaching in that. 01:44:43
Set back. 01:44:49
There are effectively no neighbors. The nearest structures across that property line are about 200 feet away, and the one 01:44:52
residential neighbor there has written in a letter of support for this project. 01:44:57
With regards to archaeological resources, there are no archaeological resources on this property, but we've accepted the standard 01:45:07
conditions for monitoring because we do recognize that there's an identified site over the fence in a syllabar. With regards to 01:45:15
roofing, we've agreed. In response to public comments during the HRC hearings, we've agreed to amend the project to remove the 01:45:22
copper roof and instead just retain the copper colored asphalt composition shingles which the city has already approved. 01:45:29
And which the applicant desired in response to the historically severe El Nino that didn't end up happening. 01:45:37
Lastly, the project seeks to abandon the existing septic system on the property in favor of connecting to the municipal sewer 01:45:44
system. And at the same time, we're going to consolidate all of the utilities within the boardwalk right away such that even 01:45:49
though it's permitted by the ease by the current easement, there'll be no need to ever go into the easement area for further 01:45:54
utility work. 01:45:58
I didn't want to mention in regards to avoiding a. 01:46:05
I don't know how to call it, but bird collisioned with the house. The applicant would accept a condition that the windows which 01:46:09
face the water and that are not protected by any louvering, have automatic curtains, so that as long as no one's in the house and 01:46:16
wants the curtains open, those will be closed. And then recently, Mr. Eldridge has found a local ornithologist and biologist, 01:46:24
Jeffrey Froke, who is willing to work with us to develop some sort of a solution. 01:46:31
For the glass railings on the on the walkway architectural hyphen. 01:46:40
Of which Mr. Eldridge recently found a neat product that is clear as this class, but to a bird's eyes, they'll see striping to 01:46:45
market as an as an obstruction, and we want to look further into that. We haven't confirmed it yet, but we would accept a 01:46:52
condition that would require us to implement some sort of a bird safe glass option acceptable to planning staff. 01:47:00
If there are no technical questions regarding this proposed project, I would like to hand the presentation over to Mr. Eldridge to 01:47:08
focus on the project's aesthetic, functional objectives and challenges. 01:47:13
Thank you. 01:47:20
Good evening, Chair Murphy and members of the Planning Commission. My name is Hunter Eldridge. I'm the architect working on behalf 01:47:26
of John and Stacy. 01:47:30
Hodge on the subject. Property. I just want to start by saying you the the orientation of the entire project was heavily 01:47:35
influenced by the conservation easement line to the West of the only permittable building envelope on this parcel. 01:47:41
Which extends from that conservation easement line down into a depression beyond. Most of the property is located in recorded 01:47:48
conservation easement and therefore we had to design the project east of this conservation easement line and directly adjacent to 01:47:52
it. 01:47:56
By slightly shifting and rotating the tea house just 41°. 01:48:02
We were able to design a new contemporary wing to the. 01:48:06
In the building envelope and Orient the tea house to the same orientation as the conservation easement line. 01:48:10
And the new residential wing, so that there is visual harmony between these two structures. 01:48:16
The adjustment of the tea houses orientation and location is such that. 01:48:22
One corner of the Teahouse's new location still lies within the existing footprint. 01:48:26
And I only say this to emphasize that we are only moving the tea house. 01:48:31
A small distance it's. 01:48:36
It's a shift. 01:48:39
The shifting and rotating also allowed us to design the project so that there is sufficient distance between the new residents and 01:48:41
the tea house in order to provide an appropriate architectural hyphen. 01:48:47
Consisting of a lower level corridor and an upper level catwalk connecting the two structures together. This hyphen is over 13 01:48:53
feet long. 01:48:57
And allows enough visual separation between the historic tea house and the new residential edition to allow clear differentiation 01:49:02
between the two structures, thus consistent with the Secretary of Material Standards. 01:49:08
The new contemporary. 01:49:15
Residential addition to the. 01:49:17
To the Tea House is proposed to be clad in a vertical 2 inch by two inch weathered wood silvery grey screen which will 01:49:19
intentionally blend in with the sand dune. 01:49:24
There are two inch gaps between each of these vertical members, creating a shadow line. 01:49:30
Between each board and giving it somewhat of an ethereal facade intended to blend in. 01:49:35
The gravel roof membrane is also intended to blend in with the dunes beyond when viewed from the Sylmar State Parks above. 01:49:42
As you've probably seen in some of the renderings that were present. 01:49:49
The building form was kept intentionally simple so as not to compete with the rather ornate details of the tea house. 01:49:53
The vertical wood screen of the new residence is intended to provide some common language with the vertical board and bat on the 01:50:00
tea house. 01:50:02
And therefore maintaining differentiation, but at the same time playing off of the historic tea houses facade. 01:50:07
The building envelope topography consists of the Crest of the dune at the conservation easement line. 01:50:15
And then falls into a depression as one moves east and deeper into the envelope. 01:50:21
This depression allows us to naturally conceal the new residences lower level. 01:50:26
In a way that maintains the procession of a single level building from any public vantage point along Sunset Blvd. And the Wreck 01:50:30
Trail. 01:50:34
Which is consistent with the LCP, although the modern edition and Tea House both are both 2 levels. At no point would a viewer 01:50:38
perceive this two-story building from. 01:50:43
From the wreck trail as a two-story building. 01:50:49
And the project will appear. 01:50:52
Not appear particularly tall. 01:50:54
As compared to some of the adjacent neighbors I. 01:50:57
And I'll stop there. I think I've covered the architecture. Thank you. 01:51:00
Thank you. 01:51:05
Is. Does that conclude the applicant's comments at this point? 01:51:10
I think we're ready then to. 01:51:16
Go to the public for comments. 01:51:18
Is there anyone in the room who wishes to make a comment on this project? 01:51:21
Seeing none are there at home who wish to comment. 01:51:27
We have Lisa. 01:51:35
Thank you and I apologize for getting my written comment to you not until this morning, but it was a very confusing. 01:51:39
Agenda report and and it took me a long time. 01:51:50
To to figure things out. But I do want to say that there are some excellent features, you know of the of the design of the new 01:51:53
house and some excellent conditions of approval in the draft permit. 01:52:00
Umm. However. 01:52:08
The the ISMND. 01:52:11
The aesthetic section does not recognize. 01:52:15
The historic building as as a scenic resource, which it is and and there's no mention, there's mention of it the site being. 01:52:21
In a what's it called? Special scenic area, but no mention that it is a. 01:52:34
OK, these terms, let's see, it's a special community as well. The whole Asilomar residential area is considered a special 01:52:44
community and historic is just as the retreat is a special community. 01:52:51
And so historic resources there are. 01:52:59
Are treated as as scenic there. This is in the Scenic Resources section of the LCP. 01:53:02
Umm, so Doris spoke of scenic resources analysis. 01:53:11
And maybe that's in there, I I sure couldn't find an analysis in any case. 01:53:17
It in in ignoring or disregarding the fact that the. 01:53:23
Historic building. 01:53:30
Is itself scenic. 01:53:32
It's it's Miss the ISM and D is missing a lot. So we what we are losing. 01:53:35
And and this is not being recognized, is the view from Sunset Drive and the recreation trail there or the coastal trail out there 01:53:42
of. 01:53:48
The building. You go down there and you can look at it now. I hope you did, but. 01:53:54
That. 01:54:00
And I can't go through. There's a whole lot of. 01:54:02
Inconsistencies and and errors and and. I hope you won't approve the ISMND as it is. 01:54:06
Or the OR the draft permit for that matter right now. 01:54:15
One question is there's been mentioned this artificial depression but but I've not seen any explanation of why. 01:54:19
There is one and where it came from and why it's artificial, but the other part is the bird protection and. 01:54:29
Anti glare or non glare I. 01:54:37
Non reflective I guess is what it's called. Glass is very important but in addition to the bird friendly if if you can get a in 01:54:41
one. 01:54:45
Product that would be great. Orna Lux is what they use at the Aquariums Bechtel Education Center. So thank you. 01:54:50
Thank you. 01:55:00
We have Gaddy Meyer. 01:55:04
Welcome. 01:55:07
Good evening. Thank you very much. I am one of the two homes that were the Doris book with that adjoins the property. 01:55:09
And so my interest at this point is having been through. 01:55:19
A very, very big construction project on Lakaya Court. 01:55:23
Short long a short while ago. 01:55:29
Is the construction hours and the parking on Lakai Court? 01:55:31
So what I would propose, and the problem is it is a cul-de-sac as you can see. 01:55:36
And what happens when you have 25 trucks trying to all bring things down? 01:55:42
The the to the construction site is that they completely block the road. We can't we I'm during the last project I think 8 or 10 01:55:48
times we had to call back the city services to come pick up garbage because they couldn't get in. If there was an emergency, they 01:55:53
couldn't get in. 01:55:58
And they also started, even though we had agreed at a hearing like this that construction wouldn't start until 8:30. 01:56:05
The prep work. 01:56:14
Started between 6:30 and 7:30, so there was already noise and people carrying stuff and setting up and everything getting started. 01:56:17
So what I'm asking for here, and I know they're, you know, it's it's complicated, but it is a complicated site to get to. 01:56:24
That we agree at an 830 construction hour start and that there's some amount of parking reserved for residents. 01:56:32
All around the cul-de-sac, maybe 100 feet from the telephone pole, 100 feet on the residences. 01:56:40
Something that allows people to continue to live there while this, you know, multi year. 01:56:48
Construction project goes on, then the last part. I talked to Dar about this, so I've got some comfort, but I wanted to to go to 01:56:53
the record that the definition of a temporary Rd. 01:56:58
I wanted it to be very clearly defined what temporary means because, as I told Dara, I did my graduate work in a temporary 01:57:05
building built in 1946. 01:57:10
I finished my undergraduate my graduate work in 1980. The building is still there. It's still a temporary structure. 01:57:15
I think that that probably covers most of my concerns. Thank you. 01:57:26
Thank you. 01:57:30
Mr. Gianni. 01:57:34
Good evening, Commissioners. 01:57:37
The proposed project does not comply with the local coastal program policies to protect historical or natural resources. 01:57:40
And the public's appreciation, enjoyment of them. 01:57:48
My. 01:57:51
To you outline these policies. 01:57:52
The maps and photographs I sent you illustrate how the proposed relocation of the historic Tea House will degrade its integrity. 01:57:56
And how? 01:58:06
Proposed new house would obliterate. 01:58:08
The existing distancing public views. 01:58:11
Of From the Coastal Trail and Sunset Rd. Sunset Drive and worse. 01:58:15
How it would hide? 01:58:21
The historic building behind. 01:58:23
The new building. 01:58:25
Which is a close up view from law. 01:58:28
Lacolle Court that. 01:58:30
There's just no doubt about it. 01:58:34
The architects plans the earlier presenter all. 01:58:36
Show you will not see that building. 01:58:40
I guess unless you go up to a salamar. So that means there's going to be a trade off between a limited few people. 01:58:44
Who happened to go to a parking lot for guest housing to see the building instead of. 01:58:51
The Popular. 01:58:58
Scenic Rd. 01:59:00
And look La Collier. 01:59:02
How well, historians and students? 01:59:07
See to appreciate the unique architecture in its original setting and orientation. 01:59:10
The staff report suggests the location with limited access compared to. 01:59:17
The the existing access ways. 01:59:21
And Vista. 01:59:25
The LCP mandates the historical assessment to consider. 01:59:27
Alternative designs. 01:59:32
It says it shall be done. 01:59:34
Those weren't done. 01:59:37
The report did not do it. In fact, the report was written. 01:59:39
And 22. 01:59:43
And the staff? 01:59:44
The the historical settlement was written well before. 01:59:46
This came to you? 01:59:50
So there's no opportunity to compare adverse impacts. 01:59:55
To reduce the negative effects of the historic scenic resources. 01:59:59
And this I believe there are. 02:00:04
A couple of alternatives. 02:00:07
To allow the new house. 02:00:09
To rotate so it's narrow view. 02:00:11
To the sea and it allows the public to see the historic building. 02:00:14
And you and you've, you've got those drawings. 02:00:21
The LCP requires large glass surfaces. 02:00:25
To be safe for birds. And it looks like that's gonna happen. 02:00:29
So I hope you make. 02:00:32
The proposed findings and recommendations to include those issues. 02:00:34
Thank you. Thank you. 02:00:39
Catherine McCullough. 02:00:47
Welcome. Yes, Hi. I'm the house right next to this building, so I'm the closest home to this here and was there for the last 40 02:00:51
years, so I'm aware of how that was divided out the original owner of that property. 02:00:59
The various renters that have been in it in the last 40 years and deterioration of the tea house, I'm glad to see it being 02:01:08
restored and maintained. That's a very plus. I kind of concur with Gaudi that my concerns about parking I have to back out into 02:01:15
that cul-de-sac to turn around. If if you those of you have been to the site, you realize it's a very narrow cul-de-sac. 02:01:22
For emergency vehicles to get down that road when we've had cars there and trucks, there's just no way that emergency vehicles get 02:01:30
down there. So I concur with him that we need to. 02:01:35
Have some more off site parking from constructive vehicle. 02:01:42
For me, the they have to walk literally and 10 feet in front of my house bringing everything to the side. It's a little different 02:01:45
than even having a building next door to you. They are literally building, walking on that boardwalk in front of my house 10 feet 02:01:51
to bring everything across. So noise is an impact. 02:01:57
For me too. 02:02:04
I did hear the last speaker talking about seeing the the pagoda from Lakai Court A. It's not very visible from Lakai Corti. That 02:02:05
doesn't mean it isn't visible from sunset, but the only way it's visible from Lakaya Corte if somebody really trespasses against 02:02:11
that on that boardwalk which is really private property to go down there. 02:02:17
So All in all I'm in, I'm appreciative that they're trying to restore that. I'm my concern is the parking for those that are on 02:02:24
that street or access for emergency vehicles to come down there. I'm a very old senior citizen. I would like to be sure the 02:02:29
ambulance could get down there and the fire truck could get down there and then noise since it really is impacting very close to 02:02:35
my house, have to walk in front of. 02:02:41
Thank you. 02:02:47
Thank you. 02:02:50
I see no other hands raised. 02:02:52
We'll wait a short bit here. 02:02:56
I see no hands either, so let's. 02:03:02
Declare the public hearing, the public comment part of the hearing over. 02:03:05
Does the applicant team wish to respond to the comments? 02:03:11
And then we're not, I'm not sure how closely we're keeping track of time any any sense of how much time might be remaining? 02:03:19
I'm sorry, Chair, Chair, Murphy, we we started. You had mentioned 15. He was around 3:00 to 4:00. 02:03:29
Remaining, I think, of course. Good. Good enough. 02:03:36
That that would be OK. 02:03:44
Members of the Planning Commission, Angus Jeffers on rebuttal. I want to address a few. 02:03:53
Easy things First one is Mr. Meyer, Miss McCullough. I will try and reach out to you next week to set up a time and maybe we can 02:03:59
meet with our contractor and Mr. Eldridge to figure out construction schedule and protocols. 02:04:07
I've got a track record for doing large residential projects at the end of narrow, narrow streets like Carmel Way and Pebble Beach 02:04:15
or Vanessa Way down in car, the Carmel Highlands and keeping the Peace in the neighborhood. And I'd like to continue that track 02:04:20
record with this project. Thank you for your constructive comments there. 02:04:26
Let's see. I wanted to mention I haven't seen. I don't think I've seen all of Mr. Chianis. All of his letters are certainly 02:04:34
photographs. But I did read one e-mail. He mentioned an LCP compliance concern based upon. 02:04:41
Mr. CBS report not including mitigations and recommendations and historically Mr. Seavy was brought in before the applicants 02:04:49
purchased the property. He was part of our due diligence team. The project from the very beginning was designed with his input. 02:04:56
Thus, yeah, there are no specific mitigations or recommendations because. 02:05:03
It was designed from the very beginning to follow all of his recommendations. Separately, the he mentioned Mr. Johnny mentioned a 02:05:10
concern about the need to assess alternatives. I looked at that code provision and there's an important parenthetical that says if 02:05:16
submitted, no alternatives were submitted with this project. So I I feel that we have staff and ourselves have been compliant with 02:05:21
the LCP requirements. 02:05:27
I wanted to share something quickly before handing off to Mr. Seavy. 02:05:35
A high point of my job is getting anxious calls from real estate agents and from owners who have been told that their house is or 02:05:39
may be historically significant, and they call me as if they've received a death sentence. I enjoy these calls because pretty 02:05:46
quickly I can assure them that our local and our local jurisdictions have the ordinances consistent with the Department of 02:05:54
Interior standards to provide a modicum of flexibility, particularly in terms of interior renovations in return. 02:06:01
With regards to additions, as long as they're appropriately set off from the historic structure and rehabilitation is made part of 02:06:10
the project as well as. 02:06:13
Relocation of a structure as long as it doesn't destroy the integrity of that structure. 02:06:18
And the effect of this is to take them from. 02:06:24
Oh, my. Like, we're This is horrible, too. OK, So what you're telling us is we have to market to a narrower crowd of prospective 02:06:28
buyers who embrace historic structures. And that's. Yes, and through that directed marketing. 02:06:35
We found the right buyer for the Chapela Estate in Pebble Beach. It was sold with a demo permit from the county, even though its 02:06:42
architecture dates back to the original, like Log Ave. Lodge and that structure has been rehabilitated. We've done similar work 02:06:49
rehabilitating structures by Henry Hill by Clarence Tantow, Birdie Shaw, Comstock, Post, Adobe's as well. 02:06:56
In that transition between, Oh my, like, we've received this horrible news to it's not that bad. And that is contingent upon our 02:07:03
local jurisdictions being willing to exercise the modicum of flexibility provided by your local rules and the Department of 02:07:10
Interior standards. 02:07:17
With regards to this project, it was reviewed by Mr. Seavey, It was peer reviewed by Meg Clovis. It's been peer reviewed by the 02:07:26
city's independent third party historian through Rincon. 02:07:32
After two hearings, it was approved by the HRC 4 to one and with comments from Chair Anton and Vice Chair. 02:07:37
Recognizing the Gordian Knot challenge, Mr. Eldridge took with this project where he is limited to the least valuable habitat, 02:07:48
which is this artificial depression. And on one side, he's got this. 02:07:54
You know, irregular parcel configuration and on the other side he has this oblique conservation easement line. 02:08:01
And what he's been able to do is get everything into alignment and still find room to separate the tea House and the contemporary 02:08:09
residents. They acknowledged his success with comments, quote, UN quote, I. 02:08:15
Excellent. Very much in favor of the project. Wonderful, Fantastic. Exciting. 02:08:24
And I want to acknowledge Mr. Eldridge success in that regards. With the remaining time, I'd like to have Mr. Seavy come up. 02:08:29
Chairman, Members of the Commission can't see me. Pacific Grove resident, 50 years I live in an 1890 barn. 02:08:41
I'll be brief. I'll be the three B's. Be clear. Be concise. Be gone. 02:08:53
This project meets the Secretary of the Standard in tears. 02:08:58
Very well, because that. 02:09:04
Body suggests that you have to. 02:09:06
Work around some things. Business of change and movement are in there in several locations minor. 02:09:10
Sufficient and I'm a 30 year marine. 02:09:19
We have a term. 02:09:23
In artillery. 02:09:24
Will adjust what we've done with this building, which I first went to in 2003. 02:09:26
With Paul Finnegan. 02:09:33
From the Natural History Museum. To try to save. To try to keep. 02:09:34
And then went back in 2012 with Finnegan again with no action being taken on the part of the city. 02:09:40
Somebody's taking action. This building will pivot just enough so that. 02:09:47
A public space. A Lamar. 02:09:54
Conference and see the whole building in its beauty. 02:09:57
And as to the finials. 02:10:01
That aren't on it right now, They're being restored. 02:10:04
So the building is going to be fully visible from a public space, public right of way, and we're going to publish it. 02:10:08
Through the owners permission so that anybody can go down there and take a look at it. I stand by my report, I stand by the rest 02:10:18
of the reports that. 02:10:23
Confirm that we're meeting the Secretary of the Interior standards. 02:10:29
Thank you. Thank you. 02:10:34
Now we've heard from the staff, we've heard from the applicant, it's it's our turn. 02:10:40
But it's also 8:10, so why don't we take a 5 minute, 5 minute break? Just 5 minutes and we'll be back. Thank you. 02:10:46
Being in the hopes that Commissioner Kubica will join us shortly. 02:10:57
And what I'd like to do is is questions first either to. 02:11:01
Miss Sanders, the City attorney if necessary and. 02:11:06
The project team. 02:11:11
And I'd like to I. 02:11:13
I think we probably have a lot of questions, so why don't we just? 02:11:15
Down the road, we'll limit the first round to just when you get to 5 questions, we'll we'll pass on to somebody else and we'll 02:11:19
we'll, we'll keep going until every question is answered. So don't, don't worry about that. Yes, Commissioner, thank you. 02:11:26
I don't have that many questions. Remind me again, what's going to happen to the boardwalk? Is the boardwalk to the houses that 02:11:35
now you're going to put utilities underneath that that access? And then is the boardwalk going to remain there? Is it required to 02:11:39
be a boardwalk? 02:11:43
And it's everything about the boardwalk. Thanks. 02:11:48
Yeah. Thank you. You want to keep going now if you have other questions? 02:12:27
OK, Andy, we were going to go down the road and everyone gets. 02:12:32
You know, five questions and then we'll rotate, but we'll get to everybody's questions. 02:12:40
Anyone want to go next to Commissioner Davidson? 02:12:45
Yeah, I mean, overall, I think you guys are doing a great job. I think the design is great. I think there's not a lot of issues as 02:12:51
far as actual visual access from set. Anyway, I went down there by my bike today and you can't really see the building. My only 02:12:58
question for you guys is the actual set back on the property. Just because you purchased a property that had an easement on it, 02:13:04
you're asking for an exception to the property set back for the construction of the house itself. 02:13:11
In an area where it seems like it doesn't necessarily need one, is there a reason why you ended up doing the scale of the bill 02:13:18
that you did that went into the set back? 02:13:23
Yeah, I want to clarify one thing is we have a, we have the zoning set back for which there is a variance protocol to adjust that 02:13:29
and then we have a separate conservation easement that is a hard no fly zone and and rather than adjust that or curtail it, we're 02:13:35
looking to expand it by 64%. 02:13:41
So strictly in regards to the to the variances. 02:13:48
Working with coastal staff and with city staff, you know, we had proposed look. 02:13:52
Can you can? 02:13:59
Given given the irregular shape of this parcel and how it was created it, it's kind of a classic variance situation. I spend a lot 02:14:01
of time talking to people who's like, we can get a variance. No, a variance isn't just like a handy we can bend the rules and 02:14:08
who's going to care. It's not going to impact anything. You have to tie it to something irregular about your property. It's 02:14:15
partial configuration size, some constraint that that warrants some adjustment without impacting anybody else. 02:14:21
So city, city staff agreed that yeah, you're reducing the zoning set set back encroachment by 80. 02:14:28
Or 80%. And there's really no neighbor on the opposite side. So they were willing to support the variance on that basis. 02:14:35
Great. Thanks. 02:14:43
Anything else at the moment? 02:14:45
Commissioner Sawyer. 02:14:47
I was just curious because Tom Moss suggested that the drain lines, roof gutters, draining pits, surface drains that there be a 02:14:50
plan. 02:14:55
So that he can see where all the water is going. 02:15:02
And I don't, I did not see that in any of your plan set. 02:15:05
Did I miss something? 02:15:09
I can respond to that. 02:15:11
This is from my experience. This is my first project in the city of PG. Even though I'm a forest girl kid and typically for my 02:15:13
California, my county practice is those level of drawings that the project is conditioned upon submission of those drain, you 02:15:19
know, stormwater drainage plans which are approved as part of the construction set and also blessed by Tom Moss as well. OK, that 02:15:26
makes sense. 02:15:32
I do have one other question. I didn't see any. 02:15:40
Plan for the Zen Garden? I don't know what's going to be in it. 02:15:47
I was just I was curious and how much? 02:15:53
Square footage. Is it taking up? Oh, I can answer that. It's 997 square feet. It's in garden. 02:15:57
That's a big then garden. 02:16:09
The outdoor use areas on the other side the we'll call it the Bridge of the Hyphen, the Zen Garden is if we we consolidated that 02:16:13
into the primary coverage we. 02:16:18
We had enough primary coverage in addition to what we used for the construction of the these structures to have a small space, 02:16:25
landscaped space outside on the other side of the, I guess you'd call that the the north side of the hyphen. 02:16:32
And we did provide the city with drawings from landscape architect Marie Goulet's. 02:16:40
They should have been available to the planning Commissioners I. 02:16:47
Along with that matter, along with civil engineers, the civil engineers drawings I would need to double check where they whether 02:16:52
they handled the stormwater management. 02:16:57
Question you just had. I know they did the utilities in the grading and erosion control, but and we'd be happy to and again, we'd 02:17:03
be happy to handle that as a condition of approval with respect to stormwater if they didn't address it already. 02:17:10
But. 02:17:18
We do have fully developed set of drawings from our landscape architect and I'm not sure that they were. 02:17:18
That you have access to them, it seems. I I have not seen them. I don't think we've received those. Yeah. And and that is one 02:17:25
condition for a coastal development permit. We should see that we we submitted them. OK, Aaron, do. 02:17:33
See them? 02:17:41
82.2 No, no. These are my architectural drawings. Yeah, those are all architectural. I know that's all we've received. Yeah, we we 02:17:45
had no landscape plans. 02:17:50
It's I've I have filed this with planning staff. We'll put that aside from yeah, but in any of this question I don't know if I've 02:17:55
answered your question but. 02:18:01
OK. But so the the then garden is, is in that primary coverage. OK, great. Thank you. So it's it's not a building and it's I'd 02:18:07
argue that it's. 02:18:13
Considerably less impactful than the building. It's it's a. 02:18:19
It's an area of gravel, some Cypress logs and some boulders. 02:18:22
OK. Thank you. 02:18:28
All right. Thank you. 02:18:30
Thank you. 02:18:32
Vicious, Margaret. 02:18:35
Yes, thank you. And I'm sorry you were you were through for now, OK. 02:18:37
My first question relates to the gross floor area. What's the square footage of the new structure? 02:18:42
I heard 3495. 02:18:51
3472 square feet. 02:18:54
Of the is the the total proposed residential structure, 3472 square feet. It's spread out over 2 floors and consistent with the 02:18:58
zoning. 02:19:03
Maxes. 02:19:09
3473 square feet. That's relative to the 1233 square foot tea house as it's currently standing. 02:19:10
I think Dara mentioned that it was 21. 02:19:20
195. 02:19:24
Square feet the new. 02:19:25
Believe that's apparent. 02:19:28
OK. 02:19:30
Thank you. 02:19:33
It's possible that Miss Saunders number did not include the Tea House in that because that seemed that would seem to line up. So 02:19:35
you're you're including the Tea House, see, that's total total, you know, floor, gross floor area. 02:19:43
For the whole project, and that's what we use to determine zoning compliance. 02:19:51
OK, that's pretty close. 02:19:57
Well now I'm looking at the the the data sheet and it shows Gross Floor Area Existing condition. 02:20:01
1628. 02:20:08
Right. That is with the carport. 02:20:10
What's the square footage of the carport off the top of my head? And I might be off by a few, but 395 square feet for the carport, 02:20:14
1233 square feet for the tea house, with all the inappropriate additions. 02:20:22
Unsympathetic so that's that's 12:33 with the 1950s non historic yes structure and that. 02:20:29
So that. 02:20:39
Non historic structure is shown as 459 so if you take that away from 12:33. 02:20:40
That leaves about. 02:20:48
What 800, give or take. 02:20:50
For the for the tea house that will be left, yeah, I believe so. The tea house itself, when you square it off to its original 02:20:53
dimensions, it's two stories, but it's not particularly large. I guess what my difficulty is. 02:21:01
I'm trying to determine the precise square footage of the. 02:21:10
Of the new structure not including the tea house. OK and. 02:21:15
It looks to. 02:21:20
By my calculation I didn't see that in the plans anywhere. So I'm having to calculate by taking away non historic structures. My 02:21:22
my suggestion would be Commissioner Schweigert is let's let Hunter noodle around, cross check those numbers so that we can return 02:21:30
to you later on in this session with our not Angus is off the cuff response That would be that would be helpful. Appreciate it. 02:21:38
Then my next question relates to the non conforming carport and. 02:21:50
Miss Saunders said that the nonconformity related to the set back. 02:21:57
But under the current LUP, it's non conforming by its very existence as a detached structure because. 02:22:02
Detached structures are prohibited in the in the. 02:22:12
Sila Mardun's residential area, isn't that correct? 02:22:16
That, that's my read. Yeah. And there's this where a normal parcel, yeah we went and so the so the carport is non conforming in 02:22:19
that respect as well, correct. As a detached, yeah, garage structure. 02:22:27
I all right. 02:22:37
And then question regarding the trees slated for removal. 02:22:42
When we did our site visit the other day, I was anxious to look at the pine tree that had that Mister Ono's report showed had some 02:22:47
live growth 12 feet away from the stump. 02:22:52
And there was no live growth 12 feet from the stump. That report was two years old. There were signs. 02:22:58
Of chainsaw cuts in that pine tree. And they were. 02:23:08
Parts that had been severed off and it had stacked like cord wood and I was a little surprised to see that because. 02:23:11
The habitat the BIO report talks about the importance of. 02:23:19
Trees in the in the in that Eco Tone sand dune area. 02:23:24
For protecting the dune, stabilizing the dunes and it's also. 02:23:29
Quite common that trees in that area are stressed anyway because they are in the ecotone between the dunes and the forest, and so 02:23:34
they get buried with sand and that kind of thing and they're out in the wind and all. 02:23:39
And so. 02:23:44
I'm just, I'm a little concerned about that. I guess that's not a question that's more of a statement of can I respond to that 02:23:46
though? 02:23:49
I don't know exactly. 02:23:54
What had happened has happened in the last couple years. I can tell you, yeah, with a site visit that Pine was not there or even 02:23:56
the remnants of it were no longer there. I can also with some AV coordination, I can show you a picture. 02:24:05
Of that tree taken at least 18 months ago. It was dead. There's it was just lying bear dead trunk on the sand. So I'm my 02:24:14
guesstimate here is that we had permission to remove the old chimney. It was unreinforced and unsafe and possibly in the process 02:24:22
of pulling that out. 02:24:30
The construction or demo demo for folks decided to cut up this dead trunk lying on the on the on the sand but. 02:24:38
If, yeah, if a photograph would confirm that, no, there's no shenanigans regarding that. Yeah, premature removal of that tree. 02:24:47
And then just turning to the to the roof ornamentation and the roof height. Those are some things that also concern me. I. 02:24:56
There's I was surprised to see that there's actually existing work going on on the historic tea House on the roof. 02:25:05
You mentioned that it was done with permits and. 02:25:13
I'm wondering. 02:25:17
If if Mr. Seavy evaluated that work in his. 02:25:19
Plan and his phase two assessment. 02:25:25
The work is going. 02:25:29
I'm sorry, you'll have to come to the mic. Yeah. Let me just a little preface though before Mr. CB responds. 02:25:31
The city permitted some interior interior remodel work for to make the tea house simply more habitable. Also a reroof permit for 02:25:37
that roof, replacing asphalt composition shingles for like, but now with a copper color. And the concern there was this 02:25:45
historically strong El Nino, which basically fizzled. So with that. 02:25:54
The contractor removed finials and is taking layers of paint. 02:26:06
Because they're. 02:26:11
Details on them. We're trying to get down to that lower level for replacement. They're going on again with the rains. We were 02:26:13
getting a lot of water inside the building envelope and we finally get the chance to save it. We don't want to lose it to the 02:26:19
water and so we went for the permits. 02:26:25
Just to make sure we had that safely covered. 02:26:32
Does that answer your question? Are there any changes in the roof? 02:26:35
Roof line as a result of this work. 02:26:41
No. One of the issues is the shape of the structure within. 02:26:43
As you know it's it's sort out we didn't want to lose that and the roof, the new roofing material will be composite. 02:26:49
Yes. 02:26:57
I mean through the through the chair. I just do want to let you know re roofs on historic buildings are exempt from permitting. So 02:27:00
as long as they are doing it in kind. 02:27:05
That's part of our my concern. Thank you. 02:27:11
And and I know it's confusing, but if you want to speak please come to the mic. 02:27:14
I think Mr. Seavey's covered it. However, yes, the tea house was leaking in approximately 15 locations I. 02:27:23
And if you went in there, you can smell the mold it was. 02:27:33
It's a serious issue and our contractor has is in the process of reroofing it. To fully re roof it and and and thoroughly 02:27:36
waterproof it the finials had to be taken down. They're being restored while the while a. 02:27:44
100% waterproof. 02:27:52
Roofing membrane is put on and then the finials will go back on and can you tell me when the finials were removed? 02:27:54
I would need to check with the builder on that you know over the last. 02:28:03
I would say a month ago. That's good enough for me. 02:28:07
And and so they're being restored. Paint's being removed from them. 02:28:11
And then they will be the 100, the the finials that go. 02:28:16
Back on will be 100% original, yes, yes. 02:28:20
Yeah, there will be no change in the visual appearance of the tea house when this is done. 02:28:24
Yeah, I think it's unfortunate timing because it. 02:28:29
Deprives the. 02:28:32
Public of the opportunity to. 02:28:34
Fully assess the visual impacts with those gone. I understand it was it was it was in dire need of of a new roof and leaking in 02:28:36
the midst of winter. So it I agree though the timing wasn't was not impeccable. 02:28:43
I know we're probably ready to move on, but I have one more related to the roof before. 02:28:50
I pass and I will have some other questions. 02:28:54
I'm a little concerned about the the condition. 02:28:59
That requires that the actual roof be reduced to a 25 foot level. 02:29:03
Because that will change. 02:29:09
The roofline won't it. 02:29:11
Please, we've. 02:29:15
We've gone back and forth in. 02:29:19
Constructive discussions with city staff there's a broad exception in the city code for cupulas chimneys and other sort of roof 02:29:22
appurtenances and and we've we've claimed that the the roof of pertinences are the include the finials and that sort of Saddleback 02:29:32
connection which just barely comes out over the over that blue plane that honor generated it's only a little bit. 02:29:41
And we've also talked in these wonderful like you know geeky discussions. We've also figured out that modest changes to our 02:29:51
finished grade and slightly you know and not raising the the structure up as high. 02:29:58
We'll avoid that as well, so that this academic difference of does a saddle count or only the finials. It doesn't matter. We we 02:30:05
can, we can make everybody happy. 02:30:11
So that'll be done with the elevation of the building itself, not by modifying the roof. OK. No, no. No. Yeah. None whatsoever. 02:30:16
Thank you. Yeah. 02:30:20
Through the chair, may I may I address the non conforming status of the detached carport? 02:30:26
Yes, please. 02:30:36