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It is 6:00 PM I am Stephen Lily and I will call to order this January 11th, 2024 regular meeting of the Pacific Grove Planning 00:00:01
Commission. 00:00:06
Mr. Campbell, would you please call the roll? 00:00:11
Chair Lilly. 00:00:16
Present Vice Chair Murphy here. 00:00:17
Commissioner Frederickson. 00:00:21
Commissioner Sawyer. 00:00:23
Present Commissioner Davison is absent. 00:00:24
Commissioner Kubica, President and Commissioner Nudzinski. 00:00:28
Joining us via Zoom. 00:00:32
President, I'm here. I'm joining you from Zoom. 00:00:35
Due to just 'cause I have a. 00:00:38
Contagious illness? 00:00:41
So I'll be joining you from from off site for this meeting. Thank you. 00:00:43
We have a quorum. 00:00:52
Good. So as Mr. Campbell said tonight, we have a quorum. Therefore, uh. 00:00:53
Commissioner Nezinski may participate remotely on Zoom, as we have. 00:00:59
Otherwise, a quorum present in chambers. I will also state for the record that Commissioner Nozinski has fulfilled other 00:01:03
requirements for remote participation. 00:01:08
By advising me last week of this situation, he has notified this body at the earliest opportunity. 00:01:13
I will also need to ask him to acknowledge that he will be participating with us using both audio and visual technology for the 00:01:19
entire meeting. 00:01:23
And I so I need to ask you that, Commissioner Dozinski, is that the case? 00:01:28
Yes, that is the case. 00:01:32
Hey, and then one more question. And I also need to ask you if there's anyone in the room with you that is 18 years of age and 00:01:34
older and if there is, we need to know that general relationship of that person to you. 00:01:40
No one else is in the room. 00:01:46
OK, so having taken a roll call vote and establishing Commissioner Nozinski's remote attendance, I can now announce that there are 00:01:48
six members present. 00:01:53
And one absent, Commissioner Davidson, who has an excuse absence, we have a quorum. 00:01:58
All this of this meeting, of course, is being conducted under revised rules mandated in Assembly Bill 2449. 00:02:05
This is a hybrid format with our meeting and chambers and virtually with zoom participation. 00:02:12
The webinar ID and telephone free numbers are on the agenda face sheet. 00:02:17
When the host opens the agenda for public comment, those wishing to speak via Zoom should press * and I raise your hand and then 00:02:22
star 6 to a mute when recognized. 00:02:26
Please note that if the equipment we have. 00:02:31
The audio and visual equipment we have breaks down. We must delay or conclude the meeting because we have a zoom participant. 00:02:34
We now come to the second item on the agenda, which is to approve it. 00:02:43
Does anybody have any changes to the agenda? 00:02:47
If not me, I have a motion to approve the agenda. 00:02:53
Commissioner Sawyer, I make a motion that we approve the agenda. All right, I'll second the motion. So Commissioner Sawyer made a 00:02:59
motion to approve the agenda that was seconded by Commissioner or vice Chair Murphy. 00:03:05
So at this point. 00:03:13
Would Mr. Campbell please call the roll? 00:03:17
Commissioner Sawyer. 00:03:21
Aye, Vice chair Murphy. 00:03:23
Aye, Commissioner Frederickson. 00:03:26
Commissioner Kubica. 00:03:30
Aye, Commissioner Nodzinski. 00:03:31
Aye. 00:03:36
With six eyes and one absence, the motion passes. All right, so as Mr. Campbell said. 00:03:38
The motion passed six eyes, no nays, and so we're now ready to proceed on to Commission and staff announcements #3 on our agenda. 00:03:46
Does any Member of the Commission have an announcement? 00:03:55
Hearing none then I I have a couple and then we'll ask for staff and. 00:04:01
Legal and Commission liaison. 00:04:09
So my first announcement is, as some of you probably know, tonight is my last meeting on this Commission. 00:04:17
Many of you know that a couple of months ago, after a lot of thought, I decided not to request reappointment to the Commission. 00:04:22
This January I want to thank. 00:04:30
Former Mayor Camp and Mayor Peak for appointing me and reappointing me, as well as their advice and support. 00:04:32
But nearly two terms and three years, his chair is enough, and it's time for somebody else to step in. 00:04:38
So it has been a. 00:04:44
Pleasure, honor and privilege to work with each of you. There are four former commissioners. I want to thank 2. 00:04:46
Jeannie Byrne, Bill Bloom, Robin Eichelman and Mark Jackman. 00:04:51
As longtime residents, their knowledge of this community was invaluable, and I always wanted to hear what they had to say before 00:04:54
deciding how to vote. 00:04:58
There were Commission chairs before me, commissioners Frederickson and Murphy. I became chair after they left and could see there 00:05:02
were big shoes to fill. 00:05:06
I did my best and I'm also glad they came back on the Commission. 00:05:10
Speaking of what they contribute, Commissioner Frederickson always seemed to be able to sift through all the information and come 00:05:14
up with pertinent issues. 00:05:17
Commission vice chair Murphy always asked the right question, probably because of his background in media and newspapers. 00:05:21
Sometimes I would say to myself, why? Why didn't I think of that question? 00:05:28
Commissioner Kubica manages to get into the weeds on issues but then quickly figures out how to re emerge with some very important 00:05:32
observations. 00:05:36
Commissioner Nazinski continually shows his critical thinking and analytical skills, which probably explain why he's a mathematics 00:05:41
professor at MPC. 00:05:45
Commissioner Davidson has many new refreshing ideas and is the youngest member of this body. He is part of the future of Pacific 00:05:50
Grove. 00:05:53
Finally, Commissioner Sawyer, who has been involved in every Commission subcommittee since I've been chair. She's been willing to 00:05:57
get into issues, study and educate herself. 00:06:02
Again, I I thank all of you and. 00:06:07
Let me move on. 00:06:10
Vice Chair Murphy. 00:06:12
I I'm, I'm sure all of my colleagues on the board agree that we're going to, we're going to, we're going to miss you. 00:06:15
You've been an excellent chair. You brought a lot of skills. You know the zoning code forwards and backwards. 00:06:24
You're you're conscientious. 00:06:32
Most of us either. 00:06:35
Or detail oriented or focus on the big picture and you want you are a rare person who can do. 00:06:37
Both and I was. I appreciated that. 00:06:44
You presided overtime when the staff. 00:06:48
The planning staff. 00:06:51
Almost completely turned over and you were chaired during that at least four community development directors and I think all of 00:06:53
that made your job or more challenging. 00:06:58
And and for the citizens of Pacific Grove, you should you should remember that anytime. 00:07:04
Their chair had a chance to. 00:07:10
Choose between more public comment or less. 00:07:13
He always chose more public comment and I think that's really important and and commendable. So we we we will miss you. Thank you. 00:07:16
Thank you very much. 00:07:20
My second announcement. 00:07:28
Yeah, Commissioner Frederickson. 00:07:31
I've served with you a long time, Steve, and we're going to miss your presence on this Commission. Thank you. Thank you. I'll miss 00:07:34
you too. And Commissioner Sawyer? 00:07:38
I just want to say thank you for being such a good role model I. 00:07:43
Have had questions and can ask you and I really appreciate your attention to detail. Thank you. 00:07:48
Thank you. 00:07:54
Commissioner Kubica. 00:07:57
Just want to say thank you for the short time I've been on a Commission and all I've learned from you. Thank you very much. Thank 00:07:59
you. 00:08:02
You should know that our land use permit decisions on December 14th. 00:08:08
At 270 Central Ave. and 111 10th St. have been appealed to the City Council. Beyond that, I don't know anything. 00:08:13
My next comment is a proposal for consideration by this Commission. 00:08:23
And that would be to consider having a special meeting to conduct a site visit at. 00:08:28
420 law. Call a court AI. Believe I pronounced that properly. 00:08:33
Tentatively, this review would be at 4:00 PM on February 8th, 2024 before our regularly scheduled meeting at 6:00 PM. 00:08:38
The Cleaning Commission review would occur at this February date. 00:08:47
Apparently after the Historic Resources Committee completes a recommendation at its January 24th 20. 00:08:51
January 24th, 2024 meeting a lot of 24 is in that. 00:08:59
In the event of delay by the HRC, the Planning Commission review would be delayed as well. 00:09:03
I would also note that I have discussed this matter with Mayor Peak, Interim City Manager Perot and. 00:09:10
Assistant Council Vega. 00:09:15
I just have a couple of more comments. It is important to have the Commission to go on record this evening is wishing to have a 00:09:18
site visit where all seven Members are present at the same time and at the same place. 00:09:23
This will give this If we do this tonight, it will give staff sufficient time to provide required notice. 00:09:29
And make necessary arrangements whether our review is in early February on the 8th or even later in on March 14th. 00:09:35
Prior to our review of. 00:09:44
111. 00:09:47
CDP last month we conducted 3 separate site visits with two to three members. 00:09:49
This was to get us back into the doing site visits again after the. 00:09:54
COVID. Pandemic. 00:09:59
Now it is time, in my view, to conduct site visits with the entire Commission. 00:10:00
And there are reasons for doing this. First, a single site visit assures that everyone gets the same information at the same time. 00:10:04
This not only assures a better decision making process when we do have the regular meeting and do the real review. 00:10:11
But this also assures. 00:10:18
Or is in keeping with the concept that this Commission is organized, deliberates, and makes decisions as a single group. 00:10:21
Second, the isolated configuration of the property at 4:20 call a quartet requires that the applicant provide access to the site. 00:10:29
In all due respect to the applicant having individual or small group site visits there, subjects all involved. 00:10:38
To the appearance that commissioners are involved in conducting individual public hearings. 00:10:44
Again, this violates the concept of commissions making the Commission making decisions. 00:10:50
As a single group and potentially subjects the proposal to appeal and even court action. 00:10:55
And so with that, those are my comments and and support of requesting or having you consider a special meeting to do a site visit. 00:11:01
And so with that I I would recognize any member of the Commission who wanted to comment on this and I'll recognize Vice Chair 00:11:06
Murphy first. 00:11:12
Well, I think I I believe that I requested. 00:11:29
Our assistant counsel. 00:11:33
Vega, if we could do this at this time and that's why I've done that. 00:11:35
Mr. Chair. 00:11:43
Since I believe that the attorney is online, maybe she would. She should. 00:11:45
We should hear from her. 00:11:52
I will just say that. 00:11:55
From my perspective, voting on something, special meeting. 00:11:58
That actually in my mind, takes. 00:12:04
A placement on a future agenda, at which time it would be. 00:12:09
The discussion as to whether or not to hold a special meeting. 00:12:15
Would be appropriate, but I'll defer to Miss Vega at this point. I'll recognize Miss Vega at this point. 00:12:19
Thank you. I think I have the context of what you're discussing. I think the question was wasn't on Mike, so I I couldn't hear the 00:12:27
initial question, but I heard the responses. So it sounds like you're you're asking about the ability to vote. 00:12:35
On whether to call a special meeting as a part of your Commission comments. 00:12:44
Yes, yes. So the brown out does allow for. 00:12:49
Future agenda items. 00:12:57
To be voted on. It doesn't specifically say that it's a future meeting, but ostensibly by. 00:12:58
Voting on holding a site visit on a future agenda? 00:13:08
That would. 00:13:13
Fall within the same sort of purview as. 00:13:14
Calling a special meeting, however, I would caution you that that provision of the Brown Act only allows for brief. 00:13:17
Discussion. So if this is something where it seems like you're going to need significant deliberation, there's not a not a clear 00:13:25
consensus out the gate, then I do agree that it probably should be placed on a subsequent meeting agenda for your more robust 00:13:30
discussion. 00:13:35
I'll recognize myself. Our handbook is very clear. The chair can. 00:13:44
Call a special meeting. 00:13:49
Or the Commission as a whole, and I believe we may have done this before, although I could stand to be corrected where? 00:13:52
I'm just asking the Commission if they would like to have a special meeting. This would not require a robust discussion, certainly 00:14:01
not publicly comment or anything like that and and and so that's on that basis that I've brought this up. 00:14:07
So Vice Chair Murphy, I'll recognize you. And then if anybody else wants to weigh in on this and then we can. 00:14:15
Dispose of this issue and move on. No one or the other. Miss Vega answered my question that she did. OK, Commissioner Fredrickson, 00:14:22
did you have a comment or question? 00:14:27
I'm in favor of site visits, and I'm in favor of the entire Commission. 00:14:33
Going at the same time for one reason I don't think we mentioned mentioned and that's that it saves staff time. 00:14:39
So if we're going to do it, I think it's best that we do it together. 00:14:46
OK, so Commissioner Sawyer. 00:14:50
I also concur. I think asking for a site visit is appropriate, especially for this particular property. 00:14:53
As it's difficult to get to and to have. 00:15:02
The entire the staff going with us, with the applicant. 00:15:05
I think would be very appropriate. Thank you, so. 00:15:10
Council Vega, do we need to have a vote to do this or it would appear there's consensus? 00:15:16
It would appear there's consensus so. 00:15:23
It's your call. You can certainly do a vote, however. 00:15:27
The Brown Act and your your guidelines do allow the chair to just call the meeting as well. That being said, I. 00:15:32
You're you don't have the authority to direct city staff to staff the meeting, so this is. 00:15:41
Creates a bit of a conundrum. So it's preferable to, you know have these discussions with the appropriate city staff people to 00:15:49
make sure that the scheduling. 00:15:54
Works for them and that they are able to provide staffing. 00:16:00
Not only from your planning staff, but if there's any clerk staff involved in scheduling the meeting as well as. 00:16:05
Appearances from the City Attorney's Office, either myself or Mr. Pirick. 00:16:13
What I would prefer to do? 00:16:19
I decided not to. 00:16:21
Call the meeting myself because I this is my last meeting and I won't be here, so I'm not comfortable with calling the meeting. 00:16:24
Or the future when I'm not going to be around. So I I would like to have a motion and a second to have the meeting and then at 00:16:32
that point we will, I will discuss. 00:16:38
In the next few days, staff their availability and ability to post proper notice so that we can take care of the the the details. 00:16:45
Does that sound reasonable? 00:16:50
OK, so can I have a motion then, Vice or Commissioner Sawyer? 00:16:57
I move that a special meeting be scheduled for a site visit of the Planning Commission at 4:00 PM or. 00:17:02
Time that's amenable to all on Thursday, February 8th, 2024 at 420 La Pole Corte in the event of the delay of the permit proposal. 00:17:10
Review on that site should be rescheduled for the next date in March. That's agreeable with the Planning Commission and staff and 00:17:25
the applicant. 00:17:30
And my understanding is that there will be no zoom participation involved with this special meeting. 00:17:36
Is there a second? 00:17:43
OK, so that a motion has been made by Commissioner Sawyer and seconded by Commissioner Kubica. If there's no further discussion, 00:17:45
then, Mr. Campbell, would you please call the roll? 00:17:51
Commissioner Sawyer. 00:17:57
Commissioner Kubica, Commissioner Nadzinski. 00:17:58
Chair Lilly Aye. 00:18:05
Vice Chair Murphy. Hi. 00:18:07
Commissioner Frederickson Aye. 00:18:09
With six eyes, 0 nays 1 absent, the motion passes. 00:18:12
All right, so as Mr. Campbell said, the motion passes six eyes, no nays when absent. And so we are now to further on in our 00:18:17
announcements. The staff have any announcements. Mr. Perot, Mr. Sidor, Mr. Mr. Campbell. 00:18:24
Yes. 00:18:33
Just before we leave that last topic. 00:18:37
I would just like to pass along a little advice. 00:18:40
Certainly if you in the future contemplate holding a a special meeting. 00:18:44
I would suggest placing the consideration of that meeting on a full agenda. 00:18:50
That would give the staff the opportunity to respond to you in terms of any costs or. 00:18:59
Any kinds of resources that we might need to dedicate to a special meeting. 00:19:08
So that you might have the. 00:19:16
Availability of that information as as you deliberate on whether to hold a special meeting or not. 00:19:19
Having said that, I I do have some pleasant news that I won't want to. 00:19:28
Make you aware of I have made a decision. 00:19:36
Relative to the selection. 00:19:40
Of the next community development director. 00:19:43
I'm not at liberty quite yet to reveal that name. I wish I could. 00:19:47
Simply because I'm waiting for the Department of Justice in Sacramento to get back to us in terms of their final review. I have no 00:19:53
doubt that this person is going to pass that review and I should be issuing a press release sometime next week. 00:20:02
And I'll make sure that that press release goes out in advance. 00:20:12
To the council and and yourselves, so you'll know who that person is, but I can tell you a little bit about the person's 00:20:18
background. 00:20:22
Very well qualified, ACIP certified. 00:20:27
She is also. 00:20:33
Has local experience, coastal Commission experience, about 30 years of planning experience at various different levels. 00:20:35
She has been, in fact, an assistant city manager at one point and a. 00:20:45
A planning director lots of experience with. 00:20:54
Both a current and advanced planning which should be helpful, especially as you are about to undertake additional work. 00:20:59
With the. 00:21:09
With a housing element, the good thing is. 00:21:10
I believe she will be on board. 00:21:16
On the 22nd, which is only a week from. 00:21:19
Monday and as long as I can get the DOJ to respond to me early next week, all of that's going to take place and. 00:21:23
I'll have a formal introduction with the planning staff on the 22nd. 00:21:34
So they'll get to meet this person and by the time you hold your next Planning Commission meeting. 00:21:40
The next director should be in place. 00:21:48
Well, that's good news. Thank you for that. 00:21:52
Is there anything else? No, that that is it. I I would just say that I was very thankful to have the assistance of Mr. Baumann for 00:21:55
a couple of months, as I'm I'm sure you recognize. 00:22:02
In just the last couple of weeks. 00:22:10
Dan Go has been assisting me as well, so. 00:22:14
I think you've been well taken care of in the interim. 00:22:19
Thank you. 00:22:23
Mr. Campbell, I do have one announcement as part of the amendment that Council had made to the. 00:22:24
Rincon contract for the housing element update where we'll be doing a program Eir. 00:22:34
They have requested that we do that during a Planning Commission meeting or we have a scoping meeting. 00:22:42
During an open Planning Commission meeting. 00:22:48
So we will be, I will be reaching out to each of you to try to schedule a special meeting in February for this scoping meeting for 00:22:51
the. 00:22:55
The program Eir. 00:23:00
Yes. 00:23:02
What exactly is a scoping meeting? 00:23:07
It's basically going to be a meeting going through all of the aspects of the environmental impact report and. 00:23:10
And it will give public an opportunity to participate in that meeting. 00:23:18
As required. Is there anything else you'd like to? 00:23:23
Yes, Commissioner Sawyer, the scoping meeting is an opportunity for members of the public as well as responsible and trustee 00:23:26
agencies. 00:23:32
And in this case, the Planning Commission to provide input to staff regarding what you believe should be included in the scope of 00:23:38
the environmental impact report. 00:23:44
There any other staff comments? Let me make one. Mr. Go isn't here obviously. I received an e-mail from Mr. Go. 00:23:54
Recently and he. 00:24:04
Briefly, that he has a protocol in place regarding. 00:24:08
CDP's coastal development permits for special event projects, as you all recall last year. 00:24:13
There was some. 00:24:21
Review of special events. 00:24:24
And those official events were taken to the City Council for funding before they appeared before the Planning Commission and we 00:24:26
all felt. 00:24:30
In May, when we reviewed those special events for CDPS that. 00:24:34
Those permits would be for one year pending the adoption or the pending A. 00:24:40
Process. That process apparently is in place. Mr. Go has apparently put that in place, and he mentioned it in an e-mail to me. I 00:24:46
haven't shared it with anybody, but it basically has applications going in January to the recreation board and then. 00:24:55
Followed by our review and then going to the City Council for final decision, including funding of those. 00:25:05
Activities. So and that would be for next fiscal year the the. 00:25:12
2024-2025 fiscal year, so I just wanted. 00:25:16
To mention that since Mr. Go wasn't here and I thought he might be and so that's why I didn't place it initially in my comments. 00:25:20
So that's the situation with that I. 00:25:26
Tonight we have Erica Vega, our Assistant City Attorney, with us on Zoom. Welcome. We've already seen you, so we know you're here. 00:25:32
Do you have any comments? 00:25:36
I don't have any comments for you this evening. 00:25:40
Thank you. And then there's Council Member Coletti. Do you have any announcements? 00:25:43
OK. 00:25:52
There peak in in his stead. I'm on. Good evening, Chair Lily and commissioners, thank you for being here. Councilmember Coletti 00:25:55
asked me to stand in for him tonight as he is attending to urgent family business. 00:26:03
And but he did ask me to say a few things. One is to note the two appeals. 00:26:12
That were already mentioned 270 Central and a 111 10th St. and tentatively, I've been told by the gentleman to your right that 00:26:20
it's coming to council next week. 00:26:26
So we saw the. 00:26:33
It's not. So that's the expectation and and the other not certainly last but not least is recognition and thanks to to you. 00:26:37
Chair, Lily on the title I guess goes away here. Pretty soon. Pay stays the same, but the title title goes away. And thank you 00:26:49
sincerely for. 00:26:55
Your many years of service and dedication. 00:27:02
To city government and and the community and the Planning Commission, thank you. 00:27:07
Thank you. I appreciate that. 00:27:13
So we're through with all the announcements, I think. So let's move on to general public comment. 00:27:17
That would be, or must deal with matters subject to the jurisdiction of the City and the Planning Commission. But no, not on the 00:27:24
agenda this evening. 00:27:28
This is the appropriate time to come in on items. 00:27:32
Consent agenda, but only if the speaker does not wish to have the item pulled for consideration. 00:27:35
Comments by the public will be limited to 3 minutes per speaker and will not receive. 00:27:40
Commission action action. 00:27:45
Comments regarding an item on the agenda will be heard at the time of the Commission's consideration of that. 00:27:48
Item Before we continue, I need to mention that we have received at least 12 letters and emails since our last meeting on December 00:27:54
14th. 00:27:58
It appears that some of them. 00:28:03
Were not provided the agenda packet. 00:28:05
That we received as they were sent. 00:28:07
Let me just briefly list them. We we received 2 on December 14th, which I think was the same day as as the last meeting, but they 00:28:10
were from Tony Gianni on that date, on story polls and on Chapter 23 amendments and they're in the package and that's the only 00:28:17
reason I mentioned them and appreciate staff sending those again. 00:28:23
But then on December 19th, Tony Chiani, implementing General Plan Natural Resources Policy, Jane Haynes December 20th proposed 00:28:31
contract amendments with Rincon consultants. 00:28:35
Brad Martin, January 3rd. Isometric drawings and estimates. 00:28:41
Ingle, Lawrence and Dahmer, January 4th. New laws in 2024. AB 413 Parking and crosswalks. 00:28:44
Luke Coletti, January 5th, 6th cycle. 00:28:53
202331 Housing element update from. 00:28:58
HOME Carmel. 00:29:01
Tony Ciani, December 22nd. 00:29:04
The 28th, January 5th and 8th an appeal. 00:29:06
Matters regarding an appeal on 270. 00:29:11
Central Ave. 00:29:15
And then we have just a couple more Tony Chawny, January 7th Court La Corte tree removal. 00:29:17
Same location from Tony Cioni on January 8th, Draft initial study and mitigating negative declaration. 00:29:24
And then finally in Lawrence and Dahmer, January 9th, pertinent Supreme Court case and I put in parentheses here sheets as HEETZI 00:29:32
added that in. That's the plaintiff in the case. 00:29:39
And it's gone, I believe, to the US Supreme Court. And as I've said in the previously, I apologize if I've omitted any letter, but 00:29:46
our administrative technician, Debbie Gonzalez, keeps a copy of all communications to our Commission in a binder in the CD. 00:29:54
PR or the Community Development Department office. 00:30:01
With that, would anyone like to address the Commission on matters that are not on the agenda this evening? 00:30:05
There's three or four people that raise their hands, I believe. 00:30:13
Online. 00:30:17
Thank you. 00:30:22
And Chair Lilly, I really want to thank you for your years of service here. 00:30:24
For your very much allowing the public to speak and encouraging it I. 00:30:30
Tears sometimes overbearing meticulous detail, but it's been wonderful. 00:30:38
And and I especially want to thank you for this kind of strange vote tonight to bring back site reviews. 00:30:46
But it used to be before COVID, that we always had site reviews and the public could attend. We just couldn't speak. That was 00:30:57
fine. We couldn't ask questions. No, but we could attend those site reviews. I can't tell you how many over the years I have 00:31:06
attended on projects because it is very important to hear the pertinent facts and especially. 00:31:14
From usually the property owner, homeowner, project, whatever is there to answer those questions that the Planning Commission asks 00:31:24
and it's very, very informative. 00:31:31
And whereas I might not be attending them as much anymore. 00:31:39
Yes, I understand that there's no zoom participation in that, but they were very, very important with all these projects that have 00:31:44
happened around town. 00:31:50
From from the beginnings of the hotel downtown, I mean, those were all ones that we went to, to the condominiums that shouldn't 00:31:58
have been built. 00:32:03
Over goodies, all of those, we went to those site review. 00:32:10
Meetings and they're very important and thank you for bringing them back. 00:32:16
I guess that's about it. 00:32:25
But thank you very much for your years of service. 00:32:27
Thank you. 00:32:32
We have Mike Gibbs, welcome. 00:32:35
Thank you. 00:32:40
Planning Commission This Mike Gibbs. I'm a member of the Pacific Grove Economic Development Commission and I've managed over the 00:32:42
past year and a half attend a number of Planning Commission meetings and I'd just like to thank Chair Lily for his I. 00:32:50
Wonderful service, gracious leadership. 00:32:58
Dedication to hard work I was. 00:33:01
I took it as a role model to to study the issue attention to detail. 00:33:04
And seemed to me always determined. 00:33:10
To do the right thing. 00:33:13
And the Planning Commission and a lot of the commissions. 00:33:14
They do their work two years at a time and then. 00:33:17
Maybe you you're not around. And so I always thought leadership was about. 00:33:20
Planting a tree under which you will never sit and enjoy the shade and. 00:33:24
And I wish we have more young people coming up and following the role model of Mr. Lilly and I hope he's not done with his public 00:33:29
service so. 00:33:34
Thank you a lot. 00:33:40
Thank you. 00:33:46
We have Rebecca Lee. Welcome. 00:33:47
Good evening, Commissioners and Chair Lilly. I wanted to call in as soon as I heard that you were. 00:33:53
For me now, and I suppose tear the Lee and let you know that you have been. 00:33:58
I think chair of this Commission since I started paying attention to city politics and I always felt very. 00:34:03
Safe with you because I knew that you would be. 00:34:10
Looking into all matters and. 00:34:13
And digging down and striving to do the right thing. And I will miss you very much. I almost feel afraid to have this go on 00:34:17
without you and I. 00:34:24
I know that you've put in so much work and I'm very, very grateful and also am glad that you've. 00:34:31
Then a last wonderful thing of bringing back the site visits. 00:34:39
And I'm wondering if you could clarify how the public will find out about site visits. We don't have a newspaper anymore. I'm is 00:34:42
it through these meetings or through the city manager newsletter? I'm wondering that Thank you so much. Thank you so much for all 00:34:49
your years of service. You'll be missed. 00:34:55
Thank you. 00:35:02
Minnesota Chiangi. 00:35:06
Welcome. Thank you. I just want to add to the chorus of of thank yous to chair Lily before your wonderful service on the Planning 00:35:08
Commission your. 00:35:15
Great fairness during public comment and and your focused attention to the issues and and. 00:35:25
Trying to find the right the right path. 00:35:35
And and yes, I will certainly missed you on the Planning Commission although I'm sure your successor will be will be do a great 00:35:40
job as well I. 00:35:46
Second, I had three issues here. Second is oh site review. Yes, I I'm so glad that this will return to site review. 00:35:54
With all the Commission there at once and the public able to attend without speaking. 00:36:08
We've truly been very well behaved in the past and I don't think there will be any problem with that in the future and it makes. 00:36:16
For much better informed public comment. 00:36:25
On on the issues. 00:36:30
And so that's yes for 4/20 La Caye Corte, which is a very special property and and this is exceptionally important for this 00:36:33
property. 00:36:38
And and finally, I I would like to encourage Planning Commission to encourage. 00:36:45
The new CDD director. 00:36:54
To provide. 00:36:59
Training for staff. 00:37:01
Particularly in. 00:37:04
Historical issues and in LCP issues because there shouldn't have to be as many appeals as as they're getting to be and and it was 00:37:08
very disappointing. 00:37:15
For. 00:37:25
For Planning Commission at the December meeting not to understand. 00:37:26
The the issue of. 00:37:30
Mass the the size of the addition not being it should not be considered in relation to the neighborhood, but in relation to the 00:37:35
actual historical. 00:37:41
Resource itself, the house, that's what the secretary of interior standards. That's one of the basic tenets of that. And also with 00:37:47
270 Central Ave. 00:37:53
The fact of. 00:38:00
Throwing out all the existing historical windows without any. 00:38:02
Any detailed inventory of what what condition they were in? So I hope there will be more training in the future. So thank you very 00:38:08
much. 00:38:13
Thank you. 00:38:20
We have no further comment. 00:38:24
OK. And that brings us to the consent agenda. 00:38:26
Which deals with routine and non controversial matters and may include actions on resolutions, ordinances or other public hearings 00:38:32
for which testimony is not anticipated. 00:38:36
We have 4 items on the consent agenda this evening. 00:38:42
That would be an updated Planning Commission work plan for 20. 00:38:47
23 and four. 00:38:51
First month of 2024. 00:38:54
That is listed as agenda item 6A. 00:38:56
Reports requiring. 00:38:59
That's item 6A. 00:39:04
And then we also have the Minutes. 00:39:07
Let me state one other thing. So typically, after every meeting I put together a proposed agenda with all the possible. 00:39:13
Items we might have for the next month and that's done the weekend after we meet. 00:39:21
I advised. 00:39:26
Vice Chair Murphy that I would put together a very basic agenda for February. 00:39:28
Including a basic work plan plan and that would be for your consideration. 00:39:34
But it will be limited. 00:39:38
Because we were in a new year and I won't be around, so I don't want to improperly influence. 00:39:40
Future proceedings anyway, but I as a transitional matter, I I agree to do that. 00:39:46
We know also as the third eye. The other three items on the consent agenda are the Planning Commission minutes for October 5th, 00:39:52
12th and 19th is item 7, AB and C. 00:39:57
Or reports requiring action, and those items would be found on ages 13 through 29 of the agenda packet. 00:40:03
And the the work plan would be found. 00:40:11
Started to state would be found on pages 711 of our agenda packets. So that's where these things are in our packet. 00:40:16
And so. 00:40:23
Would any Commissioner like to remove any of these items from the consent agenda? 00:40:26
Commissioner Sawyer. 00:40:31
I would like to remove 7A7B and 7C and put them on the regular agenda, just so that we can talk about the corrections and get them 00:40:33
over and done with. 00:40:39
OK. There any other removals, so to speak from Commission members? 00:40:45
If not, when any staff member like to remove the remaining item from the consent agenda? 00:40:52
Hearing none would any member of the community or the audience. 00:40:59
Like to remove any the remaining item from the consent agenda? 00:41:03
So that we have one item remaining on the consent agenda again and that's the 2023, pardon me, chair, we have one hand raised. Oh, 00:41:08
OK, we'll make sure. I'm sorry. 00:41:13
That's Lisa Chiani. Welcome. I'm sorry for to have missed you. 00:41:19
Thank you. 00:41:23
I would like to remove 6A the word plan. 00:41:26
All right, so they're all removed, so we don't need to have, then that's off too. 00:41:30
So we now have everything off, so we don't need to even take a vote on the consent agenda because they're all gone. 00:41:34
So with that, then we'll move on to the regular agenda. 00:41:43
Tonight we have no permit hearings. However, we have two public hearings and then we have. 00:41:49
Items under old. 00:41:55
Older business I I believe it's called that's not the right term, but it's not continued business. So on that regular agenda of 00:41:59
the the first well, let's let's first renumber the the minutes. 00:42:06
To items new items 8, AB and C and then we'll push down item 8B to D and 8B to 8. 00:42:14
E We're going to get fouled up with the numbers again. 00:42:24
And so the first one would be the October 12th minutes, and I'll recognize Commissioner Sawyer. 00:42:30
Excuse me, did you? 00:42:38
Move the Planning Commission. 00:42:40
Welcome to the work plan last. I'll make that, so we'll make that actually. 00:42:43
AD to confuse everybody. 00:42:50
Yeah, we'll make that 8 D. 00:42:55
And then? 00:42:57
So 8A is the October 5th for clarification. 00:42:59
People taking the minutes. 00:43:04
Item 8A is the October 5th minutes. Commissioner Sawyer, did you have comments? 00:43:06
Right. 00:43:27
Thank you for. 00:43:41
Corrections on October 5th. 00:43:44
One correction would be on page 14 under 3. 00:43:49
Under After the notation of Miss Vega, Miss Wagner was also introduced to us as a land use attorney that would be assisting. 00:43:55
And on page. 00:44:08
17 M. 00:44:13
Under public comment, Laurie Wrong B is misspelled. It's Lori. 00:44:16
And lastly, I'm sorry, Mr. Campbell, I'm following on October 5th. 00:44:26
That were in general public comment I'm. 00:44:33
We're on page 6. 00:44:35
1717 of 8217 of 82 do you have your? 00:44:38
Agenda packet. 00:44:44
So it's under sea, under the fifth cycle draft housing element and then it's under presentation and then public comment. 00:44:49
So it's Lori is Lori. 00:44:58
Before you go on, I take these in order. I further down that list it says Windows 2. 00:45:07
Roman numeral 2 Marsha. 00:45:14
And Justin L is that all we have or do we? Is that all we have? So we just should leave that, OK. 00:45:17
And the last correction is on page. 00:45:25
18 and is under adjournment. 00:45:31
And the meeting was adjourned at 10:33. 00:45:33
That was neglected to be placed on there 10:33 PM PM. Yes, Thank you. 00:45:36
So, Vice Chair Murphy. 00:45:44
I move that we accept the minutes of. 00:45:47
October 5th, as amended. 00:45:51
Is there second to the motion? 00:45:54
Seconded by Commissioner. 00:45:57
Sawyer moved by. 00:45:59
Vice Chair Murphy to accept the October 5th amended minutes. 00:46:02
I'm sorry, did we have to go to the public? 00:46:08
Yeah, we do. Is there any public comment? 00:46:11
If not, then Mr. Is there any further discussion? 00:46:16
If not, then Mr. Campbell, would you please call the roll? 00:46:20
Vice Chair Murphy. 00:46:24
Commissioner Sawyer. Aye. 00:46:27
Commissioner Fredrickson. 00:46:29
Aye, Commissioner Kubica. 00:46:31
Commissioner Nisinski. 00:46:34
Aye, sure, Lily. 00:46:35
With six eyes zero nay, then one absent the motion to. 00:46:39
Approve the minutes as amended passes. 00:46:44
All right, as Mr. Campbell said, the motion passed. 6 ayes, no nays, 1 absent. We're ready to move into October 12th that was sent 00:46:48
to us as an Arada earlier these minutes. 00:46:54
And umm. 00:47:01
Comments about those. You pulled those as well, Commissioner Sawyer. 00:47:05
The only correction that I would have is under roll call. 00:47:10
To note those who are absent, which would be commissioners Frederickson, Nodzinski and Sawyer. 00:47:15
And the time of adjournment. And I wasn't at that meeting, so I don't know when we adjourned. 00:47:23
Are you aware? 00:47:29
No. 00:47:32
Can we accept these? 00:47:35
Contingent upon your looking hose up. 00:47:37
OK. Thank you to the Commission that then I would like a motion then to approve these minutes as amended. 00:47:41
So moved, moved by Commissioner Fredrickson, and is there a second to the motion? 00:47:49
UH seconded by Vice Chair Murphy. 00:47:55
To adopt the admitted amendments, with the the proviso that staff look up the the adjournment date, which is the last. 00:47:58
Item on the video, so that shouldn't be difficult. 00:48:06
And again, I'm sorry, but do we have to theoretically go to the public? We have to go to the public. 00:48:09
Is there any public comment? 00:48:15
Thanks Sir. 00:48:17
I think there's Lorenzen Dahmer. 00:48:19
There welcome. 00:48:24
Thank you. 00:48:27
Chair, Lillian, Commissioners. And yes, Commissioner Sawyer, I want to thank you because these minutes are the only thing we have 00:48:29
supposedly really, other than going to the video and stuff as the public record of what actually happened, and I appreciate. 00:48:39
Accuracy. 00:48:49
That's transparency. 00:48:51
And I appreciate this meticulous attention to detail for action minutes that live with us. Thank you very much. 00:48:53
Thank you. 00:49:03
Are there any other further comments? 00:49:06
No, Sir. All right then. We've gone to the community, to the audience for comment. Are there any, is there any further discussion 00:49:09
on the, the Commission? 00:49:14
If not Mr. Campbell, would you please call the roll, Commissioner Frederickson. 00:49:20
Aye, Vice chair Murphy. 00:49:24
Aye, Commissioner Kubica. 00:49:26
Aye, Commissioner Sawyer. 00:49:29
Chair Lily Aye. 00:49:33
Commissioner Nudzinski. 00:49:34
Hi, with six eyes, 0 nays and one absent, the motion to approve the minutes as amended with the caveat that we will have the 00:49:36
adjournment time that passes. 00:49:42
All right. Thank you. 00:49:50
So the motion passes. 00:49:52
Six eyes, no Nays, and one absent. The last item on the consent agenda for minutes is the is item 8. 00:49:55
See, they see that, right? And that would be the October 19th minutes. 00:50:03
And are there any comments about that, Commissioner Sawyer? 00:50:09
On that particular. 00:50:16
Meeting minutes, we need to note who is absent, and that would be Commissioners Kubica and Frederickson. 00:50:20
And then under 3 under Commission and Staff Announcements I. 00:50:29
Think it's appropriate. 00:50:35
To expand, associate planner Campbell and senior planner Sidora responded to questions and comments from. 00:50:37
Commissioner Sawyer and Chair Lily, I think we need to list what those comments were. 00:50:45
Would you like me to list them? 00:50:52
I'm ready. 00:50:55
I think I would for the record, if you don't mind. Thank you. 00:50:57
The first question was in regards to the Title 23 corrections, when we would see this and Mr. Campbell stated that that had not 00:51:01
been sent to legal yet but would be coming to us in the future. 00:51:07
The second question was in regards to the Archaeologic Resource Review and tribal monitoring compliance. 00:51:14
Protocol and the staff did give us an update that it had been resubmitted for further. 00:51:22
Contract negotiations. 00:51:31
The third was update on the draft document from Integral Consulting for Coastal Hazards section of the LCP of our local coastal 00:51:34
plan. An update was provided by Mr. Sidor that they were still working on various. 00:51:43
Areas. 00:51:52
Of that and the fourth thing. 00:51:54
Was the removal of a citizen from the city emails? It was a Mr. Robert Davison that was. 00:51:57
Getting multiple emails and that was taken care of. 00:52:04
By staff and thank you for that. And then the fifth was meeting policy and procedures updates. 00:52:08
Including time period for call UPS. 00:52:15
I didn't get any. 00:52:18
I didn't have anything after that, so I don't know what we decided was just a question. 00:52:21
And then the 6th question was a work plan update and there was number update for that particular month for Chair Lily. 00:52:26
Thank you. 00:52:35
Then on page 25 or. 00:52:38
Under the regular agenda, which would be 8A. 00:52:42
Staff report received from Mr. Campbell and Mrs. Miss Vega regarding procedure. 00:52:46
She gave a nice synopsis. 00:52:52
And last but not least. 00:52:55
Under. 00:53:01
New business which would be 10 B. 00:53:03
Minutes of August 10th. 00:53:08
The action is incorrect. It's the repeated action from up above, so it needs to be corrected to. 00:53:10
Upon motion by Vice Chair Murphy and seconded by Commissioner Davison. 00:53:20
The Commission voted to approve the August 10th, 2023 Planning Commission minutes, as amended, and post them to the City website. 00:53:25
And that concludes my. 00:53:35
Corrections. Thank you. 00:53:37
I have a couple of Corrections. I don't know if you look this up, Commissioner Sawyer, but on page 28 of 82. 00:53:39
Under action in the second section, it would be under. 00:53:50
I believe 10A. 00:53:53
New business, it says upon. 00:53:55
Motion by Chair Liddy Lily. 00:53:58
The Commission voted to appoint Commissioner Sawyer as secretary of the Planning Commission. There's no indication that somebody 00:54:01
seconded that motion and we can't. 00:54:05
Have a motion without. 00:54:10
You know, have a vote without a. 00:54:12
Mr. Campbell that actually put up today. 00:54:16
It was a nomination, and so I think what I would recommend is changing it from motion to because you made a nomination. 00:54:21
Of the committee and it didn't require a second because you were nominating the the secretary, so there was no second for that. 00:54:30
In the same thing, well, there's also one down below. 00:54:38
Says upon motion. That's what. That's what Commissioner Sawyer just corrected and added the so because I didn't look it up and I, 00:54:41
you know, just point that out, OK, so then that's taken care of, it sounds like. 00:54:47
And so that make that change that you know a nomination instead of motion. 00:54:55
Thank you. 00:55:01
So are there any other corrections to the October 19th minutes? If not, then we'll go to the public. Is there anybody who is on 00:55:03
Zoom or in the audience who wishes to speak? 00:55:09
Not seeing any hand, hands raised. Hearing none. Then we'll. 00:55:17
Ask if there's any. 00:55:23
Discussion on the Commission. 00:55:24
Hearing none, Mr. Campbell, would you please call the roll? 00:55:26
Motion. Oh, I thought we had a motion. 00:55:31
So, so hung up in my margin 90s minutes. I forgot. OK, can I have a motion please? I'm sorry. 00:55:36
We approve the Minutes of October 19th as amended. 00:55:44
Second, OK, So the amended minutes for October 19th was moved by. 00:55:48
Vice Chair Murphy seconded by. 00:55:54
Commissioner Kubica, I need, for the sake of formality, to ask if there's any public comments now that there's a motion on the 00:55:56
floor. Is there any public comment? 00:56:00
I do not see any. OK, then we'll move on. Public comment is closed. 00:56:05
So now. 00:56:11
Asking if there's any discussion among the Commission. 00:56:13
Meister Murphy, Excuse me. 00:56:17
You know this, this is not the way we should be doing this. 00:56:20
I think if if. 00:56:25
Commission members see minor. 00:56:27
Corrections or major corrections. 00:56:30
They should contact staff. 00:56:33
And before the meeting and we should be we should be given amended mean amended minutes in our in our packet or staff should 00:56:36
present them as amended. It's it's. 00:56:41
We just shouldn't do it this way. And that's, you know, that's my opinion, OK? 00:56:47
That's noted and so. 00:56:54
Is there any other comments? If if not, then Mr. Campbell, would you please call the roll? 00:56:58
Vice Chair Murphy, Aye. 00:57:04
Commissioner Kubica aye. 00:57:07
Michelin. 00:57:10
Aye, Commissioner Sawyer. 00:57:12
Aye, Commissioner Fredrickson. 00:57:15
With six eyes, zero names and one absent, the motion to approve the minutes as amended passes. 00:57:18
OK. So that concludes the minutes for October, all three meetings to to special and one regular. 00:57:28
So now we are to what would be renumbered as item 8D, which would be the. 00:57:34
2023-2024 work plan that was put in the. 00:57:40
The agenda packet and I believe that a member of the audience pulled that from the agenda. 00:57:45
Are there any? 00:57:52
Comments Initial comments from the Commission. 00:57:54
Regarding this I I'm not sure I understand. 00:57:58
Reason for pulling it but if there's no comments from the. 00:58:02
Commission. Then I will recognize member of the public who pulled it, and that would be Miss Gianni. 00:58:06
I believe you are muted. 00:58:13
Thank you. Thank you. I think the work plan is is. 00:58:16
Is a great thing and it's just very helpful. 00:58:20
In reviewing things as we go along and looking back over the year, but for January. 00:58:24
11th 2024 It lists two items, Report on Archaeological Resource Review and Tribal Monitoring Compliance Protocol. 00:58:30
And as was just mentioned. 00:58:40
I don't know, just a few minutes ago. 00:58:44
That staff had said that was. 00:58:48
Being. 00:58:54
I took notes on it but I can't find them. 00:58:57
The. 00:59:01
That's the contract is going to be renegotiated. 00:59:02
Even though the original contract. 00:59:07
Was by August of 2021 that. 00:59:11
Both Planning Commission and Council would have reviewed reviewed it, but I wondered if there are any updates on that since it's 00:59:16
on the January 11th 2024 work plan and. 00:59:23
The other thing I started, oh, and the other thing was taking care of that was the special events and then back in July was that. 00:59:31
Ordinance or policy on call up procedures. 00:59:41
And then I think I might have seen it on here again. No, I guess I'm not finding it again, so. 00:59:45
And that's the problem where if some if. 00:59:53
You were to want to call up. 00:59:58
An item approved by. 01:00:02
Architectural review board, the timing in many cases would not be right to allow you to do that and and I wondered if that's to 01:00:05
be. 01:00:11
Discussed in the future or where that is. 01:00:18
OK. Thank you very much. 01:00:22
Thank you. We're back then. Is there any other public comment, Mr. Campbell? 01:00:25
All right, then we'll take it back to the the Commission. Let me address. 01:00:34
Miss Gianni's concerns I have at the and and this. 01:00:39
We'll go into. 01:00:45
Discussion of the annual report, but I I mentioned that one of the items that she mentioned, the tribal monitoring issue will have 01:00:47
to carry over into 2024 because there has been. 01:00:53
No action on it pending renegotiation of the contract that she mentioned as far as I. 01:00:59
The the temporary special events, I said the same thing. 01:01:07
Although that was addressed by Mr. Go to me after I wrote this. 01:01:11
Report and and so. 01:01:17
The work plan is is just that it's a plan. It doesn't necessarily mean it it it's accomplished. We try to update it every month 01:01:22
for to be updated in February or March it would it would show that those things would would would be to. 01:01:29
For later on, so I I hear what Miss Johnny said, but that's the situation as I understand it. 01:01:37
So do we. I believe we need to take make a motion to approve the the work plan just or or accept it at least I don't know if we're 01:01:48
approving it, but to accept the work plan as a a report not requiring action. 01:01:54
So do how do we handle that? Do we? 01:02:02
Say we received it. Do we vote to receive it? 01:02:06
Is Miss Vega available? 01:02:11
We've received. We've received it. 01:02:14
We have to vote to receive the report. 01:02:17
Correct. Sorry, sorry. There's a bit of a lag sometimes when I try to turn my camera on to address your questions. Yeah, you can. 01:02:20
You can vote to receive the report. 01:02:24
Why don't we vote to receive the report? Because it was pulled off the consent agenda. So may I have a motion? Vice Chair Murphy. 01:02:30
Would you ask Miss Vega if we have to take a vote? 01:02:36
Yes, I will. Thank you. Miss Vega have to take a vote. So it's my understanding. So it practices vary on receive and file items. 01:02:41
It sets you typically included on your consent agenda. You do vote on your consent agenda. So I. 01:02:48
It can be done either. Either way I. 01:02:56
It's it's at your pleasure. 01:02:59
Thank you. So what is the pleasure of the Commission? 01:03:02
No vote? OK, Well, it sounds like it's approved by consensus or a no vote or something, but in any case, we'll move on. 01:03:05
So we're now to the regular agenda, which we have no permit hearings, but we have two public hearings. The 1st is item 8. 01:03:14
EI think I have that straight. 01:03:22
And that would be the Planning Commission annual report and this. 01:03:25
UH is a report that the chair typically puts together. It's on pages. 01:03:30
31 through 34 of your agenda packet. 01:03:39
And. 01:03:43
I'll open the public hearing and let me briefly review the report it is broken down into. 01:03:46
Several sections an introduction and and the work plan compliance. 01:03:52
We had 16 minute me or 12. 01:03:57
We had four. I'll get the numbers straight. We had 14 meetings last this last year. 01:03:59
From January through December. 01:04:04
Including twelve monthly. 01:04:07
Regular meetings to special meetings, and there were 15 in 2022 and 16 the year before I. 01:04:09
Everything was hybrid and used. 01:04:17
During the year are a lot of our activities were supported by a work plan. 01:04:22
Significant time was spent on legislative recommendations, including the Cannabis Ordinance regulations. 01:04:28
And the Draft Six Cycle Housing Plan. 01:04:34
And. 01:04:37
2024 Looking ahead, it would appear that housing would be a primary focus. 01:04:40
And amendments to the land use zoning element of the General Plan will be required to implement a newly adopted housing element. 01:04:46
That's the last sentence of that section, the second part of that. 01:04:51
In your report is quasi judicial permits. 01:04:57
There were 16. 01:04:59
I would add, and probably we have to if we were to prove this, it would be amended on on item 15. 01:05:02
You know item 14, I'm sorry, item 14111 10th St. There is a an appeal pending as there is an item 16270 Central Ave. but does this 01:05:12
list all of the projects we did this year, the permit type and our decisions? 01:05:20
And umm. 01:05:29
When they were done. 01:05:31
And then we have a Section C on legislative recommendations, and we list everything we did here. As I mentioned, we spent a lot of 01:05:33
time on the cannabis. 01:05:37
Situation and on the drastic cycle housing element. 01:05:41
That we concluded in October, I think we had. 01:05:47
2/2 full meanings on. 01:05:51
And then? 01:05:55
The many of our meetings have presentations, whether they be review of the law or or just various procedural things or just 01:05:58
general reports from staff. 01:06:04
Or other members of the Commission. And so those are listed there. And then the last section is organization. 01:06:12
And we talked a little bit about a couple of subcommittees we had. And then at the bottom we talked about who came and went. 01:06:19
And we had two new members, Ross Davidson and Andy Andrew Kubica replaced Debbie Beck and Robin Eichelman and I was elected chair 01:06:28
and vice chair was. 01:06:34
Mr. Murphy or Commissioner Murphy? 01:06:40
And then and Commissioner Sawyer was elected secretary and later resigned. And then we welcomed. 01:06:45
Lou Bauman and. 01:06:52
Actually, we didn't have here because he he came. 01:06:56
I think after we started the report, we don't mention. 01:07:00
Interim city manager. 01:07:04
Our interim city manager, so he needs to be down here too I suppose, but although this actually deals with the Planning 01:07:06
Commission, so that's a matter of discretion of the of the Commission, but I would ask that. 01:07:12
This was put together for. 01:07:19
Review and and approval to send to the City Council is an annual report so that's why it was put together and I'm just was 01:07:23
continuing A tradition that was started by. 01:07:28
Vice Chair Murphy and Frederickson, I believe where they did annual reports and so I've just continued that practice. 01:07:34
Those are my comments. Before we have any comments from the Commission, I need to go to the public. Are there any comments? 01:07:42
Lisa Gianni, welcome. 01:07:52
Hi, thank you. So one of the items that I that got lost track of there because I. 01:07:56
I added a July item on the work plan that I was concerned about after I had discussed the June, January 2024. 01:08:04
Items was the call up procedures and that's on this agenda. Excuse me, this. 01:08:16
Annual report, which I think is also a very fine tradition. I hope it continues, but call it procedures, which it's listed as a 01:08:25
presentation in July. 01:08:31
And I think it was actually, and it was an agenda item, but in any case. 01:08:37
Or a regular agenda item. 01:08:43
That never showed up again and. 01:08:45
That, as I said earlier, is. 01:08:49
It continues, I believe to be a problem. 01:08:53
In terms of timing for some ARB decisions? 01:08:57
And I wondered where how that's intended to be handled. 01:09:00
I hope that's clear. Thank you. 01:09:08
Thank you. Are there any other comments? 01:09:11
As you know the comments. 01:09:15
Let me, before we move on, address the call a procedure issue. I made a presentation in July about call up procedures. 01:09:17
And it would appear that. 01:09:24
After some discussion about this with staff that. 01:09:26
We need to further research that issue. 01:09:31
And and one of the conclusions from that could be and this would be up to the new Commission to determine with the City Council 01:09:33
whether we go back to two meetings a month, I don't know the answer to that question but I think it's it's a a real a possible. 01:09:41
Solution to this issue? Otherwise there seems to be some. 01:09:52
Confusion in my mind about how long the appeal period lasts from some of these commissions and I've had some discussion about this 01:09:57
with staff. This is going to require more research and and I think it's just this is just going to have to be taken over into the 01:10:02
new year. 01:10:07
But I hear, I hear those comments, I I understand the comments because. 01:10:16
The way things appeared to be last July is we we could not possibly call up anything that from one of the commissions. So our 01:10:20
committees because of the timelines, because the the whole process was predicated on a meeting, it looked like to me at least 01:10:27
twice a month, but but that's. 01:10:34
An opinion? 01:10:41
So that that's my comment about that issue. Are there any, are there any comments or is there any discussion about this work plan? 01:10:44
Because I do think we need to receive and and. 01:10:57
Forwarded on one way or the other, Commissioner Sawyer. 01:11:00
Well done and I think. 01:11:04
We need to vote to move it forward, to submit to the City Council. 01:11:06
Is there a motion or I'll make the motion that we approve this and with the amendments that we talked about you you had added a. 01:11:11
Oh, 1414 as amended. Yeah, And also, yeah, that one. 01:11:24
Point of order, Mr. Campbell. 01:11:34
I'm sorry. 01:11:41
Let me close publicly comment. 01:11:43
I made comments subsequent to this about these situations related to. 01:11:48
The umm. 01:11:55
The July matter of. 01:11:56
Of the appeal process and call a process. 01:12:00
And so then we are to the point where we have a motion from. 01:12:05
I would like to make a motion that we accept the annual report and send it on to. 01:12:12
To the City Council, as with amendments as suggested. 01:12:20
OK. Is there a second to that motion? Second. 01:12:25
Second bike, so it was. 01:12:28
Mr. Sawyer. 01:12:31
And seconded by Commissioner Fredrickson. 01:12:33
To. 01:12:35
And your report as amended, and the amendments would be. 01:12:39
Item number 14 under Item B would. 01:12:44
Have appeal pending. 01:12:47
And what was your other? 01:12:50
You wanted to add this interim city manager in the interim city manager Robert Perot was, yeah. 01:12:52
Hired Vice Chair Murphy. 01:13:00
And if the maker of the motion and the second would allow a further amendment in. 01:13:03
This perhaps seems silly, but the interest of complete accuracy. 01:13:08
And this the 2nd to the last bullet point on page 34. 01:13:12
I should probably say Secretary Soil later resigned to her position. 01:13:16
But I don't know how to say it. 01:13:22
Is that what you're saying? I forgot you resigned the second time? Never mind, never mind, I withdraw my suggestion. 01:13:29
I use an editorial license there. 01:13:36
I apologize for bringing it up, Sorry. 01:13:41
OK, I've kind of fouled this up. We got a motion now I need to go to public comment. I think public comment was made by at least. 01:13:46
Gianni, no, I'm sorry, I I haven't. I had it straight to begin with. OK. Is there any further discussion about this? 01:13:55
This matter. 01:14:03
OK. If there's none, then we have a motion on the floor. It's been seconded. 01:14:05
If it's understood by everyone, then Mr. Campbell, would you please call the roll? 01:14:12
Commissioner Sawyer. Aye. 01:14:17
Commissioner Frederickson. 01:14:20
Chair Lily. 01:14:23
Question with me, aye. 01:14:26
Commissioner Medzinski, aye. 01:14:28
Commissioner Kubica. 01:14:31
With six eyes and 0 nays and one absent the. 01:14:33
Motion to. 01:14:40
Pass the annual report as amended to City Council. 01:14:42
Passes. 01:14:46
Thank you. So, as Mr. Campbell said, the motion passed. Six eyes no nays 1 absent. And so we were ready to go to item 8. 01:14:47
FI. 01:14:57
8F. 01:15:02
And I will open the public hearing. I will introduce this item as I had drafted the agenda report, The agenda report, the 01:15:05
information be may be found on pages 35 and six of the agenda packet. And this is a proposal. 01:15:12
To develop or create a transportation subcommittee of the Planning Commission. 01:15:21
And the agenda? 01:15:28
Addresses some of the issues that are before us and as time has gone on even since I. 01:15:31
Put this agenda report together. 01:15:37
It's become even more complicated. There are. 01:15:39
There is for example. 01:15:43
AB 4/13, which was passed by the state legislature that requires. 01:15:46
The cities have to eliminate parking 20 feet from sidewalks or make findings of what they have in place. 01:15:51
Presently is appropriate. 01:16:00
That has a huge impact in Pacific. 01:16:03
And then the other issue that relates to to circulation, traffic, parking, transportation, all those issues. 01:16:06
Well that that's really the the, the the main one AB 413 and then looking at the general plan that we have Chapter 4. 01:16:14
It refers to, for example, length of service, which is the old standard used for traffic. It's been. 01:16:24
Placed by the legislature since subsequent to the development of that plan as miles driven think it's there's there's three 01:16:31
letters in that miles EMT. 01:16:36
What's it called? 01:16:42
Vehicle miles travel and I'll get that straight. And so there's a lot in that plan that needs to be done. 01:16:45
And I had some. 01:16:51
Communication with. 01:16:55
Our public works director go and he he mentioned he said that we we got into a. 01:16:58
An e-mail exchange about possible duplication of a transportation committee with the work of the Traffic Safety Committee. 01:17:05
And I think it's appropriate that if we were do something like this that there's part of that discussion would be sitting down and 01:17:14
collaborating with them because they are in a sense. 01:17:21
Mandated to look at certain traffic issues. On the other hand, all roads on the on the amendment and and changes to the General 01:17:28
Plan go through the Planning Commission. 01:17:33
So there's there's a dual responsibility there and it might appear that then that the a subcommittee would would one of their 01:17:38
first items of of business would be. 01:17:43
Figure out and meet with the OR or communicate with the Traffic Safety Commission and its people about how to collaborate. So the 01:17:50
rest of the agenda report is there. I think you've probably all read it there. There are a lot of functions that could do I I 01:17:56
would, I would suggest that if they we did do this. 01:18:01
That. 01:18:08
They uh. 01:18:09
The appointees would meet, they would come up with a work plan and as I said figure out how to collaborate with the the Traffic 01:18:11
Safety committee and and then proceed ahead. So with that or I will, that's the agenda report. The staff have any comments, do you 01:18:17
have any comments about this or? 01:18:23
Yes, Mr. Chair, I just I I think this is a lot of work. Absolutely is. 01:18:29
And I do think that it. 01:18:38
Obviously will need to be undertaken. 01:18:43
I I would suggest that a lot of these areas. 01:18:46
Are areas that are going to be updated as a part of the circulation element in the in the General Plan and that may be the right 01:18:51
place to house these things. 01:18:57
And in most cases, and they will come back to you. 01:19:04
As a policy making board for further discussion. 01:19:09
I'd like to also point out that. 01:19:14
You know in the coming months obviously you're going to be continued to be involved with the general the housing element update in 01:19:18
their. 01:19:23
Is related to issues. You've got an EIR that will be undertaken. 01:19:28
That will also address some of those impacts. I'm just suggesting that forming A subcommittee at this time. 01:19:34
May be a bit premature and a little labor intensive. 01:19:46
With everything that is already on on the city's plate. 01:19:51
Thank you. Thank you. I. 01:19:57
Before I proceed. 01:20:00
Commissioner Zinsky helped write the agenda report. Do you have anything you want to comment on at this point, or do you want to 01:20:03
wait until we have discussion? 01:20:07
I'll wait until we have further discussion. 01:20:11
Thank you. All right. 01:20:15
Then we'll go to the public and. 01:20:18
And allow people to speak. And we have one hand raised, and that would be Ingle Lorenzen Dahmer. 01:20:22
And welcome, Mr. Campbell. Can you mute her, please? 01:20:28
Thank you. I'm here. 01:20:32
I think that a subcommittee is an excellent idea, just to have it in place and start, you know, familiarizing yourself with the 01:20:36
issues. And the fact is that if we don't want to wait, I don't think. 01:20:42
The city doesn't to have any input and whatever's happening. 01:20:49
Waiting for the housing element and and the general. 01:20:56
Update the plan. Update this is. 01:21:03
I I respect interim City manager, but somehow this has been one of our problems that things come way too late to have. 01:21:07
Significant input from and yes, I encourage you to work with a TSC because I think they they don't have enough input from other 01:21:18
sources other than just their. 01:21:24
Traffic laws I. 01:21:31
They are planners on that and you know, other than California code of streets and highways and that and those kind of specifics, I 01:21:35
think it needs some planning input before then. So I encourage you to form a subcommittee and have it up and running to deal with 01:21:44
the issues as they are sure and bound to come up. And yes, it's a big ask. 01:21:53
But I think it's a very pertinent one to have coordination and to get it going. 01:22:02
Thank you very much. 01:22:09
Thank you. 01:22:12
We have Lisa Ciani. 01:22:16
Welcome. 01:22:18
I'll just say briefly that I. 01:22:25
Agree very much so with with what Inga had to say. That I think. 01:22:28
The subcommittee is. 01:22:37
A great idea, even if it is premature now, because labor intensive just means it's going to be labor intensive in the future and 01:22:39
why not start now if there are commissioners who would like to take take on that challenge? 01:22:48
So it's. 01:22:57
Important work that needs to be done and yes, Traffic Safety Commission deals with. 01:22:59
There's so much rules and and. 01:23:06
Specific. 01:23:11
Just specifics and and planning is is another matter. Comprehensive, comprehensive planning I think is really important. 01:23:14
So yeah, that's I would encourage. 01:23:26
You to to create a subcommittee if there are commissioners ready to take that on now. 01:23:30
Thank you. 01:23:35
Thank you. 01:23:37
OK, we'll return to discussion and I'll recognize. 01:23:42
Commissioner Nasinski. 01:23:49
Since he I asked and he said it'd be better to. 01:23:51
During discussion So. 01:23:55
Recognize you, Commissioner Nas. 01:23:58
Thank you, Chair Lilly. 01:24:00
If we if a committee is formed, I'd be willing to serve. And my understanding is with that, Ross Davidson would be willing to 01:24:04
serve. 01:24:07
And at this time, we wouldn't be looking to using. 01:24:12
Using any staff. 01:24:16
Assets we would be. 01:24:18
Independent. 01:24:20
And it's kind of. 01:24:24
The chicken and the egg, as as has been pointed out, you know, when do we start? 01:24:27
You know, do we wait for the for the city staff to present it to us or do we start digging into it, you know and and start. 01:24:32
Maybe coming up with ideas to the Planning Commission? 01:24:39
And the city staff from from, from which direction does it come? Does it come from city staff? Does it come from the Planning 01:24:43
Commission? Does it come bilaterally? 01:24:47
It could. It could come in all directions, so it could be a. 01:24:51
Just other eyes and other people looking at it and getting involved. 01:24:57
Thank you. 01:25:03
Thank you. 01:25:05
Commissioner Frederickson. 01:25:12
I I guess I don't have a problem forming A subcommittee, but I I think it's a mistake to do it without the involvement of the 01:25:16
traffic and safety. 01:25:21
Commission Committee. 01:25:26
I think we all agree. I mean, we could come up with a separate recommendation, but it would have to be consolidated at some point. 01:25:29
With what they thought on the matter, seems to me if we had a subcommittee made-up of people from both commissions. 01:25:35
We would that that consolidation would hand would be handled. 01:25:42
Away from this. 01:25:47
Forum and and we'd probably get a better product. 01:25:49
As a result. 01:25:53
That's what I feel. 01:25:55
OK, Vice Chair Murphy, I have a question for staff if if I may. 01:25:57
And one of the City Council's goals for 2324. 01:26:03
Is a complete streets policy. 01:26:08
Adopt A plan to implement the design of safe walking past sidewalks and bike lanes, including signage. 01:26:10
And their work plan includes in this quarter? 01:26:17
We came in the services of a qualified firm to assess the cities multimodal transportation network. 01:26:21
Including all of social and transportation policies and that there was general planned transportation element. 01:26:27
And to draft a Complete Streets Policy and Safe Routes to School map specifically to the needs of EG 01:26:33
and I guess my question is if the assistant city manager knows. 01:26:39
Whether the city is still on track to starting that this this quarter. 01:26:44
This quarter. 01:26:54
Certainly what's going to happen in the? 01:26:57
Next month or so is we'll do our mid year report. 01:27:00
And that mid year report will involve the progress of all the goals that the City Council set for us. 01:27:05
And then? 01:27:14
Then allocating resources to make sure we're able to make that progress. A lot of Complete Streets, if I'm not mistaken, is 01:27:17
involved with the CIP. 01:27:23
And there are several projects that that are pending. 01:27:29
But without having the director of Public Works president, I couldn't tell you exactly where that is. Thank you. 01:27:33
I I guess at this point I'd be hesitant. 01:27:42
Just to start a subcommittee for a couple of reasons. 01:27:46
And one is given our experience with the title, proposed Title 3 amendments and the story polls. 01:27:50
It's clear, you know, as a Planning Commission we have the ability to take initiative and do things we think are important for the 01:27:57
city. On the other hand, if we do it in a vacuum, without direction. 01:28:03
From the council or without the full support of staff? 01:28:09
I'm not clear where those initiatives are going to end up. Again, using Title 23 in story polls as an example. 01:28:14
Of something that a subcommittee has worked long and hard. 01:28:21
On and we stole the distill in limbo. 01:28:25
So until we prove that some initiative we take. 01:28:29
Actually would have some effect I'm a little leery to. 01:28:33
Commission members to to work. 01:28:37
Clearly, our role in this has to do with the transportation element. 01:28:41
The chicken and egg question that Peter posed I think is a good one. Do we wait to have a consultant bring something to us and 01:28:46
then comment on it? 01:28:49
Or do we take the initiative and start and I'm? 01:28:53
I guess I'm not sure. 01:28:56
How? How that should work? 01:28:59
And I'm also tempted to think we should wait for new CDD director. 01:29:01
And get to know her and have her get to know us and see what? 01:29:05
And work with her to see what our role. 01:29:10
Should be. And again, I I don't think we're necessarily at the mercy of staff. 01:29:14
But I think, you know, we should work with staff and. 01:29:19
And with the Council and. 01:29:25
And I guess I'm not sure we're headed in that direction. Thank you. 01:29:27
Any further comments? I have a couple comments. Commissioner Sawyer, you turned on your microphone, so you must I? 01:29:33
I've I've read it. I've talked both with Commissioner Davidson and with Commissioner Nozinski. 01:29:41
And I believe that the direction that they want to go in is something that we should look at, however. 01:29:50
I too think that it might be wise to wait for a month or two to sort of see where things. 01:29:58
Settle out and to ensure that we're not engaging in a dual role, but. 01:30:05
That being said, I concur. 01:30:13
Greatly with Commissioner Fredrickson in seeing a. 01:30:17
Subcommittee that's formed from traffic and safety and from planning because I think that that way we can move forward with. 01:30:24
More understanding of what issues they may be seeing and those that we see because as was pointed out, we are planning and they 01:30:36
are looking more strictly at the law, but I'm not sure that. 01:30:41
Right now is the right time. I would. 01:30:48
Suggest waiting a month or two and see where things go. 01:30:52
Hey, any other comments? Commissioner Kubica, do you have any comment or everybody? 01:30:58
Seems to have weighed in on this. 01:31:04
I came with a list of inputs that I could give the committee if it was going to be formed so. 01:31:09
That would be the only comment I would have. 01:31:16
Mr. Campbell, I'll recognize you. 01:31:18
There are a couple of things and and I want to. 01:31:23
And thank you for acknowledging me. 01:31:26
That Vice chair Murphy had mentioned, and I think part of it is staff involvement. To me, to be honest, if the Complete Streets 01:31:30
project is does eventually move forward, that's an exciting project that's exciting for any planner, and especially any planner 01:31:35
who has studied Complete Streets. 01:31:41
And I think that it would be the benefit of a subcommittee to have staff involved in those projects because. 01:31:47
We went to school for this stuff. You know, we've been doing this stuff for a while and and it would be beneficial in guidance 01:31:55
gathering the guidance from council to to also take the guidance from our new CDD director and to be able to help assist the 01:32:01
Planning Commission in a subcommittee like this. And I think that once. 01:32:08
So that's that's the complete streets aspect of it. Then we go to the the general plan aspect of it. 01:32:15
Where we start talking about right now, where we will be doing the scope for the EIR, the program EIR. 01:32:22
You're going to find in part of that scope is transportation. It's going to bring us analysis and studies that we'll be able to 01:32:30
provide later down the road. 01:32:35
The information needed to create policy. And so I think that when we talk about the chicken and the egg, there are a couple things 01:32:40
here that that I think are. 01:32:46
Are really important in Paramount to creating a committee that's going to change the streets of the city. 01:32:52
And change circulation of the city and to to be working with the the Community Development Department and with the. 01:32:59
Consultants that we hire to give these analysis and reports to us to help us make informed decisions. So. 01:33:08
From my perspective, I I would. 01:33:16
Really, just ask them. Staff would love to be a part of that and that would need direction from. 01:33:19
Counsel to the manager and. 01:33:25
Thank you. I'm going to make a couple of comments of what I think I heard. 01:33:28
It seems to me that. 01:33:33
There are different elements. 01:33:35
In the city that have been involved with this in some way, shape or form and it's all it's not that they intend to be silos, but 01:33:38
we we have had that effect in the past where this group does this and this group does that and some involve the staff and some 01:33:44
don't. We have the consultants here and we have that there. 01:33:49
And it's I I part put this on the agenda to force the issue and that's the only way I can say it, to force the issue. We need to 01:33:55
sit down maybe in A room. 01:34:00
And and and hash all this out. Who's going to do what and when? The reality is, is, Mr. Campbell said. You know we've got a lot of 01:34:05
work to do in in in the coming months and and I'll put it this way. 01:34:11
We're going to be in a track meet with HCD when they come back to us with their comments about the housing element. We're going to 01:34:18
have a year to rezone and that also then gets into land use. It also gets into circulation and transportation. So to wait, we 01:34:23
don't have the option to wait. 01:34:28
So I I would, I would emphasize that we need to think now about how to proceed. 01:34:34
Along these lines and come up with a strategy using a subcommittee, it may be perhaps as commissioner, Frederickson said. 01:34:42
Properly staffed, involving the staff, because, as you said, you, you. 01:34:51
Staff has gone to school to learn do some of this stuff. 01:34:55
So that everybody can bring something to the table instead of everybody acting on their own. And that's. 01:34:59
Kind of why I brought this up. The other the other thing that I find rather disconcerting is, and I didn't go to the meeting, but 01:35:05
the other night there was a meeting about a roundabout. Well, that relates to traffic and transportation and circulation. And 01:35:11
somehow from what has been described to me by the end of the month, there has to be some kind of of input completed so we can go 01:35:16
forward. Well, talk about jumping the gun. 01:35:22
That's jumping the gun. 01:35:28
Now I don't know if that's true, but I just think it's time we we we sat down. 01:35:30
And I won't be involved, but it's time the folks involved or ought to be involved with this sat down and said how are we going to 01:35:35
proceed with this? 01:35:38
Because what everybody said here is is is at least partially, if not totally correct. 01:35:42
That that's my view. 01:35:48
So what is your pleasure? You know, I those are my favorite words. What is the pleasure of the Commission? And since I'm the 01:35:50
chair, I can ask it. 01:35:55
Terry Lilly. 01:36:04
Yes. 01:36:06
If I could make a motion. 01:36:08
Sure. 01:36:12
So I move that the Planning Commission approved the establishment of a transportation subcommittee. 01:36:15
In order to review and make recommendations on circulation issues. 01:36:21
The subcommittee, to be comprised of no more than three members, will serve for six months, subject to subsequent renewal. 01:36:26
The subcommittee will select and address permanent circulation issues and develop a work plan for subsequent submittal to the 01:36:35
Planning Commission. 01:36:39
As an initial activity, the Subcommittee will identify initiate possible collaborative efforts. 01:36:45
With the City of Pacific Grove Traffic Safety Commission. 01:36:51
Right. Is that your motion? 01:36:58
Yes. 01:37:00
All right. Is there a second of that motion? 01:37:04
Second, I didn't hear. 01:37:06
In your, I didn't hear what the end of the motion was when it related to the traffic Commission. Yeah, could you read you state 01:37:09
the last portion of your motion about the Traffic Safety Commission is probably be somewhere around the last sentence or two? 01:37:16
And you need to unmute it. 01:37:27
Commissioner Zinsky. 01:37:30
There he is. 01:37:32
An initial activity of the of the Subcommittee will identify and initiate possible collaborative efforts with the City of Pacific 01:37:35
Grove Traffic Safety Commission. 01:37:40
In other words, we're going to try to include the member members of the Traffic Safety Commission. 01:37:47
Not required, but see if they're interested. 01:37:53
OK. Is there a second to that motion? That's a motion. 01:37:58
So is there second to that motion? 01:38:02
I don't hear a second of the motion. So is there another second motion? You'll second the motion. OK, so the motion was made. 01:38:08
Motion was made to create a traffic subcommittee by Commissioner Nazinski. 01:38:13
Subject to the conditions he laid out. 01:38:20
And that was seconded by Commissioner Kubica. So let's have. 01:38:22
Further discussion. 01:38:28
So what's right, wrong or indifferent about his motion, I guess, is the question. Commissioner Kubica, I think you raise your hand 01:38:33
1st and then I'll recognize Vice Chair Murphy. 01:38:37
I heard in. 01:38:43
Commissioner Frederickson, I'm sorry, I heard it was stated before by our. 01:38:46
Our city manager and. 01:38:51
Also our planning advisor and. 01:38:55
When I look back at the city. 01:38:59
The city years ago had multiple people in there, over 200 people. 01:39:01
And we're down to about 100 people and. 01:39:05
It looks and. 01:39:09
So in that sense. 01:39:11
The fact that we have volunteers willing to help and work with the city staff. 01:39:13
I think it's a good thing. 01:39:19
And in some ways we look at the being volunteers, we look at it a different way and I think we provide some value added as inputs. 01:39:21
My concern with waiting and not having a subcommittee. 01:39:31
Is that several times we've gotten? 01:39:35
Consultants out and depending on what the interpretation that the consultant is of the RFP. 01:39:38
A done deal is then presented to. 01:39:46
The public of what it is going to be. 01:39:49
And then we get to go and say, OK, well. 01:39:53
What are your thoughts on this? But it's essentially a done deal. 01:39:56
And and I think. 01:40:00
With the major changes that are coming, I I think an interactive. 01:40:01
Discussion between volunteers and residents and staff would be very, very helpful to. 01:40:09
Provide umm. 01:40:16
A different perspective or tried to get? 01:40:18
Maybe thinking outside the box? 01:40:22
And one of the one of the things that concerns me is I'll use an analogy at the meeting last. 01:40:25
The other night. 01:40:34
Where they were talking about the discussion on Sunset Drive. 01:40:35
They were talking about the report that was written in 2016 by a consultant. 01:40:40
When that's report came to the traffic Commission. 01:40:45
The consultant was asked where are the street lights? 01:40:49
Consultants response at that time. 01:40:52
Was it wasn't any RFP, that's why we didn't do it. 01:40:55
So they were not thinking outside the box, They were thinking this was what was written. This is what we're going to respond to. 01:41:00
And in some cases, having a different set of eyes looking at it provides. 01:41:06
An enhancement or added value. 01:41:11
And that's why I voted a seconded that we have a subcommittee that maybe they could provide an added value in some way to assist 01:41:14
the staff. 01:41:19
Thank you very much. 01:41:25
Thank you. 01:41:26
Who was next? 01:41:29
Commissioner Frederickson, did you have? 01:41:30
I'll go. 01:41:33
I I would support a subcommittee, but only if it included people from the Planning and Safety Committee. 01:41:37
And that, in my view, would change the composition slightly from three members from each Commission committee to two. 01:41:44
So that so that the subcommittee was more workable. 01:41:52
I do think it's essential that we try to work in concert with traffic, traffic and safety. 01:41:57
I do think it essential that we not waste time because I think we are entering a very busy. 01:42:03
Time frame when when the housing element is going to need to be worked on extensively. 01:42:10
And it's got. 01:42:16
Tremendous amount of work that needs to be done as a priority. 01:42:17
It would be helpful if the subcommittee was on the side doing their work. 01:42:21
And and we'd be able to merge their concerns with. 01:42:26
The housing that woman. 01:42:30
So I guess that's where I stand as it is now. I can't support the motion because I think it calls solely for the Planning 01:42:33
Commission to be. 01:42:37
To make up the members. 01:42:42
Chair Lily. 01:42:44
Commissioner Zinsky. 01:42:46
The reason I made the motion that way, stating that we would invite them, is I don't believe that I can make a motion to insist 01:42:48
that the traffic join us. 01:42:53
I can only speak for what we can do. 01:42:59
But we would definitely be interested in inviting them. 01:43:03
Thank you. Thank you. 01:43:09
Chair Lily, if I may also add something. 01:43:11
Yes, to clarify, if we start. 01:43:15
Mixing, for lack of a better word, members of multiple commissions. It no longer qualifies as an ad hoc subcommittee. It becomes 01:43:19
subject to the Ground Act. 01:43:25
So that's something else you need to take into consideration here as well. So there's there's the issue that Commissioner 01:43:31
Nudzinski accurately mentioned just before me that you know you you don't have the power to direct a different Commission to 01:43:37
participate in this. But there's also brown Act issues in trying to form a new body that consists of some members of the Planning 01:43:43
Commission and some members of the Traffic and Safety Commission. 01:43:48
Would it work? Let me ask you a question, Miss Vega. Would it work if there were two parallel subcommittees? 01:43:56
Meeting in. 01:44:05
Having joint meetings and not having to comply with the Brown Act. 01:44:07
If they I haven't researched the subject and refreshed my memory right before this meeting, but to see if there's been any new 01:44:12
developments. But my recollection from the last time I looked at this issue for a different client was that, you know what, you 01:44:20
can't, you can't sort of mix the bodies. In order to qualify for the Brown Act exemption for an ad hoc advisory subcommittee, it 01:44:28
has to be solely less than a quorum of one body. 01:44:36
Involved Umm. 01:44:44
Sure, I'll recognize. 01:44:49
Mr. 01:44:53
The city attorney is saying is that. 01:44:56
This committee. 01:44:59
Would be a subcommittee, and it would be advisory to the Planning Commission. 01:45:01
You couldn't. You? Couldn't I? 01:45:06
I'm sorry, I can't hear the speaker. 01:45:10
The point being that you. 01:45:13
The point being simply that if you appointed a subcommittee. 01:45:17
Its advisory to your committee as a whole. 01:45:21
So. 01:45:25
And so consequently. 01:45:28
While you you may have communications with another. 01:45:31
Committee. 01:45:35
You're what you're doing is taking on a piece of work. 01:45:37
That would have to relate. 01:45:41
To the Commission as a whole. 01:45:43
So I'm just trying to to make sure that that you keep. 01:45:45
Everything. 01:45:50
Within yourself, so to speak. 01:45:53
But there would be nothing that would, I'll speak, there would be nothing that would preclude though the Commission from as a 01:45:57
body. 01:46:00
Here communicating with. 01:46:03
Staff with other committees. 01:46:07
City Council so forth. 01:46:09
Umm to and and and that level, even having joint meetings. 01:46:12
So that, or even attending workshops as individuals. 01:46:17
To to work some of this out. Well, if I if I may, one of the things that. 01:46:21
And and of course. 01:46:29
You, you bring up the, the City Council, which is appropriate. Mm-hmm. 01:46:31
Ultimately. 01:46:37
All of us, in one way or another, report to report to the City Council. 01:46:38
And you know, my suggestion would be if you're. 01:46:44
Wanting to take on this. 01:46:49
Course of action. 01:46:52
And form a sub. 01:46:54
To deal with transportation issues, quite literally, I think that should come in the form of a a motion to communicate that. 01:46:56
Back to the council. The council is ultimately responsible for oversight. 01:47:06
Of the entire organization. 01:47:12
And you need to include them in that discussion if you don't. 01:47:15
You run a risk that you may be going down. 01:47:23
A certain path. 01:47:30
That may be different from how the Council wishes. 01:47:32
To approach the issue. 01:47:37
So I just wanted to pass that along in terms of suggesting a a an approach. 01:47:39
That that I think at least would be appropriate. 01:47:50
So what I think I hear you saying is you think we should. 01:47:54
Instead, recommend this as an action to the City Council for further action. 01:47:58
By us after they have possibly approved or given us their their input about the way they would like us to proceed. Am I correct in 01:48:04
saying that yes, because. 01:48:09
Whether you know everything that you do is is is ultimately to assist them. 01:48:17
In one way or another. The only difference in that is that they provide you with some permit authority where you are the you may 01:48:22
make those decisions independent of anything. 01:48:29
The Council may want you to do, but all I'm saying is that with major pieces of work. 01:48:36
Those pieces of work need to be communicated back to the Council. The Council may very well say yes. 01:48:43
You know we are. We're approaching the update of the. 01:48:51
General plan, the housing element and yes, there are going to be transportation issues and they may direct that that's where they 01:48:57
want you to focus, but I do think. 01:49:02
That that communication. 01:49:08
Should be the appropriate way to. 01:49:12
To move this along, if that's the Commission's desire. 01:49:17
How do you all feel about that? 01:49:22
It wasn't necessarily one of the options on the agenda to, in other words, to have a subcommittee approved by the City Council. 01:49:29
And that wouldn't correction there and all I'm looking at is that the concept be presented to the council and then the council 01:49:39
respond and it's still if they respond the Commission should appoint A subcommittee. It would be just directing you to carry out 01:49:46
that that direction. 01:49:54
And and and I think in in any staff presentation. 01:50:03
We should always leave an option. 01:50:10
There to provide additional direction. 01:50:15
As may be necessary. 01:50:19
Well, the handbook, our handbook and policies enable committees to develop. Subcommittees without. 01:50:22
Review and approval by the City Council. 01:50:32
I think there's a fine line there between. 01:50:36
Requiring that of the City Council, but at the same time taking direction vis A vis the goals and objectives of the City Council. 01:50:40
So it's kind of that's kind of a chicken into the egg too, but I. 01:50:46
At a minimum even. 01:50:53
Looking at the general plan, for example, even if this subcommittee even went through the general plan and said, well, this needs 01:50:56
to be corrected, this needs not to be corrected. This is still up to date. This is out of date. 01:51:01
Looking through the Chapter 4 today and yesterday, there's a lot to be done. 01:51:07
And and I'm very concerned about the amount of time it's going to take it's going to take the activity and and the the effort of a 01:51:13
lot of different groups and people involved in the city to do that and and so I like I said I just want to move this along I I. 01:51:20
Agree with the. 01:51:30
Commissioner Zinsky's approach, Uh. 01:51:31
Perhaps the best way to do it is to for us to adopt the the the creation of a subcommittee along the lines that he he proposed to 01:51:35
communicate that to the Traffic Safety Committee so that they can. 01:51:42
In parallel, I guess with us based on comments from Miss Vega and parallel with us pursue issues and then I. 01:51:51
Advise the City Council of this and if they say we're not going to. 01:52:00
Pay any attention to what you do or we want you to do this or that. The other we can so adjust. But if we are to wait, well, we've 01:52:03
lost another couple months and I don't think that works either because we don't have the time by the time we get HCD comments back 01:52:10
on the housing element and we only have if we had three years to be one thing, we only have a year. 01:52:17
And I again I reiterate the comments that Mister Campbell made about. 01:52:24
You know, some of these things have to be done in concert with each other and and I I so I I support the motion. 01:52:29
Vice Chair Murphy I. 01:52:37
I think Chair Lilly. 01:52:40
In fact. 01:52:42
The transportation element, circulation element. 01:52:44
We'll be looking at that in 2025 at the earliest. That's not going to be done this year. 01:52:49
It's not part of the what Rincon is doing. 01:52:55
I'll leave it there, OK? 01:53:04
So any other comments about all of this? I think we've we've hashed this out. 01:53:08
Yeah. Why don't we take a vote and see where we are and we'll go from there, so. 01:53:14
The Commission the the motion is on the table from Commissioner Zinsky and seconded by Commissioner Kubica and so if there's no 01:53:21
further discussion. 01:53:26
Then Vice Chair Murphy. 01:53:31
Well, I I. 01:53:33
The city attorney has told us that part of the motion cannot stand. 01:53:35
What part of the motion cannot stand that they communicate with it? It doesn't say that they ask. They communicate and invite 01:53:42
Traffic Safety Commission members to to participate. I didn't. I didn't hear that in the motion. Am I correct or or am I incorrect 01:53:48
on that? Commissioner, Commissioner Nisinski. 01:53:54
And you need to unmute yourself. 01:54:00
That's right, I'd I'd I'd ask. 01:54:03
Miss Burger, to comment on that one just. 01:54:08
I want to hear from him what what his motion was so that we, the initial activity would be to contact the Traffic Safety 01:54:12
Commission to inform them that we are forming this and then see what their interest is. 01:54:18
So I think I would have just to see how would they want to participate. 01:54:26
So it's kind of murky. 01:54:32
Right. It's kind of murky. I mean, again, the reason it's murky is because. 01:54:34
I do not have power over them. 01:54:39
I can only, I could only have power over us and and we would just we would just identify to them that the Traffic Safety 01:54:42
Commission that we are forming this this committee. 01:54:47
And then ask them for their interest. 01:54:53
And and how they want to proceed. 01:54:55
And invite. 01:54:58
And then what if they do want to proceed? 01:55:00
Then we would obviously have to come back. 01:55:02
To see how we do that, In other words, how do we meet the Brown Act requirements? 01:55:04
So this is just in the sense an interim? 01:55:09
Correct. OK. All right. 01:55:12
Does that does that satisfy everybody's understanding of what the motion was? And then I'll recognize Miss Vega if you have any 01:55:15
comments about this. 01:55:19
Thank you. Yeah. I just want to clarify as well that with the clarification from Commissioner Nudinski, there's nothing in the law 01:55:26
that prohibits the motion as currently phrased from, you know, essentially floating the idea past the other Commission. However, I 01:55:33
just wanted to advise you that there would be Brown Act implications if they take you up on the offer and you end up establishing 01:55:40
this, this new subcommittee, joint subcommittee. 01:55:47
It was more of a advice so you understand what. 01:55:54
Down there, down the line would would be the result of the proposal, if they take you up on it. 01:56:00
But there's nothing to stop you from voting on the motion as worded. 01:56:05
All right. Well, thank you. So as I said, this in the sense is an interim step, so to speak. It could be an interim step and it's 01:56:10
going to take a lot more work, organizational work to get us where we want to go even. 01:56:17
Even if it's in 2025, there's still a lot of work to do so and if we my view again is if we have a couple of people who are 01:56:24
willing to start this. 01:56:28
Then we can. So any rate that's my view if there's no other comments than. 01:56:35
About this I. 01:56:42
Mr. Campbell, can you call the roll? 01:56:44
Are we? 01:56:46
Yes. 01:56:51
Do I need to call a brief recess or we can go ahead? 01:56:53
Commissioner Ludzinski. 01:57:01
Aye, National Kubica. 01:57:03
Commissioner. 01:57:08
Commissioner Fredrickson. 01:57:12
No, Commissioner Murphy, no. 01:57:13
Commissioner Lily. 01:57:17
Four eyes, two nose, one absent. The motion passes. OK, so as Mr. Campbell said, the motion passes. 01:57:21
Or eyes. Two nose. Did I see that right? Yeah. Four eyes. Two nose when absent. 01:57:27
And so obviously, there's still work to be done, a lot of work to be done on this to get to get it right, as Miss Vega said. And 01:57:33
so we'll move on into the next agenda item, Commission Vice Chair Murphy. 01:57:39
I think at this point we have to specify the members. 01:57:46
OK, OK. 01:57:51
That would be well. 01:57:53
I can make a motion. 01:57:58
To recommend members. 01:57:59
OK, you want to make a motion. 01:58:01
I move that Ross Davidson and Peter Nodzinski be considered. 01:58:05
To be members of the subcommittee. 01:58:09
OK, that's a motion. Is there a second to the motion? 01:58:15
I'll second the motion. If there's no other second, get it on the floor. 01:58:20
The question is, do we need three members or two given the situation with the. 01:58:28
The Traffic Safety Committee, I I don't know. 01:58:35
If someone else would be interested, I'd be more than happy to amend my motion, but I didn't want to force anybody. 01:58:40
Else who is interested? 01:58:45
I know I can't be so. 01:58:49
But OK, is there a second of the motion? I'll second. Oh, you seconded it. I said, I'm sorry, it's, it's 8:00 even. OK. It's not 01:58:54
that late. All right. So we have a motion on the floor second. And I believe we probably need to go for public comment just 01:59:00
because there's a motion. 01:59:06
Hearing no public comment then if there's any further discussion. 01:59:16
Not Mr. Campbell, would you please call the roll? 01:59:21
Commissioner Nisinski. 01:59:25
Aye, Commissioner Lilly. Chair Lilly. 01:59:27
Vice Chair Murphy, No. 01:59:35
Commissioner Frederickson. 01:59:40
No, Commissioner Sawyer. 01:59:42
Yes, Commissioner Kubica, aye. 01:59:46
With four eyes, two nose. 01:59:51
And one absent the motion passes. 01:59:54
All right, so as Mr. Campbell said, there were four eyes, 2 nays regarding the motion by Commissioner Nisinski to appoint himself 01:59:56
to Commissioner Nisinski and Commissioner Davidson. 02:00:01
To the traffic subcommittee that was seconded by myself And so that has passed and we move on to go, Vice Chair Murphy. 02:00:07
Just as a point of clarification. 02:00:15
Commissioner Dozinski and his initial presentations said this would be. 02:00:18
Subcommittee without supportive staff and I. 02:00:25
I don't know if that's what we're doing or not, so I guess that's a question. 02:00:28
Well, at this time the initial that's correct, not those we are not I mean. 02:00:33
I think it's gonna. 02:00:42
We're going to be reporting on things as they change, and things can change. 02:00:43
And so this isn't carved in stone. I mean, we could come back and form a new, you know, ask for new for different direction, but 02:00:49
we want to see where we are at the point moment. 02:00:54
And then see what's what staff and Traffic Safety, there's going to be a lot of investigation at first. 02:00:59
And then we'll come back to the Planning Commission for advice and consent. 02:01:05
Thank you. 02:01:10
Didn't want to go on to the next item on our agenda, which I think is, is that 9898? 02:01:14
9A is story. 02:01:21
And the story poll item. 02:01:24
Let me see if I have this. 02:01:26
Straight here. 02:01:28
We have three additional items on our agenda, AB and C9. AB and C Story Polls, Chapter 23. 02:01:35
City Grove municipal code amendments and hotel parking. 02:01:41
Last time I. 02:01:46
Briefly reviewed our rules for amending ordinances as identified in Section 23. 02:01:47
84 of the Pacific Grove Municipal Code, or actually it's Chapter 2384. 02:01:53
One, after completion of subcommittee and staff work and initial review of the Commission, proposed amendments are then ready for 02:02:00
Commission for consideration of a resolution of intention. This resolution is a request by this Commission that the City Manager 02:02:06
authorized staff and legal counsel to assist us. 02:02:11
In the preparation of the final proposed legislative amendment for City Council consideration. 02:02:17
After completion of the proposed legislative amendment. 02:02:22
The Commission will hold a public hearing and review and send a recommendation to City Council for their ultimate consideration. 02:02:25
Two of the three agenda items this evening are for resolutions of intention. 02:02:32
The one on hotel parking was approved as part of our consent agenda on December 14th. 02:02:37
And I signed that resolution and I submitted it to Sandra Candle. 02:02:43
City clerk of to pass to the city manager. 02:02:48
With that, let me introduce the first one, Item 9A, adoption of a resolution of intention. 02:02:53
To amend chapter 23. 02:03:00
The Pacific Grove Municipal Code related to Story Pulse. 02:03:02
This item was continued as it says in our agenda from the December 14, 2023. 02:03:05
Planning Commission Regular meeting. 02:03:12
In August 2023, this Commission authorized the Subcommittee developer recommendation on story Polls Commissioner Sawyer's Nazinski 02:03:21
Kubica. 02:03:25
Have developed recommendations which are included on pages 37 through 58 of our agenda package packets. 02:03:31
Commissioner Sawyer's name is on the agenda report, so I will net recognize her for a presentation on this item, and then 02:03:39
Commissioners Nazinski and Kubica may wish to also provide further information. 02:03:45
Regarding this agenda report, and so, Commissioner Soria, I recognize you and then we'll go from there. 02:03:53
Thank you Chair. Really. 02:04:00
As was stated, we're looking at adopting a resolution of intention and one of the things as I. 02:04:03
Learned about doing this is that we have to have findings that are consistent with the General Plan and the Local Coastal Plan. 02:04:13
That they're not detrimental to public interest, health, safety, convenience or the welfare of the city. 02:04:20
And that there's internal consistency with other applicable provisions of Code regulations. 02:04:26
And we did have that in mind as we looked at the story polls. 02:04:32
We also, when submitting this resolution of intention, are requesting planning and legal staff support from the city. 02:04:39
And to ensure that we have budgeted funds and adequate staff resources if it is thought that this can go forward. 02:04:48
So just to give you a brief sort of synopsis of what we did. 02:04:57
The committee was created in June of this year. There were three members. As stated, we met a total of 10 times. What we did is we 02:05:03
reviewed all PG codes, resolutions, policies and memos. 02:05:11
We then reviewed other municipalities, codes, policies and procedures. We looked at four that were local and 12 other cities and 02:05:19
we sort of dabbled in about maybe 10 other cities that we sort of. 02:05:26
Went out into. 02:05:33
We then drafted an outline. We looked at and then went into policy in a proposed PG municipal code because we thought if we were 02:05:36
looking at policy that if we drafted A proposed PG municipal code it might work. We also interviewed 6 local architects regarding 02:05:43
the application and use of story polls and folded that information into what we were looking at. 02:05:51
And I would like to thank the CD staff and the subcommittee for their help and input. We couldn't have done it without them. 02:05:59
So basically when you look at the packet, it has the attachments of what came from the city previously. The draft policy is 02:06:07
basically on page 51. 02:06:15
And hopefully you read all of the. 02:06:24
Previous attachments from the city. 02:06:28
Because I don't want to go over those at this point in time, but that the draft policy. 02:06:31
It starts on page 21 and it's basically. 02:06:38
3 pages. 02:06:42
What we're looking at is we stated a purpose that we wanted to use it to demonstrate proposed roof lines, ridgeline, heights and 02:06:44
locations, which is not at all. 02:06:49
Different from what is currently being used, it's also used to prevent to provide visual simulations of potential impacts on views 02:06:55
and privacy of surrounding properties. 02:07:00
And they're used to aid residents, city staff and members of decision making bodies in their evaluation of the proposed project. 02:07:07
So then we went and divided it into story, poll and netting procedure we talked about. 02:07:17
Installation. 02:07:24
And what was really important when we looked at this is. 02:07:25
The partnership between the applicant and the city. 02:07:31
Planning staff. That's the side that's assigned to that particular project. 02:07:36
And we found that there were some issues with that and hoped that by proposing that the applicant is notified in writing when they 02:07:41
get approval and sent the story poll procedure and also notified when the public hearing date is coming up that that will prevent. 02:07:51
Some of the unnecessary's. 02:08:02
Stoppage in having. 02:08:07
Projects go forward because there's been a problem in in communication and the other thing that we found out when we looked at 02:08:09
this particular. 02:08:14
Part of the policy is. 02:08:20
It seems that there's one particular. 02:08:23
Agency that does a lot of the story pole installation and you need to get on this. 02:08:27
Their calendar, and if they don't have sufficient notice then that makes for delays. 02:08:33
In the project going forward, which is a delay for city staff and also for the applicant. 02:08:40
Then we looked at story poll materials, nettings and placement. 02:08:47
And that basically has not changed. That is, for what the city is already stated. We then asked for or suggested a letter of. 02:08:51
Certification and annotated photos. 02:09:01
And when I talked to some of the architects, and when my fellow subcommittee members talk with architects, what we found is many 02:09:04
of them were already doing this. They were already submitting a letter of certification. 02:09:12
That states that story polls are being installed appropriately, and then we suggested that they be placed in the CDD property 02:09:21
file. 02:09:25
In annotated photos would include the date, the property address and the location of the photos. 02:09:30
And then we determined who could do certification for that. 02:09:37
Then we also wanted to look at liability agreement and that was something that we found in many of the policies that we looked at, 02:09:43
but we felt it could be further developed if we spoke with legal and which. 02:09:52
Has not been done, but it's basically to indemnify and hold the city harmless. 02:10:00
Um, then we looked at project signage. 02:10:06
Right now we don't have any real format for project signage and. 02:10:10
Decided that if we just put it all together in one place that that might be helpful. 02:10:18
And then we looked at adjustment of story polls. Umm. 02:10:23
And what we found that I. 02:10:27
All of the architects that we interviewed had never had to adjust their story polls, so that was interesting. And then we looked 02:10:30
at when story polls should be removed, 10 days after appealing call up. 02:10:36
And then the probably the most thorny part for us was looking at the story poll exceptions. 02:10:43
And we thought it would be. 02:10:49
Good to ask for a written request for an exception that demonstrates the reasons why an exception to a story poll requirement is 02:10:53
warranted. And we ask that the applicant included proposed alternate. 02:11:00
Plan and we then gave suggestions of alternative means and then the CDD director or their designee will review the request for 02:11:08
story polls. 02:11:13
And then within 10 days of receipt and we suggested that it be placed on our Commission for discussion and decision. 02:11:19
And there are exemptions to story polls, and those are referred in the PG Municipal Code as 2370.030 and also a resolution 09-028 02:11:27
of July 2009. 02:11:36
So. 02:11:46
What we looked at next was um. 02:11:52
Looking at this I we we typed up a. 02:11:57
On page 5. 02:12:02
Certification Letter. 02:12:04
Just an example that could be utilized. 02:12:06
And if this were accepted into the PG municipal code, we already started on suggested definitions. 02:12:09
And some of those definitions were. 02:12:18
Helped by talking with the staff, they were very helpful in that and then the last. 02:12:22
Part is the resolution that we would need to either approve or disapprove and I. 02:12:29
Am I ready for questions? 02:12:38
Thank you. 02:12:42
First, before there's any questions, are there any comments from Commissioners Nazinski or Kubica about the presentation? Do you 02:12:44
want to add anything or? 02:12:48
I'm looking at the screen, Commissioners. It's key looking at you, is there anything you want wish to add or? 02:12:55
I just, I just want to say it was a pleasure working with with my committee members. 02:13:02
Thank you. 02:13:10
So then, are there any clarifying questions of of Commissioner Sawyer regarding her report, Any discussion? I want to defer until 02:13:12
we. 02:13:17
Have had public comment and then we get into our discussion. 02:13:22
Any questions? 02:13:27
All right, then we'll go for public comment. And is there anyone who has raised their hand, Mr. Campbell? 02:13:32
I have Luciciani. 02:13:43
Before we. 02:13:47
Let's go to the audience. I think there's one person in the audience like to speak. 02:13:50
Umm, Mayor Pete. 02:13:55
Thank you Chair and Commission. I just want to advise you on the the recommendation to small thing. It says request the city 02:13:58
manager, but the authority for the Commission is request City Council. 02:14:05
OK. Please keep that in mind. Thanks. 02:14:13
Do we need to note that as a change or? 02:14:17
The comment that I made was. 02:14:21
It we do need the City Council's blessing for any budgetary things. 02:14:24
Are you looking at the resolution? 02:14:36
Or at the report. 02:14:40
Let's straighten this out. 02:14:43
I'm looking at. 02:14:48
What page number? 02:14:51
Well, I'm looking at the top of the agenda. 02:14:55
Which is what page? 02:14:59
Or it says the recommended action and it says requesting that the city manager authorized staff and then on. 02:15:02
Then on page 37 of 80. 02:15:11
It says the same thing under recommendation. 02:15:17
I'm sure where that is. 02:15:33
Oh, I see you're under recommendation. OK, I. 02:15:47
It's you want us to put in the City Council. 02:15:51
Rather than city manager. 02:15:54
This Commission has the authority to make requests of City Council, but not the city manager. OK, thank you. 02:15:59
OK. Thank you very much. I appreciate that. 02:16:14
We'd never done one of these before. It was like, oh. 02:16:18
So thank you. Appreciate it. 02:16:23
Yeah, we're going to go to public comment. 02:16:37
There are #4 attendees, I guess I believe, who want to speak, or at least ones raised their hand. Lisa Ciani, Mr. Campbell, can 02:16:41
you unmute her please? 02:16:45
Thank you. 02:16:51
Well. 02:16:54
First I just have to say it is so. 02:16:57
Great to see this very comprehensive story pull. 02:16:59
Uh, policy. 02:17:04
Draft and. 02:17:06
I couldn't find anything. 02:17:08
That that I would change in it. 02:17:11
As I started out with the agenda report and stuff, I was saying. 02:17:15
Oh oh, this isn't in here like, like alternatives. 02:17:19
If the city. 02:17:25
Oh yeah, and who is that? The. The. 02:17:28
Building official. 02:17:32