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PUBLIC COMMENT ON CLOSED SESSION MATTERS Comments from the public will not receive Council action. Comments must deal with matters on the Closed Session agenda and will be limited to three minutes  A.       Conference with Real Property Negotiators (Government Code Section54956.8) Negotiators: Ben Harvey, CityManager Property: 600 Pine Avenue Under negotiation: Price and terms of payment  ADJOURNMENT   CITY COUNCIL SPECIAL MEETING AGENDA Wednesday, June 26, 2019, 5:30 P.M. or immediately following Closed Session Agenda Council Chamber – City Hall – 300 Forest Avenue, Pacific Grove, CA Copies of the agenda packet are available for review at the Pacific Grove Library located at 550 Central Avenue; the main counter in City Hall at 300 Forest Avenue, Pacific Grove; and on the internet at www.cityofpacificgrove.org/agendas. The most effective method of communication with the City Council is by sending an email to citycouncil@cityofpacificgrove.org. In order to allow the City Council adequate time to review communication related to an agenda item, and in order to allow for the communication to be photocopied and placed within the Reading File, it is recommended that the communication be sent no later than 9:00 AM on the day prior to the City Council meeting. AGENDA   CALL TO ORDER   PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Mayor Peake
1.                       APPROVAL OFAGENDA   2.                       COUNCIL AND STAFF ANNOUNCEMENTS (City-Related ItemsOnly)  A.             Report on Closed Session by CityAttorney
B.              Other   3.                       GENERAL PUBLICCOMMENT General Public Comment must deal with matters subject to the jurisdiction of the City and the Council that are not on the Regular Agenda. This is the appropriate place to comment as to items on the Consent Agenda, only if you do not wish to have the item pulled for individual consideration by the Council. Comments from the public will be limited to three minutes and will not receive Council action. Comments regarding items on the Regular Agenda shall be heard prior to Council’s consideration of such items at the time such items are called. Whenever possible, written correspondence should be submitted to the Council in advance of the meeting, to provide adequate time for its consideration. REGULAR AGENDA 4.                       UNFINISHED AND ONGOINGBUSINESSA.             Agreement for Fire Services between the City of Pacific Grove and the City ofMonterey
Reference: Ben Harvey, City ManagerRecommended Action: Authorize the City Manager to enter into an agreement for Fire Services with the City of Monterey. CEQA: Does not constitute a “Project” per California Environmental Quality Act Guidelines Section 15378   ADJOURNMENT


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